The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1954 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1954
Page 26
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Board Proceedings R E G U L A R J A N U A R Y SESSION rimi DAY.'"""' ltt ' mi , Tho Hoard of Supervisors of Cerro Oorclo County, Iowa IHCI In regular session pur",- · lit toi adjournment. There wore present John C'lhlll. Chalrmon In the Chair ami BunorvSorn Jolm G. Brown anil H ri Kohblns. Absent i None. Hie Hoard of Supervisors of Ccrro Goi.lo County, . owu mm. jointly with the Sui i " , V J"^.l "»"««" .»!". #4"" cScs l 31, ,nd and rc-ncsessmcnls glneur's Compulation*. There helnK no f u r t h e r come before the Hoaril. minion Kj.ectlvcly relmlvu to a n il rnailo . ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, by .Supervisor II. n. J l o u b l n x . scconde. I y biincrvlsor .John O. Drown (hat tdo Hoard adjourn to meet un J a n u a r y 25, IDS') J O H N O A I I I U , , C h a i r m a n Attend , Boiml of Bupervl«orB ,,,. .. W A K O B. H A M M O N D , County A u d i t o r H K G U I . A R J A N U A R Y SKSSION J a n u a r y 2,1, mil SIXTH DAY. The Board of Supervisors of Ccrro (iordo County, lown met In regular session p u r a u mil to a d j o u r n m e n t . There were present J o h n C a h i l l , C h a i r m a n In the Chair antl Supervisors John G. llrown and a. D. Robblna. Absent r None. The Hoard approved the Domestic A n i m a l Claim of II. M. Sailer. Nora Springs, Iowa In the a m o u n t of s-10.00. The lioi.rd approved the revocation of the a p p o i n t m e n t of Hcverly Ilolh 7.vr\\u «K Clerk In the office of tlie Coiinly '1 rc-fiMiror, e f f e c t i v e J a n u a r y 1'ilh, 1U54 The lloiini rejected the Domestic A n i m a l Claim of I'etc Sewnld. Dougherty, lown »s not hnvint! been f i l e d w i t h i n llio 10 day period as required by Inw. ../!?.!? " U l l r ( l autliorl/od Ihc I r a n s f c r of J-i.-i/b.Jlj f r o m tlio I'oor i-'und to Insane Fund. The Hoard a u t h o r i s e d Ihe t r a n s f e r of n J200.00 from the General Teachers Institute Fund. Fund to the | WHl-.Hl..AS, t h » 19.13 g e n e r a l taxes, payable In 1334, assessed against the f o l l o w i n g described properties are payable by the following named persona who are entitled to suipenslon of the said taxes u n d e r the i 1 TM vl8lon of Section 427.9, Code of Iowa 1950. NOW, T I I E R E F O H E . Ilu It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Ccrro Gouto Counly. Iowa t h a t the IS53 general taxes payable in 1951. assessed against the following described real estate, and against personal properly for the following named persons, be am! the same are hereby or---- --- --~ ...*. « " " ' '"!" uanl tf Brown, Lot 0 Block 3 P. R, Engcbretsons] I.ol 15 In R A Sub NR.SW fl.' ·I · 'I 1 ?. ""'. , Personal at in I South Jackson. Huck, Albert, In n n m e of I.cnn lluck, (Jeordes. J e n n i e l o i a s t K I.OU I S: -l, Wock 23, Knapp's 2nd Add. id Meservey, low!" Thornlon, luwii, Ilylnglon, Leonard II., Lot 1 Ulock 10, North I'lymoiilti, town. Hymen, l)a|»y M., j. 0 t ] Uluck 51, 11. G. rurkers Add lo Mason Clly, Iow;i, Culvert, M n r i i i u c l A., Sva I.ol 4 BJk 13 find N 33' Lot 5 Bile 13, und S 5' of N 38 Lot 5 Hlk 13 Rock Kail*. Campbell. Nora Eslell, Ixiln 12, 13, 14 15, IB, 17. Ill and 19 Illock I Went Side Add to Rockwell, Lois 7, 8 it 9 Klk 10 Town of Rockwell. Canimraon, Richard C,, West 8' of S C6 I.ot 2 Blk 18, Miu-cus TuHle's Add i Svi. LutB 3 4. mock I B Marcus Tullle's Add to Clear Lake, Jown. Chesebro, Ilariiul, In name of Ambrosff Chesebro, Lot 2 and N. 1'lyniputli. Lot 3, Ulock 1, Christenseii. Hans. K ;j3' or fl 150' Out- lot 13, K n n p p V 2nd a U d to Thornton. Clapper, Ida, Lot f l Mol)ovell i Hackell's h u b I.ol 10 of NW-SW 18-98-21. Colloton, Margarel A.. Beg. at a point B ids North of KB corner Lot a in Kinsley i A d a m s Subd Nli-SW Sec. 9-36-20, thence W, R ids, thence N. 'i i d b . thence 1C 8 rds, thence S 2 rds to beg. Conklln. Lornn M., Lots I 2. Hlk 13, Clear Lake Camp Altij. Grounds and also u tract a.* described, and Lot 3 Illock 13, , Clear Lake Camp M l « . Ur. Cornell, ' M a r y , Ixjt.s 3 Hock Falls, Iowa. · L,, B Lot 7. t h e n c e W .55' 4, Block 10 l!if SK . t h e n c e N 6(i' Uience r . · ""-nee S (ili' to bvKlnnlnv all In . Lot 7 Block 30. Pau Clly. Curvo, Kelt's I'lal of Mason net. NI,J, Lot 39, Slrrlne* Sub Lois 1 H In Co'vt Lot S. Sec. 13-M-22. D a l i a n , M n r y «'., I n n a m e of J. II D a l as, lliuband. dec'd. Lol 1!) lilk 7 I! i o Addition. Dnvli, llcnjamin I'., Personal at 825 S Jersey. Daw.wn. Lorln and Susie, ]·: 120' Lot 3 In H u b Gov'l Lol 2 in 22 110-22 W. except t h a t pan conveyed lo Stale of Iowa. Uotrk-k. Alck, Lol 24 Block 1 Fall-view Addition. Dcwoy, Lulu, In names of Anna Foster Dewey and M a r t i n e t Cnlklns. Lots 1 t 2 Ulock 12 Swaledale. F.rlen. Knno nnd Lena, S 4 nig. Lot .8 In Sln-lnes Sub Lot I t 4, In (he Subd Gov't Lot 5 In Sec. 13-Ofi-22. t'arrell, Louisa A n n . In n a m e of