The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 11, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1913
Page 3
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Owl IbTakB Vote on, Afternoon j ARE FINISHED Judge" CuHeiv Advises Members to ] Keep" Their Own Counsel and DiS- ) CUES'Case" With No One. Albany,"_X\rr. Oct. 11.--The fate of { ' ' Sulzer i s t o b e determined J . . Edgar/l"." Erackett, for the prosecution, i * - r j - - and D^jCaay Herriek. for tiie defense, j court of appeal judges go to their homes for mediation, v. ith. an admonl- _ lion irom Chler Judge Eugjir II. Cul- j \ len to keep their ows counsel and let no one speak to them about the case. it will require tb-rty-esgLt votes to convict- ^Leaning forward in th!s throne-like chair _ when Senator Braclreti closed b:s appeal for conviction. Judge Cui- leu said,' in the.manner of one addressing a jury: "Before we actually . aujcure I take the liberty of giving j you a "caistscn which to the iay m:ad may be appropriate. If this were a criminal case. tryab:e before a court and jury, it -vou:d LP the duty of the court under the provisions of tap code j o£ criminal procedure to caution jurors not to diseass the case *Aitli parties, nor allow themselves to he approached. "Of coarse this case is somewha. clfferent. This is a couk ci which we are ail equally menjoers, hut it seems to me! that the spirit of the law is equally ohligatory on us as It would be in the case of a jury. "We shouldn't ] tolerate any one of us to be approached by a person concerning the merits of the'case we "are able" to decide. We shouldn't allow it to be spokes of in our presence Keep whatever your mines may be, keep-that to j ourselves and your associates, until we finally meet to determine this case at the -- -;; ~ ~ Bi -When You Can Set a Lika Thi Nothing like thfe" guarantee by any other . MEXICAN FEDERALS DESERT THEIR CHIEF :ar Par! of Ben, Fores Leaves Hi Mexico City, Mex., Oct. 11. -- The :a-Iure of General Trucy Auberc to set hour to which v.-e adjourn. ~ 0 t n e £.5; orreoa 12. time to re- a correct decision, ol the case, the next, necessary thing'is thar people" should belieev that; it lias been decided properly and yrithput the^ interventioa of extraneous in5uence."V The decision to postpone consideration of the verdict until ilonday --as made in an interval oera-eea the end cf Judge Herric-k's camming up and the appearance of ex-Senator Hefrlck's suinnaiag up and the appearance of ex- Senator Brackett to close the argument for the impeachment. ONE OF POSSE KILLED WomsR and'Tv.o Men Also Hurt In Attack on Home. Parkersburg. Vv". Ta_, Oct. II.--Tar- moad DuiSeld. one of a posse deputized to arrest Mrs. Ella Lampsoa, her husband and rco of tne latter's sisters at Walker. Calhouc county, died in a hospital here from gunshot -arouads received when the posse attacked the Lampson house- Two other members of the posse ^ere -svounded severely, and Mrs. Lampson lost her left hand She. -tras arresred. but the husband and his sis- ic?s escaped. The attack on the house follotred the shooting of John Duffield. who, Mrs. Lamp"son_ asserts, Tras trying to force an entrance. FIND WOMAl\rS_ARM IN BAY New York Poiice Fv'ay Have- Another Tragic Mystery to So!vet ' " That's one reason wliy Selz shoes are leaders wherever they are"/ known. The}/ are made by the largest shoe rnairofacttzrers in the world, made so because Selz shoes make good on the guarantee--- if you feel skeptical about this, jiist try a pair. It ·will be easy for you to make up your mind when ready to purchase again., Such a guarantee could not be put on a poor shoe. TH3 SHL-Z SKOE IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE "WORLD teat gives you such protection. Isn't this worth something to you? But you get it free and it ought to'deserve YOUR shoe patronage, We specialize on Selz shoes in this store. We don't need any other. Selz shoes are best. We can easily prove this. "Will you have us'try? For 125 OS"JJ"! CSst^s Children Medical Advertising sreater parr of his 2G»0 men deesrted [ him before he hau conipletett half of his journey- He had reached iiaclero. tweaty-Sve miles east of Torreon. T.hen -c--vs of the evacuauoniof tie city reached h. si. As soc2 as the ^anguarc. of the re- ireating'feCeral troops came into view