The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 7, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 7, 1913
Page 4
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THE '·,»' W. LA.VCRE HAFEE, £«cretarv and Treasurer. ; Published Daily Except Sunday · T!»«. and New. r«bU.hiii«,Compy ' ~ PHILffi R. BJKLE, Editor",- RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. days sf«r your money is received at The runes unice. __ 15, 1904, t"Getrysbarg, Pa., as- secojid-claM matter,, uader - -* Congress' March. 3, 1879." , - «S«r of Ceatr. Sooaffc UNITED PHONE '"!S PAPER REPRESENTED "FOR x ADY3STJSING BY THE GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGC BRANCHES 'Si A t i ''*»£_ -rt-'vC'»-" a v C:: .SULZER'S DEFENSE OPENS Lawyer Says Evidence Does Not Support Charges. OPPONENTS SPRIN6 SURPRISE ALLAN A. RYAN. ncser*- SOP Says He Gave Sulzsr $10.000. POLICE DOUBT MURDER TALE Medical advertising word- One cent per -word each insertion- Two cents a word if guaramted poriiioi lesobmons of respect," poetry and memorials' oat cent TO" OUR READERS --· - absolutelv no Dare in politics, being neutral om an aauears in oiir general news columns, concerning nnTicT-eui i; bv T«e Aiae^ican Press Association, a ^^v£^^e^^^£u*n^e*o^iic, Prohibition, or - -- · '--Social?^ psTjefs~and Trhich is strictly non-parusan. Onr advertising columns are open to all candidates of au partlca.^^^ Allan Ryin Testifies He Gave $10,000; and 'Suizer Sought Aid of Barnes to i t ! j Halt impeachment. J ' 4Jbany, X. Y, Oct. T.--Harvey D. j Hiaman in s. lengsay address opened j Governor Sulzer's defense before the court of impeachment. He devoted cons!oerab!e time to the power si im- oeac-araent. He auackea the ineSi- cieney of the eiidence osered by ihe« prosecsuion. He said there was not a { particle of evidence :o support the articles 01 ioipeachment. The ·Kch itat« or nati NQ TRESPASSING All perso:ns~arVwarned not to trespass on the premises npH -mth AQF- siin'or trap for the purpose of taking gam of the tinder- game In any manner; rio- t S-as nothing to show that Salzer had been made the trustee of these fundsr The case was novel, Mr. Hinmau said, inasmuch as it was not charged that Suizer had used any money to bring about, iiis election corrupily. The prosecution sprung a surprise _ on the defense by asking the court for permission 10 reopen its case and present more testimony. Believe i S i Chicago Detectives Spencer Exaggerates Grimes, ttaiCoilit PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and I atait few* Pcoplc'^isiting Here and Those Sojournin§'Elsewhere. {judge Barhcrst was Relieved of Kheu-j j mallsm "AfteF'Doctors Failed.' · j If you have tried many other reirie- i Idles and doctors' treatments for Rheu-! I matism and found they failed, do not j |he skeptical about trying" JRELEU3IA- ; HEW CflNFESSIOKillrLSL^fo^^raliefaf---^! ^.J-M^oweh^one to Xe .'* - -j "After treatment by three Tdoctors i York City' where she^yrill spend some - 'without result, I have been? cured of *a |t[nie"with3her{so^,jtoeVt JR. Rowe. |\ery bad case of She'unia'tism by iisfngf [ p " v-,, Wvron of CWest Kirfi street Bluebeard Declares He "Killed So lwo 'bottles of RHEDMA. - It is now! Kusse.l I.axton.pi,\v*st ijignstree., ; t-,vo vears since I used the remedy, and j went to lork Many I Cannot Robbery Was His Motive. Chicago^ Oct. 7j -- "While the poli are convinced that Harry Spencer i guilty of many murders besides that ol| I Mrs. Xildren Allison Kexroat, theyj | \vere forced to conclude that his stat INDEPENDENTS GUT PRICES OF STEEL PARISIAN SAGE " FOR THE HAIR Spencer is .audictesJ to tae opium' If ^ our J^TT ? loir, a symptom of v.