The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 8, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 8, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dailv Except Sunday Time, and New. Publishing Company W JULVERE HAFER, ' PH1UP B. BOtLE. Secretary and Treasurer. PrMfafeat PITCHER BENDER. How Athletics' Twirler Hold* Ball For His Famous Drop. PHILIP R. BISJ-.E, Editor 8 UBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 centa per momth. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cent»j)«_moBigi.__ RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 centa. pan ten dv« after your money is receivgd_at_Thg_Times OfSce. Kiur»d Aarost'-Wl904, at Gettysburg, Pal; as second-claw matter, umcer ·*TM _^~ .. i. _ x^ _ T( C-,-_--.l-» O l i ^ P H O N E ~ PHONE of'Centra Sgaire. Gettysburg. PAPER REPRESENTED FOR 'ADVERTISING BV THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES * Wamtad*. One cent per word each insertion- Two cents a -word if guaraated Crit'pag* positfoiT Eesdlution«-6f respect, poetry and memoruun. OM cent 'wdra. --~-~--- · * - " · * "' - : P«r TO OUR REAPERS - - , The Gettvsborg Times takes absolutely no part in polrtics, being neutrai on an lucnmkttersrAnvtbaiigtnat appears in our general news columns, concerning ·tmte or nationarpolifec, is furnished us by The American Press Association, s. foceern irtudiglYes tfe» same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, or - So'cialist patters and -svhich is strictly non-partisan- Oar advertising columns are opea to all cang^catejsjM_aU jpargci. NO TRESPASSING All persons are warned not to trespass on the premises of tV undersigned with "dog; grus or trap for the purpose of taking game In any manner; nor for fishinVjpr in any way injuring or destroying: property. All persons violating 7 the laws of the commonwealth with regard to trespassing: on lands of the undersigner will be dealt -vvitn under the provisions of the Ace of April 14. 1905?" "William Allison. Sara'l. Walters farm, Haniiltonban township. John'-D. JUley, S- 12, Gettysburg. Pa. .Cumberland Township. __ ilrs. J. JE."Hughes, Cumberlar-d Township. JrB. Wineman. Cumberland Township. Frank Mumoer,"R.^/Gettysburg. Pa. C. Jl'DeardorS, Orrtanna. Pa. Charles^Wagaman (DrfW- H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. FnTkime. Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. C-B- Shapi,.Straban"Jrownship, K- 7, Gett\-sburg. Pa. J. H.'ESm"(jTF-~Kuhn*Farm) K- '2, Ge'cn-sburg, Pa. Mt. Joy T\vp. Jacob ^FromEieyerj 'Straban Township. George E.'fiarman. JR." 6, Gettysburg. Pa. Butler Township. G'eorg^e'C. Shealer. Straban Tovmshrp. 3irsrMary~J."^[eikert, El 2, Ge'ttysburg-. Cumberland Township. J. H. Eex. Bps'oCE. 2l Biglervflle. Sirs. Matilda X.. Codori. Camberland Township. Samu'el Sobinsoh" JEL'l. Gett^-sburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot, Straban Township. --D. J Eeile. El"T£"Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. Leo Frpinineyer. Mt--Pleasanc Township. Martin Winter, ,Cainberland Township and Gettysburg. w7T.'l!iiehring-, SpBrTgE'Dam Farm. Cumberland Township. KobertE- Major." Straban Township. Jacob S. Pe'ters, Tyrone" Township, E. 3. Bsgler^-ille, Pa. John-W. Mcllhenny Farm E. 1, Gettysburg:. Straban To-.vnship. Charlw F. Eebeir£ Seven Stars. Pa. G. ~W. .Eldon. B^endersT.iile, Pa. George I- Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Hamer,"Greenmount, Pa- Harry .E. Shri\-er. Buder Township, E. 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert^ Butler Township, E. G, Gettysburg- Wfliiam _Coshdn: Saban Township. D. L. JacobsJ'E- 1, Biglerville. Pa. Butler Tov.