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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, October 10, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. No. 294. Gettysburg, Pa., Friday, October 10th, 1913. Price Two Cemto. .FARMERS DAY PREMIUMS For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers--prar "Queen Quality" Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair ''Walk-Over' Shoes. For father whose sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) IN ADDITION to the above, we will give §25.00 worth of merchandise as premiums. Watch this space for further information. "Eckert's Store/' "On The Square" SUICIDE FOLLOWS TOBACCO BLAZE WENT TO PARTY i WORK PROGRESSES IN GO-CARTS AT NEW BUILDING I Owner of Three Carloads of Tobacco! Babies and Tiny Tots are Guests at I which Burned at New Oxford] Several Weeks ago, is Found! Dead on Railroad Tracks. i Unique Party in Basement of St. James Lutheran Church. Cradle Roil Entertained. His sio i warehouses re building and two tobacco j A es destroved bv fire tvithin j carri; A loner line of go-cans and baby Work at New Federal Building Starts in Good Shape and Indications are that Structure will be Completed before March First. INTERESTING LIFESJLOSED Mrs. Reily, who Witnessed Many of the Building Operations about Conewago Chapel, Taken by Death Other County Deaths. ages on With the renewal of ooerations at The death of Mrs. Lydia Ann Reily York and Stratton! the federal building rapid progress is! at McSherrystown on LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of interesting News] from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. WALTER'S THEATRE MAJESTIC ring how the auopiedTdaughtfcr of tut cotvVunchers brought temperance } ed in a nre of unknown origin at Xew j The unusual procession v/as bound iqnor-soaked «nv town. " j Oxford some weeks -go. The circuni- j for a party--a real party--wh:ch was AMERICAN KEYSTONE PRIDE OF LONESOME American Western Showin; to the liei RASTUS AND THE GAME COCK Keystone One reel farce comedy. "With Mabel Normsmd, Fred Mac and ?Iax Se:inet. TilE GOLDEN JUBILEE Majestic With intimate views of Cardinal Farley all through the wonderful educating" services at the Golden Jnpilee of the New York Catholic Protectory. We keep you close to the great !!jy»itarv of the Church, Tke WILLS T-^BLOID MUSICAL COMEDY C03IPANY Presents "SCHOOL MATES" period of a few years, Henry J.; streets, Thursday afternoon, all wend! Weiler, whose dead body was found on ing their way towards St. James the Pennsvlvania Railroad nejir Gao ! church took with them babies only a. on Wednesday morning. Is believed to [ few weeks old, little tots that could have been a suicide, znough the coron- \ not talk, others just ready to say their er's jurv rendered a verdict of acci-! first real word and a few that were I dental death. Three carloads of tobac- j able to walk around ar.d take care o£ ! co belonging to Mr. \Veiler were burn-1 themselves if occasion demanded. v/as bound Wednesday BONNEAUVILLE Bonneauville--Misses SalHe and The sho-sT coisists of good Sirijiins and Dancing, Specialties. Takhisr the show in. all. "SCHOOL MATES" ii one of the Lest shov.-s in the Wills Repertoire, don't miss it. DOOR-: OPEN 7 o'clock Children 10o.- Show Starts 7.3-3 -ADMISSION- Main Curtain 6.30. MATINEE SATURDAY 2.:y -Adults 20c. stances attending the death of Mr.! given for the members of the Cradle Weiler ooint strongly to suicide. \ Roil of St. James Sunday School by His team was found hitched 40 feet 1 Miss Carrie Stallsmzth. the superin- from-the railroad. There are no houses tendenr. The hour was announced from in the vicinity and r.o apparent reason ; "two to four"' and every one of the for his leaving the team and crossing j gues'ts was there on the minute at two f o'clock readv for anything that might Of course, each one was ae- the tracks- He was'in business as a merchant j Happen, at Rente's several years ago. His store = corapanied by some being made in every portion of the Sne ] marked the close of a life of unusual | Blanche Staub, and Pius Robinson, of new edifice and indications point to! interest. New Oxford, spent Saturday and Sun- its comoledon before March nrst, the j She was a daughter of John and, day with their brother, Fabian Staub, reouired time. 5 Catharine (Herring) Kuhn, Some of the fixtures have been receiv- jEast Berlin, April 15, 1S31; born when ed and are in the building ready for young girl her parents moved to Pne- at | and family. Miss Mary Golden, of member of the and buildings were