The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 10, 1931 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1931
Page 5
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FEBRUARY 10 1931 MASON CITY UUWE-UAZETTIi Hans Hanson, 83, Is Last Civil War Vet at Dows G. A. R. Member, Wounded in Battle, Still Enjoys Good Health. DOWS, Beb. 9.--Hans Hanson, 8H Civil war veteran is the last p' ' R. representative in Dows and L ..ue oldest member o£ the local Masonic lodge. He observed his eighty-third birthday when a. number of his friends gathered for'the celebration. The birthday cake was decorated with 83 stars and the G. A. R. emblem. Mr. Hanson enlisted at Monroe, Feb. 4, 1864, when he was but two days more than 16 years of age. His first battle was on May 15. 1864, and he took part in many engagements thereafter. He suffered a wound on Oct. 20, when he was sent to a hospital. For 30 years Mr Hanson has been a member of the local Masonic lodge. He still attends the sessions and often takes part in the ceremonies. Mr. Hanson has goodj health. WINNERS NAMED HT PLYMOUTH IN ARM INSTITUTE Brown Wins Prize With 35 Ears of Best Yellow Corn at Show. PLYMOUTH, Feb. 10.--The farmers institute at Plymouth opened with the president, Charles Fromm. presiding. M. A. Hauser judged the grain and Mrs. Bennerd and Miss Cole judged the home economic entries. Mr. Bemis and Mr. Boyce judged the poultry entries. W. O. HANS HANSO1V. WRIGHT COUNTY AGENT RESIGNS R. W. Adamson Is Appointed as Romey Successor at Clarion. CLARION, Feb. }Q. -- Harold Romey resigned as Wright county agent. R. W. Adamson, superintendent of schools at Rowan for four years before coming- to Clarion last fall to take a position with the 'Providential Life Insurance company left vacant when H. L. Tomlinson moved to Iowa City.^has been appointed'to the office. The appointment goes into effect March 1. This appointment was made by one director voting from each township. Mr. and Mrs. Adamson and family live in the Ted Hamilton house in north Clarion. Harvey Gives liecturo Series AMES, Feb. 10. (UP)--Dr. R. B. Harvey, plant physiologist at the University of Minnesota, will give 5 INDICTED IN WRIGHT COURT 3 Men Are Charged With Bootlegging and Two -With Desertion. CLARION, Feb. 10.--The Wright county grand jury returned five indictments yesterday afternoon. Three on a charge of bootlegging are: Earl Sturgis, Clarion; Jim Middleton and Richard Beshey, both of Woolstock. The other two for desertion are: Edmond Hilpipre, Woolstock, and R. J. Wendell, Clarion. The petit jury reported at 1:30 p. m. The first case to come before Judge H. E. Fry, who is on the bench, is Porter brothers, Eagle Grove, vs. American Railway Express company The suit grew out of the loss of a hog that died in transit from Eagle Grove to Big Springs Nebr., In 1928. The value is placed at 5150. a series of lectures before Sigma X, scientific fraternity, today, continuing the series thru Thursday. Make system alkaline to ... Stop Colds QUICK/ Get Rid oF Colds Before They Weaken You, Make You Liable to More Serious Troubles. 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Tke New Six 8 8 1 5 to 8 845. Tne New Eigkt * 1095 to 8 t l 3 5 . Standard Six *735 to ? 835. Standard EigKt *995 to 8 f 095. All prices f. a. b. factory. J. H. MARSTON Woodman, agriculture managed the show. instructor, Winnebago Poultry Show Is Started at Lake Mills Winners in the order of placing were: Thirty-five ears yellow corn, John Brower, J. Dvorak; 10 ears yellow corn, J. Brower, C. H. Howell. 10 ears white corn, L. -Stevens, K. Chehock; single ear yellow corn, F. E. Lyke, J. Brower, 1 ear white corn, L. Stevens, K. Chehock; peck barley, Charles Anderson; peck early oats, F. E. Lyke, L. Stevens; peck late oats, H. W. Clans; three pounds alfalfa hay, J. Novak; peck potatoes, J. Dvorak, B. Hodson. Junior division winners were: Ten ears ; yellow corn, Hulbert Lyke, Esther Howell; ten ears white corn, Keneth Dunton, Howe Pacey; single ear yellow corn, Hulbert Lyke, Glenny Maupin; single ear white corn, Keneth Dunton, Donald Dunton; peck o£ oats, Margaret McNitt; peck of potatoes, Ellsworth Helm, Leon Wise. Win in Poultry. Barred Rocks, young pen, J. Dvorak, L. Stevens; cockeral, L. Stevens, J. Dvorak; pullet, L. Stevens, J. Dvorak; Buff Rocks, pullet. F. H. Graves, L. Sutton; old hen, F. H. Graves, L. Sutton; young pen, L. Sutton; White Rocks, Howe Pacy; pullet, Howe Pacey. Buff Orpingtons, young peri, M. E. Kinney, Leo Havel; old pen, M. E. Kianey; cockerel, M. E. Kinnev; hen, M. E. Kinney; cock, M. E. Kinney; pullet, M. E. Kinney; BufC