The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 · 1938 CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality. OUR PKIOBS ABE NEVER HIGH. We sell grade of goods at the lowest price possible. Let us have your orders. We know we can save you money. BEAD PRICES BELOW- GOOD FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY. SO E State, Phones 112-113 512 First St. S. W., Phone 114 CORN' COUNT11V or BROOKF1ELD BUTTER, at Ib. 56c SANI-FLUSH, s 18c NUT MEATS, Ib. 36c Colfee, Clip Saucer, Ib. ZSc Raisins, pkg 10o Dried Split Peas, 2 Ibs. . . . 25c Salad Dressing, full pints .. 19o Mac. or Spaghetti, S Ibs. .. 25c Vanilla, 8 oz. bottle 10c BeetSugarl001b$4.65 15c Ripe Olives, 2 cans .. 25o Yellow Pop Corn, per Ib. .. lOo 15o Salmon, 2 tall cans .. 25c Dates, large pkg. to cello 25c Tuna Fish, can 1 s * Shrimp, per can 15o Red Salmon, per can 10c Marshmallows, Ib. 15c SAME PRICES AT BOTH STORES Earl and Joe are In partnership at 512 1st St. S. W. an« the boys will appreciate any business given, them. They will save you money and give yon the best of treatment. Our Stores Are as Close as Your Phone. When in need of Groceries, Phone 112-113-tU. Mr. Farmer: Bring us your They buy more here. BOXES, filled with fancy chocolate Coffee, Buttemut Ib. can 29c Mop Sticfcs, good ones . . . 10c Toilet Paper, 4, S, 6, 7 rolls 25o Union leader Tob., Ige. can 83o Catsup, large bottle . . . . . . 10c Tapioca, minute, 2 Ibs .... 2So Tapioca, Pearl, 2 Ibs 25c Biff 4 Soap, 10 bars . 25c SEEDLESS Grapefruit, Oranges Sl9c29c35c .ea Siftings, Ib. pkg " c Fancy Green Tea, Ib. . . . . . 25c fancy Black Tea, Ib 36c Got Onr Prices on Salada FLOUR Onia Flour,. 49 Ibs., . . . . . $1'68 Tru Blu, 49 Ibs. 51-95 Sunbeam Flour, 49 Ibs. . $1-89 White Flour, 5 Ib. sack ... 28o Whole Wheat, 5 IbB 28o Graham, 5 Ib. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 Ib. sack.. 48e Corn Meal, 5 Ib. sack . . . . We Crushed Wheat, 5 Ib. sack 28c DeGraw's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs. ZSc DeGraw's Bnclfwht. 10 U». Guaranteed Purely , rentable--s M». Olives, tall jars Olives, quarts Sweet Pickles, quarts .... Zoo Dill Pickles, quarts We Peanut Butter, jar lOc, ISc, 25c Prunes, 3 and 3 Ibs. 25e Apricots, quart cans Dried· Apricots, per D. ... Crystal White Soap, 5 Bars 18c Prince Albert, 1 Ib. can ... 65o Egg Noodles, bag 15 Lima Beans, S Ibs. w Brooms, good ones, SBc, 49c, 5£ Pineapple. 3 cans %o EAT MORE VEGETABLES '550 Z5c 15c 3oo lOc ljjc 25c *»e 35c lOc 25c 35c 25c 14c 16c 25c IQc 25r 25c lOc lOc lOc 10o 26c lOc lOc 25c 18c Peas, 6 cans ............ lOo Corn, Peas, 3 cans ---Sweet Potatoes, quart cans lOc Pumpkin, S cans ..... Head Lettuce . ---- 5c and Celery, large ............ Green Beans, 8 cans . . . . . Onions, 7 Ibs ............. Asparagus, 18c; 2 cans . . . Canadian Rutabagas, 8 Ibs. Tomato Juice, 8 giant cans Baked Beans, 5 cans ..... Baked Beans, 8 giant cans Milk Hominy, can ........ Tomatoes, qt cans, per can Carrots or Spaghetti, Scans Cut Beets, quart cans .... tomato Soup, S cans loo Spinach, 2 cans . . . . . . (Jarrots, 8 Ibs. ........... Ubby's Fancy Beets, can . . 'jam Beans, large cans . . Spaghetti, large cans ---Saner Kraut, quarts, 8 for aomlny, quart cans Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, can 15o Corn, Peas, 2 cans .. Jumbo Peas, delicious ---- SO E. State St. Phones 112-11! 512 First St. S. W. Fhone 114 Cut Rate Grocery North Iowa Digs Out r*«P' '^ . i i - - v v 'X -·, ;,» '. fcyitr-" v *, -v* · .v ·· *«- s ,, · . -»/£. RJ.' 5 *{' " rj '* ,, ^*,' » ' ,- ^ · .' Iv", V * " ·' -·'''" ~* * ^. v *^ '"*T* - .,,''''" ' .