The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1913
Page 4
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T THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday TL»e* *n New. P«MMu«l C*-P«-f W. JULVBRE HAFEK, . * - PHILIP S«cr«t*ry mod Treasurer., _ . _ PHILIP R. JBISLE, Editor "SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents psr momth. **~ oa ^ MaHed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent* per momth. KATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. receive THE TIMES by maH you can find the date up to ^cnyom are th« pink address label on your papers The date will be changed witni» ten dayi after your money is received at The Time* Office. ^^ Ritartd AskBK 15, .1*04,. at Gettysburg, Pau, as second-clma* matter, nmder " · ,. - Coitgress March 3, 1879. BELL PHONE Northwert "eormer of Ontr« Square. UNITED PHONE Gettysburg. .-HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTIS1NG BY THE GENERAL- OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES iflt AiJLTHr ^5ti««CtHai Ci* Wamtads. 6i« c«nt per word each insertion. Two cents a word if goaramted tnt p«C« po*itio». Keiolationi of respect, poetry and memonami om« cent word. . , -- ' --NO TRESPASSING "3ffl persons are warned not to trespass on the premises of the under- sigiiefd '-ni'th ab^/gnn or^trap for the purpose of taking: game in any manner; norforSshing.orinany way Injuring or destroying property. All persons violating 'tfielaws "of die"commonwealth with regard to trespassing on lands of th% Tbdersigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 1-i. 1905. Wffifam Allison, Saml. Walters farm, Hamikonban tovrnship. John D. Efley, R. 12. Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. ,_ Mrs. J. E. Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Whieman, Cumberland Township. Frank Mumper, R- 1, Gettysburg, Pa. "G. J. Deardorff. Orrtanna, Pa- Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. F. L- Eime, Butler Township. -Bigler\-ille. Pa. "C. B. Shant, Straban Township. R- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. -J. H. Kuhn"(J."F. Kuhn Farm) R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. Mt. Joy Twp. Jacob FrommeVer. Straban Township. George-E.- Harman, R- 6, Gettysburg. Pa. Butler Township Township. Mrs. Matilda" E/Codori, Cumberland Township. Samael Rohi^on, R.-l, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. j. K Toot, Straban Township. D. J Keile. ^12, Genysb'urg-, Pa., Cumberland Township. Eeo Frommeyer, ilt. Pleasant Township. Martin "Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. "W. T. Mehriag, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. Major. Straban Township. Jacoo S. Peters," Tyrone Township. R. 3, Biglerville. Pa. John W. McITrieany Farm R- 7. Gettysburg. Straban Township. Charles F.JRebert,. Seven Stars. Pa. G. W. Eldon. Bendersville. Pa. 'George D. Thomas. Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greerimo-sit, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler ToTv-nship. R. 6, Gettysburg. Jo"seph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Waiiam Coshun, Straban Tovoiship. D. L. Jacobs. R-1, Biglerville, Pa. BnOer Township. -Joseph B. Twining, R. 12, GettA-sburg. Pa. Edward-A: Scott, R. '4, Gettysburg. Freedom Township. J. B.Bro-«Ti, Highland" Township."- ' J R. F. Biddle, Mt. Pleasant Township. R- S, Gettysburg. s C. H. Rummell on C- L. Osborne farm, Menallen township. TTm. M. Bigham's .Sons. Freedom Township. ^ "Wm. M. Bigbam's Sons^Xiberty Township. Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. 73 9O SOOO SHOWING A GRACEFUL PLAITED TUNIC OF CHIFFON CHRISTY MATHEWSON. New York's Star Pitcher Baffles Athletics 1 Sluggers. MATTY BAFFLES MACK SLUGGERS Giants Defeat Athletics 3 to 0 in Ten Innings. IT WAS A PITCHING DUEl Veteran Tv.