Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 6, 1936 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1936
Page 18
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I , III EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 6 1936 LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS GAIN SLIGHTLY SWINE MARKET DROPS 25 CENTS Cattle Bids 25 to 50 Cent Off and Fat Lambs Go Down 25 Cents. CHICAGO--(*) -- Storm marke livestock prices were shaken by slight increase in receipts Thurs day. Hogs lost 25 cents, cattle bid " were 25 to 50 cents below carl, Wednesday quotations and fat Iamb dropped 25 cents. With hogs selling at the highes level for February in six years, th market this week has shown itsel to be easily influenced by irregular ity of receipts. Today's supply wa stepped up to 14,000, which wa 4,000 more than expected, and as a result the top tumbled from yes terday's peak of ?10.85 to 510.60 Sows were 10 to 15 cents lower. Cattle receipts were expanded 8,000 but the bulk of the run con sisted of medium grade steers and heifers. With buyers endeavoring to erase the advance scored by the market earlier in the wek, price: were sharply lower. A few . earl; sales were made at $8 to $10.50 and there were a few animals selling above $11. Best fat lambs were held at $10.6( and above but bids and sales were around $10.35 to $10.50. Receipt totaled 10,000. Not only is the cold wave re stricting marketings of hogs but i also has expanded the demand foi fresh pork, resulting in a sharp up turn in pork prices. Wholesale loin., here are quoted at 20 cents a pound compared with 17-17% a few days ago. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY, Thursday- HOGS - - Twenty-five lo 30 cents lower. Rood light lights 140-160 58.73-9.0 Good lights 160-1SO S9.30-9.lil Good light butchers 180-250 S9.50-9.S Good med. wt. butchers 250-270 S9.40-9.7 Good med. wt. butchers 270-290 S9.25-9.5 Good heavy butchers .. 290-325 S9.15-9.4 Good heavy butchers .. 325-350 $9.05-9.3 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 S8.75-9.0L Good packing .-.ows 275-350 SS.50-S.SO Good heavy sows 350-425 SS.30-S.60 Good big heavy sows . . 425-550 SS.15-S.4E Good big heavy sows 550 and up S7.90-S.20 (The above Is a 10:30 truck hog market for pood and choice hogs The difference in price i» lor short and lone haul hogs.) rilTLJS Steers, good to choice .. Steers, medium to good .. Steers, fair to medium - · - Heifers, good to choice S 6.50- 8.00 Heifers, medium to good .... S 5.00- 6.50 J? "ifera. common to medium .. S 4.00- o.C": "cows, good to choice i 4.50- 3.50 Cows, fair to good S 1.25- 4.51) Coivs. lair to good .._ S *.00- 4.5U Cows, cutters - .--« 53.75-4.25 Cows, canners --- S 3.25- 3. (5 Bulls, heavy S 4.75-5.50 Bulls, light $4,00-4.50 Calves, gd and choice 130-190 $8.50-9.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 7.50- S.OO Calves Infer, to com. 130-190 I 7.50 -town IAMBS Xearllnss, good to choice 70-90 J4.25-8.50 learliuES, med. to good -.. 70-90 S3.25-i.2h Icarltnss fair to medium S3.25-4.25 s S 7.50- 9.00 I 6.00- 7.50 Lambs, good to choice ... 70-90 S7.75-9.5tl Lambs, medium to'good S7.25-8.25 Lambs, fair to medium -. S5.75-6.75 Common to fair 55.75 down Native ewes, good to choice .... 52.75-4.01) Cull ewes S1.5J-2.50 Bucks S1.00-2.SO Wethers, 2 years old ss.00-7.00 Wethers, poor to best ...--.... $1.00-7.00 · Buck lambs $1 leei. No dock on lambs. · Quotations subject to market fluctuation*. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK · CHICAGO--\--l.'--U. S. department of ag riculture-- · HOGS 1-1,000; including 4.000 direct; active, around 25c lower than Wednesday's average; sows lO^ilfic lower; top 510.60: bulk KO to 250 Ibs. -510.2o@10.5rj; 260 to 350 ICE. S9.55510.35; most 140 to 160 Ibs. 510 «i 10.50; lew sows S9?i9.40. · CATTLE 8,000; calves 1.000; not enough done on steers and heifers, these classes pre dominating, to make a market; bidding 2. *50c lower than early Wednesday; late trade Wednesday dull and 25c lower on pleers; kiUers endeavoring to erase storm Advance put on earlier in week; few early sales SSS'lO.oO; very little here of value to sell above 511; cows weak; bulls and vealers steady. SHEEP 10.000; fat lambs opening around 25c lower; bids and sales around 10.35® Livestock Auction SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8 COMMENCING 1 P. M. SHABP 350 Cattle, including 1 load 850 Ib. white-faced steers. 2 loads 600 to 650 Ib. white face steers. 1 load of 550 Ib. short yearlings. Several loads of Shorthorn steers. A lot of fat cattle and butcher stuff, and some good stock calves. All our cattle are sold by weight and weighed over our tested scales. A good, safe place to buy or sell your cattle. HOGS--Will have some stock pigs arid a few bred sows. Can sell all you consign. SHEEP--Will have some good bred ewes and a few lambs. We want to handle your consignments of any kind of livestock and guarantee a square deal and full cash value. Horse and Mule Auction EVERY TUESDAY The storm and severe cold cut receipts of horses to half the normal number. If weather and roads are at all favorable, we will have 100 head next Tuesday. We can sell any kind of a horse and get its value. Remember, we will have a Sale every Tuesday and every Saturday regardless of weather, so be on hand at our Auction. Marvel Sales Co. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA Hog Markets MIDWEST HOUS. Hue prices at midwest markets Thursday: CEDAR KAl'JDS--HOJJ 150 to 100 )b». »9 (19.25; 160 to 170 Iba. S9.205f9.45; 170 to ISO Ibs. S9.40Si9.65; i so to 250 Ibs. S9.60B 9.SO; 250 to 270 Ibs. ?9.50t«9.75; 270 to 2H.' Ibs. S9.40@9.65; 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.30®9.55; 329 to 350 Ibs. :9.20ft9.15: good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S8.55SJ8.60: 300 to 425 Ibs. $8.3.1 WS.60: 125 to 500 Ibs. S8.19@is.10; 500 to 550 Ibs. J7.95@ 1 8.20. WATERLOO--Hogs 25c lower than Wednesday's close. Good to choice 1-10 lg 150 Ibs. S8.50SS.80; 150 to 100 Ibs. $8.759.0S; 160 to 180 Ibs. 39.2S9.55; 180 to 250 Ibs. SU.M'D 9.SO; 250 to 290 Ibs. J9.40gi9.70; 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.30pf9.60; 325 to 350 Ibs. $9.201^9.50: packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. SS.50GJ8.SO: 350 to 425 Ibs. SS.30SJi6.60; 425 to 550 Ibs. 58.10 SSS.45. OTTt'MWA---20c lower; MO 10 150 Ibs. $9 SSS.30; 150 to 160 Ibs. S9.20Si 9.50: 160 to 180 Ibs. $9.10'"'z9.70; 180 lo 250 Ins. 59.60ft'9.90; 250 lo 270 Ib5. *9.50?i P.SO; 270 to 290 Ibs. S9JOQ 9.70: 290 to 325 llis. S9.205C9.50; 325 0 350 Ibs. S9.10S1 9.40: 350 to 400 IbJ. SS.905B 9.20: packers 275 to 350 Ibs. SS-OO 1 !/fi.OO: .'l.'ill to 425 Ibs. $8.40fi8.70; -125 to 450 Ibs. $8.20 B8.50. AL'SXIX--HOKS: Market 25c lower; cood to choice 180 to 250 Ibs. $9.50^9.60: 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.30fi,9.60; 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.05B 9.35: packing sows, good, 275 to 550 Ibs. 58.2068.80. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES--ial--U. S. department o( agriculture-Combined hoc receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 17,600 compared with 24,400 a week ago and 27,500 a year ago. Prices 15c to 35c. mostly 20c to SOc. lower than early Wednesday; undertone lalrly active at the decline; loading heavier. Good and choice light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. SS.90iJJ9.50; good and choice 160 to 180 bs. $9.35@9.S3; 2SO to 200 Ibs. 59.60«i 10.03: good and choice medium weights 200 to 220 bs. $9.60@10.05: 220 to 250 Ibs. 59.60(0) 10.05; good and choice heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 59.45^9.95: 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.15B) 9.70; good and hcoice pigs 100 to 140 Ibs. inquoted. Good packing sows 270 to 3."iO IbK. S8.60®9.00; 350 to 425 Ibs. $8.4098.85; 425 to 050 Ibs. S8.20SP8.70. 10.50; best held 510.60 and above; sheep weak; load choice yearlings S9.75: scattered aged sheep $4@4.75; feeding Jambs scarce; quotable steady. GRAIN MARKET LITTLE CHANGED Spreading Operations See May Wheat Sold Against July, September. CHICAGO -- (IP)-- Spreading operations in which May was sold against July and September purchases formed the bulk of business on wheat late Thursday, with prices ruling irregular. Low temperatures continued to prevail over domestic wheat territory, but were not so severe as Wednesday. The forecast was for snows except in Kansas. Wheat closed nervous, ·"·! cent lower to % cent higher compared with yesterday's finish, May, 99 J ,i to 99%. Corn unchanged to Vs cent off, May, 60%. Oats unchanged to ',4 cent down, and provisions unchanged to 17 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. CHICAGO -- i.-VJ -- Cash wheat, no sales reported; corn, No. 4 yellow 59®60=ic: No. 5 yclow 57515SC; No. 4 white 59'.i®59£e: Ko. 5 white 57i,i(58%c; sample grade 46($56c: hite 32'ic: No. 3 white 28UG1 1 white 27i,i@27=ic; sample , oats, No. 2 31'/jc; No. , grade 25Vifir30c: no rye: buckwheat. No, 2. SI. 10; sample Kradc 51.05; soybeans, No, 2 yellow S4c: nominal; barley nominal feed 30 645c; malting 54TiS5c; timothy seed S3.15 cwt. ; clover seed S12'tfl8.50 cwt. Lard tierces $11.02; loose $10.45; bellies 514.75. Mason City Grain Stock List -NEW VORK STOCKS. NEW YORK--!.r quotalloi Air r.eductic M Chcm Dye 165 Vi Amn Can 1233M Amn Sra Ref 63 Amn Sugar 55 A T t T Amn Tob B Amn Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlson Auburn Aviat Corp B O Barnsdall 1705! 104 30'« 75 Bend Avi Beth steel Bordens Eors Warn Can Dry Can Pac Case C * N W ft O W S P tt P C R I A: P Chrysler Con Gas Cons Oil Contl Can Contl Oil .Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elcc Gen Fooda Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear III Cent Int JIar Int Nick Can t T t T Johns Alan Kennecott Kres-e Lib 0 F 21 1111 .1 U 20 ?i, ·1=1 34 :i 1-Hi 78 ii 37 -H 23 «1 87 ',i ·19'.; 24V. 5.1 li Loews MaytaR McKcss IVib Mid Conl Pet Mont Ward Morrcll Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis Nati Cash Keg Natl Dairy Natl Dist Natl Pow i Lt N y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm .T c_ Penney Penh R K Phillips Pet R C A Kel Stl Key T"h B Scars Rue Shell U n i o n Roc Vac So Par. Stan Brands S 0 Cal S 0 Ind S O N J Stew Warn stone Web Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Cult Sul Tim Roll Bear Un carb Un Pac Unit A i r Unit Corp Unit Drue U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S steel Warner Pict West Kl NTs Woohvorth Wriglcy si',;, ISvi 10 S 21*; 381k 57 19 S9»i 20 f ;k 1711 10 21 33% 38 70 'A 77,i 124% ( HICAGO STOCKS (By The AMocluted Press) MASON CITY, Feb. 6-No. 3 yellow corn . SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL--t^pi--U. S. departmen of agriculture-CATTLE 2,700; bidding 25c or more iowe on red steers and heifers; cows weak to 21 ower; hulls about steady; medium Kra springers, around SG-75@7,S5: good kind icld 58.50 and above; medium to good heifer T5.75®7,25; most beef cows 50lji.5.75: low :utter to cutter grades 54^4.75; sausage bull J6.25 down; not many stockers here in firs hand; calves 1,000; suady; good to choic S9:505?ll; selects held hisher; common am medium around 56.50@8,50. HOGS 3,200; opening slow, now fairly ac Ive; all interests buyin gstcady to lOc lowej han Wednesday's average; top S10.15 fot hoice 210 ibs. down to shippers; better 1GO o 220 Ibs. S9.9010.15; 220 to 260 Ibs. 59.7! (510; 260 to 320 Ibs. S9.509.75; hcaviei weights down to $9.25; 140 to IfiO Ibs Un v-nly S9.758I10.15; sow, SS.805IS.90; wss carce; average cost Wednesday $9.89, weight il Ibs. SHEKP 3,000; bulk of run fed Iambs and wes: nothing done on slaughter classes; buy- rs talking lower on fat lambs and ewes; un- ertone about steady for lambs; bulk 73 Ibs. ixed fat and feeding lambs 510; bulk tat mbs Wednesday S10.25; naUve ewes Slffl 50. O.MAHA UVKSTOCK. OMAHA -- LD -- U. S. department of agri- ulture -- IIOGS 10,000; fairly active, 15-30c lower ian Wednesday's average: best action on eights under 220 IDs.; sows 10-15c lower; ettcr grades 170 to 230 Ib. averages S9.S5 10; top 510 freely on 170 to 220 Ibs.- de- rabie 240 to 300 Ibs. 59.60^9.85; Roo'd to hoice 150 to 165 Ibs. S9.50^9!90; 140 to ISO s. S9.35fi9.75; good light and m'eduim eight sows ?S.iJOS.90; few good stock gs SS-50; average cost Wednesday 59.99, eight 240. CATTLE 6,000; calves 200; largely a fed ,eer and heifer r u n ; practically no early ales; undertone weak to 25c lower: lower rade cows fully steady; supply light with ood shipping demand: better grade beef ows slow and weak; bulls strong to 25c higa- r; mostly 10-15C up; vealers steady; stock's and feeders scarce and steady; bulk led teers and yearlings eligible to sell at 57.50® with few loads held up to $10 and above: eifers mostly 56.25®?; few beef cow S55SJ .75; cutter grades mostly 51(34.50; medium ulls S6S6.50; practical top vealers 510, odd eaa 510.50. SHEEP 10,500; salable supply; increased ^ ,47S lambs held from Wednesday; fresh re- eipts include 3 loads ewes; 1 load yearlings load mixed, balance wooled Iambs, mostly iliers; Jambs and yearlings slow, indications 5c or more lower; aged sheep and feeders bout steady: fed wooled lambs 59 75S10 ulk held S10.25 and above; best fed year- nss held above 59.25; good and choice "ewes lisihle S4fi71.50. best held above S1.75: cood nd choice feeding Iambs quoted Sg^^ KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY-- LD-- U. S. department of gricuiturc -HOGS 2,500; 360 direct: fairly active and neven; 5^15 C lower; mostly iodise low- r than Wednesday's average; top 510.10- e.«irable 110 to 270 Ibs. 59.90®10.05- few 80 to 325 Ibs. 59.6589.90; sows SS.40C58 S5- W to S9. ' ' CATTLE 3,500; calves 700; little done ear- on fed steers; most bids weak to lower- her killing classes in li£ht to moderate upply, steady; stockers and feeders scarce, nchanged: bulk fed steers of quality to sell om 57.25^9.25; few loads held up to SIO- art load mixed yearlings 59: most heifers .50 down; butcher cows S4. 75(36: better rade vealers S9@ll: few 511.50. SHEEP 6.500; lambs fairly active: around c lower; sheep about steady; top f»d lambs 0.25 paid freely; most fed lots J10 Wai LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO~;;p.--Oflicla, estimated receipts morrow: Cattle 3.000; hogs 12.000; sheep Representative Sales CHICAGO--l-pt--V. S. department of acri- nure--Representative sales: "i:' 30S 2S3 257 edlums-- 211 230 219 210 1025 1172 1-125 1265 not 1251 1210 1200 1110 1194 1050 995 1050 800 HOGS. Lights-- 9.IHI 40 10.10 3! in. 25 71 10.35 tr, l.itht Lip 10.50 30 170 1GR CATTLE Heifers-2(1 R25 26 793 24 S07 25 S50 Cows- 10.75 10.63 10.50 10.00 . 9.25 9.00 S 75 S.50 R.15 7.75 7.25 7.00 6.50 1193 1205 1162 1102 1028 in.fin 10..V) in.r,o 10.35 S.23 7.75 7 25 ' 6.50 5.75 5.25 4.75 4.25 s 107 ? 71 Uivfi Lamb; I R7 fi sr, 1 75 SHEEP Lamps Yrariinss- 10.SO 200 10.50 10.3.1 11.25 10.00 111.40 10.25 10.00 Slaughter Kwes-- 11 us 15 131 4 194 4 75 4.SO 4.00 46c No. 4 yellow new corn 44c Ear corn 39c White oats, No. 3 23c Feeding barley 25-35C No. 2 yellow soybeans 65c THURSDAY GRAIN CT.OSE. CHICAGO--I.