The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 9, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL No. 293. Getrsburg, Pa^ Thursday, October 9th, 1913. Price Two CcmUu PREMIUMS ! For'la3y bringing finest topquet of flowers -- pair "Queen Quality" Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples -- pair "Walk-Over" Shoes. For father whose sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and reigning must be done at the store.) IN ADDITION to the above, we will give $25.00 worth of merchandise as premiums. Watch this space for further information. "Eckert's Store." "On The- Square" I PEACE MEMORIAL HEAD ACCEPTS FIRE COMPANY {TWELVE CARS WILL GIVE $500 ARE DERAILED ' I i Choice for Chairman of Commission \ Membership af Local Fire Depart- to Erect Monster Peace Memor-- ial on the Gettysburg Battlefield j Announces his Acceptance. j ment Votes to-.Contribute Five- Hundred Dollars towards New Automobile Engine. Announcement of the acceptance of | That the Gettysburg Fire Company itne presidency of the Gettysburg I is thoroughly in. earnest in its efforts to i secure for the town an automobile fire WALTER'S THEATRE KEYSTONE 1 Peace Memorial Association by Col. 5 Hilary" A- Herbert, of Washington, {engine was shown at their regularly i-. Y an( j a ! monthly meeting Wednesday evening soldier, is I when the membership voted to pledge ov.-an, who i'^-"6 company for the first S-500 toward i the purchase of the new apparatus. Secre-! This money is not to come j former Secretary of the Xa-.y distinguished Southern I mace by Colonel Andrew Co }savs: RELIANCE -iRONCHOi "Hilary A. Herbert, former DrCiCS TURNING Reliance I cary of the Navy ,, . . . . - , «· - u A IxaiHiful Une drama illustrating the famous quotation: There L a destiny!Southern soldier, Colonel of the Eighth raised oy special eSorts :n the way or out or nd a distinguished! any funds now on hand "out is all to be shapes 1 Alabama Regiment, Confederate shows, fairs and other entertainments. ,-«· The plan to take the sum out of the I Relief Fund was not regarded wi:h · end.-. ALL pflY^IKL? AT SEA'^ISoVa-na \ State, of America, and a nanve done reel feature show log a. moving picture- «udio romance. A jealous rival [South Carolina, nas accepted tr.e pre- i -' ·eparates a jr'srl from her husband, but the strange working o f fate rearutes^ihe sidency of the Gettysburg Peace Mem- I :avor »y t«e company ana tney dead- lo\er-and causes the downfall of the Kuiltv man. i O ri~l Association *t --as unar.inio"-'" 1 8t *- instead, to nut their shoulders to A Keystone comcd^£h ( MlS^mS full ofnSola^uc incidents. «i«ed at Chat^nooga last"month"aX | the wheel and show th« :hey are will- The JOHN WILLS MUSICAL COMEDY COMPANY Pre8ems tlr the articles of association were ad- J «* «o worK xor che cau.e ^cn tr.ey j-jyT A -pi A J\ITI("* P I T Y i-v~»~* ,,.i»*i -r^o n^me= nf cj-rj^'-s^o-nr iiater expect ro ask: tne people This production is an exceptionally fine one and is cle\ er'-y ·srajX'L TSie cast includes a chorus of pretty girls, who^core a h't in several j;oc;cou=ly costumed changes while the comedians keep you in a. tit of laughter. Don't inis= this musical treat. An entire change of program tonljiht. OneMiow each night. R^ OPJKIC ~ o'clock tfbo-.v Starts ~.'M Main Curtain 3.30 CWWrea inc. ADMISSION Adults 2ftc. MATINEE SATURDAY 2 :fj ci tne founders, equally divided between U. C V. and TJ. S . . . veterans * of the! Earf ' tfe is fall the first o£ a series P H O T O P L A Y VITAGRAPD KALEM A SPIRIT OF TEIE .ORIENT What is born in the marrov. tomes out in from her husband to a man of her own race. War of 1SG1-65. that Hilary A. Herbert, LL. D., U. C. V.. should be invited to accept the nomination for president of the association. Judge Eli of home talenc shows will be given for the benent of the new apparatus fund. A committee of three will have charge of this work, Rufus H. Bushmai being VITAGRAFH vi PAGRAPH the flps!