-irlers Were Supported b \Vonderfui Fielding Plays Until Final Inning, When Plank Blew Up. WORLD'S BASE BALL SERIES. \Von. Lost. P. C. Albleiics 1 - 1 Nev.- York 1 1 5 First same, won by Atbteucs--6 to Second gaaie. \\oa by Giams...3 WILSON REBUKES'EDITOR Denies Saying Any One Not Supporting Him Was a Rebel. "Washington, OcL 9.--For the first time in the history of the United States a newspaper editor was officially rebuked by the president. ^ - , Ir- "Wilson sent the following communication to the editor of the Washington Post: "Sir--J am'quoted in~your issue of! Wednesday _ as saying that any,, one! vi ho does not support me is no Demo- j crat bat a rebel. Of-course, I never; said any suqh ^ thing-- It is contrary; both to my thoughts and to my char-j LAND OF MIRAGESPERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Death Valley ami Its Treacherous Lures of Beauty. Parafraphs of News Telling tf tbe WORK OF A GOOD SAMARITAN. to i. . Philadelphia, Oct. 9.-- Christy Math ewson beat Eddie Piaak in a ten inning pitching battle at Shike Park in the second contest- of the world's series Score: New York, 3; Athletics, 0. Mathewson practically won his own ' ·very prominent place' to this deniaL Very trulv yours, I "*-"WOODROW WILSON/ 1 BACK BROKEN, SPURNED M) Dying Miner Wouldn't Be Treated Till; Beck, the Pro«pector, Who Has Made the De«ert Bloom With Guidepo»t» Pointing the Way to Water and Saved Many Men From Death. In the American Magazine is an arti- ! cle about Lew Westeott Beck, who is | known as the "good Samaritan of | Death valley." He "and his dog. fci- 1 fus, have saved many prospectors from a .horrible death by making the desert j blossoia with guideposis showing the way to water. The following is an es Chiidren Came. ·Wilkes-Barre, Pa_ Oct. 9.- -^^ ~ . as Poiatoa, a. miner in the Xo. 8 col-f tract from tile article: lierv at Avoca. lay with a broken back,' "Time was when Beck was a plain ia the chamber where he was. caught j prospector in the Cripple Creek coun- by a fall of coal, he refused to permit j ^^ He was ia on tbe diggings at Happeniflfs in Md atari TOWP People Visiting Here and Those Soiomning*Elsewhere. first, aid men to give him any help un til his daughters, Elizabeth, eleven I«eadviHe. .and he panned around in Montana awhile, fjkewise he rushed Photo by Anencan Press AESociatloo. HE MURDERS THREE IN RELIGIOUS MANIA Grazed Yculh Shoots Friends and Batters Bodies. Liverpool, Oct. 2.--In a fit of religious mania a jouthfui church worker here. WHHam McDonald, killed three ut his lello-.v church workers. He rliea committed suicide. McDonald paid a round of visits to the residences of his colleagues in the church work and shot them down ia turn and afterward battered their bodies with a bludgeoa. I game when he hit one of Plank's shoots 10 center for s. sohd sing'.e ID the tenth, scoring a maa frpai sec- , ond. An error by Eudle Collins and a single scored two more, runs for the Giants, but they -.vere not needed, as the Athletics failed to get a man 015 base ia their half of the injjiag. To most of the 20,5-33 eaiuissiasts inside the grounds it seemed as if the Americau league champions threw away an easy chance to w;a the s gamc :a the -ninth Jnnmg by a display oi poor tactics. Istruak, the first battet up, singled and Carry heat out a and -both advanced on Doyle's throw on" the hit. With Strunlc, fleetest of the Athletics, oa third, Barry oa second, it looked as if a long sacrifice Sy would give Mack s team a sure run and victory. Instead, Lapp shot a grounder to Wiltse and, the Giant's pitcher, whc played a star game at Srst, cut down . Amos 'at the plate by a sharp throw ohT-a close play. Barry went to third, and still with but one out, Plank went to the'bat and hit to Wiltse, wio again showed his sk:li with a throw ta Catcher ^McLean, v.