Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 1, 1935 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1935
Page 3
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, AUGUST 1 1935 THREE 1 MIDGET MONEY BILL IS TABLED House Committee Holds Act Would Give Treasury Too Much Authority. WASHINGTON. Aug. 1. W)--The administration's bill for the coinage of new half cent and mill pieces was tabled by the house coinage committee today on the grounds it would convey too much authority to the treasury. The midget money had been proposed by Secretary Morgenthau to facilitate payment of state sales taxes. President Roosevelt himself had suggested designs for the coins. Chairman Somers (D-N. Y.), of the house committee said a special subcommittee has been appointed to study the matter .further and "if the treasury can show a real need for a particular coin, we shall give the matter more consideration." Somers and his committee objected to the bill because it did not say specifically what coins the treasury could issue, stating simply that new coins of any value between one 'mill and. one cent could be minted." Asked by newsmen if the committee's decision probably meant "we won't have any Chinese coins this session," Somers laughed and nodded. ETHIOPIA SPEEDS UP RECRUITING (Continued From Pago 1) among Italians is one of distinct pessimism." A formal council session, scheduled for late afternoon, was cancelled an hour before it was to be called. The cancellation was interpreted as meaning that more time was necessary to negotiate the difficult situation with Premier Mussolini. Premier Laval immediately called Premier Mussolini by long distance telephone urging him to abandon his opposition to the plan. In Long Conversation. The two premiers held a long conversation. It was understood the French leader called the attention of Italy's chief to the gravity of the situation from the standpoint of the league of nations, Europe and the world. It was said Italy objected particularly to the outstanding provision of the formula, providing virtually for a broad political conference between England, France, Italy and Ethiopia. Italy apparently objected to sitting with Ethiopia on a basis of equality, raising the point that the East African empire was not a party to the 1906 treaty among England, France and Italy, guaranteeing maintenance of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. Chosen as Basis. This treaty was chosen as the basis for proposed negotiations among England, France and Italy for continued peace between Ethiopia and Italy. Reports were current in Geneva circles, however, that a peace conference may eventually be held at Ventimiglia, Italy. Italy was expected to protest against time limits fixed in the draft of the projected peace formula. One deadline was set for Sept. 1, by which time the arbitrators on the Italo-Ethiopian conciliation commission, who would resume their work, would be required to report to the league council. Time Limit Set. Another time limit was set for September 4, when the three powers and Ethiopia would be required to report their findings to the league council. In any event the council would be scheduled to meet Sept. 4. What British representatives called the "British-French formula," it was learned from an authoritative source, made a distinct concession to Mussolini by providing that the ownership of Ualual, scene of a major frontier incident between Italy and Ethiopia, would not be discussed, Italy has been concentrating' its diplomatic fight on this point, opposing the Ethiopian contention that responsibility for the frontier t ne Hudson ex clash could not be established (jay. without first determining the own- When they ership of the spot. To Appoint Fifth. The projected course of action looking to solution of the east African impasse reportedly called for revival of the Italo-Ethiopian commission with appointment of a fifth, neutral member. During the arbitration period, Italy and Ethiopia would pledge themselves not to resort to war. Signatories to the 1906 treaty between England, France and Italy, guaranteeing independence and territorial integrity for Ethiopia, would seek a general solution of the controversy. League sources considered it virtually certain that Mussolini would demand particularly elimination of any reference against resorting to force. They cited a manifesto in the newspaper, n Popolo D'ltalia. attributed to II Duce's pen, that Italy was determined to go ahead: "With Geneva, without Geneva or against Geneva." ASKSlEllENT POST FOR KELLER Hill Recommends Professor as Director of WPA for State. DES MOINES, Aug. 1. W)--L. S. Hill, acting Iowa works progress administrator, today recommended appointment of Prof. George Keller as permanent director of WPA in Iowa. Keller has been acting as adviser to the Des Moinea postmaster, who accepted a temporary appointment as administrator after Harry F. Hopkins, federal administrator, apparently had trouble in choosing someone to direct the work in this state. Hill made his recommendation to Howard S. Hunter, WPA field representative located at Chicago, 111. I. T. Jones Recommended. Hill also recommended I. T. Jones, Des Moines attorney, as assistant administrator, and appointment of several departmental heads. These were: F. J. Harrigan, finance director. A. E. Michel,, projects director. Don