Ceo. I'. I-'arrell, spouse, dec'd. N 210' of WV4 Oullol 8 N 216' Outlet 9 Knapps 2nd Add to Thornton. Flslier, A n n a , Lol 5 Ulock 1, Lehlgh Add lo Mason Cily. Fitch, Nellie, In name of Nellies Lurlh ·mi' of the W 40Vt' in width of Lot 1 and the S 43Vr of the F.U' Lot 2 all In Jane Beldlng's Subd of Ihe S One acre Lot In the Subd NW SIC 9-96-20. Flnin, i.itrx J. unit liyrnhilcl, Lot S ' except the S. 55.86' in Slrrlnes Subd Lots 1 " 4 in Sub of Lots 5 Sec 13-1)6-22. Foss, Charles and I d a , Lot R Block of Section 427.9, Code of Iowa, Allen. Ada M,, Lois B 4: 9. Blk 7, Law's Ind Add lo Mason City. Iowa Arnold. M a r l o n Sherman. In n a m e of Itclla M. Arnold, Lol 18 lilock 3 Ventura Height*. H r a h m . Ida T., I.ol 9 Block 67 Mcscrvey's Add lo M. C. Brown, Boh 11., In name of Anna K l r s t e n .. I'«- K. IL Sampson's Sub of a porllon Lul 2. in Subd of SW-SW Sec 7-90-21 in City of Clear Lake, Iowa. Fox, Alonzo K., Lot I In Youncs Sub of Sampson's Sub of IVH Lot 35 In Itloli- nrds und Hurdcns Add and W 3'J'/i' ol Eii Lol 7 Sampsons Sub W^ Lot 35. Gaffncy, Mnn'. I n name of James P. and Mary A. G a f f n c y Lol G Block 'J ftock- well. Iowa. G a r l , Kalte A. Lot 6 in Kinsley Sub of fl-DO-20 and Block b Oilman, I.etlle, l,ol 75 Midland ..,.,,...,,. Oooilwln, Abby. Ixit 4 Block 28 Colleuu A d d i t i o n and Personal, (·Viuld, fC(l«ar I),, In n a m e of K1., Holl a n d , C e i n l d and Burnea Gould ('/i I n u Lilt 3 lilock JO N o r t h Plymouth ami Personal at P l y m o u t h . Graff, K n s p c r .1. LoU 1. '2 U 3 Block 1 Law's Add. to (Mason Clly, fowa. G r a v e n , Alice A., In mum: of Y. H. Gruvc-s, spouHt, dec'd Lot 1 U 2 exc. W 50' in l l o l i o y d ' K 1st Sub K"/i HK','« Kuc. 697-19. Hull, Kmma Uruintjack, In name of Win. h l i n e r l i n l l and K m m a Hal). I.ol 19 Ilco- com'a Add to Muson city, Iowa. H a i i w l K , Aliille, Lot I I , Block 13 Mcser- vey, lowu. l l n i i r i f k s o n , Mary, Lot 7, S lO',!' Lot 8 Illock .1 KiiKcbrctsons Add to Thornton. Hill, Jennie Cracu, In n a m e of J a m c n M. t- J e n n f e G. Hill. Lot 10 Block fl Ten- ney'x Adil to N. P l y m o u t h . H u n t . Nora C., Luis 1 i 2 Illock 9 Norih P l y m o u t h . Jacoln, M i l d r e d , Lot 13, Block 10 Hock- w e l l , Iowa, ICaBtcr, Charles. In n a m e of Home Own. era Loan Corp. Lots 1U, 19, 21 i 22 Blk fl V e n t u r a Heights. Kinsellu, Catherine M., In name of M a r - garet Klnsella (Catherine Same) Lot 7 lilock 3 College Addition to Million City. Kofoot. SophJ« S., l Ml 2 Piei sol's Sub of .SW NK 3-91-20. Kelly, Mae, 1-ois 17. 10 U 19 Block B R o c k w e l l , Iowa. Larson. Chris, Lol (i exc 1G 2/3 llnk.s off N Side it N Vt I.ot 7 in S h r i n e ' s Sub of Lot I in Lot 5 Set- 13-!)«-22. R a l p h , Lots f, t (i, Block 2 In N J. Nelsons Add to Ventura. I o w a . Ltncicum, Charley, Personal at 331-2-Uh! Link. K I J a , SWIy 90' Lot U Sub Il-afi-20. Illock 12 U u l c k , Kenii li., S. 54' ol Lot 1 and S 54' of VV Hi' l.«l 3 Block J Thornton. McCauley, J i i m e « J., In n a m e of J u l i a L. McCnuley, spouse, dec'd. K',i Lot 5 all Lot (i. Block 19 S w a l e d a l e , I o w a . McEvoy, M o n i c a , In n a m e of I). H. Mc- Kvo.v anil Monica Dewey Lot 3 Uluck 9, Rockwell, Iowa. Massee, M e a n a , Lois 21 1: 22 Block 1 Hanford. fowa. Mourclu-acl, Frank T., Lot 6-1 Hoyt'a Kirsl AUd. to Mason City. Moornheacl, K a t e , All Lot 5 in I l l o i k 33 South Mason City exc. N 34' and the South iO feet thereof. Morltz, Minnie, Lots' .7 «.- 8 Block 2G Knapp's 2nrJ Add to Thornton, Iowa. Moshier, Oliver P., Lot 11 in Sutjd. Lol 19. Block D Oak Park Addition to M.C. and also beg. at the SW corner Lot JO In Subd Lot la. Ulock D Oak 1'ark add to M.C. r u n n i n g thence N. along West line il uald Lol 10 a distance of 22' r u n n i n g ihonce Sl-:iy to a point on Ihe Kasterly line of xald Lol 10 a distance of 8.3' NK of S13 corner said Lot 10, thence SWIy B.3' .o SE corner said Lot 10, thence West to beginning. Odom, Charlc!i, In name of Chn.s 1 . and lo/ella Odom Lots 9 12 Blurk li liurch- In.-il. Lots 1.' 4. .1 a Bik 10 B u n - h i n a l Otden, Charles E., Lot G In N'/, of NEVi Sec 21-97-19. Lots I to 8 Hlk 4; Lots 1 to 8 Blk 5; Lots 1 to 4 Block 9; Lots 7 1- 8 Illock 8 all In Shell Kock Falls. I'adden, Nellie, Personal al 205'A N Federal. PaluiB, Nels 0., In n a m e of Anna Pahus, duc'd ifiousu Lol 30 lilock 21 In Plat of Block 21 to 30 Incl In Sub of pan of Clear Lake C«ui| Ml«. Grounds Awic, O'Connor, Daniel, Loin 8, 9-IO-1I mi Cartenvllle, Lol li Blk 12 in Iowa and Minnesota Town Kile C. First Add to Cxir- lorsvllle Kxcepl K 38' and W 8' tit said Lot 0. a», Mnrla, In name of .Spouse, Paraskevas Lot 7 Block 1 John J. Burns Add lo Mason C i t y , Iowa. Parish. Gus, Lol 8 Bloc): 4, John J H u m s Add to Mason Ctly and personal ai Paulson, ilenry, Lol 23, Blk 15 V e n t u r a Helghlx. 