Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 12, 1933 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 17
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 12 1933 jMeat Supply Goes Beyond Purchasing Power, Claim l-ETe'ad- of Institute of American Meat Packers Gives | Review of Packing Industry. :·'! The following statement by William Whitfield Woods, president of 'he Institute of American Meat Packers, was Issued Monday by the inj'Utute: ' · , ;;s "Present low prices of livestock are due in part to the fact that the Viurchasinjj power of consumers have fulled to keep pace with the in- ·r'reaB'e which has occurred during recent months in the production of meat ;i 'jid lard. Production of meat and lard so far this year has been larger iyy more than 900,000,000 pounds than during the same period a year ago. vi "There have been unusually heavy* ;-'uns of beef cattle during recent Greeks,- as'well as heavy marketings 'f hogs, which have resulted in a ;/irge production of fresh pork. ;'; "Receipt" of cattle at 20 markets ·\uring- the month of November, for /sample, showed an increase of 17 :':'Jer cent over the marketings dur- Sg the same period of 1932 and ae number of hogs dressed during ioyember at 8 markets showed an J'icrease of 40' per cent over the Prices Lower. "Prices at wholesale of freah pork cuts have declined so sharply since the first part at November that present levels are from 18 to 36 per cent lower than those which prevailed at that time. "The increase in production ol meat applies to all kinds of meat except lamb, as indicated by the following tables, showing the number of animals dressed under federal inspection during the period from January to November, inclusive and the aggregate amount of meat HOGS CONTINUE THEIR DOWNWARD PLUNGE AVERAGE GRAIN VALUES LOWER Moderate Temperatures in Crop Area Give Edge to Wheat Bears. CHICAGO, Dec. 12. UP) -- Despite transient rallies, grain prices . ,, averaged lower today, especially in j Turkeys, No. 1 Produce MASON CITY, Dec. 12.-Cash Quotations by E. Q. Morse Eggs (current receipts) ....... 13c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over... 7c Light hens 5c Springs (heavy breeds) 7c Springs, (Leghorn breeds) , 5c Old cocks (neavyj DuckB Geese 4c 4c . 4c lOc the late transactions. Moderating temperatures throughout domestic winter crop territory, together with forecasts of 'snow, gave an advantage to wheat bears. Some increase of rural offerings of corn was apparent. Wheat closed irregular, 1% down to H up compared with yesterday's Merchant* Quotation* Eggs, cash Eggs, in trade Butter, Plymouth produced under federal inspection: ,umber of hogs dressed during No- ;ernber of last year. Bomber-of Animals Dressed Under Federal Inspection During Eleven : ! Slonths From January to November, Inclusive Per Cent 1933 7,058,000 4,166,000 'laughter iattle ... · halves ... ·heep and Lambs . logs .... 193S 7,933,000 4,504,000 Increase or Decrease 875,000 Inc. 338,000 Inc. - Change 12 Inc. 8 Inc. 15,963,000 42,696,000 16,635,000 40,662,000 672,000 Dec. 2,034,000 Inc. 4 Dec. ' 5 Inc. Total 71,096,000 68,521,000 'ounds of Meat Produced Under Federal Inspection During Eleven Months From January to November, Inclusive. Increase or 1932 3,641,000,000 421,000,000 t 'induction . teef 'eal ;,amb and Mutton ; 'ork 19S3 4,161,000,000* 464,000,000-' Decrease 520,000,000 Inc. 43,000,000 Inc. Per Cent Change 14 Inc. 10 Inc. Total 618,000,000" 3,395,000,000° 1,532,000,000* 12,170,000,000* 631,000,000 5,130,000,000 1,409,000,000 13,000,000 Dec. 265,000,000 Inc. 123,000,000 Inc. 938,000,000 fnc. 8 Inc. 2 Dec. 5 Inc. 9 Inc. 11,232,000,000 'November 1933 production estimated. * "Production of beef alone during the last six months has been about a half-billion pounds greater than in the corresponding 1 period of a year ago. This represents an Increase of approximately one-fifth in the supply available during that period. "Under existing conditions of purchasing power, the marketing of such a considerably increased amount of meat and lard naturally has been very difficult. Packer's livestock buying policies necessarily are 1IRUM-OLSON IN KEGLER VICTORY lugh Davey Takes Two of Three Games, Sets 930 Team Average Mark. TUESDAY GAMES. , i Miler's High IJfe vs. Joe Daniels' Goodyears, alleys 1 and 2. Henkel's Eeady-Mlx vs. Tyler- Ryan Furniture company, alleys 3 and 4. 1 Birum-OlBon and Hugh Davey " Son each took two out of three . j'om their opponents, the Stoddard tone Products club and Schmidt's 'Jity club Monday night, in City iague bowling. Dr. T. A. Burke, .although on the ·sing side of the score sheet, car- le d away individual honors with 18 for high single and 575 for hree game total, making a 192 av- 'rage for the seriea. i New pins cut the scoring for the vening, although the Davey bowl- irs turned In 2,790, for a 930 team veragc.- Dr. Burke waa listed In the avcr- 'ges to the previous issue as hav- ng 157. His average is 1G7 for 24 'ames bowled. finish, Dec. 857'a, May corn % ® % off, Dec. 47, May 53% @ % ; oata unchanged to V= lower, and provisions unchanged to a decline of 22 cents. CHICAGO CASH GHAUT CHICAGO, Dec. 12. LT1--Wheat--No. 2 hard, 86; No. 3 hard (weevily}, 85^; corn. No. 1 mixed, Gl^; "No. 3 mixed. 