The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 7, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XI. Xo. 291. Gettysburg. Pa, Tuesday, October 7th. 1913. Price 'iifo CeiU. FARMSF DAY PREMIUMS For lady bringing finest bouquet of flowers--pair "Queen Quality" Shoes. For mun bringing iineii: half peck display apples--pair "Walk-Over' 7 Shoes. For iuth- cr v.-hose ^on^ total weight is the most, a "Lamson :ui'J HubburcP But (Scai-,5 will be provided and r.eighing :aut be done at the store. IN ADDITION to i he, above," we «.viil give S25.00 worth of merchandise as premiums. Watch this space for be done at the store.) "Eckert's Store." ILOGAL INTEREST ILIKELY TO ISSUE PREPARE FOR COUNTY PEOPLE i IN 610 SERIES 2000 LICENSES FARMERS 1 DAY; TAKEN BY DEATH · _--.-- i ----- | j 5 'Gettysburg Watches Closely the' Applications for Hunters' Licenses|Cash Prize far the Largest Load of ( Mrs. Funt Died Monday Afternoon at; P - World's Series Championship" Coming in at the Fate of Fifty a | People. Creased Pole Contest is | the Home of her Daughter Hear LETTERS FROM lampjonsmp Sanies. Eddie Plank's Work Matter of General Local Concern. Bay. Four Women Take Permits Many Tall Men. Provided for. More Premiums are \ Announced. Heidiersburg. Carroll County Man Died Sunday. Interest In the WoritTo Series bnse i-s.ll ran:e» Is perhaps J-t. a higher County Treasurer Spar.^.-c-i reports | the hunters* license busings brisk in j Saturday, October IS. Arrangements for Farmers* Day, ·« on daily, i MRS. RACHEL FUNT Mrs. Rache! Funt. widow of George 1 m ' "Oj , Aaf^ iff-. "-«'.-/ tJ^Sic rf~7*r££': r -*-r^;r»= t r ^ r £ TT 'r^T r ^'^~% * WAI, ILK' " - L A D Y 'S THEATRE :i' V COMi'AX V l'r.~v;::- COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many items of Interestmf News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. ORRTANNA Orrtanna--Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Fritz, . . . . . . . . ». _ . . *--·_ * ^ - * P H O T O P L A a there :n bring- "^ . . . . 'icense^ bad been issued '·s.r. tne cn£rr.Pionsn:o nonor.- to tne . 7 , . , . . . " ' oaale tiiat !v tne end 011 AtnleucA. .7'-- Ail predictions for rhe fir^ game ' v.ere to the effect that Bender v.-ould ; L*e used against. Maihewson and this . v.'as somewhat, disappointing: to Get- tvsburg fans who want, n:or« than [anything- else, to see Plank pitch · agalr.s's. tne Xev.- York -.vor.der and to -"· i v .-. n i- ; s possible thnt he n:ay be gives the opportunity before the er.c of is ore-*ing the largest load of oeople from S County; John R. Funt, near Gettys-j of Hiss Pear! Plank, daughter of Mr. cl.e teasoR the'anv slace a mile or more from town, jburg; Mrs."Morris King, York County; 'and Mrs. Jere Plank, and D. R. Hager, 01 s tovrrship ; £ 75 rjo( . k of FairSe ' Id is 71 also by! his home. three sisters 1 Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Knight, of Han- S over, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pad- j heaviest: and 'cwo yards to the third j Funeral on Thursday with brief ser-;1 - C. Baumgardner. \ heaviest child. In addition, this store \ vices at the house at 8:30 in the mor»- \ Miss Faith Baltzley and Harry Me- i ~" _ _ . . ,,. · : _ _ _ _ ? _ _ ? t T T _ » TT -- l i r i f' 1«... v^.1*. 1T _ j*.S? T« TWJT'A'IM AW ~»-v««« A n *-·-· "THE FEUDISTS'' "ITA^it IP;! CJMKDY. W i h J u I I X j special train V, eenescay satisfaction will be had in th:s way. G e r r v 3 b ur. 6 feet. 1 inch: Bettin on a small scale is JOn, ···· Tut' : :· I Cole and Charie3 M . Eicholtz. both of tietem "Battlefield Sunday. The Musselman canning plant is in operation putting ouc daily from 2500 to -3000 cans. One day last week :8 cans were put up. the highest number yet reached. Mrs. Emma Ansengruver, of Cec- Han- j tysburg. spent several days "with her young man married parents, Mr. and Mrs- John Gooder- of Hanover, and J muth. Dougherty and Hartley, who offered 1 moved EO Maryland, where lie was en- j Mrs. -Tarnes Boyd and daughter, AUTUMN HUNTING I here as In other years anc. from the j ilenalien township, and both 6 feet. 2 ir offered, it is found that the gen- j inches- ; n height: Aaron Schlosser. of ! Biglerville. 