The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

SIX MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 ·§ 1936 Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 HELEN HENDRICKS, News Editor LEE DEWIGGINS, Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 310-W Residence Phone 67 BOOK REVIEWED FOR LADIES AID Lincoln Day Dinner Servec to Congregational Congregation. .CLEAR LAKE -- Mrs. Edward Huntting reviewed the book, "The Green Light," by L. C. Douglas before members of the Congregational Ladies' Aid society Wednesday afternoon. It is a novel in which Dean Harcourt, a minister, is the principal figure. His influence in setting his people on the right path is felt widely. "The Green Light," which was released late in the year 1935 was a best seller and was more in demand in November than any other book. Critics believe it is Mr. Douglas' most popular release. The group also held a sing-fest in which a number of the southern melodies by Stephen Foster and other songs popular in, Abraham. Lincoln's day were sung. The program was arranged by the Pilgrim circle, No. 5, headed by Mrs. A. B. Phillips. Mrs. H. E. Blough led the devotions on the ·'Religion Inspiration of Success." Circle No. 1 served the Lincoln day dinner. Mrs. Guy Wisgerhof is chairman of this group, Mrs. R. R. Rogers, vice president; Mrs. George Frost, secretary, and Mrs. C. A. Pitsor, treasurer. About 28 were seated at the birthday table for persons with birthdays in either January or February. Valentine decorations were carried out for the tables. Clear Lake Briefs Mitchell Radio moved across the street from Mirror Office, Phone 53. Purd Tompkins farm sale, Garner, dated for Sat., Feb. 15, 1 p. m. Let us save you money on Insurance. Cerro Gordo Loan and Investment Co., Clear Lake. Mrs. K. T. Bush, West Main street, has returned from Plover where she spent the week-end with Mr. Bush's parents. Mrs. Kate Glasier, South Fourth street, is confined to her home with illness. Frank Trager, South Second street, resumed .his work on .the x.railroafl. out of Hampton after-laying off several days at home 'because of the blocked' roads. Berriie Knudsen, manager of the Diamond grocery, is spending several days at home because of a back injury. Kenneth Gordon has accepted a nosition in the John Deere Plow company at Waterloo. His wife who is now in Clear Lake will pin him at Waterloo next week. Mr. and Mrs. C. A: Knutson were expected to return Thursday from attending tie Iowa Retail Hardware . convention at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Rule plan to move Friday .to .their new home at Bellevue. , Mrs. J-. E. Brown is confined to her home on North. Second street by illness. · · Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hill and daughter, Donna Louise, returned to Clear Lake .from San Diego. Cal., where Mr. Hill recently completed a four year enlistment at the TJ. S. naval base. He is the son of Mrs. Cora Hill; West Main street. , SIMPLE SIMON S MET A PIEMAN "* AND ORDERED THREE OR FOUR; HE NOW EATS TUMS WHEN HEARTBURN COMES ... DON'T SUFFER ANY MOREI SfopSAYIN©"NO" TO FAVORITE FOODS K isn't ody pie that disagrees with some jeople. Many say that even milk raves them 3 gassy stomach. The very best foods may bring on acid indigestion, sour stomach, gas, heartburn. Millions have found that Turns quickly relieve acid indigestion. Munch 3 or 4 after meals or whenever smoking, hasty eatine, last night's party, or some other cause brings on add indigestion. Turns contain no harsH alkalies, which physicians have said may - m« crease the tendency toward acid indigestion. Instead an antacid which neutralizes stomach acid, but never over-alkalizes the stomach or blood. YonTI like their minty taste. Only lOe. FOR THE TUMMY Hi-De-Ho Band CLEAR LAKE--"Cab" Calloway and his Cotton Club nationally known Negro orchestra will appear in person for the second engagement within the year at the Surf ballroom in Clear Lake Wednesday night, Feb. 19. Calloway and his boys have just completed a picture in Hollywood and are enroute to New York City for an engagement. The advance ticket sale for this dance closes Monday night, according to Manager C. J. Fox. SERVICES HELD FOR MISS COLBY The Rev. Stenby Officiates at Rites for Former Lake Resident. CLEAR LAKE--Funeral services for Miss Julia Colby, 63, a former ake resident, were held Thursday afternoon at the Ward funeral home, the Rev. S. M. Stenby officiating. Burial was made in the Clear Lake cemetery. · · Miss Colby died at St. Peter, Minn., hospital following an illness »f six months. She had spent the iast few years with her brother, Vill Colby of Minneapolis, but irior to 'that time had been working: . Miss Hannah Schoncood sang a iolo to her own accompaniment. 