Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1954 · Page 27
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 27

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1954
Page 27
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24 1954 . CHr Gtebt'-GitMtfe, *..«'. City! U. Inspirational Says TV Star of Program By ALINE MOSBY HOLLYWOOD (UP)--The year's most kidded television program ;is · jslice 'of somebody's past called "This h Is r Your Life," but Ralph Edwards defends his show as "inspirational."' . ' On this program a person to his surprise sees his life unfold before him* and is reunited wilh relatives and friends from former years. 'Many a TV columnist since has suggested other ideas for programs along this line, such as a show where convicts could be reunited vith the judges who sent them up. "This Is Your Life" also has been satirized in night club routines. Bob Hope, Spike Jones, OLDAGE FUND RISES Social security receipts continue to top payments. 1 , YEAKU DAU Jala: U. S. B.pL oi Hwllh. E.W. done take-offs of ti.e show on their own TV programs. Fans Object The ever-smiling Edwards said he is flattered hy the imitations, but he. thinks some of the show's many fans object to them. "I think people resent those sat- irizations," said Edwards. "After all, you don't satirize the Bible. "Of course," he added, "we don't parallel the show to the Bible. But I mean its dignity has given it a tremendous respect. It's like 'poking fun at religion to satirize our show. We have honesty and you can't poke fun at honesty." Edwards said every guest of honor on the program has been delighted to meet his past. On one program a surprised ex-GI was reunited with his wife and children from Korea, who had been flown over by Edwards. Preacher Featured "They are so happy now," said Edwards. "He had been trying for months to get them over." Another show featured a preacher who used to be a crook. Even Hog Market Is Lower CHICAGO Wi--Hogs sold stead to .weak Wednesday as salable re ccipts totaled 7,000 head, 1,00 more t h a n Tuesday's estimate.' I rather slow, steady l» weak; Instances much as -JS lower early; s o w s moslJ s t e a d y ; most choice 18ll-'.'IO Ib. rJj.sO-'M.i loud or so -M.10 ami ::(U5; most MO-HOO 1 sons sft.sO-'-M; pood clearance. Salable r a t t l e : 11,000. Calves: ilOO. Cholc and prime steers steady to SO hl£ closed a c t i v e , mostly ii5-."iO up; steer ntlinp good and below uneven, averag ; steady; heifers inoslly s l e a c l y i con slow, s t e a d y ; bulls a c t i v e , strung; vea crs s t e a d y ; prime 1,000-1. U.- n,. steer ·.T.. in.;o..'il); goiid lo low choice 3K"J.7S several loads htgli cliolce and prime hel crs X'I-UM.75; utility lo low grades 1.'1-1H commercial to choice vealers J !-·». Salable sheep: :,',r00. Slaughter ' laiul a c t i v e , steady lo aU hlglitr; slaugliti sheep s t e a d y : good and choice ivoole skins 5».7,Vil.'J,'!. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK It E C E l P T S CHICAGO i:V.--(USDAi--"Esllmifed sa able l i v e s t o c k receipts for Thursday are 7,000 XMO cattle and '1, 500 sheen. Local Livestock it !U:. n ,0 a.m. fur HOGS -- ll'hnne 10t!.1) prices were bid and pal pjood (o choice IIORS de Mason CitT. Thi one man he the program. had bilked was on His wife had a s s u r e d us it would be okay to show his life, and on the program we asked him if he wanted to see it," said Edwards. "The con man has gotten some letters from people who l l v e r u d at our plant i m a r k e t Is subject to el MASON CITY--For Wednesda J;»c lower. Good light Cood H K hl lights Good l i g h t lights Good llpht lights Good thought he objected to it, but he Good never did." p.««.r medium weights fJnuii medium n-eljrhis medium weight* M'elElils w e l f h l s weights -- weights Good mcilhim weights mo-no sri.2 no-iso j?t.2 180-11)0 S'.M.? -|!1A.»00 S'.M.S Goml Good medium Ciooit nietlium Good medium Good medium !MO-?50 SW.fll ^O-wtiO S'M.7( -'00-27(1 S'M.