The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 7, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1913
Page 2
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l*££e£i .f_Cf jL*z.\~*f t-m.^ ^j.-*£y^--^~~ -- -;----· . is ^ r i z$ S£s-J3t-yfa£zziaBslap 3£stferM j -· -G.W. Weaver and Son Te Leaders * · Just Received h V ; i'/% -- i\\^£ *'·-· ^ sr-^-M -* ^ r i ( = ^5.-i^,-,.. ;-- ··' f I is s -f ^ » ? ys *f Jt _ * -» - . » Munsing Underwear in U u i o n a n d Single pieces m » - * · · . * The Popular 5 Dress and Coat Corduroys Brocade Velvets and Costume Velvets In ail the. best colors now being shown. *New Bulgarian Siiks and Dress Trimmings and buttons in great variety. BRADLEY SWEATERS for ;:ien. \vonien and children. New Wool Sweaters and Silk Waists. New Room Size Rugs Many other things coming in daily. \\\ \ MARINER'S J3UEER MIXUP One of the most extraordinary stories ever told'of the sea is related by Captain Eagellandt, owner or Oie steel sailing ship Erndte- He was at sea rath three men on board when a great gale came^sweeping and tearing and screaming orer the waves, and | drove hi^ vessel-before it in'« «"* gaUie-ing blackness of night- The skipper s|uck to the ^-heel all through the 'loss {hours of darkness, and the gale dyii^ dovnutora snarling growl at 4 i s., he reliiiQuished his post and stepped down to h's cabia for a change o£ clothes.. i It was S.t this moment the real business of the day began. He had just ' got into dry underclothing when the ! vessel quietly tamed bottom upward, and he found himself; standing on the roof of the cabin, with the .door over [his head hermetically sealed by the j 5 ocearx. Was ever a man is such straits j . ' before? } He climbed through into the hold! of the vessel, -where he fousd raisins, j condensed milk, prunes, rice, and, of j course, a Teutonic sausage. Eating FLAG WITH A MAP fjnill IIIIIIIIIIIIHrtllll «lllllllllll'llllll«IHIlHHH«nillllU«IIIIIIIIIIIliHHIIIHlll!ll!l||lliii||||||HHiit IIIIIU I Schloss - Baltimore I | CLOTHES I ft la the new Fall Styles for Men and Young Men, are | .| now reaHy for your inspection ai our score, lieauti- § fj f ul style-creations in ihe new season's b^st \\ ooieiis. In ? 11 perfect-inting ganrfents, ready-t'\vear. , - | The Clothes Beautiful j ! ,1 = |= Designed and tailored by Schloss Bros. Ct Co. of _ |§ tiaiore and New York, are the finest and :nost attract- 1 ! |[ ive garments that money can buy. rf '· 0/3 TC-c* "^ 5 pi V^^ "* iJ'lS^ 1 '. ^ liO *S ieULUiiiU £iius;=.s t '- j-«-«----o g -Jit^-- «^»»5r\i __d^- -,- -* o* 1 this healthv fare, and j seen homing the Sag cf tlie sew in- " ~ « i _ · _ - _ . ^ c - rf~_k -^*^1» ?c? ^^-^ S oa Eh e steel aottosi 01 j i h e boat to attract the attention, ol ' aav shin that hight happen to pass. I he spent 12 days ia. this strange ma=I ner before he -was rescued. Jhe -nrreck " Shad to be towed to s. mighty crane, - !