The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 12, 1933 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 4
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 12 GEORGE N, PEEK GIVEN NEW JOB Foreign Trade Group as Davis Takes Over AAA PosL WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. . George N. Peek goes the job of har inonizing the domestic program for crop adjustment with foreign pur chasing power through tariffs, trea ties, barter or any other means he can find. ' That task was assigned to him Tity President Roosevelt wlio thus compromised the controversy be tween Peek and agriculture depart Iment liberals. , Peek will retire as the agriculture Adjustment administrator and wll be succeeded by Chester C, Davis the chief of the production division Of that agency. Follows Conference. The announcement of the creation Cf the special foreign trade commit tee was announced at the white house by Marvin H. Mclntyre, a secretary to the president, after a conference including all interested government agencies. · The new arrangement solved the iflispute in the agriculture depart jnent over policy between Peek atn Si group headed by Rexford G. Tug .Well, assistant secretary. The statement by Mclnlyre fol Jbws: ' Permanent Machinery. "Creation of a temporary com jjiittee to recommend permanen jhacbinery to co-ordinate all govern picnt relations to American for eigu trade, was announced today a the white house. , "The report of the committee am Sinai action thereon is expected Within two weeks. ' "George N. Peek, agricultural adjustment administrator, having completed the organization period of the AAA, is designated to head this committee as special assistant to the president on American trade polio}'. "The committee will include the members of the two departmental committees, the Interdepartmental advisory board on reciprocal treaties, interdepartmental trade policy committee, and such other individuals 83 Mr. Peek may select. Discussca With F. K. "As far back as last March, in Jus discussions of the agricultural! policy, the president discussed with! Mr. Peek the possibility and the advisability of reopening foreign markets for agricultural surpluses. It ·was decided at that time that the immediate domestic supply should be restricted, in view of the fact that foreign niarkets were closed temporarily by tariffs, quotas, etc., .Eo'ttiat the immediate task was to arestrict production until the machinery for the limitation: of burden- Some surpluses could be put in operation. "Now the time has come to initiate the second part of the program and to correlate the two parts, the internal adjustment of production with' such effective foreign purchasing power as may be developed by reciprocal tariffs, carter, and other International arrangements. "Mr. Peek will head the new organization when It is created." 'j lowan Drops Dead. JOL1ET, Dec. 12. (/P)--Q. C. John- Bon, Keokuk, suffered a severe heart attack and dropped dead at a railway terminal. Claimant to Royal Blood Faces Trial LONDON, Dec. 12. UP)--Clarence Guy Gordon Hadddn, who claims to be the illegitimate son of the" late Duke of Clarence, was committed for trial at the next session of historic Old Bailey court after he had pleaded not guilty today to "demanding money from the king with menaces." He was remanded to jail after a hearing Dec. 4 on a charge of attempting to extort King George V. money from Haddoa reserved his defense when it was announced today that he must stand trial. · No Criminal Intent. "I never had any criminal intention," he declared. The 43 year old jobless engineer wrote a letter to, the king last June in which he said he waa forced to wash his own dirty linen in a backroom "and that of the royal family in public for a living." Haddoa wrote he would have been satisfied with 600 pounds annually, or about §3,000, and "enough money to start a modern boarding house." letters as Evidence, This and other similar letters were admitted as evidence at the original hearing, Haddon, who claims kinship with the king on the basis of hla assertion of relationship to the late duke, a brother of King George, .was ad mitted to the court from an ante room today and smiled, at a woman friend in the rear of the chamber. There was only a brief discusaion between