The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 12, 1933 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

1TJESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY SOKB A T E M , - ID CHANGS -THAT STbRtY ABOUT R U N N I N G INTO A DOO^ . . . "THE INSIST IT COULONT BE THAT FACB ) OP -roues S STICKING ODT BBHDBras SEMI-ANNU/M- BLACft- ACJA1N FAU-SD TO CI.ICK VSI1TH THE BOYS, ANB MARSHAL- OTEV STEPPED IH TO OFF Ere ACCVICH TO PREVEMT 3Zff THE LOVE WAGER By EDNA ROBB WEBSTER CHAPTER 37. The two long tables In the ship's dining room were gay with red or blue and white checked linen; and centered with long, flat bouquets of red, white and blue flowers in the form of ships. Favors and red tissue-wrapped gifts added their colorful array at each cover, and the guests assembled for dinner in hilarious spirits. Cocktaila in the salon had contributed to these, and were further augmented as dinner progressed. Kernm had Insisted upon the place of honor beside Stuart, and Llzctta had relinquished the brief satisfaction to her, knowing that It would not ba hers for long. Marion scorned any attention from Stuart and devoted all her interest to Count Diavini, who was devotion Itself. It was evident that Patricia ·was getting on famously with Lord \V~ithington, and these two recent additions to the group made a superfluity of men, which contributed to the success of any social occasion. "I don't know how you managed so easily to do the very thing which gives society hostesses headaches and gray hair," Kerm a. told Stuart. , "The necessity of two oc more men for every girl to provide a stag line." "Oh, that was purely an accident, no management at all. But it's not a bad idea at that. If some of the fellows want to slip away for a game of bridge or poker there are enough left to entertain the ladles. Then you think the party will be a success?" jubilantly. "It is. But Stuart, the best part of it Is you!" she confided, her lips close to his face. "Oh, you mean the busiest part of it!" he corrected her with good humor. "The host Is a busy man. But wait until you see the surprise I have for you!" · "For me?" her eyes opened wide with anticipation. "For all of you." "When?" eagerly. "Oh -- later this evening." "Tell me -- just me," she coaxed. "Let me share the secret with you. I can't wait so long to know about it." "I couldn't do that," he denied, and laughed with amusement; for the thought she would not be so eager had she suspected what the surprise would be. How often, those who believe they have reason to be so sure of themselves, are the victims of their own Intrigue and conspiracy. Sometimes, like Kerma, they deserve the consequences. But there are those who must be pitied for their innocent participation in schemes about which they know nothing. The dining room of the private yacht was too small for dancing, so they wandered outside to the deck to dance through the progress of dinner. Marion sweetly declined to favor any of the other men and shared her own partner with no one. Apparently he had no objection whatever to her preference, and they talked and danced together as if the rest of the party might have been strangers to them. The count was impressed by the obvious wealth of her friend.", arid commented upon it. "Ah, you Americans! You take life for granted so luxuriously. Your wealth flows out of your pockets as it pours in -- like water In a brook. This Logan, now -- he gives no thought to the labor which would be involved to make the money that this pleasure costs him." "Perhaps he doesn't. But I'll bet his father had to give some thought to it before he made his first million. Someone has to collect the first little ball of snowflakes and start It rolling." "He is then--a millionaire?" "Oh, yes, many times, I suppose. But American millionaires are not very important to European noblemen who have owned vast estates for centuries." He shook his head. "There is nothing which eats up money faster than vast estates. That is why I am compelled to remain in Havana to supervise my business. But very soon now, I shall retire to that country I love, and with the one I love," hia arm drew her closer in the dance, "to live happily ever after. Isn't that the way the story of the prince and princess should end?" "It could not be more perfect,' she agreed softly. "It is only now that I understand why fat ordained that the ending was delayed. It was to find you. my beloved, that I was made to remain here longer than I had planned. I had expected to make that happy return to my country more than a year ago--but this--what you call, depression--has delayed my departure from Havana. I must remain here until the crisis is past. But ah! what a small price to pay for so great a. treasure!" His glance was amorous. Marion was giddy with triumph. Never had she commanded such proclamations of admiration and devotion from any man. And there were many whom she had made greater efforts to win. "You flatter me," she said demurely. "I adore you!" he declared. "But what will your family say 1C I carry you so far