50; No. 2 yellow, SI54 to 51 4; No. 3 yellow, 51; No. 0 yellow, 50; No. 2 ·white. 51 W; new corn. No. 2 mued, M to 50^4; No. 3 mixed, 49H to 49^1: No. 4 mixed, 48%; No. 2 yellovr. 50?i; No. 3 yellow. 49^i .to 50; No. 4 yellow. 48 to 49; No. 3 white, 49V, to 50; oats, No. 2 white, 37^4 to 3811; No. 3 white, 37 to 37; No, 4 white, 31; sample grade, 33 to 35: .sample grade Iced, 29; no rye; barley, 43 to 70; timothy aeed, S5.50 to 56 a. cwt.; clover seed, $11 to 413.85 a. cwt. Lard 51.85; loose lard (4.CO: hellles (5.50. 19c« 21c* .27c Butter, Clear Lake .. . 25c Butter, B'rookfield 2oc Butter, State Brand 27c Butter, Dairy Maid ..: 26c Home Grown Potatoes, peck.. .25o »EDrrOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown giocsry stores. FALL ANOTHER 10 T015 CENTS Chicago Peak Hits $3.30, Only 20 Cents Above 54 Year Low. CHICAGO l?OUr.TBV CH1CAGO, Dec. 12. t/T--Poultry, live. 59 trucks, firm; hens, SV^ to 11; Leghorn hens, 7; Kock" springs, 10% to 11W: colored. 6% to 10%; Leghorn, chickens, 7; roosters, 6; hen turkeys, IS, young, toroff, 14, old toms, 11, No. 2, 10; ducks. S to SV4; geese, 9tt. Dressed turkeya, firm, prices unchanged. Hog Markets MasonCityCrain I MASON CITY, Dec. 12-Barley 28-40C No. 2 yellow shelled corn 36c No. 3 yellow shelled corn 35c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn . . 34c No. 3 new yellow ear corn 32c White oats, No. S, 30 Ibs. or better 2Sc TUESDAY CHAIX CLOSE CHICAGO. - Dec. 12. C.W-- CHICAGO PBODIICE. CHICAGO, Dec. 12. (m--Butler. 15.308. weaK; creamery, specials (S3 score) 20(5' 20lc; extras (92) 1911C; extra llrsU (80. 81) ISWS'^ic; llrsts (88-89) 15Vj©lSc; seconds (86-87) 15c; standards (90 central- IrM crJota) 1SC. Eggs, 3,820. steady, prices unchanged. CHICAGO, Dec. FUTURES. 12. .f! -- Egz futures closed: Refrigerator standards December 15Vlc; refrigerator standards January 15*4c; fresh graded firsts February IS^lc. Butter futures closed: storage standards December 14ftc: storage standards February 15e; storage standards January 15ViC. : CHICAGO, Dec. 12. W)--The downward plunge of hog values continued unabated today. Prices fell off another 10 to 15 cents and the top dropped to $3.30, only 20 cents above the 54 year low established Jan. 2. Excessive supplies and dwindling demand for dressed pork brought the weakness. Trade was active at the decline, with packing plants buying freely despite 12,000 .hogs billed direct from the country. Moat of the good hogs sold between $3.10 and 53.25. Outside markets also reported heavy supplies with prices ranging from barely steady to 10 and 15 cents off, mostly a dime lower. Cattle trade was fairly active and mostly steady on light cattle. Re- i ceipts were held down and ran un-.' der the supply received last Tuesday. A mixed, load of light steers and heifers topped at 56.75, but the bulk were little better than $5.40. Most heavy steers ranged from $3.75 to $5. Sheep receipts were heavy, but most of the early trade was about steady. Fat native lambs were held at ?7.50 and above with scattered bids down to J7.25. Hog prices at Icwa markets Tuesday: WATERLOO-- Prime hogs 180 to 260 Ibs. S2.J5S2.75; 2CO to 290 Ibs. S2.35S2.63; 3BO to 325 Ibs. J2.25®2.55; 325 to 350 Ibs. 52.10 (82.40; good packers J1.90®2.20. DES MOINES--5-lOc lower: 120 to 160 Ibs. 51.SO®2.30; lao to 300 Ibs. JS.30SJ2.65; 300 to 400 Ibs. $2.0582.50; good packers ?1.75@2.20. OTTUMWA--All Grades lOc lower today. Report: 140 to 160 Iba. ?1.45; 160 to 190 Ibs. $2.45: ISO to 200 163. $2.80; 200 to 210 Ibs. 52.85; 210 to 260 Ibs. J2.80; 260 to 280 Its. $2.65; 280 to 310 lb. 52.55; 310 to 350 tta. 52.40; over 350 IDs. J3.05gi2.35; packers under 350 Ibs. S1.85S2.15: packers 350 to 4SO Ibs. ll.55Sl.85; packers over 500 Ibs. S1.35@1.65: thin packers 950 and down. CEDAR HArIIS-- Prime hoe* 380 to 200 Ibs. $2.55; 200 to 260 Ibs. $2.65; 260 to 280 Ibg. |2.55; 280 to 300 Ibs. 52.45; 300 to 320 Ibs. S2.35: 320 to 310 Ibs. {2.25. Good pickers to 350 Ibs. SI.SO; to 400 Ibj, 31-«; to 450 Ibs. 51.70; to 500 Ibs. 51.60. CORN--No. 1 yellow 35c; No. 3 yellow 34c. de- YORE FOUI.TBV. NEW YORK. Dec. 11. (ff)--Llv« poultry, steady. Broilers, express, unquoted; other freight unchanged. High .BC!i 37=i 34ii .50K. '. BchmUH ,7. Howard . Bunber '. Ryan :f. welxr- SCHMIDT'S CITS: CCCB 1st 2nd 3rd Tol. 180 160 181 031 132 166 \tS 443 133 148 ISt 441) 11B 145 1*1 4m ISO IDA 177 462 ! Actual Plus . .'Handicap .. ". i lie 80S 2:08 197 AVI!. Ill 14 X 141 134 ' 10 70 B 86 based on the fact that the prices which the industry ia able to bid for hogs are determined by the present and prospective values of the product of hogs. Beyond Control. "The supply of livestock coming to market is beyond the control of the packing industry. All the packing industry can do is to take the supply that comes, whether large or small, and market it to the best of the industry's ability. "The packing industry cannot hold a given supply of meats indefinitely for better prices; it must be sold promptly for what retailers will -pay. Retailers, in turn, must price it at levels that will move it nto consumption before it spoils. "Higher price levels to consum- rs, unless there were a correspond- ng increase in the consumers' abil- ty to buy, would turn people to ompeting products and reduce the volume of meat consumed. 