destroyed by nre family, but^the older people stayed and he was paid §1,500 insurance, with · far in the background ar.c the young- one suit still pending to recover ad-1 sters had free rein on several large dirional insurance. He removed to f rugs in the center of the Social Room P H O T O P L A Y KALEM ESSANAY - - LUBES ROUNDING UP THE COUNTERFEITERS The resou'cefuilness of a Federal detective enable him to apprehend a band desperate criminals In a most unusual taanaer. Souders'ourg ana engaged in the leaf ! Soor. tobacco husmess. His warehouse was 1 The ones that coald sing, and they destroved bv nre. but the insurance ' weren't many, attempted a little Sun- companles refused to pay and the j cay School song, while others looked i suits against insurance companies arc ; on in wonder and delight. Miss Jen* pending in court. He had arranged to I kins, of Litltz, told the mothers of the HER ONLY HOY Lub:n before business was started the build- j playing with blocks and all sorts of ing- in which his tobacco was stored : play things and didn't hear any of this WESXEX GIRL? The express on ice- is robi«d and the girls and their father call upou Broncho :two sons and two daugh'cers. illy for aid. He ass! his cowboy freind round up the desperadoes in a characte rtis- ! Essanav Western Mr. Weiler Is survived by his wife. 1 about the 3oor. The youngest one pre- nlacement. Five expert carvers are at work on the exterior of 'the structure and on the Inside a number are employed on the woodwork, placing the lobby windows and frames and carry- Ing on the other work. There has been much Inquiry concerning the windows which have been in the building for some months. These frames and the glass are to remain. The odd size and lack of uniformity In the shape of the glass caused the Impression to arise 'that the frames were merely temporary. They are to be permanent, however, with the Dresent glass -which Is heavy plate. The glass was put In the frames in a manner not according to specifications and every pane must be removed and again put It In. This work Is now being done. While 'the work Is going on inspection by visitors Is prohibted but under certain restrictions visiting Is allowed at other hours. The work of the carvers Is especially Interesting and has attracted much attention. The work 11 not be hindered In any way by cold weacher now, as practically all on the exterior Is complete and the Interior was heated last year. son of Barnabas (O'Brien) Reiiy, and c fashiou. With tj. .M. "AX OEKSOX. OMIXG. "THE~GOLD:C-HOARD''-VITAGRA?HT:WO REEL-- AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles :a suite and over-coats has begun now. but the man who is fortnnate enough to be a patron or The Quality 5-hop krfo-.vs that I e nee i no:; ste^ any further. Our handsome and elejrant fabrics are awaiting your choice and our =rvle? are up-to-tfie-mlnare and -.\e will fie and finish yocr outnt in a manner at can only be done when you have i; made by Will M. Selllgman, Cash Tailor. 43 years old- Undertaker Alken. of Vintage, prepared the body-for" burial and remov- ed,lE to the Weiler home. He v. as , sent, the nine weeks old baby of Mr. land Mrs. James Xauffman. found There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to tne superiority of Lippy Made Clothes - JOHN KETTERMAN John" Ketterman, a widely known retired farmer, living about a mile ! northeast of Flohrs Church, died at half past three o'clock Thursday afternoon at his home from s. complication of diseases aged 58 years. S months and 27 days. 'Mr. jvetterman had been a life long resident of that portion of the county and he enjoyed the esteem of many friends. He -was active In church work jand taught a large Bible class in I Flohrs Sunday SchooL He is survived by his wife and the following children, George H. Kettern.-of near-Arena tsville: Mrs.-E. C- great happiness in the whole proceeding. thoroughly Finaiiy after -all- "were satisfied playing, and showed signs | of being just a little tired, some steaming hot cocoa and other things that taste good to children and don't harm them were served and the parade of go-carts homeward was commenced. It ~as a fine party, all agreed. THE YORELFALR b"t wknow themselves. Sore. of n^ne so conclusive as the refined appearance of the c j° There is teauty in every line and quality ir, every stitch J. D. Lippy Tailor Stover. of Arendtsville: Samuel -L Fifty Thousand People Hear GOT. Tener and Senator Penrose. Fifty thousand people thronged the York fair grounds Thursday, the crowd falling about 10.000 short of the usual ""big Thursday"' crowd, because of-threatenlr.g cal day on the grounds and the Agri- SHEFFER--SWOPE Pretty Wedding in Fairfield Home on "\Vedaesday Evening. Gettysburg, town, near Xew Chester, and she! went down to Conewago and lived in the family of Henry Reily, on what is now the Solliday farm, adjoining Lilly's mill. Daniel Reily worked on the farm, a and Margaret In 1S53 they were married at Conewago Chapel- He was a volunteer In the Mexican war of 184G, In the Maryland-District of Columbia regiment, served In most and wife and daughter, Mary, 3 of the historic Mexican battles, and-John Melhorn, of New Oxford, were was honorably discharged at the close j visitors at the home of Frank Waga- of the war. He died in October, 1861, j man, of Paradise, and also visited the and his widow drew a Mexican War'" ·- pension up to her death. Born In missionary days, the Conewago Jesuits Instructed her '"On the Mission," when they baptized, married and catechised ac private homes. spent Sunday at the home of her father, Jerome Golden. Harry Melhorn, of Xew Oxford, spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother, Eugene Melhorn. Joseph Staub and George Shultz spent Sunday in Gettysburg. William Chrismer and wife and daughter, Mary, spent Sunday in Lit- tiestown, with their son, Charles Chrismer. and family. Crist Gebhart and wife, J. F. Miller Protectory. Eugene Groft, of McSherrystown, spent Sunday ar the home of his father-in-law, Charles Strausbaugh. Carl GrifSn and James Kuhn snent Saturday evening in Hanover. When the new part 'of Conewago - Dr. E. H. Lindaman snent several Chapel was built in 1850-1. she was one of the cooks for the workmen in days in York the past week. E. L. Golden, wife and son, Paul, the rough-cast schoolhouses that used ( were Sunday visitors at the home of to stand in the churcnyard. For over j her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mc- half a century she never missed a | Sherry, of near Gettysburg, church day or other special service at I 3Irs. Cleveland Hartlaub, of Gettys- Conewago. Her grandfather Kuhn and grandmother Breighner were emigrants from Goshenhoppen. Bucks county, to East Berlin, before 1800, and they are buried at Conewago. Mrs. Reily. who was 82 years Ketterman. of Abilene, Kansas: j cultural Society had as its guests Gov- Charles E. Ketterman. of Greenwich.'[ ernor Tener. and United States Sena- Ohio; John B. Kecterman. of Cashtown; Calvin D. Ketterman. Harry C. i Ketterman and M:ss 3Ianfi A. Ketter- j brief. He said that the farmer of tooay tor Penrose. both of whom delivered addresses. The Governors talk was We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats ^ - «ifl inHHiiiimniiHiiiiiiHHiHKiinitfinHiHSHiniHiJHifiifhKiiHiHisiniJHiiiuiniiiiinii.tJiiiiii mine man all at; home. He is also survived by two sisters. Mrs. Jsoah Hartman, of near Arendts- I ville; and Mrs. J- Fulton Gallagher, of (Portland. Oregon. ] Funeral meeting at his late home on j Sunday morning at nine o'clock. Ser- | represented the hjgnest type of citizenship, and told of what the state is striving to do to meet the full wishes A very pretty wedding was solemnized Wednesday evening at S o'clock at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Glenn, of Fairfield. when Miss Alice W. Swope. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Swope, and Stanley R. Sheffer. son of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Shelter, of Fair£eld, were married by the bride's pastor. Rev. H- H. Lippincott. assisted by Rev. W. K. Fleck, pastor of the groom. The bride was attended by her cousin. Miss Myrtle V. Swope. of Petersburg, and the bride's sister Mary H. Swope was flower girl. The bride was attired in white shadow lace over messaline and carried white roses- The bridesmaid was attired in pale lavender chiffon and carried chrysanthemums. The groom was attended by Stanley S. Sv.ope. Baltimore, brother of the bride. The bridal party entered the room to Lohengrin March played by Mrs. W. K. Fleck. old, leaves a sou. John Tr Reily, and a daughter. Mrs. Edward Xoel. of ilc- Sherrystown, with whom she lived; two brothers. Joseph Kuhn, of McSherrystown, and John Kuhn, of New Oxford: and a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth, burg, is spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Melhorn. Miss Margaret Myers left Sunday to spand some time in Harrisburg. Charles Shult. of Baltimore, returned home on Sunday after spending the past two weeks with Joseph Staub. William Swope *andjwife,"of Gettysburg, spent Sunday at the home of ths