The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 12, 1933 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

DECEMBER 12 Pi l'J33 Unemployed Girls Class Entertained Young Women's Council of Y. Sponsors Christmas Party. Members of the unemployed girls' class of the Y. W. C. A. were guests of the Young Women's council at a Christmas party Monday evening at the home of the council president, Hiss Margaret Hotchkln, 807 Delaware avenue 'northeast. The bill before the state legislature concerning the employment oC married women was explained "by Gladys Peterson during the business meeting:. The possibility of having a German class taught by Miss Laura Karnpmeier was discussed and it was decided to begin the class in January. Reports were made by Miss Arloene Janssen for the council, Miss Lillian Clark, T. N. T., and Miss Lenore Gulbranson for Tus- salata and for the home decoration class taught by Miss Sophie Chown- Sng. Miss Helen Meyer led devotions. ... After the business meeting-, games Were played and prizes were awarded to the teams represented by Miss Esther Pagenhart and Mrs. Ray Pauley. Misa Gladys Price won the individual prize. Miss Myrtle Cardey as Santa Glaus distributed gifts. At the close of the evening refreshments were served by 'a committee including Mrs. Pauley, Miss Pagenhart, Miss Esther Baker, Mrs. Irene Webster, Mrs. A. L. Hotchkin ond Miss Elsa TrvUson. The entertainment committee included Miss Helen Meyer, Miss Lucille Beyerly. The next council meeting will be neld in January. .». S COUPLES ISSUED LICENSES TO WED NEW HAMPTON, Dec. 12.--Mar- 1'Iage licenses were issued to three couples, Marlon W. Chapman of Arlington and Susan Leone Bivens of Oelwein; Wilham Walterbough and Clava Merriott, both of Mason City; James A. Nelson and Myrtle Olson both of Crystal Lakt. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CEMENT WALKS are hard . . . on good shoes and good feet. The walks are here to stay. KEEP YOUR FEET READY · for action by wearing . . . L A I R D ' C .. 14 E. State St. O^ JVKh^rq Shoes Arc Really Fitted FIFTEEN VISITOR TOE LOVELIEST of the more re cent social visitors at Washington, D, C., is the Baroness Giesl von Gieslingen, of Austria, a new photograph of whom is shown. The baroness and her husband stopped over for a few days in the United States capital, and were royally entertained. Their call in the United States was entirely social. BEUGMAN-FEmiY ACKLBY, Dec. 12.--The marriage of Miss Marie Perry of St. Lucas aud Carl Bergman of Aplington was held at the home of the officiating pastor, the Rev. F. W. Wendland of the First Evangelical church. They were attended by Miss Josephine Bergman and Ben Kneppe. Mr. and Mrs. Bergman will make their home on a farm near Buck Grove. He is also engaged in trucking. KBISTOFFESEN-WAIN NASHUA, Dec. 12.--The Rev. William Kent officiated at the mar- nage of Miss Helen Wain and John Henry Krlstoffesen, both of Berwin, 111. They were accompanied by the bride's .sister, .Mrs. Douglass E. Wahi; and husband of Charles City. Drastically Reduced for Immediate Clearance! Smart High-Type Fashions! Choicest Furs and Fabrics! · Superior Workmanship! · Bargains Without Equal! 3 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. Observance of Holiday at Meetings Study Clubs Go Social for Annual Christmas Parties. Christmas observance was the order of the day for a number of the study clubs which had meetings scheduled for Monday. Child Study club held its annual party for children Monday at the home of Mrs. Charles E. Cooper, 725 Hampshire avenue northeast. The program included devotatlons led by Mrs. Shadi'ach Morgan, current events, Mrs. A. M. Snug and Mrs. J. C. Johnson, Christmas carols, Mrs. W. L. Wanamak-cir and a reading by Miss Millicent Marsh. The committee in charge included Mrs. A. V. Clapper, Mrs. HaroJd Marshall and Mrs. R. J. Johnston and following the regular prom, entertainment was given by the children of the club members. There was a Christmas tree and Santa Glaus distributed gifts. Refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon. Guest Day Tea. Occident club members held a Christmas guest day tea Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. R. Dunlop, 120 Fifth street northwest, with Mrs. Myrtle Brooks, Mrs. Roy Cobb and Mrs. A. A. Felt as hostesses. Mrs. E. E. Hunter read a play, "Square Pegs." Monday club met with Mrs. R. F. Clough, 213 Tenth street northwest, Monday afternoon, Mrs. G. S. C. Andrick led the lesson on Christmas and nature poetry and Mrs. A. M. Avery spoke on Alaska. Continue Art Study. Maria Mitchell club meeting- was at the home of Mrs. W. P. Merkel, 69 River Heights drive, Monday, Miss Pamelia Fluent spoke on Velasquez" and Mrs. D. L. Mills discussed "Goya." U. G. L. club members met for luncheon Monday at the Cavern and later went to the home of Mrs. W. Earl Hall, 22 River heights. A Christmas grab bag was a feature of the afternoon. It was voted to donate $5 to the Christmas cheet fund and Christmas baskets were packed for needy