The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 10, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, October 10, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Secretary anfl Treasurer.* PHILIP R.;BI£LE, Editor WALUT The Hard Hitting Catcher of the Athletics- ATHLETICS AGAIN HUMBLE GIANTS RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. »a receive THE TIMES by mail you can * *? fc»t«r«d 15, l»04»_at_Gertysbufgr^ as second-claw matter, nmder ~ Congress March 3, 1S79- "ADVERTISING BY THE Jkanitnw^Trl^ GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHEStX Ai ~0ne cent per word each insertion- Two cents a word if guaramted pSeSTfiMQlutfon. of respect, poetry «nd memoram. OM cent Jj. - * ·*-*· -" '-= '*' " i - , 1 . ' ~ ~ T O O U R R E A D E R S · · ~ _ The G«tty»barg Time* takesabsdlufely ¥6 part in policies, being neutral m an - .Socialist papers-and Yrhlch is strictly non-partisan- Onr advertising columns are open to all candidates of all parae*. ,, _ TRESPASSING ~ All persons^-are warned nofc to trespass on the premises of the under-| signed ^ith dog/g^in or trap for the purpose of taking game in any manner: noriornsningiorinany way injuring or destroying property. All persons 110- 1 lating the laws of the commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lanas of the undersigner\viil be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14.. " %rilliam Allison. Sarn'l. VTalters farm, Hamiltonban township. j John B. ROey, R-"l2, - Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland Township. ' ^ 3S-V. E. Hughes* Cumberland Township. *"~ ix'B7"Wineman. Cumberland Township. Frank Monger. JL'VGettysburg, Pa. dX'Beardorff. Orrtanna,-Pa. Chkries^agiman lDr-~W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. "^.~IL"Johns,f Cumberland township and Gettysburg F. L."Sine,'BdtIer_Townshin, Biglerville, Pa. C "B Shank^Steaban Township/R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. J. H.lhS^FTlKuhn Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Mt. Joy Twp. Jacob Froinmeyer," Straban Township- George E- Hafman.-R^ 6. Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Jhealer. Soaban Township. SixslivfaryjrfWeikert. R. 2. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. ~George W~^XL\^ 3, Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. J.ljfjalxj.Box 50, R. 2. Biglerville. Mrs" jfaffioVL-Tjodoii, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson. *R- 1. Gettysburg, ?a.. Cumberland Township. J. L-.Taot,. Straban Township. Hia^XTolford, ,Mr- Pleasant Township. D. J Reae^^. 12/ Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. Leo Fromnieyef. Mr-" Pleasant Township. STaflin.^mter. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. 'W. T. Menpng, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberlard Township. RoDeriTE-.lIajorr Straban Township. JoKn s 57:3fcIlhfinny Farm R. 7. Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert; Seven Stars. Pa. G-^ly-JEldon^Bendersville, Pa. Gec^g^D- Thomas,' Chambersburg Pike. Hobert Hariier, Greenmount. Pa. -Harry.E. Skriyer, Butler"Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Joseph Al Albert. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg "WIBfam Coihun. Straban Township. H. C. Warren, ilenallen Township. D. L. Jacobs, R.;l. Bigler%ille. Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining, R. 12,' Gettysburg, Pa. E'dwarS A. Scott, R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. Jl D. Brown, Highland Township. R. F- Biddle. 3lt_ Pleasant Township, R. S. Gefctysburg- C.'HrRummell on C- L- Osborne farm. 3Ienallen township. "R"m. "M-* Bigham's Sons. Freedom Township. Wm- il. Bigham's Sons. LiOerty Township "JacolTJFVPeters, Tyrone ^£^f^^-J^f_5|_S le 5^ e - ^ _ Additional names. 