The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1934
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 1 1934' FIRE DAMAGES RICEVILLE HOME Norbert Burke Fannly Goes Through Dense Smoke to Safety. RICEVILLE, March 1.--Fire ear- ly.Wednesday damaged the Norbert Burke residence. The fire started ic a small hallway, presumably from some oil soaked cloths whicL had been thrown there. The family groped its way down from the sleeping rooms, through such dense smoke that the stair could not be seen, and as the fire was directly beneath the telephone Mr. Burke had' to go to the home of a neighbor to summon aid. Considerable damage was done by fire, smoke and water. The Riceville department was called. DOUMERGUE NOW TARIFF DICTATOR (Continued From Fuse 1) of foreign policy firmly and resolutely. The premier had declared the budget must be voted by March 1. Hence, using an old device, the clocks were stopped ' at midnight that 'parliament might settle down .to an all-night session to meet that demand. The final vote came at 6:50 a. m. * F O R D * DEALERS PRESENT Fred Waring ·ml Hit PENNITLVANIAHI, wlttl CAPT. AL WILLIAMS Pimty Speed Ftygr Tonight--8:30-9 C. S. T. All Columbia Stations WMT FIXED MONETARY POLICY NOT READY (Continued From «·»« 1 enough to tell us exactly where we will be alx months ora year from now. "But the government is doicg the leading and is not being led, for the first time. Whether this will continue, I don't know." He said that since February, 1933, the world gold price had risen 68 per cent and farm products 57 per cent. "The higher the world price of gold the higher price of commodities?" asked Representative Cfoss CD. Texas.) Has Been Working. "That's certainly the way it seems to haye been working," the treasury secretary answered. The record on price levels seems to show our present plan is working. I'd like to see it tried a little- longer. "But if it stopped working, if prices suddenly took a nose dive, I might be up here tomorrow morning begging for something. "The previous administrations tried a good many things that didn't work. We've got something that is, and I'd like to go along -with it. However, the treasury is operating on a 24 hour day to day basis." Silver and ?rices. Asked by Representative Scrugham (D.-Nev.) whether the present silver program had any appreciable effect on world prices, or the purchasing power of other nations, Morgenthau replied: "We have been unable to so separate things that we could say that silver alone had this effect or that effect on prices." He added that the United States purchase program called for only a relatively inconsiderable amount of silver, but contended that if all countries ratified the world silver agreement "that can't help but have a beneficial effect." Tariff Back Again. Mearwhile, the tariff--that old disturber of the congressional peace --became a hot issue again today. President Roosevelt wrote out for delivery to congress to morrow, a request for new power: to fix the' tariff within wide limits Leaders of congress foresaw some rouble, but the democrats believe that in the end the request will be granted. There is a possibility that the issue will prolong this session of congress long beyond the date origln- illy contemplated for adjournment. Some extremists said congress may even be here until July. Expansion of Trade. Trade expansion is the nub of the new proposal. It would give Mr. Roosevelt authority to shift tariff rates up or down by as much as 50 per cent in negotiating reciprocal iariff treaties with other nations. The treaties negotiated by the president would not have to be con- irmed by the senate, as other treaties do..Nor would the president aave to deal with the tariff commission. His new authority, however, would be limited to three years and no article could be placed on the free list, or removed from it. Democratic spokesmen, although forecasting final passage, gave few evidences of pleasure at placing the much debated subject before colleagues who want to get home for the approaching campaigns. Year and Half. S e n a t o r s and representatives sighed as they recalled that on the occasion of the last major tariff struggle -- the wholesale revision through the Smoot-Hawley bill- congress was kept in almost continuous session for a year and a half. ' ... Considerable republican opposition is certain. The minority will gain some democratic support. The senate was more immediately concerned today with the half billion naval building bill. Small navy men, led by Senators Frazier and Nye, both North Dakota independent republicans, threatened a filibuster. The house hoped to pass before nightfall both the 562,000,000 agriculture -department supply bill and a resolution for a house military committee investigation of army procurement methods. Strike Ends: Another Begins. MILWAUKEE, -March 1. (.«-- Settlement of a strike affecting 1,350 shoe company workers in Milwaukee and Beaver Dam, Wis., was balanced in the record of labor disorders today by the walkout · of 2,000 employes of the Nash Motor company plant in Kenosha. IN DAY'S NEWS Cecil Kiper,- 10-year-old boy of Springfield, 111., confessed to authorities that he set tne Maze which caused $900,000 loss and destroyed the Illinois state arsenal. (Associated Press Photo). BUY HERE AND SAVE Drugs at low Prices 50c Jergen's Hand O"7c Lotion O 1 100 Aspirin 5 Grain Tablets 750 Russian Mineral Oil $1.00 Cod Liver Oil Sloan's Liniment Vaporizing Salve for Colds Listerine Antiseptic iWASHABLE WALL PAPER Even the softest finishes and most delicate pastels can be. washed with soap and water. 