-IO .'J~iO-ySO S'.'l.ll Good medium weights Good meriium weights Good m e d i u m weights Good medium weights Good medium weights Court medium weights . . . . .'I50-:{li'(l SSI. 70 never did. Edwards hopes his program will last as long as his "Truth or Consequences," year on radio. now in its 14th Good sows ... Good 1 sows . . . Good sinrs :*(iO-lu() S'JL50 Good sows 10(1-150 S-.'l.lM Good sows IM-300 ViO.30 CATTLE -- f V h o n e 10711 .MASON' CIT1 - --For Wednesdav 'Lost City' Found in Portuguese W. Africa , : LISBON, Portugal (UP) -- T h Portuguese Geographical Sodetj announced its agents have confirmed existence of an ancient walled "lost city" in the wilds of Southern Angola, Portuguese West Africa. Society officials said they had received a report from Jose Andrade Franca, their chief explorer on the project, advising them he had found the remains of a fortified town near Cunene, in the hill country. "Within a three-foot wide wall," , the report said, "are vestiges ofU'uwso circular habitations of varying di- 'i^'^, ameters averaging from six to nine feet. At one place was found a conical stone tower." T h e report pointed o u t t h a t similar ruins had long ago been found in Southern Rhodesia, more than 1,000 miles eastward. The investigators are trying to unearth dates and other details of the Angola discovery, "which had been brought to their attention by wandering natives. Prime eteers Prime heifers Choice steers heifers Good steers Good Hellers Commercial steers hetCetj Ulillty steers helfcr« S»3.00-^«.f)U s-.ii.flo.23.on S1S.00-20.BO S17.60-%n.OO SU.OO-1.S.OO s a.flo-n.iio $ 9.00-11.01) s Canners anj cutters s 8.00-10.00 Commercial cows U t i l i t y Cows Grain Sales Are Irregular CHICAGO OB--An early bulge in grains could not be held through to the close Wednesday. Soybeans and wheat attracted the most early buying. Wheat was bought on prospects of export business and reports of dust in the air in.the Texas Panhandle. Later the Weather Bureau noted recent moisture had improved prospects in parts of the Great Plains. Buying in soybeans again was based in part on the strength of soybean meal which scooted up to a new 1954 high at $83 to $83.50 a ton. However, profit taking got the better of this market. Wheat closed %-% higher, March .16%-%, corn -y» lower to ·":« higher, March $1.51, oats · W-'tt lower March 75-75V'a, rye »/a to 1 cent lower, March $1.17 ; )4, soybeans : !'i lower to iVa higher, March $3,3G',i- '/i, and lard 2 cents lower to 10 cents a hundred pounds higher March $16.92. WE11NESI)AY'S G R A I N CI.OSK '" LI'--Final (trains W e d n e s d a y : i'rev. WHEAT Mar May .. J u l y Sept. Dec CO UN- Mar May July Sent. Oer. OATS Mar. Sepl ...... R V E Mar. . . May ..... July . . . . . Sept. . . . . S I J V K E A X S J u l y Nov. Close XM7 l.o\r 2. in 1 , i I.Mm i.u;:',i*i, l.r,;:'.!i ·i..ii!i i..)i'!, t.r,:i'i i.5':'' 4 i.f)ii : 's Ls-j'/i i.,v.'-i.'i i.mi i.nib i.t.i'.t. .75!» .7.V's 1.18'b 1.1UU !.'!" I.Ssia S'M" ^.l!'!i ^Kli ?!iii Mason Cify Grain At 12:30 p.m. Wednesday . . . . . . . . . ................ . 75c Corn, No. 2 ... ........... .... $1.33 Soybeans ................ ____ $3.09 red Midwest Livestock ( W E D N E S D A Y ' S 1'KICES) Albert Lea Me lower ilis ;;].7i; l(i«-I70 III*. . . . . . . X'?.7:I Trend Good Butchers A u s t i n , i t l l u n . lower 170-180 1«()-1'JO 1!)0--'00 ','uo-soo :iOO-;ii(i :fio-:t'i« Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Jbs. Ibs. Ibs. Ihs! Iba! Ibs. '.M.10 MO-:ilO .·iio-:f.-)0 :t,)0-sno ibs. Oood Paclilii S10-:iOO Ibs. ibs ibs Ibs Ihs. Ibs. Ills Sows Waterloo ·lac lower · Kn.50 2S.50 ss.oo 31.70 ·-.'1. 10 24.10 S:f.80 2«. SO x:\.