The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

rr * MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE --_ ^^^ · . -- ' uMnowv v,n i UI.UHK-UAZETTE BOOK REVIE^DEPARTMENTJiEARSOF LAGERLOF TRILOGY \IrVf7Va1 TVU Svard" in which the curse is brok- ArtHan T ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, r .... . "~ ~~ ; -- A^^-J-«V^V^ J. I.' t) I' Novel Told at Meeting ..atY.W.C.A. Ring of the Lowenskolds" Discussed by Mrs. Grace Titus. « F '^° / Ully 1)nde "tand the 'Ring of the Lowenskolds' one must know something: of the author, Selma Lai n 2 ' ,, M . rs - Grace Burk « Ti t"s of Rockwell told the members of the oook review department of the Woman's club at a meeting Wednesday noon at the Y. w. C. A. OT " S H e -,'! aS been 3 P° ken °f as the grand old woman of Sweden and she is the only woman ' to whom the Nobel prize for literature has ever been awarded. She is a romanticist in an age of realism and the real is so interwoven with the unreal in her writing that it is diflicult for the reader to know on wbich she places most value. "She has been conversant with the legends and sagas of Sweden from her childhood and thru th-m she won her first recognition when she was 20 years old. Work Is Trilogy. "The Ring of the Lowenskolds" is a trilogy and the three stories it includes are linked by a finger ring and the blood of the Lowenskold -family. The books are "The General's Ring" in which the ring is stolen and the curse begun "Charlotte" in which the ring is returned ·and the .curse continues and "Anna Svard" in which the curse is broken. The book begins with the personal pronoun I which is not forgotten thru the three volumes which are imbued with the spirit of the author. "General Bengt Lowenskold returns from fighting with King Charles XII of Sweden and for his reward is given the estate of Hede- by in the parish of Bre at the opening of the book. At his death in 1741 he commands that the signet ring which he has prized all his life be buried with him. No one dares to thwart him even In death but a few months later when the vault is opened for the burial of a granddaughter and left open all night two peasants, worried lest some thief steal the ring, go to the vault at midnight and open his tomb. When they see the ring they are overcome with, a desire to possess it so they steal it and hurry home. On the way they see -their house burning--the first .indication of the curse which has befallen them. Troubles Follow. "Troubles follow and when the peasant dies he gives the ring to the parish priest. His son. Tngebert see it and takes it from thu priss.t by violence. The priest report's the loss to the general's son who gathers his men to go after Ingebert. They meet three men carrying the body of Ingebert who has been killed in a strange way. They are arrested because the ring cannot be found and after a strange trial are condemned to death. Marit Ivarssen, lover of one of the men and a relative of the other two. vows to avenge their death. When Marit is SO years old she sews the ·ing which she found in the tassel of the cap of Ingebert into the cap of Now Try Nature's Looking down a street, in the famous Central American coffee city Antigua; (tftj/.-y-Nativecoffeemerchant Grown Only In The Rich Volcanic Soil of Central America D OWN along the West Coast of Central America, Nature has performed another miracle. Produced coffees with a rare tang and superlative richness that, experts concede, are utterly unlike any other coffce you have ever tasted. Nature leaves the "rough" offensive oils out of these coffees. You taste only pure, in- vigorating.flavor--never "fiat," or thin, or hitter. We don't want to te!l you how good it is. We want you to try it, as thousands have, and see how it literally spoils your taste for : i ordinary kinds. Introduced by Folger Years ago Central American coffee was first served in the famous Bohemian restaurants of San Francisco where it was brought by'Folger. Travelers tasting it ' there were captivated by its unusual flavor. Flavor produced by a peculiar combination of rich