2U-U6-22. J'etcr*, Harm. Lot » Block 22 Knapp's 2nd Adci lo Thornton, fowa. Plersoi, Jessie 11,, Lol 20 Block 11, Hockwell, I o w a . Pioscovcc. Nellie I-:., Lot 1 Block 3 A C. Curnmlns* Add lo M.C. Heeler, Carrie N. Lot 2 In A u d . I'lat of ull I h a t part of LoU H-15-16 18, West of the M i- STL HR In A u d . Pint of the NW'/. Sec 3.9(5-20 and Lot 17 In the A u d . I'lat ol the N W U Sec 3-90 20 and ulnr, t, »trli of Innd 33'. w i d e ' a d j . t being diivclly W ul Lots 14-1.1-16 4: 17 in the Aud. Plat of the NW'A Sec 3-96-20. Reich. John H.. !n n a m e of Henry Reich Lol J6 Hoyl's 1st Add to M.C. Rcimcrs. Mcllmla, In n a m e of Jolm Huirmrr.s Lol C Block 2 Kli Hand Add to Rockwell. Honey, Chailc's, B u i l d i n g on land leaser! over three years located in S.W. purl of Block 12 Knapps HI Add to Thornlon. Russell. M.iude H., Ixil 5 In the Bub ol Lois I'i t 13 and the ].; y link* ( ,i j. 0 t I I In the Sub of the NW14 Sr-c 3-9R-20 Sampson, Jessie., Lot 8 Block 9 V e n t u r a Heights. Scholl. 1'etcr, In name of P. J. and Maggie Scholl, Lot 8 Block 2 Titus Add to Hockwell. Schult/, Henry L..'Lot 15 Block 2 Rogers ml Sandry's Add. to Clear Lake. Sessions, Harry VV., VV '.a !,ut* s, R 7 mock 4 in ./. L. H.iiklnsons Sub of East 10 Acres ol SK NE 4-91S-20. Shaner. Id;. J., Lots C77 4 678 1st Add to M i d l a n d lights. Snell, Birdie, In n a m e of M a r g a r e t Lewis W 75' Lot 5 Hlock 13 St. E. Francisco's 2nd Add to M.C. Sladilandcr, J o h a n n , Lot 12 Block 13 Mescrvcy, Iowa. T a t i n a n . Ida Mac. Lots 609 and 610 First Add to Midland Hght.s. Taylor. M a j o r F.. Lot 22, Block 10 B 4: O Add to Mason C i t y . T u r n b u l l , Josephine. Lot 4 In Turnbull's .Sub of Lot 13 In N W - N K Ktc 10-96-20 V l g d a h l . Susan, Lot 14 H. E. Francisco's Add to S. Mason City. Vlk. H a n n a h . Lot 4 S. J. Clauscns Add to Clear Lake. Welcheit, E d i t h , Lot 9 Block 24 College Add to Mason City. Wentworth. May Ellie. Lois 5C9 i 570 First Adil to Midland Heights. Wyboinoy. Edward and Lulu, Lots 5 t 6 in Block 21 N. P l y m o u t h . Y t z e n , Carllna, In name of N i c k Ylzen, Spouse IxM 5 Block 22 Knapps 2nd Add to Thornlon. Iowa. Mollon was made by Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded by Supervisor H, D, Robbins, Ihat the f o r e g o i n g resolution be adopted. Motion carried, the vote thereon r t - s u l t t n s as follows: Aye.s: Supervisors John G. Brown, R. D. Robbins and John Cahill, Nayes: None. Resolution 'declared adopled tills 25th day of January, 193t. . A resolution r e l a t i n g to the detailed appropriations of the soncral nrr IT t-i m-i'ii L--I, n t^A, ,,,Vr; · - - · - · · · - ,-, -.",-.. ...%.». .,j %.,, a ,ju n ,u iu r.iLii uni^c " u u p m BE H H J H U l b H RfcsOLVbD that all of Ihe said budget askings and the a p p r o p r U t l o n 1954 General 254.415 Poor 172.800 Court Expense ; .... 41,00 County I n s a n e 80,825 Sec. Road Construction 289.900 Bee. M a i n t e n a n c e 385,000 -Ronil Clearance 25,000 Counly School ° , 41,493 Counly Assessor 19.C95 County Hoard of Education 30.230 Domestic Animal 3,000 Employes Relircmenl (Slate) 28,000 Federal Old Atfe Bencfll 17,143 Fair Grounds ' 10.128 ·Fine Fund 2,500 Bangs Disease Eradication 4,718 School Library . ; . · 3.B52 Rural Library 13,352 Stale I n s t i t u t i o n 157,000 Soldiers Relief 37,835 Cily Assessment 25.075 Bovine Tuberculosis 5,574 Teachers Institute 926 Noxious Weeds 3.356 Clear Lake Sanllary Dlst 57,161 Appropriated Expended 1953 213,519.62 141417.52 41,978.24 65,001.22 313,227.23 350,362.30 24.397.M 53.180.36 20.865.27 25,116.00 8,564.85 24.010.09 1.429.59 10,041.69 33,899.76 007.50 1,927.74 7.042.56 1-10,961.31 23.829.20 19,368.31 3,183.45 539.56 93.61 Expended 1952 208.192.01 150.841.47 36,095.62 86,239.72 316.70B.64 301.994.80 H.799.59 46,934.33 19,645.04 22,401.7G 12,617.06 24.520.86 6,038.71 32,031.71 434.70 1,870.69 17,182.98 118,209.96 20,350.21 17,922.59 1,744.09 897.24 S C H K. » U Ncl Balance 1-1-1954 69,519.79 82,371.16 2,400.29 34,055.25 2.426,37 16.234.52 7,753.65 1.849.95 5.056.35 12.SG6.18 2,473.51 51,043.73 1,101.9ft 81.79 14,454.81 4.71H.24 1,852.51 9.076,18 13,528.92 18.573,77 6,734.49 3,814.11 720.51 3,356.34 15.24 . s indicated Ihereon are by this reference made a part of this resolution. A n t i c i p a t e d Receipts 1954 229.190.25 127.239.27 39,005.90 79,549.93 287.562.79 380.653.85 2-t,6H.Ofi 41.107.17 17,126.34 30,05658 6.000.00 28,030.20 16,041.32 10.046.90 20,000.00 2.000.00 12,010.23 151.560.23 21.022.73 24.792.06 3.039.38 200.00 57,146.23 Total Available 1951 9B.7I0.04 209,610.43 41,406 19 1)3.605.18 289,989.16 396.888-37 32,401.71 42.957.12 22,182.69 42,622.76 8.473.51 39.073.93 17,143.28 10,128.60 34.454.81 4,718.24 3.852.51 21,086.41 170,089.15 39,596.50 31,526.55 6,353.49 926.51 3356.34 57,161.-17 1953 211,774.84 170.415.03 34,825.66 83.159.81 292,480.58 357,957.03 17,572.97 52.935.07 2i.869.2B 23.121.3L 6,230.58 28,017.47 2,531.55 IO.OB0.02 33,588.4-1 2,202,2G 14,928.87 154.758.45 24,687.82 21.366.10 2,076.49 700.00 108.85 Net Balance 1-1-1953 171,264.57 53.173.S5 U.5S2.B7 IS, 856. SB 8.639.79 14.617.7fi 2,401.24 3,053.34 14.5fiO.87 4.747.78 7,066.35 46.45 14.76C.13 5,325.74 1.577.99 1.189.B7 4,731.78 17,715.15 4,736.70 4,921.07 5(J5.07 3,356.34 Receipts 1952 204,043.58 174,149.12 35,998.78 91,579.34 315.258.29 307,021.18 17,170.64 47,350.'J3 21.081.fi3 21,342.17 6.852.15 27,029.70 '6,102.30 . 