The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1954 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1954
Page 2
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I , IfM Ctty, to. . - -- , V " :. Graham Lauds :; \;.*v-^v Ike's Example p LONDON (UP)--Evangelist Billy Graham, t o 1 d Britons Thursday "President Eisenhower himself has set the pace in religious life in Ihe JTnited States and he is being fol- lo\vpd by thousands of Americans." .- Caressing his b l a c k leather- covered Bible, Graham told a press conference, "perhaps people are saying this old book does bring the answer to our problems after all. "fn five years time I'think we are'going to'see a tremendous de crease in problems facing Ameri cans and a decrease in the crime rate," he said. "L am convinced that the only lasting hope of our world lies in the gospel of Jesus .Christ." : . · . The North Carolina preacher tolc the British "you have had a lot o rough experience here before from evangelists from America and we 'are going to try and live that down "I have not come here to- brag .as I believe so many Americans who come over here do. I have .not come to talk about politics. I am going to be completely neu tral." Son of Decorah Doctor Drowns j,« in Upper Iowa DEGORAH--Donald M. Moore,,' Jr., 2-year-old son of Dr, and Mrs. Donald Moore, w e l l known Decorah veternarian, downed in the Upper Iowa River near his home at noon Wednesday. Mrs. Moore missed her son shortly before dinner Wednesday and within a few minutes with the aid of a neighbor traced his tracks Lo the river and out onto the -ice into the open water. The river is about 100 yards from the Moore home. Decorah firemen arrived on the scene within minutes and after retrieving ,the boy's body which was floating on the surface applied their resuscitator. He failed In revive. The body is at the Steine Funeral Home, Decorah, with funeral arrangements pending. Donald is survived by his parents and a 5-year-old sister, Elizabeth. STEAM AGE BOSTON ( U P ) - T h e gasoline interests had better watch out. So for this year 10 steam automobiles have been registered in Massachu setts. All are 35 to 40 years old. Develop New Rocket Sled HOLLOMAN AIR DEVELOPMENT CENTER, N.M. W--An Air ·"orce volunteer soon may ride a ·ockct sled faster than the speed of sound, with danger only an "outside chance." Air Research and Development Command scientists ' are painstak- ngly testing and retesting new equipment, using dummies instead of humans to make it safe for man o break the sound barrier on the ground. The project, under the direction of Lt. Col. John P. Stapp, aero medical scientist, is a stab at developing equipment to enable air crews to survive bailouts from planes traveling faster than sound Air Force volunteers will be strapped in a chair in the rocket sled. As the sled travels along the 3,500-foot track, the man will be rotated head over heels 180 times per minute--exposed to the same air-blast forces a pilot ejected su'd denly from a supersonic plane would experience. The rocket sled, propelled by 1 4,500 - pound - thrust rockets, wil have five seconds to reach the speed of sound and come to a complete halt. May Set Mark for Number of Nomination Papers Out half a dozen Pearl Buttons on your cutest flat ever! · POLISHED PINE CALF · NAVY BLUE CALF · CHERRY RED CALF · ALL SOFT TOED . . . of course! Who else would give a flat such a fresh flip, sassy air! 6 buttons 'n stitched buttonholes slanted toward the side of your shoe that's seen most. Note the flattering-slant , ' heel, too. Your Easier parader, maybe? SHOE SALON FIRST FLOOR 8.95 "AS USUAL THE UNUSUAL IN SHOES" By ROBERT HOGAN . DES MOINES--(IDPA)--If you haven't been snowed under. by a ·ash of nomination papers, mister, you may not know that we are in in election year again. And this year, the secretary of state's office believes, there are more nomination papers being circulated throughout Iowa than sossibly any other election year in recent history. Biggest onslaught of papers is coming from the Republican ranks, and more particularly, from the gubernatorial candidates 'in that jarty. To date there are eight of .hem with nomination papers flut- :ering around Iowa. The Democrats have sparked loo. In 1952 they let state and county races go by the boards without so much as a feeble effort to fill the gaps. This year its different. Sens- ng possible victory in the stale elections the Democrats are fight ing for every spot on the state icket and for nearly all seats open in the Iowa House and Senate. Part of Duty Don't be afraid to autograph :hose nomination papers. Just con sider such activity as part of your public duty. Without them there can be no candidates. And, if you are already tired of seeing them, just remember there are only 26 days left in which a candidate can file for a state elective office. It'll soon be over. To get back to those signatures, iiowever, stale election laws on a party's candidate for governor, for nstance, declare that he must nave: 1--Signatures from at least one per cent of the voters of his own party in at least 10 counties; 2--In ihe aggregate not less than one- half of one per cent of Ihe total vote of his party in the state as shown by the last general election. The vote used in computing the percentage is the vote cast for governor. That means then that this year GOP candidates.for the nomination for governor, and other state elective offices, must have the autographs of 3,192 Republican voters. 