The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 8, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, October 8, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 292. Gettysburg, Pa-» Wednesday. October Slh, 1913. Price Tvo Cent*. FARMERS DAY PREMIUMS For" tady^biinging finest bouquet' of flowers--pair "Queen Quality" 'Shoes. For man bringing finest half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over" Shoes. For father whose sons total weight is the most, a "Lamson and Hubbard" Hat (Scales will be provided and weighing must be done at the store.) IN ADDITION to the above, we will give $25.00 worth of merchandise as premiums. Watch this space for further information. "Eckert's Store." '·On Thfjuare" STEP NEARER COUNTY POOR BUSY DAYS AT MINISTERS FAVOR LETTERS FROM DIRECTORS ACT! PLAYGROUNDS, LINCOLN HIGHWAY! COUNTY TOWNS AUTO ENGINE I Town CouncH Appoints a Committee! State Department of Health Objects | Extensive Grading Operaticn; for]Genera! Satisfaction ov.r Coast to j Correspondents send in Many Items to Confer with Fire Company; Committee about New Engine Interesting Meeting of Council. to Sewage Disposal Arrangement, at County Home. Most Put in New System } Another step forward I purchase ! paratus was toward the { Foot Ball and Base Bali Fields now in full swing. Skating Pond not yet a Sure Thing. Following their plan, to prevent, f ur- .,-'-' The extent of operations now Coast Highway through Gettys-j burg. Favorable Attitude of; Churchmen to the Idea. « of Interesting Mews from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. Th idea of constructing an iniorov- j Z, ^3C*\»1' . . V. " *-- -- -fc-- »,v -- -- , -- ~-~--v £ _ . . . _- . of additional 5re fighting ap-! taer objectionable conations at Rock ras taken bv the town council, j Cr£ek ' °" Account of the entrance into he Slate De- WALTER'S THEATRE MAUDE FEAIA" in KING KEXE'S DAUGHTER A poetic drama, from the Danish of Henrik lleri, produtx-d with a Tiianhonser cast. (IX TIIKE^ KEELS), Miss Maude Fealy, !he Broadway and Xational Stock Favorite. See her tonight. Oar fourth reel mil be OUR BABY imp Educational Showing how the Hide ones are cared for. WILLS MDSICAL COMEDY COMPANY Pre^nts Toaisht ! SOPO^"*-^1 -* *·" «u-i*..~ r-- -- - -- -- _ --·, * f-. -, 1 t- 3 -! committee from the fire company ar.d j Countyto mase some eisposai 01 to make a report of their recommenda-! see nith irom t.iat institution. jtions at the next regular meeting of; For m f n - v :^ s ^ G *-;;;;* J 5 ^ i council. l?' 2 ?"^" ^ ^ "7 ' -. """"-" "'^i ^ :i A representative of the American I ·"·*« KoCiC Creek as lcs °- l '«- i "' B ' M I^F^nce^i-e Engi"e Companv was v;ilh tfce « w «'s sewage and other iprcVent to advance the respecti^ mer- i drainage, has made an almost -a- its of two automobile fire eng Council took to the fo«r cylinder progress at the Kurtz Playgrounds ed highway from Ihe Adaatic to the AREXDTSVILLE ArendtsvIISe--The heavy downpour can only be realized Dv a visit to that |Pacific as an enduring memorial to I of rain we had last Wednesday washed favorably! the newly seeded grain fields and the at work O" various tort:ons \vaue ' *-** i " i " c -" v: " ~ J -- "-· *- i.u";«^i v^ it -i^-ioj ~~* \ery oac.y. smal' catties of children rr.av be seen.! of the Episcopal. Congregational and i Charles Biocher and wife, of Littles- place where several squads of men are j Abraham Lincoln has been favorably j t at work or. various oortlons while ocnimer.ted on by a number of leaders j r after school hours, playing on other A laughable Military Comedy, a iaugh from start to ilnish. 5 pvcially for this number. Good Singing gnu Dancia; An Entire Change of Program DOORS OPEN 7 o'clock Show Starts 7.