General ATibert's naen 2eci -s-Ith all their ar^as ai;3 ammua-tlon. ^ . Genera! Air.rez. v-'no started ^Tritli ;fiOO men. txro siege guns and a nuin- ;,er of pieces of I'snt artillery to retake the city of Duranjro from the reoeis, and ^vhose cefeat caused tae evacuation or Torreoa. fe:I Into an amouscad? at I^a. Loma. thirty diles to tne southeast of Torreon. General Alvlrez, frho -re-as regarded as one of the braiest oScers .n tne I8fl- eral ans, ~as captured his staS ard all are sa.a to have oeen executed oa the spot oy the rebels. After the batle tr-e reoe! troops, viih-.the captured artillery, proceeded to Torreon, v-'r.srs they foind tha£ the federal garrison had already evacuated tie city FLAl^r HEW RIVER IN WEST As 1 ?" Governrcsnz to Turn its Panama Ecuipir.e-.z to 3 New Purpose. Alliance. Xeb.. Oct. II. -- A re~ srcai river talving; iis rise :a tie B ack flills of Soiih BaLota. ane ranging on iiroKsi Xebras 1 r.a_anc Kansas Into Oklnbonia, may have to be p-ac-ea en che map ci tie -arest- Tte sovprnmeni is u be askeil to r a g c - t orTr, Oct. II -- -"VThat may mean i briag :Js Panama canal a ne-s- dismembered body mystery for the police 10 solve developed ydth tne findsa's cf the iiand_and forearm 01 a w oman" floating in tlie ·water of the ferry slip a^ St. George, Staten Island. The arnThaa been ronghly severed at rae elbow. '·**It -K-as tiis opinion of tne s coroner that thv ann hau been in tae -water onlv four or five days, so could not possiblv be. that of Anna Anm«l!er r victim of Ha'ns Schmidt- The hand and Sneers were slender, sim the nails had been recently manicured. · ' '·' ' " ·*. To the Pole by Aeroplane, parts. Oct. II---Tenders have been received for the construction of 'asi aeroplane vhsch Amundsen TO!! use In his next" polar expedition. It is" said taat the explorer Avsll soon arrive In Paris 10 inspect tr.e raacalne. According to 3. Frankfort dispatch, Amuad- " himself trill taKe his place in the :ich Long, thick, heavy hair. \Vaatthiskind? At/er's Heir Vigor promotes growth. Does not color the hair. . _. ~ Ask Your Doctor,- t s^ig · ·a 2 ·a H? I s. The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. . _ . , _TM T i B. Church Trill be run ThiisrdavCcL 23.1913. In Parsnaacs or a VYnt Oi £ tti^ J 5=5 ^ _ _ . - T , , ', _ _, FACIAS, issuing-ont.of the Court or g boeciai train ^vill leave r iiriield at o.-p: uettys- Common Pleas of Adams County. ar.c "~ 3* ! ProDerty.-viz: . ,. s PH Tinners square shears. 2 ^ tiaiz-1 == ~ _ _i_ _ i r» TM _ __ --.'-.,,7^^. -» "T ftfvti t^ltt t round stakes. 2 Sat stakes, i douole seaihmg stake, Iron vice. 4 burren machines. crimper. swedga machine. stove" pipe brake, rolling raachine. double seaming machine, maehire _for rolling tin- roofing. COMMITTEE. :ongs r 2 _ 10 pr. rcofing ^ rgj ^^^ ___ g ( t ^^ t _ .. t _ ^^ r , . ---- ^ . seamers 2 soldering: stoves, 6 small i stakes-o?-eH?e-er^-kin-ds^2-prr-bei:(i- shears- IS soldering irons, folding m chine. lot of conductor hooks. __ hair ma^. i^., --^ hammers.' mallets, compass saTcs. braces and bits, punches, rivez sets, wrenches. | ios of I 1 ^ inch piping, coal srov^. o ! rolls tin- slieel zinc. 8 sheers black \ gutter sponting, 50 fr. (more or less) j rub- '"to ta-s terriorv when \ 1-5 inch tin gutter spouting:. 1Z square^ dactor pipe elbp~s. lot of % inch ber hose/ 32 mitres. 15 stove trucks t ("more or-less). 2 registers. 5^ bread! toasters, lot of stove pipe of all kinds, j i 1 T-»-j/*ri oTrsriTT* Irtr ri"? ff^rtlr rsriT^^ cs^fi ] t of cook pots, cake · t n o more aeeced in the isthmu a:id to set it to is-ork : a rier to make fertile a vas; terrltor;- v.n:c!i no-^" is fit only for grazing purposes Because of lack of rno:sti:re. CongrcsKian^ George A. Xeely has pzepare-i a bill :or an appropriation of -$50,CC'0 for a survey and 321 estfsation of ine project. Tr.e new river -K-culd be between oGO and SC-0 miles in length. It would serve a dual purpose--oriag water into c. dry country and so (inert t^e ood waters of a aa=Jber of b:g western streams that tie inundations taat annualiy caxise srnch da-nage to the lower Mlssfsslppi and illssouri nvers would no longer occur. yXICiVS, ;?d VJL ^t^iloo, ^x* -- ^- v»^^.*TM -- ' coffee tiots. 25 buckets. 11 frying- pans, 5 \varar sprinklers. 3 dish par.s, S po- j ^j taio mashers. 