The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1913
Page 3
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Advertising CRYING FOR HELP Lots of It in Gettysburg But Daily { Growing Less. j The kidneys oiten^ry for help. j Not another organ in" the -vholc-J«ody J |WpOv!?nn more delicately conssruaed; 1 riQSouliltOii Xot one more important io rta;th. The kidneys are *.he fillers of the- blood. When they fail the., Blood becomes foul and poisonous. There can be no health where there poisoned blood. GOV^SiltZER RESTS HIS CASE tiicat: re- Heed it: Re done Re Geitvsbarjf oople. C.'G. Shank, BigiervIIie, Gettysburg. Pa. r says: "We, have used poa.c's Kidney Pills and are weii satisfied with the results. One of the family complained- of kidney trouble and £01 ! -° benefit until she used Dosn's Kidney Pills, which she saw recomrcentleti '.r. THE FOUR U.MFIRES. -Rigler and Klem, of National, and Connolly and Egan, of American. siooy in ReBttal WIFE HOI BALLED-TO STAND'' .me paper, ih'.s reme-Jv stJ'f-njftneneo ihe kidneys and caust'l the D^:ns fcnd aches to di^appecr." For sale by aS! dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agent for rhe United States. Remember the and take no other. reeky Admits Hei randa Conrectec With Campaign Ccntrifa-jdons. | Albany. X. Y.. Oct. 6.--Lot-is A. Sa- reeky, fvira-t-rly Gorerncr Suler's cam-j he ha.«l cestrc;. ec *j!Lct!i-ji!;\ a!I of tne the'.k Lo^r.=;, cii^-jk stubs :r:c n:eiuo- randa in ro:met::ioii j to the i;c- c-rner'p cc.:n:,2:i!i :onl tiia* v. ere is i::~ i/j?Te35;oa. He also atlmKtc-C onltt-n-j the con-; trillions of ron:n-nt brev.-ers from BANKERS-VAP CURRENCY Bill ! -- j ; Only One In 3000 Opposes Pro;; 1 test Against Measure, j Better Times Aftet* a Chancre ±j in pood ouniry Bankers Were So Opposition to 3H! They Named Corn- ir.htee to Go io^c.i. { Lack" of "energy Is usually the out- ·warci si^n of faulty-nutrition. Insistent: In-. ~ J JT oi s U O Q t fee " ^W^^IJgp; 5, lc _ r,,. ':_Y,-;b---. v =c o! cause °f lack the ,, spFV D6- 1 * 1 f * 1 kind of nourish-' s*./'-?, Wi";y,' . ., f - -,i.,,... .., .:-.,-,' '-, fy/^i' 4."*-£!l/. } sei-ting vote : t ue-.f^ '«···=? ~» '-----='-metT-»f 's-'^^^f'-'tft-.. . -. ,,.. *«,;, ~ .,- -· - v. -s.'inenr. , v;;^*^^-/-, ~ e ffff.':: f f- 5 : -~ 0 -. ·· V T: ;,,,.;,'_; f "* "*""""* '~ s °""" 0 " .I,;- a :=-.-2:e; On i ord as ojj:.o;ee to tte O*.--CLi: ! renc:- :/::! sis " '" ' name -- Dean's -Big Surprise to IVIany in Gettysburg Local people are surprised s.z ihe QUICK results received from simple buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adier-i-ka, the German remedy v;hich became famous by curing appendicitis. H. C. Landau suites that this simple remedy draws off such a surprising amount: of old foul mazier from SINGLE Ticfc Up" n^^^l^i "mte'^^nt ". ':I f --i n^" said 1 l:e had prepared, PI:C v. h-'-ii the governor ST. ore to anti Slc-d v. :th the seo tor the board of Tjianagera then beg to ir.rroduce testiniony in rebiitiaL | Sarecky vra.-! closely cuestionej * about the d-.-tailsoi his c-onne-.tion -.vith; handliaK or the Su^zer Sareckj" tsstlSed tire*, ious.y t^at he Grape-Nuts FOOD Thousands who know the personal I)»7:i"ti|value of clear-thinking-ami vigorous 'criir^ilV^as^fi^r'.! b77lV« I action make Grape-Nuts a part of """ " " ' regular diet. ·.:·_-.