-nship. Joseph B. Twining. U- 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Edward'A. Scott.r E- 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown. Highland Tov-Tiship- E. F. Biddle, ME. PJeasant Township. E- S, Getrj-sburg. Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. MAKOlRENCT PARTY MEASURE _ Senate Leaders to Bar RepuiH cans From Its Consideration, FiRST BOAT IN CANAL. Tug In Gatun Locks and Co!. Goethals, Builder of Canal- MAY TAKE IT IHTO CUUUS President Wilson Suggests t hat Mi-! Photos b;- .An'erie EPISCOPALIANS MEET IN NEW YORK General GopsniiQn Will Last Unii! Oo!o^8F 25, Xev.- York. Oct. S.--The forty-fourth PUBLIC f ALE OX FPJDiY, .OCTOBER lOtlu 391S, Ihe undera^ned -intending to Quit honsekeeping. will sell at Pnhhc Sale, a his residence 14.6 Cb.ambersburg street, lor"SoiteV, Brussells aad Homemade Carpets, Kugs. Dining Jtoom Purnlture, Tsfeles and-Chajp. new Steel Kantre. a lotofEtchen jEoThknte. Enterprise San- sage Grinder and Stmfor, in goo-3 order. Crocks". "Pans. Dishes. Queens and Crockery ware. H*es, Ttibs7~SackeTs. Glas? Sho\ eis. Jars, Eakes, Medical advertising DI-. ine. The sessions will last probably until Oct. 25, aad JIK elaborate program for each fiay has been arranged. Chief interest, ho\ve% er, centers" about the meetings of the house oi bishops and the house of deputies. The latter body will hold open sessions in the new Synod "Eall. This building, the gift ot the late J. P- ilcrgaa ana the late W. Bayard Cutting, is not yet completed, but it was formally received in behalf of the church by Bishop Greer la the presence "cf several distinguished clergymen and other invited gtiests. The convention was formally opened this Tnorning v.-ith the celeb ration of j holy communion, in. the cathedral." There was a procession ot bishops and. clergy antl an elaborate musical pro- grain- Most Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Turtle, bishop of iiissouri. and the presiding bishop of the caurch. was the cele- trant. Ke was assisted by Bishops Greer and Burch, of New York. The contention sermon was preached by Bishop "Lawrence, of Massachusetts. The music v.-as by the re; oral choir, under the direct Farrow. This evening there is to be a festival service in the cathedral, in which a choir of 3^0 voices, cc= Exposed of the choirs of the Cathsdrcl, Trinity, Grace and St. James churches and the Trla- j ity and St. Agnes chapels cf Trinity parish, will take part- nority Should Not Be Permitted tO| Obstruct Demccratic Program. Washington, Oct. S. -- Conferences] t between President Wilson and Deaio- | craiic leaders in the senate gave practical assurance that the cuneacy bill v.otJld L-e made a jiarsy measure, the Dcmoi-rnis of the senate cojaauiteej considering it separately, as "-as doaej in tbe bouse. j Uy such an arrasscemeat it is ex-! petted that ice aam::i5s:ra-ion blU, ;· mended to some ev. % ai, would receive a. vote of at least Z to -, or possibly 0 to I. Should it be impossible to obiain a majouty report fro:u ihe entire coui- mittoe it is proposed :o take the bill j irons the coiamiue" bj the party cau- j tus route' to the ;k.ur of she senate J :o press it for passage at the present · sessioa. ! President Wilson discussed the situation with Senator Clarke, president j pro te:r,. of the senate; Senator Kera,! the majority leader, and Senator James, iir-. Wilson told them the Re- pubiicdn minority should not be permitted to obstruct the Democratic