«. An oriental sir! tum= They both meet an un:imei\- end. Torrance, of Minnesota, and Gen. C. che chairman, and several good enter- Irvine Walker, of South Carolina. | tauunents will be provided, -were appointed to write the invitations and mail their letters simultaneously. The reply of CoL Herbert to Judge z, accepting the nomination And Gettysburg Visitors to the York Fair are Delayed Three Hours in Starting. Accident Occurs Near Gladhills. Twelve coal cars were piled up on LOCAL VETERANS PLAN TO ATTEND Meeting of Grand Army Veterans of Southern Pennsylvania will See Many Local Veterans in Attendance. The Arrangements. Many local veterans will atrer.d the *he Western Maryland between Glad- j eleventh annual reunion of the South- LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Items of interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personate and Many Brief Items. BRYSONIA Brvsonla--The farmers are about hill's and Jack's Mountain Station Jern- District. Grand Army Association, tnrougn sowing tneir grain ana some about six o'clock this morning and | which will be held in Carlisle Wednes-1 a ^e picking and packing their apples. hours. | day. October 22. Members of the local \ 31rs. Wilson Bsfemer spent last week :s:r::!°- i nost and other veterans in ihe vicinity · v -*ith her mother, Mrs. D. J. traffic was delayed for several As a result Gettysburg people des to go the York Fair were put to great j are planning to go. inconvenience and some of them elect-! The Southern District includes ed LO go by automobile rather thanj Grand Army representatives from six · Mr - ar d i!rs - Harvey Hartman, Thomas, \ who hss been sick for some time, but now recovering. . of 1 counties as"fo'lowsr Adams, Cumber-1 Biglerville Route 2, Mr. and Mrs. Ida- wait for the delayed train. The accident was caused, it is said, j land, Franklin. Fulton, Perry and '. George Smick and son, John, of by one of the cars jumping the track j Jar.ia and taking eleven others v 1th it. The L The address of welcome will be de- ville, and David Hartman, of Oxford, spent Sunday at the home of William ca*-s were thrown about in great conf u- [ livered by J. Webster Henderson, son j Hartman. s=o- and the track was damaged for | of 'the first district commander. Thej ^ s - Charles McDannell and daugh- ma»v-ee't * v .^ecHn°- c-'-ew -roi» Ha- response will be made by Theodore \ ter S^ll, iir - and ilrs - Robert ; e ;:o ;^ TO3 sent , 0 ^ scene and j McAllister, of Gettysburg. [Bream and two children were recent worked the greater part of the day! The meeting will be held in the Car- j TMiw» at the home of Mrs. D. J. clearing up the wreckage. | lisle court house. A free dinner and; 1 ^as. ' suooer will be served in the Post Room! ' "* sa!E The cars were part of one of the big j Port Covington coal trains and. though j of Cape. Col well Post Xo. 201. of steel construction.' were damaged considerably by the impact. The coal was strewn over the track and added to the difficulty in clearing up the wreck and opening the railroad for With MAURICE COSTELLU KN"TERTADriNG_ UXGLB KALEM COMEDY Their uiicie from the country, a se-Jate oM irent, is coming to *. isic them and they plan to be very nife. evfii invite the deaeon to spend ihe week wirh them. But uncle has cotne for a nood'time. and they -".j-rover the ftct ween he eloaes with a gtenosraph-r. With RUTH ROLAND CO3\10POLITAX XEW YORK " KALEM T H E DIAMOND CRO"U"X EDISON The clever young daughter of a police officer is s~r.t out on a robbery case. Careful in\ estimation ol the hqjiseshows a, secrei pannei in the -walls of the misters? room Preparation for a li'JU=e party cojitirms tbe -girl's suspicion and she makes a startling re " jwith pleasure, voices the sentiment of "oeace and good will," which has been growing stronger as the memory of the great war crystallized Into a common recognition thar the war had been inevitable and that the soldiers of both North and South had firmly believed in the principles for which each side iad fought and so that all were pa- niots, as it was given them to believe where their first allegiance