6 feet. 1-iach: Hugh Top- both of Mc- three prizes for the best quart jar of - ~ - -- -- -- -- - ~~-- -- - I em! sen'cnnent named the Xew York I Giants as the winners of the first i but t.e ^^»ri6- V.~IT~!I the "" th'etics ovtrr-ooa:? ~~~~~ TM- ~ , - r -,; second on tneir home in farming. After the death of e Rath, took in Jr armers Day at Way- neachesTwill give onlv two prizes foF) 1 :; 5 nrSE ^^Ee he marriea Miss Clara . nesboro ^atnroas'. this exhibit, and will gfive instead of j Kemsburg. of Lewistown. Md., who. j Mrs. Virginia P.eberc. of Gettysburg, the third nrize a So-OO^nras for the | v -" ich three children. Miss Ola. Claude j spent Sunday with her brother, H. F. . s displav of different varieties and Glenn Reberc. of New Windsor. Starner. ~ ---=- j 0er and t. W. Tonner, _^ ,, _^ . '" herrj-stov.-n and "both 6 feet. 1 inch, of apples., all from one farm. Only one ! a ^ d one SOB - Guv Eebert. of Hanover. tf^in ·'- -rtt;- a:.- ,-::.·!:-!: E---" a rM-.ron of Tr-^; :-o n-.£-er how tse series goes. :t is jli^ed as an inch over Q-.!t-..-!io-kro-.-.-s-la re.e.-ino: t e i ; n O w t h e plan to give Eddie Plank a h='~n r Alien ^eilman. " 1 Brady Sefton. of GeOysburg, is alsojapplVof each variecy is to be included'· of the first marriage, survive him. I Funeral from Union depot, Eanover. McSHERRYSTOWN -McSherrystown--Augustus Ecken- ir , occasion and the event, which is to be , Considerable amcsemem; is shov.T, in six feet in i in each exhibit. , ' Wa=h?ii«TGn I TTi^ ^ull en-e'-ta'nni'-"- p-o-^-ani will at 9:o2 a - m ~ Wednesday, October 3th. rode and familv.have,moveg from,the "Jbe'ainiounced" shortly.""" " j Interment at ME. Olivet cemeterj-. " - - - -- -- -·»-r.r-r=- i =_ t -i . The largest load taken into Way-'{ nesboro Saturday on that town's Far- j D. A. R. MEETING mers" Day ~as from Adams County, j Will M. Selliginan. Cas.i TaUc-r. heid at the Eagle Hotel, will attract; Treasurer Spar.g!er' = ofnce when the J There were 128 in the load in _ ,a hundred or more admirers and en- | ^ce^acns required by the state com-;cf H. S. Stein, of Fairneld. The party · thcsiasts._ i .-nission are put to the applicants. 1 took a well filled lunch box and made I 'What is the color of your hair?" [the wagon their headquarcers. Two!5^ POSES FOR STATUE t \ t i ·1 i 1! ii H |i i! H -4 ·- · - .. ·-*· --^ -- ?·? ,,_ -- ;- rs. · c ·Hg*. ^-f^^^ y" 'Si'^' cc JV^'S-T f . p- KC-C^ ^.v J -- , . . There :x^.y tos-.L-iJn.' nr^u-ents thar n. : J.t b ILippy Made :-. -:...-r '.05- T en; :a i."-antv :s e\crv .: ::"."e. J. D, 0 , W - La-.c a =pec:a: :*n^licc n: the A STRICTLY CASH EUSDCESS. · · - Jk. Are v pr«,-a:...-. a? ^ :!.t su- -.'.ri;y 05 Clothes ren%a^.r=^~a-oL ie iIoUi^_ ne n^-l '^Mllty i:- evtrj =:::·_.: anJ ppy Tailor ,, j ^-- ^ --:., f ^.-- a t I 7 S t ' Merhber of Bucktail Regiinent to Per- j ; petuate Own Memory. ^e aunters. j io perpetuate his memory after ne :is dead Melville H. Freas. a 73-year- J oia veteran of the famous "Sucktaii" | Regiment in the Civil War. sac 3Ion- Jday in Philadelphia in his old war uni- -form and regalia while s. sculptor, "T5t£ngci~'woTk" with Mni"£s a "model" for f"g i a granite statue. II feet tall. Mr. i -j- · Freas has been a frequent visicor to · ? I Gettysburg. AUDITORIUM OPENS' farm of the Sisters o"f'S£TJoseph7hear Emmitsburg. into his property on Main street. Pius Breighner, who occupied the house, has moved to Irish; Daughters of the American Revolution town. Mr. Eckenrode will continue to Elect Officers. fs-anerintend the Sisters' farm but his * I *· " ~~ tfamilv will remain here. the