*X* W* -'. ^ ,--"v.;w -,/, V. ·; * * , » · * - A * - ~i " "!*··«i rf - ' " j**"" ^ * ' .^ ^ ^ _ t ^^ -^ * W s " *-, ~* WALLACE LAUDS NEW FARM PLAN Sefes "Sincere Attempt" to Meet Limitations Set by High Court. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., OP)--Declaring that the new proposed farm program is "a sincere attempt" to meet constitutional limitations set by the supreme court, Secretary Wallace Wednesday advanced three reasons for believing the plan would be valid. "We believe the supreme court will approve the new legislation," Wallace said at an Indiana Farm Bureau meeting here, "if it recognizes any one of the three following propositions: "1. The fact of the nationwide interdependence of all commerce, from the humblest farm to the largest corporation. "2. The extent to which the doctrine of states' rights is being used as the final refuge for anti-social corporations. "S. Federal responsibility for the post-war agricultural dilemma." Government Function. "If it was the proper function of the federal government in war time to encourage farmers to plow up land which should never have been plowed, in order to produce wheat for our allies; if the federal government was justified in encouraging the mining of our soil to supply an European demand which has now disappeared; then it seems to me no less the federal government's proper function to encourage the return of that land to grass and trees; to make it worth the farmers' while to improve the soil's fertility by planting soil-building crops." Continuing his criticism of the supreme court's AAA decision, Wallace said "most of us" thought the adjustment act constitutional when it wa» passed. "Think So Still." "Some of us, including three jus- Here are scenes snapped on highway near New Hampton as North Iowa was digging out of the huge drifts left by the blizzard. (Cuts Courtesy New Hampton Tribune-Gazette) SAYS ELECTION WILL BE TEST Dickinson Sees Foundations of "Democracy Itself" Now at Stake. GREENSBORO, N. Car. (Si- Senator ti. 3. Dickinson, Iowa republican, told a Lincoln day audience here Wednesday night that the next election will be a "test of the very foundations of democracy itself." "There is only one question to be decided next November," he said. "Brush aside all the special pleading of those who merely seek to preserve their places on the public payroll. "Disregard the appeals to emotion or the incitations to class hatred baaed on envy and greed. Forget even the .record of broken party promises, the dissipation of the nation's resources, or the capture of the new deal socialists of the democratic organization. The issue burns down to this: "What form of government do we wish, to hand on to our children? Are we willing to trade liberty for an alleged economic security underwritten by the federal government?. Are we ready to exchange that self reliance x x x for dependence upon bureaucratic direction for all the important activities of life? Troy Farrell, 75, aged Fredericksburg and New Hampton fanner who died Sunday. The Rev. W. D. Spiker, pastor of the Congregational church, will officiate. tices of the supreme court," he added, "think so still." The AAA, the secretary »ald, "was closely in accord with the platforms of both the great political parties of 1932." On the occasion of Lincoln's birthday, Wallace recalled Lincoln's dissatisfaction with some supreme court decisions. "He took the view," Wallace said, referring