- 3:-.-i:^vm 01 tee ^sj^.i-t.o- ciJ.i.iiLC ra::a JitaCway. 5 TKere*s a R.eason ! i U U U UL! UHt. ^e as.-ocia::cs. urged u ^ c " ej:;gre;s S-j'-z-r's signature to a letter. t".e ae^essitj ci n t"rr._nc-y till ih en'Iorsc and ne oosly thzic A j posit checks in the Itar^il Ailrance Proper Food Pui Him Right. TTTOci^ .. -·: ·lihe focu espeyienee'-eS's- phvsiciaii In his own case when v.-orn aiiJ v.'eak f rJfn'siekhess ana "when needing nour- i'-hmeni the ivorst v.-a;-' w T-aSuable: "An attack of grip so severe st came neni- :na!::nj; ail e;:d of me lefr say =t«r::^ch In such condition I couiii not retain a::y ordinary food. I knev.% of course, Thar I must have food nourish- n:ent or I Could never recover. '"1 be^an "to take four teaspoonfuls of Orape-Xuts and cream three times a cay and fcr 2 \veeks this was almost my only food: it tasted so delicious that i enjoyed ic imnjensely and my ·stomach har.died ic perfectly froni the ::r.^t snouthfuJ. it wa 5 ; so nourishing I v.-a= quk-kiy built back 'to normal health and strength. "Grape-Xuis has greac valise' as food to sustain life during serious attacks in which the scornach is so de- ra;:^ed it cannot digest and a^siniiiate other food-^. "I asn convinced that Grape-Nuts n.or« \\idcly used by physicians will ?ave many lives that are otherwise !u--- Iron 1 , lack of nourishment-" Name given bv Posturn Co., Battle Creek, Mich. In Purs-j FACLAS, Common 'to me directed, will be exposed to Pub- furthermore, that the He Sale on Friday, the 10th day of October, ac 1 o'cock :rt the afternoon at his residence in ilt. township. Adams County, Pa. the following Personal Property, viz: 3 head 'of horses. 2. cows. ~ nogs. 2 wagons, double-row com worker, j ---t^i^-vis^-." ·-- grain, drill, mower, fallen-top baggy. T -" r c: "' 7 ' lr rir\-f horse rake, carter sleigh. Wlard plow. governor-elect '" ~A**' -- ~c.dmIn!?Tarji.n policy," anc unite the nearly =j;;;-;rt towards tne enact _ . . - , /i-.» o: su-h :es^slat:on'. j L:i:Ie=town i;orr-H»ji. Atiaisi-O-naty. L'a. !-{y. · il=n. --o-sse-iting all pDlZiIcal pnrtfes I vicc^ss'.-i. ; ^gi : were-res---t and took part in the (Ie-1. «'''- The first ^h'! Final au-ount spnng--tootn narrow, single _^c:King- corn plow, single shovel plow. pr. hay carriages, 3 sets front gears, sw bag- by Sareck-s transactions. Irienas of; co:2:3: ; :te ^ s =2t or Tinman, "rould the former secretary make light ci the v.-ere n.uc-h :n evidence, and far ex-. j v\"e:Jner. Administrator -,,-. t- a. of tu« Lseded in autnbers the bankers from i etat^of H. H. Siayittugh- Litt of But- , Township. A:ains "County, I'a. ue-j' Most Farmers. Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to any others who have due regard for their propert}-, but all f-rmers do object to the hunter \vh.o tramples down grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest way to protect yourself is to placard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each. 6 for 2~c: muslin signs roc each. 3 for 25C. And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the best thing you could do would be to place vour name in our trespass list. Fifty cents for the entire season. gy harness. 