-h!ch nipped Barry. TTor nine innings the two veteran pitchers, oldest in their respective leagues, matched will against will in a great pitching duel. years old. and Catherine, fourteen! j n £ 0 tHe jig Horn at the time of the years olu, were brought to h»s side. '{ mineral strike there, but be never The girls were lowered into the mine ; struc k: a lead that made him rich. and hurried to their father. Poiaton,^ "Eventually he drifted down through who knetv his back was broken, re-^ Xevada and into Death valley, chasing fused to go to a hosiptal asid was taken; rainbows. Wild ruaiQrs about ·Death \- :l iiey' Scotty's big Cud in that section electrified the country. and_ scores of ^ · prospectors rushed into the desert, ex- j pecting to make their fortune in a few j days. Beck was 'among those pres- Dr. Karl J- Grimm has returned to his home on Carlisle stieet after attending the inauguration of President Omwake at Ursinus College, College- ville. Miss Jeanne SleLer has returned from Church Home Hospital at Baltimore where she underwent a successful operation several weeks ago for appendicitis. The Parent Teachers'- Association will-meet Friday evening at 7:30. There will be good muiic and an address by Dr. Wagner. Miss M. Belle Seiss, of Biglerville, was a town visitor on Wednesday. Ninetv three tickets were sold for home, his daughters accompanying j him. He was told he could live only a short tiree. WARF1ELD DEATH DUE TO POISON jury Finds Maryland Girl Died! From Effects of Drug, s ent.' ! "There were several in Beck's party. · They hiked many miles tbroagb toe : mirage land, finding nothing worth · while and worrying constantly lest \ they exhaust their supply of ·water. For two days they sought water boles, when out of w::ter they went for with tongues swollen and lips the York fair to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles son, Percy, of South Jacobs and Washington street, are spending several days with relatives hi York. YORK SPRINGS York Springs--C. W. Gardner and parched from want of niorsture. Then death Deemed · suddenly di^cox ered inevitable they u tiay stream i Six of the Giants were retired on Apparently there were no witnesses! strikeSj Burns falling a T r c u m o f the nC the series of tragedies. The empty revolver arid the bludgeon tere clasped in McDonald's hands vrhen Ms body v.a? discovered. The _four young people were active workers for a sect known, as the "Church of Humanity." One of th-3 victims was luiss Crompton, daughter of the late Rev. Henry Crompton. a_ former pastor of the "Church of Hu- naiilty." She was the Iea_der of the "Z.iierpool Posluvists" and was Mc- Ponaid's religious tutor. It THS in her room thafthe raaniac committed suicide after killing his instructress. Sykesville, Md., Oct. 9.--The coro-j ner's jury, "-vhich met here to investigate the death of Miss Ella L. Warfield of verdicc: - - , t "Miss WarSeld came to ner aeatnj from poison, supposeay cyanide o, ; potassium, administered by aer own, ^ tricklinjr out of a canyon at the base of the P:iiirtui!at mountains. :ld, a. COUSJK of es-Governor Warfieid,'. " ' - " "Maryland, rendered the foilowing; ~^^ 1 .,° ^ I "AVhen Beck returned to civilization ! he was a changed m:in. He.bnd seen hfnds. - ' _, After harms been buriea ^r at least, a month, the body or Miss WarSeld ' was esiiumed ana the viscera. over to a-ctemist to examine. Thei ht had put a big idea Into bead. spring, and Beck trip through Death valley. Ac doz- | TQe nrapp ector cnrried a bundle of tin - ^gnboards to guide b chemist testified that he found no trace | steps aright. Each summer since then tbe prospector and hl« dog have made a 3our- farniiy are spending a few days in Baltimore. 