50 cents'for^entirc season. Win TMrd Game, 8 to 2, With I Joe Bush Pitching, GETS BANDITVAFTER 9 YEARS Pennsylvania*! Pursues Murderous Assailant to Italy. Messina, Sicily, Oct 10.--Francesco Imbesi, who "attacked and robbed Patrick Campbell at Portage, Pa-, in 1904, j surrendered himself here. He was sen- ! teneed tc thirty years' imprisonment BAT TESREMI FROM BOX Mack's "Wrecking Crew" F.IBCKS U On July 30, 1904, Patrick Campbell, paymaster of the Puritan Coal corn- pan j, and his driver." Charles Hays, by hsglMs aj men. - . killed and Campbell se-_ Five Runs en Six H«ts and an Error. In First Two Innings. WORLD'S BASE BALL SERIES. Won. Lost. P. C. Aibleucs 2 1 -f7 New York ...... 1 2 --i- First game, ".\oa bj- Athletics.. .6 to 4 Second game, won by G'aaEs..^ to 0 Third same, won by Ath!eacs..S to 2 \erely wounded. OKipbe!!v,hipped up Up his horses and attempted to escape, but one of the highwai men killed the Canpbeil was thrown out of the vehicle and the hishv^ a% man shor hini again end left him, believing him dead^ The robbers escaped. Campbell recovered and proceeded to Italy to trace his assailants. Their disco\er\ is due ma:a!j to his efforts. TRUANT CONGRESSMEN FACE ARREST TODAY Rigorous Action Planned to Round Up Absentees. "Washington. Oct. 10. -- "When the house adjourned yesterday 206 members, nine short of a ouorum, had reported, and a resolution was adopted retaining in force an order to the sergeants at arms for the arrest of absent members. E\ erj absentee has been notified by telegraph that a warrant has been is sued, and all who can "oe found in Washington who haie not reported will be brought TO tne bar of the house Majority Leader Underwood -s\ho returned from Atlantic CUj said he d?d not wish to criticise absent members because of the long grind -n.thin legislative halls but he urged those who should do so to retara uit'l the urgent defic'encj anpropriation oil 1 , as amended b the senate, could be sent to conference and finally disposed of T H E CHAMPION HEN of College Confers Degree on Layer 283 Eggs In One Year. Corvalhs, Ore., Oct. 10--Upon hen "C-543"' the Oregon Agricultural college nere has conferred the title Of ' tne greatest hen in the world." She has 3^st laid her 2S3d egg wita- in a vear. ma'KIng waat is sa-d to be a world's record. "C 5-»3" was hatched April 29 1912 and began lading at the age of five and a nail montns The former record was made at tie Oregon coi'ege farra in 1911. when 3 nen^laid 2S2 eggs in a _ear- Xew York, Oct. 10.--The slugging Athletics landed savagely oa Jen Te» reau's spuball delivery and banged out aa easv -victory «n the inird game of the world's series at the Polo Grounds. Score: Athletics, S; Giants, 2. Tne Mackmen got the big tv.-irler right at the start, slamming out tnree runs In the first inning aad t\\o m the second, and when they oercilessli hammered out two more la ihe se\- esith. -TJot," Crandall re!.e\ed him Schaag showed that ail pitchers look alike to the Athletic whalers by ramming the ball Into the r'ghc field grand stand In the eights ! na four bagger. Opposed to the big Giaat tw iner was J. Leslie Bush, Connie Mack's stripling Positively his first appearance in anv world's series. The box mounds man pitched a masteroil game, m«ea to the surprise and chagrin 01 the base ball scientists, who save figured out that Mack Ifasn't got a single reliable twirler besides Bender. "Bullet Joe" showed the thousands of fans who jammed the big amphi-i theater teat he has _a icrve 01 steel, as well as an arm of the same material. Ke was as cool as a rathskeller. He took his time in pitching. Ipormg the jeering shouts of the crowd Right at the start he faced unfiinca- ingly a Trj Ing situation v.hen, after Herzog had grounded out In The first," Doyle got a lucky infield hit and Fletcher went to first v.hen a pitched ball grazed the letters oa his shirt Joe j Bush" tightened his jaws and sent a last one" over the plate.