Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 · 1936 CALL OUTLINES HIS PRINCIPLES In Formal Declaration o Republican Candidacy For Governor. ONAWA, (JP--George R. Call o: Sioux City Wednesday night out lined principles on which he is seek- Pasfeurized . in Glass AQUART Cash and Carry FRESH BROWN COUNTRY EGGS MANY FLAVORS OF ICE CREAM ing the republican nomination for governor and asserted it is time "to clean house." He made formal announcement of his candidacy in a speech before a Monona county meeting here although he previously had taken out nomination papers preparatory to entering the race. His statement of principles in eluded reduction of governmental expenditures, tax equalization, a "sensible old age pension or social security law for Iowa," reduction of vehicle and gasoline taxes, control of liquor by a. nonpartisan commission with local option, and opposition to sales taxes on necessities. "Agriculture, nationally," be said, "must be placed on a parity with industry. A tariff that protects industry should also protect the farmer. Production should not be restricted to the point where it becomes necessary to import corn and jeef to meet the domestic demands." Gon donsville Schools Open; Sale Postponed GORDONSVHJLE, Minn.--The frade pupils resumed their · work Tuesday morning after a. few days vacation, owing to the extreme cold and blocked condition of the roads. The public auction sale which, was to have been held at the Albert Tews 'lace last Monday, was postponed until March 3. Wyeth Nelson of Manchester, Minn., will move to the arm vacated by Mr. Tews, where he will engage in market gardening th'e oming- season. Mr. Nelson will be assisted with the work by the Paul Jaska family, who reside over the Bolton store building. CLEANS BEfiDHUK IN HALF THE TIME LAZYMAN'S CLEANER FREE Cash Your Coupon FREE COUNTY ROADS OPENED SLOWLY 2 of 4 Hancock Plows Are Repaired; Coal Trucked . to Titonka. GARNER--Three inches of snow fell Tuesday night and Wednesday. Bast and west roads were drifting during the afternoon. Snowplows have been operating day and night in an effort to keep the main roads open. Slow progress is being made n opening the county roads, two of. the four county snow plows have been pulled to the sheds to be repaired after encountering heavy drifts that put them out of commission. Two of the three new maintainers purchased by the Hancock county board of supervisor* at a cost of $9,000 arrived several days ago but the plow attachment -was not included in the shipment for the two unloaded at Britt. The other machine is expected to arrive in Garner. Two carloads of coal arrived Wednesday over the Milwaukee railroad and was gone in a few hours. Sleds, trucks and trailers were lined up for two blocks and the dealer had a long list of orders. The shipment was dispensed in 500 to 1,000 pounds to a customer. The Klondike, branch line of the Rock Island that serves the towns of Hayfield, Crystal Lake, Woden and Titonka had not had a train through since Monday, Feb. 3, when it got to the end of the line at Titonka. A carload of coal billed for Titonka that had been here for several days was hauled in trucks to Titonka. It is said that a large quantity of the car was missing. Another branch of the Rock Island from Iowa Falls to Lakota has had no trains through Garner since the storm. PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14-15 Cash For Eggs $2.00 D ^gi D FREE Phone 1591 Farmer's Best Stock Salt 65c 50-lb. Blocks 37c Armour's or Northfield Milk Tall Cans 27C Sweet Santa Clara Prunes 2 Lbs. in « £ _ Cello ...,..,.,,,. 