Kerlin,' personnel director. Robert E. Hall, labor management director. Jessie Hanthorn, women's work director. Flora Dunlap, intake and certification director. Keller, member of the University of Iowa engineering college staff, formerly was chief engineer for the Iowa emergency relief administration, resigning last spring to return to his duties at the university. Candidate for Congress. Jones was a farm-labor ticket candidate for congress from the sixth district in 1934. At one time he also served as attorney for the defense fund of Oscar Hartzell, Drake estate promoter sentenced to federal prison for using the mails to defraud. Approval of Hill's recommendations will leave him free to return to his postmastership. When he accepted the appointment as acting administrator, he indicated he would not retain the post permanently, since it probably would not pay as much salary as the postoffice job and he could not receive two federal salaries. Keller often was mentioned for the administrator's post prior to Hill's temporary appointment. Two Tubes Beneath Hudson to Be Linked Together on Friday NEW YORK, Aug. 1. (/B--Men like moles will meet tomorrow under one of the world's mightiest rivers. On a back breaking schedule which prohibits even a moment's respite, Manhattan's grimy "sandhogs" perspired today to couple together two snakelike tubes beneath the Hudson exactly at 1 p. m., Fri- ·hole through," they will have completed the initial bore of the new mid-town New York-to- New Jersey vehicular passage beneath the wide river. Today, on the working side of protective airlocks, only a dozen feet separated the crews of the two tunnels which will become one, approaching the end of a job which was begun only last September. Completion of the tunnel, another link between New York and the west, will require some 18 months. Its cost is $37,000,000. Fined for Intoxication. OSAGE, Aug. 1.--Charles Christiansen Wednesday was fined $15 and costs and Frank Armstrong was given 15 days in the Mitchell county jail for being intoxicated. They were taken before Justice A. L. Hungerford. The men were first brought before Justice Donald .P. Chehock but asked for a change of venue. THE crispness and flavor of Kellogg's Rice Krispies is something to talk about. Children love to hear Rice Krispies crackle in milk or cream. Nourishing and easy to digest. Just the thing for the nursery supper. They promote sound sleep. Grocers everywhere sell Rice Krispies in the Mother Goose story package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Quality guaranteed. Indications For Fair Good. NASHUA, Aug. 1.--The Nashua Big Four fair, comprising Butler, Bremer, Floyd and Chickasaw counties, will be held here Aug. 1216. Livestock entries are coming in and indications are that the barns will be filled to capacity. Railroad Engineer Dies. IOWA CITY, Aug. 1. (JP--John Lindholm, 51, Rock Island railroad engineer, formerly of Geneseo, 111., died here this morning. The funeral will be Saturday afternoon at Gen'- PLANS EXHIBITS FOR STATE FAIR FHA Model Home Among Many Things to Be Shown at Exposition. DES MOINES, Aug. 1.--Major exhibit features for the 1935 Iowa state fair, comprising over 200 acres of displays ranging from the National Livestock Show to an Iowa farm women's hobby exhibit, were announced in final form today by Secretary A. R. Corey. One of the newest exhibits at the 1935 exposition, Aug. 21-30. will be an FHA model home, to be constructed on the state fair grounds under government sponsorship, in a model garden setting, and fitted with all modern home conveniences. Another new event will be the official National Shorthorn show, which will be held here this year for the first time, bringing to the fair the outstanding Shorthorn herds from every section of the country. Other Exhibits Named. Other major exhibits at this year's state fair will include: The national livestock show, Iowa boys and girls 4-H club livestock crops and home economics exhibits towa flower and garden clubs show, Iowa corn and small grain show', Iowa honey and bee show mid-season motor show, fall radio show, Iowa wild life exhibit. State cooking and canning con' test, Iowa public schools exhibit Iowa welfare institutions display farm bureau project exhibits low! china painting show, boys and girls model airplane exhibit. Entries Ahead of 1934. An enlarged Iowa art salon em bracing the works of the state' leading painters, Iowa board of con trol exhibit, daily plays by littl theater groups, and an interior dec orating show. Entries for every department o the state fair are running far aheai of those last year. Officials said to day that indications pointed towar the largest and best state fair low has held in the last 10 years. TAX COLLECTION TO BE CHECKED (Continued From ruse 1) ,ay "provide one of the most suitable means of employment for this roup of trained workers and at the ame time offer a means of obtain- ng information of real public in- erest," Gill said: 'It is particularly necessary that here be no duplication in these surveys, x x x We want to prevent a corps of doorbell ringers making the game calls." Commenting on the income tax checkup, treasury officials said that n recent years revenue agents have ieen able to examine only 350,000 of the 700,000 returns sent them for study. Those examined have been returns of larger