3 collars, 3 bridles.. 2 na- ters. 2 manure forks. 2 oiteh forks. E. II- Berkheimer._ Begister ot "vl ills. =f- valuable \'j t ·'-·i- j-r-f s~t -f ^| - * ihe Gettysburg limes bc-;se 01 tre .ELSI cong~ess recacesl t~e i ne tipper otrer a.z ublic sale, the hereinafter de* EWE 8:05 A. Baitimor tern-ediate Points. 10:35 A. iL Dan-- for Hagerstovra, Wsynesboro, Cnambersl3tirg,HaB- cock, Cumberlaad, -,i\";ns and Points West- 12:55 ±?. 3L for York and intermediate Points 5:50 P- iL DaHy'for Baliiinore. Ean- 6:58 P- I._Daily except Sucday for B and H. Division Points TO Hish- -3d ,ie?os:te.; and espenlecr --Yes.-, reliable sources brought here. ; The arrr. was intart ··"-.- i-om tne e.- ·T"bat reason will vet: slve us now ; ·\TlTh tre city of Torrecn. the r-2bel= ! Jow joint do«n. ^_ ^ for destroying all the" evidence of the ec-~"re;! prac:'rs"iy al; o; the federals . The bo-- bore of a i^.ins- j and churches- ihere are ten or twelve i srcn whc'csale E.r.d retaily grocery acres of good : 5na. · tract. iisu cc-r-trib-:tions?" 'ine reason that I hosl no cse for Sarec s -'y answ -pie nrms snd ar.:i;cry. i r.e r-attse i;s:e | callent well and cistern a't the house, j t and is situate corivenieni; to schools . e are ten or twelve I saw mill timber on the field, also HagerstowTi, \\aynes-{ ;'??^f lou: boro, Chambersbarg. Ship-pens- j fi^c."* burg and Jlancoci^Pittsbnrgb. and ! vrhea- o-jestic all points West. f omission 11 the c ead of Mule Colts TO BE SOLD AT TPIE ! STOCK YARDS at points Sunday ^Jilj-- ! contzlijutlons by cert 7:13 XS-B- Oxford, Jianover. York. _ eci -v rer:d -;-. C n7t3r.o:c^cai o-ier part j Baltimore and Intemiecuate stz.- ! of the I^st.of contributors ccntaine-I in' iions. over, and Intennediate Pcrnts. iis en:. .·· = ·.-a t-ar- iei to tne paicn statement o f " s - rtain nrewers, Sa-' tw?iV3 ;. ?.'rs r :~.. t.ej-s. 0 . te Go7d:e. ased sis: year?. :n. Sam,.: 31. G;nn : s a^c Edna Ssrry. bo =n vears, rsi:r:rh. ?£.. to tre stauon to ta: -, ""/T.r'-I- -t:sed or.e season, one Osbome hay ted- i ~^ 1 0 V^T ^ er - Gna horse rske, or.e sulky com j *-O t»-.r.^- i i ^7^^,. ^gr Q-- ^^iflz^t " -- --^ --? :cnI S ht on | ^-V fesr'loncrjrood ' jr jaaaers. thirty-1 Studeockerwagon ] onc-7:alf inch : PA Jr/\. GETTTSBUKG 5IARKETS Price? at the Gettysburg -.rarehcc=e oor- j reeled daiiy bv C. ^J:h«n V," o lf, Jr., Sn- j cessor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. j AT PUBLIC SALE OX Y OCTOBER 10th, '13 Dry "Vvhea; ...... Com ------ - - - Oat RETAIL ? -if?f^rTairv Feed'. - - Hand Corn and Oats Chop... . Sboenva'-cer ?toek I-ood... rnlnr. Rev. D- G- toe-Is and chest, vice, lot 01 blacksniitr'! sers by tae ^ntna -^-^-.j :r . j.. O cr. Per "And you will say ye:: iad no conference with Governor S".lzer cor-cer H 2 ;; Kills r.'ar.y Sire I.OU:P. OCT. P. -- A Both Duelists Are SIa:n. i^^-ta^^^^taAd:- NOW IR. FARMER do not miss seeing this lot of Mules, as IsS^a-Fo^efar-^ref too nSroas' they are the kind you car. turn to your straw stack In winter, and Rye Chop Baled Straw Fwsaier. r -. \V:ggir.s" Mother Held. "Wilmington, De:. Oct. 9.--Mrs. Li Western iTIonr ....j.. f ...