to Lincoln, "that the Dred Scot decision was a tragic abuse of judicial power. He knew that the majority of the court had misread the trend and the temper of the times ... in 1858 ... Lincoln stated that he declined to abide by the decision as rendered." FREE Caeh Yonr Coupon FREE Torkelson Home Again From Trip to Norway CARTERSVILLE--William Torkelson returned from Bergen, Norway, where he went to visit three sisters. He left Mason City Dec. 5 and returned to his home Feb. 4. He left New York on the steamer Ber- genford, wag eight days going across and seven days returning. Mr. Torkelson reports that the weather is mild abroad and the country prosperous with no depression apparent. When he arrived in New 'Keiujotts CHEESE MARKET KENYON'S FANCY COUBY, Ib TJNBRANDED liONGHORN, Ib .20c .16c A fortunate purchase offers for Friday and Sat( nrday a fine lot of J u n e 193S Wisconsin cheese --just right snap] and flavor, Ib. .. Fhone 757 Mason City or 600 Clear Lake and we will reserve some for you. 24 First Street S. E. Look for the churn In the window. York he spent a few days sightseeing and visiting the Madison Square Garden and other places of interest. When he reached Maaon City he found It almost impossible to reach his home two miles north of town on account of snow and stormy weather. From Fergus Falls. LATIMBR--Mr. and Mrs. Fred Passehl of Fergus Falls, Minn., are visiting in and around Latimer. WE had been missing the boat I'm talking about cofie*. W* fooUd around for ages with one brand after another. But none of them «ver tasted right We wondered why we never got a decent tasting coffee. Blamed the directions; yes, the coffee pot too. And the only reason we let the agony endure was because we figured that our old time favorite brand--Hills Bros.--cost more than we could afford to pay. But last week we woke up. My wife said, "Let's buy a pound of Hills Bros, and have coffee we can really enjoy." So she bought a can and that first cup was certainly good news. After breakfast m; wife said, "Do you want to know something? Hills Bros. Coffee costs practically the same as most of the brands IVe been buying and it's mOes ahead in flavor." Can you tie that? We g certainly had been missing the boat and that's no fairy tale. MARIAN'S MENACE Find Communicable Diseases Are Less Prevalent This Year DBS MOESES, --Despite the cold weather that has gripped Iowa this winter, communicable diseases such as diphtheria, influenza, and measles, are less prevalent than a year ago. The state department of health said Thursday only six cases of diphtheria were reported for the week ending Feb. 8, compared with 11 cases for the corresponding- week a year ago. Only six cases of influenza were reported In contrast to the 214 cases for the same period last year. Reports were received on only 11 cases of measles while last year at this time an epidemic threatened the state. There were 1,023 cases a year ago. The department reported increases in mumps and scarlet fever. There were 247 cases of mumps reported last week, an increase of 66 over the previous year, and 182 cases of scarlet fever compared with 101 last year. No I. S.T.C. Graduation at End of Winter Term CEDAR FALLS--"In keeping with the policy established with the fall term of 1935, there will be no graduation exercises at the end of the winter term," Dr. H. A. Riebe, chairman of the Iowa State Teachers college committee on commencements, announced. "Diplomas and degrees will be available at the office of the president for those that have earned