lawyers and the court before the defendant waa released on bail of 100 pounds. WALLACE SEEKS FARM BUREAU AID (Continued irom pogf 1) give us the benefit of their judgment on proposals like these." One change in the act likely to be made by the coming session of congress, Wallace asserted, is the nsertion of beef cattle and sugar as basic commodities. "One or two others may also be added, but the case for beef cattle nd sugar seems to be beyond dls- ute," he said. Defend Farm Act. But on the broader perspective, ie urged his listeners "to defend the agricultural adjustment act with ev- :ry power at your command until 'ou are sure you can get something better." He mentioned in predicting efforts :o set on« section of the'country against the other that "if there had jeeh no cotton plow-up campaign, the cottonseed oil In the cotton plowed under would have equalled ill the lard of the hogs of Iowa, H- inois and Nebraska." GOLD SAME FOR 10TH DAY IN ROW Treasury Insists No Dollar Stabilization Has Been Discussed. WASHINGTON, Dec.' 12. (/W-Newly mixed domestic gold today continued to bring ?34.01 an ounce from the government. This figure was announced for the tenth successive business day as the treasury insisted no dollar stabilization was being discussed. Asked whether repetition of the some price did not indicate a distinct moderation in the Roosevelt gold program, treasury officials would only say that the government still was buying all the new domestic metal offered. The recent standstill in the price did not come, however, until the dollar Tvas more than five to the pound,'a ratio which has been maintained ; substantially despite an unchanged gold price. The treasury continued to keep a close check for any possible leaks in tho daOy gold quotation prior to its distribution- by customary news channels. It was given the press promptly at 9:45 a, iri. E. S. T., and was telegraphed to the New York federal reserve bank at the same time. ' IN DAY'S NEWS WYNEKOOPFREE TO SEEK CLEWS Released From Jail, Says He Will Try to Save His Mother. CHICAGO, Dec. 12. W--Earle Wynekoop was free today to look for clews by which he hopes to vindicate his 62 year old mother. Dr. Alice Wynekoop, accused aa the slayer of Earle's young wife, Mrs. Rheta Wyuekoop. Released from tie county jail yesterday after the state had dismissed a charge that he was an accessory to Rheta's death, young- Wynekoop said: "I will do everything I can to vindicate my mother. She isn't going to face this alone." Dr. Wynekoop who is ill at the county Jail, is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 4. LIBERALS CRITICIZED Look for the TRADE , IARK I CHICAGO, Dec. 12. (^--Liberals who talk about federal control of private business, .and the methods of some farm strike leaders drew criticism today from George N. Peek, farm administrator, in an address before the American Farm Bureau Federation's fifteenth an- ual convention. Peek is about to resign as farm .administrator as a result of a dis- lUte with agriculture department ibernls and take a new job at the vcad of an agency that will try to ind ways o£ disposing of agricul ural surpluses. After saying he be leved the export field would re ward "a very careful looking-into, ho asserted: Fenr Unwarranted. "There is grave concern over th expressions of a few ultra-liberals about the government taking over private business. If you want my opinion--personally, not officially, mind you--I would say that this apprehension is unwarranted. Tin- less it hustles, the government has more hay down now that it will get up before it rains. "The foundation of the whole structure (of the American government) from tho first has been a respect for private property rights, and the sacredness of contracts. Legitimate profits have always been regarded in this country aa a proper reward for individual initiative, industry, and thrift. I know of no substitute for such traits. I am In favor of the profit system; but I am In favor of starting with the farmer. Propaganda Abroad. . "There is abroad in the land a propaganda o£ more or Jess importance for doing away with the profit system. This means no more and no less than doing away with the in- agaiust the racketeers in the underworld. But the remedy lies not in destroying our institutions," \ Of farm strikers: . :,; "I do not protest against-tie hot impatience of some farm leaders. I do protest against their methods, because I think they are futile. And I protest against a strike, aimed at the president of the United States nd his administration--an admiu- stration which honestly is endeav- ring to do all that agriculture has isked of previous administrations; hat is to say, restore equality to agriculture." , · Aaron Levin was the second man'to be charged with murder in connection with the Inquiry into the lynching of a Jfegro at St. Joseph, Mo. (Associated Press Photo). 