3Irs. Frank In* in, of Washington, D. C- is spending some tiaie here with her parents,-E. J. Myers and v.-ife. G. J. Wolf purchased the property of his mother, Mrs. Eleanor J. Wolf, on Saturday for $520. Mr. and Mrs. X. R. CrisweU have gone to Roselle Park. X. J., in their auto where they will be the guests of W. R. Starry and family. _G- W. Osborne, of near Xew Chester, v/ill quit farming this fall and retire next spring to a 12 acre farm which he has purchased near Brush Run. Francis Trostie has purchased a Ford touring car- Mrs- Joseph Spangler, of Centr« Mills, and daughter, Miss Nettie, a of cyanide poisonins in the viscera,] _ -_ nev to tb* Istnd of the purple mist, pil- Ing up rocICK :md attaching signs to HOLDS UP RESTAURANT Bandit Cleans Out Cash Register In Wilmington at Point of Pistol. Wilmington. Del.. Oct. 3. -- A man, ·well dressea and aged about twenty- five years, after finishing a meal at Webb's restaurant, 10 i West Tenth street, crew a reiol\er and compelled Bart Carter, a waiter, to empty the cash register. -woman breakfast, -with his 'back towards the desk, the roboer dashed out of the place and got away. Miss Frances Wilson, the cashier. who was just reporting for work, stood in T'ae doorway unable to move as Carter emptied the cash register of its contents. The cash register had ?12 and some change in it. and of this the thief got all but 47 cents. EMBEZZLED_SON'S MONEY Father Convicted of Squandering $15, 000 Belonging to Minor Child. Hollidaysburg; Pa., Oct. S.--Mathias Stelile, building association oSc'.al of Altoona. was convicted in the Blair county court here on a charge of ein bezzling ?is.o«u belonging to his minor son. John H. Sie'nie. The prosecutor was a bonding company, the surety on Stehle's bond as guardian for bis son The jury's ver diet contained a recommendation for mercy. Stehle confessed on the witness stand that he had squandered ?75.»0 f i of other people's money in real estate speculations. ppnsider delivery on three occasions. 'Matty" fanned five. r -- son. The_ game was as unlike Tuesday's contest as "it Is possible for it to be. Tuesday's game was a slugging match, Thls contest was a pitching battle, in which, rsv-o of the greatest masters of their craft matched their brawn and brain. Although the Athletics obtained eight hits and the Xe^v Yorkers oaa less, there was not an extra base drive during the game- Hatty pitched himself out of a tight hole in the first inning..after Murpny reached first on Doyle's error and Oldring's solid single to left. Collins advanced both with a sacrifice. With men on second and third, one out and Baker at the bat. Mathewson tightened and fanned the Trappe Terror. Baker sivung savagely at the third strike, -a inch was one of Matty's slow ones. Then Mclnnis lined to Burns for the third out. Plank faced the same situation in the third inning:. After McLean filed to B.arry, Snodgrass singled and went -ig--rHir-ij -0yi IaEhewsoa' solid single to left center. Christy talcing second on the thro?- in. Herzog forced Wiltse running for the lame Snodgrass at the plate. Canta.n Doyle facea Plank and it looked as if he, tvith three balls called. wouM walk. P,lank cut the corners of rhe pi?-te for rnro strikes, then on fhe ne~t ore Doyle hit an easv fly 'o flaring, renring the side. Wonderful fielding plays abounded sud more than once the splendid "work cf his fielders saved "Big Six" from s score. Base stealing, as in previous con- irsts bef^rccri The Athletics and the Giants, piayeo no part in the game. Xot an Athletic player attempted to steal, and Shafcr. the 01517 Xational leaguer -«:ho tried to purloin a base, was thrown out by Laop. tvao has always been ? terror to Xew Ycrk. The total attendance was ±\5K3. and receipts §4?.