Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1954 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1954
Page 13
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Fth. 25, M*I*B C«r O!»*«-G«i«ll«, I.. Here and There- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota KLEMMK--Mr. and Mrs, Herman Johnson oC Grantsbiirg, Wis., visited recently at the Albert Kehl home. AREDALE--Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kramer are the parents of a son born Feb. 19, at the Hampton Lutheran Hospital. GOODELL--Mrs. Henry Brcde spent a day at Britt with her aunt, Mrs. Lars Johnson, who is very GOLDFIELD-Jamcs L. Darl a n d , r u r a l mail carrier, has been absent from his work the past week because of illness. Glenn A. Moselcy has been serving as substitute. GARNER--Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Larson of K l c m m e and Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Weaver left recently for an extended southern vacation in Florida. CHARLES CITY-Mr. and Mrs. F, F. Gibbons are visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Los Angeles, Calif. RAKE--Janice Teigland of Rake, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B, M. Teigland, is a member of the Waldorf College Choir, Forest City, which is preparing for its 35th annual tour. CHARLES CITY--Oskel Basuk accompanied his son, Nainon, to Minneapolis, Minn., Saturday afternoon, where he visited with his daughter. RAKE--Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson of Ames are spending a few days at the parental Edwin Sunde home. LYLE, Minn.--Mrs. Walter Nordgaard submitted to a surgical operation at St. Olaf Hospital in Austin. ACKLEY.--Mrs. "R. R. Griffel is n patient at Allen Memorial Hospital, Waterloo, for observation and treatment. KLEMME--Mrs. August Hart- gi, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Floy, Joice Womsmos and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Floy and daughters, all of Thorn- Ion, Mr. and Mrs. Tom H.arlwig and family of Alexander and Mrs. Lena Ax of Garner helped Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spitler celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary recently. GARNER--Hancock County Representative Penn Eckels attended to business matters at Garner this week. Representative Eckels will not be a candidate for re-election this year and will retire the first of January. ACKLEY -- Edmund McGough, farmer north of Acklcy, is a patient at Rochester, Minn., for observation and treatment. GENEVA -- The Rev. E. A. Cocheil is at Douds this week holding mission evangelistic meetings. BRADFORD -- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mulford have returned from a two week's trip to Tucson, Ariz. POPEJOY--Mr. and Mrs. Don Ivcrsof) of Oelwein called on friends here enroutc from Eagle Grove where they had attended funeral services for his aunt, Mrs. John Iverson, formerly residents of this community. GALT -- Mr. and Mrs. Lester Simpson and Wilmer Scheppler of DCS Moines and Mrs. Haltie Simpson of Clarion visited in the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Louie Scheppler. ALEXANDER -- Mrs. Charles Showaller spent a few days at home before returning to Rochester, Minn., where she will receive further treatments. CHESTER--A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Alberts Feb. 17 in Mercy Hospital, Cresco. CORWITH-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hintz of DCS Moines visited the lattcr's sister, Mrs. Harry Maw, and family. CHESTER -- The Rev. Harold Sparks is attending the Spiritual Life Mission at Monroe. OSAGE--Pvl. Ronald Kohlman, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., visited recently at the parental Ed Kohlman home. COR WITH--A son was born Feb. 24 to Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Thomas at St. Ann Hospital in Algona. ST. ANSGAR--Mrs. M. K. Lebacken of Longview, Wash., is spending a week here visiting her aunt and uncle Nellie and George Gilbertson. She has been on a trip to Texas where she visited her