-bich is S r °-! , es ^_l t j 1 i I1 _srrI: -*- _ . . . - r t . .. - - . _ A _ r . n rr^» 5 »^**~ -- ment of murdering iwenty-Sve persons is an exaggeration. morning r to spend Cox," of Baltimore visitor to-day. Mrs. Mae Berger, of Baltimore, sis spending some time with friends in ; town. · Mrs. J. B. Baker and 'children, " of *, York street, have gone to Lancaster to babit, Some years ago» prison hinr as menially defective ^« frosi|J, a ;, g oslbly beautiful-- soft is too itringy- ·--at once. . . . r cleanses the hair : ^ ilbamsporc tnas week. excessive oils/removes dar-d- j Mrs. William P. Jones has returned and makes the} to her home in York, after spending a 2 u 5 y v . - e e k with relatives in Gettysburg. returned trip 3305. Mrs. J. ET Hughes. ^ Cumberland Township. D. B. Wineman. Cumberland Township. Frank'5fujnper."'K- 1- Gettysburg,. Pa. C.'J- Deardorff. Orrtanna, Pa., CharlesT'Wagapan Or. ~W. H. O'Neal Farm) Kamiltonban Township. F. L. Eihie^ Butler Township! Biglerviile, Pa. C B. Shank^Straban Townsnio, S. 7. Gettysburg.. Pa. J.H- Euhn r (J-T. Kuhn Farm),K- 2. Gettysburg. Pa. Mu. Joy Two. Jacob Prommever, Straban Township. GeorgeT."Harhian. E. 6. Gettysburg. Pa. Bntler Township. George CVShealer, Straban Township. Mrs. Marv j! Weikert. E. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township. * J. H-JRex, Box 50.. E. 2. Biglervflle. Mrs. Matilda L. Cocori, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson. R: 1. Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Township. J."K Toot. Straban Township. i). J Rene. E."12. Gettysburg, Pa.. Cumberland Township. Lgo Frommeyer, Mr. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter. Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. ^ W. T. 3Iehring. Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Eobert K. Major. Srraban Township- Jacob S'.'Petefs. Tyrone Township. E. 3. Biglerville. Pa. Jolui W. U'dlhenny'Farm TL 1, Gettysburg. Straban Township. Charles F. Eebert. Seven Stars. Pa. G. W. Eldon. Bendersyille. Pa- George D. Thomas, Chambersburg^Pike. Eobert Harner. Greenmount, Pa. Harry.E.-Shrri-er.-Butler Township. R-. 6. Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert. Butler Township." R- 6, Gettysburg. "William Cbshun," Straban Township. D- I_ Jacobs. B. 1. Bjglerville. Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining. E. 12. Gettysburg. Pa. Edward A. Scott. R. 4. Gettysburg. Freedom Township. J. i. Brown, Highland Township. R. F. Biddle. Mt-Tleasant Township. E. S. Gettysburg. Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. 01 Harvey D. Hinniaa, opening tiie case for the defense, would be the nrs- aroceediiil?, but this was upset when" Presiding Judge Cullen granted ;he motion of the prosecution, despite the protest of Governor Sulzer's counsel. In the new evidence oirered by the prosecution another- unreported eom- New Tariff is Bejieved lo Be potnts". while not absolutely disproving Square over .. ... spencer's statements, inu-cuted thacij Store" on second floor, every i Eas v,-as little likelihood that they tliere were true. An investigation which will require some time will be necessary, it is said, 3Irs Edward s 3Iidd!e street, announce the Swope, , 01 ar- Wednesday .afternoon from j r ; V ai of a baby daughter. Xew York, Oct. 7.--According to reports in the financial district independent steel and iron manufacturers are -;»^«on - .»