The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1931 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1931
Page 10
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10 OHIO COUNTIES ARE DESTITUTE Mining Sections and Farm Country in South DismaF. By KENETH..HOPPING .COLUMBUS, Ohio. Feb. 10. ~ Ohio's southern counties, embracing- .us hilly farmland and its detsl.tute mining sections are as dismal today as the patch of black drawn across the state relief committee's map to indicate the drought area. A line drawn diagonally from Jefferson county, on the' central east boundary to Clermont on the lower west extremetics of the muddy Ohio, sets off a sector wherein 25 counties are urgently in need of all the help the state can give, and more. Need Only Ilaln. What they need as much as anything right now, neither 'the state nor any other agency of man can supply. It is rain and plenty of it. · The 'lack of ^moisture, over the prolonged drought period has left most of the area without an adequate water supply. Farmers who saw their crops dwindle and their pastures wilt under the heat of last summer's sun are now fighting for water for themselves and their families as well as their livestock. Even' the small city»dwellers within the drought area have seen the wells and streams that supplied them unfailingly for decfades sucked dry by the famine. · Luclt All Bad. To the thousands in the mining regions who have had nothing but bad luck for 10 years the water famine is just another eruption of an old sore but a serious one. Those who reside on the farms, and ,'those in the 'villages and to'wns are equally hard hit. The number of families being fed by the Red Cross, by Parent-Teacher organizations and .other relief bodies extends high into the thousands. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Earthquakes Unearth Vein in Mexico; Gold Rush Gets Under Waj MEXICO CITY, Feb. 10. (/P--The recent earthquakes and torrential rains were responsible for a gold rush at El Tambor, near San If- nacio, in the state of Sinaloa, according to news which reached here today. Reports said that a landslide uncovered a rich stretch of gold and that more than 100 people rushed to the vicinity and began placer mining. Nuggets of considerable value were found. Hoover Gives Tenth of - Annual Salary to Red Cross Drought Relief WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. (JPI~ President Hoover today gave 10 per cent of his annual salary to the Red Cross for the drought sufferers. Today's contributions were enlarged by the president's personal grift of S7.COO. His salary as president is $75,000. · The drought fund now totals $7,303,116 toward the 510,000,000 asked by the Red Cross. v COMIC BACK FOB VALENTINE DAY Modern Teacher Depicted as Walking Home From Auto Ride. WASHINGTON, Feb 10 OVt-- Valentines tipped with venom are flooding the market this year. The old comic has come back, but in more sophisticated, cynical guise The 1931 comic Valentine touches' with broad satire current phases of life and human weaknesses. The modern teacher gets hers but she is no longer a sour-visaged "old maid" with ringlets, but a flapper- is}! person who walks home from an auto ride. The earnest suffraget is neatly nailed with thia: . "You boast of women's suffrage. And what you'll do next fall. If your bridge meets on election day You'll ne'er show up at all." The druggist gets a sarcastic bawling out" for his side-lines, and wonder is expressed. if he carries any drugs at all. He 'is pictured surrounded by toy trains and sandwiches. Women are among the chief buyers of the returned "comics," dealers say. Whether it is'the lure of the bargain prices or the desire to get even with somebody, dealers find it hard to say. 0 Relieve the pain afi'd.tightness by rubbing Jhc chest with BAUME BENGUE (prcriounccd Ben-Gay). Wonderful for head colds too. «* Ask'for j*«B H Accept No Substitutes O'Neil, Commander of Legion, Is Recovering NEW YORK, Feb. 10. OP)--Ralph T. O'Neill, national commander of :he American.Legion, was reported 'doing very nicely" today at the' 'ennsylvania hotel, where he is recovering from bronchial pneumonia. 3 ope Expects to Summon Consistory After Easter ROME, Feb. 10. (IP)--The news- japer Giornale d'ltalia reported today that Pope Pius would probably call a consistoty for the crea- 'trbn of "new · cardinals immediately" after Easter. · · · " · . 