'The result of these economic factors la that the going market rice of meats represents, in prac ;lce, the approximate level at which the current supply can be sold.' WHEAT-Dec May Jill)COHN-- Dec July .'.'.'..'..'. OATS-Dec If ay Juir IITE-- Dec May July BAHLEY-Dec May July LARD-Dec ; . . . . 4.25 Jan. 5.0D Mar 3.S2 BELLIES-Dec Jan. .50! LOW S .85 .40=; .03«i .54*4 .43 «i .49 !i 4.85 5.22 .54% .30 51 .35*4 .43% 1.25 4.67 5.30 4.37 E.13 TCESDAV GRAIN CHICAGO. Dec. 32. Total run .. HIS 873 007 2SB5 i HUGH DAVEY AND SON 1st 2nd 3rd Tot. Av(r · '. Gashel . . . . 109 164 181 815 11 ',, Snenjr . . . . 1ST. 114 147 84» IB . V. Well 101 207 157 831 11 I. Bemler .... 114 112 1J7 413 15 . 140 158 101 414 15 Avery ! Actual 71 i Handicap WHEAT-Dec M a y I , July CORN-Dec May uly OATS- DEC May July RYE-- Open Today ..? .8514 .38 ·37 J July BARLET-Dec. ...' May July .: LARD-Dec. ........ Jan May BELI.IEE-- Dec Jart . 846 . 83 MS 83 780 S3 2341 240 841 83 Total rir.j .. KB BSg 283 3790 930 i STODDABD STONE SRODU;TS i Int 2nd 3rd Tnt. AYR- tr. Bnrke: . . . . 218 135 202 373 192 1. KnMel . . . . 123 153 140 416 139 . Stoddard ... 138 IB! 11* 438 163 '. Xlndiay ... 144 136 119 459 133 IT. MenSe .... lit 190 156 527 Close Yesterday 5 .85?i .87 «i .33% .37K 4.42 5.1D 5.45 4.37 Close Yr. Ago * .44% .47 « NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK. Dec. IS. Ul--Bulter, 27,366; weaker. Creamery higher than extra 21ne22C; extra (92 score) 21c; first (8791 scores) 17',4^20 1 ?4c; seconds 15% 5p ISttc: centralised (80 score) leKfflSOc; other grades unchanged. Cneese, 32Fi,991, quiet and unchanged. Effgs, 12,190, steady. Mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 2S@31c: standards find commercial standards 35S27c; other mixed colors unchanged. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, Dec. 12. L-T)--U. S. partment of agriculture-Combined hoi; receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m, today were 16,800 compared with 23,300 a week ago and 23,200 a year ago. Mostly 5c to 10s lower: demand fairly active at the prevailing level ot prices and loadig- rather light for Tuesday; bulk of good to choice 190 to 260 Ib. welghls $2.75 to (3. HO to 100 'ibs. J2.25S-2.65; I'eht weights 160 to 180 lb«. J2.55ifJ2.80; 180 to 200 ihs. S2.75@3.03; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 52.75Sf3.05; 220 to 250 bs. S2.75®3.05; heavy weights 250 lo 200 Ibs. S2.60g3.05; 290 to 350 Ibs. S2.3DS2.90; pigs 100 to 130 Ins. unquoted; good packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. 52.201i2.50; 350 to 425 Iba. J2ST2.35; 325 to 550 Ibs. S1.90®2.20. Local Hogs .1754 3.B7 ,1.87 4.00 3.70 · Actual Hiu . ', Handicap ... 794 76 780 78 899 76 2431 =28 178 81 i 870 862 BIRCM-OLSOK COMPANY 1st 2nd 3rd Tol. Avjr 162 183 US 477 159 t. Eren . V. McVteker" ]49 V. Abliolt . . . 183 i. Gltt 137 ',. ClauHen . . . 180 Actual Pins . · Handicap ... 801 86 13G 1411 ISO 11)8 7B9 on 154 140 68 1 79 423 283 441 411 4B7 123 143 147 1S7 is; 755 DO 807 878 ISO I13 84S I _,uverne High School i i Splits Cage Contests \ ', LtTVERNE, Dec '" --Luverne i 'bst to Renwick hifei school's bas' Jetball team by 20 to 17, while the - peal girls were defeating the AI- · : *ona academy team by 40 to 18, Mc!' feellan led the local girls with 15 ' '.jeld goals. , ' Robinson and Lockwood led the i Renwick attack, FarreJ, Lang and i *£iller looking best for Luverne. Klemme Cagers Take ' Two From Venturans VENTURA, Dec. ..^--Klemme . Jigh school defeated Ventura's basketball team by IB to 17, Brinkman · Bossing a long basket just before be whistle for the end of the sec: Jnd overtime period. 14 The lead for either team was . Sever more than three points. Klera- - ne reserves also won, by 13 to 10. Secession in Rocky Mountain Conference Will Not Be Approved DENVER, Dec. 12. (/P)--From reliable sources today came word that the secession of eight members of the Rocky Mountain conference would not be finally approved next -spring and the 12-school circuit would continue. Opinions, with the understanding' no nanr- i would be used, were available in wholesale quantities, including' two that a pair of the revolting schools--Colorado Aggies and University of Colorado--would not give their final approval for secession at the spring meeting. From the reliable sources also came information protests had been sent to Gov. E. C.. Johnson of Colorado, and that if necessary the fight to keep the 'conference intact would be carried to the appropriation committee of the Colorado legislature. Wesley Splits Pair of Basketball Tilts WESLEY, Dec. '.1.