families. Tho committee in charge included Mrs. B. B. BagJey, Mrs. H. E. Cunningham, Mrs. A. J. Feeney, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Roger Kirk and Mrs. A. H. Kohl. HELPING THE HOMEMAKER By MRS. ALEXANDER GEOBGE Christmas Candy Recipes Chocolate Fudge 3 cups sugar 1^4 cups milk 3 squares chocolate 3 tablespoons butter ',4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla ,i cup nuts, broken Mix sugar, milk, chocolate, butter and salt. Boil gently, stirring frequently, until soft ball forms when portion is poured slowly into cup of cold water. Remove at once from stove and let stand 25 minutes. (Do not move or stir the candy during this time.) Add vanilla and beat until candy is very thick. Add nuts. Shape Into balls or pour on to buttered dish or waxed paper. When firm cut into squares. As soon as candy is cold pack into air tight box. Divinity 2 cups sugar % cup corn syrup 1 cup boiling water 2 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla % cup nuta ',4 cup chopped (Jates % cup red cherries, candied Mix sugar, syrup and water. Boil gently without stirring until hard "click" ball forms when portion is tested in cup of cold water. Pour at once into beaten egg whites, beat until candy is cold and very stiff and has dull appearance. Add rest of ingredients and pour on to buttered dish. When, firm, cut into bars. Nut Crackle. 1 cup sugar 5 ,4 cup light corn syrup 1-3 cup dark brown mignr 3 tablespoons butter '/6 teaspoon salt % cup water 2-3 cups shelled roasted peanuts 'A cup cocoanut 'A teaspoon soda Mix sugar, syrup, brown sugar, butter, salt and water. Boil gently and without stirring until hard "click" ball forms when portion is poured into cold water. Add rest of Ingredients, mix well and pour at once on to buttered pan. Do not scrape pan. With back of knife, press candy down until very thin. Cool, break into pieces. __.;._ MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED TO COUPLES ALLISON, Dec. 12.--Marriage licenses were issued here to George Edward Rutter, 22, Dumont, and Elizabeth Mehmen, 16, Bristow; Henry Miller, 36, Hampton, and Leilah Evelyn Harris, 19, Sheffield. McMAHON-ROBINSON WESLEY, Doc. 12.--Miss Pearl Robinson, youngest daughter of Charles L. Robinson,' and Raymond McMahon of Algona, were married at the Baptist parsonage at Algona with the Rev. A. H. Heuscr officiating. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ray WooJdrldn-- ENDORSES SEAL SALE Edward A. Hayes, national commander of the American Legion, is shown in Legion headquarters, Indianapolis, signing his endorsement of the Christmas seal sale. The campaign is launched throughout the country on Thanksgiving day each year by the 2,OS4 affiliated tuberculosis associations. A campaign poster stands on the desk. Tips on Contract PSYCHIC DOUBLE FAILS By TOM ONE1L Some players with distributional but little high card strength are prone to double an opening bid for the purpose of misleading the partnership with · the better cards in the hope of preventing a game contract. Such a double is risky. It lays the doubler open to a double of himself or of his partner, who may be deceived. Also at times it will mark cards for the contracting side so that a contract succeeds which normally would fail. In illustration Is a hand which Mrs. Florence Osborn played at the Deschapelles club, New York: 4 J 8 5 2 + 0 - S O U T H + A 6 5 Z 410' 8 6 * » K J 7 2. » 3 + J 1 0 9 3 Mrs. Osborn, sitting North, opened the auction with one spade and East doubled. Lacking spades, East was prepared for any response West might make. Ie thought there were possibilities of scoring for his side If West should have strength and, at any rate, of hindering the opener. South redoubled, first because of his fit in spades. His singleton diamond and possibilities of the hearts and clubs; and second because he knew that East liked to make doubles without quick tricks. West bid one no trump, a bid which eventually proved the undoing of his partnership. Two diamonds was the real bid with his cards. The one no trump marked the spades. The singleton club mitigated against a good no trump contract. North passed in order to let South speak again as the redouble indicated willingness to do. East had to run to his diamonds. South then showed support for the opener's suit by bidding two spades. West assisted the diamonds to three, North said three spades East passed and South carried the spades to four, which West doubled. East- led the queen of hearts and the king was played from dummy. West refused to cover, hoping to block entrance to dummy. North played the 'eight-spot. From South the ten of spades was successfully finessed. A low club from South was followed by the queen West, king North and ace East. East led the ten of hearts, which was covered by the jack and ace. North played tho nine. West led a low spade, which. North had to take. North led a club which West Miffed. West then led a diamond only to find North with the ace. North put herself in dummy with a heart finessed against the king of spades, then dropped tho king will' the ace. The defending side mndo only one spade and the heart anc club aces. LAKSON-l'EAUSON GARNER, Dec. 12.