program. The statement by Representative Gliss, chairman o: the house committee, attacking the attitude cf Senator! Hitchcock, and characterising the sen-[ ate hearings as a waste of time, it was said, would streng;hea the determination of some senate committee mem- nor:aat amenuments. n of tae committee, aad the majority whip, aiso conferred with the president. -T believe," said Owen, "that the SARECKY SAYS HE SIGNED CHECKS Takes Mi Blame For Sulzer's Campaign Funds. ALLAN RYAN AGAIN TESTIFIES PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of Mews Telling of the Happenings M and abiut TOWP People Visiting Here and Ttwse SojourninglElsewhere. phy ment. Albany, X. Y., Oct- 8.--Louis A. , reeky supplied tor Governor ! his impeachment trial a full j sweeping defense, daring which he left ' the witness stand to assume the role ! of "Jim the Penman." He wrote the governor's name four to prove that he, and not the, governor, had signed many oi thej cheek endorsements that" beset the i,aih oi tbe defense. Sareeky assumed responsibility for every material act relating to the ar- licles of impeachment which charge ... ., s the governor with making a-false ·^"l" j S { a t eEiea - of his campaign funds. Sa- ,^-Iiss Maggie Moriarty' left last evening to ^pend.a-weeK with'her sis. « ., ',v.'-^-!^-.^.. _.:.. -y ork oi East { Middle street, lias gone to South Am- '·· boy, X. J., to spend a'week with her SaUer~at daughter, Mrs. P. S. Miller. .Invitations have been received ! Swears Governor-Sought Aid of M*w-jter, Mrsl'AL'D.-Deiiunger, of i phy and Root to Stop Impeach. · ilrs. Charles ,11. .Wilson, -'^- 1 rethy s'.vore that the governor told \J£* I him it made no difference who signed the statement, so long as it complied] here to the marrige of Miss Mary Dunn Willing and Rev. Wm. 3. Miller, Jr., in Philadelphia on October 29. Mrs. J. Emory Cleveland has gone to York Hospital to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Mrs. \Y. L- Seabrooke and Miss Frances Seabrooke, of Westminster, Md., were guests to-day at the home of Mrs. Guyon 11. Buehler on Carlisle street. Mrs. B. F. Dull and family have returned to Chambersburg after visiting M ent e 1313. iy Americas Press Association. SAY TANGO SLAYER IS "PLAIN CRAZY with the !aw_"1 -.vent outside and worked on the statement for a day and. a half." Sa* | reeky testiSed, "and brought It to Gov:: i emor Sulzer. Ke signed it. and I took it to the notary aad he signeu it and mailed It to the secretary or state." Sareeky added that Salzer did not i read the statement aad had nothing to | do with his preparing it- Sareeky was I Governor Snlzer's private secretary Theocore. Jioman. _ __ Fif'ty six tickets were sold here this morning for the York fair. Mrs. Mae Berger, of Baltimore, has returned home after spending Tuesday with friends ia town. Eev. and Mrs. Charles Gardner, of West High street, have gone to Green- | tieutenast Commander Louis 31. Jo" ' " : sepathal. the "governor's" naval aide, I - ^ _ . » _ · .. ,,,,.,»,- -rt T.*!" 1-ncr or Clc*T- " to attend Conference. II. C- Lackcer and Arthur Schmitt Wholesale GcjKessjon of i(er is Laia to Daps, testiued that early in July last, at Get-, lysburg, ilrs. Sulzer told him. that the' 50u shares of Big Four and 200 of American Smelters lying in her husband's name la the brokerage bouse of j Harris Fuller were really her's and! I that Mr. Sufcer had been borrowing « money on them. A few minutes later ! the governor asked llr. Joseph'thal to ! pay 825,000 and take over the account, i v. hich was done. went; to New York City to-day to soend a few days. Mrs. Gtiinn. of Baiord street, went to York this afternoon for a visic of several weeks- COMING EVENTS currency bill should be made s. party. matter. I shall insist on a prompt report of this bill to the senate." He rkoagat 'hearings should be closed much before Oct. 2^. Levrls announced tbat Owea had in- litructed Iiinl~£6~keeir Democrats--te gether and that he would begin T?.