The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 10, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1913
Page 3
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Oct. 10. -- One of :he most signal honors ever paid to Philadel, pb:a nnaaclal institutions was eoa- j lerred by ike American Bankers" as-j MR, TOWER IS SUED BY HIS-SON'S WIFE soeiation here whea, assembled in a. Former Ambassador is Charged! · With-Alienation. a charge that unfair tactics were used by counsel for the board of managers, and a picture of V governor as a man of integrity, bu ^oor business ability, marked the first of the final arguments in the impeachment trial, delivered by Louis A. Marsha!!. Most of Mr. Marshall's address centered about the "money article" ia the impeachment charges, one, two and sis. These charge -larceny, ia that he converted to his own use moneys contributed for -bis campajgn, aad perjury, in that he gave a false affidavit ia support o£ an inaccurate campaign statement. Mr. Marshall said no larceny existed, because the_ money canse into Sulzer"s hands legally, and that the charge of perjury was groundless because the law never required an. aSdavit to a campaign statement. x Further, he argued, the governor tSbught the statement correct when he sfgned it- Peck's testimony that he was asked by the governor to deny a $500 campaign contribution under oath was -termed a "brazen invention." The attorney poised ou that Peck's department--he. Is _ superintendent of public works--had been under investigation and that "irregularities of a seriojis nature" had been found. _ Peck had -a strong -motive for In- venucg such a conversation as teat tc which he has testified." he declared, '"because it would enable -aim to aid in the destruction- ot the mas who had set In motion the investigation which threatened not only the office ·which he held, but his very liberty. In speaking "of 'the governors Door business ability,'Mr. Marshall pointed out that many statesmen ·· had been poor fiananciers--notably --President McKinleyoand Daniel "Webster--and have depended, on the gifts of friends f -H a5; through suasion and threats Mr.j The address of Mr. Hill showed that In Your Home convention representing every cny in the United States, "\Yilliam A. Lav,-,' first vice president of the First National bank, ot Philadelphia, was elected first vice president of the organization. Arthur Reynolds, president of the Des Moines National bank, Iowa, was promoted from vice president 10 president of the body. Both elections were unanimous. The election by the Pennsylvania Bankers' association of B. M. Marlia, treasurer of the Union Banking and j Trust company, of Dubois. as the Key-1 stone State representative :n the ex-j ecutive council, aad t oi Charles H. j Dickerman, president of the First Xa-j tional bank, of Milton, a vice pres:-[ dent for Pennsylvania, were approved.: The committee of country bankers! Philadelphia, Oct. 10.--Charlemagne Tower, former, ambassador to Ge: many, is .made defendant in a suit! Pennsylvania is represented by David. filed by Mrs. Georgeanna Tower, ask-! Barry, of Johnstown.-; ;e complered arrangements to appear be-1 r-; fore ihe senate committe on Monday. · isg damages for alleged alienation of Objections of the bankers of the country to the proposed Owens-Glass currency bill were emphasized by ' the affections of Charlemagne Tower. Jr.;- the iwenty-six-year-o!d son of the former diplomat. The suit- comes as a peatec reports current that young Tower had been married j had more to do wiih agriculture than '_ James J. Hill, head of the Great Xorth- } a climax to re-! era and Northern Pacific Railroad com- { iaT?