41,216.81 3.249.71 15.061.65 309.427.37 19.290.60 18,657.80 11.23 700.00 Jorgenson, Harry O,, Harlio M a l n t . 2865 Unnhon, Harriet '-, Reg. of V.S. 3.JO S. W. Lock Company, Supplies- L u n d t . Calo, Trustee "..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Lyons L a u n d r y i D i y Cleaning. Laundry M a r c h u r i l Cnlr-iilalori, M n i n l . ' . ' . ' . ' , M. C. Clean Towel Service, Supp. and Ldry M. C. 'IV-iit A w n i n g , ftcpalrs ., Mallue, S. A., Trumto A l u r p h y . Minnie K., Reg. of V.S. Nchrlng. Frank. BIHT Rclurid .. OV.'onnor, fCi-cielt, Trustee . . Park H o s p i t a l , Met!. Care Pcngad Mljj. Company, Off, Supplies Phillips Petroleum Corp., Gas amj Oil Plppert, A r l y n , Trustee i Pilkln, Sherwood, Tni.stfir Pllney-Ilowcs, Inc., M e t e r Malnt... I'lalh, Fred C., Repairs Prcscott, Burton, Trustee . . . . . . . . Prltchard Motor C o m p a n y , Repairs Road Mainunance, Hi-p.'m h Ryan, T. C.. Reg. of V.S Schllr.-Unc, Fred W., Trustee Shell Oil Company, Gas and Oil ,, Shepherds- Cilations. Books Shepard, Robert IL, Rent-Phonc- ..................... Slumlord Oil Company, (.ins and Oil Texas Company. Gas and Oil ... 32.5,) ·I.OtJ 12.0(1 ·11,00 3.35 24.2H 8.00 .25 37.50 4.00: 8.50 37.20 6.32 S.OO : 4,00 18.20 239.59 4.00 1.60 32.00 .511 4-00 eo.71 Zi.OO 90.23 Jurgcnson, Dr. G. Earl, Dr. not In con't Kissinger, Sheriff Ike, Sen'. Notices KJIc/iw Grocery, Provisions Liml '(rums Food Store, Provisions L u t h e r a n Welfare Society of Iowa, Care al Insl M.B.A, P h a r m a c y , Medicine Marigold Dairies, I'rovMnns ... Mercy Hospital, Hospital Morgan i: Morgan, Drs., Dr. not in con'l Mid-Continent Petroleum C o r p , Fuel Norrls N u r s i n g Home, Local Care Paulson, Dr. Jerome, Dr. not In con't Peterson. Dr. R. W., Medicine Pelcreon, Dr. R. VV., Dr. nol In con't. M a i B h a l l Wlggly Store 2, O'Hearn. Frank C., Mileage "'." Prescription Shop, Medicine Versteuer, W., O f f . Supp Weber. R. S. Carpet Company, He. pairs . . . A l l - W h e e l D r i v e Co., ltd. M a i n t . Berry M a c h i n e ltd, M a l n t . Mutor Parts, Buyer H a r d w a r e Sc P a i n t , Rd Mainl. Brown, Herman M. Serv., Rd. Maint. . . . . Centra! Telephone Company, fid. Maint Chicago K oc h Island fc Pacific, Hd. Malm C. L. Ind. Telephone Company, Rd. M a i n t C. L. W a t e r D e p a r t m e n t , ltd Corner urujf Company, Hd. Mxint. D o u g h e r t y Hardware. Rd. M a i n t . . . Drott M f g . Corporation, Rd. Malnt. 7.90 9.04 9 43.67 18._ I'.'dcJy Lumber Company, Hd. Maim. 35.72 K n g l e r Drug Company. Rd. Malnl. 3.52 Farmers Coop. Society, ltd. Malnt. 78.77 Farmers Company, Rd. M a l n t . 2.77 Fruddcn Bridge Lbr. 4: Supp., Hd .Malnt :. Ccer i: Strahorn, Rd. M a i n t . ..'.. Gibbs-Cook E q u i p m e n t , Rd. M a i n t . Goixlyear Service Company, Rd. Maim. : . . Coplerud Lubricants Co., Hd Maint. Dept. Store, Prov.-Rent ., Haven Nursing Home. Local Care ,.. , Rcubci, Dr. R. N . . Dr. not'in con't. Rockwell N u r s i n g Home, Local Care Schiff Rest Home. Local Care Scott County Welfare Oflice, Prov · - , - · - - Fuel *'·*·{ Sinclair R e f i n i n g Company,.Fuel '·'. C ,I;, SnclJ'* Ambulance Service. Transp. B a - W l Standard Oil Company, Fuel Stevenson. Hent .. Swaledale Oil Company. Fuel Ted's Super M a r k e t , Prov. K l r k h a m , Dr«. Tice t Tice, Dr. not in con't WasB Nursing Home, Local Care Weils. W . A.. Rent . . . Youngblood. J. I!, fc Son. Rent Orton, L. C , Trr-as., Dr. con't. P a r k Hospital, Hospital Y c l l a n t ) U Hanei. Supplies ... Sunnyslopu Wapcllo Co. T.B. San., Post San. Care Polk County Auditor. Comm Exp. Tice, Ceo.. Ex. Phys. S l a m , N. C., Phys. ' , 30 j FlUpatrick, D. H., Attorney '. ; G7 H u n t , Van W., Ex. Phye. . ... M Teas, Tom. Pat. Atty. · *· J r.-I _ i * .. . . _ 64.75 2.00 flfj ')) 50.00 11B.13 I2.W 2,288.4'J 7.50 33.4) 17U.OO 150.00 JO.SO 8.50J 130.50' 85.04 77.25' 276.00 MJJOII CJlr Globe-Gawlte, Mason Cllj, (a. p ( (,, 24 27 Become a Hog Judge in Living Room by Television AMES--You can learn io judge* E5.99 30.00 63.00 1,59 80,92 30.35 3G.69 SI. 98 4.30 1.230.02 Net Balance 1-1-1952 75.)13.00 29.8C6.0Q 9,649.71 10.557.04 2-l.B23.37 3,6)3.41 11.840.71 1,984.59 1.BIS.75 15.623.46 10.512.63 ·1.557.51 33^07 5,581.00 5,700.44 198.97 3,311.20 13JH.37 18.774.71 3,101.4! 6,650.8« 763.3 3,356,3- Goplerud Lubricants Co., Jld. Malnl. ; .. . Cus Champlih Station, Hd. Maim. I! i- S Molor Company. Rd. Maint. H a r m s All-Gas Company, Hd. Malnt. Harms All-Gas Company. Rd. Maint Hart Molar C o m p a n y . Kd. M a l n t . . . H a t h o r n Motor Tarts Co., Rd. .Maint. , : Ilubcr Supply Company, nd. Malnt. I n t e r n a t i o n a l l l a i v . Co., Rd. M a i n t . Iowa Elec. Lite and Power Co., Hd. Maint Knesel i Son, A. W., Rd. Maint. Kolb H a r d w a r e , Hd. .Mainl M. C. Tent i A w n i n g . Rd. Main!. Perry Cabinet Millwork. Rd. Malnt Montgomery Ward 4: Co.. Rd. Malnt Pickiord. l,yle S.. Hd. M a i n t Prilchard Motor Co., Rd. M a i n t . .. Reliable Implement Co., Hd. Maint. Rockwell Hardware, Hd. M a i n t . .. rcoliier G a r a g e , Rd. M a i n t Homey Realty Company, Rd. Mainl. Hozen Chevrolet Co., Rd. Maint. »5,40 13.20 ·)5.i30 11.24 7.00 48.11! 