The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 9, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
Page 15
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KENSETT BEATEN IN FINAL AS MEET CLOSES Consolation Game Is Called Off Because of Hard Grind of Day. B PRACTICE TOURNEY E-GAZETTE S MASON CITY, IOWA, FROM AUTO RACING TO BILLIARDS TOURNAMENT RESULTS Quarterfinals. Rudd 26, Orchard 23 Fertile 23, Nora Springs 15. Mitchell SO, Rockford 10. Kensett 12, Holy Family 9. Semifinals, Rudd 22, Fertile 12. Kensett 21, Mitchell 19. Final. Rudd 20, Kensett 10. Rudd, unanimously agreed cham- pom of the class B basketball tournament which closed its two day session in the final game Saturday evening at the local high school, was one aspiring team that had and took a chance to show that it had ability. Rudd not only claimed the title honors for its ability as a team to penetrate the opponents' defense and score consistantly with a continuous barrage of shooting but wa! the only team In playing that could place two men on an all tournament team. The consolation game scheduled between Mitchell and Fertile, to be played as a curtain raiser to the final clash, was called off to allow the teams relief, after a hard two day' grind. Making a courageous attempt to halt the prophesied victory for Rudd by fans, after seeing the opening game for the aggregation, Kensett went into the final game intent to win and held potential champs for a remarkable round of applause for three quarters. Tale Not in Scores. The 20 to 10 score that gave 'Rudd the championship does not describe the game--it merely states that Hans en and Brandau went in as substitutes. For three quarters, Kensett and Rudd, tho both had played two hard games already in the same day, fought on fairly even terms. Thu initial quarter ended 2 to 0 in favor of Rudd. At half time, the scora stood'5 to 3 in favor of Rudd. At the third quarter mark, the count was 9 to 8, then Brandau and Hansen took a turn on the court and the score mounted to the 20 to 10 count for the close. Brandau of Rudd and J. Boyette of Kenset, shared scoring honors during the game with 3 field goals f asd-2- charity tosses apiece. The opening quarter was slow t -with Finch's ringer the only bit of spectacular caging to make an ap/ pearance v During the second quarter of play, however, J. Boyette cut loose for a field goal and a free throw and Finch gained a free throw and Shanks, made good on a field goal. Thrid Quarter Best. With the score at 5 to 3 in favor of Rudd, the pair of teams went into the third quarter for the most exciting play of the game. Finch a long one from the left in nice JOHAWKS 25 TO 16 CLASS B MEET RESULTS ALL OVER NOW! RUDD--22 Brandau, f FG Muller, f 2 Mathers, c ] · Shanks, g ... " " 0 Ell, S :.'.'.'.'.'.! FT 0 0 0 0 0 FF 3 1 0 TOTALS .11 Substitutions: Stiles for Brandau. FERTILE--12 FG Oswald, f Wcstcott, c Oredsen, c Sanderson, g Brue, g ---- FT 0 0 2 0 1 1 PF 0 0 1 0 2 J. Boyette, g , O. Brunsvold, ..4 . .0 TOTALS 6 0 Substitutions: Blrdsell for M. Ed wards. Officials: Murray, referee; Find lay, umpire. TOTALS ____ ....... 4 4 "5 Substi hi lions: Anderson for Westcott, Oredsen for Anderson. Officials: Flndlay, referee; Murray, umpire. FT 0 0 2 0 3 HOLY FAMILY-- 9 FG hughes, f o BI. Ziegler, f o Tracy, c i Murphy, g- o Carroll, g i TOTALS 2 5 Substitutions: M. Ziegler Hughes; CahUt for Murphy. KENSETT--12 FG FT P. Brunsvold. f 2 0 C. West, f 0 0 M. Edu-ards, c 0 0 Birdseil, c 0 0 PF 2 0 9 for PF 2 1 1 1 KENSETT--21 FG P. Brunsvold, f 2 C. West, f o E. Birdseil, c 2 ·I. Boyette, g 2 O. Brunsvold, g 3 TOTALS T!) MITCHELL--19 Glasby, f Noval.