- wn'jchJBurns hit to CoUins fc- an easj double plaj. One of the Giants' runs was due to a bad throw b Scnang to catch a base jr,"and of the nve McGraw hitsj two were of tne infie'd variety. The score card shows that he issued four passes, but they were grven. after The. game had been elacned. ~ The Mackmen started off with blood m their'eyes scoring three nfhs In tae PRESIDING BISHOP ALMOST 79,000 r 7 ^ - r Licenses for 1913 Almost 20,000'3Iore " Than in 1912. , Pennsylvania's registration * of "automobiles for I9i3 jnay pass,the 79,000 mark before the end of the week and it is possible that the^total for-the year ·will reach 80,000.' The registration for" 1912 was 59,365, so that it is Almost certain that the total for this year will exceed that of last by 20,000. The *ere traveling in -a. buggy, carrying ^^ to j-ggjster cars was unexpected with them $3000 to pay the wages o* ; tfae deDartment ; an ' d -the order for! the miners, when they wese set upon -^ ^ -^ ^ ^ roV fde for 100.000 cars if needed. Automobile registration in Pennsylvania has been growing iv leaps and bounds and the registra- lion of 25,200 in 190S is in striking contrast to the figures lor 1913. The income from registrations for the year exceeds $800,000, of which nearly §100,000 is in the Treasury. The d'sposal of the money depends upon, the outcome of the suit over the §25,000 requisition m^de by Highway Commissioner E. M. Bigelow on Audi- ( tor General Powell. The act of 1913 piovides that the money should 1 go to r highway improvements, which the Auditor General contends Is in conflict with the specific appropriation act of 1909, which was drawn up ~by M-' Hampton Todd, then Attorney General. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Para§raphs ef News TettM§ if tbe Happenings in and abwrt Tmrp People Visiting Here and Those Sojourning* Elsewhere. - Roberts Eekearotle, of ...Omaha, Nebraska, is .visitrngr'at'theshome of Dr. aid Mrs. C. E. Eckenrode, on West High street, ,,' ',· ^ . ,*",," Mrs. Harold Lewars gave, a luncheon Wednesdaj' at her home in honor cf her mother, Mrs. * Singmaster, of Getrysburg-,\vho is visiting her. Mrs. Tillie Forscht has gone to Detroit, Mich., alter visitng at the home of her parents In tovrn. Dr. T. C. Biiiheimer, of Springs avenue, went to "WatsoniownThis morning ^\ here he \\ ill deliver his lecture on MAY BE ELECTED Esther"' to-night. Wilbur Stallsmith, of East Middle street, has gone to Lancaster ivh^fe he TVJ!! enroll in the Pennsylvania Business College. Episcopai House of'Deputies Votes to Change System, York, Oct. 10.--The house o£ deputies at the triennial general* con- T,enuon of the Protestant Episcopal rofa church voted overwhelmingly m faior 01 choosing the presiding bishop ot the church by election. At present this" office Is held bj the senior bishop m order of confirmation To become effective this amendment to the constitution requires passage also by the house of bishops. Tae amendment provides that the CHURCH NOTICES T . , . ,., , ; BIGLERV1LLE LUTHERAN If tbe automobile monev cannot oe I , _ used it will have to lie in the Treasa^ I Sunday SJiool, 9 a. m.