The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 22, 1952 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
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North Iowa's Doily Newspaper Edited for tH« Horn* CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE " T H E N E W S P A P E R T H A T M A K f S A t L N O R T H I O W A N S N E I G H B O R S " HOME EDITION VOL. LVIII As!iocl»t«d Press and United Press Full Lease Wires (Five Cents a Copy) MASON CITY, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 72, 1952 Tlila Paper Consists of Two Suctions--Section One No. 272 Ike to Back M'Carthy, But Not Necessarily Views Comments Test Unity of Demos, GOP See Possible Kick-Backs to Statements BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Prc-campaign c o m m e n t s b y both Gen. D.wight D. Eisenhower and Gov. Adlai 13. Stevenson Friday were providing a test of the 'harmony and unity within the ranks of their two parties. Eisenhower, I h e Republican presidential nominee, talking with GOP leaders of seven Midwestern states Thursday in Kansas City, made two remarks which raised a question whether he might get kick-backs within his own party. They were: 1. Although the Korean conflict was caused by "terrible blunders" by the present administration,' he said, this country had no choice but to intervene. We might be much worse off now if we hadn't acted as we did, he added. Many Republicans contend that administration "blunders" touched off the invasion of South Korea, but disagree sharply on the soundness of American intervention, 2. An attack on Red China, Eisenhower said, would mean starting another war far more terrible than the one now going on. On this point, he seemed to take direct issue with Gen. Douglas MacArthur and many GOP members of Congress who h a v e backed MacArthur's proposal that the United Nations bomb Communist China. Demo Picture The Democratic picture is this: Gov. Stevenson, the Democratic presidential candidate, may have irked President Truman--an important wheel in party machinery --with his com.merits.. about a "mess" in Washington and possibly some of his decisions on how to conduct his campaign. Truman at A news' conference Thursday made it evident in several ways--by what he said, by what he didn't say, and by his facial expression--that he doesn't like some of the things Stevenson has said and done. He gave a crisp "no comment" in answer to an inquiry as to whether he is satisfied with the way Stevenson and Vice Presidential Nominee John J. Sparkman of Alabama have started off their campaign. Some said if hi were satisfied, he would be quick to say so. No Mess Truman said, he knows nothing of any mess in Washington, and would not comment when pressed for his reaction to Stevenson's news conference remarks that resignations and indictments have proved there is crime and corruption in Washington. Nor would he comment about Sparkman's remark that he believed' the recent steel strike had been mishandled. But Truman said he did not think Stevenson and Sparkman were m a k i n g a target out of h i m . He said they couldn't, because he is the key to the campaign--all the issues revolve around what he has done in recent years. GOP National Chairman Arthur E. Summerficld was quick to make political hay out of this last comment. He said it was further proof Stevenson must base his campaign on Truman's record. Eisenhower was in Denver Friday, preparing for his campaign kickoff. Sunday he flics to New York where he addresses the American Legion's national convention the following day, Aug. 25. r-All About-- AP WlrcpliolQ THINGS ARE TOPSY-TURVEY-- Things were all mixed up at the Missouri State Fair at Sedalia Thursday after a tornado ripped through the area. The wind toppled rides and tents all along the midway. Ferris wheels fell and buildings and trailers shattered by the storm which claimed one life and injured many persons. Lewis Notifies Government Coo/ Contracts Are Ending; May Mean Industry Strike WASHINGTON UP) --Government officials .said Fridaj that John L. Lewis has given formal notice that his contracts with the coal industry will expire at the end of September. This set up the possibility of a' nation-wide coa strike at that time. The Taft-Hartley Labor Act requires that the government be informed of a labor* dispute at least 30 days before the work contract expires. Required NoHce Lewis, president of. the United Mine Workers Union, gave federal mediators the required notice that contracts with both the soft and hard coal industry will run out then, these officials said.