Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 26, 1934 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 2 ARMED MEN ROB HOTEL EMPLOYES Get $4,000 in Cash, Checks Being Taken From Lowry in St. Paul ST. PAUL, Feb. 26.- GT--Two armed men held up a hotel employe in the corridor of a downtown business building here today and robbed him of $4,000 in cash and checks he was transferring from the Lowry hotel to the building adjoining. C. A. Nelson, the employe, was taking the hotel funds to an auditing- office in the Lowry medical arts building, when one man pushed him against a wall and his bandit companion snatched the holder in which he was carrying cash. Nelson was accompanied by a hotel porter who acted as his bodyguard. The holdup occurred on the second floor of the Lowry medical arts building. F. R. URGES NEW U. S. COMMISSION (Continued from Page 1 Lawrence waterway treaty were seen by observers in a statement by Senator LaFollette (republican, Wis.) that he was ready for a roll call and was "very hopeful of a favorable outcome." He so told President Roosevelt. Report on Salaries. A federal trade commission report on salaries and bonuses of officers of several hundred largft corporations for the past six years was scanned with interest. Senate administration f o r c e s further liberalized their compromise proposal on veterans' benefits by broadening it to include Spanish war veterans. Message of President. The message of the president follows: "To the congress: I have long felt that for the sake of clarity and effectiveness the relationship of the federal government to certain services known as utilities should be divided iato three fields--transportation, power and communication. "The problems of transportation are vested in the interstate commerce commission, and the problems of power, its development, transmission and distribution, in the federal power .commission. "In the field of communication, however, there is today no single government agency charged with broad authority. Has Vested Authority. "The congress has vested certain Authority over certain parts of communication in the interstate commerce commission and there is, in addition, the agency known as --the federal radio commission. . " "I recommended that the congress create a new agency to be known as the federal communications commission, such agency to be vested with the authority now lying in the federal radio commission and present authority for the control of communications as now lies with the interstate commerce commission--the services affected to be all of those which rely on wires, cables or radio as a medium of transmission. Could Be Organized. "It is my thought that a new commission such as I suggest might well be organized this year by transferring the 'present authority for the control of communications of the radio commission and the interstate commerce commission. "The new body should, in addition, be given full power to Investigate and study the business of existing companies and make recommendations to the congress for additional legislation at the next session." 8 KILLED IN WRECK - DIED INSTANTLY (Continued from Page 1) rescue party, said it was apparent that all the passengers and crew hud died instantly. He said none of them seemed to have moved after the plane struck. The plane was sighted by Pilots Don Broughton and Crelghton H. Gee.r, who were about to return to the airport here for more fuel, Broughton, signalled the find to other flyers and returned to the airfield to lead a party of company officials to the spot. Locate Wrecked Ship. Maneuvers of the searching planes had been noted by a party of skiers nearby, who located the wrecked ship and advised the airline officials to its exact whereabouts. The giant low-wing twin-motor liner, one o£ the latest developments in aircraft, went to its end within a mile of the airways beacon that shows the way through Parley's canyon, main air and land artery from Salt Lake valley to the east. But the beacon was obscured by a heavy snowstorm which swept the Wasatch mountains shortly before its approach; and by heavy clouds that trailed for a mile below. It had cleared the summit of the pass and wrecked Itself about three quarters of a mile below on the eastward slope. lowans Left Week Ago. DES MOINES, Feb. 26. UP)--The three lowans lost on the United airliner left here a week ago yesterday. Mareellua Zinsmaster, 58, president of the Zinsmaster Bread, Inc., a Des Moines bakery, was returning from a trip to the west coast to market a new baking device. His two friends, Evald W. Berglund, 35, owner and operator of the Red Arrow grocery stores of Boone, and Bert McLaughlin, 52, owner and operator of the Square Deal grocery store of Perry, were accompanying him on a pleasure trip. Berglund was head of the Boone American Legion post, chairman of the Boone county CWA and a former president of the Boone Lions club. He is survived by a wife and three children, McLaughlin was one of Perry's well known businessmen. Last Saturday was his first Saturday away from the store in 15 years. He leaves three children. Zinsmaster was a director of the American Master Bakers' association and formerly was president of the Iowa Bakers' association. Relatives