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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, October 11, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 295. Gettysburg, Pa^ Saturday, October llth, 1913. Price Two Cent*. I FARMERS DAY PREMIUMS , : . - - n _ *· ,;;. For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers--pair "Queen Quality" Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair '·Walk-Over" Shoes. For father, whose sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and Tsreighing must be done at the store.) IN ADDITION to the above, we will give $25.00 worth of merchandise as premiums. Watch this space for further information. "Eckert's Store." "On Tiw Square" WALTER'S THEATRE 1 CHARGE AGAINST J PROpSHER I I LARGE CROWD ON DEATH TAKES ANNUAL OUTING! MANY PERSONS I Principal of Littlestown Schools 1 Charged with Improper Conduct i toward Pupil. D2ma:d; Hearing i and Denies Charges. Topton Excursion Crowd Comes in Nine Sections and Figures are about the Same as in Recent Years Town Ready for them. THE CilLMSOX STALX-KAY-liEES 1^-i IA-iu:r.- A "Wonderful War arama. l.ealtticitHy rcprotlii-»:i«g the Inrio-iit? : «J'irin-4 the War ars.i telling a wonderful s-tory «»f Love «*cvotso: : of a. V/oma:i. V.'ILLS TABLOID MUSICAL COMEDY Co, Present TWO CHUM'S j Llttlesiown v.-as stirred this : bv an accusation against Prof. Charles I A. Fisher, principal of the public I * ' schools of the town, made by Eliza- \ no difference to the 2c-rKs I beth Sell, daughter of Charles D. Sell. ! one of the members of the town school ' board. \ The girl, a pupil in the High School. j alleges that one morning recently she I went to Prof. Fisher's room in the '-·- a bi«r I nu bH c school building, after the oaen- - ! r - , - » , , , - " ; ing 01 the session, ana as.-:ed mm to a-i! · explain some algebra problems; and special incident marked the e -ent. The Gloomy skies greeted the 4117 Top- n excursionists on their annual tour the battlefield to-day bat that made Coantlans and they had their u-'-aal happy time wandering, hand In ha':d. about the stieets of town and ov-^r the avenues. Xine sections were used to bjing the Pennsvlvania Germans here on the Autumn Leaf outing, as it Is called, and the number was about the same as for the past tv.-o or three years. Xo j that af tc-r the nrlnciBal finished revenue, which is used for the Luther- h e r j a n Orpnans' Home, "will be a substun- ate I tial life toward meeting the expenses Door= optn tt.ZX.'. Cliil'Jren ICc. Start? j- ADM ISSIOX S.-«-omi Show :.3i"». Adults 2jc. P H O T O P L A Y ;ie in about on due to leave at storv Is ! short Intervals late this afternoon on S false, and has refused the pupil ad- j the return trip, the 1 young people getting home before midnight- Gettysburg 1 was prepared, as tisuai, for the large Influx of visitors. As t mittanc-e to the schools. Unless her ' parents Insist on her attending the matter will probably go no further. BIOGP-AP1I A G AMBLER'S HOXOR ' VITA GRAPH The brother ~sa.-ea.rQs failed to make ap the shortage at the express orficc, the gaaibjsr Determined to save biui. After the charge was made bv the j early as six o'clock this morning i girl the board was called In special j hackmen had Taken -their stand at the j session upon demand of Prof- Fisher.! Reading station. Souvenir dealers were KALEM The young-lady was not questioned on f o n hand at different parts of town and anything outside of her simple state- : refreshment- places were about: In ment: or accusation. It- Is rumored that; ampel numbers to supply all needs. bu Vita-rapb otec- is. his la«;rbter from her hns- O'tlARA AS A'GUARDIAN AXGEL . Always alertto the interest? of others. He orote band's fa!» friend and ttoints the v:ay lo happiness. THE LO3T-JDIA1IONI) A thief's effort to recover a lost gem leads to his arrest. THE MERMAID An o!t lii-bennan Is ma«li i'ltbmr.t ( n a joke, but pnioys tbf* la^t iautin- CO.MIN'iri:- NEXT TUESDAY OCTOBER !4tli. VlTAGriAPH TWO KEEI THE GOLDEN' HOARD'' JL =tory of th« tiny-, of Piratical Maura-IeK. Mrs. Wentz Died at her Home on Railroad Street Mrs. Doll Oied at her Home in Frederick. Others Taken hy Death. MRS- DAVID C- WENTZ Mrs. Mary E- Wentz, widow of the late David C. Wentz. died this morning at 12:30 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Little, on Railroad street, from pneumonia, aged 70 years. 