-tn 22.91) W.fil) 2i.:fO 2'J.OO 21.70 Mll-100 IOO-1'iO 21.50 31. nu 2U..W 20.00 ui.oo 20.50 '.'0.00 2:.on SALARY CUT BLANDER, Wyo. (UP) -- Lander city councilmen don't expect to get along on their new salary. Their remuneration was cut in half to conform wilh the articles r of incorporation. They will now get $25 a year. INFORMATION STOREHOUSE Year after year our readers senc for the current Uncle Sam's AJ manac, knowing that its fact-fillcc 48 pages will prove helpful and in formative every day in the year The 1954 Almanac is now off the press and your copy is waiting for you. The 1954 edition brings the usual fascinating calendar page for each month, many pages o factual and statistical information from government and other relia ble sources, and such features as a page on "History-Making Patents-' Send for the 1954 edition of Uncle Sam's Almanac today: 30 cents postpaid. --Use This Coupon-The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, 1200 Eye St., N.W., Washington 5, D.C. I enclose 30 cents in coin (carefully, wrapped in 'i paper) for a copy of Uncle Sam's Almanac 1954. Name .... Street , v- City 2 t ' f · . ' State ..; ..,...;·......;; ^ (Mail to Washington, D.C.) ..*,,.,. ,, : , r . . . . SOUTH ST. P A U L LIVESTOCK i (Wednesday's Market) SOUTH ST. FAl7t, Minn. (UP)-- Cattle: l,'!0n. Calves: 2,MO. Market generally steady. Chulcc lo prime steers 'Jo. a v e r age choice M. Rood and low choice 18. SO ·i^.M. r.ooi! and choice h e i f e r s lX: iO. Utll Ity mill commercial coirs 5 1.. "0-1.1. few I I Olid head weighty cUlrv breed bulls 15 cutter and u t i l i t y VJ.r.0-11.50. Oood ant choice venters 19-25, h i g h cnolce and prime »(.. fi*w 27. lings: 10,000. narrows and flits weal to ^o-cents lower. Choice 180-2'iD Ib. bar rows and gilts 35-20. sizable number o choice one and tirn hogs 2(j.25-2f).flfl, mr Inl ·te.'r,. Choice 250-HOfl l l . b u t c h e r s 23 55.53, one load 2.1.75. Choice sows 20.50 ·:3.2,-i. Feeder pigs w e a k to 50-ccnl lower. Sheep: S,3l)0. I-'eedlnp lambs slronjr to 25 cents hlchcr. Choice and prime cooler slanehter lambs S'J.Sfl-Jif. U t i l i t y and itooi HjrhtwelEhl wooled lamhs 17.50-'3i. C.oo! and choice feeding l i m l i s 21-';i.75. Mason Gity Produce (Quotations by E G. Morse) At 10 a.m. Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 .... .............. ^ Eggs, No. 2 ... ................ 3 Eggs, No. 3 .............. ..... Hens, heavy b r e e d s , 5 Ibs. over ........................ 20c Hens, under 5 Ibs ............. I6c Old Cocks . . .................. : CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday's M a r k e t ) CHICAGO (.tt-- (USrA-- Potatoes: A r r l rals TO. on track :t.12[ total U.S. shipments O . J ; old stock supplies moilerate, demand fair, market about s t e a d y ! Idnho Hussel. yM-a.HS; ftlinnesota-N'ortli Dakola I'on tlacs l.'O-Zi :aew ilnck supplies moderate demand fair, market about sleadr; Florida round reds 2.23. FINE! NO FINE CONCORD, N.H. (UP)--Eicharcl P. Sonderegger was arraigned for driving through a stop sign. He told the court he didn't stop because street lights in the area.were off."Police verified this, Judge Don old.G. Matson accepted Sonderegger's plea of guilty and placed the case on:file. Normally, a fine of $3 vpuld have been levied. fSondercg- ier went to the police chief's office and left $3, for the boys' club operated by police. CHICAGO CASH G K A I N nVerinesda r's .Market) CHICAGO M'^-Cash wlieat: Nn. I .21. Corn: So. 1 yellow l.MJ',--! ^ Y n. 5 ycl- °I!M .^ l!! '' 1M '' :|i s ;""Ple grade yellow Soybeans: Xooe. D a r l c y n o m i n a l : M a l t i n g l.'JO-l.Kj feed f * I . I f i , Field seed per 1UO Ibs. nominal: White l o v e r I0.3ii-10.7ii: red top 57-,-8; alsflfe "-!«; t i m o t h y l'!.50-J:l.50; red clover '.'7--J8. Stock Market Is Unsteady NEW YORIv" ^-Slight signs of recovery appeared Wednesday in he stock market in the midst o[ a ieneral TCtreat. The rally forces were able to halt he downward movement and turn rices up from their worst. Trading was around the lowest levels of this year at an estimated ",300,000 shares. New York Stocks By The Associated Press ( F i n a l Quotations Wednesday) AlliedCh 76 InterstPw 11 Vs AOiedStrs 41 3 4 KanCPL 33% AmCanSGVi Kennecott 70'/a AmCrysS 23-T4 KresgeSS AmHome 46% AmRad ISVs. AmSmelt 28% AmTT 161'A AmTob GO'/i Am Wool 17 MontWard 611 NashKelv 15 NatDairy G4 NatGyps 23% NYCent 24 P'araPict 28 Anaconda 31% PenneyJC 79Vi Armour 9Vfe PaRR 17% Atchison 99% PepsiCola 15 BeatFds 41Vi PhillPet 58% BendixAv 64VL- RadioCp 24% BethStl 53'/4 Safeway 40% BoeingAir 56-Ts SearsRoeb 