--Basketball games on the local floor with the Whittemore high school teams spelled victory for the Wesley .boya with a scpre of 37 to 13 and defeat for the local girls with a score of 17 to 29. The next game to be.played here will be Friday night, with the girls of the Pocahontas parochial school. jnNNE.iFOI.lS OBAIN". MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 12. (-T1--Wheat 3 care, 74 a year ago; 15*c lower to Me high er. Cash: No. 1 northern 82\l@84Uc; No. dark northern IS per cent protein 82.fc $ SS^ic; 14 per cent protein 82tt©83Vfcc; 1 per cent protein 82%^83^c; 12 per cen protein 82H©85ttc; No. 1 dark hard Mon tana S3M,S£83iic; to arrive 83'.i S'SS^a No. 1 amber durum B8%crff 51.02%; No. amber durum Q7%c®»1.01%; No. 1 i durum 78*1^79'.^; December T Q V j c ; Ma S2c; July 82ttc. Corn No. 3 yellow Oats No. 3 white 32 KANSAS CITY OKAIN. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 12. UP]-- Wheat, 28 cars; Jc Iwer to ic higher. No. 2 dark hard 83®83«c: No. 3. 80\4SS81iic nomln. al; No. 2 hard 81Vi@83V4c; No. 3, 83ttc; No. 2 red 83®8jc; No. 3, Sl$83$ic nominal. Com, 61 cars; He to 1UC lower; No. 2 while 46ff46iic; No. 3, 44\l®«c nominal; No. 2 yallow 4ag4«14c.- No. 3, «Wc; No. 2 LIGHTING PLANS SHOW PROGRESS More Than $1,000 Already Raised by Committee of Junior Chamber. Present indications are that the plans o£ the Mason City Junior Chamber of Commerce to make Mason City the best decorated city in the state during the approaching holiday season are rapidly materializing, according to Leo M. Sweezy, general chairman of the organization's Christmas lighting committee. More than ?1,000 already has een raised by the committee and is eing used economically under a. areful but inclusive decoration pro- ram. At every main entrance to the ity shoppers and travellers are greeted with cherry red and green reminders of Christmas. More than 50 lamp posts are festooned with :ir boughs. Homes in every section of the city shine forth with Christmas spirit. The most concerted effect o£ the Holiday colors is accomplished in the shopping district where every busl ness house contributes its share to ward making- the 1833 Christmas brighter than ever before. A great Christmas tree ia to b erected before tho end of the wee just northeast of the statue whic stands in the eastern section o Central park. This tree will serv aa the hub of activities on the nigh of Dec. 23 when there will be caro singing and later a real treat for the youngsters when a ton of candy bought by the Christmas Cheer fund of the Globe-Gazette, will be MASON CITY, Dec. 12.-- Steady on hog market; beat sorted lights, 200 to 240 Ibs., $2.80; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 " Ibs., $2.80; best heavy butchers, 360 to 300 Ibs., 52.60; best prime heavy butchers, 300 to 350 Ibs., $2.40; best packing sows, smooth, 300 to 350 Ibs., $2.25; best heavy sows, smooth, 350 to 400 Ibs., $2.10; light lights, fair to good, 140, 160, 180 Ibs., 52.20, $2.40, $2.60. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICAGO, Dec. 12. (.11-- U. S. department of agriculture -HOGS 37,000 Including 12,000 direct; active, 10-15c lower than Monday: bulk 170 to 310 Jbj. »3.15®3.2K; top 13.30; llflht lights 53.15 down; pl B s $2.25102.65; packing sows !2.30®2.60: light light, good and choice, 140 to 100 Ibs., S2.75ffl3.20; light weight. 180 to 200 Ibs., ?3.10'3.25; medium weight, 200 to 2DO Ibs., J3.20Q3.30; heavy weight. 250 to 350 Ibs., $2.90*83.25; packing sown, medium and Rood, 275 to 550 Ibs., J2.15© 2.75; plga, good and choice, 100 to 130 Ibs., . . . CATTLE 8,000; calves 2.000; light weight ateers and yearlings moderately active, steady on better grades, weak on common and medium ' offerings; very little done on medium weight and weighty steers; general killing quality plain; short load mixed steers and heifers J0.75; several loads light yaar- llnES J6.253i6.60; beat long yearlings J6.40; 1.300 In. bullocks ?5.60; bulk ot steer run of quality to sell at S3.15-®5; cows weak; vealers steady to 25c lower at 31@5; slaughter cattle and valers: Steers, good and choice, 550 to 900 Ibs.. J5.25®«.85; 900 to 100 Ibs. J5S6.50; 1100 to 1300 Ibs. J4.258 25; 1300 to 1500 Ibs. S3.75®5.65; com- and long yearlings predominating In run tending lower; other classes slow, oleady to weak; choice yearling steers held around 55.75: steers -good and choice, 550-900 Ibs., SI.85 In 56.25; SOO-1100 Ibs.. 51.40 to 55.85; 1100-1300 Ibs., 53.75 to 55.50; 1300-1500 Ibs., 53.50 to $4.85; common and medium, 550 Ibs. up, 52.75 to 54.50: heifers, good nnd choice, 550-000 Ibs., 54.35 to 50; com roon and medium, 550-fioo Ibs., 52.50 to 54.85; cows, good, S3.40 to 53; common and medium. 51.75 to $2.40; low cutter and cutter, 51 to J1.75; veajers (milk fed), medium to choice, 53 to 55.50; cull nnd common, S2 ta 53; stacker and feeder steers, good and choice (all weights). 