QF.C.C., 1OJ1 volcanic soil, altitude, sun's rays and tropic rainfall--that is found nowhere else in the world. The Folger Test Would you like to see for yourself just how different these cof-' fees are--in richness and in flavor? Here's a test that is as simple aa it is fair. Tomorrow morning 1 drink Folger's. The next morning drink the coffee you have been using. The third morning drink Folger's again. In a morning or two you will decidedly favor one or the other; the best coffee wins. That's fair, isn't it? I0 , FOLGERCOFFEECOMPANY Kansas City San'Francisco Dallas VACUUM PA'CKED OfCoanc! --Alwayi Frtth Adrian Loweuskold. Immediateh after the ghost of the general be gins to haunt Hedeby hall. When .Adrian is 20 years old he follows the ghost to see what he is looking for and is so overcome that he be comes violently ill. Ring Returned. "The housekeeper, M a I v i n a Spaak, who loves him, begs Marl to save him. Marit goes to the hall asks for the cap and tells Mnlvinn to throw it Into the tomb. She doe. this and Adrian is restored only tr tell her of his betrothal to another girl. Marit is angered and puts a curse on the Lowenakolds to nvengi Malvina. "The next book is concerned with Karl Arthur, son of the Baroness Ekcnstedt. who gives up the plpas- urea of the world for a fanaticn life of piety. He goes to it small village, Kerskyrka, where \\t assists the dean of the parish. Here he meeta Charlotte Lowenskold to whom he proposes marriage. They quarrel and the quarrel is furthered by Thea Simdlcr, daughter of Malvina Spaak. ''Charlotte bargains with Thea that Karl Arthur he sent hack to his mother if she give him up in favor of a nedrtler girl. Anna Rvard Karl goes to his mother and In an- ·rer demands an apology from her for Interfering in his affairs. She has a stroke and his father throws him out. Returning to Kerskvrka he finds Charlotte has married rich Schagerstrom. Slurries Anna Svnrd. "He married Anna Svard who finds life with him not so pleasant and leaves him when he decides to nerome a wandering preacher. He and Thea go-off together to preach. "The second Adrian, now baron of Hedeby, has no son and when his brother, Geron, who has been living with the gypsies brings him his daughter, dressed as a son he !s overjoved The mistake is discovered and Charlotte Lowenskold wants to adopt the child. Before she takes the girl a man and a woman, dressed as srypsies, come and demand the child and steal her away when they are refused. "Charlotte identifies them HS Karl and Thea and goes after them with Adnan. Thev ride out on the ice and abandon the child in an effort to save their own lives. Adrian is drowned tryinrr to save the child Charlotte takes Karl 'with him but they are halted'by Thea and some men. When Charlotte tells Karl to ?o with them he begs her to save him and she doss. "He goes to Africa as a missionary. On his return he finds his wife, Anna, convinces her that he has changed and they go hack together." A Social Calendar High School P. T. A. Will Hear Music Dr. G.M. Grabble Give Talk on "Mental Health" at Meeting. c "\ usio has been Panned P T A m TM S ° £ the h 'eh school n-'oinAt · T !" lrsda y evening at 7:30 h,m V n £ e high 3ch °ol 'auditorium when the full high school 01- WU l play - There will SIM be and h th , « e e and by the girls' sextet. Dr. George M. Crabb will " Mental wn H will be the second mealing of the r. A. which has Been h t w u ° n authorized ^ tional Caress of Par- and Teachers was adopted. f OKEST PARK CLUB HAS DINNER BRIDGE WEDNESDAY G. F. S. Seniors-7:30 o'clock, parish hall, Junior Altar Guild Instructions by the Rev. Robert M. Redenbaugh. Social Hour club--· Mrs. Harry Davidson. M. B. A.-8 o'clock, Eagles hall. C. D. A.-S o'clock. K. C. hall. fl lad is on P. T. A. School, founders' day program. Drama Shop Piny ea«t-- Miss Adrienne Kohl, 123 Second street southeast. THURSDAY Monroe Washington P. T. A. 2:30 o'clock, school. R. N. A. Juveniles-7 o'clock, Eagles hall, installation of officers. Royal Neighbors-8 o'clock, Eagles hall. Midland club-1 o'clock, Mrs. Sarah Wheeler 212 Second street southwest as siated by Mrs. H. C. Shipman Mrs. .1. H. Stevena, Mrs. Georei Harding. 