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He was born near Sloan in Woodbury county in 1884 and was graduated from the University of Iowa in 1905, after which he returned to Sloan and engaged in the mercantile business. He moved to Mason City about 20 years ago. Salary of S-1,500. The salary of members of the liquor commission as set forth in the present bill is $4,500 annually. The terms of the first three appointees are 2, 4 and 6 years, although subsequent appointments ·will be made for 6 year terms. It was not indicated which of the prospective appointees would get he longer terms. The liquor control commission will lave full power to appoint such em- loyes as it sees fit to carry on the work. Although most appointments require a two-thirds vote of confirmation in the senate, the liquor control commission appointments need only a simple majority vote. Son of Joe K. lane. DAVENPORT, March 1. (JB-Dick R. Lane, mentioned as one of :he members of the state liquor con- ;rol commission, is a Davenport attorney and president of the Black- iiawk Hotels corporation and the ·United Realties, Inc. He is a son of the late Joe R. Lane, well known Iowa lawyer and republican politician. The hotel corporation operates hotels in Mason City, Des Moines, Davenport and St. Paul. Mr. Lane was born Oct. 27, 1882, in Davenport and is a graduate of the University of Iowa law department. BILL PUTS CURB ON FORECLOSURES (Continued from 1'aie 1) to grant continuance in foreclosure proceedings, adding that It is just another step "toward an outright repudiation of a just and legal debt." The house then took up consideration of the senate measure to simplify and clarify the present national guard law and make it conform to the federal statutes. · Eepresentative McKinnon made a motion to defer consideration until the old age pension bill had been acted upon, telling the house 28 amendments were ready to be filed and insisting the bill was highly controversial. His motion lost on a 53 to 53 vote. Reject Debate Limit. Previously the house had voted down by a vote of 25 to 75 a motion by Representative Speidel of Washington to limit the time of debate to 5 minutes for each member. He said much time was lost by the debate, adding that they did not change any vote. Representative Alesch of Plymouth called the motion "gas rule," while Representative Sours of Floyd said that under the rule, debate can be limited to 10 minutes for each speaker. In launching into a discussion of the military bill, Representative Alesch attempted to strike out the term "martial law" from the section designating the kinds of active service. The motion was defeated 81 to 19. Serve Without Pay. Representative C u n n i n g ham cointed out that deletion of the phrase would not effect the governor's powers in calling out the guard, but would mean that the guardsmen would have to serve when martial law was declared. McKinuon asserted the bill was not needed as there are sufficient authorities to handle any situation which might come up. He said martial law destroys all civil law. He offered an amendment to strike from the bill a section providing the national guardsmen while on active duty shall be under the same rules as federal troops including the articles of war. Pebate Hog Bill. Senate debate of the direct hog buying bill was on the motion of Senator George Patterson of Burt to indefinitely postpone the measure for the present session. Senator Patterson urged that the measure be indefinitely postpone: while such a step was opposed by enator Garrit B. Roeloffs, one of tie sponsors of the bill and Senator P. Bennett of Mapleton. The senate also returned briefly o its consideration of the bill to ive the mortgagee -right to fore- ose on livestock under a chatte deferred action also on concurrent resolution to set the final adjournment date for noon Saturday. Start State System. The hog buying bill seeks to set up a state system for obtaining comparative information on prices paid by buyers of hogs'at concentration points and packing houses. It would provide for the licensing of buyers and for state weighers and graders, the system being financed by a charge on the stock handled. Senator Patterson contended that the bill would not do away with direct buying but would "cost Iowa stockmen upwards of $280,000 a year for the purpose of obtaining Information." He also questioned whether the secretary of agriculture Henry Wallace wished the state to take such action, saying that he believed "if Wallace wanted this bill, he would say so." Reads Black latter. Patterson read a letter from A. G. Black, chief of the corn-hog administration, stating that the department is making a study of direct buying, and that until this investigation is completed, the depart- nent expects to taku no action. Senator Roeloffs declared that the people of the state do want action on the problem of direct buying, and cited a stack of telegrams which he said he had received, most of them :avoring passage of the measure. "This move to defer consideration," he said, "plays directly into ;he hands of those who are trying to defeat the bill." To Limit Application. Although the bill originally applied to hogs, cattle and sheep Roeloffs said an amendment had been prepared to limit his application only to hogs and that the per head charge on the weighing and grading by the state would be four cents. Senator Bennett also struck a the direct buying through which he said representatives of the packers have taken away tie competitive feature of the market and in thl way have depressed prices paTS the producer. He quoted the governor as being favorable to passage of the bill. A call of the senate is on file for the afternoon session at which the upper house plans to take up the conference committee report on the liquor control bill which the house approved this morning. Aeronautics Board. REPORT APPROVED 50c Wild Cherry Honey