^preachmg until the Legislature of 1915 disposes j« '^-^^^ LUTH ERAX of it. This coarse had to be lollowea - ,, . , - . , , ri -r , , T . , , · -, 01 q. -, 0 _ i Suncay School at 9. Preacning at by the Legislature or 1913, as it j n 0 held that the ace of 1911 d-d not clear- ' 10 ' m ' ly appropriate the income from automobile registration. LOCAL MEN PARADE Form Part of Column of Five Thousand Sunday School Workers. A number of Adams Countians: participated in the parade of 5000 YORK SPRINGS M. E. Wenksville: Sunday School 9:00; sermon 10:00; Ep%orth League 7;30. BendersviUe: Sunday School 9:30; I class meeting: 10.30; Epworth Laugue ' C:30; sermon 7:39. Luther W. * Mc- Gar.ev, pastor. REFOJiMED , Sally Day service at 9:3O a. m. 11160 ] Members of the church and friends are oresiding bishop shall be elected bj who marched Thursday -'evening'in j cordially invited to attend. Ko the house o£ bisaops. subject to the j Williamsport in the great parade of f m g service. The pastor will conduct -- =--i ~» n,^ T.^,,=Q rf rioTiiines. i -kc organized adult Bible classes, giv- | services and administer the Holy en in conjunction with che sessions o£ fConunumon in Sc. Mark":* church at _ . _ -. - _·* _ T _ I a- I" confirmation of the aouse of deputies The term of office and the salary are^ to "be settled later Durrngthe debate it pointed, out that under the -present system there was danger that tne presiding bishop might be too old and infirm for the proper performance of tae duties of the office. The house of deputies received a namber of merorials from various dioceses. On behalf of the diocese of California it was -recommended that the title of the praer oook~be changed by pusing the words "Holj Catholic Church." The diocese of Xorth Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia asked tnat a spe- ffiissionary district be created for people, with a bishop in the fifty-first; annual convention of the j-jo a Pennsyhana Convention. State Sunday ,School | De - - - m _ xhe preparatory service will on Saturday at 2 p. m. METHODIST "Billy" Sunday was There- He spoke 1 1 Sunday School at 9:30 a. m , Rally to nve different audiences during the | Day will be observed. Epworth League day. This afternoon he addressed more j a t 6rl5 p. m.: preachisg at 7:00, sub- _T ff\[\t\ ^^ n -~*~nr*r~ ^»-« V^tiS. "P! V»i» CzTYf*T -T-- ~I_ -- -ff JT_ J-L T_.-^T_T_ j-. -T. "T"t*-.C-»*«- f\ ~ *»V^«-^k *Vnrk than 3000 persons in the Pine street il. E. Church. He addressed an overflowing- meeting in the State Armory, where the crowd?r"as estimated at 2500. At the conclusion of the parade fully six thousand men stood on the floor of the armory and heard him ject of sermon, "Doing as unto the Lord-"' A cordial invitation to all ser- T. ices. L. Dow Ott, pastor. first Inning on singles by. Glaring, Gcl- l«ns and Baliker. a double steal and a -vvOff throw by F.etcher The hits were made after Tesreau had put overjrsvo strikes on each of the batters ihey added two more runs In tne next sss- sion afrer two were out. wltn three more nits and anotner stolen base After that the Mackmen enter^med the negro charge ^ Rev Dr. Alexander Mann of Tnmtv church, Boston, was elected president of the house of deputies. The only otner candidate was Re. Dr. William T. Manning, ot Trinit} caurch, Xew Tork. Rev Dr. Henry Anstice was reelected secretary. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Marsh Creek. Love Feast, services begin Saturday at 2 p. in.: preaching nuvii uj. me c.iin^i_. n.~ ».-.---- Sunday at 10 a. m_ Strarton Street soeak for half an hour. He Ihen went!Church: no morning service: preaching to the "Pine Street'Methodist Church ' 7 p. m. a'rd spoke to an audience of 2000 men 1' Onlj those participating in the Bible j class parade v, ere admitted to these j rneetings. PRIVATE SALE The Jacob Eiizrailier property on W. Middle street. CHAMPA CLARK INJURED Speaker Is Buffeted Around In Berth When Engine Hits Sleeping Car. After that the Mackmen enter aimed Washington. Oct. 10.