15C Six Delicious Flavors Jell-0 4 p k3 .. 19c For All Cooking Crisco j L b . J Can 59c Purity Brand Peanut Butter 2 Lb. 1C*! Jar A)* Pilot Brand" Oyster Shells 100 E, 7?c Clam Shells, 59c per 100 Calumet Baking Powder 16 ox. Can 20C C. H. Pwd. or Brown Sugar 3 Lbs. in | A r Cello *7V FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Genuine Early Ohio Potatoes 15£* 2«c Red or Yellow Onions 3 Pounds ....... IOC Libby's Rosed ale Olives Near. Quart "Quaker's" Buckeye Rolled Oats S Bp °«r'....19e Del Monte Golden 2 No. 2 Cans. . . . Libby's Crushed Pineapple Navy Lbs. in Cello Fancy Arizona Head Lettuce 5 Dozen «- Size, each.. / V Sweet Florida. Tangerines 15c 176 Size, Dozen . . Golden Ripe Bananas Pounds 25c Extra Fancy Winesap Apples 4 Pounds 2$C Basket $1.79 Served Everywhere Folger's Coffee u, .29c 2 ib Libby's Gentle Press Tomato Juice 2 14.0Z. Cans . 15c New Hallow! Pitted Dates 2 Pounds ...- 2§ Sun-Ray or Excel! Pound Caddy 15c For Making Ice Cream Pkgs. Libby's Fancy Peas No. 2 Cans. 27c For All Washing Oxydoi Package Yellow Naptha 0. K. Soap 21e Big Bars. Blue Label £"· JPail 29e White Prince Lb. Bag .. 24'/ 2 Ibs. 83e $1.59 Kanawha Coal Supply Is Limited by Permits KANAWHA--No mail was received from Friday until Tuesday evening. Due to the shortage of coal in the community, the local schools were closed for this week and small portions of the coal were distributed to families which were without any fuel. Services at the churches and shows at the local theater were can- celed for a part of the week. No milk or bread supplies were available for a few days. Residents were anxiously awaiting the arrival of coal scheduled here now. A limited amount will be given each family and a. written order from the coal committee must 'be presented first before they can receive the coa!. Daughter Is Born. SHEFFIELD--Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hawke are parents of a daughter born Feb. 11. GROCERS MEATS FRUITS-VEGETABLES 70 IND ST. N.E. PHONES 43 44 REMEMBER WE DELIVER COFFEE RICHELIEU, CHOCOLATE CREAM, HILLS, FOLGER'S, pound SHRIMP, Z cans..:. 25c OXYDOL, large size., 1»T » · » * l* 19c BIG 4 SOAP, 10 bars 25c ORANGES, .Good fjgt Size, doien...;..-- «/*» APPLES, Fancy. . £,, Winesaps, Ib..,,..,.,,,.. JC BRITE-IZE CLEANSER, 3 cans QUALITY MEATS Berkshire Sausage, pound 30c Fancy Pot Roast, pound 18c Sliced Bacon, bulk, pound 35c Try Mrs. Osborn's HOME-MADE BREAD and Mrs. Rogers' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, ROLLS and DOUGHNUTS. United Fruit Co. 33 East State Street PHONE 749 FREE DELIVERY FANCY FRESH VEGETABLES Stringless Green Beans, Peas, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Beets, Turnips, Carrots, Cauliflower, Spinach, Endives, Mustard Greens, Red Cabbage, New Cabbage, Celery Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Young Onions, Peppers, Leaf Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Parsley, Parsnips, Avocados. FRESH STRAWBERRIES -- FANCY H. H. RHUBARB APPLES, Rome Beauties, Winesaps, 5 Ibs. ... ....... .. Florida ORANGES, med. size, OQ r 2 doz ........... O./C PECAN MEATS, Ib 39c POTATOES, U. S. 1 grade, peck25c; 100 Ib. bag .... Texas GRAPEFRUIT, seedless, 5-7 for Mammoth Queen OLIVES, qt MONARCH FINER FOODS MONARCH VEGETABLES--Small E. June Peas, Telephone Peas, Golden Bantam Corn, Country Gentleman Corn, Spinach, Salad Vegetables, ·« r Tomatoes, Stringless