* --»»j SSLSS SSK, i/S n, the financier, last October. Allan A. Ryan testified that Suizer eu. I. T. McGione testinea that ^i a -n handed Suizer a campaign centrum- ^ anu ^w ----- ^ Ql -aon of 310,000 from his employer,,A, * ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ A. Ryan, a son o. mo--s F. Ki ^ - redlictjons , vere said -; c be in co ,,. temalation. -So far as is iraown the United States Steel corporation has not deviated from its recent schedule nor has it intimated any change of policy. Price reductions have been more or less general for several weeks, but the riew tariff is bel.e\ed to be directly responsible for t'je lower prices of the last few days. Leading representatives of the trade unhesitatingly declared that much of the adverse comment and rumor dealing with conditions was manufactured for ulterior purposes. The Steel corporation ana some of the large race- pendent companies were said to be working their n^IIs at between SO and SO per cent of capacity. The Steel cor- Doration, it was stated, had enough reo nested him to go to and ask Senator Root to use his inGu- ence to get Y/illiam Barnes to attempt to induce Republican senators of the impeachment court to hold that the impeachment proceedings w-ere in- vaUd. Judge Herrick, of the governor's counsel, inquired the names of the witnesses the assembly board of man- ^ge^- counsel wished to testify. "Allan "A. Ryan. I. V." McGlone, Roiand B. Mahanev and T.Ir. James." replied Mr. StanchSeld. Mr. McGlone is Ryan's secretary. Mr. Mahoney is a former congressman from Buffalo. Judge Herrick protested against admitting this evidence. He said the witnesses^ had been available for a O f -"e F *Isone--s tale is true an u"ch"fi«i-to "So^eotaTs tales probably are to tion," said Captain Halpin, "but on tne whole I beliece he is almost as great a criminal as he claims to be." Spencer made a second aaa new confession, :n which he related new 12 30 to 8 o'clock, I Mr. and Mrs. Pius Orner and son, will do fitting, or I will call on | George, Haas Heckler and u«e, of vast how you in your home, at year conveuienw. · Arendesville and --uss Rosa /vitne, 01 d|on anv'Thursilay. upon receipt of post I Biglerville were the guests of Mr, and ' caru. " Please call and see-the SpirfcUa j ^ rrc ^ ^- Funt. in'Snring Grove on cortets and cor=c-t accessories. -Sundav. C. 3IYF-RS. Xevr Oxford, Pa. [ Spirella Corsetierre. a cireumstaaiial tale of each of the others. Ke made the second statement after he had been, kept awake all night, reeiciasr what the detectives declared ON THURSDAY, OCTOBEP^-16,1913- Intending to move from Adams Co., I Trill offer at; public sale the f ollqwing oe'rsonal proaerty: ' , -~ ·, ' One horse, Jersey cow -will oe xresh about; Nov. 1st;; surrey-2. buggies, J. a rubber Tire m'good condition. Dayton BIG YORK FAIR Will Except None in State If pectations Materalize. Ex- Though exhibition "buildings had been enlarged to provide against overcrowding. the G5 acres of York's sixtieth annual fair are now nlled to · and snathe, also the following: The poultry show, with 1200 entries business on hand to warrant work up if should be admitted,:' de-Uo at least SO per cent of capacity un- clared Judge Culien. and Sir. Stanch- ffeld called Mr. Ryan to the stand. Mr. Ryan said he first met Governor Salzer "some time before he was nominated" and met him again about Dec. 12. "I talked with him over the telephone about the middle of October." Continued the witness. "Mr: Sulzer en- il into 1S14;- til OScials of the ~~ corporation are T7atcfc.:ag the effect of the new tariff la-nT-bnt are of tne opinion that they will be, able to hold their business against foreign competition. They ad Eit that foreign manufacturers may cut into trade along the seaboard, bur THE GREAT- INTERSTATE FAIR -and- HORSE SHOW -111- H A G E R S T Q W N October 14-17 Enormous Agricultural, Horticultural and Live Stock Exhibits. R A C I N G P R O G R A M The Finest Races Dally- $7,100 in Purses. P O U L T R Y S H O W The Largest and Best Ever Seen. PftiK'S SPEGTAGUUR FIREWORKS g Pain's Spectacle "Last Days of Pompeii," Five Perform- fe ances, commencing 3Ionday Night at S o'clock. 