daughter and husband, and a sister at Memphis, Tenn. ACKLEY -- Ben Held, 83, who has been making his home for the past six months with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mcints, entered the Western Old Peoples home in Cedar Falls. SHEFFIELD -- Capt. Dean Esslinger left this week for Camp Pcndleton, Wash., where he will report for overseas duty. BRADFORD -- Pvt. Duane Furman of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irae Furman, recently. POPEJOY--The Rev. E. J. Cass is spending the week at Dexter where he has charge of mission life services. GARNER -- Mr. and Mrs. A. Stcege, who own and operate the Coast-To-Coast store in Garner, recently attended th« four day annual meeting of store owners at Minneapolis. BRADFORD--Mr. and Mrs; John Lehinann, visited their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Johnson r and family, at Story City several days. _ALEXANDER -- Mrs. Grace E. Richards accompanied Mr. and Mrs. John Hill to Clarion where they attended an REA meeting. CHESTER--Ensign Fred Baldwin whose squadron is based in Newfoundland, visited with his wife and baby in the Freddie Baldwin home. NORTHWOOD -- Mr. and Mrs. William H. St. Clair attended the farm institute meeting at Des Moines. CHESTER -- Arthur Steub and Sam Jordan attended a fertilizer meeting in Riceville Monday. OSAGE--A four generation party was enjoyed this week at the Earl Ritter home in Osage. Included were their daughter and family, NOAH NOAH -- ARE PEOPLE'S VOICES HARD TO 'EXTIUGtllS TELEPHONE 7" AL0EK.T M. L.ERCH 'NORTHAMPTOM, PA. NOAH-- IF A JOIST IN ^fouR Roof= BROKE , WOULD YOU KE JOIST "? FARRlS SAAITH "· So. r*vo*?rrH ««r*cw " r °'*fJr)AtJ ? D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1.'Cudgel 5. Transport 9. Silly (slang) 10. Units of ( E n d . ) 12. Melody 13. Asiatic mountain ranges 14. Sesamo 15. Factor 10. Behold! 17. Agricultural Implement 19. Mix 21. Ages 23. Single unit 21. Packing boxes 27. Harmonizes 29. Vex 3«t Volcano .Ph(Ms.) 32. Negative votes 34. Laughing (Rnre) 38. Type measure 39. In bed 41. Cord from- bark of candlcnut tree 42. Sicilian socret society 4'!. Matured 45. Ventilated 46. Feathered creattircj 47. A box 48. Hewing- tools DOWN l.Type of architecture 2. Turbid 3. Capital of Bashkir republic 4. Near to 5. Stupefy 6. Sharpens a razor 7. Sick 8. Girl's name 9. Guns (slang) 11. Breathes noisily in sleep 33. Sharp 15. Specter IS. Golf mound 20. Unit of weight 22. Sober 2-1. The movies 25. Tongue spoken by Jesus Vcslerday'i Answer 26. Firmament 28. Ancient 31. Scope 03. Strongboxes 33. Tidal flood 36. Requirements 37. Little children 40. VVait 43. Friar's title ·H. City in France 46. Barium (sym.) zg 52 13 31 17. 48 2B 44 20 23 55 \o 37 2-25 DAILY CBY^TOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: ,V,',- ' ; .^AX : y. I) J B A A X K One letter simply stands for another.' In. this example A Is' used for the three L's, X for the two O's. etc. Single letters, apos- trophles, the length and formation of the words arc all hints Each day the cod« letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation T O Z . G L M . T N M X W G O S K G Z , X Z Q X V V G. T X,d V .B T N G Z-N M G W W G S U. ,Veslcrday'» Cryplwjuole: THE .BLAST THAT BLOWS LOUDEST IS SOON OVERBLOWN--SMOLLETT. DUlrtbuUJ t» Klnt Feilurti flyndlc«U /' · ' · · - · ' ' ' ' ' V Mr. and .Mrs. Ed Buzze, their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hammos, and their children, Carol and Ronnie, all of St. Paul, Minn. MANLY--A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Bankes at Park Hospital Sunday, their first child. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Holland, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bankes, of Manly. ALEXANDER -- Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Anderson of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson and sons Kevin and Curtis of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Poland and sons Merle and Greg of Rockwell were recent guests of Mrs. Don Oberg and son Martin John of Duluth, Minn., at the home of Mrs. Oberg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Peters. ALEXANDER--Mr. and Mrs. S. 0. Myers vvere honored on their 41st wedding anniversary at the home of their son, Keith Myers, and family. Any grapefruit worth its salt -is worth MORTONS iodized or plain When it rains it pours ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN I'D BE DISCOURAGED V/ITH MY SECOND PAINT!WG AFTER. WHAT YOU OAFS SAID ABOUT n; BUT I REALIZE YOU'RE ALL LIMITED IN ART APPRECIATION/ THE PERSON WHO REALLY KNOWS IS MR.BURDKA6E- HE BOUGHT MY OTHER. PAIMTING AND jWM LIKELY WILL BE EAGERTD BUY THIS ONE/ WELL, IF LIGHTNING CAN STRIKE THE SAME PLACE TWICE, YOU HAVE THE SAME ODDS/ pj... WITHOUT FRAME SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK sr By R. J. SCOn GLOBE HAD CooLU), Si!AM AND VAPOR BiCAME 1,500,000,003 YEARS 1-JS Try and Stop Me ·By BENNETT CERF- pROUCHO MArlX insisted that the orchestra leader for one ^ of his big productions be named Emariuel. This permitted him to assure audiences "Here is Emanuel like!" 1 Clifton Fadiman says that Oliver Herford 'was guilty of a worse pun even than Groucho's. A girl he admired was growing too plump, so \ V he ·cautioned her, "The more waist, the less speed." And Ogdeh Nash recalls a very designing wife who, knowing her husband hated Spring, waited to shoot him with an Aut'umnalic. That's enough pun-ish- ment for one day, anyhow! A glmlet-nyed 'Udy has at leiut four driving mishaps a week. To h«ar fc«r tell it, they're always the fault of other itupld drivers. She went too far one day However, and backed.; her Jalopy smack Into a tree Jn front ot the court-house. The reverberations hadn't died down when her shrill Copyrjcht, 1931. »y Bcn.ncU Cciff. Dlslrlbutcd Vy Klh c Fc»tur ? s 5yi,d!c»lt. ILONDIE ___ ,_( I MADE OUT A r^ USTOFTHS I'M GOING TO CO TODAY -- - CLEAN OUT THE CELLAR, PAINT THE FENCE, RKTHS KITCHEN GINK-- By CHIC YOUNO I?SPAli?THE -- youtee NOT L1STENINQ ME BRICK BRADFORD MARY WORTH By KEN ALLEN MUGGS AND SKEETER I GUESS I DONT A^AX£ YmiTHlwi' MY INTENTIONS CLEAR.! / ° j OT ?J VIC DIONT HAPPEN TO COME IN HERE, DID H£, MR5.V/ORTH?- · YOUR. ADVICE ON "THE CARE AND FEEDING OF GREEN-EYED MONSTERS"? WAIT AMtNUTE, MRS. IN MIAMI, VICTOR.! nrrrri ^,,*!.., oo-^,^pi.i-r I I MEANT THAT I'D 19JfLCHAN_PRESptNT / Iff rRODUCE YOU BY YOU ASKED PIE UP HERE TO MEET? LONG WSTANCEPHOHE.! By WALLY BISHOP I'M !- F££UMS PSETTY PROOC? ASOJT r' HOW MANY WOf?DS DID YOU SPELL I?16HT? YOU SEE, I. USED 6OOD I GOT THE ENJD OP THE LIME. ...AMD WHEM ALL THE OTHER * KIDS FLOPPED CM THEIf? FIRST WORD, L WAS THE ON'_Y ONE. LE.FT STANDIMG,,. SAY. SKEETE!?, I HBA!? YOU WON THE SPEUIM6 8£E IN YOLK CLASS. 1 BIG SISTER By JIMMY MACK AH. 1 NOW YOU PROBABLY WON'T LIKE THE MEDICINE I'M GOING TO PRESCRIBE FOR YOU BUT IF YOU EVER HOPE TO LEAVE THIS BED AGAIN YOU MUST TAKE IT.' TWIS.' TAKE THIS AXE AND GO OUT TO THE WOODSHED AND CUT A CORD OF FIREWOOD.' ;YOUSE WELL' HOW DO WE FEEL TODAY? I'M A SICK MAN, DOC. A VERY SICK MAN.' WHAT IS IT, DOG? REX MORGAN, M. D. By DAL CURTIS ( NO MORE THAN HIS DAD VV/U r BE TO SE£ HIM, DOCTOR/ IT'S BEEN ALMOST FIVE YEARS ' ANXIOUS TO SEE YOU/ DOCTOR BUSY WE, WONT T, _ MORE Of YOUR TIME, DR. MORGAN.' WE'LL HURRY TO THE HOSPITAL TO SEE BILLY/ OAKY DOAKS By R. B. FULLER I GUESS I WOKE HIMI HEAR HIM WOV1K16- AROUWD/ ETTA KETT By PAUL ROBINSON SCORCHY SMITH WE WOULDNT HAVE you A BOY you DONT 2 ANVTHING IM THE WOGLD. DHAS - to posrpoME THEWEDD1MG Bur r HATE *LONG-BUM' ENGAGEMENTS. NO, IF WE'RE GOING TO CGACK UP, I WANFANICE, CLEAN / WHAT ARE YOU WAITING » FOB? A LAST-MINUTE REPRIEVE YOU'D 8ETTEG MAKE UP VOUB MIMD, AND QUICIC.' NEXr WEEICTHEy CLANG THE'GATE BEMIND v YOU.' DO YOU LOVE HIM. 2 THAr'S A QUESTION ONLY YOU CAN ANSWER/ WHAT AN UTTER MESS/ By AL HOLLINGSWORTH JUfT WITHOUT OF Hlf AH? I'LL MAKE HIM UfTEH 7HI? MUST PE HE'f PKOffABLY MFORE I'M THKOU6H WITH HIM I'LL' WAKS HIM ur in Mourn WAYS THAN OH* TO woe OUT TILL HOPE HAV/A/5 THEN HS MAKES HI* WAY TO

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