6 Hariling I'. T. A. . 2:30 o'clock, school, founders' da\ program. Snrosis club-Mrs. W. .1. Egloff, 20S Third strcel northeast, "Denmark," Mrs. C H Barber. Home Project class-Mrs. J. W. Heinselman, for Portland and Mason township women Cee Deo Bridge dull-2 o'clock, Mrs. Charles Craven, oOS Carolina avenue southeast. Energetic class-Church, all day meeting-, Mrs. C. E. Connor, Mrs. B. Letts, hostesses. N. D. Bridge olub-^- 2 o'clock, Mrs. M. J. Mulligan, 22 Jefferson avenue northwest. Immnnuel Dorcas Aid 2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. D." C. Fields, Mra. Qua Isaacson, Mrs! Carl Isaacson, hostesses. Roosevelt circle-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. H. Lien. 920 Massachusetts avenue southeast. East Side Lndles' Aid-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. Leo Downing 1146 East State street. Olivet Ladies' Aid-2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. .lamep Frost's division, tea with Mrs? C. D. Griffith. Mrs. Oscar Peterson, Mrs. Frost, hostesses. Hamilton college-6:30 o'clock. St. .John's parish hall, annual banquet. Masonic Socliil cliib-- 6:30 o'clock, Damon Igou tea garden. Royal Neighbors-Eagles hall. Hiirh School P. T. A.-7:30 o'clock, auditorium, talk by Dr. G. M. Oabb. r- u. G. A.-Mrs. Paul Madsen. TiiMulndi-- 7:30 o'clock. Miss Lenore G u l h r n n .son. 6 Vermont avenue south- cant, Valentino party. i ting hosts. High score bridge prizes were won by Mrs. Harold Henley and K P. Miller. Mr. and meeting Smey W6re suests at the WEDDINGS ARE HELU AT LITTLE BROWN CHURCH WIFE PRESERVERS Save all rubber bands that come into the house and put in a particular place. The knob of a door may be used, -if desired. The members of the family will then know where to find one if needed in a hurry. , Feb. ll--Marrlages at the Little Brown church, nerformed by the Rev. William Kent, pastor nclude those of Grace Harshbar*er ind Robert Lee Hested. Lanesboro; Ethel Richardson, Cedar Falls and George W. Phillips, Oskaloosa'. SPEEDLINQ-SCHOONMAKEK ( NASHUA, Feb. 11.-- Miss Leone .cnoomnaker, Sanborn, and Elmer peedhng, son of Emery Speedling Nashua, were married at 6'30 'clock ^Monday afternoon at the lome of Mr. and Mrs. F W Slo- ganweit, the Rev. William Kent per- orming the ceremony. Miss Maxine speedlmg, sister of the bridegroom vas bridesmaid, and Clark Walsch cted as best man. The bride is a graduate of the Sanborn high school nd the bridegroom was graduated rom the Nashua high school and is mployed at John Deere's In Waterloo. T. N. T. MEMBERS SEE PLAY AT MEETING At the meeting of the T. N. T club Tuesday evening at the Y. w! C. A., a one act play was given by a group including Myrtle Cardey, Marita Calkins, LaVon Walters Ruth Matz, Marion. Haines, Florence Hanstreet, Grace Heitland, Valentine Julson. Violen Moran and Harriet Smith. Miss Ida Bradahaw's pupils gave a program of music. They included Claude Calvert, Lorraine Larson, Marie Lambertson Wayne Rucker. Albert Rucker' Marie Lambertson, Tilman Sears and Emory Link. Helen Nicholson gave two readings and Evelyn Slack reported on the business girls' conference held in Dos Moines. .;, MRS. CHARLES WILLEY HONORED AT PARTY Thirty-four relatives and friends of Mrs. Charles C. Willey gave a surprise birthday party in her honor Tuesday evening at her home, 1029 First street northwest. The guests included Mr. and Mra. Roy Westcott, Mrs. Lynn Hyde and daughter, Wilma Jean, Miss Angela "Brattrud and Floyd Westcott, Clear Lake; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wescott, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Willey. Mr. and Mra. Frankie Barney and daughters, Lorine and Wilma, Mr. and Mra. D. C. Barney, Mr. and Mra. Tom Phalen and son, Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. DeReus and son. Forrest, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Wiltey, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Kile and daughter, Betty Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Willey