-TI-Close i Cities Service R ' ; I Dexter ,12V Heilmann Brew 111 Katz Drug 32 T ; Libby KcNeil 8'-' Midwest Util i; Natl Leather 2 V WHEAT-May July .... Sept CORN-May .... July Sept OATS-May 2£ July Sept 27 RYE-Hay 59 July 57 Sepl Bf RLEY-- MEy LARD-Mar , 11.10 July 10.H5 BELLIES-- iiay High .99-; .89-1 .88=1 Low .99 ',i .R9 .Si'/, Natl Stand Northwest Ban 12 Quaker Oats 135 Swift and Co 24^ Swift I n t l 35'.i U t i l i t y and Ind 1 T i Zenith 14% .Si)-I? .SSI .61 .Gl'.i .61!, 10.97 10.S5 ..'.S' .57 ii .57 10.95 11.011 30.90 14.47 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. MINNEAPOLIS--J.TV--Wheat 56 car-i to :y compared 35 year ago; market Uc lower; cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern spring :bs. 51.32 U^l.SS'-i; No. 1 dark northern 59 hs. si.30isei.37',;; 5s ibs. si.2S',;8)i.36!i; No. 2 dark northern 57 ibs. Sl^i'.KifiJl.SSU; o. 3 dark northern 56 Ibs. 51.20',;,ai.33',S; 15 Ibs. tl.t7U®1.30Vs; No. 4 dark northern i4 Ibs. $1.14;ffil.27i,;; 53 Ibs. Sl.m;«3 1.25IR; No. 5 dark northern 52 Ibs. Sl.OSU® 1.23',;; 51 Ibs. ;i.05'/i@l.:!0tt: 50 Ibs. il.02 1 ,«'S1.17i,s; lower test weights nominally discounted 5c a pound; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 51-26',«fiL'1.28 V*', arrive 51.25^^1,27^; grade of 1 daik hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 51.07',^ 1.14U: to arrive Sl.oe'.Rttll.lS!!:: No. 1 hard amber durum S1.14 : ;i@1.30 : ;;: No. 2, S1.09?i 191.28;;: No. 3. 11.02^1911.21^; No. i. 95--.;cftS1.15=;: No. 5, 89=lc«S51.10^1: NO. 1 red durum Savic; May $1.09',s; July S1.03.";4 ; September 92TsC. Corn, No. 3 yellow 57%'n-5SVjc. Oats, No. 3 white 26T«@30;kc. PUBLIC UTILITY AND INDUSTRIAL STOCKS Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Cent St El -',',· pfd (525 par) .. Cent St P i L ~ f .i Pfd Champlin Ref la ~% pfd Creamery Package com Hearst Cons A Geo A Hormel A Pfd A Hormei B pfd Interstate Power 7^ pfd interstate Power f% pfd a Electric Co 7ri. pfd :ov/a Electric Co 6 ^ ^ pfd la Elec Lt Power ~ e ,a pfd [a Elec Lt Power fi'.^o pfd .. r a Elec Lt £ Power Gr» Pfd a Power Light 7^ pfd a Power Light 65n Pfd ..... .3, Public Serv ~ f ,'o pfd a Public Scrv 6life pfd a Public Serv 6£ pfd a South Util ~ c 'o pfd a South Util 6?i pfd Minnesota P L 7^c pfd .: Northern St Power "To pfd .... S'orthern St Power 6^0 pfd V W Sell Tel 6',-i% pfd ; W St Portland Cement ;ath Packing ITo pfd !ath Packing 6% pld iious Cily Gas Elec 7?;, pfd .. Jnited Lt Rys 7^ pfd jnited T.t Rys 6-36r° Pfd .... ;nited Lt Rys Gfo pfd vestern Grocer pfd 'cstern Grocer com 14 75 25 li lO.'l" 103 no an Asked 13% 16 73 71 105 101 94 31 ss 6S B3 S3 S7 79 117 73 106 102 96 93 90 70 6.1 95 ss; Sayus ssv; S3 Vi 79 77 'A 87 5elmond Bronco Cagers Get Lead Early, Scrap for Win Against Vikings BELMOND--Belmond high school defeated Northwood's Viking bas- vctball team here Wednesday night, 6 to 23, taking the lead in the irst period as Ralph Hake tossed in . free throw. Northwood scored to pen the game, but never got back n the running as the Bronco five lulled up its margin to 15 to 5 at he half and 27 to 15 at the third luarter. Hake led the scoring with 16 loints, while Roger Lundberg, Vik- ng guard, collected S. lame Canceled, Preps Win in Lake Cage Conference EMMETSBURG -- Emmetsburg lefeated Spencer 23 to 16 in a Lakes onference basketball battle here Tuesday night. The half score was 1 to 6. Emmetsburg leading. Beatty nade 13 points for Emmetsburg and Parks led Spencer with six. Ths Waldorf-Emmetsburg junior college Ramc scheduled for Tuesday night here was canceled because of hazardous highways. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BEOTHEJBS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 VOW JONES AVERAGES Jndn. Karl* 1THI*. Close 150.87 16.92 32.60 Total Sales 2,750,000 CHICAGO .STOCKS Butler E'ros al, Kevs St wire SS'i ;ord Corp B;; Marshall Fields 12 Kalamazoo stov 60 Walgreen Co 33 U NEW YORK CURB Gas Klec 41',* Ford Mo of Eng S^ A.m Cyanamid B " ~ ~ ~ Su Pow Co \rk Natl Gas A Asoc G El A Can Ind Alk Marconi Eisler Elec El Bd ft Share Ford Mo ' Hud B M S Humble Oil Co 72 Lockheed asfi Nia;; Hud Pow 10',:. pennroad Corp ~',' K S 0 Ky Co 221; Un Gas Co 6^ Un Li Pow Co 5=i 18'i f Can 25 XKW VORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 16 ', Jnll carrier? Allegheny Am Bank Note For Pow Am Cry SUE Co Am c Fy Co \rn Pow Li Am Roll'g Mills Am Metal Co \m Ra S Co \tner Tob Co \rmour Co Ml Ref Bel Hemingway Baldwin Loco BriSW Mfg Co Eendis Budd M f g Co Burr Add Byers A M Co Packing Caterpillar Trac Cerro de Pasco ches i Ohio Chi Gt W pfd ~om Credit Com solvents Cr of Wheat ^udahy Packing Curt-Wri Co A Dist Corp Seag Douglas Airc Eastman F.nton Mfg Co Elec Auto Lile Elec Pow fc Li Erie R R Co Fire'ne Ti Kit Foster-Wheeler Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Gliddcn Co Gohel Gold Dusl Graham Paige Gfc Nor p f d Houston Oil Hudson Motor Hupp Motors 17 t 36% 10 34li 24 104 6% 32 ii 11 --; 53 (i 30% 29 34 5 JO VI ll'.i Indust Rayon Jewel Tea Co Lamoert Co- Lchigh Port Ce Liquid Carb Cp DLorillard Mack Truck Mathieson Alk McK Rob pf McLellan Stores l-Hs Mes Seab Oil 36 Minn lloline Imp 9 M' K t T 5 Mo Pacitic :i Motor Products 32 Ko Amcr 28 No Amer Avt 7 Otis steel Co Owen 111 Glass Packard Motor Park Utah Cop 4-11 Penick 4 Ford 70 Plymouth 14 "i Proc Gam 'la--;; Pub Ser of N J 47 Pullman 4-t"i Pure Oil Co 19-i Purity Bakery 14 Ti R K 0 ~Vt Reading Co P.em Rand Reo Motors st Joseph Lead Simmons Co Sperrv Corp St O E Tide Wa As Oil I! S Ind Alch ti S Smelter Util P Li A Vanadium Union Oil cat Un Gas Imp Warren Eros Western Myld Western union Worth'n Pumi) Yellow Truck Youngs S T 7611 26% 32 ii 42',! 