former's mother, Mrs. Noel. Joseph Shimenty and wife, of Baltimore, paid a visit on Sunday to his of this class of citizens. Good roads was the subject of Senator Penrose's ihe house was beautifully and taste- full" decorated with autumn leaves. remarks-"He told of the great benefit to be derived by the farmer fromjm- - ' Dotted nlants and cut flowers- widow of Peter P. Little, of York; eight grandchildren and five great- grandchildren. Funeral services In St. Mary's church. McSherrystown. at 9 a. m. Saturdav: Interment ac Conewago. uncle and aunt. Mr. and Staufa. Mrs. J. J. WILLIAM C. ROTH w Illiam C- Roth died suddenly his late home in McSherrystown. at at 12-30 Thursday morning of FALRFLELD i' airfield--Jblmer J. Baumgardner | and wife are on a trip to points in Ohio, Illinois and Iowa. Stanley Swope, of Baltimore, visited his lather, E. B. Swope, this week. Henry Rider and wife, of- York, were recent guests of their son. John rhage, after a complication of disease; aemor- _., Rider, and wne. :^ * of over a year's duration, years, I month and 3 days. Mr. Roth drove a bread wagon forj O- I. 31. Houck. of Hanover, all day Wednesday, as was his custom, and on returning home for supper was taken III. He was the son of John Roth. Sr., of McSherrystown. and his entire life was spent In that vicinity. He was married IS years ago to , s Guv Swope, or North aged 45 , ,- ^ i braska Platte, Xe-spending_some--time isith_-. relatives here. W. C. Curtis has gone to Philadelphia where he has secured a position. C. P. Bream has had some concrete walks laid at his Centennial street property- Preston Musselinan spent Sunday with H. L. familj- at Cashtown. and family Bream and Miss Alverta Hemler, of Mountpleas- | . George J. Kebll and wife spent a '! vices and interment at -tlohr's Cenie- proved highways, and urged the voters ! Candies* = itery. I The popular brands in xvlilch you have the assur- = ance of q *ality. I Whitmans - - - Belle Mead Sweets | Liggets Huylers = Always Fresh I People's and Hubers' | * Drug Stores I ' "REXALL and A. D. S. Stores. . JOHN D. ECKERT John D. Eckert died from pneu- _ monia at his home. In HolIIdaysburg. 5 -Blair county, Sunday morning, at the ~ jage of 44 years- He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John '. Eckert, of Hanover, and moved S Ifrom Gettysburg to Hollidaysburg 22 = j years ago- Ee is survived by his wife, = ] whose maiden name was Miss Sue i§ {Frank, of Hoilldaysbtrrg; three sons 5 iand two daughters; also by his father = land mother, who reside In Hanover. = j three brothers and three sisters--Mrs. = | Augustus Cclp. living in Orlando. = | Florida; Harry Eckeri and Mrs. Em= lory Rainmel, of Gettysburg; Mrs- Ja- gjHinjn««"3nmiiniiuiiiHiniiniinnunilininunnnuinig_ I rob Welkert, of Fairneld; Jacob Eck| ert. of Chambersbnrg:, and H. H. Eck| ert. of York street, Hanover- The funeral was held "" THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get .your. Business, I have both telephones, an d will split thVairto jjeat, the clock in my automobile to « Devour SICl5 gfPQK. Day or Night callDR. HUDSON_ ;" ,, OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY on luesday inteirnent having been ! made in the Hollidaysbarg cemetery. i afternoon. Almond Taffy'. HOURS for Saturday evening payments to the Gettysburg Building and 40 cents lb., Butternut Taffy, -SO cents lb ., Peanut Taffy. 20 j Loan Association, in the Court House to support the proposed amendment of the Constitution that vdll permit the faorrovving of S-50.000.000 for good ,, .. roads In this state. He said the nronos- ! * asn!n S ton - After receiving the congratulations and -s-ell wishes of their many friends, Vr. aid Mrs. Svrope departed for Get- tvsburg- by automobile and from here go to Xev.- York, Atlantic City and ed appropriation vnil be honestly made and properly safeguarded. The Governor ar.d Senator Penrose visited the tents of the suffragists ar.d of the antls, who are conducting a -var on the grouncs. COMLNG EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. cents Ib.. Daily at. Peanut Brittle, 1U cents lb.. Ice Cream Tallies. 10 cents lb.- GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN I from now until April 1st, 1914. will be 6 to 7:30.