- This could--as it has done be- The Weather fore--precede a strike providing no agreement'on a new contract is reached by the end of September. UMW headquarters here said it had no comment on the matter. Lewis has been negotiating off and on since July 24 with Harry M. Moses, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Association, and Joseph E. Moody, president of the Southern Coal Producers Association. 60 Days Sixty days notice is required be- Fore the expiring contracts between the UMW and the industry can be ended. Lewis gave his GO-day notice to Moses, who bargains for 240 m i l lion tons of coai a year, on July 22. That means he could legally take his Northern soft coal diggers out of the pits about Sept. 22. His contract expiration notices to Moody and the anthracite industry were given on Aug. 1. Thus Lewis' hard-coal Ma con City. Fair Friday and Friday night. Partly cloudy Saturday. Warmer Friday night and Saturday. High Saturday 82 to 85. Iowa: Fair Friday afternoon, high 7G northeast to 84 southwest. Saturday fair to partly cloudy and a little warmer. Minnesota: Fair to partly cloudy · with slowly rising temperatures Friday night and Saturday, a few widely scattered showers extreme west Friday night or early Saturday. Globe-Gazette weather data up lo 8 a.m. Friday. M a x i m u m 7fi Minimum 51 At S a.m. 5!) miners and Southern diggers could not legally strike for a new work contract until the end of next month. Record Tax Collection by Revenue Board WASHINGTON A rccorc Smelter Workers Reach Agreement DENVER UP -- The International Mine, Mill Smeller Workers have reached an agreement! with Phclps-Dofige Corporation on a new wage contract which the union believes should open the way for an industry-wide settlement. The Phelps-Dodge contract was announced late Thursday, approximately 24 hours after union headquarters here issued a nationwide call for a strike vote next Monday, by its nearly 100,000 members. $G'1,971,210,208 was collected by the Internal Revenue Bureau in taxe, and social security contribution during the fiscal year which ended June 30. This was about 3JV4 billion dol lars more than in the previous 1 months. In addition, federal agcn cics other than the Revenue F5u reau look in $2,36-1,500,000 for fis cal l!r2. In the ins.'l fiscal year, whicl started J u l y I, President T r u r n a t has estimated collections will to till about 75 billion. gross figures do not in elude billions of dollars rcfunde to t a x p a y e r s or set aside for socia security payments. Refunds an set-asides in fiscal 3952 cut th figure about $5,871,000,000. The cf limalc for fiscal 195H is expcctc to drop about S!,200,000,000,' whci r e f u n d s and set-asides ar counted. The Revenue Bureau, in its re port Thursday, said collection were up all along the line in fisca 1052. Withheld income t a x e s jumped .V/i billion sto $21,000,000,000. Corporation taxes rose 50 per cent lo $21,510,000,000. Strong Chance Adlai to Make Speech in Iowa - I5C Probable Site Sept. 6 DES MOINES wi-Gov. Adlai ;. Slevenson probably will make \ major f a r m address in Iowa the afternoon of Sept. (i, State Dcmo- ·ralie Chnirman Jake More said ridny. 