60'/. CaseJI 15% SinclairOil 37% Chrysler 57% SoconyV 37% ConEclis 42'/» SouPac 397 CornProd 7HA StdBrancls 29--6 CurtissWr8 : )'k StdOillnd 75'A Deere 28% StdOilNJ 77% DuPont 106^ Studebaker 18% ElAutoL 41'A SwiltCo 43',a GenElec 96'/n SylvElPd 33 : !;i GenFoods 57% TexasCo 64% GenMot (52 UnionPac 113V- GenPCm 49U UnitAirL 23 Goodrich 83% UnitAirc 52 Goodyear 56% USGypsm 128 GtWestS 19 =i USRubber 30 Homestake 35^8 USSteel 40V's IllCent 8G WestUTel 41V IntHarv 30% WilsonCo 8 1 /. IntTT is« Woohvorth 43V4 Canned Breads, Cakes Marketed PHILADELPHIA (UP) -- T h e housewife soon may buy canned breads and cakes the same way she chooses tinned vegetables and fruits. The products already are being sold in some chain stores and the baker claims the additional cost of canning is more than offset by the cut in losses from stalcncss. Canned breads and cak-es are said' to stay fresh for months. They are vacuum packed as soon as they leave the oven, So far, the line includes whole wheat, white, plain and seeded rye, gluten, corn bread and pumpernickel. The cake 'ine includes pecan coffee, golden pound, whole wheat pound and angel food. A LOT OF CHORES GARDNER; Mass. (UP)--Near- ng her 105th birthday, Mrs. Vicoria Bonislawski sliU is able to lo farm chores. I""., T R Y A G O B E G A Z E T T E W A N T A D NOTICE! NOW IN EFFECT Globe-Gazette classified · prices as listed below. CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 2 column and over ads must be catted or brought in before 10:30 a. m. same day of publication, 1 column ads before 11:00 a. m. same day of publication. Thank You It's Easy to Place a Want Ad! If you have something you want to sell, trade or rent, if you wont a good job or good help and would like to place a Want ad just Call 3800 and ask for the want ad department. We will be glad to give you suggestions that will help you get results. Classified Advertising Rates for Mason City and Surrounding Trade Territory only. Other rales and contract rates on request. TABLE OF WANT AD l day 2 lines 3 lines 4 lines 5 lines 5 lines 7 lines 8 lines 9 Lines S .44 .GO' .88 1.10 1.32 1.54 1.76 1.98 ECONOMY PRICES 3 days 6 day $1.14 S2.04 3.0G 4.08 Money to Loon LOANS $25 TO'$300 Prompt Confidential Service Phone 412 SECURITY LOAN CO Rm. 321 - 1st Nail. Bank Bldg CASH LOANS $20 - $300 Loans made for most any pur pose on j u s t ' y o u r .promise t pay. Anyone may apply. Ser vice is fast. No endorser needed. Loans also made o car or furniture. Clean ti, those old hills 'with a loa: from HFC. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. 7'/j N. Fee!. Avo., 2nd n. Phone 1101 SEE us about fijumrlng your new unr United Home Hank i- Trust Co. ALL PERSONAL LOAN applications at (he FIRST NATIONAL BANK receive courteous and PROMPT attention. All details concern ing each · LOAN are held in strict, confidence. You will like our SERVICE and low rates. You do no need to be a depositor here to use this service. PHONE NO. 3 OR COME IN FOR DETAILS BANKLOAN DEPT. 1st National Bank Seeds, Feeds 17 1.71 2.28 2.85 3.42 3.99 4.56 5.13 5.10 G.12 7.14 8.16 9.18 This is 10 point type. The rates for this size type are-Count 19-20 letters anti spaces to tine. 27c line 1st 2 days 25c line 3rd, 4th and 5th days 23c line 6th day This is 6 point type. The rates for this size 'type an.-Count 26-27 letters and spaces to line UNLESS special classification of ad is requested, customers m u s t accept classification of advertis- ng department of this paper. The Globe-Gazette is not responsible for m o r e han one incorrect inser- ion. Lodges gB|^ Mason City Lodge O.O.F. No. 224 iV-J E. Stale Phone 633 2nd Degree Tuesday, March 2 HOWARD NELSON Noble Grand Phone 603 A. KOCI1 Recording Secretary iS N. Fed. ph. 2D10-LW Knights of Columbus No. 1006 feets Second Tuesday at old K.C. Bldg.. 2nd and S. Ked., 3rd Fir. W. C. YENERICH, Grand Knight 05 15th St. N.E. Ph. -I918-J John Lifka, Financial Secretary 22 N. Del. Phone 3349-J HARDING LODGE NO. B49 V. L. Constable. W.M. Phone 1203-W L. J. Moore, Secy. Phone 3582-J Work on Third Degree Wednesday, March 3, 7:33 P. M. BENEVOLENCE LODGE NO. MS R. F. Farrer, W.M. -- Ph. 33-12 B. L. Main, Secy. -- phone 5126 Work on First Degree. Mon.. Mar. 1, 7:30 p.m. Card op Thanks WE WISH to thank our many relatives, neighbors a n d friends for heir sifts, cards ami k i n d deeds Siven to us on our wth wedding anniversary. No words can express our gratitude to all who helped make our day a happy one. Mr, and Mrs. Chnfl Crahb, Swaledale, Iowa. Fu_neroJ_Directors 3 MASON CITY COLONIAL F U N E R A L HOME. "The Home of Thoughtful Service." 