belonged. AUTUMN HUNTING i . either to the States or to the nation. ·'The articles of association Brovide- Frfr new styles in sniSL-and_over-coats [fortwo-hoaorair presidents and. also- hag bejrun now. 5ut the man. who is [for one vice .president from each fortunate enough to be a patron of The Quality Fhop knows that 1 e reel not nek any further. Our handsome and elegant fabrics are awaiting your choice and our Seate. It was unanimously agreed at Chattanooga that Gen. Chamberlain. U. S- V.. of Maine, and Gen. E. Macry!e== are np-ro-the-mthn:e and we _will Iver-Law, U. C. V.. of iriorida, should " £L an-1 finish your outa; in a manner j ^ at can only be done vrhea you have ir. i made by . at the same time as Col. Herbert, to accent the nominations for Will M. Scffigman, Ca=h Tailor. There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superiority Or Lippy Made ClotKes but we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clothe- tb^Eisei-ves. There is beaut- :a everv line and quality ui e-.ery stitch anci fibre. J. D. Lippy Tailor TTe have special fine line of tbe Anderson rain coats i Candies 3 i | honorary presidents- Gen. Chamberlain's acceptance was received by -Judge Torrance September 27, and that of Gen. Law is doubtless on the to Gen. Walker. Gen. Chamberlain. ex-Governor of j Maine, distinguished soldier. Lieuten- j ant Colonel of the Tvrentieth Maine Ini fantry at Gettysburg: made Brigadier j General U. S. V. by Gen. Grant June 38, 186M., on ths battlefield: author. _ educator and a former president of the i Society of the Army of the Potomac, j will give the association his enthusias- |tic support. S "Gen. E. Maclver Law, U. C. V.. -was Lieutenant Colonel of the Fourth Alabama Infantry. C. S. A.. 1861; Brigadier General. 1862: Major General, 186-5; a distinguished soldier, whose services were glorious, and a gentleman whose life since the war 5E 'has been rail of usefulness; professor H ! of history and belies lettres like Pre- E ! sident Herbert. Gen. Law is a native of = i South Carolina- Gen. Latv is deeply i.-- Of the two propositions now advanced, the purchase of an automobile chemical engine, or the automobile combined chemical and water engine rhe company is unanimously in favor of the latter. They argue "chat, while a chemical may put out incipient fires. che tov.-n would be at the mercy of a large blaze should it get a good start and the present steamer faiL For the adequate protection of the steadily growing and rapidly expand- :ng town they deem the combined apparatus a necessity, saying that the good points of a single chemical are embodied in the combined automobile apparatus while the great power and esnciency of a gasoline water pamp is the valued additional-asset of the more expensive track. The company agrees with members of council that the old Silsby engine should be kept on hand for use in case if emergercy rather than that it should be turned in as part ^payment on th-j new engine. The outs'de ngure tvaflable for "General - Meade" vroulc be S750 and. on account of its age anc .rendition, it might bring only S500. travel. When nev.-s of the wreck reached here the special York Fair train was run UD to 'die scene and the passengers 'roni the train due here at 8:05 were -ransferred. The belated train arrived about 11 o'clock and the persons who \ere bent on going to York to attend he fair and who had not 'taken advan- .age cf the local automobiles pressed nto service, started on their way to the annual exhibition, with considerable TessToiTthe holiday spirit than thev possessed v.hen 'they first started station-wards. REWARD FOR COURTESY old Watch in Appreciation of Small Favor. ·'iliiam Haner. of Gettysburg, spent j Sunday at the home of Daxid Orner. Alf veterans will be met at Carlisle \ J a cob P. Smith and wife, of Gettys- by Post 201 with a band and escorted! ' OUT S Route 9, spent Sunday at the home of S. J. Taylor and famm-. Joseph Cooley, wife and two child- to tne court nouse. Since the date of the las'c meeting