-ork on tiie sitaatioa at oace, cancelling an aildress ae v.-as to make Thursday at Springfield. 111" Tiie senate currency hearings were resurned. with the ssefinite under- stanaing that thej wiil continue until Oct. 25, if important witnesses appear. * An attempt by Chicago, Oc-:. 8.--A speedy trial for j In relation to this testimony- it Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming .Weeks. Oct. 11--Annual Toptpn Orphani* Senator Owen to terminate tiie hearings Oct. IS had been defeated by his committee by a vote of six to four, in which Senators Reed and Hitchcock. Democrats, joined four Republican members, Senators Xelson, Weeks, Bristow and. Crawford, in* votinrr agarnst tae -u'nr cattie- hearings: whiie Senators Owen. Sh£ -onofMn^s r ? th - Hollis aad Po^srene voted x termination o Shat- for the murder ot Mrs. lliidred Ailisoc | should be remembered taat Rexroat on Sent. ±5 was promised to j night of the. Sulzer napeacn Henrv Snencer, whose confessions of the assembly }r rs . Sulzer told en tv.-enty ^curaers, woven by an opium i Palmer that she was to blame for the ciouded-oraln, dumfouaaed the police. " stock speculation charged against tae The authorities will" continue to :n- j governor; also that on the order -which. vesiisate His £antast:c~slor!es, in tae ! ilr. Josepinhal presented-£o Harris hon^oF e=tabiishmsr further facts con- ! Fuller for transfer of the account was cernW them. ' " j 'written "William Sulzer for Mrs. Sul- School excursion. - I Oct. IS--16--Lutheran West Pa. cern His admission of the Rexroat crime zer/ substantiated by evidence. He is j Herbert H. Eehman, of Xew York, is known to iiave committed the large number confessed to, and any or i treasurer or Governor Sulzer's cam- r cf burglaries he has j paign fund, testified he gave Sulzer a there is a. ocssibility i $5-.'00 in cash on Sept. 25, 1312, '-reitn- The" governor's proposed to SVTJ- od meeting. St. James church. Oct. 17--Concert, ilozarr Company Bma Chapel. Oct. 18--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers" Day. Oct. 21--Concert. Miss_DeYo and Mrs. Bayly. Presbyterian church. Oct. 31--Annual '[Hallowe'en Rum- mers" Parade, that he may have slain Mrs. Anabel | out any reservation." ^he" Wright iasL December. She was beaten.. attorneys^ declared they pi lias Benefited Thousands of Catarrh Sufferers--Will Do the Same for ' ' You or ^loney Back. The Hyomei treatment that has effective! v benefited many thousands of sufferers from catarrh, bronchitis. JLUOS, JOUCSKiS. waw -.Kile, v .i^Liiiiji i - , , , - - , , Machine and Wrmoer. Di--hi:: Iron", husKy voice ana coids in the head is Slattock and Pick, ^nd a g^eat many j easy anu plaesant 'to use. Just, pour a ctner articles notmennoDei. ** *r ~ * ** - -r-i ? t- Sale to commenceat 1 o'cock p.ia. ·nhen lerisswill be made knov\n by D- 5. COLE.MAIv. J- 31. Caldweli. Aact. P. A- Miller, Clerk. BiJKG JHAKKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse «- or - rectea daily by' C. 3IiltonWr.Ii, jr.. 6nc- 'cesdr to J . Geo. Wolf's Sons Co. XewI)rj Wheat ...... ar Cora ....-...