9.00 43.00 170.00 25.00 12.00 1,277.11 623.57 49.25 Uti.OO 55.22 7.50 37.50 37.50 22,50 20.00 10.00 3.14 3.14 3.14 20.25 4 2 9 1 There lein« no f u r t h e r business'to come 302.73! "afore the Board, molion was made by [Supervisor H. D. Hobblns, seconded by 33.56! Sl! P ervl50r J «hn G. Brown that the Board adjourn to meet on February 8, ISSt JOHN CAHILL. C h a i r m a n Finley, -Murray IL, Pat. Ally Mosby, Mrs. IL O.. Witness . Toepfer, Mrs. IJon, Witness ... Lee, Carlton, Witness . . . . . . . . . . . Orton, L. C., Treas., Post Care LG7C.96 Pi "k Hospital. Post Care a 'meat-type" hog by television on Farm Facts," VVOI-TV's Monday night f a r m show in a new series of programs beginning at 8:30 p.m. on -Monday. C o u n t y extension directors throughout the VVOI - TV viewing area early next week will receive forms for judging blanks which they can duplicate and furnish to anyone in their counties interested in taking part in the judging. Dave Bateman, who produces the Farm Facts show each week, says county groups will he encouraged to hold iocal "parlor hog judging contests" with small prizes for the local winners. All of the five Monday night shows in March will be devoted to the "Meat-Type Hog," Bateman says. The series will open with William Zmolek, extension animal h u s b a n d m a n , as guest specialist. Each of the shows early in the 53.85 97.4H 5.41 2,27 460.85 89.05 22.14 Attest: Board of Supervisors H A R D n. HAMMOND, . County Auditor R E T U R N S TO G E R M A N V ACKLEY--George Hinders, who the past two months visited his mother, Fanna Hinders, 82, has re- l u r n e d to Germany. This was his mssjfirst visit with his mother and sis- 4.90 475.CK) 5.79 3.4(j .3-1.90 57.68 ... - 3r,.oojnnuees have ben named to take 109.82 charge of the physical plant of the 39.24 4.50 P R E P A R E F O R SEASON ACKLEY--The Ackley Country Club is getting ready for the ac. tiv . itics of the coming season. Com- club, also to take charge of the various events to be scheduled. and television market news analyst. Third Man Enters School Board Race NORTHWOOD -- Papers liavc been filed here for Whitney R a n - dall as a candidate for election to the school board March 8. He is owner of Randall Transit Mix, a former contractor, Navy Secbcc veteran of World War II and was charter commander of the local VFVV Post. He also is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and American Legion and has a son in the fifth grade. Papers were filed last week for Dr. R. H. Oslen, incumbent, and R. T. Nelson, manager of the Northwood Co-Op Elevator. TRACTOR BURNS month will help viewers preparej C A R P E N T E R -- The fire depart- for the judging contests. At 8:30 p.m. March 8 there will be two guest specialists, Edwin A. Kline of the Iowa State College meats laboratory, and Cap Bentley, radio mcnt was called to the Art Lunclc f a r m , two miles east of town, when his nearly new tractor caught f i r e in the shed when he started it. Both tractor and shed were destroyed. Make $5,000 Yearly Selling HYBRID Corn You can do it with this company if you are willing to work. We need a District Sales Manager. If you have had sales experience and can hire F a r m e r - D e a l e r s to work with you, here is a golden opportunity to make a good income. Our hybrids are strongly advertised in Farm Papers and on Radio and get repeat orders because of outstanding performance with farmers. Write us -- tell us what you are doing now and what you have sold. Enclose photo. Salary, expenses, and bonus. We shall treat your letter confidentially and arrange interview if we think you are the man we want. Write to Box V-22, c/o Mason Ciry Globe- Gazetle. 1,456.B26.78 330,325.62 1,007,932.42 1,938,818.04 1.568.448.48 287,080.20 1,482,897.91 261,009.07 1,715,787 1,524.703.06 · Kino Fund: Balance ol fund to he transferred to School Fund. Motion w a s . m a d e by Supervisor R D. Hobblns. seconded by Supervisor John G. Brown, t h a t the foregone resolution be adopted Motion carried the -vote n. D. Rohbins, John G. U r o w n and Jolm C a h i l l . Naycs: None. Hcsolution declared adopted this 25th day of January. 1954 ATTEST: W A R D B. H A M M O N D , County Auditor There being no f u r t h e r business to come before the Hoard, motion was m a d e by Supervisor H, D. Hobblns, seconded by Supervisor John G. Brown t h a t the Board adjourn to meet on February 1, 1354. Attest: JOHN CAHILL, Chairman, Board of Supervisors WAHD B. HAMMOND, County Auditor R E G U L A R J A N U A R Y SESSION F e b r u i r j 1. 