The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, October 6, 1913
Page 5
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GEORGE DAVIS. Confessed Dynamiter and Men Who Captured Him. THE POWER To Pull Things YOUR Way rests in the force and attraction of your own personality. * It depends upon Brain and Nerve strength, built and sustained by true food elements Nature provides for making vigor of mmd. Grape-Nuts FOOD btfilds brain as; well as body, for it supplies valuable food elements foif body-building, including Phosphate of Potash--one of the ele- .£·. -_-: J :_ . i f i _ _ ] - - I " _T L * '* " merits especially necessary to brran nourishment and brain activity. .Grape-Nats is processed from whole wheat and malted barley, twfce baked to make an appetizing dish for breakf ast,lunch or supper. A great many people who know have a dish of Grape-Nuts at least once a day. "There's a Reason" LAYS LIVING DOST TO MARKETING ; Expert Biames Lost Motion For Much of Burden. BASE BALL SCORES Following Is the Result of Played Saturday and Sunday. The following are the final resulLs 3: the American and National Lessee- Tee scheduled season in each !ea2i:« closed in the- east ca Saturday a:. in the west yesterday. n i n i i i n OUT nlitV i i m n i r i i i u WOULD CUT OUT MIDDLEMAN j AMERICAN LEAGUE, i Saturday's ! AthfeiiesTs. Batteries--Stbu!z,""S- ney; Brown, Lapp. At Washington -- "Washington, POPS LitTLE WHITE COTTAGE Rccsnt Removal of House in \Yhtch' "The RaverT Was V/rittsn Aroused Criticism. 10- York. -- The recent removal ot the little white cottage in which £3- gar Allan Poe -wrote "Tie Ravea"" aroused greet intefes., and in many instances strong criticism on the part of adjcilrers of America's poet and Sc-» j tionistl Says Small Farmers Must Raise Beef Cattie and Quotes Government Statistics. i At Detroit -- Detroit, 7; Chicago, a J (1st game). Batteries -- Dacss, Gibccn; Benz, Sehalk. Chicago, 1; Betreh, 0 (2! gai^p"). Batteries -- R::sse;5, Easterly; V/il- iiams, Stanase, I At Cleveland -- Cleve-anu, Z; S: i Louis. 4 (1st gasjfi. Batteries -- Cul! lop. O'XeilJ; Daumgardnsr, Agaev.-. - - The cottage · stood," on the- 1 Klagsbridge road;is-,t£e borough ~o£ the Bronx aiid'was removed from;the original site to a* new-foandaTJoa" prepared for Ic in Pee PafS; at One H'jfa- cred and Ninety-fourth street and Valentiae avenue, distant about twa blocks. The park covers two blocks and the cottage was placed at the northern end, preserving 12 all Washington, Occ. C.--"\Ve.are pro-, s\. Louis.'·); C!eve!s^d, 0 giiue call- fs raauy things to eat and wear ed; darkness). Baiterie 3 --Wei-aiaa. \ McA-ilsier; ili:cheM. Ca-ises. Sunday's ducin in this country, but there Is lots j 'ost ihotioa somewhere, which raakes Cleveland--St. Loi::s, 9; Cleve- j ant secretarv ct agriculture. i Cleveland. 4; St. Loais, 2 t2d gar.-.e) \ "The iarm'er ges one-third of trial · Bauerles-Jacies, Canscn; Brown. As-j the ultimate - consumer pays for his! At Detroit--Detroit. 9: Chicago, S. products. We may never have !o-.v| Batteries--Corastock. W'.!li?ais, Stan- prices In this country, as we are s. high-priced people, bin the tiller of the soli and the who consumes his Lathrop, Scott, Easterly. Standing of the Clubs. \V r.. PT\! \v. I.. PC. SU!i ^ ^ ^^i »uu luuaui^. u» AtMel ics 96 57 S27:Chicago. 7S 74 513 crops should get closer tcgeiner. : -«- as at j,. SO 64 f.S4;Deiroit. Sv S7 42^ "The consumer himself has mtich t o j Clevelnd SG CC SttC'X.York. 57 i»4 37.- do with multiplying his living expeas-j Boston.. 75 71 j27;S;.Lo-;:s 57 C 37C The housewife steps to the tele- es. i phone, calls up the grocer and orders 1 things to the ssaall for dinner. A ? »\/^I»M*I r\? ^»irr£a*. o ctiart o'" mil't or i pound o* butter, a something else s NATIONAL LEAGUE. Saturday's Games. At New York--New York, 12; Paila- eioUIa, 7 (1st game). Batteries--Crana!i, Meyers: Brenn^n, KiUIfer. York, 7: Philadelphia. 