£4". YOnK. -AB R. BHPO.A-E . Ob 5 1 0 1 4 0 Doyle. 2h 4 0 0 3 Fletcher. ES o 0 2 1 Bnrns. If 4 f 0 4 Shafer. cf 5 .0 ~ 0 Murray. r r 4 0 0 0 Gra'm. *"_..'_"" I"" 0 1 0 0 but added that the strong embalming i ^^^"^^J^fan* fluid would have counteracted tne poi- *»*£····«*"; _ " . ,, ,TM,-^ *«· « ! IncicleBtaHy keeping .a lookout for a Dr..Daniel B. ,Sprecher, mayor o f j Sykesviile, admitted that he gave c Miss arfield; certificate showing had died of. acute indigestion. Knowing Once or twiee Rufus hns led his master to prospectors after long suffering from thirst trained nurse of Philadelphia, wer« guests of Daniel Beatrick over Sun, day- Mrs. William Davis is spending th« \veek in York- Miss Martha Locc, of Gettysburg, it the guest of J. Harvey Neely and fam- ilv. action had come after the decision ot| hnd fallen upon tbe burumg sands to fiber Coroner Millar, a cousin of the dead; »»«· chains and mat an Inquest was nnneces-i districts tuniWed upon tbe bleaching bns mad also in remote who may-have sary Dr. Sprecher's testimony was- bones of d«ad men dramatic tnroughout. He said: | found fortunes in the silver s=u!punre "I told Mrs. Ward, the sister, that I. district.-but vrbo dsd could not "give a certificate until a. the wcrid nbout it. not live to tell At one time be as- coroner bad'seen the body. Mrs. Ward; "ied at the burial of four men who insisted that an inquest was uaneces- died of thirst withm two ames of a =arv but I called Coroner Millar and! spring. be came to the "K-arfield home. "The country that Becfe traverses is \Visson. c i:? go~x-ns this season snow the" snrdle, jpvmsj a novel, pretty eftect- .atjaay be r.otjccd To make 7S30 in size SS it requires in foe droppeS shoulders, the -nicle 5^ yards of 36 inch material. soft "slash alba'tSe drapery OE the s^lrt-j SOOO shovrs an attractive raocel lor a At the moment as It may be 2evel- firess -srere complete without some sort op.;d in se-ge, a novelty faCbric or a ct tyBic. Those o- Uiue aafi ch»rron; Sgurcd. s.'k -wjta go^d results. A dark "fe faVoreS. and mar be plaited or i serge or satin vrith the revers on jgiTthefed ·wJth'a hoop at the bottom on! blouse and skirt of white is most e*the order of "the Toiret jnSnaret, ^hichj 'ective. is causing an unusual stir at tbe mo-1 meat. 7230 is 5n figured crepe de "chine. ~shou3dered and tuniced in con- ffajstin? chiffon. A frill ot the plaited chiffon comes above the wide satin To make In size 12 it requires yards of 36 :nc^ material. Xo. TS30--sires 34 to 44. Xo. SOOO--sizes S, 10, 12 and 14. Each pattern i," cents. To obtain either pattern illustrated fill out this coupon and Inclose ID cents in ·tamps or coin. "Be sure to state number of pattern and size, measuring over the fullest part of the bust 'or dimensions. Address Pattern Department. Xo Name .. Addre=3 Size WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of" United States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clor.dy. P. Clo-ady. Rain. Cloudy. Clear. Rain. Albany 7ft Atlantic City 64 Boston., i 60 Buffalo 70 Chicago 60 Xew Orleans 7*^ New York 67 Philadelphia V. St, Louis GS Washington CS The Weather. Cloudy and probably rain today and tomorrow; east winds. r»Iathew5on. Totals ... *Kan for 1- n 3 0 "0 0 1 0 13 2 1 , rf Oklrin-. cf Co-sins. 2b Baker. 3b Mclnnis. : ! .i Stnin^c. cf Barrj- ss Lapi. c Plank, p 3 7 - 3 7 30 20 2 'I^T.^pn in the tenth- ATHLETiCS. AB. R. BH PO.A. E S 0 0 5 0 ......... 0 0 ^ 0 0 0 0 0 n 2 0 o 0 1 1 9 Coroner Millar arrived Mrs. Ward em- ] the most arid section of tbe American braced and kissed him and they held; continent--a dreiry stretch of Irana private conversation. I did not hear] dreds of miies of cesert. clotted bare what was~said. Then I tcolc 3Ir. Millar | and there with foothills, buttes. dry to the room in which the body lay and \ creek beds, chaparral. pricWy pear and told him what I had discovered. Ho" sa£rebri;=;!:. ?