13S1 SEVENTH D A Y . The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gorrlo County. Iowa, met In regular .session pursu. ant to atljournmcnl. There were present John Cahlll, Chairman in the Chair and Supervisors John G. Brown and n. D. Hobblnj. Abjent: None. The Board approved the following Domestic A n i m a l Claims in the a m o u n t as ict out opposite each name: Benjamin W. .............. 537.50 Gcorxe Crolty ........................ 37,50 A. L. Runyan ........................ 12.50 A. L. n u n y a n .. ........... . ........ 13.00 The Board approved the fallowing re ports: S. H. M a c P c n k , Clerk's Report ot Fines and Forfeitures Frederick B. S h a f f e r , J. P. Quarterly Hcport ijlr ending 12/31/53 C. R. Servlson, J. P. Qlrly Criminal Report period end. 12/31/53 C. R. Servlson, A n n u a l Criminal Report year endinjt 12/31/53 C. R. Servlson, Annunl Civil Report Year ·ndlng 12/31/53 Virgil A. Reid, Constable, Otrly and Annual Report R. R. Pierce, Constable, Annual Report Frederick I). Shaffer, Rustic of Peace, Annual deport Resolution W II E R E A S, International Threshing Company la Indebted lo Ccrro Gordo County, lown for u n p a i d personal taxes ns- icsscd In Pleasant Valley Township for the ycars 1041 to 1946 Inclusive In the total amount of $44.11 Including penalties and interest, nnd WHEREAS, said tax Is not n Hen on real ·state, and WHEREAS, an offer of S22.0B has been roartc for the full nnd complete compromise settlement of the above taxes, penalties and interest. NOW, THEREFORE, Be II Resolved hy the Board of Supervisors of Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa that the offer nf $22.06 he accepted as llie full nnd complclc compromise »clllemont of the above taxes, penalties and Interest. Motion was made by Supervisor R. D. Bobbins, seconded by Supervisor John G. Broun tiiat the foregoing resolution be adopted as read. Motion carried without dissenting v o t e . Resolution declared adopted this 1st day of February, J954. . T h e Board approved the Domestic A n i mal Claim of Lloyd Jn.ipcr.ion, Rockwell In the amount of $35.00. Motion was made by Supervisor R. D. Bobbins, seconded hy Supervisor John G. Brown I h n t p a y m e n t of claims of persons listed bolow be ratified, approved nnd con- f i r m e d , Motion carried, the vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors John G. Brown, John Cnhlll and R. D. bobbins. Nayes: None. Bnrlusek, James, Fox- Bounty .f 2.00 Brown, John G., Mileage Cnhlll, John, Mllcagc-Misc ...... 'Clausen, Dclmar. Fox Bounty . . . , Dcillna, .John, Fox Bounty ...... Dwan, Cnl, Transp. Costs ...... GrcKnon. K. W., Crow Bounty .... Grave/Inez, Unclaimed Fees .... JIucy, Charles; W., Provision* ____ Huff, Leonard. Fox Bounty .... H u f f , Lynn, Refund on dog .... Iowa Elec. Lite and Power, noad ' 23.10 65,12 '2.00 B.OO 37.47 21,20 1,279.99 ZM7 2.00 2.00 .. . , . Johnson, Duane, Crow Bounty .... fl.30 M.C. It.C.U RR Co., Freight .... 422.28 »fayfl«ld, Duane, Medicine .:.... .75 N..W. Bell Telephone Company, ' : Telephones ,....'.....,;., t . ...... 3d9.00 O'Hearn, Frank C,, Transp. ,,.... 28.7.1 Peoplei Qai and. Electric, Gas : fc Lite* : . , . . . . , , . , . . . . ........... IJ4.5D Fulerton, Royden, Fox Bounty ,. : 2.00 PMtmaster, Postage ....... . ...... J21.D7 R a i l w a y Express Agency, Expren 4. no Retco Alloy Company, Road Maintenance 254.28 Robbins. R. D., Mileage 70.63 Rock Island Molor T r a n s i t , Freight 2.96 SoverfiOn, Glenn. Repairs DD. No. 40 1.140.21 VanDcn Bosch i Sons, Contract DI) No. 120 . 2.727.65 V o r n e y , Howard L,, Road Malntc- 837.45 O.U JOHN CAHILL. C h a i r m a n , Board ot Supervisors of Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa. nance . . - , . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Waychus, Frank P., Transporla- llon :, ..... .......... . ____ . ; . . . . . . Weaver Conslr. Co.. Road Malnl. Sons 5,02-!.70 5.44 On motion of Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded by Supervisor H. D. Robbin.s, Hie Weslcrn Union Tele. Co., Telegrams following bills approved and against the Counly were allowed and the County Audllor Inslructed to draw w a r r a n t s in payment thereof. Motion carried, all members of the Board voting Aye: Hnckbarth, O. P., Bep. Assessor . .S 156.75 McCnughcy, H. L., Dep. Assessor . 189.62 Slzcr, R. E., Dep. Assessor 169.10 Waller. Gco. H., Dep. Assessor .. 156.75 Lcc, Howard M., Mileage 45.00 45.00 Dcllaan, Alwin D., Mileage Armco Dr. Metal Prod., Rd, Const. 4,451.41 Ashland, Esther W., Rd. Const. ., 1,334.36 Bowcn. Stanley T., Hd. Const. .. 388.10 Cool. Clara E., Rd. Consv 64.80 Edwards, Glen, Hd. Const 75.60 Edwards. Cora N.. Rri. Consl. .. 324.60 Festl, Mae C l n r a , Hd. Const. .. 5fi.35 Floy, Chris i A n n a , Hd. Const. .. 199.44 Glldner. N. J.. Hd. Const 494.20 Hugh, A. D.. Max S. k L. M., Rd. Const 384.68 Lcglcr, Victor. Hd. Const 198.00 Lcglcr, Victor N.W. Mutual Life Ins., Rd. Const 157.68 Lcvcnhagcn, Erlck It Wilhelmlna. Rd. Const. 