^0 Children lOc. ADMISSION ·town council received P H O T O P L A Y SELIG OX HER TVEDDEXG DAY ESSAXAY Lubia Believing that his wife, v: as drovced in a shipwreck, he af:er year?. *:ecoines en- caged, to another girl. However the wife was not dead and only found bitu by seeing the announcement of bis wedding Lu the patjeiS- MADE A COWARD - . " Seiig a searching ricii an«l after tee vrll now deeiae between these and r -TM'-* °TMn system, runmng ;rom tne the oiber machines on the market and County Home to a point beyond the ?est house, about five hundred feet in length, to end with a large cess pool. then -epon: to council. It is understood that council will not authorize other religious denominations. town, and Luther Slagle, of Philadel- ^a«s o ? the fact. I ^ n a e - ier '° --- %~ Pardirsgiori. vice- j phia, were recent guests in the home TVs week the foundation of the 1 president of the Lincoln Highway', of Mrs. Lizzie J. Raffensperger in this c -i-e-t= --er= houe wi'l be commenced!Association, some of the pastors have; place. and it is the purpose of the contractor [declared their willingness to on Sun- j Miss Yida E. Koser is attending Irv- to get the residence as far under way jeay, Xov-mber 2, use "the life of Ab- j l'-'-S College at Meehanksburg. this fall as possible. The necessary ex- j rt-ham Lincoln as a text for their ser- | -Mrs. Charles Coe and son, Robert, cavation was completed recently ar.dpions. There is to be a dedication ce!e-?of Chambershurg, are visiting in the ih» ^we'l'n"- is to'l-e located close to ["oration Ir. almost every city on the j homes of William H. Coe and Milton the lane at the southwest corner of the j route of the Lincoln Highway on Fri- , Jacobs. i day evening. October 31 which will { Hon. George Trostel and wife were The grading for the foot bai! field j make these sermons particularly ap- j recent visitors ir. the home of Hiram has proved to°be a big task. Deep cuts j propriate. j W. Trostel^and wife, and laro-e fills have been recjuired to i Among the expressions as to Abra- -, Thomas Z. Plank and his aunt, Mrs. bring the land to the proper grade and ! ham Lincoln received by Mr. Parding-1 A. R. Golden, and her two sons! that\-ork. while well on now, is go- j'ton. is one from Rev. Xeweil Dwight; George and Edward, of Pittsburgh, to take several weeks to comolete. i KiHis. of Plymouth Church. Brooklyn, j who were recent visitors in the homes the wchase of an automobile engine, On Tuesday S. Miley Miller, made the to cost SSOOO or more, without hail of I necessary surveys and., after the plar.s the amount first being raised by popular subscription. The committee from the town coua- completed, they will be submitted ·;o the State Department of Health for their approval or for suggestions as to A story of a mine discovery in the ive=t. Two partners set out on expedition, one is overcome and Ls left to die. The other strikes it rid many years finds his and sbares UD %\ ith him. A FLfJRRY IX DIAMOXD3- cil consists of Messrs, -iroscel. Keith | necessary change. Tse system is ex- and Butt. The committee from the fire i ^ected to be racher expensive though company is Dr. Henry Stewart, j ' Izzy"' Bernstein is sellinsr patent medicine and sivin^ a diamond with each Charles H. Wilson, Frank B. Slonak- Essanay" Comedy j er, William B. Flemming. and George iot- The ground from the cuts is being used who delivered an address here during of Daniel Arendc and George G. ac the nils but always the surface soil i ~ n -e r.-.tietn anniversary and :s removed first and then held to com- j writes: olete the nil and to give the best pos- [ who", Plank and others here, have returned to their homes again. "Be the reasons what they may, j Mrs. A. Laura Pettis spent several bottle. When the"'Jays' 1 discover what his diamonds are they ducking. iive liliz a good AUTUMN HUNTING A. McCieilan- Tarvia Collections The borough treasurer was instructed to make collections of all subscriptions for tarvia and oil treat-nGnt 01 i the streets of town by soliciting per_ , . . Ssoiallv 'the subscribers and. whei J: or new styles IE suits ana over-coats I " - A -',,-·- -,,;-- t J . . · n-s-5-miSirc ^TP- TP^n^PO. THS-T. =;UlL^ L has began now. but the man -a ho fortunate enough to be a patron of The Quality f-hop kno^s that I e need HOE seek any further. Our handsome and elfegant fabrics are awaitinz your choice and our Tyle^are np-:o-the-in:nute and we suits De payments are refused, entered for-their collection. "W. T. Ziegler appeared before cour.