Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 · 1936 THIRTEEN 1,700 BIRDS IN PALO ALTO FED One Flock of Pheasants at Cylinder Numbers 700; Money Sent. EMMETSBURG--Between 1,700 and 1,800 pheasants are being fed daily by farmers in the Emmetsburg vicinity, Sam Boies, president of the local Izaak Walton league, said here Wednesday. A flock of nearly 700 "birds is being fed by Sam Henkelvig-, farmer near Cylinder, Boies said. The birds congregate each day along Cylinder creek which goes through Henkelvig's farm, and the farmer's sons ride horseback to'the creek daily to scatter corn. The flock is believed to be one of the largest in Palo Alto county. Other farmers have been asked to feed the pheasants and will be reimbursed by the Walton league for the feed used, Boies explained. We have sent money to several small towns in the county with the request that it be used for feed lor the wild life that still exists," Boies said. Concert Given at Algona. ALGONA--The first public musical concert was given Wednesday evening at the high school auditorium by the members of the band and orchestra of the school, under the direction of D. Wane Collins, instructor. Following the concert the P. T. A. held a business meeting SEAL OF MINNESOTA MA50H OTY MUD SuRROUMHItti TERRITORY ATfatoe $1.00 Chrome-Plated ItelisHDisH For Fo«r Carton Tops FKX» Jedt'.Sprat Gelatw Lesert Am) ISc ffo Co-K Pick*) «* P«t*9«» A. bwwtiW 9*rac* dish .. worth wsity I.OO.. ni mail ewton tep« with fco Western Grocer MiHs, brilliantly- polished -- . three sections for pickles, dives, JeHi«,-etc- Uoiited supply. MASON CITY DIVISION FRIDAY and SATURDAY FEBRUARY 14th and 15th JACK SPRAT GELATIN DESSERT 4 p kg , We 8 FLAVORS strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lemon, pineapple, orange, mint and lime. Sparkling colon. "Sets" quietly. PREMIUM OATS 25 Jack Sprat FREE Platonite CUP AND SAUCER or DiNNERPLATE in every package. CORN STARCH 15 C t JL Mayflower C X T l U C T Imitation Vanilla Crackers Mayflower Olives Crisp sodas Jack Sprat Stuffed style · · R Grocer Unconditionally guaranteed Jack Sprat Dark red kidneys · . Jack Sprat Sweets · · DuvMptiL'iM Jack Sprat r U m pit in sugar pie style 8 oz. 1 f\ bottle · VC 3 Ib. 17 · pkg. I ' ^ 3 oz. · jar 49 Ib. l sack 303 tall 1 rt _ can ' VW 3 No. 3 » cans No. 21/ 2 can lOc $1.89 R Grocer Coffee !£ ·21c Smooth and flavory Chocolate Cream Coffee Vr" 29e Fresh because it's vacuum packed SHOPPING BAG With the Purchase of 2 PKGS. KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES AND 1 PACKAGE KELLOGG'S WHOLE WHEAT BISCUITS fo 1 : 29® Maraschino Cherries Powdered Sugar Salad Dressing Salad Dressing Relish Spanish Peanuts Fruit Cocktail Tomato Juice Jack Sprat Red type · Jack Sprat--With vegetable coloring tablets Jack Sprat No oily taste '· · 2'/2 oz bottle Jack" Sprat Jack Sprat Freshly salted Jack Sprat For salads Jack Sprat. Sets you up for all day PALMOLIYE Toilet Soap Keeps that Schoolgirl Complexion HORSE SHOE GROCERY, 219 N. Federal - - - - Phone 209 A. W.KITTO, 402 Seventh St. S. E. Phone 754 THOMPSON-DEAN CO., 121 North Federal - - - Phone 217 BARRETT BROS. CO., 20 Second Street N. E. - - - Phone 43 CARL GRUPP, 1339 North Federal - Phone 420 W. S. LAWRENCE, 402 Twelfth Street N. W. - - - Phone 