5 l2d Batteries--Fromme, SIcLean; That a price o" SS.ffifl had been pat otx :!i~ head of Detective "Willie"! J.' Buros sy ihe structural iron workers ':i various tjysamithssr plots. _Se has con- .rTer^ for the killing 50 jtTedlcal Advertising EXCURSION NERVOUS? All ton down? Ayer's Scorsaponlla is a strong nerve tonic- No alcohoL Sold -for 6O years. Ask Your Doctor. . GETTTSBljKG MAEKETS [ Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse cor- 1 rected daily by C. Milton V* olf. Jr.. Sac I cessor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. TO P H I L A D E L P H I A . _\ Per En Dry TfHeat ......... ... ! NewEar Corn. .................. -. 6-5 : Rye ....................... . ...... »*. jOats ........................... · \ "ROTATE PRICES i - ' Per H i Badger Dairy Feed] .......... - - - -S1-S{ · Coarse Spring Bran ...... - ........ !-?-I Sand Padked Bran ................ 1 --' j Corn and' Oats Chop ..... - ......... 1.4c , Shoemalcer Stock Food .......... ---- 1: White" iEddiin^s ............... 1. ! Red Juddliags .................... i. ACCOUNT ] Rye Chop 1-70 | Baled Straw ,, fr I Plaster -S7.0G per toe j Cement fl.iO per ?bl j - Per hbL Western Flonr World's Series Base Ball Games Wheat-- -.:- ........... . .......... $1.00 j Fhelled Corn' .................... ... | ZSTewfEar Com, ...................... 7-5 I Vfi^-Oata .-. ............. ...... ..5-3 ( Wa e"n Oats ____ ______________ . ---- 55 CRYING FOR HELP Wednesday October 8th. 1913 Special Tr.ain Via j Lots of It In ' Gettysburg Bnt Daily : . Growing Less. 1 The kidneys often cry for help. | Xot another organ In the Tv-hole body | more delica'iely constructed; | Xot one more Important to health. I The kidneys are the niters of the j blood. I When they fail the blood becomes I foal and poisonous. There can "be no health -where there 'is poisoned blood- I Backache- is one of the freqnent in- I dicatlons of kidney trocble. I It is often the kidneys' cry for help. b-rrL 3. Foster of IouisvUIe, SCy., -reiio na-1 traced hSm 2.U over ihe cojintrv. Tise e-*T v.-as TJEd* 1 bf trailed States ilar- iraa=2:ce its Queensboro brlcge, i Vork c:ty, and accepzec the proposition, ~ou!c not do the job unless ne encasgered he :!ves of t:i!rty or Torty -srorkrnea. aad .h:s he dedineti to do. In lie picture Ia- -·is Is in rne center, Foster on Ills -:=ht ar.d He^kei o= his ief- MAN WHO WENT NAKED IN WOODS EMERGES Robe and Troiisers "of ieer Skin." -.legantic, Quebec. Oct. 6.--Josepb. Enowles, the Boston artist, "who pltmg- put la an up-to-date motor -.vagcn and \ delivered three miles iron! the mar-' game). ket. Somebody muse pay the freight-] ^-fgjij^-o^chlcaso. 5; p ic:s bargb. j-It not Jones, somebody else. Our ; a " 3a .- er ; e g--Pierce,~Archer; Hendris, ^ i.mothers used to take a big basket, go. Simon. *~~ to m^-i--et a-d c-«rrv back e"ou v " '"c'-i At St. Louis--St. Louis. II: Cincsa- Y~, * ,, *""* °" " ' i nati, 2. Batteries --Perritt, Snvuer; severe days. \ p ackar a F Blackburne. Dr. Galloway does not believe that I At Boston-Brooklyn; rain. : "Walter JDretr, t ne cost cl" living is going to be Iow-| Sunday's Games. -S-fc^ ! ered b " ieglslarion or in a month ors At Chicago--Chicago, 5; Pittsburgh, ' t\vo. - \ i Batteries -- Seabel, Bresaahan; ··As ions" said he, ·** a man can, O'TooJe^elj^ CInc!aaa . make *1 %5rKing six "ours in ti a Batteries--Harmon, Doak, '.Vin- j aad nvelve hoars la the country there- go; Rowan, Blackburn. Is going to be a. steady stream from j Standing of the Clubs, the rural to the urban districts. TVe j \v. T.. ~PC ! T*r. L. ?C.^ raav Breach a"d aaint arettv pictures X.York. 101 51 664'Boston.. 