-, f Lenoch, o Ahrcn, g Nyman, g FT 0 0 PF 0 0 FG ..1 . .0 ..6 ..0 ..2 FT 0 0 0 · 1 0 6 PF 0 .9 .\ amiic a long one from the left in nice | style and Boyette dropped in a free V ' throw. Kensett, however, was shooc- ing during this quarter but failed to complete baskets. The Kensett five missed enough free throws to give the team a comfortable margin. Rudd begaa to rough up this thing a bit near the close of the quarter and then Boyette cut loose for a pair of baskets and Brandau tried to counter the attack with one before the whistle. The score was as close at the end of the thrd quarter as at any time during the game. /hi Rudd tll ?n flashed to victory with V Jr Brandau sinking 2 free throws and 2 fielc" goals. Hansen got one and Shanks and Birdseil each scored. Pinch got the only other charity shot of the final quarter. Semifinals Good. In the semifinals, Rudd defeated Fertile 22 to 12 in rather a lopsided game tho the tally stood 8 to 7 at the half. Oswald was the "hot shot" for the Fertile team. It was the shooting- of Brandau that took the game for Rudd when he sank-6 field goals in his inimitable style. Kensett defeated Mitchell in the other bracket of the semifinals with a score of 21 to 19. This was the second upset that Kensett hail played during the day. The first was when the Worth county five downed the Holy Family five of Masoij City Saturday morning in a battle royal which ended 12 to 9. The score of the Kensett-Mlt- chell battle was tied 6-6 at the eno of the initial quarter then Mitchell took the lead to close the half 9 to 8. At the end of the third quarter Mtchell was leading 17 to 16 and then Kensett forged ahead with the flashy shooting of Blrdsell and P. Brunsvold, to win the right to enter the final game. ' Mason City Out Quick. A bad heel was shown to the trio of Mason City teams from the start and taps were blown for two in their opening games. The defeat of the Holy Family by Kensett after the Mason City five had defeated the Rook Falls five 23 to 11, and had beaten Manly 22 to 9, was the next biggest upset after the Mason City high school B squad was downed without cereAiony wth a 14 to 9 score by Nora Springs to start the tournament. St. Joseph was the other local five to lose out in the opening round by a 26 to 15 defeat by the champions. TOTALS Officials: Murray, referee; Findlay, umpire. ROCKFORD--10 FG Rutty, f 2 Galvln, f o Magilton, f '. o Vietnlser, c 0 Wilson, c l Mitchell, g o FT 1 1 0 0 0 2 PF 3 4 1 2 0 TOTALS 3 4 14 Substitutions: Gruver for Batty; Magilton for Galvin; Wilson for Vietnlser; Crowell for Stevbln. MITCHELL--30 FG FT PF Glasby, { l o 1 Novak, f . . . . . . . ' . . . . 1 0 S Lenoch, c , 8 5 2 Ahrens, g 0 0 1 Nyman, g l 3 3 TOTALS ... ........ 11 8 10 Substitutions: Tiedeman for Glasby. Officials: Findlay, referee; Murray, umpire. NORA SPRINGS--15 FG Searer, f 1 Murphy, f 0 Shorblno, f 0 Flnjrelsbn, c 4 Ryner, g o Butler, s · 0 TOTALS B FT 0 1 0 1 0 S PF 1 3 2 2 2 2 12 Substitutions: Sherblno for Mur- FERTILE--23 FG FT PJS Oswald, f 3 0 Rholl, f 2 7 ! Wcdtcott, c 2 fl ' Sanderson, g ..' 1 0 j Brue, g 0 0 ^ TOTALS 8j 7 ! Officials: Flndlay, referee; Mur raj-, umpire. WATERLOO TEAM WINS SECOND OF WEEK-END TILTS Hqjy Family Reserves Win From St. Joseph Second Team in 8-6 Opener. St. Mary's of Waterloo took the second of the encounters on local floors Sunday evening when the Blackhawk five downed the Jo- hawks on the St. Joseph floor 25 to 18. The Holy Family reserves also defeated the Johawk B squad 8 to 6 in a preliminary game. Johnny Lasche of golf fame was scoring ace of the evening the with 4 field goals and"2 f7e"e throws'! Keeler of Waterloo and Meyers of Mason City were second high with 3 field goals and a charity toss apiece. .This was ; . the. second time this year, the St. Mary's team has de- S at ?,1 the Jollawk five-^oncc on the Waterloo floor and once here JQHAWKS--16 FG FT PF f 0 Meyers, f j J. Ryan, f .'