taps have sounded, it will be reported, ren " tvere recent visitors at the home of for another former district commander ! Jacob Gochenanr, of West Point. of the division. He is Philip Harman, ! George Rexroth who has been _ slrk of Mt. Ko'iv. All these who are able to attend j for some time has been brought from his home at Biglerviile to the home of are earnestly requested to be present (his Bother, Mrs. L D. Knouse, near by District Adjutant Milton A. Em- j this P !ace - bick and District Commander John PROTECT PARK DEER Must not Shoot the Deer at Caledonia " ~ Park. The Chambersburg and Gettysburg trolley company has a surveying corps running lines for that part of the Caledonia forest reserve which it has leased as a park. This is done because the \ J. Falier. who have sent out notices for the meeting. MRS. GEORGE A. SHEAFER LITTLESTOWN ROUTE 2 Littlestown Route 2--Eugene Spalding has put new shutters on his house. The following persons spent Sunday ac the home of Up'ton. Harner, Mrs. Sheafer Died at her Home after Harry Messinger and family, of Han- Brief Illness. over, and Mrs. Herbert Motter and two children. Lewis and Mary. Mrs. George Sheafer died at .half Charles Newman was unable to past six o'clock Wednesday evening at work the past two weeks due to a large her home on 2vorch Washington street abscess on his neck- aged 70 years, 6 months and 3 days, j Mrs. Lynn Smith, of Woodsboro, Mrs. Sheafer had been ill for two - Md..'spent Thursday-at tfie"* home -of death her parents^ Mr. and Mrs. jCharle? weeks, the direct cause of her being paralysis. Her maiden name ivas Sarah Ann Newman. James Spalding and wife, Eugene Holder, and she was born .in Franklin | Spalding and wife,' Albert Chrismer County. Both of her parents were na- and Miss Helen Spalding spent Sunday ' tives of Ireland- She leaves her hus- at the home of Joseph Range and fam- The popular brands in which you have the assurance of q .lallty- Whitmans - - - Belle Mead Sweets Liggets - - - Huylers Always Fresh People's and Hubers* Drug Stores | REXALL and A. D. S. Stores. j i.inanniniininnHnnnn»imnninnin»nnnnnirs I terested in the purpose of the associa- ·tion. · "Capt. George C. Xorton. U- C- V.. j vrill be elected vice president for Ken- I tucky, Maj. John H- Leathers has been i appointed treasurer of the association.'' POSTAL SHOWER TH ATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to heat the clock in my automobile to Miss Hoack, of Biglervillc. Remembered by 3Iaiiy Friends. j A postal card shower was givejj ] Miss Margaret Houck. of BiglerviHe. | on Wednesday. Miss Houck received J140 cards. j 25 men wanted, at once, to pack .aDples in the Stover orchards. Apnlv at save your SICK STOCK. Day^rNightcaji DR. HUDSON · Rice Produce Co.. OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY ·Almond Taffy,' ·±d''ceiKS I tb?ri5ufcter:int Taify, 50 cents lb., Peannc Taffy. '33 cents lb., Peanntf"Brittle? 10 cents'lb. - _ - . Daily at. , GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN THE Adams County Xursery offers Ice Cream Taffies, 10 cents lb.--Fresh ja fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher, .proprietor, Bendersville Station; As' pers Post Oince, Pa.--adver"uscT!ient 1 RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT A gold watch ~as the reward re:e:ved byJBrady Sefton for a conrt- 3sy shown a tourist who visited the battlefield several weeks ago. The --isitor. W. O. Guy'iO*-. who is national secretary of the Yoeman of America, .chile being sba- ed in the Sefton barber shop expressed a desire to buy a picture that hung on the wall. Mr. Sefton informed him that the picture s valued as a gift and was not for sale but that he v.-ou!d have a photo- jfaph copy made and send one to his "lome. A few days after the nhoto- jraphs vrere sent to Mr. Guyton's "lome, in Aurora. 