126 3rd St. N.E. Phone 1505. M A J O U FUNERAL HOME. Phono 511. 209 2nd N.E. \IcAULEY SON Funeral Home A Distinguished, Dignified Funeral ervice. 8 S. Adams. Phone 631. ·ATTERSON-JAMES NEW CHAPEL nd and S. Pennsylvania Mason City Phono JHl) Llccnsert In Minnesota and Jowa CLEAR LAKE W A R D FUNERAL HOME. CLBAtt .AKE. Ambulance Service. Day Phone R. NiRht Phone 7. . Cemeteries A3 FOR SALE--l-tfrave lot In Memorial Park Cemetery. Write M-23, G!obe- a/cttc. IU1T business and solntf away Of- terini? for sale choice lot In Luthran Section Memorial Park Come- cry. Write Rox S-24, Globe-Gazette Monuments, ttc ·»-M-M-wn,^..m, f - M -i..-,,,- *· * B3 IASON C I T Y Monument World. "° n i e - owned and rclinhle slnco 889. See our largo display of finished monuments nnd all granites Including lontelto. Mark every grave. Wo del nywhere. 150 IDUi St. S.W. Ph. 392 Found OST--Pot torn cat. Grey wllh hlack tiger stripes, Answers'to "Skneter." Ick in 1 car. ]'li. 3171, Manly. r FOK SALE--Ames Xo. 2 oats. Ne iTialiu oats, baled hay, straw. Al bert A. Hafermann, McsoiTey. 500 BUS. Ames oats suitable lor seed; also 200 bales of straw. Ph. 52-K13 Nora Springs. F E E D I N G potatoes, S5 per ton bulk S. Kennedy and Sons. Clear Lake FOH SALE--Good bright Ames N"o 2 oats, UOi; bu. Don Baker, 4 mi. N., Vis ml. E. of Clear Lake Creamery. FOH SALE--1st cultinR alfalfa hay Guyinan Sears. I'll. 181-J2. ·!'· nil W. of Alason City on Highway 105. FOR SALE--300 bu. Ames No. 1 oats Test 31. Bin run, SI.15. H. R Trimble, 1 mi. W., 2 mi. N., tb ml W. of Fertile. la. SEED oats, recommended new varle ties--Certified and Select Bonham Branch, Nemaha, Cherokee, Mo. O 205. Tri-State Seed Co., Clear Lake Highway 106 next to Sale Ilarn; HEADQUARTERS FOR INTERNATIONAL FERTILIZER "Satisfaction at Planting Time" Peterson Farm Store Phone 268 Clear Lake SEE US FOR YOUR FERTILIZER NEEDS Make the good earth hotter w i t h Tobacco based V-C Fertilizer We have a limited supply of 33 K AMMONIUM NITRATE We are dealers for SWIFT'S SPECIALIZED CROP M A K E R S EASTMAN'S CLEAR GRAIN CO. WANTED-- Reliable married man for yr. round farm work. House on sop farm. Hay M. Baker and San. Clear Lake, la., Route 2. WANTED--Married man for year around farm job. Separate tenant house with running water and electricity. G o o d wa«cs with extras Lock Box 253, Hampton, Iowa. To A $50 or $75 A Week Salesman Who should be earning $100 or more. If you are stalled at an income level or cannot foresee progress and security in what you are now selling, it is possible we may have what you are looking for. We need a man like you who has had sales experience and enjoys the work. Our company has a product that is a leader in it's field. We give you a good basic training in the use of the product. We can offer you a fair salary and good commission. A car is furnished after you have been trained. We can at least talk it over if you think you arc interested. ASK FOR MANAGER Singer Sewing Machine Co. 123 North Federal Avc. WANTED--Hired man for farm work. Must he good with machinery, experienced and references, Write Box K-24, Globe-Gazette. NEED 3 full or port time men. Must have car and H. S. Dlplomn.' Ex. returns. For Interview Write Box H-24, Globe-Gazette. . Fcmote Help Wanted 21 WANTED--Day dish washer and nluht salad girl. Apply in person lo Coffee Cup Cafe, 28 2nd N.E WANTED-- Waitress. No S u n d a y work. Maxinc'5 Sandwich shop. 