.' s U Ryan, c [ ·» Lynch, o n Wolfe, g 0 Hubbard, g ', Q J. Ryan, g v .. ! Totals 7 g j j Substitutions: J. Ryan for Meyers, Lynch for L. Ryan, J. Ryan for Bubbard. ST. MARY'S--25 FG Lasche, f 4 Puhl, f o Seeler, 1 3 ^ Junnan, f o o tlnsman, c l i {.athnski, g z 0 Kohoe, g TO BATTLE JOHNSON FT PF 2 3 o Juyoe, g ............ o 'Totals ............ 10 5 8 Substitutions: Puhl for Lasche. f. Bunnan for Keeler, Jayce for tehoe. HOLY FAMILY RESERVES _ 8 FG FT PF Hi»rrer. f ............ S 0 l Murphy, f. .......... i 0 0 McLaughlin, c ....... 0 0 0 "'nllahan, g ......... o 0 1 itzpatrick, g ....... l o ] Totals \ 5 0 OHAWK "B" SQUAD--6 FG FT :ciiy, f o }hute, f 1 Vclson, c l »ross, g ] uerhes, g o [ublmrd, g 0 Totals 3 Murray, referee. 0 0 0 0 0 0 S PF 2 0 0 0 0 1 S Feb 12 A Slff ? cd to meot Lc °TM r l Johnson of Ameri °'"a Legion »*um Corps card of the WIFE f^ECONOMY SOOTLESS 8 ,00 High Grade, Ash, Sootless Low Coal w.c. BLOCK- HC LT!TT, MgT. RUDD--20 FG Finch, f 3 Wolfe, f 0 . Brandnu, f 2 Mathers, c 3 Mullen, c 1 Hansen, g 1 Ell, g 0 Shanks, g 0 FT 0 I) 1 1 1 3 fl 0 G pr TOTALS 10 Substitutions: Brandau for Wolfe Mullen for Blathers; Shunkn for Ell. ORCHARD--23 FG FT PF Hepner, f o (1 D. aiorse, f 1 0 0 L., c 3 3 4 D. L. Morse, c 1 o 6 Lack, s 0 0 1 Oole, g 2 2 1 TOTALS 9 ~6 ~6 Substitutions: D. L. Morse for L. Morse. . Officials: Murray, referee; Findlay, umpire. RUDD -- 20 FG Finch, f .............. 2 Wolfe, f ............. o ISrandau, c ......... ; .3 Hansen, c .......... 1 Ell, g ................ 0 Shanks, g ........... z FT PF 0 2 0 n o TOTALS .......... 4 « Substitutions: Brandau for Wolfe; Hansen for Mathers. KENSETT -- 10 FG FT PF P. Brunsvold, f ....... o 0 1 C. West, f ........... o 0 0 Birdsoll, c .... ........ l o o J. Boyette, g ......... 3 2 1 O. Brunsvold, g ....... o 0 1 TOTALS ........... 4 ~2 ~s Officials: Murray, referee; Flnd- liy. umpire. LEAGUE STANDINGS Stndchaker "Free* U'hpplcr v§. r.yoni "I"inrn» on alley* 1. nml 2 nt 7:4fi. Onkl/inil-FontfnpR vn, " Intemntlnnn! HarvMer c»mpn,ny at 7:«H on all«yn 3 ftTid 4. Manon CHy Wnnmn's I-cajfiic. T)rrkor» Iruvnrmn vi. First Nnttonal hnnk nt n nn nllcy* ft and fl. Standard OH rrrnipnnr v». I). K. I.nnd- bor* nt G on nllry* 7 nnd 8. MrunTi City Handicap T^.iRiir. O. Oaklaml-Pnntlnes 42 Men! Snnrt fk Gravel Co. ...42 F/ijslnff Pale . , , . , -12 Allen CaTe Cnamplln R e M n l n f f Co. . . . . 4 2 Deckers Inwarms . . . . 4 2 Faktor Bakery , . . , 4 2 T.yons Clennem 42 N. W. St. P. Cement 41 ·Toe Dflnlolfl service 42 F^lrenlde Fuel 42 Atlas Special , 42 Purity Bakery 42 GEnhe-Qnzette 42 Inter. Harv. Go. 42 Hermnnson Bros. Dairy . . . . 4 2 Real Silk Hosiery 4 2 ' Slurtehaker Free Wheeler . .42 Chapln O'Ncll Coal Co. . . . 4 2 N. W. St. P. Cement o f r i c e 42 High Trn. 3. J. Sobleske 234 Harry Lee on* W. t.. Pel. 31 11 .V.1fl 28 14 .687 27 IS .013 21 Ifi 26 10 2n 17 25 17 19 20 20 22 23 24 ir, 10 IB 17 IT M in 2ft 18 20 19 28 IS 27 13 29 .619 .610 .nos .stir, .MS .470 .452 .420 .405 Thnm 24^ W. Bender ."!237 Babe Hauclalre J232 C. Bachmftn !.'*242 J. Jacobs l . . . . . " 2 2 4 G. KBtiH |* '158 William Duncan '.'..!'*.'. 223 38 42 36 3D 33 42 M 33 42 .405 .381 .3S1 .381 .357 .310 I SI) 187 IfiU IfiS IRfi Ul 182 ISO 180 178 CLARION LOSES ON GRESGO MAT Cowboys Drop 20 to 14Mee to Cresco Grapplers Via Decisions. CLARION, Feb. 9.