1 UKiQH STOCK YARDS TEAM g| The Celebrated Six-Horse Team of the Union Stock ?g Yards- Chicago. -«!! be on exhibition each day of H ' the Fair. H Extraordinary- Free Attraction in front of the Grand H Stand. ££ ^ Special Trains and Rates on All Railroads. gg For Information. Premium List. Etc.. apply to I. A. POFFENBERGER. -- President." u.ea%-orei several times 1.0--This was stricken out. and there fol- trade 'because -cr lowed a controversy between the witness. Judge Herrick acd Mr. Stanchfield concerning the identification o£ ci.e person with whom Mr. Ryan talked over the telephone. Mr. Ryan then said he knew it was Governor Suizer tallxins. because the operator In his office 'told him Mr. Suizer wanted to 3 P eak with ai m. Mr. Ryan said he had a conversa- .11 oe unable toe ompete for inland the lieavy freight murder, which was made at the home; of a woman who had notified the police of his conjiu.?, detectives vrent to Saeacer's room, where they found the rattan suit case which the tango teacher had taken with her on. herjatal trip to "Wayne. She was lured there on Ing chairs, straight chairs, tuning room chairs, 10 ft- walnuu extension taole, sideboard. Mtchen table, hair clom the pretext that she v. as to instruct a tecl. Spencer asserted ,, afl Bod. copper kertle.~-3 iron: cook pots, =ueacer asserted he had range, "blue Aflame .oil cooking stove . -- . " ^ ·* , . _ -- · * - * T ~ * _ J - - -- n r_~ ,^.f^. n ··? ^v*-*-! a.i~ r t T T P - ' n KILLS WIFEAND HIMSELF Shoots Her In Presence of Dauahtei and Puts Bullet Into Own Brain. Philadelphia. Oct. 7. -- Jaiaes Convery shot and killed his wife Mary ana lion with the governor "a few days before tils court convened.'' It was aeld. he declared, "in a certain room at 115 Broadway. Xew York, to which the governor directed me to go. I believe this room was in the onice or a lawyer named Frankenstein." ^ Governor Sulzer's former law omce v.-as at IIS Broadway, and Samuel I- FraDkenstein was Governor Suizer's law partner. air. Rjan was temporarily excused and Mr_ IMcGIone was called to the witness szand. Ke said ae had been private secretary to Thomas F. Ryan for twelve years. He said he had talked v,-ith Governor Suizer ia October, 1912. He said Suizer spoke abont his campaign and said be needed money, ·about- S75CW or as much more as he could get-, McGlone then said after consulting with ASlan Ryan he handed the governor ten SlO'i" bills. Edward P. Mealy, a Xew York lawyer, tola nov.- Saizer had come to him ?nd requested a loan before his elec- t.on. Ke sa:d he loaned SlO.yOO, bu took no collateral or note for tie loan. _then._nre'I a pullet into his own. brain. The vrosjan died on the steps of the Carbolic Cb :rch of St. Charles Borro -seo. Tvienticth asd Christian streets, r.-bere tne saootiag occarred- Convery fied. tv.-o hoars later in the Polixisnic 1 aospital. shooing was seen by ilary Savage, ta^ tnirteen-yearold daughter -.f Mrs. C_,r.»ery by a former marriage. Mrs. Co^ic-rj was waiting for a car "o tal:e ac-r 10 the Arcatie buJIdiag, '.hero ?ic employed as a scrub -vcncan. Con''.''';-- recently was released from orison. whe~s ne had served sis oicnthr for theft. He had not been liv- ng with n:=: wife for several weeks. The -r1 : ee say Coavery* was crazed fanners beaten to death at Zion Ci"_ III., anu their bodies thrown into Lake Michigan. Man and wife, at Round !Lake. who j nad lost their way trying to walk- to Fok iake"; lieaten to death and rob- oed. Timothy Deviae and Charles Pen- ill, policemen, shot in August. 