69 S2 456 of farm life as much asVe please, but j PWteto- || || |f|Sg? r | | | | gl that -svili not change conditions. ! p^ t .. s ^ g "j-g 73^ 52i;St_Loi:is 51 S9 3-i 1 '·\V"hy Is meat high, tve are asked," said Dr. Galloway. "The answer is simple: ''Beef making animals are| scarce. The changes in. conaitions i n j this country have been so great and j __l_sQ__rapia thaL_Tre_haxe not been able j to meet the nevr demands. It requires ( I time to adjust ourselves to the ne^v conditions. The cattle range of the ~est Is gone, and the small farmer has not yet turned to grooving beef CO-K-S- The beet eaten in this country must come from, abroad or be grov.-n en the small farm. j "The work of the department of ag-1 ricuittire is to point out the way. The southern states are turning to cattle slowly. The eastern farmer should STOW beef cattle for the local markets. 3d into the Maine woods nakea and -vithout a match, food or implements if any description, to,'prove that it was possible to live the jprlmeval life for rwo months, has emerged at this point in order to escape the jlaine ^ame wardens, who were seeking him jecanse of his killing of a bear and leer by pitfalls in the closed season. He is as tanned as an Indian, his aair Is :ong and raatted and his face ^rfrzied jtrita a gray, tangled heard. Ke lest th:rt~ pounds." anc his body is lacerated from briars and rocks. Ke wore a. robe o: bear skin sewed with thongs _of deer hide, and sinew IN LINE ALL NIGHT TO BUY BASE BALL TICKETS Opening Sale In Philadelphia Draws Thousands, The business ought to develop here as it has done in Denmark-" ! The bureau of labor statistics of the department of labor is making an investigation of the retail prices and" the cost of living. The last bulletin is'sued sho^s a gradual increase in the prices of the" principal articles of food. ; ·'Comparing prices on AprillS, 1913, \vich prices on April 15. 1312. eleven articles a-Jvanced and four declined in price," the report says. "Potatoes, sugar, fiour and cornmeal declined, and the change ~-:zs 47. 1-3.3. 4.1 and 1.6 per cenr. respectively. The per cent- advance for the eleven articles xchica trousers of deer sl::n. the hair inside. Increased in price varied from 0.4 per, cent for eggs to 19 per cent for rouna steak- Seven out of the fifteen articles advanced more than 10 per cent."' ! Comparing the price on April 15. 1ST 3. with the average price for the-ten-year pencd 1SSO to 1SS3, sugar He carried a pack made of the vroven _:l2i2£ bark of cedar, and his feet were :ncasei in buckskin moccassins. He had a crude knife reads from horn in \ buckskin sh-sath. and had a bow jad arrow, trhic" ~ere tipped 2 int. HIS SHOT KILLS A COUSIN 3cy Hunters Carry Dead! Companion Three relies Home. Hagerstowc. lid.. Oct. 6. -- While aunting squirrels ^n the mountains near Yellow Springs. Leroy TVastler, eighteen j-ears old. was accidentally shot asd kilie-d by his consia, Lee Wastler. Caught in a heavy storm, tie TVast- ;ers and a coapan^on. C. Z. Harris, sought shetler i:nder a large rock, and when the storm had subsided Lee \Tastler azd Harris started out after FROM 5 Pfifladelpfeia Reading Railway jdone for "overworked kidneys.. -- ~ i ' ·-- '·· ""'TiNiHiiM I , ' T"| Read what Doar/s have done for i Gettysburg' people.- Sp£c*L! C, G-, Shank, Biglerville, Gettysbnrg-. f , , , \ Pa. T savs: "We have used Doan's Kid-' - A- IVl.j ,, -om 3 r--a. - - - - - - 4^1. C if the family coni- tronble and got 1:0 t;sed Doan r s Kidney Ir the meantime Leroy TTast:er.had climbed to the top of the rock to wait for their return. Lee "\v"astler saot at a squirrel is a tree arc most of the lead eaterea his cousin's right temple. The boys carried his corpse for three raises to ais hone- Phi!adeiphia-_ Oct. 6.--The sale of tickets for the first world's series game ia this city on TTeiinesday between the Athletics and the Xew York Giants opened at Ginibel's department store this morning, and it is doubtful if the supply wiil last until eveniag. A line of fans formed at the entrance to the store atf 5 o'clock last evening, and "by m:dn:g"nt it was a block long, and policeman were stationed there all night to preserve or'den _ V.'iien the store opcneJ at S o'clock this iaoraing there were several thoasand m line and the streets in the vicinity ·were crowded with spectators. The Srst tickers were boug? 1 - by two messenger boys for two stock brokers. They paid §15 each for three scats for the first three games to_be played here. _ Tickets were ~cnly sold irf sets of three for the entire series of games to be played sere. The prices are So for bleachers. $9 for grand stand and $15 for bos seats. ta Xew York.