--Speaker Clark ~tke crowd by try-ng to make nome returned, to Washington ba31: bruised ^_ _, . _ ,__ t_,,lJ^ -. i-» ·r'?* o T .r-^.--«.-»-^. l^*TTV4 i n?'r»er "TT O clc^PTllTiO" (^SIT mns ,, Collins i»uz two balls m the stand~ whicn were foul "by onlv a few fee~and Scnang similarly-missed a circuit clout when he slammeu one of Tesreau"s moist snoots Into the left g e ^£ S eci : en L.vraIIy_^_hcw,, was not to" be denied so easily so he met one of Crandasi s slow balls, m the innins and sent i ". / sounded i l"5reaus a -- . - - --~- Oldrirrg,-fwho bad previously forced .Miirphy at second arter the right fields er had singled Baker's single scored u Collins. That --as all for "Big Jeff/'j c " ESJ T by a severe bumping in a sleeping car in tne Pittsburgh railroad yards. He was not seriously injured, but he had a narrow escape wnen an engine crashed into his car. He was thrown Jieavily against_the headboard of his oerth and. suffered bruises over his ngnt. eye, a welt on the top of hss head and Ms right shoulder was badly -STKaSiCBHIHBB^ =rZri S?*t§?3K:3- FOR SALE Two story brick boHSeontaimnp-ten , rooms suitabfe for keeping boarders, gss I through house, gnod^eil of water under : pnrcli" and ciFtem with filter under | kitchen, good stable. Modern nine room house, j Heat aad all conveniences. ; - ^ Lot 40x232 ft, 1 erms to I For fall infoimation apply to 3Irs. 15 Chambe ^.t-orGeo- suit porchaser, J. B. Hamilton - FORS^:- --- Three gooH~yonn2~ cow=. One 2} p. ^inincy sasoiine engine in g r od |h. i working order. ! Calf 00.- CHARLES ilcISTlRE , FoimtaindaTe.P. O- Address "BS-FairSeld Eleven hits in less t-han se.en ^nmgsj ^ Tg £ OSS ^-ao 7.3 is enough to f,n : sn any pitcner. »ond s| o](5 -- es i s t e d all atte series or oack lot Collins' n-.tting and - fler dec j s5oil to s tar sparkling defensive work was a sain ing feature Tne score: Murpr.r- rf . Oldnnsr. If . Collins. 2b . Baker. CD Mclnnis. Ib Strwik. cf Farry, s.~. . - ^chang, c . Bush. D .. ATHLETICS. A.B-B BTLPO.A.E. " 5 1 2 2 0 0 5 5 0 5 3 S 1 0 0 0 n o o i 0 Cife by Starvation. Palo"-AIto. CaL:-"Oct- ID ^^-Mrs. Grace H ~Foss died of starvation, after a fast of sixty-seven days, during v.hicn titae ;ae took no nour'shment except water. ~rty-Sve years ;ernpts to feed her Her decision to starve is attributed to melancholia. TWO PROPERTIES at PUBLIC SALE Kills Baby and Herself. York. Oct 10--Henry Schleth. warden of the Queens count- ja.l in Long Island Cir;. found h^s vife and sou. four years old. deal, each with a bullet woun«*. in tneir heads Mrs Schleth Is believed to nave k'lled herself and the cnila. "Pfie Perry J: Ta¥ney property 6ri _Steinwehr aveune ^III be sold on the premises at one o'clock, The property on Breckenridge street will be sold Immediately afterward. m r Totals S3 S 13 27 11 NEV. YORK GENERAL J1ARKETS Herzog. "b Lrunoh Prepared in a Jiffy No\v for a rest while wailing for John. Post Tosties are always ready to eat right from the packag'e--sweet, crisp and tempting. And what a relief from fussing around in a stuffy kitchen on hot days. The lunch is a good one--and John likes to find the wife cool and comfortable. Post Toatsies are thin bits of white Indian corn toasted to a golden brown. Eat rf *^ with^cream and sugar--and some fresh berries--They are delicious. Fletcher ss 2 Bnrns. ll Snafcr, cf -- --Murray, rf 3 Cooper, * Wilson, c_ "VTcT'lvlGw ^O · · . . . Wiltse. 3b 0 Tesreaa. p 2 Crandall, p LB ^ 2 ** 3 ·· o 2 9 0 2 i TL o 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BH PO.A. B 0 1 0 0 1 5 1 0 1 2 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 4 0 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 " 0 0 0 2 0 FLOUR dull; 00; cllj mjls, PHILADELPHIA winter clear, ?