2,938 Signatures A Democratic candidate for his party's nomination for governor or any other state elective offices will need signatures of 2,938 Democratic friends. Candidates for congress and per sons seeking election to the state Senate come under a different category. If they represent district; composed of more than one county, signatures must be obtained frorr at least two per cent of the voters of the candidate's party in each o at least one-half of the counties o the district, and in the aggregate not less -· than one per cent of the total vote of his party in the dis trict. A Republican congressional .can AP Wlrunhoto WILLING TO CO-OPERATE--Luis Tame, 40 (right), Philippine Communist leader, tells Manila Times newsman Ben Aquino he is willing to co-operate with his country's new administration. The government gave the Huks one. last warning to turn in their' arms hefore launching a clean-up drive. didate in the first district, as an example, would need 831 signatures to qualify as a candidate for the party nomination. A Democrat would need 899 signatures in that district, as a result of the vote in the last general election. If only one county is involved in the district, the law says that the candidate will need at least two per cent of the party vote in the county. All nominations must be certified by the secretary of state and he, in turn, must notify all county auditors of the candidate duly qualified, at least 30 days before a primary election. Must Be Registered All candidates are urged by the secretary of state to obtain more than the required number of signatures for any duplication of signatures rules out those signatures. A person is permitted to autograph a nomination paper for only one candidate for an office. Too the signer must be a registered member of the party in which the candidate is seeking the nomination. Each person circulating papers must have them notarized before returning them to the candidate. Such certification must state that the signatures are from persons in the same county. Jan. 27 was the first date for filing nomination papers. The final date, as pointed out earlier, is March 19 for state races. Final date for filing nomination papers or county elective offices is March 9- In the event there are other per ions desiring to get into the Re jublican gubernatorial primary i hould be pointed out that nomina ion papers for state offices ar available from the secretary o tate. County office candidates must obtain their papers from their county auditor. Question Several Men on Murder of Iowa Farmer SIOUX CITY OR -- Several men vere being held for questioning ere Thursday about .the holdup- laying of William Edwards, 51, dondamin farmer. Meanwhile, FBI agents a n d Northwest Iowa law officers con- imied searching for the three masked bandits who shot Edwards, ound his sister, Miss Florence Cdwards, 57, and shoved a cousin, irs. Mattie Myers, 62, into a closet t Edwards home before carting ff the farmer's safe. Detective Chief Harry J. Gibbons declined to say how many men were held here or where they vere picked up. He said they, were iewed by Miss Edwards and Mrs. Vlyers at a "showup" Wednesday. The FBI entered the c a s e Wednesday. Price the Car that Sets the Pace Your pride of ownership gets a big lift when you bu7 a Star Chief Ponliac. You command a car with the performance, size and luxury of the finest. Even more satisfying--you enjoy genuine fine-car ownership at a tremendous saving. P«*TIAC PACK THI FINKST CARS in optional equipment, too, with Air Conditioning (above), Electric Window Lifts, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Dual-Range Hydra-Malic Drive and the Comfort- Control ScatT-at low additional cost No other car with the Star Chiefs 214-inch over-all length is priced so low. No car hag more distinguished interiors. And none is more beautiful nor more readily recognized'. But there's more than beauty, luxury and size to the Star Chief. Pontiac'a unsurpassed reputation for year-in, year-out dependability and economy assures thousands upon thousands