2 coz. pie plates (more · ^^ * ' Turkey Bars Standard OH. Constantinople. Oct. II.--The Turk- govemiBeat has decided not to ac- g(5U i i l i l l O C i i - *- *** v«J.-»-v^ «-·" jf"-- ~ ~ - ---- iOll ^*J * *·* li»iiC»ii. A-ti-O \A%»1U-*\*^»** *f*- aeroplane sor a liaal" attempt to reaca j ce g e to t - ne requesz of the *"S the Xorta Pole. _ j oil company:for penEJssioa t es. tea kettles, stove grates a^a s, sec 01 scales, sare. dess. i or less). IS _ _ _ ' _ . thimbles-. 10 breaa cishes. lot of Erraters. tnrck. 6 patent chimney tops, stove board, sprjrijr. and al! other personal property belon|j;n-. to Vhe defendant r.ot herein mer.tior.eJ. Seized and taken inro execution as the property of Geo. C- Gottvrald ar.d to be sold bV rr.e. G. R. THOilPSOX. Sher-ii. SherifTs Omce. Gettvsonrg:- Pa., Get ber, 6th. 15) 13. I have just received a Sianaard Automatic Wiik Separator which can be seen at BIglerville ncv/ »"^ * " Th : s machine is guaranteed -a!; "- _ ^/ j j TO separate 750 pounds of milk ^ I per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed ! ·wri*,! buy the Cream at regular price for creamery butter. T T «J o- V ¥ The \veli kno\vn Vrashiiicton House, opposite the Y/estern 5Iai-vI c ind Railroad Station, has been leased bv -John D. Eano. who as pro- m-ietor \vill In the future, to the besr of iv.s abu- Itv. pnneavor to see that all patrons of thss es- tabllshed hostelry are serveu with the best eatables, of the substantial ard solid kind, as also v.ith the best of liquors, botb spin- ana malt, furnished anp-vhere. Ths that Ivir. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he vrill take gocd care of such ot his friends and patrons as visiz him. FIXICS PRIZE BEEP.S are served a: thi* bar. 'p.oth on drnughL and in bottles. !i ettis I -will be in my room on the j Second Annual Stock Sale shows a stove front 0:1 r stork 0,OCO Fire Destroys Mill. s Kansas Ciiy^Io.^Oet. 11--Fire destroyed the^sl'Sj-lxory bam baildiag of the "so-uthwesierk' 3Iiliing cbmpaay in Kansas City, Kan., and the mill's power plantfThe los Is estimated at $400,000. Standard ;o establish a petroleuir; monopoly in Turkey. Aged "Woman Burned at Stove. Pottsville, Pa_ Oct. 11.-- Mrs. Joim Kunbefger, seventy years old, Tvas probably fatally burned at the nome of her son," Edward Xunb'erger, at Jalbp- pa, wh'ei her ar ~on ignited at a stove. · A hou'sewire « uo tras puzzled to Irnowliow she could put fruit in the refrigerator and hot have it scent the butter,, and milU by the side of it caught' tlu* icle.i of emptying out the into glass jars and titittiug on " Hear Admiral Ward' S "Washington. "Oct.-II.--Rear Admiral Aaron "Ward, lately si'.^ervisor of Xe-sv York harbar. was placed upon the retired list of the navy. Leper Dies After Year In Hospital. .Hartford, Conn.. Oct. 11. -- David Leman, who has been confined in the city isolation hospital for a year, died of leprosy. Tramp-- j Registered and Grade Horses High Graoe e - OI1Q · Store" onsecondfloor, every g horthorT: C ows. Registered Duroc-- Jersey Hogs. .. - . , -- ------------Wednesday afternoon from good points to you. ^1^1 tors Splreli.1 C^rst ticrre. lovecTa girl. She the toys. wouldn't hev me, and I became a -wan derer. "Woman-- Poor chap: If she hafl mnrried you all XvoUkVhnvc boon well. Tramp-- Oli. I dnnuo Me friend out in do' roa J !ere is cle feller \\ ot got her!-- d ^YJT - " 1 ' 1 Cows. 11 high W heeler ; their sides. Others Wilson FOR SALE BY D.B..SNYDER .". InicThorses. i'kegistered Beigia^i stud colt. I year OK! i rade shorthorn covrs. a number \vith calves by j Hot Air Furnaces carried in stock ready to install. for^a^sprirgei^and the balance have been, Warerooms formerly occupied by Stra^siacker Co.. rear of h-esh a short time and are givin/a good flov.- of mil!:. ; old Reading freight depot. Hogs. 75 head of Duroc--Jersey riogs - ,riUi;te- t ' j itc^u vsi ju»wv.--..».».---., --c. [ Consisting of sows and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars | and shoats, all registered or can be. Goats. 2 nanny TPIE late Dr. C. M. Stock'o clerical Gettysburg, Pn. "Oil and Needles". i October 1G--loth.--advertisement; v v. 'i! be m t t y - h n r ,,· '!u r " Jewelry Mure. JOS. U. TWINING. Albert Slaybaagh, Auctioneer. ru^eo Pomfcit Sc .Caihsle. ,, -~ fuck.

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