1S02, -vhen they Surprised Spencer and a man named Murphy breaking into a louse- Murphy now dead. Fanny Thompson, body found -Tan. 1. lOOS. gagged aad bound in bed in a ilidhigan avenue rooming house. Rob- oed of diamonds worth §1200. Former wife. ·vTalkerville. Ontario. 5eaten to death and body burned. Former Xew York widow, name forgotten Mrs. Connors, killed at St. Joseph = Mich., and robbed of jewelry- Former wife, near Fort Montgomery. :V. Y. Beaten to death in woods. Sob- "jed of S300 and diamonds worth SSOO. Former maid to Helen Gould. Aged man In "Washington Park, last spring. Shot and body thrown into la- 50011. Got $2'J9 in cash. Two women at Delavaa Lake. I crocks, dishes, cunied away. These ivere mainly the stock of the professional exhibitors. pacing- en- runniag- is ahead, of the past. se/sc Hay_ risr. belonging to WH5 All TAKES_A_NOTHER TRIP DeJivar Three Lectures During His F!:^ht Through South. Tv"as-^i!ig--jn, Oct. 7.--Secretary of 5:are Br-Ja-. left TTashiagton fo; ~.-ee'.:"s ir5-. taroush North Carolina au-I during which he wll; '-·'iier thr"" 2ectl»res. Ho ~:" ?-.-ak r.t Kings Mountain, X sentences Boy Who S'rsot Gir]. 0- t^a'-: f A.sheville. »r. C- toniga -\Vest Chester. Pa^ Oct. 7. -- Sills at :o',-.v::!e, Tenn., at fr.e Conser Ughtcap. nineteen years old- of Har- vcvsville. who pleaded to felonious as- pault in shooting Mabel Coivw ay, sev- cnteen -rears old. of Phoenixville. last! Jui~. was sentenced by Judge Butler! to ?av a Sue of SlOOy and costs and to serre T:Ot less than two and a half ears and r.ct more than seven years . . , .:;oTi nxr,"s : t:on on Sanirday. Fcund Dead Fro oiu~o^ci", Ala.. Oct. 7.--A man 7«~:«tcr j as E. E. Metvane, Kan C:i;% ::=. -yas fcuna dead in a \ r-3-n 'u-e. Peath ^as duo , ard toaltrv -wire ana numerous other articles. 60 R. I- Her and white Wvandote chickens. T ^ale to commence at 12 o'clock snarp. H. P BIGHA3L James CaldwelL aacr: Green, a. black J, E- Epley." Getxy^barg-. a 4. r year-old and a brown gelding: yearling., owned. on the farm. Each will go a mile for a standard 'record, the former 2.30^ ar.d thela'aer 2.40 «. COMINGf EVENTS , PUBLIC SALE Of Valuable Basllin? Lots 'in the i oi Bijderviile, Adajns Connty, On Friday the 24th (lay of'October, The unrtersisnea, being the Dr. C. fe- County » " · · i- i vannia,-deceased. will offer at pnubc sale on the tremis«s in the BproujTn oj fcigler- \-ilie the following described real u?tate: All that }.5ece- parcel are trace o land situate Jn iheBoronzKorBjguervilJe. \dam= Cor-r-ty. Pennsylvania, ironuna on tbe ^orth side of Railroad Street., ant! _ . - i _ TM T r " _ I -- O---»-i*ij-if- ·*7"t«'l I J t , j . ^ V ^ i f c - l * ~^r-~-v j-. "3 die Vest s:de "f Main Street and "Happenings Scheduled In Gettysburg fortoming Weeks. Oct. 11--Annual Topton Orphan^ School excursion. Occ. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Syr od meeting. St. James church. Oct. - 17--Concert- Mozart Company. Erua Chapel. Oct. IS--Getfysburg-'s second annual Farmers' Day. Oct. 21--Concert- iliss DeYo ard Mrs. Bayly. Presbyterian church. 0:1 Acres, more small or jess,now imtro%eu occupied with a y the Cumberland Valley Telephone Co:npaaj Escl-.ange. " r i'i= property -nill be ofTere'l in lots and "as"a xihole anl sold in whichever nro^e Jr.ost a-lvautsgeotis to Oct. 1 -- Anneal Hallowe'en Mummers' Parade. to cem ineccat l-HG P- ^- when attendance will i-c j;i}en a^'l terns rr.