11!.. he mailed to Brady Sefton a letter expressing his appreciation of tne favor and a srold ·aich which the o^-rer Is now proudly sxhibitina: to his friends. b ou -.j a -v ii nes ha\ e never been | band. George A. Sheafer, three sons, ily near McSherrystown. plainly established. It is the intention ; George W. Sheafer. Bruce Sheafer j Isaiah Forry and family spent Sua- of the State Game Commission to dean * William Sheafer. The latter was day with friends near Bonneauville. clare Caledonia Park a reserve and chis will prevent the hunter from shooting the tame deer in the park and will also tend to make travel there a bit safer- Rangers in the Caledonia reserve discovered a fine doe lying dead on the brink of the Intake dam. Forester Conklin v,as notified and he at once directed that it be despatched to the Cnambersburg hospital. Further examination show ed the animal had been chased bv dogs and partially devoured SHOWERS--McCAUSLTN Mr. Showers, of Menallen Township, and Miss McCauslin 3Iarricd. At the York Springs Methodist parsonage on Saturday Rev. Luther W. McGarvey married Ray Showers and Miss -Julia McCaaslJr.. The groom is the son of Fred Show- 3rs of Menallen to--vn?hlp and is employed on his lathers farm. The bride, daughter of Samuel McCauslin of Wenksviile. is a popular and h:ghly esteemed young lady and organist in the Methodist church. The bride was attired in a beautiful costume of blue silk. by them, whereupon it was concluded to bury the carcass. Pursued by the ravenous curs the animal leaped the dam fence for safety but the dogs were- able to reach it there. They tore the body Tjadly and until recently a resident of Get'cys- j Daniel Bechtel has put new weather burg but a week ago was promoted by. boarding on his house. the Western Maryland to a respons- i The heavy electrical and rain storm ible position at Walfarook, near Ealti-; which passed over this locality last more. She also leaves two daughters, i week did a great deal of damage by Mrs. A. Homfauckle. of St. Louis. Mo.:! washing fields which were recently and Mrs- Charles Assenheimer. of. sown in wheat, tearing large gutters j in the roads, and the lightning struck services will be held \ in Edvrard Gitt's barn but did no dam- Philadelphia. The fureral i from her late home a't ten o'clock Sat-! age except to melt the large ball urday morning. Interment will be' found on the lightning rods. made in Evergreen Cemetery. Both the j Charles Eckenrode and wife, Eu- services at the house and the ment will be private. McKNIGHTSTOWX Mcknights town--Mrs. Allen Dickson and son, John, who had been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Riddlemoser. have returned to their home in Gettysburg. Mrs. Merl Miller has gone to Bu- ate much of it. It was removed before there was any likelihood of water contamination. The law gives no license to any dog chanan Valley, where she is taking following upon the track of a deer. 1 care of her sister. Miss Frank Simple, He is a public nuisance and may be) who is ili. killed bv any person when so seen, or j Dor:?ey and Carl Sowers, -nho are later b\" a game officer. The Ovmer of a dog pursuing a deer is liable to a inter-, gene Spalding and wife, James Spaid- ing and wife spent Tuesday at ths York fair. Mr. and Mrs. U. L. Hahn. of Littlestown, spent Sunday at the home of Charles Eckenrode. 3Ir. and Mrs. Thomas Champion spent Sunday at the home of William Hensil and wife of Xew Oxford. There will be no Sunday School at St. -John's church on Sunday morning on account of some repairing the council is having done. penalty of $'25 for each deer pursued and ?50 for each deer kiijed. Double these fines are collectible arcer an owner of an offending: dog has been notified. employed in the Gettysburg furniture j factory, spent Sunday with their par- j ents. Mr. and Mrs. William Sowers- WHITE HALL White Hall -- Born to Mr. and Mrs. TO 3IEET IN YORK Farm Associations -nil! Convene in Xearby City- York has been selected as the ineet- "- ing place for the 1914 joint convention of the Pennsylvania Dairy Men's Association, the State Horticultural Association, the Pennsyl-v-araa Live Stock Breeders' Association and the; American Berkshire Congress. The \ convention, which wi:i be one o: im- I Claude Stock. Oct. 6th. a son- Painters are painting the buildings | Eva Sheely. Esteila Sentz and Wilon the farm of Lawrence Butt. ! 