and Miss Crystal Westcott. Cards were played during the evening and refreshments served. MEYER-SCHNEIDER LUVERNE, Feb. 11--Of interest is the marriage of Miss Margietha Schneider, Hobarton, and Arnold Meyer, Lotts Creek, performed by the Rev. Mr. Flene, Lotts Creelt. The bride is the youngest daughter of John Schneider. Wa- Tan -Yes Hear Speech on L i n c o l n Dr. Stella Mason Talks, Dr. Madelene Donnelly Sings Solos. u . r Mason Rave a talk o n *l! e ~ Ufe of Abraham Lincoln" at the Tuesday noon luncheon meeting 01 the Wa-Tan-Ye club at the Hotal Hanford. She deplored the fact thai a new book has come off the press attacking the character of Lincoln Dr. Masoa paid a high tribute to Lincoln and said that considering the time In which he lived and tha few advantages which ho had, bo was a great man. Dr. Madelene Donnelly sang three mimbftrs, J'Where My Caravfn Has ^ ES ^," "Sylvia" and "Belleva Me It All Those Endearing Young Charms " Miss Tina Martin accom- panled her. Mrs. Tracy Congdon of Guthrie center was a guest of Mra. Ben Henry at the meeting and Mine Minette and Miss Lundgren, both members of the Clear Lake club were guests of Miss Mabel Sher. wood. OWL CLUB itfEIViBERS TO HAVE MARDI GRAS Plans are being made for the last Owl club dance before Lent to be held Tuesday evening at the Hote!. Hanford. This will not bo a costume party. The last danct of the season is scheduled for April 9. -- .j. _ BURWELL-RAINES Dorothy Marie Raines and Lawrence Newton Burwell, both of Hampton, were married by the Rev Jewel L. Pickctt, pastor of the First Baptist church, in the church personage at 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. David Flnkle of Hampton attended the covplc and a few Intimate friends were present. They will make their home on. a 'arm a few miles from Hampton. DEPEND ON ZEMO TO STOP ITCHING Use soothing, healing, invisible Jemo for the torture of Itching-Skin This clean, reliable family antisep- .lc helps bring relief in thousands )f homes, stops itching and draws .he heat and sting out of Uie akin ZEMO has been used' for twenty years with remarkable success for all forms of annoying, itching skin rritations. "Relief with first application," thousands say. 35c. 30c and $1.00 All dealers. L onger menus ...shorter food bill What is thereabout Frigidaire that Basmadeitihe choice of so many people? Don't you think you should find the answer to this important question before you boy * refrigerator? Visit our showroom... we will welcome an opportunity to give you a complete demonstration. FRIGIDAIRE A G E N E R A L M O T O R S V A L U E "f you are one of those deft-fingered women -who can serve plain, ordinary foods disguised as something entirely different, just think of the things you could do with a Frigid- aire to help you! Frigidairc's frosty-cold food compartment enables you to make use of leftover foods in a manner that really makes an impression . . . and in a. way that also subtracts a substantial sum from your monthly household bLUsj You will find the Surplus Power of Frigidaire a very real friend indeed. For it allows a much longer interval to elapse between the day you serve roast beef for what it is and the day it appears »s something else. Your menus grow longer while your food bills actually grow shorter! And Frigidaire will also save you , money in many other ways, ft »m- lodics doxem of improvements and refinement* that make it the truly economical refrigerator to own and to use. City Hardware Co. 27 E. State DON McPEAK Phone 948 CHILDREN'S COLDS are doubly dangerous with FLU around. CHECK WITHOUT "DOSING" Just Rub on V V A P O R U B O V I '·» M i t t I O N J A K S U S E D Y E A R L Y Only 3 Days More Can You Buy the New "DORIC" MAGIC CHEF Ill at This Substantial Saving $ and Your Old Stove After Feb. 14 Price Will Be $74.75 i ( You Save Exactly $12.35 By Buying at This Time $1 Down - $5 Monthly Hurry! Sale Ends Saturday! PeoplesGasElec.Co. "For Better Appliances" IA G-G Classified Ad. Pays Big Dividends

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