53.35 to 54.85; common and medium (nil weights), 52 to $3.75. SHEEP--7.000; 1.200 direct and through; killing classes generally steady; top red lambs, 57; lambs, good and choice (x), 90 ins. down. S8.35 to 57; common and medium, DO Iba. down, $4.50 to 5G.35: yearling weth- ers, medium to choice, BO-110 IDE., $4 to S5.G5; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 Ibs,, SZ.Zy to 53.35. (x--Quotations based on ewts and wethers.J STOCK MARKET MEETS SELLING Rails Ease After Forenoon Firmness; Recessions in Other Shares. NEW YORK, Dec. 12. UP-Stocks encountered selling in the late trading today after having held steady in the earlier hours. Rails eased following forenoon firmness. Recessions of fractions to more than a point were recorded by American Telephone, U. S. Steel, New York Central, TJ. S. Smelting, American Can and Auburn, transfers approximated 1,500 shares. The dollar was moderately higher in foreign exchange dealings as the domestic gold rate was again unchanged and currency stabilization talk was still heard in Wall Street. Sterling dropped more than 2 cents after early small gains and the French franc eased around .03 of a cent. Grains and cotton moved narrowly, but silver was under some pressure. Bonds were a trifle irregular. Notwithstanding the apparent better feeling toward equities generally, brokerage houses reported that the public had been doing little more than nibbling in the past week or so. The interest of the professionals, at the moment, seemed to be about evenly divided between activities at Washington and indications of growing Improvement in the business and industrial situation. Stock List HEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Dec. 12. J?. final Quotations. Air JWduct 10214 Johns Uanv Alleghany 4 AI Che 4 Dye 147 Am Can 08% Am For Pow 3*» Am Pow Lt 7 Am Steel Fdrs 21 Am Sugar 51 tt A T ft T 120'i Am Tol) B 75 Am Water Wks 19'.i Anaconda Alchlson Atl Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B 1 O Barnsdall Bendlx Belh SI! Bordens Borg Warn Burr Add Canada Dry Can Pac Case Ches t O C i N W chic at w Chic ct W pf C M S P 4 P C M S P ft P pf Sijl C R 1 P Chrysler Col r, E Camwlth 3o Cons Gas Cons Oil Contl Can 61'i 20 *i II 85Vi 32 17 it 4 Mil 9 3% 23 °S. K Contl Ins Conll Mot Corn Prod Curilss Wr Deere pfd Du Pont Eastman El PO-.V A Lt Fox Film A 15 Freeport Tej: 47 GenI Am Trans 32 Gpn El Curb Market mon ant! medium, 550 to 1300 Ibs., filters, good and choice, 530 to 750 Its., 55 ' 0.75; common and medium 52.75© 5," owa, good, $2.7503.75; common and me- lum J1.75 fi'2.75; lo^,- cutter and cutter 1.25(31.75; tulle (yfiarllnRS excluded) good beef) $2-7503.25; cutter, common and mc- lum, 52Q3; vealera, good and chtce, 54(Q .50; medium SB®*; cult and common $2,50 stoclter and feeder cattle: Steers, good and choice. BOO to 1050 Ibs., ?3.75ff5.25: common and medium $2.75(tt-V.25. SHEEP 17,000; generally asking around ady on desirable fat lambs; sheep and feeding lambs undertone firm; choice lambs ieliV well above $7.50; acattered bids $7.25 Iownward; ItRht we!ght ewes J3.25 occa- alonally 53.50; lambs, BO Ibs. down, Rood and choice, |7®7.6o; common and medium S5.2507.25; evrca, 90 to 150 Ibs., Rood and choice, $2.25iff3.50; all weights, common and medium, $1.50® 2.75; feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, 55.50 O.MAIIA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA., Dec. 12. OT)--U. 9. department of agriculture-HOGS 8,000; modern.tely active, around lOc lower; 380 to 260 Ibs. $2.SO'g'2.90: practical top $2.90; part load 52.95; many held higher; few 260 to 350 Ibs. 52.65^2.80; 150 to 180 Iba. 52-50g'2.SO; ao^'s S2.25tjJ2.50; stags ;i.50'g i 2.2C; feeder pigs weak to unevenly lower, some b!da down to $1.50; average coat Monday 52.81; weight 237, CATTLE 6,000; calves 500; yearling and light steers fully steady; weighty steers and medium weights slow, about steady; helferc active, steady to strong; cows slow, about steady; bulls strong; vealers steady; dock- ers and feeders scarce, steady; early sales fed steers and yearlings 54© 5; several loads yearlings S5.1005.50; lew head $5.75; heifers $4@5; beef Cows $1-85(^2.25; few grain feds J2.504? 3; cutter grades $1.15@ 1.65; medium native bulls $2.10@2.25; practical top veaJcrg 54.50; small lota medium to good tght stockers and slock calves 53.25(54.25. SHEEP s,SOO; including 1,500 direct and three cars fed wooled lambs 8fJ Ib. average $7.10, bought to arrive; salable supply mostly fe-4 wooled lambs, mostly killers', lambs slow; early bids "weak; oaklng stronger; fiheop and feeders strong; best led wooled lambs held above $7.25; ewe top $3-15; feeding lambs up to 55.40. NEW YORK, Dec. 12. CD--The curb was Irregular In moderately active trading today. Further profit Inking In Borne of the recently strong industrial specialties and heaviness of several melal Issues gave price changes a mixed appearance. iJike Shore Mines and New York anil Honduras lost a point or two. white Pioneer Gold and Newmont eased less extensively. Navadel Agene remained on Uie upgrade adding nearly 2 points and Stager likewise strengthened. Utilities again showed an Inclination, to rally, American Gas and Commonwealth Edison making some progress. Eiectrtc Bom! and Share was a narrow mover. Bond Market 7.TVKSTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. Cec, 12. (/P!