them, and all graduates are invited to participate in the spring commencement exercises to be held on June 1." AMD I'LL BE YOUR MS.AMCC /SCRUB, SCRUB ...LONG DREARY WASHDAYS ...BACKACHES AMP WEARY ARMS! BOV rt-U BET SHE LOOKS A SIGHT WHEN JOHN SETS HOME THIS EVENING! PEAR, DEAR f SME'U. NEVER 6ETTHROUGH IN TIME TO COOK SLIPPER AT THIS RATE. I'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY. PEAR. HO! HOI SHE CAN'T "TAKI1T 11 ! SEE--SHE'S Alt PASSED OUT ALREADY. NSXT WAVHOAY MOKNINQ AHP HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OP HOW SAFE IT IS ON COLORS--SEE, I'VE WASHED THIS PRINT PRESS SCORES OP TIMES IN OXYDOt, IT'S BRIGHT BUT THIS IS A NEW ffAfg KINP, CALLED OXYOOL THAT THE IVOEY SOAP people INVENTED. IT'S SO/H/£0 ··YET IT SOAKS OUT DIET IN l MINUTES WITHOUT SCRUBBING OR SOILING AT ALL! AND YOU SAY IT GETS CLOTHES 4 TO 5 SHAPES WHITER, TOO? I CANT BELIEVE IT) so SORRY vou COULDN'T. COME OVER LAST WEEK. BUT LOOK") BROUGHT YOU A PRESENT. IT'S THE MTfST "NO-SCRUB" SOAP INVENTION OH, THANKS SO MUCH --BUT I TRIED ONE OF THOSE "NO-SCRUB" SOAPS BEFORE, ANP IT WAS SO-STRONG IT FADED THINGS AND MADE MY HANDS BUT I TOLD THE JONESES WE'D 5i OVER. AND » CANT H6UP rr YOU NEVER SEiMTO UNDERSTAND Farrell Rites Held. NEW HAMPTON--Funeral services were to be held Thursday for MY, WHAT PEP ! YOU'RE ACTUALLY SPARKLING TONISHTt I'M CERTAINLY PROUD TO HAVE A WIFE LIKE YOU. ...THANKS TO IT'S SIMPLY AMAZING THE TIME AND WORK. IT SAVES ME I MILLIONS QUITTING OLD-TYPE SOAPS And Getting Far Faster, Far Whiter Washes This New Safe "No-Scrub" Way Women I Save your strength for better things than washdays! Try this new and amazing "no-scrub" soap that thousands are switching to today! OXYDOL works on an utterly new principle. A patented process that speeds the action of mild, gentle soap, so it soaks clothes clean in far less lime! And--a formula that makes it 2 to 3 times whiter washing than less modem soaps, by actual test. You soak clothes just 15 minutes to the tubful... no scrubbing, no boiling . . . and white clothes wash 4 to 5 shades whiter than with old-type soap. Even the grimiest spots come snowy white with a gentle rub. Yet OXYDOL is safe and mild! Every washable color comes out brilliant, sparkling, fresh. Even sheer cotton prints, soaked through 100 consecutive washings in OXYDOL suds, showed no perceptible sign of fading! By comparison, other "no-scrub" soaps seem harsh and hard on colors. No wonder women everywhere are quitting old- type soaps of every sort and finding quick relief from the drudgery and slavery of washday! OXYDOL is economical, too. One package often does twice the work--gives twice the suds--lasts twice as long as old-fashioned soaps. Try Under Money-Back Guarantee Get OXYDOL from your dealer tomorrow. Unless it lives up to every claim, take the partly used package back to your dealer and get your money refunded in full. Procter Gamble. TESTED AND APPROVED BY GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MCTIWE "lusedtolonc for a washer, but now that I've discovered OXYDOL. it's so easy to get things clean and white. It's really amazing how OXTUOI.soaks O'tt dirt and saves all that back- brc.ikinc scrubbing. And it's safe for colored thins 5 and keeps my hands soft, too." MRS. WALTER TWOREK IS Pulasti Stria, Wnt,MestackutKs THROUGH! AND rr's ONLY 11 O'CLOCK. AND MY, HOW AND SWffTTHEY SMELL! AMD OXTDOt SAVES MONEY.TOO, BECAUSE IT60ES SO MUCH FURTHER THAN ORDINARY SOAP. 500 TIMES IN SUDS

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