of Berglund and McLaughlin are on their way to Salt Lake City to return the bodies for burial. Home Under Quarantine. BOONE, Feb. 26. UP)--The home of E. W. Berglund, Boone grocer Wiled In s Utah plane crash, was ..under- quarantine today--the 18 months old son was ill with measles. Tentative plans, however, were being made for the funeral. It *s expected that Mr. Berglund's body will be returned here Wednesday. Friends said the funeral probably will be at the Church of Christ and that interment will be in Perry. Mother, 3 Children Burn to Death When Fire Destroys Home REN"SSELAER, Ind., Feb. 26. OP) --A mother and three children were burned to death Saturday when fl"e destroyed a country home near here. The victims were Mrs. T. O. Wiseman, 28; her daughter, Pauline, 11, and two sons, Edwin, 9, and Norman, 3. T. O. Wiseman, the husband and father, escaped with a six year old daf-hter, Valeria. PINCHOTRUNSAS 'ROOSEVELT MAN' Pennsylvania Governor to Be Candidate for Senator Against Reed. NEW YORK, Feb. 26. OB--Gov. Gifford Plnchot of Pennsylvania today announced his candidacy for the United States senate on a republican "support Roosevelt" platform. The governor, a patient in the Lcroy sanitarium, issued the following statement: "I am a. candidate against David A. Reed for the United States sen-- ate. Reed as senator has run the errands and taken the orders of Mellon, the international bankers and the steel interests long enough. He should be replaced by a man who will take his orders only from the people. "In this crisis republican Pennsylvania requires and deserves in Reed's place a republican senator who will work with the president to restore prosperity Instead of snapping and snarling at his heels." HOUSE VOTES TO FINISH SATURDAY (Continue! from Page 1) result of increasing intolerance, and Senator George Hopkins of Guthrie added that It would "array the Protestant and Catholic against each other." Senator Anderson, the sponsor, declared his bill was "born of the injustices I have seen perpetuated for 20 years," and asserting it to be "unfair to fliscriminato against Iowa boys and girls on. account, of their creed," said he had some 200 letters as evidence of- such discrimination. As the senate resumed work today Senator Chris Reese of Marshalltown withdrew a bill which he had introduced earlier in the session to require that employes of tax supported state institutions be residents of the state and citizens of the United States. Motor Patrol Bill. The highway motor patrol bill, besides providing for the appointment of 38 patrolmen would require one superintendent and two supervisors. The men would be required to pass mental and physical examination and as nearly as possible only 50 per cent could be from one political party. They would be prohibited from participating in any political campaign. The house struck from the bill a section which would have required that all plates to be fastened to cars by a locking device to prevent removal o£ the plates except through destruction of the device. It was contended by Representative Avery of Clay that this was a patent device. He also told the members they had approved a reduction in license fees and said they were now asking owners to pay 35 cents additional for the device. The bill fixed the maximum salaries of ¥250 a month for the superintendent, 5175 for the supervisors and ?125 for the patrolmen. Representative Reed or Mahaska' offered an amendment reducing the personnel from 38 to 25 and making the maximum salaries $200 for the superintendent, and ?100 for the patrolmen, cutting out the two supervisors which he claimed were unnecessary. A motion by Representative Al- csch of Plymouth to table the bill failed by a 54 to 45 vote. The house by a unanimous vote indorsed a concurrent resolution by Representative Willis of Dallas memorializing the president to approve the establishment of a subsistence homesteads experimental project for Dallas county near GRACIOUS, HOW lV£ RUSHED! WENT SHOPPING THIS NOON TO BUY MY I'M NOT GOING. HAD NEW DBE5S fOR THE A MISERABLE TIME OFFICE DANCE LAST VEAR. HARDLY HAD A FARTHER All EVENING IT'S A SHAME! YOU'RE PRETTY. YOUVE A LOVELY DISPOSmON.THEHE's JUST ONE THING_lVE NOTICED SOMETIMES, A HINT OF... 'B.O.'? WHY OIDNT YOU TEU ME LONO AGO ? I NEVER DREAMED THAT WAS MY TROUBLE. WILL LIFEBUOY REALLY HEU» ? I'LL START USING IT TONIGHT , «fe* the/titofthe evening.* THE KEN ARE SIMPLY RGHTING TO DANCE WITH HER trt WONDERFUL HOW SHE'S BLOSSOMED OUT LATELY 1 KNEW LIFEBUOY WOULD \ STOP"B.O." BUT TO THINK J IT'S DONE SO MUCH FOR J MY COMPtEXIOH/rOO ) A DOPT lifebuoy a your toilet so«p Z~X ind you msJce one delightful discovery after another. Youi bath leaves you feeling clciner, fresher--every tnce of "B.O." (l»dj 0 Jor) gone. And how gloriously your complexion responds to Lifebuoy'! gentle, yet thorough cleansing! How soon dullness gives w»y to heilthy radiance! A winter warning Stuffy, overheated rooms mike "B.O." a real danger NOW! Even in cold weather porej give off* quarto! odor-causing waste daily. Play safe always-- baihe tegalirly with Lifebuoy. Its quickly-vanishing, hy- gie/iic scent tells you this creamy, searching lather give* txtra protection. IN DAY'S NEWS \Vill!um