The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1913
Page 5
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Farmers' Week Sale, Clothing, Shoes, and Gents' Furnishings FOR - ONE - WEEK - ONLYj OCTOBER 13th TO OCTOER 18th, 1913 - x _ - "'Its our Farmers' Week sale and every buyer will receive special values for his mone\'. Anmversai-y \veek is a time for making new friendships as well as renewing old. We have endeavored to iriake our store inviting and we trust that you will get 3'our share of the splendid bargains we shall bfi'er during our Anniversary Week. It will be profitable for every man and young man whe needs a Suit or Overcoat to come to this sale. No matter how low the price is. we guarantee to give satisfaction, we don't keep any other kind of clothes. The standard brands. Krischbaum Co., Phila. and I\. Y.. Students Society Brand of X. Y., Stvle Plus Brand of Baltimore. The standard of excellence is portrayed in these fabrics. Correct stvle and high class tailoring. -\t these truly exceptional low prices it v.-ti pay you to buy a SUIT or OVERCOAT. Stylish Suits For Business or Dress Big- selection is offered in regular S3 and S5 Suits. Farmers' Week Sale Regular $10.00 SuiVs,' Week Sale A lot of Blue Serge Suits for young men of 31 to 37 inch chest measure, regular $11.00, Fanners" Week Sale Men's Suits of extra, fine quality all v."ool materials, so!d regularly at $12 to SV.J, Fann- ers' Week Sale $4.90 $6.90 !en of 31 to 37 $7.90 ·vool materials, $8.90 Regular ?13 'to $14 suits in Mixtures. Grays, Browns, Tans, Blue and Black, the greatest clothes value offered. Farmers' Week Sale Suits regularly sold at S15 to §1C la Black, Plain, Fancy, Blue and fine Mixtures, Farmers' Week Sale Our entire assortment of strictly high-class suits in Black unfinished Worsteds, Black Gray and Tan "Mixtures. $18 to $20 suks,, offered, Farmers' Week Sale $9.90 Black, Plain, $12.90 high-class suits Black Grav and $13.90 Everything will be Sold Exactly as Advertised. Snappy Overcoats Glen's Overt-cats in pJasn colors a;:d mixtures regular. $7.CO to ¥8.00 Overcoats, Farmers* Week Sale $4.90 $7.90 $9.90 Regular $10.00 to 11.00 Overcoats in all v.-ool mixtures, sale Regular $12.00 to 14.00 Overcoats ;n Grays, Tans, Browns, Mixtures Strictly high-class Overcoats of imported materials, finest tailoring, correct style in plain colors and mixtures, regularly sold at $10.00 to 20.00, sale $12.90 Men's Trousers Regular $1.50 Men's trousers sale Regular S'J.OO to ?".C»0 trousers sale Regular $3.50 to $4.00 trousers sale Men's Corduroy pants in lighr, medium and dark shades regular $2.50 sale Men's Corduroy pants in same shades better quality regular $3.00 to $0.50 sale 95c $1.95 $2.95 medium and $1.69 better qua!$2.19 PRIZES SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE FARMERS PRIZES S5.00 Gold Piece. $2.50 Gold Piece and ?1.00 Bill given away to the customers who bay the most goods during Farmers" Week Sale by giving tickets from our cash register with every purchase. Ask for them and bring them in Saturday afternoon, OCT. 18. Als-t. all customers are entitled to a prize for cash register tickets. For §5.00 \ve give awav one piece of Dinnenvare: for S10.00. something in Jewelry: for $20.00 and S25.QO something in Roger's Silverware: for 830.00 to 50.00 we give av.-av Watches, Umbrellas and D ress Suit cases. " . . . . $i.50 Men's Hats 95c K«.T.Iar Hans, si!« *S*J\* S~2.M3.saie Jle^niar §2-50 to 53 Hats in the nev.esi stylts. black, gray and brown, sale $1.45 $1.95 Men's Underwear 37k 50 cent heavy fleece lined underwear. sale Sale Starts 3Ionday morning, October 13th to ISth onlv Boys' Suits Read these prices on Suits and Overcoats for boys from the ages 3 to 17--Great Bargains. Boy's suits in Norfolk style and in plain, regular S3 sale Boys' all wool suits in mixtures regular S5 to SO, sale Boys" double breasted and Xorfolk suits in cassi- meres. worsteds and fine cheviots regular S7 to 810 sale $1.90 $3.90 $4.90 $5.90 Raincoats Good quality and stylish rubber raincoats slip on models in Hght gray tan regular §5 to $G sale Fine quality and very sVv-Hsh slips or rain coats, regular S10 to $15.00, sale $7.90 $9.90 EXTRA SPECIAL The Gettysburg Battlefield song which we sold thousands of during the 50th Anniversary at 25 cents, special at this sale 7c Shoes Shoes Our line of shoes is bigger and better than ever. Every pair of Men's. Women's and Children's shoes is offered at greatly reduced prices, including all the standard makes--Andycot. Johnson and Co., the Crawford shoe, Sunset shoe. Tourist and Whittan's shoes. All guaranteed to give satisfaction in every way or new pair. FREE FREE A ·watch given away free by purchasing boy's suits from S5.00 up. Watch guaranteed for one year bv the maker. _ Handkerchiefs lien's 5 and ten cent white handker- CElSlS. Scils 2c Lewis Please Keep Thls~ArdvertisemerttT- Gettysburg Bargain House, Baltimore St., Gettysburg. SHOT SHELLS Cat ·down your lead -- Get your bird witl+the 'center of the load ' - IN tke making of sliotsiiens. the greatest forward step explosion back of tlie^sliot. It's a Remington special rsTentcn -- that steel lining, You £ii3 it in_ RejEtagtoa-UMC Arroto crJ. A"ffro GGJ. Xbesesteel Kaedslielis get tbeir shot to die target quicker than any other scells known to jEe shooting fraternity. They cst down the: guess-work about lead and angles. They put the center of the load rigKt on yocr bird. can get ost," "Waste-proof-- no F actcrr Loaded Sa=2s or Yosr dealer carricsib Remington Arta*-Ualon Metallic Cartridge Co. 299 Brotdway 13 Nrw York ADirjSgsmiTOR'S NOTICE Xotlce is Bereby oiven thar Administration toon, the estate of Ssrahl J- Eeed, late of tfie borough of Fairfield. | Adam? ConEty. Pennsylvania, deceased."I were granted by the Itc^isier or "Wills of [ Adaiiia" County on September 10th, 1 1913. onto the nndersi^iiefl. All Per-1 sons indebted to said estate are renniren J to make payment withont delay and xtil | persons Latins claims against the same i arereqnJred to present them, properiy | authenticated, without delay. t J. Arthur Spangler, Administrator. Fsimeld. Penna. Or his attorney. John D, Keith. Esq., . First ;Sac- Bfc. Did;., Gettysbonr. Penna- - PUBLIC SALE -----OX FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th : 391.", The undersigned intending to quit housekeeping, will sell at Pahlie Sale, a his residence 146 Chacabersbtirg street, Getfeysbnrjr, Pa.. all his Household Fur- niturecpnsstins ot Bedroom Suites. Psr- lor Suites, Bmssells aad Homemade Carpets; Ku^s. Dining Room Furniture. Tables and Chairs, new Steel Jlsnpie, a lot of Jxitchen Farnitnte. Enterprise Sausage Griaderand Sniffer. in good order. Crocks. Fans, Dishes. Queen? and Crockery ·ware, Hes. Hsove!=% Rskes, Tubs. Buckets, Glass -Jars, Washing Machine and Wringer. Discing Iron, ilattocfc and. Pick, and a great- inany other articles notmentioned- J~ale to conimenceat lo'cocfc p.m. terms ·will be made known by D. S. COLE.MAX. 3- M. Caldwell. Auct. P, A. Miller. Clerk. NOTICE " The new Sanitary Fish£Oyster Market wishes to inform the Public that they do not go around Ringing Bells \ ell ing to the sell their goods but we take orders and deliver. We do ] not handle cheap Fish Oysters or drag them around streets, j We have the only Sanitary Fish and Oyster market in Town, j We do not selljce water floating around with the Oysters,we j put ice around the packing cans to preserve flavors of Oysters j 22 Carlisle st. on the Front St. FrW. Kappe^ Co, ADMINISTRATOR'S SOTICE Notice is iiereby siven that Letters of Administration upon the estate of Eliza B. Keed, late of the borough of Fairfield, Adams County. Pennsylvania, deceased, were granted by the the Register of Wills o; Adaojs County on September IC'ih, j 1013, umf) tbe nndersJgaen. AH persons j DANCE XAVIER HAIX THU^sDaY EVHflmG OCTOBER 9 Dancing 25 cents, Refreshments of all kinds will be servedr GOOD MUSIC I I 1 H ; a ; ':y^^ IB5S1S33E SSJs I The popular annual Excursion by the Salem U. B. Church vfUl be run TLusrday Oct. 23,1913. Special train xvill leave Fairfield at 6.45; Gettysburg 7.15; New Oxford 7.37: Hanover 7.55; stopping at all intermediate