- cil to protest "against the -water from the land north of'the Philadelphia ar.d- fic'acd Snish your o-jtnt in a manner Readiag- railroad being allowed' to at can only be done when you have it j fiood his building in the rear of Wash- mace by Will M. Selligman, Cash Tailor. formerly novr oc- · cupied by "3. 1. Maring and. at the time of hea-ev rains, is Hooded -^ith cost has not yet been ascertained. Inspections have been mace of a number of almshooses in this general! ln **_ .-icinity but no official visit has been ·nade to the local Institution for a general inspection. sible prospect for earJy sod. The foot ball gridiron and base ball diamonds will be at the same general location, as the two sports "do not conflict with each other in time. when the ±iuler of Nations wishes to = days in Philadelphia lasc week. Secure a forward movement of society [ Philip Hartzeil, tenant on Mrs. S. He has passed by the king's palace in. O. Reed's farm, was the nrs"c to have favor of the poor man's house. When; a ioad of new corn weighed on the God wished a father for the bondsman.'. Arendtsville hav scales. The cuestion of a skating and bath- j He wen'c to a log cabin in Kentucky. The frequent rains we had during undecided. The ("Calling to His side Heaven's favorite the last few weeks have revived small stream j angel--the Angel of Suffering--He! pasture fields very much. the springs which feed the running through the tract will have to j laid the poor man's child in the arms j be tes'.ed befo're a definite decision on of the Angel and. whispering. 'Oh. Sorrow, thou best-loved child of Heav- There Are many convincing arguments that might be presented as to the superiority of Lippy Made Clothes but we know of none so conclusive as the refined appearance of the clothe^ themselves. There is beautv ia everv line and Gualitv in every stitch and fibre. " ~ J. D. Lippy Tailor "We have a special fine line of the Anderson rain coats ! several inches of water. Mr. Ziegler ·i claimed this vras doe to council raising ' the alley after Ms building- was constructed- The highway committee- was given the complaint with instructions i Shepard. last BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan "Valley --Messrs. Ealph Van Gilder and Harry Xicodemus from Waynesboro. by automo- on Saturday on 2. short visit- Mr- and Mi 3- -T- G. Anthonj". of Biandburg. visited 'relatives and friends in the valley for a ind in Gettysburg, before leaving for Philadelphia- Mrs. Ralph Van Gilder will visit her mother. Mrs. Annie Shorb. for a lew Treeics. Mr- and Mrs. Harry Xicodemns. o£ Waynesboro. visited their aunt, Mrs. Annie Shorb. on Sunday. 3Irs. Elizabeth ?-IcCIeary spent a short time with her mother. Mrs. Eilen that the skating pond will come.even if there is not sufficient water to con- rear him for ile. and make him great, j on Sunday, October 19. Preparatory struct a dam deep enough for baxa-ng purposes. The popularity of the playground, even in its primitive; stage o; development, is a strong indication of the hap* CS L _* l:lu Lpiness it will give Gettysburg's young --^"V f*2."V c ~ I TM - - I T ". _- ~. neople ai'cer everytnmg is completed. en and earth, take thou this child and EAST BERLIN East Berlin--Reformed Communion in the local church will be celebrated I Candies- to investigate and to report at the ! next regular meeting of council. Officer Complains Ofacer Emmons appeared before council to complain of insults alleged | to be offered him by college students tand -Q-Esk--for--further instructions I from council relative to stopping sta- jdent