Henry DiiBois, former clergyman, now a post- office clerk, was arrested at Jamaica, L. I., and questioned about the slaying a year ago of 15-year-old Mary Ellen O'Connor, who was found beaten to death in a Long Island thicket. (Associated Press Photo). Granger to furnish the mining and stranded agricultural population with the opportunity of owning a home and a small land acreage. The resolution points out that the land can be purchased at a reasonable figure. Speaker George Miller today received several letters making applications for old age pensions. This measure has passed the senate but has not been considered by the house. In debate of the adjournment resolution, Representative Sours of Floyd said he thought it was time to "get out while Representative Millhon of Page stated that "if we don't go home soon we will set a record although we voted against marathons." He suggested that only bills passed by the senate be tatan up. Voting against final adjournment Saturday were Bouska, Burgess, Donlon, Falvey, Gallagher, Garner, Grell, Jensen, Osborn, Ostby, Peaco, Porter. Schmitz, Smith, Stewart and Weed. Not voting or absent were: Bon- stetter, Bowers, Gissel, Laughlin, McLean, Malone and Wieben. SCORES KILLED IN STORMS AND FIRES (Continued trom Tnjc 1) two in Georgia. Many were injured and an unknown number of dwellings wrecked. Today Gov. B. M. Miller of Alabama and other officials directed swift assistance for the stricken areas. Food, supplies and medical aid were needed and the Red Cross stepped Into the breach. The storms hit Mississippi first, laying a trail of destruction and killing a husband, wife and four ot their five children. Then they traced a course along the "_tornado belt" in Alabama, near the scene of the tornado that killed more than 200 persons in March, 1D32. Finally Georgia bore the brunt of the elements and Mr. and Mrs. Will Phillips died in the wreckage of their home near Carroll ton. The greatest damage apparently was, in Alabama, where trees were uprooted, homes and business buildings blown' down and the countryside slashed by terrific rain. SNOW IN EAST NEW YORK, Feb. 26. UP)--The east struggled frantically today to prevent a snowstorm from tying it in a knot for the second time in a week. Sno'w as fine as salt, driven by a northeast gale, swirled for hours. Communities that had barely g-ot moving after digging out of last week's big storm faltei-ed under the new blow from the sky. Airplane service was the first to go. Railroad trains were running late. Road transportation was severely hampered. Plummeting temperatures added to the woes of many sections. Northeast gales slashed at the coast, especially New England, Imperilling shipping. Labor Through Night. A force of 31,500 men labored throughout the night in an attempt to clear New York city's streets and keep traffic moving, it only at a snail's pace. Fear of food shortage spread In Long Island towns. Two women frozo to death in the east, one in Philadelphia and the seco: ' near Barnegat, N. J. An engineer perished near Mapleton, Maine, when a train smashed against a snowbank. In New York a veteran fireman died of a heart attack Induced by cold. The snowstorm invaded the south, too, with Richmond, Va., reporting the winter's heaviest fall. 5 Dentils Reported. HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 26. «P» --Pennsylvania Is battling the second heavy snowfall within a week. Five deaths have been reported. More than six Inches of snow had been recorded in most parts of the state and the storm was continuing. Mrs. Lynn Myers 111 at Hotel Hanford Mrs. Lynn Hyers, Sheldon, was brought to Mason City by a driver and a nurse Sunday and is at the Hotel Hanford in a serious condition. She was placed in the hands of a physician upon her arrival and her sister, Mrs. A. G. Brown of the Brown apartments, Cedar Rapids, was called and arrived by automobile Sunday night.. (GAS VICTIM SON OF NORTH IOWAN (Continued from Page 1) fraternity brothers who ordinarily occupy the house. An incompleted investigation indicated that the students died aa they slept. All were marked by the pink discoloration characteristic of carbon monoxide poisoning-. The coal gas explosion apparently blew open the furnace doors and disconnected a qhimney pipe. Some one heard the rumble, it was believed, and closed the furnace door without noticing the disconnected pipe. Fraternity brothers who lived outside the house dropped in Saturday evening for a game of bridge. They played until about midnight, then left for their own quarters. The nine others went to bed. Smells Coal QRS. Sunday morning, Janitor Merton Little fixed the fires. He smelled coal gas and adjusted the disconnected pipe. Then,'he went to the rooms of the stv'snts and saw them apparently sleeping. They all were dead then, but it was not until Sunday afternoon that the deaths were discovered. Janitor Little returned to find the youths still "asleep." It was long past lunch time and when he couldn't wake them he called help. Chief of ^Police Dennis J. Hallisey went to the fraternity house with Dr. John Boardman. They found the students hi bed in various rooms, fully covered and lying as if asleep. Newspaper story tells about an automobile mechanic