3 allbearers were John Hodnefield, "ohn Osnes, John Johnson, Ed Stork, jewis Amundson and Will Rich. Among the out-of-town relatives attending were Miss Lillian Hodne- ield, Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. toward O'Leary, French and Neal Colby of Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hodnefield, Owatonna, Minn., were also expected to attend the services. She was a sister-in-law of !ver Hodnefield, East Main street. Clear Lake Calendar Friday--Circle No. 3 of M. E. Aid at 'Mrs. E. E. Chappeil home, North Fourth street, Mrs. J. T. Galford and Mrs. J. E. Gifford assisting hostesses, 2:30. Deborah circle of Zion Lutheran church at Mrs. Peter Anderson home, North Fifth street, 2:30, Valentine exchange. Star club at Mrs. J. A. Cobb home, 300 Jefferson street. Mixed, dance at Surf ballroom, Kelly's orchestra playing. Christian Workers at Mrs. T. L. Sears home, Clara street. Saturday--Dance at Surf ballroom, Court Hussey playing. Singing Village Unit to Formulate Plans CLEAR LAKE--The committee o arrange the necessary details for he Singing Village at the M. E. amp next summer will gather at Cedar Rapids Friday. Director lario Cappelli will be in attendance, 'lans are being made to incorpor- te the; Singing Village this year. :. B. Stillman has been obtained as onsul. v TUMS ARE ' ANTACID..,. GDTAUXATIVE, PARK THEATRE Tonight and Friday "The Virginians" A PARAMOUNT picture with Gary Cooper, Walter Huston, Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. Admission lOc and IGc. SATURDAY and SUNDAY--A Warner Brothers picture, "SUSS PACIFIC FLEET" with Joan BlondeU, Glenda Farrell. GOITRE NOT A DISEASE Milwaukee, Wis.--It was been brought to light by scientific research that goitre is not a disease and is not to be treated as such. Dr. A. A. Rock, Dept. 866, Box 737, Milwaukee, Wis., a prominent goitre specialist for over 30 years has perfected a different method of treatment which has proven highly successful. He is opposed to needless operations. Dr. Rock has published a copyrighted book at his own expense which tells about goitre and this treatment. He will send this book free to anyone interested. Write him today. LINCOLN THEME FOR CLUB TALKS Dr. Riner Speaks on Human Side of Abraham Lincoln's Life. CLEAR LAKE--Dr. B. W. Riner, pastor of the Methodist church, presented a discourse on "Lincoln, the Human Being," before the Lions club Wednesday noon and the Rotary club Thursday noon in observance of the birthday of this great man. "At the head of every great epoch stands a great man," he said. "Greece had Alexander the Great, Rome her Pompeii, Germany her Frederick the Great, France her Napoleon, England her Wallington, but for different reasons, America has her Lincoln. "Every great man is a mystery. Abraham Lincoln stands in history today asa silent mystery, so simple, humble, human, yet 50 divine, sublime ana mysterious. He belongs to the world. Great in Power.. "In various stages of history we meet many men who have been great in intellect, poetic genius, military power and political glory, but far too often the great are not great as human beings. Hannibal, Alexander the Great. Napoleon,. David Hume, Lord Byron, were all great men, great with the pen and with the sword, but unattractive as human beings, lacking something that endeared them to the hearts of men. "But there is another class of men through whose greatness there streams . humanity, similar to sunshine flowing through the atmosphere. "Socrates and Dante and Michael Angelo achieved greatness but along with their genius went something greater, the appeal of human being to human being, sympathy, human touch and silent mystery. To this class belongs Abraham Lincoln. Great in political sagacity, in power to say the right thing at the right time, intuitive knowledge of men, in his command of his affections and the confidences of the American people, yet through all these forms pf greatness there , appears something greater, Lincoln the human being. Lincoln standing in the light of his own unique .'career, Lincoln himself the great wonder, the endless-fascination, the silent mystery. Cradled in Woods. "Bom in a log cabin in the back woods on South Fork of Nolan creek, cradled in the wilderness, it has been said, 'God built his home close to the ground so that his soul might dwell in the stars.' 'A wonderful mother was Nancy Hanks Lincoln. When in the grip of malaria contracted while nursing, an aunt and uncle she said to her husband, 'Abe may not sing as I can, but it may be that he will make others sing.' Calling Abg she said, 'Be something.'