'OPENING FOR n service operator on mi established rovito offering security, giinrnnteoi! salary, p n 1 0 vacation, life insurance, pension plan, if you are, between thu nges ot 25 and -15, mnrrled, own .you: 1 cnr. live In or around Mason City. References required, wo train, Write about yourself for personal Interview io Box A GOOD JOU WK need n man In or around Mason City,, married, or experience necessary, we train. Car necessary. Good pay, car allowance. Uiikery, milk mid other route nic'n will bo interested. References required. Contact Mr. WiUgeii nt Hotel Hanford, Thurjs , *eb. 25, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., G:30 to fl p.m. Female Help Wanted 2T VVANTEU-Glrl lor general office work. Good typist. 'Opportunity for advancement for (lie right person. Ph. 1H77 for appointment. WANTED--Waitress. No Sunday work Apply in person. 32 1st SI, N . K . NITE dishwasher. Apply in person. Park Cafe. · WOMEN FOR SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS Paid health insurance, vacations -and holidays, rinasanl working comlilions. Apply -MODE-0-DAY CORP. 8-10 - 12th N.W. Services Offered 27 WASHINGS done. Hoasonable. Phone BI75-W. , Business Locotions MARCH 15. 6500 sq. feel of sales and service space. -- 7th and Federal South. PH. 1335 Rooms for Rent 32 SLPG. rm. for 1 or 'i girls. 319 3rd St. N.W. Ph. B905-W. NICKLY turn, sleeping room lor num. Close In. Ph. S157-J afiei- 5. PLICASANT room for 1 or "i girls. Close in, hot soft water. Ph. 4270-W. HOOM for rent. Gentleman. Ii35 nth N.K, Ph. 2102-W. Apts. for Rent 33 1ST fli-. moil. apt., low rates, close In. I'll. HflO-lM, Clear Lake. ·I ROOM uiifuni. npt. i r i , cnl. uml bath. Ph. :i30(i-\V. ALlinT, ambitions wommi u-iin ea and plione, who can work nt lens la hours per week, durlne nftcrnooi or evening. No cnnvnsslne, deliver ing. collecting or investment. Afi( 25-50. All business conducted by ap poimment and tlio hours will ciii your convenience. For iinmedlato In ten-lew. U'rile Box A-9. G!obe-Ga zette. WANTED--Check out nM. Nu t-.vperi encc necessary. Apply Earl's Krui Market. WANT lady to care for children li our home while mother works. Cat :I289-LM between 7 and 0 p.m. Salesmen 25 WE HAVE AN OPENING for a salesman, offering security and chance for 'advancement, if you have had some sales experience and are between the ages of 25 and 50, own your own car, and are married. This position docs not pay commission but pays a guaranteed monthly salary, car allowance, and production bonuses. Territory open Cerro Gordo and Frnnklin counties. Must live in Mason City. We train you in our office and in the field on regular salary WRITE IN CARE OF BOX G- 22 GLOBE-GAZETTE. Services Offered 27 ASHES, nUBBJSH and Ught hauling Call Bill 2524W. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding--all makes, parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store,21 1 S. Fed. Ph. 1103. FULLER BRUSH Products. Ffoyd Fousek. "Phone 6214-R. WANTED--Ash anc ruobish haullnc Reasonable. PJi. 3-121-J or 3121-W. ASH, rubbish and light haullna. Reasonable, Ph. 3125-R. HOOFING and siding application. Ph 5503LJ. Jim llanscn. washings and Ironlnss, also curtains call 5933-W. EPT1C tanks anrt cesspools cleaned i c a r around service. Hens Ph 87G Mason City. Glenn Marshall. Furnace Repair Gas Burners and Furnaces Free Inspection ' KELROY'S Call 441 FOR PROMPT EFFICIENT SERVICE on all makes of appliances PHONE 860 Montgomery Ward AND CO. DEGEN FLOOR SEflVfCE. Laying sanding. Ph. 1672 or 2770-J. NEXT TO YOU Who is most interested In your motor? WE ARE Because our future business depends on your satisfaction of the service rendered by us. PETERSON'S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE 308 S. Delaware Phone 1139 Personal Confidential JACK J. DIERCKS TAX SERVICE North la. Bookkeeping Tax Service fncomo Tax Service Bookkeeping To Fit Your Needs CALL FOR EVENING APPT. 18 First St. S.E. Ph. 404 Complete Butchering AND Processing Service 'or Home Freezers or Lockers FREEZER SUPPLIES Watkins Lockers Lockers For Rent Ml S. Fed. Phone 008 3 UM. unfurn. tint. U l l l s . furn. I'll. S l l f l - l l . !it2 S. Van liuren. FOlt HENT-- Modern 3 room uiifuni. "I'l. Pri. bath. Close in. Ph. 3117. FOH HKNT-a rm. furn. ;ipt. Prl ont. Close in. I'll. SCTSl-W or 2fl73.,J. 3 IIMS. unfurn. w i t h garage. Ik-ril, water turn. 1'rl. ent., sharo bnth Ph. 37!)