1 month and 13 days. She leaves the fo'-owlng children, Mrs. M. W. Bupp, William P. Wentz. Mrs--Walter Little, of Gettysburg; Martin D. Wentz. Mr.-. George Harman, of East Berlin; Mrs. Harry Slaybaugh. Minnesota; Mrs. Amos Wingert, Xew Chester; Edward Wentz, Hanover; Mrs. George Mc- FIFTY FOUR JOIN ON ONE EVENING Parent Teachers' Association Meeting Largely Attended and Enrollment is Increased by Fifty Four. Business Transacted. Fifty foi:r new members were added to the enrollment o~ the Parent Teachers' Association at its regular meeting in the High School on Friday night. Every available seat In Xhe large room was taken and one of the largest and most appreciative audiences of the association's existence was present. Dr. A. R. Wagner, v.ho made the principal address sard, in commenting 0:1 the organization that it was "the livest wire he has struck for some time." The business part of the meeting opened at seven thirty with the read- LETTERS FROM COUNTDOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting Mews] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. Dannell, Straban township; Mrs. Jo-! i:! ^ o£ lhe minutes of the previous seph Harman. Mt. Pleasant township. | meeting by the Secretary. Miss Maud Miller. The reports of the various She also leaves one siiter. Mrs. Joshua Zepp, Wilmington, Delaware. A short funeral service will be held at the home of her son, V.'iliiam P. Wentz, on York street, on Tuesday morning at 9:30 with further services and interment at Salem United Brethren church, near Guldens Station. SIRS. MELVILLE E. DOLL Mrs- Hannah Margaret Doll, wife of Melville E. Doll, died Thursday morning 1 at 11.45 o'clock at her home in ,. she aid not want to attend school this! though the Toptoa crowd is general Frederick^of paralysis. Mrs. Dolljivas Fall, but that her father compelled known as "a shoe box lunch'" assem- her to do so: and, that to avoid attend- ! blagr- KALEM. [ ance in the future, she may have de- Comedy j termlned upon this plan or scheme. The badge men were here with their (ilsplav- of medals' and ornaments for The room in which the aiialr is ai- j which they found a ^^IM^fe ^^^~g£$SL AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles In suits and over-coats has be^un ~no«v. l»it the -mar. w bo L, fortunate enough to oe a patron o£ The Qnalisvb-hop knows that be r ee 1 not seek - * _ -- _ ' r*- i . T _ I - ^ adv- market. i legecLto have occurred has a door lead- j Trinkets of all sorts were In demand ing out Into the hall-way and opposite i a-^d the vlsi'tors left no small amount the room in which a class was recit- 1 of money in the town. ing ac the time: this door as all other | _ doors, was wide open. The room, zoo, | DISORDER, AT FAIR ' taker= 111 Tuesday morning, but Wednesday evening was much improved and hopes were entertained for her recovery, but she suffered a relapse irly Thursday and gradually grew weaker, until the end came. JS.be_v-as a daughter of Hon. Joel B. aur mnher. Oar naudsonie and eieganL : ^fa'or-cs are a-.auLo« yonr choice and onr j teacher or any one passing the ·^yl^s are Drj-to-the-mfnute and we w:l!aoor.' - """ acan.l fiiikh yonr outfit in a Is only separated from another school | room by sliding- doors, with a wide '· One Detective and Two .Policemen At- crack between. The Prlncloal's alleged ! tacked by Rough Crowd. The annual exhibition of The York actions could have been seen bv that OT)en! at can only yonr ·K- ionc wiii :na«1e by a manner { T ne Adams Countr Indecendent you ha\e it | -- i County.