Beans, No. 2 size cans IDC Monarch DICED BEETS, DICED CARROTS, RED KIDNEY BEANS, No. 2 size cans Me Monarch KETCHUP Monarch COCOA, Ib Monarch SHRIMP Monarch BABY FOOD, 3 for .... ISo 19c ISr 25c Monarch CHILI SAUCE Monarch COFFEE Ib Monarch EGG NOODLES Ib Monarch PEANUT BUTTER, qt 19c 29r 15r 35c Monarch SPICES--Black Pepper, Cinnamon, All Spice, Mustard, Nutmeg, Cream of . /» Tartar, Ground Cloves, 2 oz. pkg DC Monarch Red Pitted CHERRIES, 09 2 No. 2 cans t)«)C Folger's COFFEE, Ib. 29c; '*· 56c can Fancy Black TEA, Ib 25c 25c DREFT, 2 pkgs. for (1 large and 1 medium. 40c Value) Monarch FRUIT COCKTAIL, 2 99 tall cans «J JC Yaqht Club TEA, t J* Green, Ib. pkg IOC SAL SODA., large pkg. .. 6c Clean Quick SOAP CHIPS. 2'/ 2 lb. 1£ box IOC CANNED VEGETABLES--Tomatoes. Tomato Juice, Golden Bantam Corn, Sweet Peas, *}^p No. 2 cans, 3 for ...' fa JC Mrs. Barclay's Home Cooking National Fruit Co. 101 South Federal Ave. PHONE 824 FREE DELIVERY DIAMOND BROS. SPECIALS - FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Beef ROAST Pound . . . . SIRLOIN STEAK Pound 15C GROUND BEEF 3 Pounds 2TMC LARD 100% Pure 2 Pounds 25C WIENERS, 2 pounds 25c NECK BONES, pound 6c Pork LIVER 2 Pounds . . 25C Sliced BACON Pound MWV Bacon SQUARES Pound ... 17C Boiling BEEF Pound 1ZC MINCED HAM, pound. 17e BACON ENDS (5-lb. box) 98c Beet SUGAR 10 Pound, .47C 25c DIAMOND'S BEST COFFEE Vacuum Packed, Per Pound GRAHAM CRACKERS 2 Pound Box 19C Corn Country BUTTER Per Pound ---- CHERRY PRESERVES (Pure) 2-lb. Jar 25c SALAD DRESSING, quart jar 23c COCOANUT (Bulk) per pound 17c Seedless RAISINS 4 Pounds.. 2$C Dried APRICOTS Per Pound. . . A jC Dried PEACHES 2 Pounds... 25C PRUNES (40-50's) 3 Pounds.. 25G Imported Norwegion SARDINES (Packed in Olive Oil) 4 cans 29c WET PACK SHRIMP, 2 toll cans 21c "CHINESE MAID" NOODLES, 3 boxes 25c Powdered SUGAR Pounds 19c GINGER SNAPS Pounds :. . 25C Moca- Bean COFFEE Per Pound . . . Ruby CATSUP Large Bottles. 19c Pure COCOA Pound Can REPUTATION FLOUR, 49-lb. bag $1.45 DIAMOND'S BEST FLOUR, 49-lb. bag $1.65 PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR, 49-lb. bag $2.10 Tower Hill PEAS 5 No. 2 Cans 25c Banquet CORN No. 2 Cans . 25c Fancy TOMATOES 3 No. 2 tP M Cans Z5C 4 Fancy PUMPKIN No. 2 '·fir- Cans . .. 2 / C BLACK RASPBERRIES, No. 10 can 49e BLUEBERRIES or RED RASPBERRIES, No. 10 can 69c APPLES, No. 10 can 35c FANCY RICE 4 P o u n d s . . . . Pearl BARLEY Pounds.... 25c Hubinger SYRUP Blue Label. 10-Pound Pail 47c 'i Forbes CHOC-QU8K 1 The Chocolate Drink. 45c can MACARONI 3 Pounds 2§C D. B. CORN STARCH 2 Pkgs! 1?C RIBBON CANDY, Fancy, 2 pounds 25c MIXED NUTS, per pound 15c ENGLISH WALNUTS, per pound 19e D. B. LYE C a n s . . . . 2 5 C S. B. D. CLEANSER and BLEACHER Large Bottle . . . 19c Lux TOILET SOAP Bars. 25c Crystal White SOAP Bars ..... 25C 1 Super Suds Free f Large BEAN SPROUTS, SOY SAUCE or BROWN SAUCE ,.,...,., lOc MIXED VEGETABLES, 21c; CHOW MEIN NOODLES ,.... 19c STOCK SALT Pound B a g . . . 55c Soybean OILMEAL Pound Bag . . $1°S7 Pure BUCKWHEAT 10-lb. bag ... 35c CORNMEAL Yellow or White 5-lb. bag . . . . 17c Leading Brand OYSTER SHELLS Pound ffjft Bag 57C Reputation EGG MASH Pound Bag SWEET POTATOES, 6 pounds 25c California Navel ORANGES Per D o z e n . . . . 31c CRANBERRIES St Pounds. .. HEAD LETTUCE Large Green Top CARROTS Per Bunch. Marsh Seediest GRAPEFRUIT ...25c for Jonathan APPLES Pounds.... 25c NEBRASKA TRIUMPH POTATOES, peck 27c; 100-lb.bag. . $1.60

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