parades, Mr. Smmons calling at- · tention to the Burgess" repudiating his j--ilr. Emmons'--action of last Friday night. The officer was told that he was entirely under the direction of the Burgess and that council could not I give him orders, but that they were of 'the opinion student parades did no harm so lor.g- as they ~ere conductec in a reasonable manner and at a reas- The popular brands in winch you have the assur- = jonabie hour, ihey suggested that, | ance of q a l i t y . | Whitmans - - - Belle Mead Sweets j 1 Uggets - - · Huylers | E Always Fsesh | People's and Hubers' | Drug Stores I REXALL and A. D. S. ^Stores. S _ j the fntnre, if the officer feels he has ] sunicient cause to arrest on Icf disorderlv conduct, that a cr.arge he make j such arrest. It was stated that no per= j mit was required to hold a parade. H 1 Board of Health = ] A recent Act of Assembly places the = i appointment of all boards of health ^ j in the haTids of the president of the = ] town council. President Trostel re-ap- these Mark = } pointed the present; board for = | terms. C. W. Myers -5 years, F- Miss Sara Stable visited her sister. Mrs. H- -J- Brinkerhorf. last Thursday, "n Gettysburg. Mrs, Abner Kuhr: spent Sunday at :he home of John F. Cole, Wesley Oyler ana family spent Sunday in the mo-ntair.. Sanmel K. Irvin was a visitor to Chambersburg' on Saturday r also 3Irs. Albert Cole and dauschter. Miss Ruth. Plant his path '{.hick with thorns, cut I services Saturday evening preceding, his little feet with sharp rocks, load j At the sale of Mrs. Mary Ditmar on. his young back with heavy burdens.! Saturday a grandfather's clock was pull out of his arms everything he ; sold for SIOO and small pitcher for loves, break his heart a thousand J So. Linen sheets were sold for So and . times, like a--box. cf alabaster -o:nt-;$6.-These-articles were nlh ever"-one" ment, and when he is strong by bur-' hundred years old. den-bearir.g, sympathetic through SUIT- j Edward Stambaugh had the misfor- ering to the sigh of any black child, · tune to have a heavy crow-bar fall on when every f ootorint up the hill of his great toe and badly bruise that VIRGINIA MILLS Vrrgiraa Mills--Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Benchoff and children. Mae and Glenn, j Difficulty has been made crimson with _ member. of near Fountain Dale. Stindayed with her father, James Mickley. of this place- Mr, and Mrs. Harry Mrs.! his blood, bring him back to the throne! Charles L-efever,. near town, fell and with him there shall be emanci-jfrom an apple tree and broke his left pated three million slaves. 1 jarm. "That is hov.- che great God made The typhoid fever cases are all im-John Sites and Mrs. William Kepner. j Abraham Lincoln to be the greatest · proving and no new cases have devel- all of this place, were Sunday visitors a: the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey i Stayley, of Xew Baltimore. Z\Ir. and Mrs. John Kepner, of this olace. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs- William S'coops. of Mt. Pleasant. Messrs. Maurice Lightner and Fred Xintie were visitors at the home 63 OX EXCURSION Local People Go to Philadelphia Base Bali Excursion. on man in the history of the republic."' Writing on the Lincoln Highway oped. Curtis Bntt. employed by the Indian Rev. S. Parkes Cadrnan D. D. of Cen- i ReSning company in their office at Le- trai Congregational Church, Brooklyn, j moyne. visited his parents in town {over Sunday. Guy Philips and Mervin Kaufman, savs: "ihe Lincoln Highway would be i novel memorial of our great President | °*nce assistants in York, visited their f sand one which adds to ail its other ex- i r e*P ( j respective parents on Sunday- Mr, and Mrs- -John Kint, of near Get-.ce:!enc!es~the peculiar merit of a high|~^ r - anf - i 3Irsr- -W_- A. Sinnei~ and^ degree of usefulness for the traveling' daughter, Kathryn, of Mulberry, visi't- rysburg. Hiram Shind'edecker. of