142.50 N.W, Mutual Life Ins. Company, ~ " ~ 15.00 156.20 15.00 15.00 360.00 Rd. Const. Potter, Luclla B.. Rd. Const. Prudential Insurance Co. of Am., Rd. Const P r u d e n t i a l Insurance Co: of Am., Rd. Const. Rice, C. C., R d . Const. Ronoy, Grant, Rd. Const. 150.30 Spllman, Dan, Fid. Const. 622.00 Taylor, Harry E., Hd. Const. .. 62H.80 Taylor, Harry E., Rd. Const 674.60 Tesnc, Walter K.. Rd. Consl 362.52 Tail, .Hcrrticc. Recorder, Rd. Consl, 36.00 Tliomas, Bert R., Dep. Co. Assessor 292.82 Ashland, C. K., Dep. Co. Assessor / 308.01 Harris, Arthur, Mileage 35.70 McConnclI, B. L., Bond 18.75 Miller, Lloyd, Dep. Co. Assessor 221.26 Kllplo Loose Lenf Company, Sup- pile* 84.50 Barclay Company, Repairs 3.50 Bawden-Lindsay Company, Equip.- S| 'PP 1.310.75 Breeders Supply Co., Farm Equip. Central Soap Company, Supplies .. Ccrro Gordo Arllllclal Breeders, Live Slock Clear Lake Sand pairs 18.95 35.25 G r a v e l , Rc- 39.00 4 48 C r a n d a l l , Harold, Repairs '. 1,173.23 Damons I n c . , Clolhing Earl's Market. Prov. 24.09 19.H6 43.50 Kngler Drug Company, Drugs . Farmers Klevator Inc., Feed-Fertilizer . ; - 1,729.87 Gildncrs, Clothing , L . , 23.04 Glrton Farm Store, Feed 15li 14 Golden Rule, Clothing 17.90 llansen, Harry S., Clothing Iowa M u t u a l Tornado Insurance, 4.85 Insurance ... .................. 162.05 James Refrigeration C o m p a n y , Repairs . . . . . . . ..................... 20.66 Kaiser t- Phillips. Vet.. ........ .. 62.50 Kitchen Klinlc, House Fixtures - . . 14790 Martin, E. W., Repairs .......... 4.75 M.C. Battery- St Electric, Repairs . 7.65 M.C. Builders Supply Company, Repairs ............... . ..... ....... M.C. Implement Company, Rc- Peterscns China Center, Supplies Plumb Supply Company, Repairs 1.25 148.32 Patterson James Funeral Home, Burial 150.00 2.18 . . . . 97.30 Regan Bros. - Holsiim Bakery, Provisions 196.53 Road Maintenance, Repairs 35.17 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Med. Care 8B .M State Brand Creameries, Provisions 91.14 Surge Dairy Farm Supply, Sup- Piles 47.G5 .Swalcdalc Oil Company, Fuel 98.90 Thomas Machine Company, Repairs . 1.50 Wagner Coal Company. Fuel 786.27 Western Grocery Company. Prov. . 209.85 The Iowa Company, Ins-. 930.41 S R Chevrolet Company, Repairs J6.37 Standard A u t o Parts, Repairs .. 2.22 Arrow Printing Company, Bar Dockets 106.50 Hogan, J. M., Bailiff s Hamilton, Ward R., Witness Morgan Morgan, Drs., Invest. Paul. Gordon G., Invest Shepanl, Robert II., Per Cent of Fines Allen, G. D., Transp American Book Company, Textbooks Bills' Camera Store. Pholos . . . . . . Bishop, Lorn, Ex. Help Bochljc, Ernest, Trustee Brown, B. J., Reg. of V.S Bryant, Hughes J., Rent Ccrlifled Elec. Corp., Jan. Supp. .. Clear Lake Mirror, Bd. Proc Clear Lake Publishing Co., Bd. Prpc 324.-13 45.37 35.00 40.00 4.00 209.42 6.55 24.21 ·1.2S 206.70 4.00 .75 50.00 58.17 127.80 Clear Lake Reporter, lid. Proc. 127.80 Livestock AUCTION Kanawha Sales Pavilion KANAWHA, IOWA, ON HIGHWAY NO. Ill FRIDAY AFTERNOON -- FEB. 26 Starting at 1:00 O'clock L « r w*ek we had « very active sale and sold all kinds of livestock, including · lot of fat cattle. Everything told »t very satisfactory prices.'Around 7*'.to 80 consignors. Had · top of $22.50 on fat steers;·$12.2'Tori cows;'about'* $26'.QO top on veal calves; $29.00 top on feeder p)gs. Consign your stock to Kanawha for full value and «atlsfactjon. H. Brummund,Auctioneer Manager Co-Mo Photo Company, Photos Continental Oil Company, Gas and Oil Cromcr. F. E., Del. Tax Coll. 6.00 123.55 G45.63 Dclerman Company, H. C., Repairs 5.40 Dietrich. Max, Trustee . 4 oo Dwan, Cal., Bd. Pris, W on and Wash ; . . : 1,153.20 Franks, Glenn W., Trustee 4.00 Frantz, Keith. Revise Plats 21.00 Gripnjui Paper Company, Jan. Supp\ : . . { 8 1 4 Hendrickson Stamp Works. Off. Supp. ... . Hlckle, C. F., Trustee 8.00 Idea] American Laundry. Laundry 7.78 International Business Mach., Off. Supplies 1423 Jessup, W. C., C'!vk 400 Johnson. Mrs. F. E., Extra Help 214.50 Johnson. Invln, Clerk 8.00 Siee-Mason City Company, Rd. Malnl. Skclly Oil Company, Rd. M a i n t . , . Snap-On Tools Corp., Rd. Maint. Swaledale Oil Company, Hd. Maint. Town of Thornton, Hd. Malnt. . . . . The Iowa Company, Hd. M a i n t . . . Industrial Towel i Uniform Service, Rd. M a l n t ..' t- R Chevrolet Company, Rd. M a i n t Standard A u t o Parts, Rd. Maint. Adams Pharmacy, Medicine B i O Drug, Medicine Bascom, Dr. L. A., Medicine . . . . Bascom, Dr. L. A., Dr. not in con- t r a c t Beckners Food Market, Prov Belolt Lutheran Children's Home, Local Care Bethany Nursing * Home, Local Care Booth, Mrs. Florence, Rent Chicago Meat t Grocery, Rd. Malnt Christenscn, Dr. E. M., Dr. not in con't Corner Drug Company, Medicine.. Danley t Kerr, Drs., Dr. not In con'l Dept. of Social Welfare, Blind As- sistancc 5.9B 13.24' 16.37 18.49] 7.40| 17.001 1.50 70.70 83.83 145.00 12.00 52.00 33.05 278.90 3.00 97.32 Dept. of Social Welfare, Aid to Dep. Children 2,407.00 Dovall. Mrs. Antonio, Local Care .. 40.00 Erickson, Mrs. Iver, Local Care .. 30.00 Farmers Coop. Lumber Co., Fuel 25.64 Food City. Prov 22,00 3ood Samaritan Home, Local Care 100.00 H t H Grocery. Provisions 6.50 Hale. Dr. A. E.. Dr. not in con't .. 