----- -....y-_/, leQ o^a.i;c.u.e.u. .-\i.u _"·· IV.IK« en--». , ,*c* - - · - · ' -^ ' , Terbi; i ,g c -j,j.-j _ 0 a s,j vj e C ] a " s3ef -i ^ n ^oiiticai c -; r . ; Bandits Ready to-Release Prrsor.srs j Wheat. ' 1.. .:::...-"- '- - 1 -^| -cles as'-repressntTng- Wall" street "and" Washlngion. Oct. 9.--The Chinese, SheP.ed Corn ^ -no late-e^ts?" "Xo: I regarded him! bandits who have been holCng tr.e for : Xew Ear Corn i.-j more as"a'philant'ironlsr," carried Sa- eis^ niissior.arJes prisoners at Tsao-· !:ac McDemiott a-.d :«Irs. George Goit, | VewOats. .- ' | '** " " " " ' j TaT1=r . fircins themselves snrroiinde-;' mother and sister of Homer C. \\ i?- \ ,, _, _ , ^~ l t - n j ° atS ^ °'i Mr/Stanchnelci then Had the witness' by government soldier, have consent-^ gins, were arrayed in the city eonrt j^^ ^^ore^od "c^w/ one, i identify Governor SaTzer's; ed to negotiate for the release of the nn a charge ot rece-ving s . olae ^J^ i heifer wili be fresh J he la ?t of Orto-1 , - - i + i o^rf --,-H '" hy «»»- ^cttwas heid h , B r tTrrt ^^^j^t,,,]].,. two va . ,-::,,«! write it on a piece of paper and pm it on your hat band a..d ere- for we are goin.? inow you .can buy t t hem. for else on this'earth. ever}- raule and if- i bc"o:~ere£"ard ihe terms ar.d 7ondi-, they are" not just the ag:e -»ve say there is no sale. -, ;r:o-.s w:!I be r.:a-ie known by ; * rx.-Tr i",vr» -iX-n TWPTTP ^*T^ \T? OT T) i-| J. LUTHER SCOTT. · ONE. TW O AM) IriKfc-£, ^ tAK^ V^u Aa ' Kir " 3lTa "^ce-Don't forget the day. Friday. October 10. 1913. at 1 o'clock, at Hanover, Penn'a. I v,::i ;3 i n : -upon various unrecorded campaign captives, according to a cable message money stolen by mm. taca »as heid j-,.^ two ^-,,-1;,,^ bull?, two vs-.rlir.i?' e . . , h r , ^ ' che , cl j s and letters acknowledging con | received at the state department iron: ia SluOO ba:J for the general se3sion 3 ! hfc ;f ers . two ca i v es -; .no-.^hs oM. six-- | ·orv Tn-dav' tributioas. " Peking. j court -teen head of fine sheep fifteen ewes , trj o-u. u« | _ __ j _. and one OUCK. seven iat JIO.ETS. two tine. t Pen r o s e ) " ' · _ · ' _ ! !r0 o.-i sows with r-icrs four weeks olfijo n ro s .Tev.elry . TT. DTK KLTa Pomfcrt S'c. 5 Car]isle. A root or two of -parsley taken TIP nnd potted before cold weather sets in will supply all the sprays needed for garnishing during tbe winter months. When leaves are plucked others s row- quickly to take their places. The drops of gum w'uica exude from the lower trunk nnd roots of the po.nch tree teH where the borers :sre nt work. They may bo kept in :i minority by persistent use of a pliable wire. In Iar?e craantities salt seeias to a^t "5 n poison on fowls, bnt in small amounts say one ounce to one hundred fowls, it has distinctly beneficial results. _ --- and one buck. ?ev brood sows with r also some househc Ion swinrr churn. of in«rain carpet, cook pots. 1 MARGARE ell your neighbor that you are going to the big Mule Sale at naa- ; Pa.. Friday next, at the Stock Yards, at I o'clock, when a Ions old. lover. 101C1 ffOOG?, Olff.^C S^ll-! ... .,, , - .,_ r,. . chairs. tV.rtv yards Credit Will 5C given b\ ; ! 1 :::: n= -I FORBES FORNEY

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