of the most pleasant, care-free miles you've ever known. Come in soon--look at it--'drive it--relax in it --and price it for unquestionable proof that dollar for dollar you can't beat a Pontiac. DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR YOU CANT BEAT A John Gallagher, Inc. 22 3rd Street N. W. Phono 1U4 New Element Discovered CHICAGO (UP)--A new element, .be 100th building block of the uni verse, has been produced by atom- c scientists. The element, named merely El ement 100, was not discovered in .he true sense of the world. It had never existed in nature. The Argonne Laboratory, located near Chicago, announced Wedncs- lay night tha^t the element was produced in an Atomic Energy Commission testing reactor in Idaho by bombarding the element Plutonium with neutrons. The finished product was similar in chemical properties to Erbium Element No. 68 a n d , one of the rare earth elements. Elements are substances which cannot be separated into substances different from themselves by ordinary chemical means. Alone, or in combination with other elements, t h e y compose every material substance. Oxygen, carbon and iron are examples of common elements. As yet there is no known use for the new element, the Argonne scientists said. State Tax Returns 'Bigger, Better' DES MOINES (UP)--The Iowa Slate Tax Commission said it is gelling more·''returns and biggfcr payments in early filings of state income tax returns. So f u r 100,191 returns with full payments h a v e been received, compared to 84,064 a year ago. Total collected was $4,261,351, compared lo $3,302,544. The average payment this y e a r is $42.53, as against $39,28 last year, the commission said. About 45 per cent of all employed persons in the United States use passenger cars daily in their work, or in traveling to and from their jobs. Gross Abstains on Postal Bill WASHINGTON WV-Seven Democrats and Rep. Gross (R-Iuwa) dissented Thursday from a House committee's formal endorsement of a 240 million dollar postal rate boost, calling it an "unconscionable burden . . . contrary to the public interest." The minority report from the 25 member Post Office Committee de nounced the Eisenhower adminis tration's bill for higher mail rates TS an added "tax" and a "radical departure from the concept of pubic service which is the keystone of our postal establishment." To Start Giving Butter Friday in Floyd County CHARLES CITY--The first distribution of surplus commodities from the State Department of Social Welfare is in sight for Floyd County's jobless, Myron Rodamaker, chairman of t h e county board of supervisors, announced Thursday. Charles City has been desigated by.Gov. William S. Beardsley as an area of serious unemployment, reason why it was to be the first to receive the surplus dairy products. Distribution on a temporary basis will begin at 9 a.m. Friday, said Rodamaker. It will be only for unemployed residents of Floyd County who are registered with the Iowa State Employment Service. Those wishing butter will present their unemployment identification books to the certifying agent at the distribution center and distribution w i l l be according to the number of eligible persons in the household. Just butter has been received to date. It was borrowed from the state hospital at Woodward by the State Department of Social Welfare. A carload of tinned beef in gravy is in transit from Chicago, however, Rodamaker added. On the Radio Beam T H U R S D A Y NIGHT N E T W O R K H I G H LIGHTS CBS--6:15 Edward R. Murrowi 7:00 Meet ( M i l l i e l 7 i » U Junior M i a u l (t;00 Meet Mr. M c N u t l e y I 8:30 Time For l.ovei f:00 M i n o r i t y or O n e i 0:1.1 Horac* Ilelilt S h o w ) U:30 Robert Trout. MI1S--7:00 O f f i c i a l D e t e c t i v e ) T.'M C r l m t K l r l i f e r s i K i O O SpurU 'Ten!" « : 1 1 N e w s r e c l j 8:SO My I.lltle '· M a r t l e t u:00 Frank E i l w a r d s i 0:15 I'ut It (o Tat! ii;M Deems Taylor Concert. NBC--7:00 Koy Holers Family I'rnrrami 7:30 Father Knows Jlejt 8,-UQ Truth or Consequences! 8:30 S w a y i o · N e w s i R M S Kildle Cantor! 0:00 Fibber M c G e e and M o l l y i lt:14 Can You Top Thisj 0:30 Jane 1'Ickeni Show. ADC--7:00 Three-Cltjr H y l l n e i 7:15 Sammy K a y e i 7:30 H o l l y w o o d S t a r w a y i 7 ; I S Mike M a l l o w s 8:00 Paul W h l t e m s n V a r i e t i e s ! 0:00 H e a d l i n e K d l t l o n i 11:IS Turner Callint; 0:30 A n s w e r . For A m e r i c a n s . Everywhere You Go THERE S K G L O Dial 1300 500 ° Watt * KGLO-FM . . . 