--Of/lclal estimated receipts tomorrow: Cattle 11,000; hogs 35,000; sheep 15,000. NEW YORK, Dec. 12. (.IF)--The bond market was In a mood to pause today for a consolidation of positions following Its recent sharp gain. A considerable number o( Issues conUnued to move forward, but the pace was less rapid, and the list assumed a spotty appearance at times la consequence of realizing In secondary categories. Wider discussion concerning possible steps toward dollar otablltiatldn and maintenance of the cold price nt S34J)!, at %vhlch It has remained stationary since Dec. 1, brought no unutmal response from the u. S. government tlst, although prices were fairly steady. Some, of the federals eased slightly during the early trading, but a. larger number made narrow gains, running from 1-32 to 3-32s of a point. Low priced rail bonds gave a good account of themselves considering the extent of the past week's upswing. Prices swuns narrowly In most o( the utility and Industrial classifications. Leading foreign Issues lacked support and prices were generally lower. Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gobcl Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grali Paige Gt Nor pfd Cit West Bug Hudson 111 Cent Int Harv Int Nick Can I T T Kennecott Kresge Llg My B I-oews Lorillard Maytag McKMS ft Rob Mid Coat Pet M K T Mo Pac I4H Mont Want 66% Nash 30 U Nntl Else 5514 Nat Cash Re A 17^ 7?i Nat Dairy 131-1 25% . Nat Distill 26=4 SU Nat Pow Lt 16!4 N Y Cent 3051 N V N H i 21U No Amer 10 ji No Pac 1SH Oliver Farm 2S!i Oliver Farm ft 15 13% Packard Hi 72S Penlck ft Ford sail 40H Penney 541! S$S Penn 31*. SS Phillips Pet S Proc Gam 5U Pullman ft C A n K o Rem Rand Hep Stl Rey TOD B Roy Dutch Sears Roe Shell U Skelly Socooy Vac 50 Pac St Brands s: G t E St Oil Cal 51 Oil N J Stew Warner Stone t Web studebaker Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul 37 Tim Rol B 34Vi Un Carb 10 un Pac 7'.i Unit Air 18'. United Corp 14H .U s Ind Alco 36 }i U S Rubber 3 U S Sleel 22 Wabush 37 Warner Pict . 14S. West El t Mfg 41 " 33rs Woolworth 42"; 42 Wrlgley 56 J 2151 rel Tr 4;:- 52 1214 . 11 W 76T4 25 \i Hi SIS SJ 49« 37 ITS, 15 «. 25 !i 16 S 40V, 48% 7=d II !4 48 « 37 ii 43V; 10 U 21M 23 ,i 8% Wli 2G 113 33 K 514 17'' 4T 1 Cent Pun Serv ^ Cities Service Gr Lakes Air Grlgsby Gninow Kel'ogg Switch Llbby McNeil Mid West utll Mid W U 0 pfd CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. Dec. 12. ;pi_ .' 4s NatjonnI Leatlier 1 17s Northwest Banco \\' s 1H Quaker Oats 123 % Rath Packing 23^ 31^ Swlrt Co 14=4 3',t Swilt Intl 28=i V. Utility Ind I 'i Zemin ji; MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS. MfNNEAPOLIS, Dec. 12. Jm closed : Flrat Bank slock QS. Northwest Bancorporatlon 4 i . 101VA PUBLIC UTH.ITV FR STOCKS. Bid and asked on Dae 12- Cent Et El 7 pfd (S25 par) .. Cent St P I, 7 pfd . D M Gns s pf! (S50 pnr) '.','.'. D M t!as 7 pfd ($50 par) . Interstate Pow 7 pfd .... Icir.-a. Electric 7 pfd Iowa Electric 0^4 vld ·'.'. .. Iowa Electric Lt Pow 7 pfd Iowa Electric Lt fov s pfd. Iowa Pow Lt 7 pfd ........ Iowa Pow Lt 6 pfd .... Iowa Pub Service 7 pfd ...!^! Iowa. Pub Service 6 pfd .. ____ Iowa South Dtll 7 pfd .. K W Roll Tel ,-,i,4 pfd ...... I ". United LI ,t Rys 7 p[J .. United Lt . nys 6 jiW ..... S 23 50 42 37 Representative Sales CHICAGO. Dec. 12. I.P1--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sacs: KOOS. Lights-3.00 oo IB: 3.20 72 3.25 -IB 59 Heavy-41 53 72 93 343 309 274 208 Mediums-78 243 39 235 50 220 38 207 3.25 distributed the tree. from a platform near . . , mixed 45'Ac; No. 3. 455; billing Oat£, 2 cam: unchanged to lower: No. , 2 white 3B@3S',4c nominal; No. 3, 36%® nominal. OSIAHA. GRAIN. OWAHA, Dec. 12.' (.3)--Wheat, dark hard No. 3, 81c; hard No. 2, 81@81«c; No. 3, 80Vi@81c; sprlnc smutty No. 2, 76c, Com, while No. 2, 44c; yellow No. 1, 43^c; mixed No. 1, 43c. Oats, no trading. Miscellaneous MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 12. .*·--Flour unchanged. Shipments, 17,475; pure bran, 113.90 to $14; standard middlings, 513 to »13.50. Marble Rock Rockets Winners of Contest MARBLE ROCK, Dec. 12.--The Marble Rock high school Rockets defeated Swaledale by 44 to 17 and the visiting "B" team by 35 to 17 on the local basketball floor. Reinhart at center made 13 points, while Captain Molloy made 12. The local defense held the visitors to five points in the second half. Peters was eight counters, their leader with POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO. Dec. II. (/T)-- U. a. department of agriculture-Potatoes. 52, on track 238. total U. S. . . . 4SO; steady; tfupjtllea moderate, demand and trading moderate; sacked per cwt.: WLsconnln round whites U. S. No. 1, $1. 25ft'1.30, few higher; combination grade S1.15«?1.20: Idaho russets U. S. No. l, 51.60t91.efl, few higher; combination grad« S1.3S4JI.45; few higher; U. B. No. 1, 11.30 JH.35; North Dakota Red river Ohto'« J1.20; Colorado McClurM $1.05@1.«H4, mostly 51.806'!. 62%. Forest City Cagers Lose to Britt 18-14 FOREST CITY, Dec. 12.