*ri!adelpaia| panles. The subject of Mr. Hill's paper j ' while a student at Yale, and repeated denials by his parents aad himself oi the marriage. The suit was filed by Harry D. Y.'est- cott, counsel for .the younger Mrs. ·· ceived frith, prolonged applause. finance, but he quickly launched into j a dozen of the propose-1 monetary | changes and his criticism of the bill! s forceful and emphatic. It was re- | Without One Cent's Cost All you need, to secure this wonderful li-piece Xucut Glass Service Set,--which is as handsome as it is serviceable--are 50 B. T. Babbitt's TrademarKs One Babbitt Trademark conies with each of B. T. Babbitt's famous products--three of which are pictured below. If you use Babbitt's, you alreadyknow of their economy and many uses. If you don't, one trial only Is needed to convince you that Babbitt's Is best all the time. This offer is for a limited time only, so start to save Babbitt's trademarks today. When you have 50. take them to Your Grocer or the next nearest one. j£r. Hill criticised. the present bill j "too socialistic to suit the as heir-; s Tcwer, who is hoarding with her mother. Mrs. Geor;;e A. Burdlck. at 115 South home ctist street- j in several of the impromptu addresses. The statement of claims is purely! 3r r , Hill's statement showed that suca- formal, alleging the marriage of the; a view of the measure is not confined young persons, aad setting- fo-th| solely TO bankers. Twentieth street. Mr. Towers; temper of the American people."' Reis wich his parents at 1313 LO-! --arks of a similar nature were made and PUBLIC SALE OF LUMBER AXD "WOOD Oa -Tuesday, October 21,1913. The undersigned will sell onjhe Alex Him es farm, now'owned by "VFflC-J.acphs. In Reading · townsh|pj^cn road' leading from Heldtersb.nrg tojiamptpn.", thejoli- -^f t i U f T=i=.- ,lli-_lv-" -.~- ~- · tO 20 feepMB iSrds Sfi"li5t%r55k^anfi- hickory- S1 VTood ? "C«t 12 inches lonjr t " 23 acres of uncur. tree top^ in lots to "Suit purchasers, chips," chunks and' saw dust. The ri^hr to 'remove the timber is riven to April I. 1915.'Sale to begin at 1 o'clock P.M. !0 days "credit-on all sums_of S-5 and over, notes'being given with" approved Eecurity. J. A J. M. Caldwell. Anct- P. A. Miller/ Gierkl PUBLIC SALE THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23,1913. The ondcrsigned-intendinK to - quit the breadvbnsiness and so Wert. will sell his entire, butnt" ivTublic Sale in East Berlin. Pa., at the sq-aare. viz: Four Good Work Horses consisting of 1 black horse S years old, hard 'to beat for traveling or any other work: i sorrel mare 9 years old. a number one roadster; 1 black mare,' -5 Tears old, a fine driver; 1 gray mare 8 years old, and with foal to Norman E.ngfs Coach horse. These horses are safe for women and children to drive and work to aid them- AltorTB- Parker, in opening for the j prosecution. Took, up the statement of ; election expenses Sie*d by Sulzer. On: the race of "it, "hV saic?"t" appeared as if Mr. Sulzer had expended some |2GOO out oT his own pocket. "That statemenV-continuedJMr. Parker, ""nre claim to be untrue."' and he ·went on to" tell how Suizer ed the difieremxconiributiOHS. Mr. Parker scored, the testimony of Louis A--Sarecky and called Sarecky "a worthless character."' "'The first thing they tried to do through Sarecky," he said, "was to challenge the makiag of the affidavit- The next task imposed oa Sarecky was to oersaade this court that Sulzer himself, d^d not knoV the contents of the statement when he signed it." "When ·William Suizer signed That statement," declared 3Ir. Parker, "he knew it was not xrue."' ~ ?"§ - Mr. Parker-'declared that the assembly managers had shown that at least $57,400 in cash and checks, which had been collected by Governor Sulzer, fpjk-JgOAi^^AUSES'-'. CANCER, British Scientist ! Says It'boes Not'Ex- - ~- ist V/here Other Fuel !s Usecf;- London, Oct. 10. -- The conclusion reached by CbarFes E. Green, of i-oin- burgh. that there is a disiiact relation between the occurrence of cancer and tne kind ,of fuel used for domestic purposes was accepted as decisive by Tower has been induced to leave hisj the business men of the country are wife and to refuse to recognize her as_ awakening to the full meaning of the such. - ~" j oill as now drafted aad protests by Mrs. Tower was Georgeaana Bur-j business men's associations and trade aick. snore widely known among her: bodies may "be erpected'to follow the friends by .the'narde of "Dlsie,"' be-! action of the AmericanTSankers" as- eause of her pronounced southern ac-} soclavioa. which placed itself on rec- cent. The marriage, according to Mrs.: O ra as beiE; Tower, was performed at the home off her mother. 28 "Whaliey avenue. ^ Haven, Coan_ on June ~. 