The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 ·· 1936 DRUG S T O R E Mail Orders Filled Same Day Received. Orders Amounting to $2.00 or Less, Add lOc For Postage. 13 North Federal Ave. Phone 909. 50c JERGEN'S L O T I O N with DISPENSER 29c ·· 500 POND'S T I S S U E S 4 ounces C L E N T O X Tooth Powder 19c ··i Full Pint K I T C H E N Hand Cream 33c mm SOc V E L U R E L O T I O N 34c 25c P E B E CO Tooth Paste 17e Full Pound CLEANSING C R E A M 33c 35c J U N I S C R E A M 25c HBB Full Pinf W I T C H H A Z E L 19c ·B 75 c P A C K E R ' S SCALPTONE 59c HBB Ntul Lari* 25C BARBASOL Shave Cream 17c mm Full Pint B A T H C O L O G N E 33c mm Box ot 12 K O T E X 18c 2 for 35c ' OUR TEA ROOM PRIDE... We tit proud of our Tea Room - the Food, the service «nd the prictl, and we (eel we are giving the people of'our com* munity a real Health Service. I You owe it to yourself and family loviiitourfea Room for Breakfast Lunch or Dinner, NeW PENCIL indicates when to refill. Bos of Er«er, 47' These Special* for Friday and Saturday. SAVE MORE AT No Sates to Dealer*. FORD HOPKINS Right to Limit Quantities. PURE DRUGS ootr LOW PRICE* 14 oz. Pure Glycerin 15c 4 oz. Castor Oil 19c 14 oi. Camphorated Oil S9cj 12 oz. Aromatic Catcara 19c| |4cz. Spirits of Camphor 39e| ] 2 oz. Oil of Wintergreen 17c| Full Pint Olive Oil 29c IS oz. Mustard Powder 13c I Pound Sodium Bicarbonate 19cl 4 oz. Rochelle Salts 19c I Full Pound Sulphur 16c| 1 oz. Saccharine 27c New Large I C U T E X P O L I S H 31c ·50c IPACQUJN'S CREAM 39c 55c i Lady Esther POWDER 37c ALARM CLOCKS Dependable,accurate decks in a variety of · shapes *nef finishes, j CANDY SPECIALS The Johnston ( C E L E B R A T I O N BOX Full Pound 50c Kitshenmade C H O C O L A T E S 39c 60c ROUGE INCARNAT 4!c 60c DRENE SHAMPOO 40c Walnut MANICURE SET 98c 1.50KOLOR-BAK 89c 35c NONSPI Deodorant 26c 35c FROSTILLA LOTION 29c 25c JOCUR WAVE SET 19c 60c LAVENA, FACIAL 44c 35c POND'S CREAMS 21 c F R E E 5 0 c A Q U A VELVA with William'* 35c SHAVE C R t A M 27c CLIP THIS COUPON · tnj get t B J B E A U T Y - GLO R 1 C O M P L E X I O N I ( AND B A B Y · HAIR BRUSH I FOR ONLY 8c CIGARS jCremo Cigars 3 for lOc [ROI TAN 25's 97c EMERSON 6 f o r 2 5 c J HARVESTER 6 for 25c |VanDyck32's6for25c I SAN ALTO 6 for 25c IvVHITEOWL 6for25c KlliED WITH VAPOR FUM» Step brtatbinc fork your W* rolrf ttnaj. TJm** *hal hipoenj when your note li Muffed snj you ean't Inhale cowl fresh tit. Bliit ooen thme iwtnht Pat an end to tfie misery *nd torment or in* pMkJot Midi, Spnntr.1t VAPEX on · hondkcrchief or tiillwv. Bmthe In the m«lk'itrd fumes. No tnciiy dropurr. Ka infernal mediln«. Vap« it ihe fleanest.jiwitt- MI. luttst ftllcf for he»d euUi*. t l V ·TM^(7n Priced low. Abwtuldj " f *-1 jj,',1 jiff ^-* Now You Can Wear FALSE TEETH With Real Comfort PASTEETH, a new, pleasant powfler keeps teelh firmly set. Deodorltet. No Kumrny. gooey, pasty tmie or ftellnp. To e*t and laugh in comfort last iprlnkl* i uttle PASTEETH on youi pi«te». BLACKHEADS PREVENTED BY O X Y G E N TfaoasandB who formerly suffered from muddy or tallow complexions and coajrse pores now rave a b o u t D I O X O C E N CREAM, Nature's own! beauttfler that contains Hfe-givlnfioiyscn, Black- beads and whlteheads are -. v^: ?*- ^ prevented. Open oores are ' · V N. qulckl|- refined, blscolo rat lone and lines are madft lees noticeable. The skin in kept soft, smooth -and full of life. Good for every type of skiff. Approved by'Good HousetcoplngBurcau.TrjH.Prlctd right, D10X06EN CREAR8 TEAROOM C H I C K E N D I N N E R It 1 ! really a King's Feast I There are no "extra*". The price includes deiert, beverage Everything. 