1C arrangements develop as an- icipaled, More said, Stevenson vill give Ihc important farm ad- Ircss he originally had planned to ,'ive on the same date at Kasson, Minn., at Ihc National Plowing ontest. Kasson Speech The Kasson speech was called jff after Wilson W. Wyatt, cam- )aign manager for Stevenson, said lowing contest officials backed lown on their bid to Stevenson after Dwighl D. Eisenhower accepted an invitation. More said Iowa Democrats have jecri urging ever since Slcvenson's omination lhat he choose Iowa a. he scene lor the kickoff in his bit or the farm vote. President T r u m a n opened his 1948 c a m p a i g n with a major farm policy speech at Dexter, la. "Firmed Up" More said plans for the Demo cratic nominee's Iowa, appearance invc not been "firmed up" bin .hat the possibility is strong thu Iowa State College at Ames, la. will be the scene of the address. More said the speech probablj will be held indoors. He said i ·vould be under parly sponsorship and that there would not be "a "eady-madc crowd." More said there were "strong listorie reasons" f o r . choice o Iowa State College as a site for the Kldrcss "because much of the fun ilamcntal t h i n k i n g which led to the prcsenl ever-normal granary farm program came from men who have jcen associated with the Iowa State College faculty. 1 1 Permission More said plans for (he Stevenson appearance had not pro- [rcs.scd to the point where Iowa Stale College has been asked foi use of its facilities. The Democratic c h a i r m a n sail ic was confident, however, l h a t the college would readily make "acilitics available to cither Ste veiison or Eisenhower. Burlier this week President Vir gil M. IlanchiT of the State Uni versily of Iowa announced t h a t in vitalions had been issued lo Ei scnhower and Slevenson to a v a i themselves of SUI facililies foi delivery of c a m p a i g n addresses. SAME DATE--1951--361 IHIark flap means ( r a f f l e ~ l h m i r j } hi Jl 3 ' AP Wlrophotn IKE TALKS AND GESTURES--Dwight D. Eisenhower: ffeaUiros over his shoulder us lie says something to Sen. Frank Carlson (K-Kan.) (center),,one of his advisers, during a conference Thursday in Kansas City with midwcstfcrn GOP lenders. Listening at right is Abel Shptwell, GOP national committceman L'ronv Nebraska. Sleeping Sickness Epidemic Kills 30 in California SAN FRANCISCO Ml--An encephalitis epidemic is creeping lorlhward up California's Central valleys, borne on the wings of the .iny female mosquito'. Already the sleeping sickness las claimed ;!0 lives and nearly 500 nnve been reported stricken, the Stale Health Department reported. Twelve died within the hist week. Doctors are powerless to check the disease. There is no known vaccine for humans. The only hope is to kill off Ihc mosquitoes. Hundreds of men arc spraying 276 towns in the valley lowlands and I hen Jayinj,' down quarter-mile-wide barriers of. poison residue spray around them. The female culcs tarsalis mosquito--common in California--carries Ihe disease from birds 'and fowl lo horsos and humans. It is not carried from horses to hum mis'. A total of, 499 cases has been reported lo the Slate Health Department, but only 315 have been clinically diagnoserl as encephalitis. Five More Dead in Texas Drought DALLAS, Tex. (ff) -- Five more deaths, results of Texas' withering thrcc-wccks-old beat wave, were in the records Friday as the long drought lengthened. Mcxia, in Central Texas, reported two fnlalities from the heat. Vcrnon, in · Northwest Texas, reported one death.. Two more fatalities in Dallas brought the 21- day toll there to ten. Scattered showers fell on the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast area, but mostly in regions where raiit was needed least. IOWA'S PAGE IOWA CfTY W--Mrs. R. A. Walter of Lenox will serve as Jowa's pajiji! at Ihe national A m e r i c a n Legion A u x i l i a r y convention nt Nc\\ York City Aug. 25-28. Mrs. H. W Gatcolt of Keosauqua will act as assistant page. The Rev. Moeller Resigns Post at WaverJy Home WAVERLY WV-The Rev. P a u l Mocllcr, superintendent of the Lutheran Children's Home hero' announced Friday. The Rev. Mr. Mocllcr has 'ac- ccpted the pastorale of Ihc Hope Lutheran Church at Dayton, O. took his working wife, Rita H a y w o r t h , ' o u t to lunch in Hollywood before leaving for the airport from where he flew to Chicago. Aly said he hoped to return to Southern California soon. Inside Story of Appointment-Goodwin Curb Seen Pleasing Iowa Foes Uy DICK HABEFN The reported decision to curb Robert K. Goodwin's role ii Dwiffht