[rin:s= are mi'ie": upon hen decided that 3Iiss WarSeld had i miles apam Most of them are bitterly died of natural causes and said that an: aikali, and some nre poison. I said all! "On an ordinary summer afternoon j tbe thermometer runs np to about 334 d«:rrees in the shade out in Death val- BLEASE ON HIS STATE'S NEEDS; ley. and the most unpleasant thing aquest was - unnecessary, right, you are the law." REMBRfiNDT *N "EASY'MARK. The Greit "PaTnter " Gennan "art ,stp3ents f Good Horse Racing and Honest Poker j Ideals- .ibout it is there is a dearth o shj]de _ -^hell raao ventures ont upon Among His Ideals- ^j J ^ g trRC ^_i ^ expanse the shimmering Washington, Oct. 8.-- "I want pientv ; bejj£ dazeg Mm ^ scarcity of water of good borse racing, chicken figanng; ^^ ^ m m ^ fhs and honest poker playing in my state. said Governor Cole J,. Blease. or Souta Carolina, here on his ^ray back home after a business trip to TSTew Tork. Whea asked if be was going to pay | Sis respects to President Wilson in"Washington, tbe governor said: "Since j he appointed Gonzaies as minister to; Cuba I've lost faith in him.' ^ ^.^ Qf ean£ _ tha _ , t is _ e _ e _ be ~ ore Mm _ ansbing np o n the canvas of bis tnind's eye a verdant valley, gorjreonsly green "with growing things, fresh with Sowers, wet with water .-md wnitin? to welcome him ·'He can see grassy nill slopes just j nhead. and the mirrored, lake appears _ ___ i to iie 'ju=t beyond sorae beckoning Wilson Abolishes the Roller Towel. ] roendovr. He foSiows on and on and Washington. Oct. 9-- The roller tow- j afterward drains the !nst drop from ci, which has neea a feat'ire inany irfs canteen. Then his throat becomes -.ears in g overnment buildings, was J nnrched- bis tongue cleaves to tn~e roof r-bolisaed by President Wilson "in t'ae j of his mouth, and stranze things pass interests of public health." Hundreds j before bis eye?. Tbe buzzards begin of thousands of individual towels -wj reciace the rollers. GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA -- FLOUR call; , , ,, winter clear. §3.75©3.90; city milis, i 3nrl merci-e» «-.-^rti- C^ *SiC? -i. CfS S^- i lOT)*!* r A7"* ll | to soar over bim. r.ud tbe coyotes sit upon their bunkers and watch him chase rainbows iratil be pitches forward sipon his face and closes his eyes unoa n vrorid tbnt is too mysterious for him to linger in ?-. S5.25S S.5. , . ,, - ,, RYE FLOtJR qr.iet; per barrel, $3.oO WITEAT firm; Xo. 2 red, ne^v, COKX steady; Xo. 2 yellow, ~~ OATS steady: Xo. 2 white, 47 3 /-c.: lower grades. 45c. POTATOES steady, at 75@90c. per bushel. . POULTRY: i^ive steauy; nens, 15e.; oM roosters. 12?£13c- Dressed firm; choice "o^ls. S^'c.: old roosters. 13%c- - BUTTER per Ib. steady; fascy creamery, Totals 3S 0 S 30 6 2 i Xew Yo-k 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3--3 ! Athletics 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0 First base on errors--Xew York, 1; Athletics, l. Left on bases--Xew York, 8: Philadelphia, 10. Bases on balls-Off Mathewson, 2: off Plank. 1. Struck out--By Mathewson. 5: bv Plank, 6. ' Sacrifice hits--Wiltse. Collins. Hit bv pitched ball--Plank Umpires--Plate, ConnolU; bases, Rigler; Outfield, Zoological Question. What animals do we find In the dally papers? The snus (news). --~,«' -\« -jg^S^'^ , , Klem and Egan. Time--2.23. Ilowevor nionn your life is, meet It and, not shun It and call !t bad names --Thorean. EGGS steady: selected, C5c.; near- o~, S3c.; western. 33c. , Produce Markets. CHICAGO--HOGS 5c. to lOc. lower; bulk of sales. SS.iOSS-SO; light. SS.10 @S.7.