Leghorns, young pen, L. Sutton; pullet, Donald Dutton, Keith Dunton; White Leghorn, old pen, young pen. pullet, Fred Urbatch. Rhode Island Reds single comb young pen--H. W. Claus, R. D. Armstrong. Pullet--R. Armstrong, H. W. Claus. Cockerel--R. Armstrong. White Wyandotte, young pen--K. Chehack. Cockerel, Keith Dunton, Donald Dunton. Silver laced Wyandottes, pullet--Newell Butts. Cockerel, Nexvell Butts. Young pen --Jimmy Palmerton, Leo Havel. White Pekin ducks, young pen. M. E. Kinney. Old hen, M. E. Kinney. Drake, M. E. Kinney. Buff duck, young hen, Frank Mehalek; Old hen, rrank Mehalek. High In Home Economics. Peaches-^Mrs. Novak, Mrs. Dewey Carmony. Apple pickles--Mrs. 'J Novak, Mrs Kenneth Chehock. Yeast Farmers Will Also Attend Forest City, Buffalo Center Sessions. LAKE MILLS, Feb. 10.--Farmers in Wirmebago county have an unusual opportunity to procure valuable information on soil improvement, fertilizers, poultry, grain and other farm crops this week with programs at Lake Mills, Forest City and Buffalo Center. The poultry show at Lake Mills opened today and continues tomorrow. Forest City will be the scene of the corn show, starting Thursday ''and continuing Friday. Buffalo Center will have the grain show Friday and Saturday. Interesting programs have been arranged and arge premium lists offered at ea^h place. Prof. M. A. Hauser, who has had 25 years experience as a farm crops specialist, will judge the corji* show and discuss corn breeding and' growing. Prof. Rex Beresford, head of the Animal Husbandry Extension Service, has been procured to discuss livestock feeding and experiments. Pictures of these professors, Phone 722 South Fcdera! Ave. J. L. BOATMAN Hauser and Beresford, appeared in the Globe-Gazette recently. Prof. J. L. Boatman, head of the soils extension service, will discuss soil management and the use of commercial fertilizers. A PRESENTATION OF NEW ARRIVALS IN ART GOODS We have just received a new shipment of clever new embroidery pieces. Useful articles, all plainly stamped, in pretty colors which are guaranteed not to Cade. Included are Pillow Cases, plain ,white and with colored borders; Buffet Sets, organdies and linens. Dresser Scarfs; Aprons, dainty organdy, unbleached domestics, fast color trim; Baby Dresses; Rompers; Pillow Tops; Children's Aprons; Fancy Towels; Luncheon Sets; Bridge Table Covers; Hand Bags; Guest Towels. A. complete line ol colored embroidery floss and embroidery hoops. T H E C H E E R F U L S E R V I C E S T O R E bread--Mrs. 3. McNitt, Mrs. Fay 1 Cooper. Angel food cake--Mrs. Faye I Cooper, Mrs. J. Brower. White layer cake frosted--Mrs. L. Stevens, Mrs. R. Glaus. Chocolate loaf cake frosted--Mrs. L, Stevens, Lenore Wise. White rolled cookies--Airs. J. Dvorak, Mrs. D. C. Molsberry. Dark rolled cookies--Mrs. H. L. Tenney, Mrs. L. Stevens. Best j a r ' yellow corn--'Mrs. L. Stevens, Mrs. R. llaus. Best jar tomatoes--Mrs. T. M. Butts, Mrs. Ed Chehock. Jar beans, green--Mrs. Tenney, Mrs. L. Stevens. Jar cherries--Mrs. T. M. Butts, Mrs. J. Dvorak. Jar raspberries-Mrs. Carston Howell, Mrs, J. Dvorak. Jar stra - berries--Mrs. J. Novak, Mrs. J. Dvorak. Jar canned beef--Mrs. L. Stevens, Mrs. Tenney. Canned pork--Mrs. J. Dvorak, Mrs. J. McNitt. Glass of Jelly, plum--Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mrs. J. .McNitt. Apple jelly--Mrs. J. McNitt, Mrs. D. C. Molsberry. Embroidery, plain white --Mrs. T. M. Butts: Miss Sybil Butts. Colored--Mrs. T. M. Butts, Mrs. J. Dvorak. Tatting, white' or colored--Mrs. Charles Anderson, Sybil Butts. Braided rugs--Mrs. P. Chehock, Mrs. G. O. Heinselman. Crocheted rugs--Mrs. A. Holroyd, Mrs. G. O. Heinselman. Crocheting, white, Mrs. J. Dvorak, Mrs. T. M. Butts. Crocheting, colored--Mrs. T. M. Butts, Mrs. J. Dvorak. Best child's dress--Mrs. J. Dvorak, Mrs. TSd Chehock. House dress--Irene Wise. Made over garments--Mrs. B B. Button, Irene Wise. CHARLES CITY NEWS Concert Presented in Charles City by Sittig Music Trio CHARLES CITY, Feb. 10.--Tiie second concert of the series initiated jy the music department of the Woman's club and carried out with the backing of the schools and a group o£ patrons and patronesses was that of the Sittig Trio present* 1 .