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A Hartford woman writes, "I'll tell the world Kruschen Salts is wonderful stuff to reduce." An Ohio woman lost 10'pounds with one bottle. Chicago Man Is Found Beaten Upon Sidewalk CHICAGO. Feb. 10. UP»--Charles E. Yerkes, 23, heir to the fortune of the late Charles T. Yerkes, fraction magnate, was found beaten and unconscious on the sidewalk in front of the hotel where he resides in ·Evanston early today. When he regained consciousness, Yerkes told the police he had been kidnaped by unknown assailants as he left a theater. He had also been robbed, he said. T owans Are Killed When Train Hits Their Auto RUSSELL, Feb. 10. (/P)--Mr. and Mrs. William Etter, living eii?ht miles north of here,' were killed today when their roadster was struck by a Chicago, Burlington nnd Qtitncy mail train. · · Witnesses said that the train had been whistling for some time before the crossing-. SCHALLREFUSES HOOVER REQUEST Unwilling to Withdraw Name : of Michel for Federal Judgeship. WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. tm- Senator Schall wrote to President Hoover today refusing the administration's requeit to withdraw the name 'of Ernest A. Michel as hia nominee for a Minnesota federal Judgeship. In a 4,000 word letter, the bilna r e p u b l i c a n senator suggested MicheJ's name be submitted to the senate with the objections of both the president and Attorney Genera; Mitchell attached. The president and Mitchell havn declined to accept Michel's name. In a letter to Schall last week, President Hoover suggested he' submit a list of eight or 10 "fit appointees." Schall today continued his attack on the attorney general, saying he could not submit a - l i s t of : nairte:i for fearing of subjecting "them to the same kind of an attack" he contends has been made on Michel. He accused the attorney general of being influenced by former contacts with public utility corporations. OLDERWALKERS OFTEN VICTIMS Pedestrians Encounter Age of Danger From Cars at 45. By HOWARD W.BLAKESLEB (Associated Press Science- Editor) ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 10. UP) --Tlie dangerous age for pedestrians crossing the streets is not childhood but begins at 45. This is the testimony of nine months automobile traffic killings in Detroit as analyzed and made public today by Adelbert Ford, professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. The golden age for escaping autos is from 15 to 24, when all the faculties seem keenest. Counting that period as 1,, Professor Ford finds the second best age is 2S-44. when 4.6 as many persons are killed. Third rank the babies up to 5, with 10.7 times as many killings; fourth, the school children of 5 to 14 with 17.2. Then came the 45 to 64 year olds with 22.5 deaths. Lastly there is a terrific jump to the most fearful of all pedestrian death rates, those of 65 up, who rate 87.2. The reasons for the elders, who are so free with their advice to youngsters,;failing to profit by it, acayrinclucle^say'the Ford, analysis, decrease, in muscular ability, increase in body weight and decrease in speed of movement, prejervation of traffic habits from the days when automobiles were not a hazard, impairment of sensory acuity, a variety of seniie effects on mentality; mental abstraction (absent mindedness). FEBRUARY 10 1931 IN STRICKEN SOUTHWEST JWKnr^ "t^W ^ ^^1tffi^£^g^rg-r£* ^ *$ "*** -t-, t £ . *£ , th3 dro "eJ»t-stricken areas in the, southwestern TM * ". 1 ' erc , tl 'ousana8 of persons are reported In actual suffering from wnnt of food. Top phojo shows two little children of England Ark «ct ei nn ·£ *? hdefvollr »·'' noon-day meal received from a relief station fin i P i * ,? t0 "'£ B , e! ° w are sorae of * he starving- sufferers who flocked into Green Ford, Mo., center of the hard hit St. Francis county area,-to receive rations and supplies for their families nnS Hvcstoc" McCloud Freed on Word of Handwriting Expert DRESS your HAIR -TREAT your SCALP _in one operation, eepiyour hair healthy, lustrous, and in place. For the entire family. WEDNESDAY SPECIAL RING BOLOGNA · . . 9c Ife. Loiitback Spare Ribs 9c Ib, Choice Beef Boiling Ribs £g SS» a Baby BEEF ROAST 9c £b, Fresh PORK HOCK 9c Ib. Maytag of Newton New Chicago Bank Director NEWTON, Feb. 10. UTJ--L. B. Maytag of Newton has been elected chairman of the board of the Garfield State bank of Chicago, it has been learned here. Mr. Maytag is also a member of the board of directors of the Equitable Life Insurance company of Iowa, the Bankers Trust company of Des Molnes, the Jasper County Savings bank here and the Kellogg Savings Bank of Kellogg. McConnell Reports 150 Per Cent Increase for Minnesota High Schools ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 10. (IP)-While the state's population has in creased 15 per cent in 15 years, the enrollment in state high schools has increased 150 per cent, according to f. M. McConnell, state commissioner of education. In a recent talk on school aid to new members of the state house of representatives, Mr..McConnell emphasized the heavy growth in the number of persons seeking a high school education. Stressing the variance of increase