16',i 14-t 8'i 43 41 SS 1 .' -I 24 ', J ] S3'.i 31 V. ISvi 47',i Miscellaneous POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO--kp.--U. S. department of agriculture-- Potatoes 66: on track 1S6: total U. S. shipments 555: firm, slightly stronger unuer- :. supplies light, demand fairly gO'jd: practically no receipts from Wisconsin and other central-western points, account heavy snowdrifts: sacked per cwt. Idaho russet Burbanks U. S. No. 3. sl.S55tl.95; U. S. No. .1 few sales S1.50: Wisconsin round whites U. S- No. 1 very few sales $1.20: rmall to medium S1.07^; North Dakota Red river section cobblers U. S. No. 1 fair condition ;1.15; partly graded 51.Oo: early Ohios U. S. No. 1. SI.25: Colorado McCiures U. S. No. 1. Sl.5oei.65: Nebraska Bliss triumphs U. S. No. 1 and partly graded SI.35511.40. NKW YORK SL'OAR. NEW YORK--'.I*--Raw sugar u n c h a n r utures unchanged to 3 points higher. ened unchanged. NEW HIGHS SEEN IN STOCK MART Communication, Specialty, Farm Implement, Rail Shares Lead. NEW YORK -- (.T) -- Numerous new highs for the past five years were recorded in Thursday's lively stock market. Communication, farm implement, fail and specialty issues led the forward movement. The activity was pronounced at intervals. The list quieted during profit taking periods. American Telephone. Case and Worthington Pump soared about 5 points each, and Western Union, Deere. Mack Truck, Chrysler and Caterpillar Tractor advanced 2 to 3. Gainers of fractions to a point or so included International Harvester, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Firestone, Goodyear, Goodrich, International Telephone. Union Pacific, Louisville Nashville, Delaware Hudson, Cerro de Pasco and Warner Bros. The oil and power stocks were only moderately ahead. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,900,000 shares. Expectations of higher earnings and larger dividends were said to have spurred buying in the favored groups. The dollar more than held its own against leading foreign exchanges. M I N N E A P O L I S I'l.oril. MINNEAPOLIS -- (.!-'-- Flour n n c h a n r c d : :arload lots family patents 57.1067.30 a barrel in 98 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 26,072. Pure bran ,?15^i ln.50. Standard middlings Sl."iaj.-,..i0. Hides Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HOSEH1DES HorseHldes 53.00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Its ..,,,.tc 5 to 45 ibs 5%c NTora than GO Ibs. , -Vic Bull hides ... 3%c ·Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to whole- .19 dealers ID wholesale lots.) MARKET. BOSTON--J.-T 1 ,'--U, S. department of agriculture- Very l i t t l e business was done in Boston on domestic wool?, most sales consisting of ndcls nd ends. Foreigo wools were f a i r l y active. M a n u f a c t u r e r s were placing orders in foreign market*. Spot wools (mm A u s t r a l i a anrl America had A f a i r demand at firm to rising prices. Curb Market NEW YORK--f.VI--Curb market slocks worked out an irregular price pattern today In quiet trading featured by profit taking In some of the oils and utilities- Cities Service, the roost active Issue, was strongly supported around G'-j where it was unchanged from the previous close. Minor pains occurred in Great A t l a n t i c and Pacific. Pantepec, Wrijnt Hargreavcs and United Gas. Losers of small fractions to around a point included American Cyanamid "B," G u l f Oil, Creole Petrolejjm. Lake Shore Minw«. Pitta- burgh Plate Glass and Niagara Hudson. Bond Mcrket NEW YORK--i.T.'--An advance of modest fractions Thursday in the U. S. government sector was the high spot in an otlier- -ise u n e v e n t f u l bond market. With the exception of rail loans which declined fractions, the corporate list was steady. Investment quarters said the rise in government issues reflected the steadiness of the dollar and the accompanying abatement of inflation psychology which currently Is rcgardad an important aid to bonds generally. Although they held level with the previous close home owners loan obligations were iss In demand than yesterday. U. S. treas- ry 3s of 1951 and the 3s of 1946 were bought, but likewise less aggressively than on Wednesday. Federal farm mortgage 3s of 19-17 went ahead for a moderate gain. Higher prices for government loans were matched by rises in such corporate low yield iens as American Telephone 5s. Consolidated Gas 5',"5 and Western Union 5s. Profit-taking which cropped un In the medium and low priced rails resulted in factional losses for Missouri Pacific 5s, Nickel Plate 4'^s, and St. Paul 5s. On small turnover French 7 j ,(.s rose more .han a point, other foreign obligations were !airly active and mixed. OOVEnN.ME.NT BONUS. NEW YORK--;.P--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4 : /is 47-52 115.21. Treasury 4s 44-54 111.14. Treasury 3%s 40-43 June 107.30. Treasury 3Vss 4G-49 104.6. Treasury 3s 51-5! 