The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 11, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1913
Page 5
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J . - V Tb CWft to Take Vote ARE FINISHED Judge Cufteft Advises Members to Keep Their Own Counsel and Dis- j cussVasfe^Wfth No One. | ' ' - AlbaSy,' X.' Y:. Oct. 11.--The fate o£ | to be determined . ^Sulzer ^ ou Moaday'auerhooa ai 2.2y o'clock. ] ro whic-k UHie' liie uupc-acumenr court; secsiiioa, J and Dl. Cafly Herrick, for the defense. | had finished a "sumtearizing of the de- | bate, whiih probably will be recorded ' as wholly worthy of this trial. The" forty-eight senators and nine court of appeal judges go to their homes for mediation, with an admonition iroia Chief Judge Eugsir JL Cul- j | len to keep their own counsel and lei j no one spC-ak to them about the case-. j j It will require thirty-eight votes to \ \ convict. Leaning forward in this throne-Hke chair _ when Senator Bracken: closet! his appeal for conviction. Judge Cullen said." in the" - manner of one addressing a jury: "Before we actually adjourn I take the liberty of giving you a "caution v.-h:ch to the lay mint! may be appropriate. If th:s were a criminal case, tryabEe before a court and jury, it would be the duty of the court under the provisions of the code of criminal procedure to caution jurors not to djscnss the case with parties, nor allow themselves to be approached. "Of course this case is somewhat different. This is a court ci which we are all equally members, but it seems to mfe* that the spirit of the law is equally obligatory on us as it «~oalu j be in the ease of a jury. \ve shouldn't ; tolerate any one of us to be approached by a person concerning the merits of the case we are able to decide. "We shouldn't allow it to be spoken of in oar presence. Keep whatever your minds may be, keep that to yourselves and your associates, until we finally meet to determine this case at the hour to which we adjourn. "I hope we wili_ comply with this caution. It is necessary to avoid scandal, to give confidence in the proper administration of justice, and after a correct decision of the case, the next necessary thing fs that people" should belieev that" it lias been decided prop- erlv and without the intervention of extraneous influence."* The decision to postpone consideration of the verdict until Monday was made In an interval between the end of Judge Herrick's summing up and the appearance of ex-Senator Herrick's summing up and the appearance of ex- Senator Srackett to close the argument for the impeachment. · ' · ^^ ___ __ _ MEXICAN FEDERALS DESERT THEIR CHIEF Greater Pari of Gen, AaBart's Force Leaves Him, antee could not be shoes are are rnade Bu -When You Oan 8 ^fc ^f · . ·« · ·* e Nothing like by any other That's one reason why Selz leaders wherever they are' known. by the largest shoe manufacturers In the world, made so because Selz shoes make good on the guarante If you feel skeptical about this, just try a pair. It will be easy for you to make up your mind -when ready to purchase again. , Such a guar- on a oor sho HE SSL2J SKOE IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD mat gives yon such protection. Isn't this worth something to you? But you get it free and It ought to' deserve YOUR shoe patronage" We specialise on Selz shoes in this store. We don't need any other. Selz shoes are best. We can easily prove this. Will you have us "try? For Men* Women ai rhildreo - ONE OF POSSE KILLED Woman and* Two Men Also Hurt In Attack or. Home. Parkersburg. "VT. Ya., Oct. 11.--Tcr- mond Duffield. one of a posse deputized to arrest MrsT Ella Lampsou, her husband and rcro of the latter's sisters at Walicer. Calhoun county, died in a hospital here from gunshot -wounds received when the posse attacked the Isimpson house- Two other members of the posse were wounded severely, and Mrs. Lamnson lost her left hand. She was arresred. but the husband and his sis- iers escaped. The attack on the house followed the shooting of John Duffield. who, Mrs. Lampson asserts, was trying to force an entrance. FIND WOPdANTS_ARiVl IN BAY New York Police May Have- Another Tragic Mystery to Solve. Xew 'York, Oct. II--What may mean a new dismembered body mystery for the police 10 solve developed with the finding of tne handjand forearm of a woman floating in the water of the ferrv shn at St. George, Statea IsiancL