1911. opposed to the present jlr. Hill also drew attention to the fact that national banks cannot be forced, into the proposed reserve system anc that a remedy lay in surren- BOOKS BY PARCEL POST deriag their national charters and op- eraiing under state laws. "It is clear that the advantage- of j the title "national' is about: balanced l n ' K-- r».o restrictions that accompany It/' Ir. Hill. "'Tighten those Hmita- Intarstate Commission Gives Until Oct. 20 For Statements to Be Fited. "Washington: Oct. 10.--Changes ^, _ _, the postal rates to admit books and j ^.^ printed matter to the parcel post nave | ^^ 5ncrease t - aose burdens and been submitted by Postmaster General s . hero i= TeM danse _ that ma r,y or Burleson to the interstate commerce j ^^^0-of ^g national oankc would commission. i feel it aue to - ~h Q i T st ockliOiders and depositors to refuse to enter-The-new The commission has oraeied an in- associatloa. surrender t cnarters instead and operate under state laws. "If this should capr.eii because con- vestigatfon and nas given until Oct. 20 for filing statements or requests bearing ujion tae Question, it is aoTT ini^j probable tae conimisslon may hold a j a U = o n s are ma ne too onerous for ac- publie hearing. - - ceptance. not oniy mcst a pian based - ~ i upon tae assamotioa of their co-oper- ^RlDE^OQMJTYPHOiD VICTIM j j^^^^^-^-^J 3 Babbitt's Products Made by B. T. Babbitt, Inc.. New York. BJBabbitfs 97761 SOAPPOWDER te SHERIFFS SALE In. Pursuance of a Writ .of S._issalng oiit of the Court o: Peekman's Realty stree Adams Co. Fa. r the following Personal Property, viz: Pr. tinner's square shears. Z ^ nab.- round stakes. 2 3a£ stakes. 1 aouo'e seaming stake, iron vice. 4 burren nia- seaniing chines, crimper, brake. iwedge rolling machine, machine. ^l\f » C *J1JU« »Ji.ft*.vw^ -- " ----- Z7 ^ double seaming machine, machine j.or roFling tin roofin 10 pr. r __.,,-- ,, °t Shrewd Investors are buying farms no?-- while prices of land are still low. Common ^leas of Adams County, and, Evervthnur ooints to h!gher~trices In the future. Eastern fanners are no ' ^ ~ ' ~" ' to compete with cheap western lands. The open ranges ana ,, the western states and territories where cheap meat, corn __ uroduced for 'the consumption of the thickly populated easfe- ni« place of business on Carlisle ern ^tates and for p:j?0ri: are a thing: of the past The eastern "farmer ^who · aet. ia the borough of Gettysburg. has -}, e advantage o fVne best markets in the world Is coming Into- his own again. Farms In the xvest that sold for a few dollars per acre a snort time ago, now bring more than well improved eastern farms. Our population _is increasing at the rate of a million a year-ana the supply of land is stationary. This is one of the main reasons why land has been Increasing In value lor the last five or ten years. And. as long as Improved farms In Adams county can be boueht for less Ir. many cases than the cost of the improvements there- en no one should look for land to come down In price. Those who wait for ced In our hands to sell- Many bought at prices which ^ __ lower prices will wait In vain. ,^o- 3 ° 2 hand seanYers. 2 pr. double j^ large number of good farms have been plac seara^s "2 soldering stoves, 6 small o f -faem are bargains right now. They can all be stakes of different kinds, 2 pr. bench " ma ke you monev in a few years by holding them and maiung some improve- shears IS soldering Irons, folding ma-· ments ; Gcrae to see us and we will take pleasure in giving you details about cblr"* lot of conductor hooks, ham-1 anv farm on our list- You nay no more when buying- through our agency rae»-T mallets, compass saws., braces j than'when buying from 'die owners direct and you are sure of gettir.g'a good m^al lathing-. 110 ft. galvanized forte barn and all other necessary close to scnc-ol. (rou"d) snouting, 40 ft. square -gal- s'.ore and onlv 2 J ,~ miles from Emmitsbarg. This is a good vanlzed scouring. 100 ft. galvanized j vestment or on the other hand you can easily go debt ana pay lor it churches and farm for in- Aiicntown Man Succumbs to Disease] with it distrust, disturbance and niore, Soon After Wedding. j than a probability of a monetary crisis Ailentown. Pa., Oct. 10.