25c FEENAMINT LAXATIVE G U M 14c Full Pint B A Y R U M After Shave 19c ·i 100 H I N K L E P I L L S 9c 60c M c C O Y S Cod Liver Oil Tablets. Full Pound Chemically Pure G L Y C E R I N 39c jmm 35c Grove's BROMO Q U I N I N E 19c Full Pint ERICKSEN'S Cod Liver Oil 37c White's M I L K O F MAGNESIA FULL PINT 19e 25c C A R T E R ' S P I L L S 17c 1.25 P E R U N A T O N I C 79c BBI Full Pint M I N E R A L O I L 19c m 60c PERTUSSIN Cough Syrup 49c H 1.00 GERMANIA HERB TEA 59c mm 100 A S P I R I N TABLETS 9c Lytle Says He Probably Will Run for Governor Sioux Cityan Expects to Seek Democrat Nomination. DES MOINES, (in--Charles F. Lytle, Sioux City contractor, in a statement issued here, announced he probabfy would be a candidate for the democratic nomination for governor, "if the demands of my private business permit." A prominent Iowa democratic leader,. Lytle was a candidate for the party's nomination for United States senator in 1932, Last summer he engaged in correspondence with Gov. Clyde Herring in behalf of the "graft" investigation in Woodbury county. Declaring that a candidate for public office should set forth in a public statement the principles on which he bases his candidacy and that these "should be a covenant between that official and the people," Lytle in his statement said: Observes Own Kule. "As I shall probably be a candidate for 'the office of governor of Iowa, if the demands of my private business permit, I ahall observe that rule myself." Lytle said there should be a constitutional amendment extending^ the term of governor to four years and making him ineligible to suo ceed himself or to be a candidate for any other office during his term. "This will enable any person, who is elected governor, to devote his whole time and energy to the duties of his office and the business of governing: the state instead of building political fences or political machines for re-election," he said. Use Every Means. "The governor of this state should and must use every means within his power to advance the interests of the farmers of this state and to hold all advantages gained thus far by them." The present sta te liquor control law, he said, should be repealed and one enacted "putting the sale of liquor in the hands of reputable, responsible private people who would be under the supervision of and report to both federal and state authorities. There should be a provision for local option." "Gambling, either in open gambling houses or by slot machines, is not only morally wrong but economically unsound, x x x The state laws should be strictly enforced against commercialized gambling in any form." Should Be Abolished. "The present state bureau of investigation should be abolished and a " new department established, whose members, like old-time Texas rangers, should be appointed on account of x x x their known integrity, ability and experience as law enforcement officers. "The law against nepotism should be strengthened and rigidly enforced." He said the only way to reduce taxes is to spend less, and that the state could follow this plan to the great advantage of the taxpayers except in cases of great emergency. CHARLES F. LYTLE. ALLISON COURT OPENING IS SET Judge Edwards ot Preside March 2, Trial Jurors Are Announced. ALLISON --District court will convene here March 2 with Judge M. F. Edwards of Parkersburg presiding-. Feb. 21 is the last day for filing. Grand jurors drawn to serve for the entire year of 1936 are: Theo Bauman, Clarksville; R. S. Sherwood, Parkersburg; Charles Deeming, Allison; John McWilliams, Bristow; W. W. Hesalroad, Greene: Harm Eckhoff, Aplington; Albert Schollock, Clarksville; H. S. Dye, Dumont; Frank Werner, Shell Rock; William Roraelfanger, Aplington: Dietrich Uhlenhopp, Kes- lev, and W. J. Harmon, New Hartford. Trial jurors to serve during the March term of court are: Jennie Dreyer, Aplington; Bess Fields. Clarksville; Helen Savage, Shell