--advertisement I RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT .WANTED--We have buyers for 10 or 12 town properties ranging in THE Adams County Nursery offers a fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher, proprietor, Bendersvilie Station; Aspers Post Office. Pa,--advertisement 1 Oct. 10--Parent i eachers' Association. High School Bnildlng-- Oei. 11--Annual Topton Orphanr School excursion. Oct. 13--1--Lutheran West Pa. Syu od meeting. St. James church. Oct. 17--Concert. Mozart Companj Brua Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Day. Oct. 21--Concert. Miss DeYo and Mrf Bayly. Presbyterian church. Oct. 31--Annual Hallowe'en Mummers" Parade. Xov. 7--Lecture- Dean Southwick. Brua Chapel. Xov. S--Foot Bali. Mt. St. Mary's. Xixon Field. The out-of-to--n guests were J. Guy -of Xorth P;a£te. Xeb.,-a?.d Zvlrs. Crawford and daughter^ of Sabillas- villc, Md. CORN BAKE Second Annual Affair is Enjoyed Greatly by Guests. ant township, who survives, -with the following children: John. Marguerite. William and Eleanor, all at home. His father. John Roth, Sr.: two brothers. ·John and Henry Eoth, of McSherrystown and four sisters, Mrs. Charles Dear,, of Washington. D. C.: Mrs. David Wiilett. Mrs. Harry J. Bunty, and Miss Agnes Eoth. all of McSherrystown, also survive. FuneraJ Monday, Oct. 13th. at 9 a. m . in St. Mary's church, with a requiem high mass by Rev. L. Aug. Reudter. rector. Interment In St. Marr's cemeterv. few days this week at York. Preaching services in ths Christian Church Sunday evening-, October 12th. at 7:00 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. C. A. Frick. Subject, "Christian Conversation."' MEETINGS Temperance Workers and Teachers to Hold Meetings. The following persons enjoyed a corn bake on the L. T- Seyler farm, in Straban township, on Wednesday evening- John J, Black, Jchii Williams, J-jne F. Tipton, John F- Elcholtz, John A. Kirce. McCielian Meales. Arthur I Lightner. Wm. A. Rottler, L. T. Sey! ler. Waiter Kime, B. D. WilliamsTM Earl 3IRS. MARY C. THOMAS Mrs. Mary C. Thomas died at her home at 1-54 Xorth Stratton street, A meeting of the Arenctsvilie w. C. T. U-. will be held at Friends' Grove Meeting House. Flora Dale, on Tuesday evening. October 14th, at 7:39. The meeting trill be addressed by Rev. F. E. Taylor, of Gettysburg. Subject "Social Paritv." Music bv the Arendts- i this morning at four thirty, pneumonia, aged 76 years. Mrs. Thomas had beer, in vllie High School, in case of inclement weather Tuesday night the meet- Ing will be held on Thursday evening. tainnq-] October 16th. All are Invited. . health for the past month but was The first teachers'educational meet- I Eichokz. W. A. Sanders, Wm. J. Ederj. , before her dea'th occurred. She Is survived by one sister. J. W. Eicholtz. J- E. Snyder. John E. j Lev! Cromer. of Arendtsviile; Plank. It was the second annual 'daughter, Mrs. W. A. Criswell. "bake. only confined to bed for several days il3g . of Highland townsnlp will be held Mrs. one at the G!en~ooci school her 13. se. Octo- price from $1000 to S3000. Let us know what you have to offer. List your property at once for quick sale. RUNK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. tisement N F W S P A P F R f l R C H i V E ® ,,_ 2o men wanted, at once, to pack apples in the Stover orchards. Apply at Rice Produce Co., Biglerville.--adver- Miss Lillian Ring will resume teaching Monday, October 13. Instruction will be given in voice and piano to a limited number of ment pupils.--advertise- 1 FOR REXT: two communicating:, furnished rooms, accessible to bath. Board if desired. Apply at Times ofnce. --advertisement 1 wt '· whom she had been making her home; three grandchildren, Mrs. George "W. Burgner. of Pittsburgh, and Otto S. and Albert L. Criswell. of town. One great grandchild. George E. Burgner. STATE- CELEBRATION Illinois Will Commemorate Delivery of Gettysburg Address. Plans for a State-v.-ide celebration OX account of holiday my store will be closed from five o'clock Friday evening to six o'clock Saturday evening. O. H. Lestz.--advertisement 1 TRY our fresh Gettysburg Shoe Chambersburg mont 1 roasted chestnuts, Shining Parlor. street.--advertise- also survives. on Xovember If 1 , 1913, of the fiftieth The funeral arrangements will be anniversary of the delivery of Lin- ar.nounced later. FOR SALE: seventeen shares of Citizens Trust Company stock. Apply at Times Office.--advertisement 1 WOMEN and girls wanted, Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertise- 1 ment 1 coin's, Gettysburg- address, have been made by the Illinois Centennial Corn- mission. Particular attention will ba paid to exercises in the public schools. The commission was appointed to arrange for the centennial celebration In 101S of the one hundredth anniversary of the admission of Illinois Into the Union. NFWSPAPFR!

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