first fall meeting of Gettys-j Fra " nk Conrad while putting a new Chapter. D. A, R., the following m:mn ^ _ he - weH a -,- his residence a valuable gold watch into which thus far he has been a distance o; lourteen. srettina- inco the town. miles iii Opening" iNight at New Amusement Place Draws Many People. · us * armers rs. Harry 3L iiarnnan; treasurer, s. -J- Lawrence Butt: registrar, Miss garet garr: historian. Miss Fran- McC lean; chaplain. Miss Annie recover . irrs . ifery Crane received - - - . - - , , message from Baltimore v^tors zor largaret garr: historian. Miss Fran- j : that her teie- stat- Misg Kdlie Covle crir : cally m at Sfc . Agnes r H ospit- FARMERS' CLUBS Well. The Garden Auditorium had a most, £=B'cious^v D ehI-""- ~^ r ondav--even~-~~i^ v '' ew ^" orm °- Activity Is "V\ orking Out from Octooer 2-i to 30 are hen several hundred people wended ! their way to the new place of amuse- j ment on Hanover street. The Fire The sta'cne wiii be placed on the j Company were gi-. en the use of the j I ^ j Major. " al) in tl:iat . cirv _ ^ Iiss Coyle frequently | The delegates to the annual State _ ^.^ herg a ^ d has man " y f riends I conference to be held at " A new line of State activity, which i aopears to be working out very jvell , burial lor in Ivy Hill Cemetery, where j rslace the iirst night a-.d the Citizens 1 '.' in western counties according to re- ! Freas expects to be buried some dav. l LI,^ Scranton, · ,j ee pjy re gret to hear of her serious Mrs. 0 Xeal, ! con( jitiori:"Mrs: Crane~"leftrat-once tor- Mrs. Granviile. Mrs. Butt, Mrs. Hart- the bedside of iliss Covle . man and Mrs. J. H. J-lemming, 01 j The Hanover and McShetrystown Hanover. j Xurnnike Co. is reoairing Main street The Chapter received commendation (bet _ v .; en Third an dourth streets with and thanks from the Dinwiddie (Dun- I cru= }, e Q sr , o: -u=-:- for Vhe da-c- 5 ?GrI f ^^^ K TM e De - D£ f tm£nt OI i-voodie) descendants, for its work in, _ A _ three-horse delivery team of the i It will be erected h~ the side of a tall! iTM ^ch k»ot ux u---f well on ^ jAgncuJture. is tne organization j; | restoring the old McClellan grave- - StAmlK Bottling Works^ Hanover, rait . gravestone, inscribed with Freas' i^rti nn-flni^r. "-Roi:- skarin-r *TM j^rrr.ers ciuDs, espeeai.y lor cfte ois- j yard, in which are buried a number of off Ias _ T^fey whil e left standing Hotel. The horses Midway. The result ·oken beer bottles. Whitmans The cooular bra-nds ir. v.-hich you have ;he assur- = cncc o: q ,a!ky. ^ Belle Mead Sv/eets j _ _ - - - iiuylers j Ahvays Fresh = People's and ;^ard midnight. Roller skating and Dav. Mr. rreas usual!v cele to · til!?; 1 ; player piano oy expre:-- tins morning , | the spot wiicre a gravestone marks jfrom Washintjton. ""·- roller skatin"- i ;*.rhat vrill be his last resting place and j-,7iil start this RESUME WORK nring saiute in memory or lour corn- i rades who died in a Confederate nris-' F1EST ACCIDENT i Carvers Busy on Marble Work at i Active ODeraiions on the new federal Ltibers' FALLS DOWN STAIRS j Little Daughter of Key. and Mrs. L. D.! ^^ were rss umed this morning j Ui.1 is n u i t . |after severs! months of absolute qniet Drag Stores REXALL and A. D. S. Store?. |3Irs- Charles Wolf, of East Badlv Hurt- Berlin, is ; Marguerite, the I of Rev. and Mrs. TH ATS ALL RIGHT. I want you to know that 1 am still determined to get your Business, I have both telephones, and -will split the air io beat the clock in my automobile to save your SICK STOCK. Day or Night call DR. HUDSON i ripping ar.u falling down of stairs T-Ionday afternoon : o'clock- Mrs. Charles Wolf. P'JW with some- ". o«".c: :r claugnter Ott. while at -~ ^ 'are acs'n at -orK The the carvers cornice land from now zjnt:! March first it is WASHOUT sylvania State D- A. S- markers with · ^Vashout on Railroad Made Track in flags on four Revolutionary