Cough Syrup Feenamint Laxative 100 Bayer Aspirin Tablets, 59c DES MOINES, March 1. The Iowa house of representatives today for the second time this week approved a conference report on the liquor control bill by a vote o f " " to 34. Tuesday the first report was adopted 71 to 32. The Tuesday vote was reconsidered because of a difference in opinion on the question of whether the report had abolished the search and seizure laws. The new report makes provision for the retention .of these acts and also merely suspends the prohibition laws instead of repealing them as was provided in the house measure The senate was scheduled to take up consideration of the report this afternoon. HALF BLOCK AT SCARVILLE BURNS (Continued From Page 1) was a grocery store operated b; Martin Torgerson. This was a tw story building. Mr. and Mrs. Tor geson lived upstairs but were not a lome when the flames started When they returned, they were abl to save but little of. their belongings Lake Mills Man Owner. The coffee shop and restauran was operated by Mrs. Ray Jensen This was a one story structure. N one was in the building' at the tim of the fire. The Torgerson grocery and Jen sen restaurant building was owne by Albert Hylback of Lake Mills. Because of a space at this poin in the business block, the flame were kept from spreading. Thi space resulted from the destructio of the meat market last August b flames. · Telephone Office Threatened. Buildings which were threatened with flames included the telephone office, which was next, the small variety store, and the high school building. Structures destroyed were on the west side of Main street and formed an important part of the business district. Before starting work on the barnyards loan bill yesterday the upper branch passed the bill to create a state aeronautics commission and the measure to appropriate $100,000 for .the state board of conservation. While the house staged a field day by approving 25 measures of which 19 were claims bills, the senate also dealt a Wow to the county agricultural extension board bill by ending it to the sifting committee y a 25 to 20 vote. After hearing impassioned pleas by Representatives McFarlane of ·Black Hawk and Johnson of Linn, .he house reconsidered a vote by which it defeated a bill appropriating $1,040 to Viva Thackrey of Estherville for the death of her hus- jand .and passed the measure late yesterday. It was contended the amlly was left in destitute circum- ,tances. Thackrey was killed by a passing motorist while warning auto drivers of road danger during the operation of a snowplow by his brother- n-law and employe of the.highway :ommission. Fussed by House. Other bills passed by the house ncluded: P e r m i t t i n g municipalities to Jledge revenue bonds with the federal government as security for money borrowed from the PWA for construction of municipally owned utilities. The bonds and interest are rayable from revenues derived from :he utilities. Representative Brady of Pottawattamie offered an amendment requiring that such bonds sold the public should be registered and approved by the securities department but the proposal failed. Allowing the treasurer and auditor of Muscatine county an additional maximum of $300 annually for making up the tax books collecting the taxes of the city of Muscatine. Permitting county board of supervisors to sell products and by products of stone quarries to aid reemployment Allowing the finance committee of the state board of education to compromise and settle obligations regarding notes and mortgages in default by accepting a lesser rate of interest for the money loaned. Permitting the mayor of a municipality to appoint a sanitation and quarantine officer from other than the police force. CABIITWALKS OUT IN MADRID Reorganization of Ministry Had Been Considered by Premier. MADRID, March 1. (ffi--The entire government of Premier Alejandro Lerroux resigned suddenly today. Reorganization of the ministry had been considered last night by Premier Lerroux after it was announced that two ministers--Diego Martinez Barrios, of the department of the interior, and Minister of the Treasury Gomez Lara--planned to resign. However, the resignation of the entire cabinet, reorganized on Jan. 23, came as a surprise move. HENRY PU-YI IS NOW EMPEROR (Continued From rage 1) · nance, a new empire was created In the. ancient domain of the Manchus--with the last of the Manchu emperors of China on tile throne. "Great Manchu Kmpire." Henceforth, the Japanese protected Manchurian empire Will be known as "Ta Manchu Tl Kuo"-the "great llanchu empire." The 28 year old emperor, formerly plain "Mr. Pu-Yi as chief executive of the Japanese advised state, was given the name "Kang Teh," meaning tranquility and virtue. Simultaneously with the elevation of the new rul«r, his invalid wife, Yueh Hua, was vested with the dignities of Queenhood, although her health precluded her participation in the ceremonies. PRESIDENT WILL GIVE NRA PLANS (Continued From Vage 1) and elimination of sex differentials "roin every code. Shows Wide Abuses. NRA industrial assistants conceded that the testimony already gathered left no room for doubt that wide abuses existed, though they would not quite agree with one witness, Gerald Smith of Louisiana, who shouted that eighteenth amendment violations "were a Sunday school picnic compared to the violation of the national industrial recovery act." Johnson, continuing his round of the hearings, found Robert Minor, communist party spokesman, delivering an attack on NRA- He asked him to join .his staff and criticize from the inside. Minor declined, saying their objectives were opposite. 3 Piece Suits $2750 EASTER is only i weeks from next Sunday. 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