Tke afm'iiaa been roughly severed at the elbjow. '""It was the opinion of the ; coroner that the arm ha-1 been in the "water oiilv four or Gv« days, so could not possiblv bs that of Anna Ammsller. victim of Ha'ns Soh*r::dL The haad and fingers were slender, and the nails had been recently manicured. Mexico City, Hex., Oct. 11. -- The laiiure of General Trucy Aubert to get to the City of Torreoa ;n ume to relieve it--a mission upon winch he set out from Sait:l!o nearly a month ago ?.'ita a large :orce of federal troops Is explained by the fact ihat the greater parr of his 2f-iiO men deesrted I lira before he had completed naif of his journey. He bad reached iladero. twenty-five miles east o: Torreoa. when news of the evacuatioaiof the city reached h m. As soon as the vanguard of the re- ating'feuera! troops came into view ^eral Auberc's men fied with aii iae;r arms accJ ammunirion- General Alvirez. T.'ho siarted ·witli ifiii men. two siege guns ana a number of pieces of Ii^ni artillery to retake ;he c.ty of Duraago from the rebels, n::d wiose cefeat caused zae evacua- n of Torreon, fell into an ambuscade at La. Loma. thirr;.' miles to tie southeast of Torreon. General Alvirez, v-'ho was regarded as one of the bravest otncers in the federal army, ~as cannireti with his staff and ail are sn.; to have oeen executed oa the spot by ihe rebels. After the batle iLe rebel troops, wlib. the captured artillery, proceeded to Torreon, whpre they found that tae federal garrison ha-i aireaiiy evacuated itie eiiy. Medical Advertising PLAff NEW RIVER IK WEST Turn Its Panama :" Govcrnrceni to Ecuipme^r to a New Furpcse. Alliarre. Xeb.. Oct. II. -- A nevr gr»;ai river, talcing its r!ss ia the Black Hills of Sc-Jta Ba T :ota. and ranr:;ng on Eiro;:g-« Xebrisl-a and Kansas :nto Oklahoma, may haie to oe placed ca the map c£ the west. The ipveminent is to be csked to br:s=: its Panama canal eqa:pmen- an-J Long, thick, heavy hair- Want this kind? Atfer's Hair Vigor promotes growth. Does not color the hair- Ask Your Doctor- SHERIFFS SALE In Pursuance of a. Writ of FltRl _ __ FACIAS. Issuing OUT; of the Court 01 g Common Pleas of Adams County, ar.c = to me directed, "vdll be exposed TO Pub- 3 He Sale on Tuesday, the I4th day of jj October, ar 10 o'clock in tne forenoon g SiZ his place of business on Carlisle g street, in the borough of Gercysburor. Adams Co. Pa- the Property, viz: Personal, , . .. : · pK Tinner's square shears. 2 half- } |g round stakes. 2 Sat; s'cakes. 1 double g The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Cnurch will be run Tlmsrday OcL 23,1913. Special train will leave Fairfieki at (5.45: Gettysburg 7.15: New Oxford 7 37; Hanover 7.53; stopping at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No stops made below Hanover. Returning leaves Hillen Station. Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. seaming stake, iron vice. 4 burren ma- ^_ chines. ~ crimper. swedga machine. -"" stove pipe brake, rolling machine, double seaming- machine, machine for rolling tin roofing. 10 pr. roofing tongs- 2 hand seamers. 2 pr. double seamers. 2 soldering sto~es. 5 small shakes of-eugerera kinds.-2 pr- beech, shears. 18 soldering irons, folding machine, lot of conductor hooks, hammers, malleis. compass sa"s. braces and bits, ppnches. river sets, wrenches, lot; of l 1 ^ inch piping, coal stovs. o rolls tin. sheet zinc. 8 sheets black iron. 3 sheets galvanized iron. 9 sheets metal lathing. 110 ft. galvanized i round) spouting. 40 ft. square gal( vanized spouting. 100 fc. galvanized ber hose, 32 mitres. 15 stove inacKS (more or less). 2 registers. 5 bread toasters, lot; of stove pipe of all kinds. :cs into this territory when jl-S inch elfooTM. lot of cook pois. cake . . . . .5,.., -- «·»---Tf^f^vc T£»Si Ir^TT^*" c^-r*"i o \".*Te^ nT** 1 ? is no znore aeecee in tne ;Si.amu= *r . . JV-M.- To the Pols by Aeroplane. Paris, Oct. 31---Tenders nave been received for tie construction of ari aeroplane -sraich Asiraadseii will nse la his next polar expedition. It Is said that tae explorer will soon arrive in Paris to inspect the macajne. Accord- ins to a Frankfort dispatch. Amundsen hJsnse'f vrill taSce his place in the aeroplane for a iinal attempt to reaca tie North Pose. S5D.000 Fire Decoys Mill. Kansas Cuy^?.Icu Oct. 31.