soldiers- [ Shape of Y- graves in the Marsh Creek grave-yard. · i A very peculiar washout occurred ! en the Hanover -Junction line of the i Western Maryland Railway about one- Loses Harness and Chickens as Result fourth mile east of Strickhonser's last LOSES HARNESS of Thieves" Yisit. Iweek. during the heavy rainfall. The i railroad which at this place follows As the result, of a visit by thieves to he creek ^as rorn from j^ roadbed his farm one night recently toward and ca^ea olit toV varas the stream, Scott, of near Greenmount. reports the f ors7i i n ^ a oerfect "T." r With the addi- sore street re., ana oroie "' col'ar bone. Eer r.a^er .s did not know TM,- broken an 3Berlin, sustained a simple fracture o f 0 ^ co ; the left leg above the knee. At the ;^ ./ae^n"Jn^^ed /ne" ^aT'^aken 1 .rlmesSefe^sxTps feared her injuries : t o a doclor . ^h o at once found the! ·were u i a more serious nature. Br-; ;jreak a .- d set lhe f^c^re. The voung: '-'expected that operations will be uush-]5oss 01 sex-eral sets or harness and a t j on o ^ a r ewr j^jjg -;v]i ere t he original - ' ed'straight -head until everything: is j number of chickens. Loca! off.cers have roa(i bed ha( j Deen; a t:a j n of ^^ \ COPin ] e - t ed and the buiidin- readv for j bee " assigned to the ,«c_ and are said could have been turned on the - r T' as - be on the ^^ of the ^j,.,. ?a _. . h o h ., ^ befin constr .. cted fo _ - ' occupancy. Y. W. C. T. U. MEETING HELEX Donohue De"io, soprano,! 'that purpc=«i- The trackmen are en- i gaged in relaying the track. - OLD FASKtOXD MOLASSES TAFFY .'^·X^i TatTy,. ,'.b u^ts-.:v-._ J3ni;vn:;:t, Taffy. -5'' ccj.:.-= IK. r\:=r.r.t Tafy. ±!' rei.ts jK.^jLVaT.ij-. UEiUs.',.-:^ e?r.i? j;-.. Ice Crwnr: T.rTM^. 1« ,-oits .;·.--Fru GETTYSBURG CANDT KITCHEN =*E advertisement of three EIGHi room house for rent on York ' , street, ail conveniences. Apply i Times ofSce.--advertisement 3 tarms nient another sr.cre.--advertise- , KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- | iak line always fresh. Kvber's Druj j single tickets. Friday, October 10, for i concert bv Boston Lvrics or. Friday, } Store.- -aavert:sen:ent RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT i- OR SALt. cheap, 20 shares Citi- ' zer.s Trust Company stock. Times of- . 1 f.ce.--advertisement I FOR SALE: reed baby coach, good J condition. Inquire II'- West iliddle: street.--adveiaser.iert 1 t of green hats with velvet. 3---advertisement PUBLIC SALE of horsas and colts jat Bigierville. Thursday October 10. | See ad on another page, Forbes and DOXT forget the sale of horses and '. Forney.--advertisement 1 I colts at Biglerville on Thursday.--ad- j j vertisemeul. 1 red loam, near stove. cr._rch cr.d po?t offue, bu:loins:s practically nevr. -1 room | ·» . . f- __-._·:. -- ~ T T -!-. i\.T/·"!.- v.rtt-."** n-! 1 TTI TIT.'^rr/«ri ch^rf ^OITTI ^T 1 !** t X and girls wanted. Orrtan- : r.a Canning Company.--advertisement 1 OX account of the funeral of Mr. F. :. Heijres. Thomas Brothers' store XEW lot of green ha'cs w"Ith velvet' TviH close at bands. Eckcrte.--advertisement I vertisemsnX LOST: pocketbook in Gettysburg' October 17.--advertisement Saturday, presumably on Carlisle! street. Reward at Times office.--adver- ] ox accoi:nt o f ^he death of F. K. 1 * ! Heiges the BiglerviHe Xatsonal Bank ___ \vti\l be closed on Wednesday, October DOXT forget, Robert B. Diehl's's. from 12:50 to 2:30 p. ITS.--advertise- sale on March 3d. 1914. --advertise-' ment 1 DOXT forget the big mule sale at BUILDIXG: SO x 36 for rer.t, two stories, on Railroad street, near Read- A I l V / i l l « * i a J^ft. w * » · -- » . ~J -^ v-~ ·-·-· -- -- - - - *j --- · « . » · ! · » Tl J t 12.30 Wednesday.-ad- Hanover on Friday. Forbes and F o m - i n g depot. Apply hoilinger s . roduce ey,--advertisement j house.--advertisement

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