. And she had said, 'I would rather my son would be able to read the Bible than own a farm, if he could have but one.' when she passed away leaving Lincoln a lad of nine. No wonder he "said. 'All I am or hope to be I owe to my sainted mother.' "Educated, yes but with short school terms. He mastered Easops Fables, Shakespeare, Life of Washington and Pilgrim's Progress. A hunger for knowledge, a consecrated intelligence made him a truly educated man. Used Tact. "As a human being- he was successful. This phase of his life is well illustrated when we consider his statesmanship. He had a true political sagacity. But this sagacity grew out of his character as a hu- nan being. Two of his great say- ngs will suffice to show this truth. Je said he believed a majority of the people were honest, a fact which grew out of his own honesty. 'You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.' was a great fact serving as a breakwater inside of whicli he anchored the truth of his statesm; · ship. Another occasion when the Dred Scott decision of 1857 seemed to give slavery a great boost and under the guise of democracy make an otherwise viscious practice look legal and fine, Lincoln made just one statement that struck fire, You cannot repeal human nature.' He became the champion of the masses and finally won out. "His simple and direct style also tells the story of his character as a human (being. His speeches were classics of simplicity and economy of words, direct and swift as arrows. "He saw a little comedy in the midst of tragedy, seeing the little things as small things and the big ones in the just proportion. From the white house in the dargest days came beams of light and cheer." Post office Copes With Heavy Mail Rock Island Stop Delays Delivery to Mason City. Although the volume of mail handled at the Mason City postof- fice has been heavy since early Tuesday when the first trains came through after the blizzard, postal officials here stated Thursday that it had been unnecessary to employ any of the substitute carriers 01 clerks. Work has proceeded along the usual routine except for the dispatching of a truck to Manly Wednesday afternoon to get a quantity of mail destined for Mason City which would otherwise have been routed through Nora Springs Junction and would not have reached Mason City until late Wednesday night. Mail from Des Moines which under normal conditions would have been delivered during the day Thursday would not be delivered until Friday, postal authorities said, due to the fact that Rock Island trains No. 17 and No. 59 were not scheduled to arrive here until 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, several hours late. KIWANIANS GIVE PARTY TO WIVES Combination of Sentiment and Humor Presented in Program. Sentiment and humor were com bined in a program presented at the Valentine party of the Kiwanis club for the Kiwaniqueens Thursday noon in the Wedgefoom of Hotel Hanford. The program was furnished by the Kiwaniqueens. Community singing during lunch was led by Mrs. R. F. Kunz. This was followed by presentation of Valentines to the Kiwaniqueens from the Kiwanians. Apparently some of the Kiwanians were of the opinion that their Valentines would be placed in a sack and distributed promiscuously among the Kiwani- queens. However, each member presented his Valentine--and some of them were of a humorous nature-- io his wife, which resulted in some .aughable situations. Musical Numbers Given. Two musical numbers were presented. These were a clarinet solo, by Bob Servison, accompanied by Barbara Scott and an euphonium solo by Harold Raizes, accompanied by Ruth Buehler. 'Valentines of a sarcastic nature addressed to several of those present were read, with the presentation made by Mrs. Herbert Barclay. Mrs. Axel Johnson was in .charge of the program and Mrs. Harvey Major introduced the musical numbers. F. M. Humphrey, president of the Kiwanis club, opened and closed the session. Serve on Committee. The Kiwaniqueen committee in charge of the party consisted of Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Major, Mrs. Barclay, Mrs. Scott Smith and Mrs. Russell Currier. Guests were Miss Rosamond Webster and Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Pat' terson. St. Paul Trucker Fined $10, Costs J. A. Phoc, St. Paul truck operator, was fined ?10 .and costs Thursday by Justice of Peace Roe Thompson, on a charge of violation of the state insurance law. Information was filed by A. J. Reisdorf, inspector for the railroad commission. Lutheran Father and Son Banquet Cancelled CLEAR LAKE--The Father and Son banquet planned for Tuesday at the Zion Lutheran church has been cancelled. The. regular meeting of the men's brotherhood will be .eld on that night.. Iowa Mines Strive to Meet Mounting Demands for Coal With dozens of communities short of fuel because of the unprecedented cold spell, Iowa mines are working at top speed in an attempt to prevent suffering. They arc handicapped, however, by the fact that there isn't room in many of the mines for extra crews to work. The upper photo shows workmen rushing freshly mined coal out of a shaft at Scandia. In the picture at the side is a Scandia miner breaking coal loose from the vein. (Iowa Daily Press Photos) ·Mrs. B. Clary, 114 South Oak street, was called to Fairabult, Minn., where Mr. Clary is confined to a hospital by illness. 