--The Clarion Cowboy grapplers lost a hard fought meet at Cresco Friday night 20 to 14. The first five bouts went to Cresco via the decision ' route except in the 95 pound class jn which Cameron of Cresco threw Butler of Clarion. Each bout, however was spirited and hard fought. In the heavier weights. Clarion showed superior ability and won the 145-1S5 and heavyweight dosses by decisions while tho 135 pound and 155 pound classes resulted in draws after overtime periods The 105, 135, 155 and heavyweight classes were the future matches of the evening. In the latter class Capt. M. Walsh of Clarion spotted Henning of Cresco 40 pounds and then ^proceeded to take a substan- advantago to win the On Saturday night the "Cowboys" tangled wth tho New Hampton matmen on the latters' mat and after a real exciting meet emerged with the long end of a 36 to 0 score. Clarion's second team were victors over Ft. Dodge's second team wrestlers on the Clarion mat 29 to 9* McClelland and Bell, Clarion men showed ability superior to opponents. J. Ashpole wrestling for the first time showed up well, this being one of the most active matches on the floor. tal time laurels. JAYSEES DEFEAT EMMETSBURG S Fort Dodge Team Noses Out Opponents 35 to 34 in Tight Game. EMMETSBURG, Feb. 9--Playing one of the fastest, cleanest games ever seen on the local floor, Fort Dodge Jaysees nosed out the Em- raetsburg Juniorg by one point win- IOWA FIVES PLA IN TRADITIONAL HARDWOOD TILTS Week's Basketball Card 1 See Three Major Teams Figure in Action. GAMES THIS WEEK MONDAY Iowa at Indiana. Buena Vista, at Central. Iowa Wesloyan at Dubuque. Upper Iowa at Peun. TUESDAY Iowa State at Drake. Luther at St. Olaf. WEDNESDAY . Penn at Newton Y. M. C. \ THURSDAY St Ambrose at Bucna Vistn. Simpson at Stato Teachers. FRIDAY Kansas State at Iowa State. Grinnelt at Washing-ton. Boloit at Coe. Hirksville at Penn. St. Ambrose nt Western Union. State Teachers Freshmen nt Grlnnell Freshmen. Cornell Freshmen at Coe Freshmen. SATURDAY Illinois at Iowa. Grinneli at St. Louis U. Beloit nt Cornell. Central nt Parsons. Luther at Columbia. South Dakota U. at Mornlng- fiide. ning the game 35 to 34. The game was close from the ing 17. start with Emmctsburg slightly in the lead during the first half the score at the end of that period be'-- Emmetsburg- 20 Ft. Dodge McKenzie, Dodger guard woke up n the third quarter and dropped n three In a row. The score seesawed back and forth until the last two minutes of play when he dropped in the final bosket. Peterson missed a basket by a few inches in the last minute of play which would have meant victory for Emmetsburg. FT. DODGE J. C.-- 35 FG FT Perkins, f ............ 3 2 Fenscn, I ............. 4 ^ tllnklc, f ..... . ...... l o .'arsons, c ........... i o ilrkctt, g ........... l o "Hclien/.le, g .......... 5 o hVcnver, c ............ o 2 PF 0 TOTALS .......... 15 S BOY, 19, The Murray Jewelry company in the M. B. A. building- donated a ?old bowling- ball watch charm to the Individual who has the highest averag-e in the Mason City handicap league and has bowled in at least two-thirds of the scheduled eames Silver bowling charms will Be given :he members of the team winning- the championship of this league. BOWLING NORTHERN STATES POWER CO 168 174 ITS 515 Backyard Style Wins Title for George. Spitz, New York Freshman. . NEW YORK, Feb. 9. (,P--A backyard jumping atyle has given George Spitz, 19 year old New York university freshman, the world's indoor high jump record. Using a .style he worked out jumpng in the back for yard himself, of his 'Indenberg ....133 Vateraton us fosmoskt 171 Schulz 187 Totals-- 125 153 418 144 140 400 175 133 479 163 180 500 FIRESIDE FUEL COMPAN^ 0 Mmderson 170 180 142 492 fJcLaughlin 210 212 161 583 ,,,,, 1*2 140 168 450 °. Ncal 141 