~befo-e a, steel plate could be unloos- j parts of Europe ana As:a and is ' i enea" and the skipper be free to look I known to travelers, 'iiie Sag bears a -j | once more on the blue sky. ; i niap cf Africa. * i " * dependent goYernniest of Tripoli. _ the son of an.Afghan lather and an 1^ Albanian mother. Whec the Turco- j ^ Italian war broke oat he went oa foot. ! = from Egj-pt to Aziaia roussas in e ~ tribesr en. He has been in many Boys' Clotliihg 1 Largest assortment and best values ihroiiglvnit ! HOW MOTOR TALKS' 5 :u all its Tuacuons"; uac cnce,- --here his vo:ce became f grave, "it refused to ran Into an ualightcd ditcn _ \vhere I -s-as trying to steer it. ! FEELING OF SYMPATHY 3E i W.EN | 'jc5ked for half an. hour for. h and breadth of Adams County WOMEN'S SHOES ; From Si-25 to $4 oo SWEATERS For Men and Kc y; 50 cents i'- C=5VHR AND ENGINE. steering apparatus, but ccuW find nothing -vrong."--Suburban Liie. Underwear j · ii For everybody in cotton, *»vc 1. Sleece line.! a i - I all 1 -- \veiGfhcs. 1 ' s . - _.,,,.. I i"=-s'!!ns Stcra-^e Batteries. Owner Declares Macninery "Pe -" ; Q ^ Q , ^ cMef c f uses o f injury to Language Entirely'O'e to . w .. orage bazterie s 15 the jolting they re- j Him, and Reports an incident. i ^~ ^^ ^ ^ is passing over i car standing in a side street darir.g ·" the day and drove hoze at nig-t. Then for 'the first time. I beg?'-! ^ I sense the feeling of mutuality, or | mutual sympathy, if-siici an e:.pre=r- I -ion. may be permitted, between anir ' mate and inanimate things, hawses , the machins and myself Severe S t-ips by mvself confirmed the seasa- i tion- then I bought another car tor ' the family, and now drive* myself regularly Jin. thib o^e. "I have often thought of the stone- told bv locomotive engineers, in their great engines are endowed to leak o«it or the active material in the plates becomes cislodseci- These t-oufales rr:av bs c-.ercorae when St- uas battery "boxes to ths machine hy rna'.vins the container -arger tnan the b *tterv s.~'~ forcing bet* cen the latter -nd ^a!ls o£ the box small airtight -ubber b-Ils. such as ch's:!re:i Tasse vil! held t.-.e battery is V« ^'i\e S II Jr _ I Cor Square and CaiFsIejSt. tamps = Gettysburg, Pa~ § o'aca rr~"." 2=^ sb-orb ail iiccks. Cor.ver.-ent Devlcs- A vcrr conT«-nient iktle tool for _keeping the_rlat:num cqin:s of a vi-- brator. cr other electrical contacts, in. to oaj me ttinjs pa Go 7,000 Miles to V/esjJ ^ -e, Wis--Moy Bock;lQnoBg i Largest Fire Chief Dead. ( 'and Sior Bock Tosg, sons of thariie , Paducah. Kir--James 'Wood, prest- . Toy,~~one of the richest Chir^se in ; eent c£ the Iptercatioiial AssociaTi America, ·will leave on a seve^. thou- | of Fire Cb!p f s, is dead here. He sand tails joursey to Hongl»ns to ! _ rip ipT-gest chief in th many girls they ^iU see :or fje erst ', -veie'jpd «25 occss. ^ . time OH their Tredd ; 3g day. - ' [ L-l^Li O *SL^-~ ~--t, i almost; mental faculties. -there are good sha^e corslets o: ITO strips of before his mother could rescue aiss»- Dailv MORE Fall and Winter Clothes are arriving at The Home of rme Uotncs . All through the s'ore in every department you will find new styles ana patterns to select rrom ; ro- baoly vou have not been in and examined these new styles, if not, stop in, we'll be glad ,0 Aov, vou what's what for 1913 and 1914. Below are a few of the new STYLES v.