1 A I/ C THEATRE E» f\ I\ E Clear Lake TODAY (Thursday) "THE THIN MAN" Adults 16c Children lOc Friday - Saturday Double Feature Program "The, Old Homestead" Also "Sequoia" Surprised on Birthday. KENSETT--A number of friends of Mrs. Ralph Colby went to the Gehart Knudson home and gave her a surprise, the occasion 'being her birthday. Some nice gifts were left as a reminder of the day. NOT ROOM FOR EXTRA MINERS 2,000 Idle Could Not Be Put to Work Overnight, Says Clarkson. By GEORGE MILLS. (Iowa Daily Press Bureau) DES MOINES--Iowa's 2,000 idle miners could not possibly be thrown nto the breach over night, general- y speaking, to step up coal production during this emergency, according to Phil R. Clarkson, secretary of the state mine inspectors. There just isn't room for them. Clarkson, while not declaring that 'lack of room in the mine rooms" was the only factor which has re-^ lulled in a serious coal shortage in Iowa, declared that lack of pre-season development work by coal operators made it more or less im- jractical to increase most mine working forces. Past Winters Mild. Mild winters in the last several years have made it unnecessary to widely expand development work during the summer months, he pointed out. Thus, when the shortage became acute, operators in many cases were not in position to expand production and to add miners to their forces. Development- work consists of driving new mine entries off which rooms may be developed. Most Iowa mines are worked by 'rooms" off the main tunnel, he explained. Each room is worked out by two miners, and it is impractical to attempt to work more than two men in one room, he said. Clarkson did say that use. of double shifts on work at the mine entries would help materially in boosting coal production. Many operators are working two shifts at the entries now,' thus increasing- the amount of coal which can be taken from the mines, he said. Dig More in Day. He explained this by pointing out that many miners often dig a lot more coal in a day then the entry force and equipment of a mine can handle in a single shift. Meanwhile, Hugh W. Liindy t( Albia. secretary of the Iowa Coal Institute, today declared that none of the larger Iowa mines are raisins their prices on Iowa coal. He said demands upon Iowa mines are up 300 per cent from normal and that the severe cold has taxed all the coal mines in the United States to peak production. He added that operators are not discriminating in filling orders but are trying to take Not Royal But It's High You are wrong, gentle reader, If you think this is a photo of the Royal Gorge. Claimed by some to he the highest snowdrift in Iowa, this drift is estimated at 25 feet high. It is 5'/j miles east of Xexv Hampton and is at a cut on the Milwaukee railroad. care of their regular customers and those in distress. Lundy also referred to the cycle of mild weather holding down development work. concerning a person of that name be forwarded to him at Houston. A careful check at the postoffice here revealed no such name listed at any Mason City address. $18,000 SPENT FOR GAME BIRDS State Conservation Board Reports on Activities of Past 6 Weeks. DES MOINES, (/T)--The state conservation commission said it lias spent approximately $18,000 in the last six weeks to save Iowa game birds from the perils of the severe winter. The field force of 70 men, assisted by volunteer helpers, has built thousands of shelters and feeding stations and has been distributing 80,000 pounds of bird food purchased by the commission and other larg-e quantities donated by sportsmen's groups and others. The commission said 40 CCC camps have been carrying on similar work. Minnesota Man Asks Information About a Mrs, Mahala Copeman A man signing his name as James L. Colby, Houston, Minn., made inquiry by, postcard to Postmaster A. M. Schanke Thursday regarding a Mrs. Mahala Copeman. Colby, according to his letter, heard Tuesday that a Mrs. Mahala Copeman died. He has a sister by that name and is seeking to locate her. and asked that any information