- Agricalrural Society, which - n \ came to a close Friday, was a financial Will M. Selligman, Ca.-b Tailor. There Are mnnv cca\incin: ; arguments that might be presented as to the superiority of Lippy Made Clothes bnc we know of none so conclusive as the refine-l appearance of the clothes thersiche=. Tiiere is beauty in.- every HP- f^nti noallty_ln_every satdj^an-J fibre. J. D. Lippy - Tailor have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats i success. The receipts for the week will .! probably exceed the expenditures by aiscussmg t, "The open character of Professor * Fisher has been of the very highest i abonc S 10 .- 000 - Th e attendance Friday ever since he has beer, amongst us; It j was ab ° UE 25 - 000 and for the ^ -- __ 1= * i _·*_ _ . -- rt t\ s\s\ rt nas Seen of the very opposite to that which the accuser would ha\-e us .believe. - The guiding moral evidence seems to be all upon the side of the Principal: there is nothing to support S e c t t o Isave the . Sounds. Detective Several \vell-known erool-is that mingled with the crowds Friday were sootted bv Detective White and order- Danner. of Gettysburg, and besides her husband Is survived by two sisters, Miss Annie R. Danner, of Gettysburg, and Mrs. Charles E. Retnewald, of The funeral took place from her late residence at 3 o'clock this afternoon with services-at the house and Interment in Mt, Olivet cemetery. Miss Sell's statement except herVath. j Fii _ es » v -*" no ^^ to S -OP the pande- Lnder the circumstances, however. Ic was no'c easy for the scnool board to monlum which usually tireaks loose on the midway just before the annual decide just what to do; and, as a re- j fair d °ses, v.-as roughly handled by the suit, the question was left open." i erowci and he had to dr ^ Ms revoi The accusing figure in the scandal! ver to P ro « c - niniself from bodily appeared at school Monday nioming j irl ^ uiig3 - Horace i ""-"- a fair-policeman, f and was promptly suspended bv Prof. \ *" as assaulted"by a crowH of "men and 1 Fisher. If the young lady makes no ! bo ^ s - When Patrolman Solomon | attempt to re-enter school 'the Board \ Srnith CT5ed IO e l ect several young: men will no'c Iely re-operr the case, thonw-ht. RESIGNS j t j s · from the fair grounds Friday evening jfor a minor violation of xhe' society's I rules, he was attacked and severely broken. Detec- I Candies- ! i = I The popular brands In \vliich }'ou ha\e the assur- = § ance of q ^ality. ^ | Whitmans - - - Belle Mead Sweets J | Ijggets - - · Huylers j = Always Fresh § | People's and Hubers* j beaten.- His nose v.-as tive Thad Stromar.. who "had charge of JOHN L. REINEWALD Joseph L-. Reinewald. father of Rev. Charles E- Reinewald. of Emmlts- burg, died on Monday, at Duncans- \-ille. Pa., following a stroke of paralysis received last Friday- Mr. Reinewald was in his 79th year and In frail health for tne past few years. He was born in Darmstadt, Germany. Oct.. 24. 1S34 and came to America In 1352. He lived two years In Pittsburgh and sixty In Duncansviiie. The funeral was held on Wednesday, interment being made in the Lutheran cemetery a.t Xewrv. Pa. JOHN SCHWARTZ - After a prolonged Illness from a complication of diseases. John Schwartz died Thursday morning at S o'clock, at his home, near Litdestown, in Uruon township, at the age of S6 years. He Is survived by his wife and one committees were heard- Mrs. Edward Weaver, chairman of the visiting committee for last month, told of the committee's visit to the different schools and of the hospitality shown them by the teachers and the excellent work being done. Prof. Burgoon, chairman of the music committee, said that, acting on the authority given it at the last Parent Teachers' meeting, the committee had selected Miss Reba Miller to teach music In the schools, she to devote three