-e^are io anxious to show you. . Men's' Department ' Department ?-Ir. Vonn= A I t"-'i- .Ifi-annien: i\e are s'-.o^!')- t5ie '.."2 , 5 , H ., ^.. ^ .-,_. I.RC'OI Cost-=. O^at 5-rt=. irfe.~'^- Iji' : .ics ; i';: : - ! . : -:r-= tlii; iia-ie ever i-een -ii',\a i". this co-rim :n; ;-,. "· e :.'i" ' u:a'n- a".: i::c r,^ v«~t "··tr'--u a= v. ,i a ;;,.. ...a-rvat'i- 1 =131-^. ar.-: yo-. can rin 2 :'..«·!·· -'re i Sweaters 7h"T ar · :n t"".e - neans that ai-a:n v.e have tho'i^ht o: ynr nce-i= lor -nr-.p.ter. r F«.r t?T o~.«!( r ? n i n-ort- cor.ser\ati\e ir.-n ^c have ar.'l ! ^i.ert- .j aiinco: «-r.itb and tha' v. · can assure ' v. li ar;-c.ii t- TO.:- in style q ^alitj aa-i ivor« S*\veaters ^v».--t and bast a I -=Kn-ri' nii the i- yon the nc - \ -hiV. T knit a-*i ^m?c-kir»V-x-"stylft-.--wh!j roll «r Baron n,»"iar. in j.l'aia "or Norfolk styles.. Prices ran-·: fro-r, 5' 'r to i/.o-'-. ' Kuppenlielraer aid Alco System Clothes \ yoi:n- rnen are :ar3t:r to plea.-; 5r» ciO'Jr^e? than r»«l- - ni-rj-'tV-v-.vant"-orneth3r.-"ir!ore 5:5 ·:-ci:-.- than St. · airlivv'. fs-iV/:": -i.orc e-.f-n. tlian =ty: i'.f;y want a « " * * - - - " · « " * - X r,n,f% T^'H-'S t-*-1,«C-, !·» " * J~ * ·" "'·'^^"*"»^S " obtain')'^ "a--"*- anfi ~ T na.n.i'^.- i tlitjsr c^ii't ltscrI5/e it. J^it tiityr xn^w -A. jn^ o'jr clot:i«s. It i a »e »«-^ , v -"'- i=po ' "-^ : rcsan 1 pr«-'\;';'j for-UseiK. t^ai \\v J --u:ts at S"i; -AC to --e yo'ijre w n.i: F»nd oar :"-ar-i in ti.^:n i t5 cy i;et it- aMZ2 our t .or you. The Ladies.' ShcefDep3i;i:r.c:il Shoes -,",;r.i: in?-. yo-:r -ty · :^ -T c?!: : .r. Do--.,:!:'.-,-, Cr'.-v o. in :s" lUrry or MEW EAGLE HOTEL 'Capacity 400 Rooms -jcitli bath *a atdt« iizira A. Mt-Conomy. Prop'z- Specials for this week. 5 Doable-sheets tangle: foot flypaper for oc. 3-5e packages safety matches :or lOc. f.'' Trimmers 5 and 10- lyoa want a weekly I paper get J'THE ADAMS COUNTY J^EWS i More local reading matter than other paper published. Price S1.00 per year. RICE PRODUCE h ?nc«-» Paid for jsJI Highest --FARM PROI'CCB CHAS. S. MUMPER --lire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Household Good*- gtbred any length of tiin*. '1. r Times OfSre. W. H. TIPTON5 " --Photcprapfaer--- Gettysburg 1 *2» ^ Fertilizer = lini - Coal 3; \ O ^-- ~~r^ * hvx5PM parrning Itnplenaents Aspers Milling and Produce| Co. «. Apers, Fa. f ·3 Effi fs. 40 HE,AD wiz * ii£S 7 i!^f ^t^rs Pnltc ._, aim bulls } · ^ ^ ¥*Qfif%Tfj ,J. v Jt f * // w * ^-^ ^-^ c*c e» -^ at one o'clocli, at BIGLERVILLE, --Consls:iag of-AT slnp Vpflt?~ftt ui Uliu I utli vi 4 "The Home of Fine Clothes" Tv/o Heed of 2 year old Mules 10 Head of I year old Mi^ 12 "head of Mares and Geldings Rancnn* in aje from = to 6 years old, 1 pair large BRG03X MARES, bred to a Perchercn Horse \- F' r.ners do not miss this sa e as we have just the k i n d o f L k i K a t w i l l ma* 5 0 1 money white you steep Sale at i o'clock, P. M. i A credit of 10 montns will be | cm-en by i Forbes ^ Forney. "SPAPERJ

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