Flush Kidneys of Waste Matter, Poisons and Acid and Stop Getting Up Nights ARE YOU URIC ACID POISONED? Read This Offer -- Do This Is Uric Acid in your blood causing stiff joints; sore muscles; rheumatic pains; neuritis or neuralgia? Bladder weakness or irritation; burning, scalding pains--in and out of bed many times at night--because of "Too Much Uric Acid?" Do you "catch cold" easily; skin itches and burns; nervous; "Everything goes wrong?" Feel "worn out?" For more than 43 years The Williams Treatment has been helping others to better health and comfort. You try it! Want This 75c Bottle? Cut this advt. and send it with lOc in ·stamps or coin to The Dr. D. A. Williams Co., Offer MB-715, East Hampton, Conn. We will give you one--and only one--full size 75-ceot bottle of The Williams Treatment by PAID Parcel Post, and our booklet containing DIET suggestions and other help- f u l information. No f u r t h e r nhlieatton on your part. Nothing C. 0. IX SoM since 3S92. Rockford College to Celebrate Founding ROCKFORD, 111., (/B--Rockford Women's college, oldest educational institution of its kind in the mid- west, will observe the 89th anniversary of its chartering Sunday, Feb. 23. ^^svw~*-~~^^s*J~*^^ vv ~ f ~ For Bad Winter Coughs, Mix This RemedyYourself Saves Good Money! No Cooking! If you want the best cough remedy that money can .buy, mix it at home. It costs very little, yet it's the most reliable, quick-acting medicine you ever used. The way it takes hold of distressing coughs, givias immediate relief, is astonishing. Any druggist can supply you with 2y. ounces of Pines. Pour this into a nmt bottle, and add granulated sugar syrup to make a full pint. To make syrup, use 2 cups of sugar and one cup of water, and stir a few moments until dissolved. No cooking needed. Its no trouble at all, and gives you four times as much cough medicine for your money--a real family supply. Keeps perfectly and tastes fine. It is surprising how quickly tais loosens the phlegm, soothes the irritated membranes, helps clear the air passages, and thus ends a bad cough m a hurry. Pines is a compound of .Norway Pine, in concentrated form, famous for its effect in stopping coughs quickly. Money refunded if it doesnt please you in every way. HEALTH A "WRECK" BEFORE THE GLY-CAS Neuritis Suffering and Disordered Stomach Had Made Life Miserable for Mr. Frieze; Two Boxes of Herbal Remedy Has Made Him Like New. "Gly-Cas was just the difference between poor health and good for me," said Mr. Charles Frieze, 1519 South 9th St., Council Bluffs, la. "For 25 years constipation had allowed my system to clog with poi- MR. CHARLES FRIEZE sons, had dizzy attacks and my stomach was always out of order. Regardless of my diet, foods I ate caused bloating and such pains would come around my heart until I would almost choice it seemed. Then too my kidneys caused me trouble and neuritis settled in my neck, back of head and shoulders. The pain was unbearable but try as I did it was impossible to get any. relief until I began Gly-Cas, then I began to show improvement at once. "Two boxes of Gly-Cas have really made a new man of me," he continued. "AH that terrible neuritis has been driven from my neck and shoulders and out of my body, kidneys regulated and my stomach, troubles have all been relieved. I am feeling fine again, have my former pep and energy after so many years of suffering and dragging around. It seems like it is too good to be true at times--but I was just fortunate in finding the ONE REAL MEDICINE of them all-Gly-Cas." Gly-Cas is sold by Michael Drag Company, 5 South Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa. ·JO CENTS PROVES IT When your kidneys are clogged and your bladder is irritated and scanty and often smarts and burns you need Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules, a fine harmless stimulant and diuretic that always works and .costs but 35 cents at any modern drug store. It's one good, safe way to put healthy activity into kidneys and bladder--you'll sleep sound the whole night thru. But be sure and get GOLD MEDAL--right from Haarlem in Holland--you are assured of results. Other symptoms of weak kidneys and irritated bladder arc backache, puffy eyes, leg cramps, moist palms. A bright new setting for a heritage of famous hospitality Now you'll like the Astor better than ever before. New decorations. New fami- tuia and furnishings. New lobby. New restaurants io suii every lasle and purse. And of course, its location is ever new ...In the heart of limes Square. BOOMS FROM . . . . $2.50 T I M E S S Q U A R E - N E W YO1K A World-famous Address at the Crossroads of tbt World

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