near Gettysburg, spent Sunday with his broth- public. Such a road, traversing the \ e ^ 2C the home of J. H- Sinner on Sun- continent, would become as famous as I c;a i"- er. William Shindledecker. Miss Goldie Currens and sister. El- in Europe and da. stent Sunday evening with Misses Frances and Beatrice Mickley. the great avenues built by the Romans j Dr - Eugene E:gin and James Myers i r ; visited Dr. Elgin's mother at Brunswick. Md.. oa Sundav. in would my the jucgir-ent transcendent l name and works of Lincoln beyord any Sixty eight tickets were sold this aioming- for the excursion to the 7orld Series base ball game in Philadelphia. Among these whe went from .own were. A- B. Plank and w ind Mrs. Allen Holtzworth. -John Wis- yczkey. Daniel Sxelly -Jr., Charles Kimple. Iilalilon Harrzell, R. ~K. Maj- 3r, Wllliarii AUisor.. Harry Gulp, CE. Barbehenn, -John McDonnell. Luther McDonnell. Mr. and Mrs. "William Ar- ·nor. Harry Wentz. Horace Sniiley. Sari Deitrick. P. W. Stallsmith. Harry Holtzworth. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Had- 1 son, Mr. ar.d Mrs. P. S. Tate. S- M. Bushman. Misses Daisy Went;: and Itie trip was in the doctors new automobile. The following: were Sunday visitors j building, or marble eSgy. indeed be- j Jo " nri Tschop, of Florida, is spending at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James j yond all else except his impress on the j soni e time with his parents, Mr. and Carrcr.s ar.d family. Mrs- Mervin Kep-j actual history of the nations." ner and cailcren. Ivy and Ruby. Mrs. | ' THERE EVERY DAY i Mrs. George Tschon. James Kint and children. Arthur and | 1 ,"'" Leroy. of Mt. Pleasant: Mrs. Margaret ] """ and children. Madeline and! IRON SPREvGS Springs--Weeping = 'Bream 4 years, ti- B. Bender 3 years. iJL i Dr. He-ry Stewart 2 years. Dr" -J- P. Margaret Giililand. THATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and will split the air to beat the clock in my automobile to eis-v o-rrv"v T\ XT- t_». n TVD T-ITTT^COTM I rice sent bv the town councii ordering' save your SICK STOCK. Day or Night call DR. HUDSON aement £ ui3t A Ms r o e r t 0 ; ! Dalbey I year. Appoincraents in the ; ] future will all be inade for five years. 1 . Pavements i A commuiiication was received S from J- H. Collifxower relative to no- OLD FASHIOND MOLASSES TAFFY ^ Howard street-He asked whether pave- j ments ~ere being ordered at other i places as unimportant. Following the Almond TaSy, 40 cents !b. ; Butteraut, Taffy, -50 cents lb., Peanut Taffy, 20 Dreading of the communication a morion cents lb., Peanut Brittle. 10 cents lb.. Ice Cream "Taffies. 10 cents Ifa.--Fresh j-was passed Instructing the highway _ ., . ; committee to nroceed at once to lav i Dail- at. v -, - : . A - ' GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN l ?aveinent lnQuesn ° n anG "° cftw -,--esn the Zinn rov,- ar.d his properties. Council authorized the building- of a uniform concrete curb irom the Zinn ro\v to Steir.vrehr avenue and instructed the Secretary to send notices to oroperty ovmers cor^cemed to pat. aovra suitable walks until permanent Ruth. Mrs. Dora Xintie ar.d daughter, i Pupils Perfect in ·ir.:r First 3Ionth. i Iron Springs--Weeping- \\iiIoTv Attendance i schoo! - of Hamikonban township, has Kuth. Mrs. William Shinciedeeker and : children. Maurice and Llovd. Mrs. _ - 3Irs . Jenaie Da ^ v£i . |ir,.ernieaiate School were penect m beon closed this week until Monday _ he I"'.h. on account of scarlet fever. The following- pupils of Biglerville! Miss Zeiia Currens is the teacher. Miss * i lt. and Miss Daisy Currer.s- 7 Currens Is now spending the week at J her home at Mt- Hope. " ' October 4th. The'ma S'aybaucrh. Rose j -"^ v er;.