--The Forest City high school basketball team lost to Britt on the local floor by a score of 18 to 14 in a closely played game. The score was a tie at the end of the half with each team having eight points, A new team is being developed in Forest City tliis year by Coach Olan Ruble, who had only one Ictbar man of last year's team to build this year's team around. Sportsmen Pay Final Honors to Bill Roper PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12. UP)-Distinguished figures in the sports, business and political worlds paid final tribute today to William W. (Bill) Roper, former Princeton football-coach and mllitantiy independent member of Philadelphia's city . JJE1V YORK SUOAB. NEW YOflK. Dec. 12. till-- No B*le« raw sugar today. Futures 1 to 2 points net lower. Refined ranged from 4.40c to 4.50C. MINNEAPOLIS FI.OUK. MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. IS. .!]--Flour unchanged, shipments 17.472; pure bran $13.50 5H; standard middlings J13® J3.6U SEEDS. TOLEDO. Dec. 12. (^1--Seeds unchanged. Jenny LInd, celebrated singer, was popularly known as "the Swedish Nightingale." council. He died of infection Sunday at SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL,. Dec. 12. !F)--U. S. department ot agriculture-- CATTT.B 2,500; mature slaughter claBes scarce early; atcera and yearlings openinc about steady \flth Monday's weak to 25c lower clone; ahe stock little chanRed; bulls steady; slockero and feeders steady lo strong; good to choice red steers anil yearlings under 1.100 Ibs., S4.255P5.25; common to medium S2®4; heifers scarce, common to medium lots S203.75; common to medium cows n.75'32.40; low cutler to cutter cows S131.G5; E°oil bulls up to 12.75; (our loads Rood to choice steer and heller stockcr calves ft.5t. Calvei 3.000; /uily steady, good to choice 53.COS 4.50; more around $4. HOGS 7.000: fairly active; weak lo lOc lower than Monday's average; good to choice 160 to 250 Ibs. 52.W83; top S3; paid lor bulk hotter 170 to 210 Ibs.; heavier weights down to S2.65 or below; most good packing sows £2.25512.50; better 110 to 150 Ibs. 52.5092.85; Killer pigs mostly J2.25® 2.50; stock: pics largely S2.25 down; average cost Monday $2.02; weight 212 Ills. SHEEP 2,000; 700 through; balance of run natives and Dakotas; nothing done early; packers talking weak to 25c lower on fat -amba; sellers asking fully steady to strong prices; bulk good to choice lambs Monday J6.75; shipper top J7; Monday late bulk good to choice range feeders 55.505i6. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. Dec. 12. (r--U. B. department of agriculture-- OATTI-E 3.000; slaughter steers and yearlings slow: few lighter weights about steady on Monday's downturn; matured beeves dull; most fat phe slock little chanced; stockcrs and feeders slow, about steady; car choice around 055 Ib. yearlings held ftnove 55.85; scattered lots S5.25S-5.60; bulk salable around $4.25f0'5: rough heavy ]»eev*s 53.25rJ3.75; car Rootl 750 Ib. heifers SV15; most cows Jl.90Sj2.35: lower cut- tern largely S1.25CM.HO; few plain stockers J3.50 and under; choice 428 Ib. stock steer calves S5.50. HOGS 10,000; active, steady to lOc lower; bulk 160 to 325 Ib. -weights S2.75ff2.00; long utr-IUR- fiutctiers al 52.90; lop 12.00; Jlslit lights J2.25W2.75; sows 52.15®2.40; feeder o early action for fat stronger; buyer tinder- Sleera-- IB 46 0 23 28 IS 716 970 1138 837 1299 1437 1811 S30 182 17S 16S T.lght Light*-3.30 72 154 3.25 38 143 3.30 3.23 rATTT.E. Hellers-10 718 14 052 lo on 12 T3.-5 Cows -4 llflO 20 1073 3.20 3.15 3.15 U. S. BOND QUOTATIONS NEW YORK. Dec. 12. I/D--United States Government bonds closed: Liberty 3%'s, 100.2. Liberty First 4li's, 101.3. Liberty Fourth 4 1 A'fl, 101.IX. Treasury 4^'s 47-52, 103. Treasury 4's. 41-54, 102.2S. Treasury 3S's. 40-43. Juno. OS,30. Treasury 3V*'s. 46-49. 05.16. Treasury 3's, 51-55. 04.10. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied bv LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Becl; Building Telephone No. 7 NEW vonK cunn QUOTATIONS 0.75 6.40 6.25 5.85 .'..35 3.50 4.U5 3.23 13 SHEEP. Lambs-- Ewes-SS 7.50 14 7.40 7.25 87 Native 35 130 250 231 91 Fed Westerns-230 88 228 82 200 98 7.25 7.3S 7.23 7.00 4 11 8S7 100 120 100 6.25 5.65 5.00 4.10 2.15 2.25 1.75 1.25 Feeding Lambs-250 63. 5.75 HIDES, WOOL, FURS Lamson Brothers Market Letter Quotations Furnished by Wotf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southxvcst. HIDES Horsehides $2.25. Cured beef bides 60 Green beef hides 50 WOOL No. 1 clean bright 24c Ib. Semibright .....' 23o Ib, Rejects 19c Ib. runs Mink ?2-$5 Skunk .150-51 Civet 15c-30c Red fox $2.50-S5 Opossum 25c-50c OKAIX LETTER CKICAG.O, Dec. 12.--WHEAT--The undertone In wheat was easy althoucli there was nothing In. the news that could be viewed na detrimental to values. There was no real pressure, but sufficient scattered selling kept coming In to keep prices on the downgrade, with moderate rallies of the day not holding. The selling was mostly attributed to recent buyers, discouraged over the failure of the market to move upward. December acted ralber tight at times anil was around a cent under May with some buying of December Against sales of May a factor. Cash wheat here went to \f. cent over May for carlots of No. 2 hard, the basis being uj* around H to 1 cent as compared with Monday when trading was on the basis of December. The southwest was experiencing mode moderate temperatures. CORN--Corn averaged lower on scattered selling, part of which was regarded as due to a slight Increase In. country offerings of cash grain to arrive. Purchases of nearly 255,000 bushels were reported, of which fiO.OOO bushels were from another terminal market, by a leading Industry. No. 3 grades were bought at a price that figured around 3W cents above a delivery basis as compared wfth the December, ns this grade can only be delivered at a discount nt 2 cents In comparison with the No. 2 grades. The market needs an incentive to maintain present levels or advance. Amer Gas El Am Eup Pow 2VS Ark Nat Gas A Hi Can Marconi 234 El Bfl sit 11% Ford MO of Kng r,!i Hud B M B Rii Ilumulc oil 103L1 CHICAGO STOCKS Bar.dlx Avi Cp IR^i Butter Bros Bbrg-Warn Cp 1911 Cord Company NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska June.