103. Produce MASON CITY. Feb. 6-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 15c Springs, heavy br;eds 16c Leghorn springs 13c Stags, heavy Breeds 14c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16c Under 4 Ibs. 13c Cocks _ lOc Turkeys, No. 1 20c Geese lOc Ducks 12c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 20-21c* Eggs, cash 17-lSc* Butter, Iowa State Brand 42c Butter, Corn Country 41c Buter, Kenyon's ' 41c Butter, Very Best 42c Butter, Brookfield 40c Potatoes, peck 30c and 45c »EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO POULTRY. CHICAGO--.-l".--Poultry, live. 14 trucks, hens about steady; heavy broilers firmer; hens 5 Ibs. and less 25',uc. more than 5 Ibs. 23',-ic; Leghorn hens 20c; Plymouth and White Rock springs 25c. colored 24c; Plymouth Rock broilers 25c. White Rocks and colored 23K:c: Leghorn chickens ISc; roosters I7c: turkeys !S5l23c; heavy white and colored ducks 22 1 ,i ; c. small white ducks IS'^c. small colored 17'^c; geese ISc; capons 7 !bs. up 26c. Jess than 7 Ibs. 25c. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged. READ THIS FIRST: Thora Dahl, who has left her home in Minnesota and journeyed east, obtains a position as housekeeper for an eccentric gentleman named Selwyn Marsh who lives in suburban New York. She is to replace a Mrs. Myron who is going on a long vacation. NOW GO ON WITH THE SIOKY CHAPTER 8 To Thora's surprise, there was no sign of Mr. Marsh when she entered the diningroom the next morning, refreshed by a night's sleep and ready for any emergency. After some hesitation, she had donned -'i house dress, blue-checked, a shade that very nearly matched her eyes. Her golden hair was smooth and her cheeks glowing. Mrs. Myron, who was seated alone at the table, compressed her lips a trifle as she looked up. All she said was: "Good morning. Mr. Marsh is having his toast and coffee in the library. He wants to see you . . . after you eat." Tbora's spirits suddenly fell. What did he want to tell her . . . that he couldn't just as well have told Mrs. Myron? That little woman's face wag perfectly expressionless as she attacked her cereal. What had Thora done . . . or what hadn't she done? Was Mr. Marsh going to tell her that she didn't suit? Should she have acted differently? Been doesn't like me. She knows I'm smart enough to see what she's up to and she's found out she can't boss me. It took Selwyn a long time to figure I needed a vacation. She put him up to it, of course. She'll try to boss you, my dear." "Why' she?" "She will. You may not know it . . . but that's why I told you what I did the other day. She's a designing woman, if ever there was one." (TO BE CONTINUED) more talkative, assertive She couldn't do that, under the circumstances. Well, whatever it was, it would soon be over with. She made an apearance of eating and drank her coffee gratefully. Then, without a word, left the table and walked composedly to the library door. It was closed. She rapped on it gently. "Come on in!" called the familiar voice of the day before. . .!" Marsh sat back in his Whiskers to Flow Freely Paul Bunyan Cage Meet in Wells, Minnesota. harsh "Well chair and stared, "Mrs. Myron said you wished to speak to me, Mr. Marsh." "Oh, yes. . . ." He continued staring at her from under his drawn brows, as if she were an apparition of some sort. Thora felt more uncomfortable still, but she decided to take the situation into her own hands. "Did you wish to tell me that you had changed your mind about . . . me?" she suggested calmly. "No. I wanted to say that I had a talk with Mrs. Myron last night. She's either completely sold on you, or she's taken a sudden notion to get away. She tells me you can manage the place well enough. What do you think?" "I will try." "Then I'll tell her to get along whenever it suits. If you run into anything you think you can't handle see me. But try and work it out by yourself. I hate to be bothered with trifles." "Very well." "And let's get off on the right foot. When Mrs. Myron turns over WELLS, Minn.--Hidden behind flowing whiskers, Wells athletes will compete here Friday in a Paul Bunyan basketball tournament sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Prolific windbreaks, all shapes, sizes 1 and colors, have been grown by the townsmen for the event. An all-star selection of Fats and Leans will meet in the feature game, while local G-Men will see that all tournament rules are carted out. Sheriff William Matthies of Blue Earth will head the G-Men, backed i by Constable Ben Schultz, Marshal " ' E. 0. Buscho and Deputy Sheriff Otto Briese. Official barbers are John Christensen, Paul Mershon. Henry Virgin and Dave Anthony. Ambulance drivers are Claude Harper and Leo Dombroske. John Bush, Doc Bugbee, Judge Hall, M. E. Uggen, Dan Bosin and Judge Seedorf are the official trainers. Teachers Forward to Be Out of Nodak Cage Game CEDAR FALLS--John Tolan, sophomore forward and second high scorer on the Iowa State Teachers college basketball team, probably will not be able to play in the North Dakota State game here Saturday night. Tolan received a muscle bruise in the North Dakota game a week ago, and it has not responded to treatment as well as expected. George Pederson will get Tolan's starting position. her keys you're tie boss. It'll CHICAGO FRODliCK. I CHICAGO--I.T'i--Butter 3.017, steady: irires unchanged. 