«-W. 3 ItOO.M unfurn. apt. Clean. Close in. 1'h. 3MH-VV mornlnt's. KHUN', largu clean 2 rm. front I'llls paid. 3fla N. Adams. 2 KOO.M furn. apt. U l i l s . furn. 4(17 lith St. S.W. I'll. 31 M. t'OH 11ENT-- l\lo(J. clean unfurn. u p i , ICntlro upstairs. Itnmed. poss. Prl bath. 726 l l t h St. N . K . 3 fiOOM unfurn. apt. Steam hent and w a t e r turn., 1st floor. Ph 018S-.I 121 6th St. S.W. l i l lilil H t . S.W. 2^ HOOM partly (urnished aimrtmcnt. CLliAN f U H N . 3 rm. apt: UtlLs. furn. _Kor_«!ple. EM N. A d n m a . Ph. £231. V K K Y large 3 nn. u n l t i r n . a p t . UtllT anil wnshlnK priv. S5S. 81-1 N. Keel. UNFUI1N. 3 rooms. 203. fl:3l) 10 5. I'rl. balh. Ph. Bi Tate Real Estate ALWAYS HAS APARTMENTS FOR RENT PHONE 35 J. B. Youngblood Son Nitcs Sundays 4.111-4880W - 2607 COZY, small imfuriilshcti apartment. Private cnt. Ph. 5622-J or 1265. FOlt KENT--2 room unfurn. apt. Gas heat, all mils. (urn. Ileus. 206 1st St. S.W. Houses for Rent Houses for Sale FOH SALE--4 · room modern homo, screened porch, a yrs. old. n!cn locution S. (if Maple Crust Motor on Ilijjluvny C5. I'll. (13, Noru Sprlmjtf, 2 mcnil.M. lnr«e liuiiKnlow, Grandview. 311) S. Ky. Terms. Ph. (UIU-.I. FOlt SAIL--Hi owner: t hcdrm. brick home, S9,«()0. Cum su, 9M mil N.K. Ph. 5II05-J. $'1500.00 Fully nuidorp. one bedroom home in llio 8.10. Section. Kill) basement. Gits heat. 2 lots. IN THE H I G H L A N D S S room modern bungalow. tSxccllcnt basement, Gus tient. Garage. Ilouuti- ful yunl with shade nn(t fmlt trcus. Giirdon spact'. On paved ulrecl. Close to school. ImiiK'dlntu possession-SI 1,500.00, W. L. Potton Co. Kl'l K. Stale St. I ' H O N K 700 FOR SALE Lower prices on thrite , b u i l t a short llim ago, possession In IIO days. A H bedroom used homu in excellent condition. I'ossfbsion A p r i l Hi. Price $0,500. A 3 liedrocmi, In good neighborhood. Priced at 50,250. A 3 hedi'oom remodeled not long, in Kood shape at $0,500. A tl ballroom In good neighborhood. 1'ossfssion In 10 diiys. lrlci:d at sa.uoo. 3 mi. modern home. Priced nt S3.00D. A Kood small home lo be moved soon. I'riCH SI.C50. D. E. K E N YON Clear Lalto 1 1 I A V K u client In dcsporaUi need oi n li room homo in N.W. part or B. k O. Addition. \V. M. Olson. 1'b. 211 or 1557. B R I C K ROOSEVELT SCHOOL FOUR BEDROOMS Yes, Unit's rifc'M.' Wo have that four bedroom, brick home near Hooscvelt school sllualcd on a lot 100 by I3'J with lovely i l l n l n y room, uood 'sized k i t c h e n , lni'ijc (loublo s t a l l cnrnfje. carpeted, fitted lliroii|hoitl wilh Kuscn aluminum self-storinj' storms and screens, full basement, «as honl. hardwood floors, l i g h t oak trim, willi Uood tui-nis to reasiinidjle buyer. Tliin Is the new listing inul should be seen at once. KENET PEARCE 1 1 5 First St. S.E. I'hone B3 2 BLOCKS TO SCHOOL Home For Sale -- East Side 2 bedrooms, bath up. Living room, d i n i n g room, kllchen, screened porch. Gas heat, auto, hot water. Garage. $8,500. PHONE 5563J FOlt SALE--t rm. mod. and bnth Upstairs not finished. 707 N. Del. FOlt SALE--Any size or stylo horn* erected NOW on your foundation or basement home. Money snvlng prices. Competent p l a n n i n g service. Financing. Standard construction, not prefab. Best dry lumber. Free del. 100 miles V i s i t Fanning Supply Co., WatcrvlUe, Minn. Open 0-5. (No Sundays*. 34 ·1 ROOM partly mcKl. cottnRe. Asbury Farm w i t h Karagu, vegetable cnvc, garden. S30. Ph. 32S3-\V. FOR RENT--Two bedroom house", Forest Park. Excel, cond. tfritc Box .1-20 Globe-Gazette. MOD. COMI'L. furn. In maple. 2 bed. room home, gas heat. Low rent. AsV about It. Ph. 099, Clear Lnkc. House Trailers A34 51 M O D E L 27-(t. Tr.iilcttc t r a i l e r house with bath. See at Trading Post. Go/donsvllle, Minn. N. IOWA'S largest distributor oi new and used m o b i l e homes. Steven's Trailer Sales, I blk. N. Jet. 18 ami 107. Clear Lake. Ph. UI2-W or 1112-J. NEW and used house trailers. We trade for anything. Terms. South Broadway Trailer Sales. South on Highway G5, Albert Lea, Minnesota. Houses for Sale 35 Bi Tate Real Estate Wild wood -- 3 n.n. Living rm.. dining rm., garage, nol new IniL ex- Ira good. -- 512,350 N.W. -- Holy Family district. 