8 COUNTIES PUT QUOTA TO WORK . : (Continued from page 1) ville at a cost of 54,787, and employing 30 : to 40 men. Grading ridges on ths lauding field, tearing down a barn and laying asphalt apron at the municipal alrport : at Muscatine at a cost of ?3,798, -employing -21 men. A supplementary allotment of $12,348.10, materials.for crushed rock runway on .the municipal field at Davenport. Highway improvements planned by the state highway commission for 93 counties were approved yesterday, giving- work to 8,262 men. SENATE TO STUDY BUREAU TAX ACT (Continued from page 3) ator Gorritt Roeiofs, a member, spoke yesterday. As on the day before, a steady 'ire of questions was levelled at Senator Valentine, ·- administration spokesman and leader of the-floor "ight for the bill. Inquiries concerned principally the retail sales tax section which is expected to raise about, 514,000,000 of the $18,)00,000 the bill's sponsors estimate it will bring in. Knuctaon told the senate he b- lieyed'-S. F. 1 to be a composite. exX' pression of the honest opinions:of the committee members. He did not refer directly to the rival bill, the jross income tax measure, but said le wag unable to see any tax measure aa a panacea for all ilia. "Tax Other Fellow." He said that after listening to remarks made In yesterday's discussion he was convinced that what some wanted was a bill which would IN THE RADIO WORLD TUESDAY, DEC. 13. Central P***a{ranr Ttnie Notfr--AAJ programs to KCJ and basic chains or groups thereof unless iptailed, coast to coast (e to c) designation Includes an avail able BU.UOHB. Programs mbktt to change. F. U. NmvWEAV WBTWOBB OASIC--Eaatt w«a.j wlw weci wtio wjai wtag TCcsh wfi wilt wrbr wro Wgy wbM wqae wtam wwj alidweiti mnag wefi iced v?uc-who Wow wdai. SOUTHWEST * CANADIAN--wtinj Yrtba Katpjivebfl wdoy kfyr crct ct? t, SOUTH--WITS wplf trwco rcfj wjaa irfla- waun wiod wara wma wsb wapi wjda wamb Kvoo TOity wfaa wbap knrc wool ktbA dUu. MOUNTAIN--koa kdyj kgtr kghL PA^IFHi COAST--kco tt« UKW Home UBS K(ed klar kicu 5:30--Wceltly Hymn Blng--lo c. 5:15--Chaerlo Musical Mosaics. G:00---The Mountaineers--w*af. 6:1^--Bllfy Bachelor's sketch. 6:30---Lura nnd Abntr--east only. 8:15--The OoSAtjerRs, Serial Act. 7:00--Sanderaon-Crumlt, Songs--ea?t; B Mero/f 'K Rcvu e--m Id west. 7:30--Wayne King's Orch. 8:00--B'en Berate and the Lads. 8:30--Ed Wynn. and Banrt--c to «. 9:00--Seth Parker's CrulE«--to c, 9:30--Madame Sylvta--alsq c. S:^5--Robert Simmons, Tenor. 10:00--John H. Kennedy's Talk. 10:15--Benny iterort orcli.--east; lmu anc Abncr--midTOPst repeat. 10:30--Meyer Davis and Orch. 11:00--nudy VftlJee'n Orch. 11:30--FrcdcJte Martin. Orch. stitutlons under which we have all ''S^ s ?~ khJ toln k * b Kfro ko] Kfp grow-n up and prospered more or " less. I am against the racketeers of high finance as much as I am "Oh, We're About Out" Such cold weather . . . and just about out of Coal. Simply forgot to order It sooner. How big Is your present Coal pile? If It's getting low--you better call Fullerton'a now. Phone 3838. Our Coal la attractively priced. 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Talk--baste:; Beetween tho BookendJ--west. 7:00--Elmer Everett Teas, Skit. 7:30--Yoke of Experience--east; Loula Panleo Orcn.--midwest. 7:15--The Columbians--c to c. 8:00--Stokowakl Orch.--c to c. 8:15--The Poet's Qold--c to c. 8:30--California Melodies--to c 8:00--Glen Gray Orch.--to c, 9:30--CBS Broadcast--c to c. 0:45--Evan Evans, songs--baalc; Myrt and Marge--repeat for west. 10:15--Qertnido Nleaen--c to c. 10:30--Isham Jones Orch.--c to c. 11:00--Vincent Lopes Orch,--c to e, 11:30--Aca BrlRodd Oreh.