3iam Wherley made a trip to the Bar- Quite a number of the men from oar j rens on Sunday, in search of chest- town are busy picking' apples in the or- i nuts. chards of K. E. Riddlemoser. John 1 3Iiss Eva Sheely and friend spent " Shall and C. A. Bream. i Sunday evening: Mrs. Shulenberger, of Carlisle, AXXUAL excursion to Baltimore: the Washington Camp, Xo. 414. P. O. S. of A., will run an excursion TO Bal- visiting her mother. Mrs. Emily Mick-' ley. Franklin township vdll hold its second educa'donal meeting at Flohrs School. Friday evening. On Sunday quite a number of people visited the apple orchard of C, A. :OMING EVENTS portar.ce and will be accompaniea oy j Happellings Scheduled in Gettysburg d-.splajs of fruits, dairy products and | fflr Corn i ng -\v ce ks- iive stock will be attended by probably ' FOR SALE--15 acre farm all urid er cultivation and yrell/enced, 600 ap- J S-'.SStJaSiBS house and other necessary buildings. T his is a g o o d proauctive iarm, and , Miss Lillian Ring will resume teach- i ing Monday, October 13. Instruction be given in voice and piano to a hous" good condition, bank barn, wagon shed, poultry house, nog pen. house and other necessary buildings. This is a good productive tar everything is in good shape, you can buy this farm for 72 acres 3 miles from tovm, 10 acres of pasture, loO fruit trees, i ^ *? * · i __'»«T3 s*. w»An j3 f*f\.t\A ^! ~**r\f\w\ *fT*»a T»-I£* hrtllC^ TCT running TRY our Gettysburg I ft AVjL C9* V * l I I i V * O ·»· * v » " *fv " - - j _ - . . _ _ ^ . , _ water, 2 wells and cistern, public road, good 7 room frame house vnA nec essary outbuildings, good bank barn, hog pens and other buildings, this is a rich granite and flint soil and always produces excellent crops, lou will over- Chambersburg look a good farm if you do not see this one, price .? mcnt RUNK PECKMAN, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pcnna. mcm fresh Shoe roasted chestnuts, Shining Parlor, street.--advertise- timore on Saturday, Xov. 1st, 1913. Train leaves Gettysburg 7:15 a. m.. re-j *-5»T-** i ?'n rtp fJsTI^i*-- C!?-n?"irtT% "IT ""^f\ -e% «t^^ ._ 2.000 delegates- turning, advertisement Station 11:30 p. 1 m. SEE advertisement of Mrs. Minerva Trimmers sale of household goods on another page.--advertisement 1 DON'T forget the big mule sale at Hanover on Friday. Forbes and Forney,--advertisement 1 FOR SALE: seventeen shares of Citizens Trust Company scock. Apply at Times Office --advertisement 1 LOST: two front automobile car- tains. Return to tisement City Ho'tel.--adver- 1 A number of empty whiskey barrels Oct. 10--Parent Teachers" Association. High School Buildinj Oct. for sale at Hotel tisement Gettysburg.-- adver- j 11--Annual Toptori Orphanr School excursion. Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. SVD od meeting. St. Jaines church. Oct. 1"--Concert. Mozart Company Srua Chapel. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Day. Oct. 21--Concert. Miss DeYo and Mrf Bayly. Presbyterian church. Xov. S--Foot Bsll. Mt. St. Mary's. Melchoir SHnghoff and wife spent Sar:day at the home of their daughter. Mrs. Milton Snyder, at Two Taverns. Mrs. Quintan Rebert and Mrs. Harvey Weikert speift a few days in Lancaster last week. J. S. Sheely and wife, William yTei- kert and wife and daughter, lea. spent Sunday evening at the home of A. G- fa:nl!y7:iear TTMo Tav- ierns. school at Sv. Luke's in the afternoon, at 1 o'clock- Preaching at 2 o'clock. The Lutheran congregation of St. Luke's Church will hold Holy Corr.iirii- nion service on Sunday, Oct. 19th. in the morning at 10 o'clock. OX account of holiday my store will be closed from five o'clock Friday evening to six o'clock Saturday evening. 0. H. Lestz.--ad\ ertisement 1 WOMEN" and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement' 1

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