-vu 20^4 Lambert Co Am Car k Frly 2.V.4 Am Roll's Mills !«»', Am Molai J8J1 Am Ha £ S Co 1515 Am S Re Co 43 Am Tob 75 Atlantic Re Co 30?; Ar A: Co B (III) 4^, BaMwIn I.o 12V. Barnsdall Oil A IHi Brlggs 3ffg Co 10 ?4 Pest . Co 2B',1 BVers A. M Co 28 Calif pack's 22^4 Com Credit 17 Coml solvents 32^i Cont Oil IS!; Cream of Wht 28 Cuciahy Paclt'n 10 Curllss Wr pfd 5»1 Or North'n Ore 10% Kerahey Ch Co 51 Houat Oil (new) 41; Kelvinator Corp 11 \i Kroger Groc 24 32*1. the age of 53 after struggling for two months against the ailment. Funerat services at 1:30 p. m. (CST) in Grace Protestant Episcopal church were followed by private interment. ASKS ATTACHMENT Grace A. Prescott, agent, filed action Tuesday in district court against Mr. and lira. John H. Behrens asking for judgment for $380 and that a landlord's writ of attachment issue agralnst the defendants' rjronertv. J1.75©2.2S. SI1F.KP 3.000; r fat lambH, asking .. . tone weak; choice wooled lambs held nbve 57.20; other classes unchanged; majority feeders salable $S.50j*6; bulk fat lambs to packers Inle Monday S6.75Sf7.JO: shipper top 47.20; two loads feeders S5.750Q. KANSAS CITY KANSAS CITY, Dec. 12. I/D-- Eggj 16ic. Butterfat J0-15c. Other produce unchanged. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY, Dec. 12. (iPt-- (U. S. department ot agriculture)--lions -- 4. .100: 80 direct; active to all interests; mostly !i to 10 cent* lower than Monday's average; lop J3.10 freely on choice 280-250 Ibs,; good and choice 140-160 Ibs., S2.60 to »3; 160180 Ibs., S2.K* to {3.10; 180-200 Ibs., $3 to 53.10; 500-220 Ibs.. 1.1 to 13.10; 220-250 Ibr., 53 to J3.10; 250-200 Ibs., 53 lo J3.10; 290- 2M Ibs., {2.SO to jn.05; packing sows, 273550 1M,. J2.10 to |2.50; slock pljs, good and choice. 70-130 Iba., J2 lo 12.50. nATxr.r--r,.nfln: naive*, aoo: fed steers Former Mason Cityan With Envoy Bullitt on Journey to Moscow Keith Merrill, the state department's embassy construction expert, who accompanied United States Ambassador William C. BulUtt to Russia, is believed by friends of the family here to be the same Keith Merrill, who worked as a rodman in the city engineer's office in Mason City. His father, Harry Merrill, was president of the City bank. Hud Nldes-Bem-Pond 11 Pennroad Corp 27s 3 O Ind S O Ky United Gas Uil L P A Utlt P Lt Liquid Carb Cp 30 1~ J\fac^ Truck 27 Mathfe^cn Alk 3S^i ^^ex Scab'd Oil 3-1 VL arcK Robb 5*1 Oti.-j Steel 4 "A J C Penney Co 54 1^ Pure OH Co UTi Purity Bak Cp -14 Vi Pub Scr of N J 3^^ St JoaenK Lead 27*1 Simmons Co IT^i So Calif Edison lfi^ t Tex Pac Land 7^ Ttde Wfl. Oil Co 10 U U S Tnd Al 61 »i Util P ft L A ^ Vanadium 23 = « Un Gas imp if* 1 'Western Myia 10 Warren Bros Co 11^ Western Union 50 U Worth' n Pump 24V. WrlRley Jr Co North Amer Av 56* A man judges a party by the refreshments, a woman by the comments of her new frock.--Kes- Kcview. (By The Assnelnted Press) Did anil Askfd nn Htf., 12. Corporate Tr. Sh , 2,27 Ccrp. Tr. Sh. AA Wort- ... 2.36 S.43 Corp, Tr. Sli. Accum. Scr. - i.tfi Corp, Tr. Accnm. Ser, Mod. 2.3G 2.4^ Dividend Sh l.i'i i.j;i Nationwide Sec 3.17 3.27 Nationwide Sec. vtc. 1.33 1,4.5 North Amer. Tr. Sh l.fiO NV, Nor. Amer, Tr. Sh, J55 ... 2.40 Quarterly Inc. Sh 1.39 1.4 j* ScUctetl Am. Sh ,.. 2.63 Selected Cum. Sh ;. .g; io Selected Income Sh , . 3,54 4 00 Super Corp. Am, Tr, A ... 3.01 No U. S. El. L. A Pow. A ... 10 l i 10 E -i I3r- B t . . l.tu Do. B, vtd 70 .76 Public Sale The nn (fern turned IniYlngr iledrtcd tn quit fnrmlnfo will hnlrt a public, nrrtlnn of all of W* tiennmnl effects, located on thn J. N. S'proli? farm, one mile ftnqlhvrcat of Onmer, nne-Imlf mlfe wc«t of hfghniiy Ko. 1 on .cemrt*ry mart, nn FRIDAY, DEC. 15 SALE TO BEGIN AT 12:30 O'CLOCK 20 HEAD OF CATTLE ;Slne grnle Oufmsry milch cows with C. T. A. records t ff hflfera will freshen soon; flvn nmoll cnlvcii; pdrebrcd fiumwey bnll. 4 HEAD OF HORSES Bay griding, 6 yenn old, weUht nbout 1100; buy Keltllnjr, 6 yran old. welgH abcot 1400; hay mnre, wd^M 1200; black aeMlnc, weight 1300. HEAD OF SHEEP Complete Line of FARM MACHINERY 8 T.arg* *lx« Delrn TJght Plnnt In ftxii about 3, OHO bnnheln Corn; ahont 200 Soy B^nn fietti, threnhed iriiJi cAmbln TERMS -- Ca^h OT whatever armn^emenU you can mnke wllh your banker. I Ion with motor and nther ertulnrnent; tuhelg Oats; nhcat 200 baiihels nf Mancnu FLOYD FRANKLIN, Prop. FARMERS NATTONAt. BANK. ClfTk I). V. BEIPISTMA. Auellotupr

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