-, ...... PerBn in--no stomach dossnjr- The heaiincr, soothing: and antiseptic air wiU reach evcrv rook and crevice of the raucous membrane of the nose a:id throat: will \ surely stop crusts in the nose, .raisinc: I of mucus, hawking: and that choked- · up feeling, It "will quickly aiiay the in| {lamination and banish the disease or {money refunded by People's Drue: Store. A complete Hyomei outfit, including inhaler and bottle of liquid, costs only Sl.OO. and an extra bottle of liquid, if aftcnvards needed, is but oO cents. Jo RETAIL PRICES Per 100 Badger Dairy Feed! S-1-S5 CoarseSprinTM Bran l^c Hand Packed Bran. SHERIFF'S SALE In Pursuance of a Writ of FIERI FACIAS, issuing out of the Court of Common Peas of Adams County, and iViiNE ^ERO CRITICALLY ILL Man Who Was Entombed Eight Days In Serious Conciticn. C-jatra::3. Fa.. Oct. S.-- With his feet sv,oi:en to t\vice thetr normal size, ia addition to an acwte attack of nervous- cess. fine to reaction following his en loznbment cf eight days. Thomas Tos- besky, who was* liberated from his un derjrrouad prison in the maicinotQ vein on th^ Continental colliery last Samr- G3T-*. is in a serious condition at his home. v.:ir. Dr. H. G- Former, who fed him through a tube at the mine, in at- j d^c'cr v-a-rsed bias taat if he s to d -3 uioMng a''O'-it: so Sitcn s^i son after Jus entombment rCijlifc wo"l'l perhaps occur. urdeatlf-with a hamnier by a man '.viio had rented _a room and robbed her. ' The remainder of Spencer's- "murders" are~belleved to be the dreams of a- man obsessed by that form of insanity known as "stir simple," a delusion described as penitentiary insan- " Mrs. Saraa Sehramm identified Spencer as the man who lodged at her Oct. IS. I house last winter and attacked her George H. Shibley. director of the! ^ita. a hammer. He was f right enert bureau of political research, renewed J away by the return his charge before the committee that the "frustocrats" had driven college rrofessors who "espouse the cause of tbe people" from their positions- Senator Weeks demanded tae names of professors v.ho raa been treated thus. "' "Profeitcr Edwara ~"vr.~Bemis. of Chicago university." replied Shibley, "v^-as discharged because he attacked the Chicago gas trust. John R- Coro- rnons. of Syracuse-Jwas discharged for ·-cling for TVT.Hain Jennings Bryan Tames A'ien of iiarietta, Ohio, ~'3s d r iisn from bis placs. ¥ 'The present president of the United States bad a narrow escape because he ntU orated tnc snort ballot. But he -or.tiniicd 2:1 th-2 service of the people --u r.ow has fii from sencoi oi ;. Sehramm's daughter. "Do you knoTv this woman?" Spencer was asked. "Her face is familiar." "Did you hit her on the head with a show that this was a. part of the mctiey Oie governor used in Wail street. Prior ^o this evidence Allan A- Ryan testified that Governor Salzer attempted to ger the Influence of Charles F. Murphy to stop the trial of his im- neachmeat. and ia return therefor said TAKEN TO HOSPITAL · ,,, f . V ^ - ' f c Jlount Joy Township ^Resident ,Goes. to """ " Hammer.' jier "What asked. -TSQ. 1937 Lincoln avenue." "Oh. yes, I remember: 1 hit her on the head with a. hammer. At this reply Mrs. Sehramm became hysterical aad bad to be given medical treatment. "he was willing to do whatever is right." according to the testimony of Allan A. Ryan at the trial. The testimony was given after the court, by a secret vote or 41 to 14, decided to admit it upon the record of Ryan's testimony Monday. This was that Governor Sulzer had asked him to see Senator Root and request hiic to induce State Chairman William Barnes to