-irix nn-i A^ant for the Heirs of Dr. C. S. Rciher. dec d. : - the ·" ^"^ Gettysburg Auto 1 Ire Repair Shop Becomes Heiress to S750.000. i St. Trills, Mo . Oct. 7.--Winnifred j ; Ia ] : - T\". s G. CabaBne. of this city, received a;j-, r .j s IO c | topv of the ^ill of her grandfather, j- oz - t n c j Jeroir." Jancis Downing, who diea in | Er:e/ Pa., las: June, by which she is 2ade heiress to $75»,000. 2 W. HIGH STREET- arn Trr}ia r ed 10 a^ cr-T.c-ra: rc-D.ur wor k "' ! olo Is n r -t longer ; r ian tl.f- t .! it i-a n TUBES A SPECIALTY With modern tit-am eij':sprient. blow-outs. =f-ctioi.-and ie;rrjii.nsr. Ii ne rcpaire-d. 5-ati-fai-tion 1 .. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable, Reliable and Powerful. Try it. Tour- :iV: l^.uK 11- Ul t;'n= a sjocialty C. A.STONER, prop United Phone 117 X Italy to He!p Open Our Canal. ;or^. Oct. 7.--It is announced tha. e~f: a sQtisdron to HaiKplcn «''brata with the warship? ,i"nr powers, the s^ia (anal. Ambassador Gerard Reaches Berlin. Berlin, Oct. 7. -- The sew United States ambassador to Germany, James W. G«rard, of XOTT York, arrived !**?«. In -Tuns. Killed with hammer and the bodies thrown into lake. "Woman in house near county ;al- Tised hammer and bumed clothes. Trot S140 and - __ Woman in house at Fnlton and Jtial- stead streets about eisht months ago. Tsel hammer and burned clothing. Robbed house. known l»y the ti3-,;errisq! Saloonkeeper on Van Bureu street, i Elizabeth A. licther near Aberdeen. Shot man ana wound j ed wife while robbing sa:oon. Man. shot and killed in alley under Soath Side elevated railroad abcst a year ago. i Mrs. Milarea Allison Kexroat. shot sear Wayne. Sept. 25, and body placed j on railroad tracks. 1, Ida Oliver, killed with hammer. Xov.j 9, 191". Body thrown into drainage!. canal and recovered May 29. j It was discovered in the police rec j . ords that Spencer was in prison ai ·"·* Joiiet when Fannie Thompson was murdered. Jan- 3- 1508. The records show that he went to the prison !r ·:06 and was not paroled antil 1910. it is practicaliy certain also that be^hat has many decided advan- ~as behind tbe bars at .Toilet wheuj ^ Detectives Peanell and Devine wer-tages. ra-ardered. j Although lie is now said to be a. DEDICATION Large Audience at Dedication o£ Remodeled Church- Dedicatory services were held at the Friends" Grove Church, on Sanday moming before a filled house. The sermon was preached fay Prof. Ralph Slosser. of Elizabeth town College,- Improvements costing about SSOO have to the church recently been made which now presents a very much more attractive appearance. LOST: black rabbit doj with Harrisburg dog tax Reward.--advertisement . tan face, on collar- An Excellent a very reasonable price The accompanying illustration shows a stove from our stock If you think of buying a stove Frank Schults -ha^vrecovcerd.. batting eye after his^rest. - - " 'Ctiak; A'.most Destroys Nome. Nome. Alaska. Oct. 7.--Nome has been sinic^t destroyed by a storm. Two nines .v territory next to the s- A-a= dova?t:,t-jd. Xo lives were lost. w^v \s 1 Manager StaM refused to-drop his pennant whose menu life has known little excite- When, is a sick man a: contradic^ tion? \Vhen l 1 ^ is an imgatient paU$Bi._ _, H. T. Maring Hot Adr Furnaces carried in stock ready to install. Wardrooms formerly occupied by Strawstacker Co., rear o, old Reading freight depot. LWSPAPLRl

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