afternoons each week to this work, and to receive $15 per month for the work. The Instruction is given only In the Meade and High street uatlulngs. The excitement of the eveniig came next when the committee on "Xew Membership" made Its report. About sixteen new~names wereTproposed and when Rev. L. Dow Ott took the floor and said, ''Make the goal for this month fifty'", every member present-and few were absent--got busy and In fifteen minutes fifty four new names were on the roll of the Association. - The program which followed opened with a duet. "A Perfect Day", by Miss Daisy U'entz and Mr-. Phillips. This was followed by an address by Rev. Dr. A. R. Wagner, who spoke on "The Child In the Home"- Mr. Phillips again delighted the audience with a violin solo, after which che president of the association, Mrs. Wai. Arch McClean. called on the following to make short talks. Mrs. S. C. Burger, who told of the homes among missionaries In foreign lands: Mrs. H. Milton Roth, who spoke of the alms and purposes of the Parent Teachers Association, to guard the conditions thar influence the life of a child: Trvin L. Taylor, who told several stories and closed with the recital of Longfellow's "The Child- LIBERTY HALL Liberty Hal!--The following spent Sunday with E. A. Seabrook and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ohler and family and Messrs. Robert and Ross Boyd, of Orrtanna. ?.Ir. and Mrs. David Dube! entertained at their home on Sandav the following Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bloom and family, Mr. and Mrs. "William Ohler and son, of Gettysburg; Mr. and Mrs. V.'iliiam Boyd, Mrs. Currens, of Westminster, Mary Currens, of Taneytown, -ind Harry Low, of Fairfield. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Plank and children, Ruth and Ray, visited at the home of Mrs. Harry McXair on Sunday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Eiker on Wednesday, Oct. S, a -on. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dubel attended ·Farmers Day'-" which was held in Waynesboro on Saturday. Mrs. Elmer Reynolds and daughter, Lame, are visiting her parents near Foxville, Mcl. MIss Mary Weishaar Is relatives in York. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cool recently a son. Mrs. James Hoffman and Miss Edna Sites spent Saturday and Sunday at Foxville and Waynesboro. Ralph Dubel has returned to his noaie at this place after completing a course in the Lancaster Business Col- ege. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Shorb and J. H. Kugler visited at the home of "W. T. S. Sites on Sunday. Mrs. Miller Patterson and Mrs. Hettie Wetzell spent a day recently with Mrs. Sherman Sites. Sherman Sites "Jr. visited at the iiome of J. H. jKugler on Sundav. 'Mrs. Allen. Prior and children-, Marjaret. Frances and John, spent Sunday W. W. White and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Koontz spent Sunday with ?,Irs. Catherine Crouse. Mr. and Mrs. Webster Hull, of near Gettysburg, spent a day recently at the home of M. R. Hull. Miss Dock Leaves Forestry Service. : the fair police, was beaten on the back Her Resignation Regretted. 1 and head v.ith sticks and · Miss MIra Lloyd Dock, of Graeifeii- 1 burg, has resigned as a member of the j 1 State Forestry Commission after con- j Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg splcuo-as service for over a dozer, j for Coining Weeks, years. Miss Dock's resignation is due j -to many other matters which require j Oci her attention and there was general j regret at the Capitol that the Forestry (Oct. Commission was to lose her practical aid In the forestry work. COMING EVENTS 3--1G~Lutheran West Pa. Sya od meeting-. St. James church. 