influence the Republican votes of the members of the court to address?" Spencer j declare the Impeachment proceedings illegal because they were, brought during an extraordinary session of the legislature. Ke said he did not atteinpi to see Mr. Rcot. The admission of this testimony EH Pltzer, of 3It- Joy township, was :aken to tbe -York Hospital on Tcesday rnorning' py Djr. Grouse for an operation for a form of kidney trouble. He will likely remain at the hospital .for several weeks. openec the doors to Ryan's story of para'ysis Sh-jtr. High Sc'rool. Laronia.' X. II.. Oct. S.--Ti-c school 1 or.rn h?": o"se«! She high school as no roFult oi death oj Burton K.irnham. fullback on the footlai: rTiTTi. from ;isfaj;:!io paralysis. Ttnrn- ham ^rs i'l j'-si one 'lay. J^oius'.i- Rye Chop 1-jO.sonal Property, viz: Baled straw *J 3 head of horses. 2 Plactex 5-7.50 per ion. ] V .-3£O2S. doubie-row Cement .. cows. :: hogs, 2\ corn worker.; \VEATHER EVERYWHERE. ··» E « at ^-If.^sy harness, C collars. 3 bridles. 2 hai- l21 ters. 2 manure forks. 2 pitch forks, | 13!single trees, double trees, set rake' "?2! harness, crow bar. com sheller. ^^If- ?a;ern 0212 DO hnterest in 12 acres com or. shock, {} half-interest :r. 14 acres wheat in! THE laXe Dr. C. M. Stock's - clerical |fTM ari5 - liaif-interest in 5_ tor.s hay Jibrary will be offered f ar,d sie in a TOO: eran Church. Gettysburg:, curing meeting of West Pennsylvania October IS-lotn.-advertisciiicr.t . doughtray. -- _____ j i o .. o r car p e -_ 5-gaj. coa ] O ]i cari- 3 sa } BUILDING: 30 x 36 for rent, two | irons, coal oil stove, ar.d all other per- stories, on Railroad street, near Read- ? or -^ 5 property belonging to said'ue- ing depot. Apply Holiing p er"s Produce house.--advertisemerfc FOR SALE: fine, fine, eight weeks old pigs, perfect health. Victor W. S. Duttera.--advertisement fendar.X. A reasonable credit will be given. Seixed and taken into execution as the property of Emory M. Frock, and to be sold by rae. G. R. THOMPSON, Sheriff. Sheriff 1 ? Office, Geltvslmnr, Pa., October lit, my. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken al S p. in. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Clov.dy- Albany Atlantic City Bcs;ou BaSaio Cnicago Xew Orleans Xew York Philadelphia St. Louis Washington GS 7** C'car. Ra:a. Clor.dy. R?.:r.. C^car. Rain. The Weather. Cloudy, probably rair:, today and tomorrow : ea?t v. TO ARREST 63JXJMGRESSMEN '-'·cusc Lcso'ers Think "Quorum" Csn EC Fcun-j Only si the Gall Game. WSSPIT;"^- Oct. S---With v.-arrants "·r :bcr arrest f si^iy-threc cOBgress- *K?H. cno'sgr i" complete a qtiorum in ·h" l"-^se for -ins:derati - n *f the v.r- gcm «ief.c*i' _· bill, sergeants at-arms j--»ar«e! t!:e f ?n~iiol. while the ho-Jse sct:3-"'l do»-n =;ie \\arrar.ts the "nr.13 grosi rtnKsj;^ "·'»' j"rii~ «: ;o ;.j dr. v.-alt. I,eatlers though: '"iild be served only at '? ia PMIadelnhia. ius chreat that a ma- »-,sc must be on hand so long as President . .._ .. insist on congress ·r FCS^'OTI. i:.« minority leader, Mr. " Effective Jnne 15, 1913.' _ WEBS -lAEILiffiJ E ML!AT 3:05 A-"ar. Dafly Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points- 10:35 A. M. Daily for Hagersiown, Wsvnesboro. GhambersDaTg,Han- cock, "Cumberland, Elkiiss and Points West-' 12:55 p, M. for York and Intermediate Points S:50 P. IVL Daily for Ballimore, Han- 1-.5S P- M. Daily except Sunday for B and H. Division Points to High-| field, also BTagersto-svn, Waynes- j boro, Chambersharg. STiippens- : berg and Hancock,Pittsb-argh and i sll points West. : Sunday Only. j 