--j to c. 12:00--Dance Hour--wabc only. TfBC-WJZ NETWORK BASIC--EUtj W3 wcz-Wtia WMl WTlltm Kdha wpar w]r win wiyr tvmal; '" wcky kyw wenr wla kwk Erwcv Icoll wrco wroaj k*o, VOBTflWEST * CANADIAN--wUnj wlba »tp weba wday kfyr crct crcf. SOUTH--wrva wptf wwno wla wja* wfia tvzun wtod wira wrac wab wapl wlos wmb Kvoo wky wtaa ntiap kpro woal kltoa kttu nOTJNTAIN--xoa kdyl ligir kght. 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"It should demand earnest ousideration and should he a start oward the tax revision which our Deople desire." While the senate debated tax re- rision, the house passed seven measures and killed one bill by laying t on the table. The bill tabled was sponsored by .he motor vehicle committee and would have raised the age limit uh- ler which minors could drive motor ·ehtcles. Objection to the measure vaa made by several members who ontended it would impose a hard- hip on farmer boys. The tabling motion carried 70 to 21. Pass TraHlc Bill. It took almost an hour's debate o pass the bill of the house jucli- lary No. 1 committee which pro- ·Ides. that traffic on designated loulevards or highways shall have he right of way at street intersec- ions. The vote was 88 to 8. Opponents of the bill claimed that t would give preference to the person driving on an arterial road in case of an accident. The proponents lointed out that It was a strictly safety measure. Other bills passed were: By McCrecry--Abolishing the requirement that farm auctioneers procure state licenses. By iloore of Harrison---Permit- Ing any municipality to purchase 'and for state parks. This right now is limited to cities of 3,500 or over. Burlington Armory. By Toppiag-Hartman--Allowtag Burlington to erect an'armory for use of its national guard units. .By Treimer--Making permanent the transfer of $10,000 from the secondary road fund to the poor fund of O'Brien county. By Mooty--Reducing from 510 to $5 license fee for motor trailer of "ess than one ton capacity. By Koch of Bremer--Legalizing the acts of the Heiberg Brewing company of Waverly. . The Farm Bureau bill, H. F. 131, was introduced only in the house ut on previous occasions senate members had spoken in favor of having their present study include all of the major tax revision bills. Dlferent Rates. Drafted under the direction of and supported by the Farm Bureau, H. F. 131 proposes different rates n the gross income from wages and salaries, sales and other sources f income. The Harrington bill would provide or on initial rate of 1 per cent tax n all gross Income, while S. F. 1 roposes a net personal Income tax t 1 to 5 per cent, a 2 per cent net orporation income tax and a 2 per ent tax on retail sales. In supporting the bill of which he and 10 other senators are the sponsors, Ilarringtoa declared the gross ncome' form , to*be -the- "fairest ruethod'! of taxation. The bill, he said, also will make iha most sweeping-change in that t. proposes a complete removal of all property taxes. This removal of property taxes he declared to be "the essential hing--the thing the. people are demanding." Fair to Everyone. Senator Harrington said the tax system proposed would be fair to everyone "because everyone would be assessed exactly alike." He directed attention to the provision for registration of each taxpayer. Tliis provision, he said, and the fact that everyone will pay a tax will make the people of Iowa tax conscious. Urged for Passage. The house committee on roads and highways today recommendec for passage the Jensen-Yager-McKinnon bill to create a department of public works and to eliminate the state highway department and atati custodian's office. The committee vote was 21 to 15. The house committee on compen- MONARCHISTS TO AID GOVERNMENT Winer Cabinet Man Under King Alfonso Makes Announcement. MADRID, Dec. 12. UFl--Senator intonio Goicoechea, former min- ster of the interior under the de- osed King Alfonso, offered the onfidence of the Alfonso moh- rchists "for the maintenance of or- ier and preservation of the coun- ry" to the Spanish parliament oday. At the same time representatives f the conservatives, centrists and rightists announced their allegiance :o the government thereby forming an overwhelming government bloc in parliament. The government backing came in .onnection with interpellations of the rovernment by legislators over the our day rioting which resulted to