--John J- V. \ and great business depression." George, twenty-one years, old. a bride- j groom of six weeks, is the first victim j of the typhoid epidemic that broke out i at Failerton a fortnight ago. j He married Ruth. Davies, daughter] Mr. and Xrs. Gwilym Davies. iaj NEW TROTTING RECORD sn Goes sra-ter sn'outinsr. aO ft. (more or less) "Em gutter snouting. 12 square conductor Ttlpe elbows, lot of % men rubber ho^e 32 mitres. 15 stove trucks (more or less), 2 registers. -5 oread toasters. lot of stove pipe of all kir.ds. of cook pots- cake stove grates and bricksl se'c of scales, safe. desk. 1-3 coffee pots. 25 buckets. 11 frying pans. 5 irater sprinklers. 3 dish pans. S potato mashers. 2 doz. pie plates (more j _ ^ _-^ - - 1_ r__1.1 --. ~ · ft r\v~e**i -- hardly been es- a Mile In 14 ington, Ky. at Lex- Ky.. Oct. 10- -- Ualan- 05- Charles Tanner and paced ·with. Good Top Wagons sellable for bread or other business. S-are ,nearly jie-sr and all have storm fronts; new rubber tire -Jenny Llnd, good surrey and pole, newlyfcushfoned and painted lotv down Tagbn. light spring wagon, bob sled, set new runners for surrey or bread wagon. Farm Machinery and Harness consisting of I Oliver Chilled plow, spring tooth "harrow, land roller can be taken apart, roller Is In 4 parts, single shovel plo-sv, wheelbarrow, home ma ·· ·· . _ 3 _ rr/\ _ n -.^rr* *·»*^-^\ ·*ay\rt TTT iac mate, trottea a mile nere a new world's record. Found Glriity-of Murder. Tv'est Chester, Pa., Oct-10.--Thomas ~L Furlong, who killed his wife"at Ber- wya issr Ar-gnst. -sras found guilty of murder in the secuud degree. Accusing new 2OIES wnen ne;^;-= v Sir TViiliara said iavestogatios had j was attacked by tae fever. He was a; ] JV a ^^1 shown tha't cancer was limitea to those ! raannfaeturer of electrical appliances. 1 j- i.5i«.».: areas where coal was the staple fuel, j The former record was 1-S, mace while it wasalaiost non-existent where Wi'son to Blow Up Cans! Dike. j by TJhsan at tnis track on Oct. S, 1912- ordinary peat aione was used. TVashjnsrcn. Oct. 10. -- President j "R-ilscr. v.-i'.I press a button today which · will make a ccr.ection that will ignite. 15.000 Germans March, the blast blowin; up the Gamboa dike 3tL Lfluls. Oct. 10.--The climax In in the Parana canal and remove tae j tJie f est i^-ines coffiTaemorating the lib- last obstruction ia the Cule^ra cat j erat 5 oa o f T he Germans from the power Merryers ti tae cabinet arsa congress- o = x bis wife of shooting aim ana then f wjli ^,e present. The president committing. suicide, Furlong went oa the staad waea Ms trial opened, his sole witness, with a defense the reverse of the ^wife murder accusation him. The one fiaw ~.n his tale his inability to explain how Mrs. Uirough the meiiam of xhe telesrap'a! caES fj-r in. I'.'O years ago. was reaeh- 15.000 Germaii-Asieri- all pans of the country join- aad cable lines, throw a switch at P^n-; e g j n a great torchlight parade through aaia watch wi,! touch oS the blast- Fvrloas -shot/aerseii beMnd the left ear. the business section of the city. Sixteen bar.cs of nixisic and all .the military orsa^ 23 ^' 0115 ' n ^~ ne c ^" Coined the Gennan-Aniericaiis in this final demonstration. ^**. u^jA-vt ...*»,-... c» ^ ^ ^ ,-.»-·» J- -^ TT T * l poles, double- and single cregs;. -iorks, rakes, shovels and chains,., miadle rings, etc7r2 sets light double narness; 2 sets single' harness, collars and bridles, flynets, lines, halters, etc. Household and Store Goods consist- Ing of cook stove, iron kettle, washing machine, 2 bed steads, desk, table, chairs, sink, buckets, jars, screen doors, counter, 2 show cases, 2 bread cupboards, 2 counter scales, 1 a plai,- f orm scale and many other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to begin at 12 o'clock sharp. A credit will be given. Everybody cordially invited. Come one. come all. J. B. MARTIN. Dan Mummer'c, Anct. P. G: Smith, Clfc, ··-, Admits Killing Stepfather. " Des Moines. Ia.'. Oct. 10--William M. Straigt. twenty-seven years old, shot and -.killed h:s stepfather, Clarence Griam). thirty-eight years old. Straigt Tokio, Oct. lold the police that his* Stepfather had i S5 3ra, former ariyen him from the house and when he returned Grimm was choking his wife. Siraisht_said he then.procured a shotgun and fired on Grimin. Robbsrs Kill Policeman. Salisbury* Mass..' Oct. 10.