1 Esss 2.712, steady: prices unchanged. I M:W YORK roui-niv. N K W YORK-- i.P. 1 --Live poultry v r a k : bv reight: AM 1'riccs unnuoted. K A N S A S CITY PRODH K. I KANSAS Crrr--i-.I 11 --Creamery h u K r r , .1.1 I *7"r: b u t t e r f a t SO'.i 32c. Other produce unchanged. N K W YORK PKOUITCK. NEW YORK--I'.I'.'--Butter 7.620. steady: creamery extra (92 score) 36U ftSe'^c; other prices unchanged. Cheese 339,118. steady; prices unchanged. Eggs 20,887, irregular: miscd colors, firsts 2fi',^c: mediums 10 Ibs. Sl'.ic: dirties No. l. 42 Ibs. 24'X;£'25c: average checks 22e: other mixed colors unchanged. I'RODtTB FTTKBKS. CHICAGO--l/pi--Butter f u t u r e s closed: Storage standards. February 32! s c: March 31 c. Ess futures: Refrigerator standards. Oc- lober 20"-c: fresh graded firsts. February 22'ic. WRESTLING (By Inn Awoemled Pre* AT,T,F,NTtm.V. !·«.--nirlt shlkat, IJR. Philadelphia, threw A l Dljlsnann. lies Moino*. 31:00. D K . V V K K -- I X e r f l l Mnrolmll. r:il. l.» ·tnnln. Col"., heal A l l H n Kiixtftcr. 225, \VRke- lleld, .K.inn., utrnllht Iall«. t be right up to you, and don't forget I said so." "Tcs, sir," said Thora Dahl. Little Mrs. Myron lost no time in making- ready for her departure from Fair Acres. "I guess Selwyn gave you the idea I was all worn out and ready for the scrap heap," she told Thora, glancing up from the stool she had placed between two open trunks. At her feet was a pile of precisely folded garments which she was dividing between the two receptacles as her deliberations dictated. "He said that you hadn't been very well," the girl admitted. "Nonsense! I haven't had a vacation for years. But this place is getting on my nerves." Thora nodded and said nothing. "That's all," Mrs. Myron explained positively. "I need a rest and Selwyn knows it ... same as he knows I'll come back any time he wants me." She held up a long black cotton stocking a n d examined it through her spectacles. "I guess there'll stand another mending. I'm quite a hand to hold on to things. Her glance shitted to Thora's hose. "It's a good thing for a girl to put something aside while she's young. One never knows what may happen. Wilma throws enough away in a year to dress two or three women. Pity you're not nearer a size." Thora waited. Mrs. Myron appeared to be lapsing into a near- confidential mood. "I hate to leave Selwyn, now the time's come," the older woman pursued meditatively. "Land knows, he'a plenty old enough to look out for himself. But I've always done it. I can tell him anything I've a mind to ... even if he doesn't pay much attention. He's terribly absent-minded at times. I hope you'll look after him." "I will try to." "I don't know. . . ." Mrs. Myron's eyes traveled to the nearest window and stared out speculatively. "I guess I shouldn't say anything about it, but I figure you got a lot of good sense. I started to tell you one day about . . . Dottie Stcele. I think I will.' Here it was at last. "She was a friend of Elizabeth. I don't know what she did with her husband . . . maybe he's dead by now. She lives on the next place, but she runs over here a lot. You'll see through her. Anybody could . . . but a man. She's always tried to make it look like Selwyn rvided 'tending to. More lately it's been Wilma. She's forever having something to say about the poor girl needing a mother. As if Wilma | didn't have me!" | Thora made no rejoinder. This i was not a time to break the spell. "That's what's been getting on my nerves." Mrs. Myron' admitted. She compressed her lips Lightly. "Dottie Stcelc's very sweet, to me in front of my face. But she Record Number of Cage Contestants to Tussle DES MOINES--(J)--George A. Brown, secretary of the board in control of Iowa high school athletics, said today there are 823 teams entered in the 45 sectional basketball tournaments March 5, 6 and 7. "This is only three teams away from the high mark of 826 teams in the 1935 tournaments," Brown said. "It :s likely that the enrollment will exceed the 1935 figure before the meets open." Beavers Lose Cage Scrap to Nebraska Hoop Lineup STC1M LAKE--LT)--Buena Vista could not hold a first half lead and lost a non-conferenee basketball game. 35 to 22, to Wayne Normal of Wayne, Nebr., here last night. The Beavers were ahead 12 to 9 at the end of the half, but the visitors went ahead shortly after the start of the second period. Bowling Scores DIAMOND BUTTER BREAD. I'layrrs-- 1st 2mi 3rd To. M. Hall ." 1:13 13(1 US .10!! Bcrnninnn . . JStianrr · - · · . Clnnvillc Aetuill Fine Handicap .. 165 100 126 1 1 6 105 133 131 4 U 71!! 