in high school enrollment he said the number had jumped from 40,000 to 100,000 in the last 15 years. During the same period the population has increased from about 2,200,000 to about 2,550,000. "Tbis," .the commissioner said, "has placed a tremendous burden on many of our schools that had ample facilities 15 and 20 years ago but at present are compelled to use attics and basements to provide classroom space." Mr. McConnell said 500,000 Minnesota school children ranging in age from 5 to 21 nb\v were receiving state aid. The sum on an annual basis averages about $70 for each pupil. HER PILES HEALED AFTER 20 YEARS Mrs. U. E. Mast, 817 South 7th 3t., Goshen, Ind., who was entirely lealed oC Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering 20 years, urges all sufferers to write The Thornton Minor Clinic, Suite 720, 26 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., for a new free copyrighted book vhlch tells all about hemorrhoids piles), fistula and other forma of -ectal diseases and which fully ex- jlains a safe, sure, mild treatment hat has restored more than 40,000 /flicted people to renewed health, "here is no cost or obligation. The Globe-Gazette Offers New Booklet, The Fifteenth Census Do you know the population of your state as shown by the 1930 census enumeration? Ca.n you name the first 10, or ttie first five, cities of your state and give =ven their-- approximate populations 7 Could you list the first 10 =ities of the United States in the Drder of their rank? Do' you know which of the larger cities have grown the most rapidly during- the last decade ? Every well informed person should have these data. Send for a copy of the Globe-Gazette new census booklet today. It is the only publication'of its kiud now available, and can be procured only thru the Globe-Gazette Washington information bureau. Fill out and mail this coupon, inclosing 10 cents to cover cost, handling, and postage. The Globc-Giizette Jnfornmtion Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. r inclose herewith 10 cents i coin or stumps for a copy '·f the booklet on THE FIFTEENTH CENSUS. iVninc Street City . . *Jay Fordyce Wood Says He Was Not Man Who Forged Check. The opinion of a nationally known writing- expert Tuesday released Perry E. McCloud from charges thatjheld over his head the possibility of 15 years of hard labor at thejjjtate penitentiary. ] ^j"! expert was none otheil ' Art Competition to Be Sponsored First Time by University IOWA CITY, Feb. lO.-Ciiam pionshlps in six classes of art competition will be sought by the state's high school pupils in the first event :f its kind ever sponsored by the University of Iowa. Open to any high school student .vitliout entry fee, the contest includes competition in six divisions. Ymong the events are monochrone work, color, figure, design and lettering. After all entries are submitted bv May 1, judges will determine the winners of first, second and third nlace mednls. ThR Proudfont schnl- irshin of SCO will ?;o to the artist ^reatinTM the finest display of six nieces. Son Buried nt Frankville. DECORAH, Feb. 10.--The three vear old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wolfe of Frankville died Friday, at the home of his parents. Funeral lervices were hold yesterday at the ^rankville church, with the Rev. M. O. Bethel officiating'and burial was nnde in the Frankville cemetery. Voters Reject Sunday Movies. COWRIE, Feb. 10. IJFl--At special election yesterday Gowrie voters again rejected Sunday movies by a" vote of 285 to 269. A similar proportion wan defeated a year ago. Will Hold Preliminary MITCHELL, Fob. 10--The pre- iminary declamatory contest will e held at the school auditorium Wednesday night. testimony in the Loeb and Leopold trial and other cases and who has been to Mason City on one or two cases involving handwriting. In a communication received by Roe Thompson Tuesday, Mr. Wood stated conclusively that McCloud was not the man who forged the name of B. Overturf, foreman at the Decker packing plant, and cashed a check at a Mason Citv A. and P. store on Jan. 26. Ordered Released . Because of Mr. Wood's unerring judgment ,iu handwriting matters the county attorney immediately ordered McCloud released. The ri- lease was made in the face of the fact that a clerk in the A. and P store identified McCloud as the man who borrowed a pencil fram her and wrote his name on the check McCloud wag being held on the charge of uttering a forged instrument in connection with the robbery of Mr. Overturf on the evening of Jan. 26 by two Mexicans who took Mr. Overturf's pay check which was cashed a few minutes later at. the A. and P. store on lorth Federal avenue. Taken Into Custody McCloud was taken into custody by the police when he came to the police station to inquire about some