17--Concert- Mozart Companj Brca Chapel. V' 'son, John A. Schwartz, who on a farm in the same towrsshp. On Sunday afternoon the funeral services will be held at the house at 2 o'clock. Interment at Christ Church Cemetery, Union township. = ! Drug Stores Oct. IS -- Gettysburg's second annual In July. 1901. Miss Dock was ap- Farmers' Day. pointed a member of the Forestrv ! Oct. 21 -- Concert. Miss DeTo and Mrf Commission, being the first woman to ; Bayly. Presbyterian church. REXALL and A. D. S. Stores. _ , . . = jner-impress upon tne State's work. 1 ig;»Hnuh«liai_mniHH_»iinnn»niininfflMmmm^;^nn^ The appointment was made by Gov- i THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still !ernor stone and G ^-- «»«-» Mum- SOON CAUGHT reu s -. After the program, the president announced the new program and visit- Ing committees for the coming month and "che vote was taken to see which school had the most parents present In the contest for the banner. Mrs. Mary Wible's school was victorious and received the coveted trophy. A motion was made by F. Mark Bream and carried that Farmers' Day should also be "Tag Day"', to raise funds for the music course In the public schools. At the next meeting on Xovercber I-lth. the association will elect ofricers fur the coming year. Passed Worthless Check but Swindler was Soon Caught. A stranger, giving his name as John Morgan and clalniirg Butler as h:s home was in East Berlin this week and worked the bogus check game on Thomas Straley. of the Xational Ho- tcl. Mr. Straley cashed a §12 check and after the stranger departed Mr. Stral- determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to beat the clock in my automobile to save your SICK STOCK. Day or |be selected lo that place and has left ':° ct - SI--Annual Hallowe'en " ~ '" mers'Parade. ·'- ~*--Lecture. Dean Southvnck. j ev telephoned to a Butler ban's: or. Eraa Chapel. j ^j,^}, j t %Tas made. He was Informed ^ ·. S--Foot Bali. Mt. St. Mary's, i lhat t j, e v .-ou'.d-be John Morgan was a j FRATERNITY DANCE College Fraternity Entertained at Dance on Friday Evening. visiting HARNEY Harney--On last Sunday, E. L. Hess and family attended a family reunion at Emanuel Study's, near Black-'s school house. There are several cases of measles In the community. Mrs. Walter Lambert returned, to her home In Hanover on last Saturday. her par- packer and Stuart reappolnted her and ! Governor Tener would have been glad to do so if she had consented to remain. Xixon Field. i W. C. T. U- MEETING OLD FASHIOND .I GLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy, -10 cents IK, Butternut Taffy, ?*) cents !!., Peannt Tally, 20 rents Ib.,' Peanfit Brittle, 10 cc-nts lb.. Ice Crvani Tatfies, 30 cents Ib.-- Frfeb Daily at." ' . '. " GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN j MARRIAGE LICENSES ! Permit to Wed Issued by Clerk I the Courts. sTempcrance Workers to Meet ! Friends" 3Ieeting House. swindler and tbat he did not ha% a an account ii their bank. Mr. Straley at once started chase and overtook the man midway between Xew Oxford and at of ; RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE -- 100 acre farm, 5 acres of pasture, balance is cultivated, " large bank "barn, silo and large steer shed, telephone, frame house, hog pen und other Tiecessarv outbuildings, on public road. This is an A-l stock farm, it produced 20 bushels of wheat per acre this year. This farm is worth $4000. . 175 acres, limestone and chestnut soil, 40 acres in oak and chestnut timber, fine meadow for grazing, near trolley, main line W. M. R. R, town, graded and high school, bank barn, large frame house in first class condition, telephones, ail kinds of fruit, water in every field, fine dairy farm. You can get the owners share of the grain y.