--Fire destroyed the sa^torr bain bnildiag o* the SOTtnwesleVi- Milling coroiaay ia Kansas City. KanTM aisi tie mlirs power plaat: The los is estimated at $400.000. and 10 set it to -srork aigging a ncr to make a -ast territory -s-hiC" no^r Is fit only for sraziss purposes because of lack of moismre- George A. Xeely ha prepared a bfil for an appropnation. of §50,COy for a survey ana investigation of the project. The sew river v^cuM oe bet~esa iOO and S'.-'J miles in lensta. It -sroald serve a dual purpose--briag ^ater ia- £o a dry co;iatry and so divert tse ood waters of a number of big western streams that tbe .nnadatJyns that aaaisaHy ca:ise sneh damage to the loxrer ilisslssippi and Slfssouri rivers woald no leaser otcar. Turkey Sars Standard Oil. ConstaatlnopJe, Oct. 11.--The Tari- ish go-fijTBaaeat cas decided ?oz to_ accede to the. rsqaest of tie "Staaflard O51 company jibr peracissioa to estao- lisa a petroieum mosop'Oly ia Turkey. bricks, se't of scales, safe, desk, 1-3 coffee Dots. 25 buckets. II frying pans. 5 water sprinklers. 3 dish pans, S potato mashers. 2 doz. pie piates {more or less), 13 pipe thimbles. 10 breao dishes, lot of craters, truck- fi patent :y tops, stove board, spring, and all other personal property belonging to Vhe defendant rot herein mentioned. Seized and taken into executiop. as the property of Geo. C. Gottwaia and to be sold b~ rne. G. R. THOMPSON. Sherlif. Sheriffs Omce. Gettvsoorg. Pa., October. 6th. 1013. I have just received a Standard Automatic Miik Separator which can be seen at Biglerville now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I V.-HI buy the Creani at regular price for creamery butter. I W Pettis *fo ¥ 9 · J. C?I-3.S.O The v,-ell known Tx r a=;hin.s-ton House, opposite the Vve.stei-n Jhiryian« Ruiiro.iJ Station, has been lenses! by John D. Kane. \vho as proprietor Vv-ill in. tne future, to the best of his abii- Itv. endeavor,to_§eejthat a:l patron? of this es-- tablished hostelry are served -with the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also \vith the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that Mr. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he \rill take gocd care of such of hi? friends and patror.s as visit hiin. FINK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar. both on draught and in bottles. Second Annual Stock Sale I will be in my room on the f? U ^f__?Jl r _/l t !? S Tl?'! Second Aanna^e of Entered and Grade Horse,. Hi ? h Grade i£§|-f*l* *G..V^.«. »oo At a very reasonable price ' The accompanying illustration shows a stove from o:ir stork hat has manv decided as explain Aged 'Woman Burned at Stove. Potssvnie, Pa^ Oct. II.-- Mrs. Joaa seve^tv years old, -was fatally barzied at Oie aome o" fcer EOS, Edward Xanejser, at jalbp- pa, wliei her aj ^oa ignited at a stove. " A aoosetcire » oo trss pazzted to know how she caaM pat frnst In tfee refngator anJ not have it scent the hDtter,_and canght miifc by the side of it Rear Admiral Ward gtoa. Ocl'll---Bear Admiral Aaroa ^ard. lately snssesrisor o£ York harbar. -n-as piaced upoa tie retire*! list of tie navy. Store" on second floor, every Leper Dies After Year In Hospital. Hartford, Coaa_ Oci. 11.--Bavfd Jje- has beea cosfised Ja she city tte toys. if th«» idea of emptying ont tae | Tramp-Oh. i dnnuo. Me frien : itjlo sfS^J jars and potting on j ^ ^3 ^-^ ^ j e f^\ e ~ ^c-ot g isolatloa h-3spilal for a year, died of leprosy. "woddE't 6ev tae. anfi I t*eC2JBC derer. Wo-nan--Poor chapl Tf slsc married yon all tvxwtM 5Kve bocn wesL friend oat Sa ·ot ber!-- If you think of buying a siovc ·-'. call to see it and let the good points to yoa. \ .-s welcome. linger and Wheeler Wilson a ^,..,. - ^. high crade shorthorn co^-s. a lujjnber with calves by f jtheirVides-'otheKt forward springer? ar.d ti:e halr.nce have .x»r. \\are ^esh a short time ar.d are givisj: a goV. Sow oJ HJUK. - old Reads; Heirs. 75 head of Daroc--Jersey rfogs of so»-s ar,d pigs, breed so~s. old and yo'ja- boars, Hoi Air Furnace? carried in stock ready to Install. Warerooins formerly occupied oy Strawsr^ckor Co.. rear GJ. snsr freight depot. FORSALE BY D; B. Gk:ttysb«T^r- Pa. *-OiI and Needles", land shoals, all registered or can be. Goats. 2 san»:y THE la^c Dr. C Y~ Stock^ deric . with. Sale Positive. JRwUn^of West Pcnusylvana Syr^x:-; -*s*,«^ \v.H. PINKIE JOS. B. T\\IMNG. lo-obe- 15-15th.-aJ«rtisem«5 - i Graicf OrUcs.J) r«a«fe« St,Carlisle. Albert SIayl»ugh, Auctioneer. ^ .. -~ ""_ ' " J ~"' v - ^ |

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