---TV. W. Heath, a policeman^ was shot and killed by one of five men whom he had discovered in the act of robbing the nostoffice. Th men p?*anpfi THE late Dr. C. M. Stock's clerical library \vill be offered for Inspection and sale in a room of St. James Lutheran ChurclvGettysHurg, during the meeting of West Pennsylvania Synod, October 13--15th.--advertisement Four Strikers KUied fay Guards, Trialdad. Colo_ Oct. 10.--Four coal Canned Campaign Speeches- Tork. Oct- 10.--John Purroy Mitchell, fr.sion nominee for mayor, had to give UP speaking because hisj voice save way. To meet emergencies i phonograph records of his speeches! are to be made. j ; I nsine strikers were killed in a battle Marquis Katsura Dying. ] between guards and miners at cY. 10.--Marqnis Taro Kat- ] j^udiow. The fight is said to have prime minister of war! started when strikers fired on an auto- for Japan, sank rapidly and fears are; mobile loaded with employes of the entertained that he "wili not survive' Victor-American Fuel company. another day. He is ill of a complication j of diseases, which have affected his j brain. ! Messina Rocked fay Earthquake. ! Messina, Oct. 10.--A strong earth- Gets $10,000.000 In Art. i quake shock, lasting twelve seconds, York, Oct 10.--The $10,000.000 occurred here and caused considerable art collection of Benjamin Altman. the panic just at the time when the Amer- department store merchant, will go to ican Red Cross Orphanage was being the city by the terms of his will, opened at Palmi. Price §5000. . 124 acres In Liberty township, eranitc soil, nne bank barn, ana excellent stone house, running water to buiidinirs. two public roads, this Is a bargain sr.d would make a fine fruit farm as the soil and land is suitable. The pries :s oniv S5500. and there are IS acres of oak timber. If you intend to buy at all, do not fail to ask about our list. Hunk St. Peekman, Ofnce In Masonic Building, Gettysburg. Pa. or less). 13 pipe thimbles, iO orea^ dishes, lot of craters, truck. G parent chimney tons, stove board., spring, ar.a all other personal property beiopg.n.e; to the defendant not herein mentionea. Seized and taken into execution as the property of Gco. C. Gotcwslc. and to be sold bv me. ._ G R- THOMPSON- Snenit. SherliFs Office, Gettysburg. Pa.. October 5th, 1913. PRIVATE SALE Private Sale of a Valuable Farm The undersigned will sell at his residence 1 mile South of Barlow, at Centenial Hall school house _ 66 acres more or less. Improved with a si" room dwelling house and pantry sum- me 1 - house, large v.-ash house, gooa barn ragon shed, good bugtry house. large hoc ier. wood house, hen house. 2 wells of v--ater, one at house, one a: bam with vrlr.d wheel. 75 barrel astern, water piped to all necessary ·""PHJbRE are other sweepers 1 that have permanent brush attachment but there is no sweeper \ve know of beside iiie Model "S" that ^has a REAL Carpet Sweeper running in combination with the vacuum cleaner. This is a feature that even' housewife has been looking for. She has insisted that she hax-e something to pick up every particle of lint, hairs, threads, matches, etc.-and the ordinary vacuum cleaner has not accomplished this. Gettysburg Department Store Clvio Clearing House, The improvement clnbs of San An.- Matrimony! There Is a man whose "wife makes tonlo. TC.Y., have established a civic aim get up so often to hunt burglars clearing hon^e to constitute a common' that he says he Is going to let her get a ^ meeting plncc for .nil such organJza-! divorce and marry a night jratchman, Grai j 0 r Optics/20 Pomlcrt Sc.,Carlislc tions'and to fosier civic pride. . ^-J has been hauled one year a^o. farm is under good feMOT-. race ieye! land. Anvbodv wishine to v:ew _ trsis farm call on ,T. W. ressfiinj thereon. United Phone No- 26K. Xo 2.11 acre :or, stood 7 room house recently painted, crood summer_house.] !ar°-e stable, cood busrtry sned wi-.nj ""--- srood chicken house,! e in G o i t j fe b 11 r every Tuesday; a t P e n r o s c Myers' Jewelry Store. HATS FALL 1YTXTEE Shoes Rubbers C. B. KITZMILLER, Store open until S p. vn. IL.

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