Eisenhower's drive for farm Voles will be tfreele happily by Goodwin's foes in the Iowa Republican Parly. ^ The decision, reportedly made Thursday in Kansas City Kan., after Midwest. GOP leaders conferred with Eiaenhow or, was a "must" as far as many Republicans were concerned. ; The group t h a t mot with Ike and Jiis staff included it number of lowans who reportedly argued that Goodwin's appiiintmenl bnd jeop, imlined Republican chnnccs for victory in certain key Midwest The whole story of liwv Goodwin came to be appointed to head the national GOP f a r m drive probably never will be fold in print because i. belongs to the sanctum of luler- pnrty politics. Violent P r o t e s t s The appointment of Goodwin who s Iowa n a t i o n a l committceman was announced some time ago by Arthur Summerficld, GOP national chairman. Immediately v i o l e n t protests were made, p a r l i c u l n r l y )y Ibose who had been aclivc in the Republican Farm Council. The Farm Council was in slru mental in w r i t i n g the .Republican farm plank. Goodwin was forsaken by Towans and other Mid-West Republicans bucking Eisenhower after he implied in a statement nt Chicago the day before Ike was nominated thai Lhc general svas the c a n d i d a t e of "Wall Street" while Sen. Robert A. Taft was the friend of Main Street and the farmer. Goodwin said he was for M a i n Street and the farmer. The Goodwin .statement enraged Iowa delegates to the convention who were backing Eisenhower. These delegates were surprised in the first place when Goodwin an nouncerl Ju: would back Taft. These delegates said thai Goodwin gave every indication lo them he would support Eisenhower at the convention. A move within the delegation to oust Goodwin as national commit- t c e m a n was beaten down in the interests of party unity. Extensive Chock' Those most directly concerned with the Goodwin appointment to head the f a r m drive aren't talking "for the record." But in an cxlcn- sivc check of highly reliable Rep u b l i c a n sources Ihc Globc-Ga/.ctte has learned this much about it: 1. .'Eisenhower was not consulted about the appointment before it was announced by Summcrfield. 2. So far as this newspaper is able to determine, Rep. Ben .inn- sen of Exira was the only Iowa Republican consulted about Goodwin by Summerficld. The GOP chieftain did not "okay it" with G»v. William S. Bcard.sley, Slate C h a i r m a n J a m e s Schramm, Sen. Bourkc B. Ilickcnlooper, Harold McKinley, St. Ansgar, or any other key Jowa Republican. 3. Summerficld did not know at the time he made the appointment that Goodwin had labeled Eisenhower as, in effect, the candidate of international bankers. 4. I m m e d i a t e l y after the decision was, announced, the Eisenhower (Continued on Pjge 2) C.-O. Johnson Dies at 61 C. 0. (Johnnie) Johnson, (!L, o 208 Vermont S.E., died at a M;i son City hospital Thursday after noon, following an illness. IIu ha been mnmigcr o the L, A. Pag L u m b e r Con pany nearly 4 years. Mr. .Join son was born a C 1 on r L a k c March 4, 183 the son of. . M i and Mrs. Jaco J o h n s o n, pio ncef.s of t h i C. O. JOHNSON communJLy wh preceded death. He had lived in Cerro Gor do County throughout his lifetime Surviving are bis wife, nee Li linn E. Wells, to whom lib' wa married .Jan. 12, 10J.O, and a son Merrill W. Johnson, Mason C/ly Two brothers, Joseph C. and Ro 13. Johnson, Mason City, and fou sisters, Mrs. Dale Billerman an Mrs. R. Nnek, Nora Springs; Mrs Leon Clark; Tacoma, Wash., an Mrs. C. S. Cody, Lima, Pa., als survive. lie. was n member of the Firs Methodist Church, the r.O.O.T Lodge, and the Mason Lodge No 375 B.P.O.E., of which he was past exaltecl ruler. Funeral services will be held a 2 p.m. Saturday at the Major M moriaJ Chapel, with Doctor Lloy A. Guslafson, pastor of Ihe Fir. Methodist Church, officiating. In torment will be at Elmwood Ccmc tcry. P'ricnds may call at th Major Memorial Chapel from p.m. Friday u n t i l the time services. . Nixon Says They're for All GOP "Should Be Room for Differences" By JACK BELL WASHINGTON TO-Scn. .Richard I. Nixon of California said Friday olh ,he