198 167 508 hitney 167 231 182 500 Totals-- home at Flushing, N. Y., Spitz jumped aix feet seven inches at the Mlllrose games Saturday night to better the former indoor record by a quarter of an Inch. Spitz set a world's schoolboy record last spring when he cleared G feet 4% nchea at an indoor meet since then he had added nearly three inches to his best height. Spitz uses an odd combination of tho old style aciasors jump with a rolt added at the top to carry iim over at the greatest height. In setting the new record, Spitz defeated Harold Osborn, veteran Olympic star who holds the outdor record of 'six feet SVi inches and who had made the best previous in? oor mark from a board takeoff, G feet ,i: Anton Burg of tho Illinois Substitutions: Weaver for Par- ions, Mlnkle for Perkins, Parsons for Jensen, Perkins for Minkle. EAIiWETSBURG j. C-- 34 Nelaon, f ............ 3 Q Diinnewitz, f . . . '" Z n Wells,' f ............ [ i n ,, Peterson, c ........... 8 4 IWnNnlly, g .......... ]Q 0 g ............. 2 0 TOTALS 15 Substitution.*: Wells for Nelson Nelson for WcHs. Roy Johnston, Gilmore referee. City, In the opening game of the evening Emmetsburg high school defeated Algona high 27 to 22. Emmetsburg took the lead from the start ,ind held It thruout the session. Slater for Emmetsburg garnered six baskets while his teammate, Cretzmeyer, drppped in four ond two free throws. Hargraves for Algona got four baskets and four tree · throws while Moore also for the Bulldogs got three baskets and three free throws. Roy Johnston of Gilmore City refereed tho game A. C., national high jump champion, and Bert Nelson of Butler university, who set the old indoor mark from a dirt takeoff last year. Our newspapers are giving us a cheerful little cnrful about the low price of elegant fur coats. Buy one now for those long, chilly days in the breadline.--The Now Yorker. By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS Traditional battles will hold th spotlight in the week's bosketbnl schedules, with three major Iowa quintets figuring in two battles. Saturday night will see the re newal of hostilities between the University of Iowa and Illinois quin lets at Iowa City. The Illinois liav had a disastrous season to date anc are not far above tbem. Beside its traditional Importance, tho con test may determines tbe permanen occupant of laat place. Cyclones to Meet Drake The other big game of the wee brings together Iowa State an Drake at Des Moines Tuesday. Th Cyclones won a New Year's evenin endounter from the Bulldogs, 17 t 16, but Drake has shown consider ably more improvement since thn. time than their Ames rivals. The two state schools each hav been scheduled with another gam to play during the week, the Unl verslty of Iowa facing Indiana a Bloomlngton Monday night and Iowa State playing the Kansas Ag glea at Ames Friday. Drake Jias only the one contest. Grinneli will duplicate Drake'f twonight Invasion last week-end of St. Louis, playing Washington in a Missouri Valley conference game Friday and St. Louis university Saturday. Beloit to Invade Stato Beloit college forms the only opposition of the week for the two Iowa members of the Midwest conference. The Wisconsin team plays Coe at Cedar Rapids Friday and Cornell at Mount Vernon Saturday. Leaders of the Iowa conference are contemplating n chance to fat- ton their percentages after last week's series of crucial contests. Central faces two strong foes, Buena Vista at Fella Monday night and Parsons at Fairfield Friday, but neither of the Dutchmen's opponents are rated powerful enough to atop the defending champions. Luther has one conference game, against Columbia at Dubuque Saturday nnd a