2137 S.P.SHAPIRO, 523 North Pennsylvania Phone 2187 SNYDER'S RITE-WAY FOOD STORE, 616 S. Federal Phone 1800 WILLSON GROCERY, 404 Fifteenth Street N. W. - Phone 241 CHICAGO MEAT and GROCERY, 626 S. Jackson - Phone 996 with Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, president of the organization, in charge. A lunch wag served at the close of the meeting. THRAVES 401 N. Federal FREE DELIVERY Phone 668 SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY LIBBY'S APPLE BUTTER 226-oz. ·%!·*. Jars . 25C IDAHO RUSSETTS 15 Bp ° a r d 59c P. and G. SOAP 0 Large Bars ZJC PRUNES -- 40-50 2 Pounds | «- in Cello · Ijv Longhorn Full 2CP Cream Cheese, 2 Ibs.D^w BUTTER-NUT COFFEE Pound Z9C JACK SPRAT GREEN OR WAX BEANS 2 No. 2 19ft Cans LjK ORANGES -- 216 Size 2 Dozen . . ... . 45c Libby's FANCY SPINACH lets* 25C Everbest Pure Grape JAM 2 Jr d , 23c LARGE FRANKS, f £ _ Pound OC Try Our Home-Mode Wieners, Bologna, Liver Sausage, Etc. MKDN · DEAN it) IfRVIH IOTHRS T,V FOR FRIUAY AND SATURDAY Folger's, Hill's, Batavia COFFEE lb.29c Be satisfied with only the best flour. Buy SEAL OF MINNESOTA. 49-lb. sack $L95 ORANGES Fancy California Sunkist Good Color. Good to Eat. Dozen 33c GRAPEFRUIT Fancy Seedless 80's . . . . 5 for 64's . . . . 4 for 25c Mrs. Glanville's Home-Made Bread Mrs. Rogers' Home-Made Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Rolls, Coffee Cakes, Doughnuts, Nut Bread. QUALITY MEATS Fancy Corn Fed Beef Roasts, pound . . . . . . . . · Fancy Lamb, Veal, Cold Meats. Jones' Sausage 18c Chickens FROZEN STRAWBERRIES FREE DELIVERY --THIS BREAD CONTAINS VITAMIN D M OST children cat lircar) with downright enthusiasm --often in preference to Mother's carefully chosen meal. Vjtcx Vitamin D Bread is made especially for such children. It has the "home-made" flavor that youngsters like, and that important extra value--the Vitamin D they nerd In help drvrlnp and keep strong hones and sound teeth. Unfortunately Vitnmin D is almost entirely lacking in our ordinary diet. Hence the advantage of a supplementary source. Try a loaf the next time you order and see for yourself why its flavor is making it so popular. 'VITAMIN D" IS BETTER BREAD Sterling Groceries and Meat Markets! No. 1-No. 2-No. 3-No. 4 FRIDAY -- SATURDAY Right to Limit We Deliver $1.00 Orders MEAT DEPARTMENT Do you want a nice tender roast, or a nice tender steak that will not cost you too much? Sure you do -- then just go to the Sterling Meat Markets. Rump Roast, Ib 14c Choice Chuck Roast, Ib 16c Beef Short Ribs, Ib lOc Baby Beef Liver, Ib 20c Monarch Mincemeat, 2 packages 25c Sirloin Steak, Ib 18c T-Bone Steak, Ib 18c Round Steak, Ib 20c Sugar Cured Bacon Squares, pound 20c Sliced Bacon, Vz Ib He VEAL -- OYSTERS -- CHICKENS NUT MEATS, Fresh, pound 39c| PECAN MEATS, Fresh, pound 39c FRUIT DEPARTMENT Head Lettuce, large 5c Grapefruit, 7 for 25c Florida Oranges, Ige., dozen 35c Winesap Apples, 5 Ibs 25c Oranges, Small, dozen. . . . lOc New Cabbage, Ib 5c Oranges, large, dozen 29c Fancy Rutabagas, Ib . 5c Jonathan Apples, Fancy, Winesap Apples, Fancy, bushel $1-85 bushel $1.65 TOMATOES, No. 2 Can, 4 C nr ")C«tl NAVY BEANS, ^C*« "f«jC 1 8 pounds - ftj\f MONARCH FINER FOODS Tuna can . . 15c Diced Beets, can lOc Peas and Carrots, Ripe Olives, can 25c Spinach, can 15c Strawberry Preserve, ior 25c Fruit Cocktail, can. .... 