1 yenr old, living rm. 20x13, extra large kitchen, natural finish, auto, w.ish- cr nnd dryer, 2 good hedrrns., b a l h . eange, paving. 511,500. FKA will loan 8071-. -- Phone 35. Highlands,' 2 B.H., a dandy . . $10,500 Highlands, expandable, new .. $13,750 N.W. Hoover school dlsl $ 0,500 S.E., 3 n.R., extra good $17,500 S.E., 3 B.n., new $17,300 N.E.. 3 I3R., (make an offer) SI1.200 J. B. Youngblood Son Niles Jt Sundays '1411 - 4B80-W - 2CG7 FOREST PARK Three bedroom, lovely largo lot screencd-ln porch, near Wilson school. Very clean. Terms will] $3,000 down and S59.00 per month. KENET PEARCE VERN McDONOUGH Realty Co. Just listed! Only Sl.OOO down. $70 per month, will buy this lovely a bedroom bungalow Jn (he Highlands, w i t h garage and nice lot. Phone 531, Eves. W. 5(M1, 4574-W VERN McDONOUGH Really Co. We can finance that 2 bedroom bungalow. N.W., dandy kllclien. lull basement, garage nnd only $(!,750. Might consider aa little as $500 or $500 clown. Also another one close to Monroe school. Living room, dining room, kilchcn, 2 bedrooms, gas hent, double garage, on paving. Price reduced to $8,500. Better take a look at that 4 acres at Kenxelt on 65 (look for our sign). Large house, could rent out part of it, plenty of ground to raise chickens, pigs or cows. to Hoover Also lo(, N.W., close school. For appointment call GUILD BIT? or 738 VERN McDONOUGH Realty Co. Central llgts., 2 bedroom bungalow with 2 lots, KOS hent. Can he bouKlit on contract, 54,750. ««UKIH S.W. A ' l a r K e B room''house, Ra.« h e a t , doulilc Kara«c. Suilahlis for income properly. $4,500. Midland Heights--here's n buy with ?ki y o S ?°, U o w n ' S7 ° P° r month for $8 450 oor " ulin « a lo»'. Total price Hylands, across from Legion Golf Course. This Rood 2 bedroom home, expandable attic, lircnzcwny, doublo garage. ;Make us an offer. naosevcll. 3 bedroom home los» than 3 years old. Lai lot. Must be sc SM.500. VERN McDONOUGH Jlealty Co. Phone 331. Eves. .M7, 50-11, 4S7.|.\v 115 First St. S.E. Phone 83 3 NEW BUNGALOWS 2 bedroom and u n f i n i s h e d attic. Hoover .school. 2 bedroom, attached garage, Jefferson school. 2 bedroom, expansion attic. Forest Park. CHISM REALTY 2 M B -- Eves. 5294 Basement in'A W. State nstruction 28 DIESEL HEAVY EQUIPMENT cvcro! mechanically Inclined and re- lrilta mo f ''".l 0 nocdcd to train: for ositions in the Tractor and Equip"it?., ,i a!lry .;X ynu are not/maklng otter, than $100 per week, or yoS on t navo nil year Job security,' you wo It to yourself to write for free acts, without obligation, about Ihln ralninR and our Advisory' Placement crvlce, · n v BOX SERVICE, inc; GLOBE-GAZETTE THE QUALITY of 4 bedroom family homes is not strained, cither! Too often .he larger home has been built .yith cost the ONLY considera- ion. Here's a beautiful home hat's different! Planned for hose who want something bel- ter, but. not at excessive cost. Large living and dining rooms! Modern kitchen! 2 full baths! Carpeting throughout! Knotty pine den! Outstanding healing systeml Attached garage) CLOSE lo Town,' Lake, and Schools! Shown by appointment. , ;··; Stuart Realty Co, Ph. io: Clear Lake M 7 , r m - l l o l l s c - |inrt| y m °»- ide needs repair work. 3 rms Inside remodeled. $1,71)0. Pli 250 Nora Sprlncs. ' Oleson Realtors RIGHT PLACE . " on - .^nrly new 3 bedroom Ranch See this lovely home today N c nr Monl roc School. rmciv~$l3,500 ' CLEAR LAKE An k ° MI"""" C °' U " !C - 1! «t "f location. rt» all modern, winterized around home. Full basement. OLERON'S 1597 NEW 3 1 1 1 J?- OLESON'S n A 1597 YOU CAN USE OLESON'S WEST S I D E oxVra , 0 t ' n , , f 0 « s 1 , ; l o r o n n C O - G ' ' TM ^ 1597 ' )13 « ' 3.(lt . OFFICE PHONE 211 Oleson Realtors Lot* for Sole 7 ^7 ·^~~- ----~~~~~^i? ^:-W2!?fe^;;;'"-««w.

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