non-conference encounter _yvith St. Olaf at Northfield, Minn., Tuesday. Upper Iowa, undefeated until it bumped into Luther last week haa Penn at Oskaloosa Monday as its only foe. Merry Unities SIgn«a Other conference schools will stage a merry battle for place positions during the week. Dubuque and Iowa Wesleyan tangle at Dubuque Monday night. St. Ambrose makes a two night invasion of northwest Iowa, playing Bucna Vista at Storm Lake Thursday and Western Union at Le Mars Friday. State Teachers and Simpson tangle in another Thursday night scrap at Cedar Falls. Penn* has a pair of non-conference games besides the Upper Iowa UK. Wednesday the Quakers play the Newton Y. M. C. A. team at Newton and Friday meet the Kirksville Osteopaths at Oskalooaa. Morningside plays South Dakota university at Sioux CHy Saturday night in a North Central conference tilt. Freshman teams wind up the week's activity, the State Teachers yearlings playing nt Grinneli and Cornell's first year men meeting Coe, both games scheduled for Friday night. UNDEFEATED BASKETBALL FIVE Desire* out of town gamo.s. Phono 410 or writo Roynl Barbers, Clear Lake, In. TROJAN FIVE TO BATTLE WEBSTER CITY TEAM HERE Coach Sutherland Expects Return Game to Be on Even Terms. Webster City Junior college will invndo Mason City Tuesday to engage the Junior college Trojans in a game on the local court. Webster City won the game previously at Webster City but Coach Sutherland said his team was greatly improved for tho local encounter and he believed with the addition o£ McPeak and Snell on the sqund that the Trojans would give a good account of themselves. LEAD IS Van Ackeren Is Headed for Honors in Missouri Conference. ^ By WILBUR C. PJETEHSON Associated Press Sports Writer" DES MOINES, Feb. 9. (JF)-~ MaurlcQ Van Ackeren, the sharp- shooting Creighton forward who established a season record for points scored in a single game, Is headed for the Individual scoring title of the Missouri Valley conference. The 19 points ho garnered in the Blucjays 1 39 to 31 victory over Oklahoma A. M. Saturday seemingly gave him a. safo lead. Fourteen points behind his 53 aro Clarence Highfill, sophomore and Captain Jakie Harrison, both of Oklahoma Aggies. Loaders Fail on Chances The three lenders have no chanca to add to their totals this week ns their teams devote their attentions to non-conference foes. The Bluejays tackle Missouri at Columbia tomorrow and then invite Kansas Aggies to Omaha Saturday. The Aggies have St. Louis university as their guests at StiHwater Tuesday. Frank Duncan, Grinnell's southpaw sophomore forward, has 'a: chance to threaten Van, Ackeren's lead Friday when the Pioneers meet Washington at St. Louis In the only conference tussle of. the week. The game is a crucial one for Grinnell for it needs a victory in eacU of its remaining, games to climb from a tie for the cellar into at least a tie for the championship. Drnlco Has Ono Game Drake's only appearance this week will be against Iowa State its traditional rival which nosed, out a one-point victory in tho first of three meetings between the teams. Tho contest will ho fought here Tuesday. BOYD BOWLING CO. Kqgt Stato CORA COAL at $7.00 per ton eiish i'HONE 888 Fireside Fuel Co. ARMORY THURSDAY, FEB. 12 AUSPICES DUUM COftPS 40 -- ROUNDS -- 40 CARIx "HARD OIL" KREIGER vs. LBHR B--HOUNDS--G JACK SFIN CARVER vs. NELSON 0--UOUNDS--0 LEONARD CLARKNCE JOHNSON vs. PHILLIPS 0--ROUNDS--G GORDON "VOUNG" STEWART vs. CASEY 6--ROUNDS--0 JOHNNY GEOHGE HINES vs. FRITZ 4--ROUNDS--1 KENNY TUIIOEN BOWERS vs. TEBBEN 4--ROUNDS--1 TWO OTHKR HOUTS Seat Salo Noivl At IJoyd's GlKiir Store

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