-ith the farm if you buy now and the price is only $9000 while farms m this immediate vicinity are selling for $100 to $150 per acre. PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, · A meeting of the Arendtsviile W. C. - - - 1 T. U., Tvill be held at the Friends' ^ A marriage license was. issued or.; Meeting House, Flora Dale, on Tues- Friday byjCIerk of the Courts Oiinger jday evening, October 14th. at 7:30. to Ernest i-rock, of Berwick township. JThe meeting will be.addressed by Rev. and Miss Esta B. Brumgard. of Union ; F. E. Taylor, of Gettysburg. Subject township. ; « Soc : al p ur ity." Music by the Arendts---- j ville High School. In case of incleni- roasted chestnuts, j ent weather Tuesday night the meet- Shining Parlor, |,-jig- ^13 be held on Thursday evening, street.--advertise- October llTih. All are Invited. TRY our fresh Gettysburg Shoe Chambersburg ment 1 Miss Lillian Ring will resume teach- j HOURS for Saturday evening paying Monday, October 13. Instruction ments to the Gettysburg Building and will be given in voice and piano to a limited number of pupils.- Loan Association, In the Court House, .The Sigma Ch: fraternity gave a dance In their lodge on the college campus Friday evening, entertaining these guests. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Tyson, Guernsey: Mrs. Edgar McLure. Xeihart, Mont.: Miss Mabel Hartrnan. McKeesport: Miss Mary Elizabeth Clarke. Pc-oria, III.; William R. Cation Omar.rsa; Lytton Baehler, Gettysburg; Miss Mariar 1 . Sheely. Miss Amy Swope, Miss Helen Ker.ulehart, Miss Elizabeth Van Cleve. Mi?s Anna G:33i- ih- after spending a week with entriirthrs-placer George L Shriver and irifa spent a fevv- days visting friends In Baltimore during the week. Mrs. Samuel Ridinger was taken to Baltlnior for an operation last Saturday. Rains have badly washed the grain fields in this section- Rev. Mr. Stangle preached his last sermon for the year in. the United Brethren church at this place on last Sunday morning. Emory Frock and Willsam Fass went to Baltimore last: Saturday to look up positions for the Winter. Dry Shlldt has sold his property In this place to William Forney, of Han r over, who will take possession, next Spring. Russell Eckard. of r.esr this place, has purchased a new plaver ttiano. MET DEFEAT HarrisbarE Basket Ball Club Local Players. Defeats AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp. Xo. -514. P. O. S. of A., -will TU". arc excursion to Baltimore on Saturday. Xov. 1st, 1013. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:lo a. m., returning. Hillen Station 11:20 p. m.-- advertisement 1 FOR REXT: two communicatlrg. furnished rooms, accessible to bath. Board if desired. Apply at Times office. --advertisement 1 ment ·advertise- j from now until April 1st, 1914, will be 1 6 to 7:30.--advertisement 1 WOMEX and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement 1 BEAR OX THE MOUNTAIN Paw Larco Brown Bear Xenr Caledonia. Others Saw Tracks. In an exciting basket ball game In Xavier Hall on Friday night the Catholic High School team went down to defeat at the hands of the strong team of the Hassett Club, a Harrisburg organization. Score 27 to 9. Both teams played good ball but the town boys were unable to hold the strong Harris- fa-jrg team. For the visitors G. McCurdy aid S. McCau'ey starred and for the town players Irrin piayed a strong and fast game. Conductor C. B. Funk, of the Cham- bcrsburg Gettysburg trolley line, upsets the theory of ir.ary that bears i pars Post O;Tjce, Pa,--advertisement 1 to be found in the South THE Adams Cotmiy Xursery offers fine lot of fruit trees. II. G. Baugher, proprietor. B«.-r.dersvine Station; As- are not Mountain by the declaration that one passed in front of his car, going Cal- edoniaward, about twilight Wednesday evening just as he was entering the forest from the turnpike. He asserts that it was a big brown bear, j»low-mo\ ing and undisturbed by the car. Others say they saw the tracks. FOR SALE: seventeen shares of Citizens Trust Company stock. Apply at Times Office.--advertisement 1 DOX'T forget the administrator's sale of Harry J. Carbaugh, Friday, Oct. 2 Hh, of ail his real estate and personal property.--advertisement LWSPAPLRl

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