2033 75 225 LUTHER HARD HIT FOR COURT TILTS Osage Forward Drops Out of School, Others Hampered by Scholastic Worry. DECORAH--OP)--Scholastic difficulties and withdrawals from school threaten to seriously affect Luther college's unblemished record in the Iowa conference basketball race. Arne Lenoch of Osage, regular forward, and Orval Efte of Caledonia, Minn., another forward, did not register for classes the second semester. Burmeister, a reserve center, has been declared ineligible, and Charles RHland, regular center, will not make a three game trip this week pending a review of his scholarship record. Luther plays Cornell at Mt. Vernon Thursday, Columbia at Dubuque Friday night and Dubuque U Saturday night. The Dubuque contests are Iowa conference games. The Norse have won three straight games in the state loos. N, C, CLUBS HIT TUTORS IN PAIR Nodak Teams Lead Race for Title, Second Division Squads Are Moved. SOUTH CE.VTRAL STAXDIAT.S IV. 1.. I'rt. TP North Dafcota Oak. Slate . . Mornlnnlde S. Dak. stale . . Iowa Teachers . . South Dakol: 7 0 MB 204: 201 or JB7 1R7 184 J 6 2BII 216 317 28Z 375 I.OIIII l.OUO ..100 .373 .333 .230 .330 CA.1IES THIS WEEK Friday. North Dakota state at Mornlngslde, Saturday. North Dakota State at Teachers College. CEDAR FALLS--The first divis. ion of the North Central conference basketball ace, which includes only the two North Dakota schools, was undisturbed last week but the second division saw every team moved. With the league leaders padding their scoring columns with easy wins over the Iowa State Teachers college, the two schools remained in the undefeated class. Friday night North Dakota State handed the Panthers a 31 to 23 loss and the following night North Dakota humbled the Tutors, 52 to 29. The two defeats dropped the Teachers college five from third to fifth. Morningside, playing only one game, moved from fourth to third by defeating South Dakota state, 37 to 25. Omaha, tied with Morningside for fourth last week, lost to South Dakota, 30 to 29, and South Dakota State, twice, 29 to 23 and 46 to 27, to fall back to a tie for sixth with the Coyotes. The only game with a direct bearing on the title this week will find North Dakota State at Morningside Friday night. The Maroons must win this encounter to remain in the running for the loop championship. The other contests will bring the Bi- sons to Cedar Falls, and North Dakota to South Dakota. Iowa State Grapplers to Meet Teachers in Tussle Scheduled Friday Evening PROBABLE LINEUPS TEACHERS IOWA STATE Nalvl; Monre Cheney MucOownn Doe l»0ft Due Actual I'hi! Handicap STVLE SHOI'PE. 1st 2nd ............. 133 ISO Stewart Cranston Kerstein Champiin 145 Thomas Sehul/. 15.1 WHsim Dcspnln 165 RutrglcR I'.lue . . . . . 1 7 5 Buck NclMin Hvy Stoecker AMES--(IP)--Iowa State's wrestling team, out of competition since Jan. 17, returns to action here Friday night against the Iowa State Teacher's matmen. The Cyclones defeated the Panthers, 17 to 11. in a hard-fought meet at Cedar Falls, and Coach Hugo Otopalik anticipates another close engagement here. Ray Cheney. Davis Natvig and 2 692 791 3258 i I van Moore, mainstays of the Cedar ' Falls team have not been beaten this year. 100 JUI) low 3rd 118 3!)li i:«i 1UU lull .tun lull .1110 612 63!) 605 IH77 MICKEl .MOUSE. 1st 2nd !I3 Hill 13-, 133 Kit 107 97 I2r 108 1:11 otltl t i l l A r l n n l Pill llaiidlrnp . . ire:) 7111 683 20i: OOI.K AM) C O U N T R V ( I.L'It. Piny, landresitr. V l u R l Pins Handicap 1 1 9 101) 2nd 108 Rl MID Kin 111 122 inn mo 85 87 507 95 Ifll) lr«0 35 2X.-1 «58 60i 385 1813 1. K. LUNUBEKG J IMajers-- Is! Wnlsnak 149 Dougherty 13!) Ramber 107 Schcnitner HJ.'i Handicap Total Pins ........... 712 719 7 7 1 2 3 3 5 FLORIMKL HEAl'TV SHOP. CO. 2nd 3rd To, 135 170 454 124 143 4 1 1 138 136 381 110 109 324 165 134 434 672 697 2004 Player* -R. Hall \ H n n l PI,,, llnmllrap . 10S lift 111(1 2nd 3rd To 162 375 12'.l :t32 tno unit Mlfi :(25 531 1632 if. 2I(! Tntnl Pln» S99 666 Bill 1938 Pabst Cagers Win Tno, Wallop Charles Cityans in Wednesday Night Mix Pabst Blue Ribbon's basketball team defeated Charles City in a Wednesday night scoring spree, 55 to 30, Ced Connelly and Johnny Cookman pacing the attack with 16 and 14 points, while Hahn led the opposing outfit with 15. The Pabsts also have included victories over the Garner Merchants. 42 to 19. and over Algona, 40 to 39 in an overtime period, in their recent record. THE BOXSCOJKE PABST--5S t ·Inlintiin f ciri'srn r Connelly r Tonjpkins c Isaacson E CHARLES CITY--30 fc ft I 7 n II Hahn t I 1 II Prill t 3 n 1 Iucan f 8 II n Thellan c I 0 (I Rosjt c 5 0 1 l.lndnmnn g Uugnn E Is n 7 I rt o o n n o n TOTALS 27 1 2 TOTALS At Half: Pabst 24; Charles city 12. Free throws missed: Pabst 1; City 0. 2 n l i A o l n i 3 1 i Charles C. C. Vail of the Crescent Printing company, who has been confined to his home since Saturday night because of heart trouble, will be there for several more days, it is expected. HOCKEY By TUB ASSOCIATED PRESS INTERNATIONAL. R i l f M l r . B i I'HUlinrtl. I. ( Irvrlanfl B: Detroit 2. I A XA DtAN-AMEWr.VV. PMIndclphln 3; Kcir Haven l.

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