Rock; John G. Medmen, Parkersburg; H. A. OInistead, New Hartford; Otto Dreier, Greene; Lloyd Faber, Dumont; Mrs. John Richardson, Parkeraburg; Howard Stockdale, Austinville; M. F. Dilger, Shell Rock; Dick Lindaman, Ackley; William Fank, Parkersburg; Mrs. Roy C h r i s t e n s e n , Parkersburg; Mrs. Glen .Austin, Greene; Mrs. C. T. Stager, Greene; Rose Harrenstein, Greene; Bert Behrends. Ackley; A. N. Nabor, New Hartford; W. L. Thurber, Shell Rock; Mike Voy, Ackley; Virgil Smith, Clarksville: George S c h i e d e k e r , Clarksvilie: Pearl Wilcox. CJarltsvine: V. R. Shafer. Clarksville; Pearl Hart. Shell Rock; Mrs. John Neessen. Parkersburg: Ernest Avery, Shell Rock; Ernest Aswegan. Parkersburg; Victor Cross. Plainfield. and Herman Kollman, Greene. Decorah Farmers Plan Agriculture Campaign DECORAH--In spite of the subzero weather a large group of farmers met in the courthouse in Decorah to make plans for definite action in the name of agriculture. : roups were formed of the county minute men, the 4-H clubs and the Farm Bureau members. Discussions on various projects of the fanning ndustry were held and a future meeting where more definite steps will be taken to obtain support for the new agriculture program will be held soon. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thii Old Treatment Often Bring! H«ppy Relief Of Pain Many sufferers relieve nagging backache quickly, once they discover that the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are one of Nature's .chief ways of taking: the acids and Vaste oot of the blood. If they don't pass 3 pints a day and so fret rid of more than 3 pounds of -waste matter, your 15 miles of kidney tubes may need flushing. If you have trouble with frequent bladder passages with scanty amount ·which often smart and bum, the 15 miles of kidney tubes may need flush - ingr out This danger signal may be the beginning: of nagging- backache, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling-, puffiness under the eyes and dizziness. Don't -wait for serious trouble. Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS-which have been used successfully for over 40 years by millions of people. They give happy relief and will help flush out the 15 miles of kidney tubes. Get DOAN'S PILLS-. Some Sideroads Near Swea City May Not Be Opened Before Spring SWEA CITY--Some sideroads, which had been shoveled out two or three times, are now impassable and there is 'no hope of getting them shoveled out much before spring as the banks on the sides are now 15 feet high with cuts drifted full. Rural mail carriers are walking and in some instances mailboxes are under three feet of snow. The pheasants are suffering the worst of the season this far as all feeding places are buried in snow. Local sportsmen were assisting and farmers have taken what birds they could find and placed them In their barns. It is hard to estimate now to what extent this blizzard has killed wild bird life here. Dr. E. C. Martin Successor to Dr. J. D. Reeler CHIROPODIST 316 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. Ph. 331 S U I T S are /-\ ^ following the Best Tradition of Mannish Styles Some Models phasize (he Shaped Waistline w i t h Squared Shoulder* Of courseyourchoie* is not restricted to tailored suits. We show (and Fashion approves) the terni- ninizedtailleur, boxy modes and cape suits. In Oxford grey, navy or your favorite -·slor. Examine thernl r I \ I 1 Sale/ of DaffodilDresses ... A REAL SCOOP. These frocks are the latest Spring styles--smart designs in the newest colors. Attractive new trims and style details. You'll want several at this unbelievable price. All sizes--14 to 52 Comprtitivc Vaudeville, High School Auditorium, Tuesday, Foh. IS

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