away?" "Oh," she laughed. "That is the best part of it. I have no family to say me nay. I answer to no one and ask no advice. I am as free as the air and I go where I please." "But--" he hesitated with aur- prise, then continued with an apologetic smile, '1 should not be so inquisitive." "About what?" He finished the query reluctantly. "I was only wondering how you manage your--expenses. You American women are enigmas to all European men. So you must pardon my curiosity as you accept my utmost admiration." Marion was amused. "Why be so delicate about the matter? I have my own Income which could be much worse, and it is mine to do with as I choose. So I only do what pleases me, naturally. "And you have--no one who manages your business interests for you?" amazed. "Only an old lawyer who countersigns the bank checks. And when I have added my name to them, there Is nothing more to manage, except the spending of the money, and I never manage that--I Just spend it." Her independence seemed to impress and please him. "You are marvelous! And how I anticipate the day when such Independence will be mine, also. It cannot be far away." But he signed heavily, as if his present responsibilities were a great weight. "Are your interests--so involved, then?" Marlon ventured. He nodded soberly. "The problem is a very simple one, and yet the most difficult to meet. The business Is there, the markets are waiting, the materials arc ready. The only problem Is to obtain cash to carry on production, to bridge that gap between materials and market. That is our very grave difficulty In this crisis. It requires endless scheming day and night, to carry on with business these days. But, my beautiful one, I must not trouble you with my cares. I live with them NEED MONEY? PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, nutos, personal property or anything of value to persons who have steady employment. LOANS UP TO $300 Fay back In monthly Installments LOANS MADE SAME DAY OF APPLICATION C. L. Pine Loan Company OF MASON CITY SECOND FLOOR WEIR BLDG. PHONE 321 YOO VE. ?E.E.K) IT -tWU. VJe.t4@TMS tVU-S C^VAC. FRCJKA vl( vJCTf eCM -SO VERY MWWE.BUT VT H^« UOVJG \ vu TV-US COUNTCJ.V *MJY SWOOD OP ·SORT AT OO UNO 1 *! ·y COOUO OUST Where There's Fire- By Les Forgravc High Pressure Pete FfM?^ IKTO -X5-VS- l-WVA-C From Bad to Worse George Swan Frank MerriwelTs Schooldays GOT OF -rue CAR. WHM THAT . LtFErJ t wAx5 TWER.* J OF FI20M. THE ICE- NOT A30UT FG.ANK. NOT V/AMTING To PLAY LAKE., SttRUHG Coach Speaks His Mind HAWE PXR POTTLE. ON:* N4 A, OOCTott/ BurtL. Standish tT S THE. UU' GIRL WftHTHe BU)E -~Ke. "SECtoriD . BWSt So OK. X'lJEf M£ ASK. YA YA. WALK. OUT op- A, BALUaAMl=." WITH'THE SCORE - NcSHtM' To XoO -THE. TbOQHftST K4 GUY Muggs McGinnis WAS *, Ml TOUH UL' uy WHILE iTtTDn LL _ * They All Fall By Wally Bishop CopyriRhl, 1998, by Central Prcia Asaocintion, Inc. Dun OF-fte SHOPPER'S J SEfSMC.E fo FIL.L Au_ MAlU AM PHONE OtZOEfiJS' MIS5-KE1-T.' HERE is A LurTen rreoM A MAlO WILL IV*E cjirr HE' wANrs .'.' SO Ms HAS A NtW DATE « AND HIM I WAS THE ONC( HIS UFE; j --\NIU- NOW PLCftSE PICK our SOMETHING SNAPPY Fora A GIRL FRIEND ? SPARE NO * MAIL- TO CCEE.PINC5, CHEESECAKE'S, ETTA,. 1 I WANTED TO SUBpraiSE VOU GIFT THW SERVICE piace o our.' PHOOe-tJ' JOHN RAMDAVL. HIM " * Back at You, Etta! By Paul Robinson THE TUTTS BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Graj SALUTA.' -- WHY ' IS SPANISH. I'LL TRANSLATE IT YOU Y/OW.E. ·SHOPPING- To CAUSE A every day, sleep with them every nlg-bt, think alone with them as| much that I am In danger of forgetting: that I now have a much more pleasant companion. Forgive me, and let us be merry!" Hia consternation was so genuine that, for once In her selfish existence, Marion felt aorry for him, and she continued to feel that underneath his surface display of gaiety and his lavish adoration of her, he weighed serious problems which would aeon claim his shrewd consideration. And somehow, for the first time, she experienced a reaction which evolved into a. deaire to share a difficulty and to help someone in need of sympathetic assistance. It might be possible that she could hasten this man's dream for himself, and now for her. It would be rather fun to know that she were help in gr to accomplish something, even i£ she were compelled to be very thrifty about her own expenses. She would consider it for a while, however, before she offered a suggestion. Dinner had ended sumptuously and hilariously when Stuart appeared from somewhere with a sheaf of cablegrams in his hand. From the head of the table he commanded attention by tapping a spoon against a tumbler. "Looks a.a if I have a message for everybody," he grinned. "I hope they're all good news. How would it be if you all wait to open yours until I pass 'em all out? OJtay?" Their agreement clamored, and excitement mounted the next rung in the ladder, as each of them accepted a square white envelope printed with blue and addressed in red type. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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