--Clerk Elmer Raw issued a. marriage license lo Knuto A. Larson, Kanawha, and Mrs. Emma Pearson, Minnesota. ALBEE-SMITH EMMETSBUBG. Dec. 12.--W. T. Smith, 51, and Harie Albce. 26, both of Emmetsburg, have been issued a license to wed. JJevotlons to Ue Wednesday. WESLEY, Dec. 12.--Thirteen hours devotion will be held Wednesday at the St. Joseph's Catholic church, beginning with the exposition mass at 7 o'clock and closing in the evening with the procession, sermon and benediction at 8 o'clock. Question-Asking May Become Nuisance When Child Develops Habit By BROOKE PETEIIS CHUKCII. Question-asking, like everything ilse, may become a bad habit, and eventually a nuisance. Everyone knows the adult whose conversation*:! stock in trade is questions, which he firea at you in rapid succession, often not waiting to hear the answers, or even giving time, for any, anil smugly gratified at his outgoing .interest in other people. It ia really only on expression of self-consciousness, and is often a residue of childhood, when the bc.t way to, get and hold the center of the stage was to ask conscientious parents questions which they felt they must answer. There are questions and questions, some deserving consideration, and some merely put by way of making conversation and dragging back wandering attention to oneself. The child may start seriously with the wide-eyed inquiry, "Where is heaven?" Religious curiosity is one of the most striking features of early inquiry. From the theological discussion which ensues almost anything may evolve. An excellent solution of the problem, if the child is able to read, is to send him to the encyclopedia or dic- tionary for every question that has an answer. The effort involved for the child will soon make him think twice before he asks useless questions. Another solution is to turn the tables and nsk in sill innocence, "What do you think is the answer?" There is no reason for parents who have finished their formal schooling to be reduced to brain fag by daily examination from their children unless the queries are of vital importance and need special attention and thought which they are host able to give. Visits ut Newton. COR WITH--Mrs. Hary Brown, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Daggy of Humboldt to Newton, 111., Sunday to visit relatives. Christmas Decorations at Cresco Are Put Up CRESCO, Dec. 12.--Sponsored by the Community club and Kiwanis club streamers of evergreen and assorted colored electric lights liavo been stretched fi'om building 1 to building in several places along the principal business streets, with lighted live trees at each of the two corners of courthouse park fronting Elm street. Aro Parents of Son. SHEFFIELD--Mr. and Mrs. William Ammei'man are parents of a son horn Sunday. Sicily his increased greatly its orange shipments tills year. HERES WHY I HAVE H E R E S WHY WE HAVE SHORTER COLDS . . .VlCKS N/APORUB VICKS NOSE DROPS · (Pull details of Vicks Colds-Control Plan in each Vicks package) CONTROL OF COLDS Will Present "Messiah." INDIANOLA, Doc. 12.--The .student body of Simpson college under the direction of Dean Herbert A. Harvey of the conservatory of music and accompanied by the symphony orchestra will present Handel's oratorio, "The Messiah," on Sunday afternoon. If you can't come in phone 531 . . . . or write Miss Helen Abel Dull Chiffon Hosiery for Christmas Giving 79c Give her a box of 3 for ,$2.35 Not only are they exquisitely sheer . . . but also, they wear, in a truly wonderful way . . . and fit to perfection. T5ven in mid-depression March they would have been glorious values . . . the present Inflation makes them almost incredible at 7Bc . .. they'll make a gorgeous gift. ^.Wi/4, -^·-.rin^i, H A S O H C I T V I ' C H R I S T M A J STORE f a r M E N ABEL^lSdN INC A T NUMBER SEVEN1 S O U T H F E D E R A L If you ore nof quits sure what to give, then choose Hosiery! It is one gift women really need ond one thar will be joyously welcomed. Guaranteed first quality. Full Fashioned! Pure Si R e g u l a r $ 1 .00 V a l u e ! Woman's warm Felt Slippers In varieiyoftolorj. Women's All- rubber Gailors. A gift of health! V/omen's black j cropo slippors. C h i I d r c n' s S h e e p s k i n Bunny Slippers, Over 350 Stores 39 Years of Faithful S e r v i c e l 17 SOUTH FEDERAL AVB -- MASON CITY, IOWA I'hone 200 f»r Evening Appointment ''THE CHRISTMAS GIFT STORE Say with a Gift from Chapinan.s-- it will mean more! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG--IF YOU GIVE HER A STUDIO COUCH Clmpnums Imvo tlium In a great stnvk of colors and .styles--inndrrntisly priced. Every Girl Wishes for "A LANK" CEDAR CHEST WYCMJSIVK AT CHAI'MANS FINEST OF GIFTS A stylci for every h n m n ind all moderately priced PKACTICAI, I'LAVTIIfNOS FOR TIIK VOUN'aSTKKS FIKST STJIEKT S. B. MASON CITY

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