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York. * Baltimore and intermediate st=- '. the governor's alieged attempt to make peace with. Tammany Hall on the eve of his trial- Ryan said that Salzer asked him tc ! see Celaacey Xicoll. his father's attor- ne~, and request-him to see Charles F. over, ar.d Intermediate Points- "He wanted me." said tne w-tne; "ID nave Mr. Xicoll sway Mr. Murphy tf. endeavor "o call oft this Inguiry by gerunc: his following to vote that the assemMy'had no right to Impeach him. He said Mr. Nicoil could be the zrobetwean and thai he (Sulzer) was ready to d" whatever was right" ·"What did yon do in regard to seeing Delancey Xicoll?" asked Attorney Sianchneld. of counsel for the im peacnnier.t managers. "I told the governor/' replied tha --line?" 1 - "'hat I would see what I coalc do. ana went out into the country and Jxvajr was not cross-examined. Tbe defense then opened its case. .POSTMASTER KILLS ROBBER Stiiivvater, N. Y, Official Snoots Down Yeggmsn and Injures Anotner. Siiliwater. X. Y.. Oct. S- -- Frank Stunts, postmaster of this town, fought a'desperate pistol battle in the dark ·witifTwoVessm'ea, who had dynamited the postcSce safe, killed one of the men and "injured the other, who escaped. Stunts was not injured, .although ,lve shots were fired at him from a -Hstar.ce of less than twenty feet. Stnnis was awakened by a"inuSed ^xplosion- He hurried to the postoSc?. i short distance from his home. As qe nearea the building a bullet --his- -3ed past h;s ear. Stunts .fifed at a niaa iianain^ ia the shadow of the post- office. Tbe ir.ap groaned aad feil. The safe VIo~er inside the buildins "ishrt? to the ooar and blazed a^ay at jtaiits. St-rn's" first shot struck him .lown arid lulled him. After "a short "unnsa~ nanse -iih the rojnrcd man else latter made his escape. Militants Burn Two Houses. London. Oct. S--IT retaliation for 'he arrest of Ar.nSe Kenny and other ieaders r-.f th" militant sufCrsgetee-. ths Carson sq5:ad" of the Woen's Social -,nd Political Union byrne3 two largs houses at Bedford. The damage is es- :;mate3 at S3'V' r iO. Suffragette literature was found arounc 1 tbe ruins. Tbiriy-iwo Ccnreciicui Towns "Dry.'" ;\cw TTavpn. Conn- Oct. 5. -- The c-"^"'latifii o" T-Ionday's election on the liquor r, zesiion throngaout the state s=hov ct that of the forty-six ' "io'cd on the Issue thlrt?'- f.TO vofd t^ go "dry" "for the next twc year?. th:riecTi went "wet." while toe To:e in the to-vn of Stafford was z t ; e. The result was a gain of one tows tor the "v.ets." The chief surprise was he decisive ".Iry" victory In the ne-a OTvn of Bristol. The sheep Is just as efficient a manure spreader as lie is a manure maker. '·Kidnappsd" Girl Found. York, Pa, Oct. S.--Ellen StifHer, the nine-j ear-o'.d girl who, it was reported, had been Kidnapped on Monday, is safe :r. the hands of her grandparents at Sc:tzland, this county. The girl was taken to Sciztlar.d by her father, Clarence SUfiler, of Philadelphia. , Why are real friends like ghosts? They are often heard of, but seldom seen. The PaSSioil Play By Rev.G,M.Diffenderfer, Rev. G. M. DIffenderfer, of Carlisle, has consented "to deliver his noted lecture on the Passion Play in Thomas Hall, Blglerville, Thursday Evening, October 9th. Rev. Diffenderfer has witnessed this great presentation of the ute .ot Christ at Oberammergau, Bavaria, and his presentation is one or intense interest. t Chart at Thomas Bros, Store. Seats now on sale. Price 25 cents. 1EWSP4PERS

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