nearly 100 deaths over the weekend. Authorities announced that the anarchist uprisings had been put flown. sation of public offices today recommended for indefinite postponement, the Reed bill fixing, salaries of employes at the state educational institutions. Would Fix Mlnimums. , It provided a maximum salary of ?7,500 for the presidents, $2,700 for superintendents, $2,400 for secretaries and treasurers, J5.000 for jrofessors who are heads of depart nents, ?3,600 for professors not leads of departments and 53,000 for instructors and others. Reed tried to attach a similar bill, as a rider to the general biennial appropriation bill, which was con- idered at the regular session. The house committee on judiciary No. 2 recommended for indefinite postponement the Hoff measure which would have permitted the dispensing of confiscated liquor" to tate colleges as well as to hospl- als. REASONABLE RATES RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GRUNOW STTPEIt SEBVICK The first real advances in dec trio refrigeration for the home MUSIC CO. EVERi'THING IN MUSIC 124 North Federal Phone 708 Tuna In on CAMEL CARAVAN 7/ear t7ie new idea in Dance Rhythms 1 GUM CRAY AND HIS ORIGINAL CASA LOMA ORCHESTRA L Irene Taylor "Kenny" Sargent 9 D M Cwtod !· nfl« Standard TtoK Every TtieaJay and Thursday Coakt^to-Coamt WABC-Columbia Network PHONE 216 CADWELL TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 303 Eighth Street S. W. Elites Wednesday for Myers of St. Ansgar ST. ANSGAR, Dec. 12.--Funeral services will be held Wednesday for Henry Myers, 65, who died yesterday of spinal meningitis. He waa only ill one day. Mr. Myers had been nity marshal for five years. Man Fatally Hurt at Waverly Is Believed to Be James Gushing WAVERLY, Dec. 12. UP-- County officials sought today to identify the body of a middle ged man fatally injured by a Bremer county truck Saturday night. Officials believed him to be a James Gushing, and relatives were sought at Cherokee and Ames. He was five feet, seven inches tall, Weighed 150 pounds. . . . . The man was struck by a truck driven by W. M. Shaefer of Waverly on highway 59. He died Sunday of a skull fracture. HORMEL WAGES BOOSTED TENTH ST. PAUL, Dec. 12. UP) -- The Minnesota Industrial commission, acting as arbitrator in the strike of employes of the George A. Hormel packing company, Austin, Minn., Monday ordered an average wage increase of 10 per cent for the plant's 2,800 employes. 2 Americans Killed in German Air Crash BERLIN, Dec. 12. W)-- Six persons, including a Mr. and Mrs. Barber of the United States, were reported killed Monday in a crash of Lufthansa passenger plane D1403 on the Berlln-to-Hamburg route at Fuhlsbuettel airdrome near Ham-: burg. WAUKON DOCTOR HELD AT ELKADER Charged With Second Degree Murder Following Death of Woman. ELKADBR, Dec. 12. UP^-Dr. E. D. Russell, formerly of Fort,Dodge but now of Waukon.'is being held in the Clayton county jail at Blkader today on a charge of second degree murder following his arrest Saturday at McGregor. The physician IB being lodged in jail in lieu of a 55,000 bond. · . . A'second degree' murder indictment was returned by the Clayton county grand jury in district court last week against'Dr. R u s s e l l l n connection with the death of Miss Gladys Henry at a McGregor hospital. A bench warrant for his arrest was issued Thursday but the physician was not found until Saturday when he returned from Fort Dodge to. the hospital to .inquire about his patient. Dr. Russell, according to officers, professes complete innocence that his patient had died since he left McGregor last Monday. . Keokuk Farm Bureau Rank First Singers , .CHICAGO, Dec. 12. W)--Keokuk county singers won first place in contests for mixed and women's quartets at the American Farm Bureau convention. Mrs. Elvira M. Williams of Milford won second place in the speaking contest. Fine Gift Suggestions Sheaffer's Fountain Pens and Pencils, Desk Sets, Stationery, Military Brushes, Gobelin Chocolates, Johnston's Boxed Candles, Perfumes, Perfumizers, Perfume Sets, Vanities, Compacts, Face Powders, Billfolds, Key Cases, Combs, His Favorite Cigars, Cartons of Cigarettes, and other delightful gifts for "her" and "him." M. B. A. PHARMACY East State and Ielavare G. 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