and Gen, D wight D. El- enhowor will support Sen. Joseph IcC'arlhy of. Wisconsin--If ho , is enominatcd--without necessarily ndorsing McCarthy's views. Nixon, the GOP vice' presiden- _nl nominee, told a reporter he nd Eisenhower, the presidential amlidttlc, will back nit Ropublt- nn Senate and House nominees u an effort to gain ,GOP control Congress in November. But, Nixon added: "[ wnnt to make it clenr lhat in upportlng any particular candi- iate neither, I nor General Eiseri- lower will endorse the views or he methods of Republican cancU- tatcs which happen-to be different rom our own. Differing, Vltw* -- ,-, t "We recognize that'in boih'Tthe' lepublicnii and Democratic 1 par- ies there is and should be 1 ?room or individuals who have-differing views on kojyJs'sucs.'.' ' ·' ''cv'/'" : Nixon said both he' aiuT.Eis'en- towcr had stated · their, views ,oH vlint Nixon .described^s^-so-called McCarthylsm.'f 'Dcrn.pc'ralsVhaye criticized ^-McCarthy,'for .^making Selective Service Draft of Fathers Begins Next Year NEW YORK UP -- M a j . Gen. Lewis B. Hcr'sbcy, Selective Service director, said Friday the armed forces would begin drafting fathers "next summer." "We've got lo lake somebody or else decrease Ihe armed forces,' Ifershey told an American Legion commission. Hcrshey addressed the national security commission which met lo consider policy resolutions which will be inlroduccd before the 34lh national convention of Ihe American Legion here next week. Hershey said a group of about 1,000,000 fathers are available, most of. them under 26 years of age. He said out of that number "you'd be lucky to get 500,000 accepted." lurthylsm," Nixon"said he'arid cnhowcr favor a "fair, sane and effective .program' 'of "Investigation of all the chqrge^ that'have'Jteen made and rembvaU'frQjn^theVKdvr crnnicnt payrbll"'of those who are i threat to national security/' Nixon lidded: , - , "We believe thatUucii an investigation must 1 be conducted in such i way that the rights of innocent individuals will be recognized and adequately .protected." Haven't Ch«ck*d The vice presidential candidate nld neither he nor Eisenhower has lad the opportunity' lo look into McCarthy's'charges and therefore neither had criticized "McCarthy's views and methods." \ "I don't intend to comment on his methods or charges until I know the facts," Nixon declared. , He said both he and Elsenhower liellcvc it is essential to obtain a Republican controlled Congress if they nro elected "to'carry through the program of cleaning up the mess in Washington," "This means that we must elect sufficient congressmen and sena- lors lo organize the Congress," Nixon said. "For that reason, I intend to campaign in Ihc various slates which I visit for the election of. Republican nominees." N o Part ' . : . ' ; He said he would'not take part in any primary contests!"but once t h e Republican nominees have been selected by the people in primary elections, I intend to support those nominees in their contests against Democratic opponents,',' adding: · "This includes all states where I campaign." He said he plans to enter Wisconsin, but only after the Sept. 9 primary in that slale. Nixon discussed the matter with, a reporter after there had been published reports that he would shun McCarthy. Earlier Friday he had authorized this statement in reply to those reports: "I am going to assist in the election of Republican members o£ the House and Senate wherever the opportunity presents. When the voters pick a nominee, I will accept the decision and abide by it in any state." · Nixon's statement came after Sen. Mike Monroney of Oklahoma called "incredible" an assertion by Sen. Karl Mundt of South Dakota that Gen, Dwight D. Eis'cn- hower, the GOP presidential nominee, will support McCarthy's bid for rc-clcclion. Co-Chairman ~ Mundt is co-chairman of the Republican Campaign Speakers' Bu-; rcau. chairman of Ihe, Democratic Speakers' Bureau. j Mundt said in a radio: program Thursday night that Eisenhower} will "endorse and campaign ac*, lively" for McCarthy, whose Corn- 1 :

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