19c Head Rice pkg . . . lOc JELL-0, Any Flavor, Diced Carrofs, c a n . . . lOc Spaghetti, can lOc Red Kidney Beans, can lOc Peanut Butter, Ige. jar 29 c Ketchup, large jar. ... 17c Pineapple Lady Fingers 25c Cake Flour, large pkg. 25c can ,. 20c Salad Vegetables, can 15c Cut Green Beans, can lOc Pumpkin, 2Vi can. ... 1 5c Cherries, can 15c Tomato Juice, 3 cans. . 25c Tomato Juice, '/2 gal. 25c 25c 1 7'far N .1 G :. SOAP .' . G|B "! Bar ! 25c SNOWDRIFTS We have heard a lot about the old-time winters and the present winter. 1 overheard a conversation between two old gentlemen telling about the weather, when they used to wear the old red flannels. They argued pro and con and one of them made the statement, this weather would just be a light frost where he came from. Then they argued about the depth of the snow. One of them told how the snow came up to the level of the eaves on the houses and barns and you could just see the tops of the houses and barns. One of the old fellows said, John, ore you talking about one-story houses? And John said, yes. Well the other old fellow said he was talking about two-story houses, p. S. 1 understand in South Dakota they are using airplanes with skiis on to get over the snowdrifts. LUKE B. MILLER, U. S. A. Extra Special Bu Ketchup, large, 2 for 25c Sweet Pickles, quarts. . 25c Libby's Dill Pickles, jar 15c Libby's Roast Beef, can 22c Libby's Corned Beef, can . 22c N. B. C. RITZ CRACKERS Libby's Kraut, 2Vi can lOc Van Camp's Pork Van Camp's Hominy, large lOc Libby's Red Salmon, tall . 25c MARSHMALLOWS, pound package . . . Folger's Coffee, Ib. can 29c Folger's Coffee, 2-fb. con 56c Butter-Nut Coffee, Ib. 29c Nash Coffee Ib. 29c Hills Bros. Coffee, Ib... 29c ;gy Whips, each Libby's Apple Butter, jar 16c Mustard quarts. . 15c Farm House Peas, can lOc Carnation Milk, tall can, 4 for 31 c 50c Pineapple, large 2'/i can:.,.,... 19e Sweet Corn, 3 cans.,.,. 25c Pumpkin, can ......... lOc Rose Milk, tall can, 4 for 29c Puffetts, Ige. pkg ,., 15c ««*_! EXCELL CRACKERS, . | j-_ m N. B. C. Chocolate Cookies, Ib 17c Heinz Mincemeat, can 21 c Heinx Mincemeat, Ige. 37c Log Cabin Syrup, can . . 24 c Monarch Red Salmon, tall . . . 29c Bulk Pancake Flour, 5 Ibs 25c Rice, Fancy, 4 Ibs...... 25e Silver Brand Red Salmon ,, . 23c Macaroni, pkg. ,. T 5c «lp.«i TOILET PAPER, *(»- 1 j)C i 7 rolls UijKr i Monarch Breakfast i Coffee Ib . .,. 19c I Chase Sanborn i Coffee, Ib 25c 1 Salada Tea, Ige. pkg. 32c i Brooms, extra good. . . 49c Miller's Corn Flakes, large . . . .[.. n . .1- . . lOc Monarch Food of Wheat I9c Yacht Club Jelly, j a r . . lOc Yeast Foam 9c 2 LARGE, 2 MEDIUM IVORY, ·SdtfiiSUGAR, Beet, a X f t Ail For £t%. i 1 00 nnundt dlia® *§ Seal of Minnesota Flour, 49 Omar Flour, 49 Ibs Hubbard's Egg Mash, 100 Ib Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs. Ibs $1. 98 § Mother Hubb ....... $1.98 1 National Sea! s ..... $2.60 § Hubbard's Co 69c I Stock Salt 1 3rd Flour, 49 Ibs...,.,., $1.98 Flour, 49 ibs $1.69 ncentrate, 100 Ibs.... $2.95 30 Ib? 65r H MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS -- CASH OR TRADE -- ANY OF THE 4 STORES .._. .... -... i ... _.-- .ii , n, -- 1 , in .

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