2:45 to 10:15 P.M. Television Star Team Splits Up NEW YORK W»--Top television stars Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca who teamed their comedy talents into a multi-million dollar NBC asset, will split three separate ways, a network official said Thursday. Saesar, who now earns $25,000 a week, will sign a 10-year contract with NBC for his own one-hour show starting next fall. · Miss Coca, who gets $10,000 a week, will remain under contract to NBC and "participate" in a half-hour comedy series, also starting in the fall. Thursday Highlights Clear Lake . . . (5:00 p. m.) Hear all the news from Clear Lake, colorfully reported on "The Clear Lake Show" for the Clear Lake merchants. Footlights . . . (6:15 p. m.) Be listening as Ann Good takes you "Across the Footlights" for Cool Spring. Coach's Corner . . . (7:30 p. m.) There's sports news for you from Iowa University on "Coach's Corner" with Bucky O'Connor. McNutley . . . (8:00 p. m.) Enjoy the absent-minded professor of English when you "Meet Mr. McNutley" sponsored by General Electric. Time For Love . . . (8:30 p. m.) Jergens brings you the thrilling drama of death in the bullring on "Time For Love." H. S. Band . . . (9:15 p. m.) Enjoy "Music From Mason City" with the Mason City High School Band under the direction of Paul Behm. Milk Prices Taking Tumble in I l l i n o i s PEORIA, 111. Wl--Milk is retailing for 16 cents a quart in Peoria, thanks to five 1-cent a quart cuts in wholesale prices since the first of the year. The latest reduction in a milk price war will be passed on to con sumcrs; this week. EYES EXAMINED... ... GLASSES FITTED We offer complete eyeglass service from eye examination lo lens grinding. We do our own Dispensing. Come fo the Mason City branch office of Service Optical of Iowa for accurate, scientific examination of your eyes and expert fitting of the right glasses of fine quality and attractive appearance, correctly made to your individual prescription and order . . . at prices which mean real savings to yon. All the Latest Styles at Reasonable Prices. Dr.MlloCoffman,o.D. In Charge of Eye Examinations. No Appointment Necessary. 5:00 3:1,1 S:SO .5:1.1 0:00 «:10 8:15 fi:30 KM 11:1,1 7:01) 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:15 n:SO 111:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:05 12:00 5:30 6:00 6:05 fl:20 6:30 !:!"· 7:1)0 7:1.1 7:25 7::iO 7:3S 7:15 8:15 8:30 11:3.1 8:1.1 1):00 0:1.1 «:(.'. 10:00 10:15 10:25 10:30 IO:4S 11:00 1 I : 1 ! S 11:30 11:15 Thursday P. M. Clrar L a k e Show Wharcl of Oddi, Manhattan Soap Curt M a i s e y , Alka-SelUer I.nwell Thomas, K a i s e r - W i l l y s News, P.O. If K. (Mtn.ih»lH Mason C i t y Today. Tyler Ryan Acrons the Footlights, Cool Sprint Paul-Mary Krrd, J»t NafJ. Bank Sports and Weather, Motorola TV K d w a r d n. Murrow. CBS Meet M i l l i e , Muring Coaches' Corner King Colo M e e t Mr. M c N u l t l e y , Gen. Eleclrlo Time For Love, Jerren's B.P.W. Forum John Lord Show Sport) Camera, P h i l l i p s "fifl" News Roundup, G l o b e - G a z e t t e F a m i l y Skeleton, Manhattan Soap S u n i h l n c Sue, Corn Product! Beulah, CBS News. CBS Dance Orchestra, CDS News, CBS Friday A. M. Service Optical oi Iowa operate* It* own laboratories and grind* Its own lenses, . . . and passes oo th« savings to you. Broken glasses quickly repaired, U»e our repair department. Lowest prices In IOWA. SERVICE OPTICAL .IOWA'S LARGEST RETAIL OPTICIANS Main Offic* and Labor*torif» -- Do* Moin«s · Branches Throughout Iowa 207 South F«d«ol Moion City Morning Houscr (Thompson) News (Tcnncy) Morning Rouscr (Thompson) Musical Clock. Myion j Farm Reporter, State Brand News. Butternut World News Roundup. General Mill* Musical Clock, Sedan Motor Co. Today'* Farm Story, Funk News, Garner Motor Co. Checkerboard A l m a n a c , Furina, Kenp Time With Damon's Hnltiim Headline], Holsum Bread Kesl of E v e r y t h i n g , BOB J e w e l e r s Currle'i Corner, Currle's Hardware Slump \ls, inland Potato Chlpm Illhle Broadcast, Sentman Today In O.»»|te, Osaire Merchants Kitchen Club, Tidy House Products News nicest, Jacob E. Decker Quiz: tbn Mrs.. .Blue Star Potato Chip* Ifome Town Ncwn (Clniucn) Make Up Your Mind, WoniUr Bread "Good" Reports (Ann Good) Wendy Warren, M a x w e l l House Pout; Sherwln Show, Borden's Romance of Helen Trent, Aero W»» Our Gal Sunday, Anacln 12:00 12:05 12:15 12:30 12: (5 1:00 1:1.1 1:30 1:15 2:00 2:15 3:30 Z;\r, ·4:15 4:M 4:15 Friday P.M. Today'* Market!, Nulrena The Man on the Street, Prltchard't Muilcat Varieties, Staley Feeds News, Standard Oil ( K e w ) Soiilh St. Paul Market Inslltnle Second Mrs. Burton, Maxwell Roui* Perry Mason, Tide Soap, CBS This It Nora Drake, Nylast Krljhter Day, Cheer, CBS Hilltop'House, Alka-Seltier House Parly, I.eter Brothers House Parly, Green Giant Arthur Godfrey Time, CHS Younf.Dr. Malone', Crlsco Chapel of the Air, J. n. Jes* M» Perklnt, Oijrdol, CBS KSMN «*·»· DM I«U For Tho B«tt in Oaytlm* Listening bi Mascn City, H*sspUs and AI(raa \ 'SI

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