^.T5@ lancv. 5=25«560 RYE FLOUR quiet; per carrel, $3 o9 WHEAT firm; Xo 2 red, new, 89% steady; No. 2 yellow, 79yi 5 2 7 5 1! Totals 2? 2 o 27 *Ran for ilcLean in tae fiftn Athletics 3 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 0--S ^£w York 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0--2 Left on Dases--Athtetics, 1: _^«^ York, 5. First oase on balls--Oit Busfc, 4. Struck out--B\ Bush. 3: by Tesreau, ?,: by Crandall. 1 Home run--Scnang. Three-base hit--Coilins. Tyo-base nn --Shafer. Stolen bases--Oldrinc. Collins. Baker. Fletcher, Murray. Cooper Double plajs--Collins to Barry; Bwsh to Barry, to Mclnnis: Schang to Collins; Itoyle unassisted Passed ball- McLean. Hit by pitched ball--By BasK Fletcher. Hits--Oft Tesreau, 12 m b j /s innings; off Cranaall. 1 in 2% innm§s. Umpires--Plate Rigler; basfs. Con nolly; outfield, Ivlem and Egan. Time of game--2.11. Clings'to 5 Per Cent Clause. "Washington. Got 10.--House Majority Leader Underwood declared his disapproval of any modification of tho tariff law despite protests bv foreign countries against the 5 per cent reduction clause. ^.=.^~. steady: Xo. 2 Trtnte, 4i@ .17V-C-; louver grades. 46c. P13TATOES steady, at 75@90c. per bnsael. POULTRY: Live steady: hens, loc-: old roosters. 12@13c, Dressed firm. choice fowls, "Oc.: old roosters, l-j%c- BTJTTER steady; fancy creamery. 34c- per Ib. , EGGS steady: selected, Sac.; near by, 33c.; western, SZs. Produce Markets, .- CHICAGO--HOGS5c- to lOc. lo-wer; bulk of sales, SS 10@S.60, light, SS.10 @S 75- mixed, S7.90@S SO: heavy, $7,85 @890, rough, n 57.S5@S.05; pigs, 5450 @7.75. - · . - · ! CA.TTLE strong to loc. *gher: oee ves. S720@9.50: Texas steers. $* SS: stockers and feeders. S525@7.8o; cows and heifers., $3.65@8.75, cal\es, S7.50'®11 50. SHEEP steadv to 15c higner; native sheep, $3 90@5 10; yearlings, |5@ 6; nativ* lambs, $5.90@7.40. Mario, thie ninijor. vrho died In 1SS3, appeared in London, his favorite city, for thirty-two years, during Tvhich time hf appeared in forty-sir parts, a record ·\vhi.h Ins nu\er been approached by any other artist FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE r I have for sale*the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only spreader with a circular .beater. Spreads twice its own width and from i}^ to~z ft beyond the wheels with less worry on the team. YoiTonly need' drive Tialf as far to get your load off, While the ordinary spreader throws manure on a narrow strip behind the spreader." If you want a spreader, come to see how thev-Rork and examine it'yourself before you-buy. .1 have them here on my farm and will be glad to show how they-work. Write for catalogue. Can get any machinery in the Walter rL Wood line, on short notice. W. C. WEIGLE, BlgJerviHe, E.3. Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop J 42 W. HIGH STREET "' TUBES A SPECIALTY With modem" steani equipment lam prepared so do general repair WOK outs, seerions and retreading. It the bole is not 3oa S er than the _ tab u can e repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed. ' * TWELVE PASSENGER - · .. AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE . .. Oomfortablc, Reliable and Powerful. Try it,Tours *^^TMa,ip3* special^ Umted.PhonellTX C^.STQNER, prop ^iniiiuununnHiHimnumnniumnniunsBummu^ I TREES FOR SALE | I I have good Peackand 2,000 Apple trees ready | | for planting that,, I will sell at reasonable prices ^in | | small or large lots. - 1 1 G. E. Spangler | lnHiiu..inii.iiHiiUHi.iuuu.i..n»uiunui.nnH.i.m.m..mHH«nu...i...nHi.iH.iiHiH..H..i..uu.i SPAPLRl

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