=y; mixed, $7.30©S.SO: heavy, $7.85 5?8.90; rough. $7.S5@S.05: pigs, S4.50 ©7.75. .. , CATTLK strong to I5--. higher; beeves. $7.20@S.50: Texas steers. §7 ffit; storkers and feeders, S5.25 1 ® i.S-t; cows and heifers, ?3.«5@S.75; cahes. na- Song of a Little Rlvsr. ~ · There's no music like a littie river's. ^ 1 It plays the same tisne fand that's tbe favorite) over and over again, and yet it does not ·weary of it like men Sd- diers. It takes the mind out of doors, nnfl. though we should be grateful for good bosses, there is, after all. no bouse like God's ont of doors. Ana. ] lastiy. sir. it quiets a man down like saving his prayers.--Robert Loois Ste- . branflt die"bop.elessly bajafcrnptrbarii Qiscd.vef'ed'tbat^Ke was^a Ecorrigibia ppecuiVtor- ^ft"had.Jiitaerto^6een popularly supposes, tnat he was' compelled to reafriin. poo r c because of his extravagant fovejpf. Jewels. , , , - , TJnrortuiiate -speculations tuna put to have been tBe~canse of bis financial ruin. Documents have "beea.-3Miter- red showing that he officially informed the manicipality of Amsterdam that he had suffered heavy losses In business transactions as well as through damages and losses on tbe high seas. Tt was 'at a tine, lGiO-60. when all Europe was engaged in feverish money making 5F connection wltIfT3:o!- land's Tneteoric commercial prosperity. Speculation took place on a reckJesa scaie. Immense fortunes were suns ia shipping, banking and colonial ea- terpnses- Rembrandt, wbose highly artistic nature was sadly devoid of even elementary business sense, fell an easy victim to tbe'scheming speculators of. that era of. frenzied finance, and ha lest bis entire fortune. Many of his pictures were seized lor debt by tbe legal authorities before the canvases were half finished- Bankruptcy finally overtook biro anfl compelled him to sell aH bis properties, his horae and priceless works of art under the hammer at sacrifice prices.-- Philadelphia Ledger. _ _ _ Origin 'of Iron Duke. s The Iron Duke, of course, was Wellington, but he came by the nickname in a roundabout way. He was never so called until long after Waterloo. Aa iron steamship, a novelty at the time. was bujlr in tbe Mersey and named ib? Duke of Wellington, ana so tbe vessel came to be known as the Iron Duke. the transition being easy and obvious. It was the duke's Bnion of resolution and physical energy wbicb. made the popular same for the Mersey built steamship to fit aim like a perfect cap. Such, at least, is the explanation of bis biographer. Sir Herbert Maxwell--London Cnronicle. venson. SHEEP steady to 15 Rejected. mine and you will make me tbe happiest man In the "worid. She-I'm very sorry, but want to be happy Transcript ·unfortunately I myself,--Boston tive sheep. $300^/5.10: yearlings, |5@ . 6; native lambs, §5.SO@7.40. What She Lacked. Wi?£j--1 suppose Mrs Pneiirlch has the be-st of everything Wajrg--Well, pt'rhnjs the bfst of everything except mnnneis.--Phi'mlelphla Record. Evil counsel is swift in its march.-i Plutarch. A Smoke Nuisance. - ·Willie--Paw, what Js the smoke nuisance? Paw--The fellow who Is always borrowing matches, my ion.-Cincinnati Enquirer. _ . Power of Desire. It has been said of Abraham that ss a boy'be read less than a half dozen books and that they were suc books as "Pilgrim's Progress." Weems "Life of Washington" and a popular hktory of the United States written m almost primary language- Yet Lincoln was able to express himself more clearly than almost any public or liter- m«in of his time- e~ of desire. Such is the pow- Getting * Verdict. "We could have-settled onr difficulties by tossing a coin. Instead xre spent a lot of money in going to law. "Well'" '"I understand the jury ^settled the whole matter by tossing a coin-"-Kansas City Journal.

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