stations. Train from East Berlin will connect. No stops made below Hanover. Returning leaves Hillen Station, Baltimore, 7 o'clock. COMMITTEE. sons having^claims against tho same are required to present them, properly authenticated, withont delay. J. Arthur Spaugler. Administrator. Fa:rneld, Penna. Or his attorney, ^_ John D. Keub, Esq., Finn National Bank Building-, Gettysburg. Penna ;?v -~~,s-f TWO^ROPERTIES at PUBLIC SALE On SRTUHDHY, Ostobep 11 T rr-i O * The Ferry J. iawney property on otem- wehr aveune will be sold on the premises at one o'clock, The,property on Breckenridge street will be sold immediately afterward. A rather interesting case ws= 3»nd- ect a coupie »f weeks ago at Greenwood. XIo.. involving tile right of a teSepnon^ company to set poles in front of n farmer's residence. fhi» doJng o which seriously injured r,o:r.e frnit trees which stood ou tbe ed^e of the highway ju^t ontsids- tho farmer's fence- VTijon tho jmlce hoard The for the f:irmt*r"^ complaint,be i:K thf tree*; tiploncrd. n; did t-" the ronnty and were not the property of the man near whose place th»y were ^rowintr. On this basis n n v t.ixp:i\or h.-id just n^ mnch riffhr to spit her the :is rlu suppos- td PUBLIC SALE i 3 i i I of Valaahie Building Lots in the Bor-' , i "ug;h of Biarlervills. Adams Cour.iv. · ''A'orthy the Attention of People \\ho| Pennsvlvania. ' " """ ' to Preserve the j Hair. I The well known Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased by -John D. Kane, who as proprietor will in the future, to the best of Ms ability, endeavor to see that all patrons of this established hostelry are served with the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also with the best of Hqidfc. both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that Mr. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be stiflident assurance that he will take good care of such of his friends and patrons as visit him. FINK'S PKIZE BEERS are served at this bar. both on draught and in bottles. poolic e e, are On Fridar the 24th dav of October. 1 - indlSTfS^f-hS^f brlt , Kether ; 3a - tC of lhe Borough of Bijr- with pure soap and water, or a good ready prepared shampoo. Use'Parisian Sage every day, rubbing: thoroughly into the scalp. This I at public sale on the premises in the i Boronerh of BigferviHe the following- 1 described real estate: All that piece, and which People's Drug Store sells in B. large 50 cent bottle, is guaranteed to quickly abolish dandruff--to stop hair from falling ar.d scalp from itching or money refunded. To"p' j£ ^ e a " c ' beauty into dull, dry or faded hair and make it; soft ard fiuffy surely use Parisian Sage--:t is one of the quickest acting hair torslcs known. F. F. McDcrmitt, of Highland ship, will have a"stock sale on March 9th, consisting: of horses, cattle and hogs.--advertisement TWO rooms with conveniences for ilg-ht housekeeping for rent. 32 Enst Middle street.--advertisement Adams County, Pennsylvania, (fronting on the Xorth side of Kail! road Street, and on the West side of ] Main Street and bounded on the Xorth ;by the right-of-way of the Cemetery " Association and Thomas Minter on the . ""-Vest, containing SECEXTEEX AC: RES, more or less, improved v.ith a {small building now occupied by the Cumberland Valley Telephone Company Exchange. 1 ' Tnis property will he offered in lots and as a whole and sold in whichever way it shall prove mosV advantageous . to the estate, I Sale to commence at 1 when attendance will be terms made known by the ELIZABETH A. Administratrix and A^ent for the of Dr. C. S. Kether, dec'd. :30 P. given M.. and An Excellent Heater... At a very reasonable price The accompanying illustration shows a stove from our stock hat has many decided advantages. If you think of buying a stove i call to see it and let us explain !the good points to you. Visitors i are always welcome. H. T. Mating Hot Air Furnaces carried in stock ready to install. VTarerooms fonnerly occupied by Strawstacker Co., old Reading freight depot. rear ot i

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