22.50 Hoffman, Mrs. Ella. Hent 12.00 .O.O.F. Home, Care at Inst 585.00 .O.O.F. Home. Care at Inst. .. 253.25; Jimmy's Food Store, Provisions . . . . 120.00! Public AUCTION ^ I om l»"tt'ng farmin 3 I will sell all my personal property at Public Auction to the highest bidder without reserve at the f a r m located 4 miles south and 1 Vz miles east andI 1/4 m.le north of BRITT; or 2 miles north and 71/2 miles west and V 4 mile north or Klemme; or 8 miles north and \Vz miles east and V 4 mile north of Konowho, on Saturday, Feb. 27 Sale to Start at 12:30 O'clock Sharp L U N C H WAGON ON THE G R O U N D S Having a Farm Sale? SEE BOB PEDELTY AUCTIONEER AT THE CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. or PHONE 434-R-2, Masort City LIVESTOCK A U C T I O N CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. Clear Lake, Iowa February 26, 1954 12:00 Noon CATTLE A tot of good cattle was consigned last Friday and met with active demand, John Harris of Mason City sold 1,245 pound fat steers at $21.60 cwt. Erving Duesenberg of Rockford sold 20 fat heifers, wh 900 Ibs. W. H. Nuehring of Maon City sold fat heifers. S. A. Charleson of Joke sold 24 heifers, wt. 825 Ibs. Orven Charlson of Lake Mills sold 14 fat steers and heifers. Vern Toft of Clear Lake sold fat steers, wt. 1,100 Ibs. Genapp and Faber of Sheffield sold mixed cattle and many more. We appreciate your consignments. The reason so many fat cattle are being consigned to the Clear Lake Auction Company each week is because of th* many packers, buyers, butchers, farmers, feeders and locker men who attend the sale every week and bid in competition on the stock which assures a good market. The demand is very good for springing cows and heifers of both beef and dairy breeds. Also good light weight stock caftU. Listed for this week: 25 whiteface springing heifers to calf in May. 5 Shorthorn springing heifers. 3 Brown Swiss springing cows. 26 whiteface heifer calves, wt. 450 Ibs. 20 Angus steer calves, wt. 450 Ibs. These art native calves. 28 fat steers, wt. MOO Ibs. 12 fat steers, wt. 1,050 Ibs. 18 fat heifers, wt. 900 Ibs. 21 fat steers and heifers, wt. 850 Ibs. And Many More. Plan to Attend the Clear Lake Sale and See a Lot of Good Stock Sold. HOGS We are receiving many consignments of bred gilts and feeder pigs each week which are selling very good. Bring in your sows, CONSIGN YOUR LIVESTOCK TO CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO. CLEAR LAKE, IOWA For Prompt Sate* and Complete Satisfaction 54 - Head of Livestock - 54 2 Saddle Ponies, well broke. 19 HEAD OF HOLSTEIN CATTLE 15 milk cows, some are fresh and others'.to' freshen soon. Two 2- year-old heifers, springing. One small calf. Purebred Hoistein bull, 2 years old. This is a good producing herd. 27 HEAD OF HOGS 27 bred gilts to farrow about March 20th. All vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. 6 HEAD OF SHEEP 6 ewes to lamb about May 15th. 250 WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS HAY, STRAW AND OATS--500 bales of red clover and timothy hay. 225 bushels of Ames oats, good quality, weight 35 pounds. All cleaned. 300 bales of straw. BROODER HOUSES -- Brooder house 8 x 12 ft. and brooder house 8 x 14 ft. MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, ETC. Two F-20 tr«tors_and cultivator; 1952 McCormick Deering 2-bortom 16-inch tractor plow on rubber; Deermg combine with motor, scour clean, and pick-up, ^7" Deermg 2-rovr corn picker; 1952 McCormick Deering field cultivator, t F r ' " e r s Hend 44-foot grain elevator; hoist; speed jack, Me-' ck Deering tractor manure spreader; two 15-foot McCormick Deering discs; two IO T' i e o« M" ^ 9S ''J^ cC ° rmick Deeri "9 238 C0rn Pinter with fertilizer ot- ent; 1952 New Idea 4 bar tractor side delivery rake on rubber; John Deere 7- ower power; Case 5-foot mower; McCormick Deering lime spreader; McCor- Qrain binder, o root. u%pr{ fnr %wtilr^u,iMM* %^. HA J .... ^^ _ . . _ . .* r* ^^ . . · - 4-section tachment; f . ~ ~ " · -- · ^ · · · · · · · w ^ M W J I T ^ foot power po W er; Case 5-foot mower; McCormick Deering lime spreader- McCor- :cK grain binder 8 foot, used for windrowing; wood saw to mount on F-20 tractor- trailers; 3 Horn steel flare boxes; hay rack; flat rack; McCormick er; loading chute for hogs and cattle; 150 gallon gas barrel complete stand; 100 gallon gas barrel with hose; McCormick Deering endgate sled; some steel posts; three 80-rod rolls of 32-inch woven wire; 2 feed unk; Z hog Caterers; 2 hog self feeders; 3 wafer tanks with built-in hog rge 3-unit milking machine complete with pipe line for 18 cows; 1952 Mc- all electric cream separator with power wash; forks; tools; and many numerous to mention. ' warerers; mention. SOME HOUSEHOLD GOODS TERMS: Cash. No property to be removed until settled for, ROBERT MARSHALL, Prop. B. A. Reemtsmo, Auctioneer, Garner First National Bank, Kf«mme, Cfcrfc

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