taxpayers. Now the small taxpayer will be checked. About 1,000 people will be employed on the new job. Pay for Itself. Insisting that the liquor tax checkup would more than pay for itself in extra collections, officials said sample surveys in 10 large cities had shown "extensive evasions," while "certain stores were being- used as outlets for bootleg liquor." Decentralizing some of the information gathering, the president decided to make St. Louis the headquarters for indexing the 1900 census. From 100 to 500 persons, mostly drawn from Philadelphia relief rolls, will tabulate the replies as to how 280,000 retail business houses found conditions in June of 1933, 1934, and 1935. The study will be made by other relief workers in 17 unnamed large cities and in 258 towns of between 2,500 and 10,000 population. Iowa was allotted $292 for the survey of retail trade. The allotment for income tax investigation included $8,262 for Iowa and Nebraska. A total of $4,446 was allowed for a check of retail liquor dealers in Des Moines. GIVE WARNING TO 'STATE ENEMIES' Nazi Guards to Be Reckoned With in Showdown in Germany. BERLIN, Aug. 1. (J 1 )-- Reichs- uehrer Adolf Hitler's "black corps," he Schutz Staffel, delivered a sol- ·mn warning to "state enemies" today that the nazi guards must be reckoned with in the event of a Celebrates Eightieth Birthday. PLYMOUTH, Aug. 1.--Louis Ot zen is celebrating his eightieth birthday anniversary today at his home a half mile south of town. Hi friends gave him a card shower. Over 2,000 Soldiers and Workmen Embark at Naples for Africa ROME, Aug. J. (.-P)--More than 2,000 soldiers and workmen em- jarked at Naples today for Massaua, to plunge into the whirl of activity which Italy's dispute with Ethiopia has produced at that one ,ime sleepy Eritrean port. The steamship Vimanale sailed for East Africa with 750 troops showdown. The soldierly blackcoats, picked :o protect the nazi party and the person of der fuehrer, left no doubt of their loyalty in the warning, directed chiefly at the Stahlhelm (steel helmet) veterans' organization. The admonition, issued through the Schutz Staffel organ, "Black lorps." and reproduced in Hitler's newspaper, Voelkischer Beobachter, followed orders by Count von Hell- dorf, Berlin's new police president, for his men to hold themselves ready for eventualities all this week. The capital, however, was outwardly quiet. and 465 laborers, the steamship Romolo with 700 soldiers and 153 workmen. Both vessels were to pick up additional troops at Messina, Sicily. Squadron General Guiseppe Valle, undersecretary for air, also intended to fly to Massaua today to observe the progress made in assembling Italy's aerial strength at iU East African colony. Slogans do not have to make sense to be catching. -- Kewanee Star Courier. At ALL Home-Owned Hope About Lost for Army Reserve Pilot Missing for 2 Days LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1. (/PI-Search for Lieut. Arthur H. Skaer, Jr., army reserve pilot, missing for two days after taking a new super- speed pursuit plane on a test flight. lagged today as fear was expressed he had fallen into the ocean. Two reserve flyers, Lieuts. Ted Phillips and W. Arnett Speer, sighted significant oil spots off the Paios Verdes Hills below Los Angeles. and coast guard cutters today cruised about the area looking for other possible traces of the missing plane and its pilot. Briardafe Kidney Beans kargc, lender, dark red . . . ideal for salads or m*j be served jusl plain. A fine flavor, lolg of food value. A special for Friday and Saturday. Briardale "Golden Chunks" Pineapple '-~"^^n^mftmg'^ .... , i ·£«.-£-- ·»*?£"! A new lasle thrill . . . de- 1 Wi ARDAuk'i licious, mouth-wntcring mor- t jOitSBHds "" sc ' s o' juiciest, lendercst pinca * ' .ir'jSK'rjrsaalyB*' ' _ . new nrea t, pple. Briardale §pices For pickling and preserving . . . for everyday kitchen use insist on BRIARDALE SPICES. Full strength, perfectly cleaned and milled. Sold in the new, "patented" sifting-top can. Mexican Laborer on Section Crew Found Dead Along Tracks MTLLEDGEVILLE, HI., Aug. 1. W. --An unidentified man, believed to have been a Mexican laborer on a section crew, was found dead early today along the Burlington line tracks near here. His skull had been fractured and it is believed he had been struck by a train. He is thought to have beeen from Aurora, 111., as the crew was moved here from that city. AFTER THAT SWIM Fugitive Warrant for L. W. Gooden Issued DES MOINES, Aug. 1. (.PI--Asst. Atty. Gen. Clair Hamilton today ordered a fugitive warrant issued against L. W. Gooden, Negro, Council Bluffs. Gordon, sought on forgery charges in Falls county, Texas, is in the Polk county jail. Sheriff L. O. Hay and Asst. Dis| trict Atty. C. E. Reagan from Texas requested the warrant after bringing Gooden to Des Moines yesterday, Gooden has just completed a Pottawattamie county sentence. Prepare for Winter as Mercury Soars WATERLOO. Aug. 1. '.n--While the mercury was near 90 degrees today. City Building Inspector S. A. Dudley issued IS permits for instal- lation'of oil burners. Total value was $5,500. mucrun COSH, AFTER A SWIM 1 omuoun LIKE THAT THERES OKLY ONE THING I WANT ... A LUCKY. AFTER THAT SW!..., YOUR BEST FRIEND, !AM YOUR LUCKY STRIKE. There are n© finer tobaccos than those used in Luckies

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