of the suspects arrested in connection with the holdup. When he was identified by the clerk, he was ordered held. The clerk stated that he was the man who came into the store, bought a package -of cigarets and took the balance of the $30 in cash. * The defendant, however, when interviewed, continued tojnsist that when the clerk was brot to the police station to identify him she was nt first uncertain as to whether no was the man who cashed the iheck. Based upon the statements of the :Ierk a charge of uttering a'falss nstrument, carrying a sentence of 15 years in the state penitentiary vas filed against McCloud by the county attorney. In order to clear he matter up, Mr. Thompson sent o Mr. Wood at Chicago the stolen -·heck with large photographs of the indorsements' in question and samples of McCloud's handwriting- akcn In the presence of officers Didn't Wrlt« It In. his communication Mr. Wood tated he is positive that the In- dorsement ou the back of the check vas not written by McCloud. Mr. Thompson stated Harry ischcr, paying teller at the First National bank, who also gave his pinion on the matter, also gave It is his opinion that McCloud did ot indorse the stolen check and hat he was not the man who ashed It. 32 Years of Marriage Chalked Up by Hoovers WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. (j)-- "nday is the thirty-second wedding nniversary of President and Mrs. Hoover. There apparently was no celebra- lon at the white house. Hearings Start on Contested Posts in Minnesota Senati STvPAUL. Feb. 10. OB--Hearings on one of two contests for seats in the state senate were to be startec late today before the senate committee on elections--with the contestants facing the probability that should they be victorious they will be able to participate in the business of the body only during the Ia-=t half of the session. Former Senate.' George A. Turnham of Long Lake, who is contesting the election of Archie Miller of Hopkins, was the first scheduled to be heard l^te this afternoon by the committee which is headed by Senator William B. Richardson of Rochester. Turnham's cc t 3at is based on allegations that Killer violated the state corrupt practices act in this campaign last fall. Turnham's counsel will be Donald Wright of Minneapolis, member of the house. This contest is expected to require a number of hearings after which C. L. Glover of Zumbrota will present his contest against the veteran legislator, Senator A. J. Rockne, also of Zumbrota. The contestant's case in this instance also is based on alleged campaign statements. EINSTEIN IS FOUND OUT; SECRET VICE IS WRITING POETRY PASADENA, Cal.. Feb. 10. UP)-"Doc" Einstein's secret vice is out, Tor brazen headlines all to flout; :he famous man is not averse to penning lines of verae, or worse! Bob Cutter'wrote an "Ein-Stein song" for radios to pass along-; Broadcasters first made sure to find f "Elnie" possibly would mind. Herr Doktor scanned the melody then said "please bring a pen to me." While all with bated breath stood still, these lines flowed out beneath the quill: "Etwas blod! Doch meinet- wegen; ich furwahr hab nights dag- egen!" Translated freely it is seen, the great man's lines in English mean: "Tho somewhat silly, I don't mind; there's no objection I can find." Prelim Declam to Be Held at Rock Falls ROCK FALLS, Feb. 10.--The state preliminary declamatory contest to be held .Feb. 27 will be at Rock Falls Instead of Rockwell, as .vas previously stated. In the contest leld at Plymouth last Thursday Rockwell was first in , dramatic, Plymouth- first in oratorical and Mason City first in humorous. GAME OF CARDS HAS FATAL END Angered Participant Fires Five Bullets Into Opponent. CHICAGO, Feb. - 10. (#)-- In a cramo of "Sixty-Six" yesterday, Frank Scornavacche bid 40. "You can't," cried his opponent, Santo Locasto. "How can you bid it when I have the queen?" Scornavacche threw his cards down, "T quit." "You won't!" They "started scuffling. Friends parted them. Scornavac- chn left. Locasto left soon after. When he passed a doorway not many feet away Scornavacche stepped out and fired five bullets rapidly into his body. _, Locasto was instantly killed. Unfilled Steel Orders Increase. NEW YORK, Feb. W. IJPt--Vn- filled orders of the United States Steel corporation increased 188,755 :ons in January to a total of 4,132,351 tons Jan. 31. In December an increase of 303,960 tons was reported. (mo COUGHS ^» Stopped q u i c k l y ^f 35o and SAFELY / with one swallow of 60e THQXIKE 3OLD' BY HUXTABL.B DRUG CO. , TheWoman'sTonic Dr.PIERCE'S favorite Prescription , ATAUoftua'sTOaes · - . - . . SPECIAL! THREE STONE i' 18K White Gold Handsomely Engraved A regular $20 value. $12-75 CONVENIENT CREDIT JEWELRY 0. M. B. A. Bldg. 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