- pretty vredding- was soletn- 3Ir. and Mrs. -Jajres K:r.t ano CHIIG- Stonesifer. Xettie Shelter. Mary Stov-' n:zed at the home of Mr. and Mrs, G- Gladhili on September 25th. uassed throug t s place on su were penect the month in at-' Chambersburg: Mrs. Henry Glachfli ending ] 2 ' 3 daughter. Arr.anda, and little son, Mrs. Albert Sauff- DQXT ir.fss the lecture by P.ev. Dr. j pavements can be built- The usual one- FOR SAL^: seventeen snares third of the cost of curbs is to be borne Citizens i rust Company - j the cost of the pavement to the owner RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT. of the property. T. P. Turner asked that the town FOR SA.LE--^124 acres near Diehl's Mill, school, blacksmith shop, excel- j lent frui'c land, IS acres oak timber, lots of locust, well fenced, frae- room ;- · council arrange with the Western stone-house, kitchen and yland railroad so that there may house, bank barn 72 x 44, new' -wagon shed ibe an exit to the yard of the Lighting ^.luiic jiwuat, *^.i«*v»is-i» *.*.,» '·--- F - j ^ : . ^, ^f and all other necessary outbuildings, running _water piped to well j Company plant after he builds pave! ment on Railroad street. Referred to ... sammeT house", public road. You~can buy this good'farni lor S4500. j 9"* acres rolling land, 15 acres pasture, 4 acres good timber, some iruit, "'."' ... 7 room brick housed Iarg4 attic and cellar, good well and cistern at house, | highway committee, summer house, porches, bank barn. 2 corn cribs and wagon shed, hog pen [_ Joseph Matthews appeared to cement floors, well, in feeding erary of barn, near ban, buiM.ngs all j pome rc]5cf on accounfc of ]ack o f . , - , . . condition This farm is listed at S3800 and is worth the price. ask pave- foor c o n t o n s arm s ise a . , . KUNK PECKMAX, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. jmcnts on South T\ ashmgton street be- by the property Several citizens on East Water street asked that pavement be ordered at the W. L. Hafer ~oz on that street. Xouce was ordered sent- Martin Winter sent a letter calling attention to the dar.trerous condition of the pavement at the Jacobs property :n Chamber sou rsr s:reet on accounz of a change in grade at the Plank property adjoining. Seventeen citizens sent a petition to pavements corner of York and Straiten streets. The usual pavement notice was ordered sent for cavemen t on the Yoik street side. council asking for better at the Spalding property, at Tiroes Office.--a«ve: tsse " forget the bier s-iulc s Hanover on Friday. Forbes ar.d ey,--advertisement 1 -]M:lcred Roth. Xetiie Earfensperger. I Sanatorium: Mrs. Harvey Pryor. of ,*;Lsura Stonesifer. Margaret Ge"Ier.' Cascade, Md.; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. " ! '"" ' Dale Fohl. iiussc-:l Sior.ecifer. C:a:r j GladhilL Mrs. Koffmars, Mrs. Ber.nect, ] Lauver. W:!Mar-. Drawbaugh, Ray | Da-.iel Woodrir.g:, ?.Irs. Elmer Car. |Oyler, Euerene Bowers. Claude Miller. 1-^ugh, Mary Gladhi:-, Lo:;:e Car- Art ; :ur R Larv , Robert Ge:tier . Harold lavba _ h ^ f Irrv Drawba=;fh . " XOTICE: Gottlieb's shoe repair! LEWIS E. Kirssin's stAre win be shop v.tll be c"o.«eu from baugh. and E^v.Giadhiii-. · Springs. of Iron Thi:rsdavSat c".o?ed Saturday until 7 ?. M., because ! e\enir.jr «-.tu Xor.uay, of holiday.--advertisement. 1 {coar.t of ho'.iddys.--adxcniscmenc PUBLIC SAL£- of horses and colis Biglcrvi'.Ie, Thursday October 10. ac- ! See ad on another page, Forbes and 1 1 Forney.--advertisement; BIGLERV1LLE lecture course chart I DOXT forget the sale of horses ar.d opens Tuesday, October 7. at Thomas' colts at Bigierulle on Thursday.--ad- Brothers" store for three days to those holding season tickets. Open for single ticket?, Friday. October 10, for concert by Boston Lyrics on Friday. % ertisement. FOR SALE: reed bain- coach, good 25 rsien wantea, ar once, to pacK apples in the Stover orchards. Apply at Rice Produce Co.. BIglerville.--adver- tisement 1 WOMEX and girls wanted. Orrtan- condition. Inquiie 110 West Midillsjna Canning October 17.--advertisement 1 | street.--advei cisemcnt j ment Company.--advertise- 1 KWSPAPLRl

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