who overhauls cars while blindfolded, and we sort of somehow had a notion all along that that was the way it was done. --Maccn Telegraph. FEBRUARY 26 1934 SIX MEN BURN TO DEATH IN HOTEL Several Others Injured as Blaze Sweeps 4 Story Structure. UTICA, N. Y., Feb. 26. JP--Six men and possibly a seventh burned to death this morning in a fire that destroyed the 25 year old Man-one hotel, a four story structure. Only four of the six bodies taken out of the smoldering ruins were immediately identified. They were: Salvatoro Troja, 40. Domlnlck Belllacaun. Joseph Faladlno. Peter Gillls. Several other persons, taken to hospitals, were reported as not seriously injured with the exception of Steve Salvone who jumped from a second story window. The flames had grained great headway before the fire was discovered by C. J. Maronne, who operated the hotel. Marrone's frantic calls brought to his aide his wife and five young children, whom he led to safety down a fire escape. They lived on an upper floor. It was on the same floor that firemen later found the body of one of the unidentified, huddled in a corner near a stairway. The origin of the fire was not determined immediately. Increases Shown in Employment in Iowa CHICAGO, Feb. 26. CtP)--Increas- es of 4 per cent in employment and 8 per cent in payrolls of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana industries during January were reported by the federal reserve bank of Chicago. Body of Payton on Way to Centerville NEW YORK, Feb. 26. UP)--The body o£ Corse Payton, former matinee Idol and theatrical impresario, who died Friday at the age of 67, wn placed on a train and started for Payton'B birthplace, Centerville Iowa. COLLEGE MERGER PLAN REJECTED CHICAGO, Feb. 26. /P--A proposal to merge Northwestern university and the University of Chicago has been rejected by committees representing the two Institutions. COAUFULLERTON'S We,are one of the 35 firms in Mason City sponsoring the "Quality Crusade. In this issue you'll see the half page "Quality" advertisement about Lingerie. ««uuiii.y Our stock of merchandise does not include "scanties" but If you want real good COAL, attracUvely priced, we have it And whatever kind you buy here, you'll get exceptionally high quality for your money. ° Genuine Pocahontas, Carbon King, Elkhorn Lump, Dixie Gem Blue Diamond Lump, and other kinds. Just call 3838. FULLERTON LUMBER Co. FRANK MELICS, Manager--15 FOURTH ST. S. W. Ford Has Put the V-8 Cylinder Engine Within Your Reach The New Ford V-8 is the only car under $ 2000 that gives you the superior performance of a V- 8 engine THINK first about the engine when you buy an automobile. It is the heart of the cat. Always has been. Always will be. Beauty is important. Comfort is important. Novelties are alluring for a little while. But nothing counts so much as the engine. The Ford V-8 gives you superior performance because it gives, you a better engine. This isn't a matter of words or claims but a definite, demonstrable fact. L I S T E N IN You can see the superiority of the Ford V-8 on hills, in traffic and on the open road. It leads in aQ-'round performance and it is the only car under #2000 with a V-8 cylinder engine. Thousands of Ford V-8 owners say it is the finest car they have ever driven and speak enthusiastically of its economy. They know, from their own cost figures, that it costs less to run per mile than any other car. It is economical on oil and gas, and it saves you many extra dollars because of its low up-keep cost, reliability and long life. We invite you to ride in the New Ford V-8 for 1934 and let it tell you its own revealing story of performance, comfort and all-'round motoring satisfaction. THE NEW FORD V-8 75 ON DISPLAY AT SHOWROOMS OF FORD DEALERS S 515 (F. 0. B. Dilnlt. phu fuTifct, delivery and tu. Bumptn and igire lira «tr», Snail (Unit payment, CtnvenFint. eunfm- l«al term ttirot/flh ttie Authar- l " i f "* "»«"» m" »f till Urlnnal Crifllt C«.) - rr ^ ADI ° PROGRAM, FRED WARING and HIS PENNSYLVANIANS, with FAMOUS GUEST . (Columbia Broadcasting System.) Every Sunday night at and every Thursday night at And until then--"Watch The Fordt Go By" 8:SO Dual CaTburetian--JacTetses iptrd, power, acceleration and smoothness. Imures easier starting and greater engine efficiency. Gives 2'/i extra miles for every gallon. Clear-riiion Ventilation--Built m the windows. No exterior parti to obstruct view. Effective at all speeds and alt temperature* -winter and summer. Individual window handle control, front and rear. Windshield opens. Riding Comfort--Increased spring flexibility, double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers, deeper, softer Mat springs, and exceptional interior room make the New Ford V-8 one of the moat comfortable and easy riding cars. High Quality--The Ford V-8 engine is built with exceptional care, of the highest-quality materials. Many parts are made with the accuracy of a fine watch. The high- compression, ainminum cylinder heads, aluminum pistons, water!ine thermostats, heat-resisting valve »«at inserts, fully counterbalanced crankshaft, one-piece casting of cylinder blocks, exhaust passages and cranlccai* are examples of Ford Quality.

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