-;] in the Manual Arts building Monday morning. There was a large attendance of adults and children who listened attentively to a pru- grarn of high order. The trio consists of Mr. Sittig, pianist, and his daughter and son who play the violin and · cello. The program was one that appealed as many of the selections had been studied in the music memory contests. It traversed from the simple plane of "Suvvannee River" to the high artistic altitude 61 Bach and included groups of solo numbers b,v Miss Sittig and Edgar Sittig, the cellist. All werep layed with skill and fine musical interpretation an'J received with much applause. The third and concluding numbe; of the concert will be the Russian choir. This is the same series presented to the school children of Mason City and Waterloo. CHARLES CITY BRIEFS panied her ia still confined to thf hospital with a fractured skull. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wiltsa' left Saturday for Sioux Falls, S. Dak to spend the remainder of the winter with their daughter, Mrs. Howard Kingstniry. · The Happy Hour club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Emil Schilling. Mrs. J. J. Josten submitted to a major operation at Rochester, Minn. last Saturday. Several attempts at robbery were made Sunday. Traces were found al the Gray coal office, Bert Davic pool room and Hurst restaurant Nothing was taken except some pennies, candy and cigarets at the poo, hall. CHARLES CITY, Feb. 10.--Bim Castle motored to Kansas Cit.v where he will take part In an in ternational live bird shoot. He was accompanied by Mrs. Castle. Mat-ion Katcher. daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. VV. Katcher of Colwell, who is attending Iowa Stafe Teachers' college, svas chosen as ona of the outstanding 4-H club girl.-i at the Farm and Home week at Ames. Several members of the Masonic lodge went to Osagc last evening to attend a Masonic meeting. Harry Sherman, district instructor ol Fort Dodge was present. The Lions' club party planned foi Thursday night when the wives were to be entertained Ijas been postponed on account of the dearh of a former president. Harry Fishrr Dorothy Chapiur received a bronze medal from the National Highwa commission for winning third plans in the state essay contest ,, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fisher of Codar Rapids came yesterday to attend the funeral of Harry Fisher thin afternoon. Mrs. MeK'hi Holjert. who was ii: in automob:!'; accident S a t u r d a y , l e f t iiie honritnl for her homf? in the country Sunday. Him received n head injury which required several stitches. Kar! Hocft who acconi- Hart-Parr Factory Centers Efforts on Shipments to Russia CHARLES CITY, Feb. 10.--Won at the Hart-Parr factory, branch of the Oliver Equipment company, i; centering on assembling and ship ping about 50 tractors a day in ful fillment of the company's Russiai order. Otherwise plant operation: are going forward at a conservativi pace under the new managemen and several departments are be!n curtailed until more new orders ar on the books. Monday evenini about 50 men requested a return tc the higher wage and the company met the request by granting mor pay for overtime. Former Charles Cityan to Speak at Waterloo CHARLES CITY, Feb. 10.--W W. Weatherwax, Cedar Rapids, so of A. T. Weatherwax of Charle City, will give an address on "Lii coin" to the members of the civi department of the Women's club a Waterloo Thursday. Mr. -Weather wax was a member of the Weather wax Brothers' quartet for 15 sen sons with Redpath and Chautnu qua systems. He lived here dunn that time. Mrs. W. B. Naumnn Waterloo, another Charles City na tive, will be one of theh ostcgse at the meeting. C. H. Hanson Is Elected Head of Joice Creamerj JOICE, Feb. 10.--The Ten')] Creamery company held its annual meeting Saturday. Feb. 7. C. H. Hanson was elected president, sue- 1 needing G. .1 Ostmo. O. T. Tenolii was re-elected vice president and O. K. Storrc re-elected secretary. Chris Hnlvorson re-elected treasurer: and M n r l i n Mostrom elected director for three years, succeeding H. N. Degn. LUQCIES are always kind to your fhroof Everyone knows the? sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING "process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE--made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-TJJEN-"ITS TOASTED"--an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos are expelled by' are sold to others. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. The advice of your pliy* sician is: Keep out of doors, in the open air, · breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and have a feriocJic checkup on the health o/ your body. Your Throat Protection --against irritation -- against cough TUNE IN-- TheLuckyStrike Vance Orchcs- t every Tiles' day, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net' tvorks. © 1831, The American Tobacco Co., Mfra

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