- acting upon orders of the Xational CoihanssioEf, the public Poe's Little White Cottage. details its appearance on the previous" site. Although Poe ass been dead vears there can sti-i be found, h aad there a very aged man or who declares he or sae'has seen tfie poet in life, walking abort id niusfeg mien amid the rural surroundings ot the Bronx of those days.- "tt"hecher this be to or not the two generations that have followed the poet's tirae still treat the spot with the greatest respect- Those who have been. most, energetic in the preservation of the cottas snd. Jnstrunientat in the_ es^ tablishment of the Poe TPark declare tliat the vicinity has" bsen. a. literary impetus to thousands ot near-by .residents as well v as to those who inake freqaen-: pilgrimages to th scene. The cottage will be turned, over to the city and maintained as a memorial to the American author;- who in his writings made famous the wild scenery of Fordham Heights! Edgar Allan Poe lived in the cottage from 1S45 to IS 49 and it was there his wife "died. The building is a story and a half with a gable end toward the street. On the gable is a picture of a raven with, the inscription "Poe Cottage," which, would give the idea teat ths famous poem was writtea within its wails. As a matter of fact 'The Raven" was written in aa old house in TTest Eighty- fourth, street near Broadway. Sledical advertising- HEAD ALL BROKEN OUT- \Voman Tells How She "Was Cared by Keiiablc Skin Kemedy. shows a decline of 7.3 per cent, and all ' F2 i s of" reserved seats at the Polo other articles show an advance, the Grounds for tomorrow's game was rer cent of advance varying from 19.2 _ abandoned. About SOOO seats had been for potatoes to 122.9 peF cent for ba- j se t asiBe for this sale. Secretary Pos- con. . . Ten of the fifteen articles ad- j iST sa ;d the National Commission had vaacec ;n price inore than 50 per cent. '· a" considerable part of the sup- Br. Gsiloway said that the farmer is · ply a;:.j that the regular box holders beginning to get more for live stock j a^d regular followers of the club had than he has been doing and cited the j purchased nearly ail that remainea. figcres, showing the number and values of farm arsiraals hi 1013 and 1912. "It wov.ld have been farcical to hold the sale," he said, "wua only about Jaauary. 1913. compared with Jsn-.iary. j gf;y tic".c';tT to dispose of." 3912. indicates the following changes: Foster said, however, that the club Horses "nave increased 5S.OOO and | knew the same and address of every mtiles 24/i'^O. but milch cows decreased j purchaser, and tnat if the tickets fell 202.000, other cattle i.23'.'/00, sheen j i^to tne iands o: speculators tae club S'lO.OOO ar.d swine 4.232,000. j woa.M be able to ^ake known the In average value per *aead horses in- j identity of tne original purchaser. creased S4-S3. mules S3 SO. milch cows i Thirty thousand - seats not reserved SSJ^X other cattle S-^.lf". sheep -5S cents j will be placed on sale at the Polo and swine Sl.SS. ' ·"-- -- -i=- ?**···*· :^« r = r Xo general investisstron o; tie ni cost of living is be:ns mace by- a department of the govemrr-eat. s our hours before every game played there, atid Fester said that in this way the general public will be well taken care of. 3frs. M- -J- Downing:, 2527 Rucfcer avence. Everetx. "vTash., says: ''I want to tell you how I was cured by Saxo Salve. I had a breaking OUT; on my foreaead and ail around rny cars, and some on my scalp, which was very an'- I tried differem remedies with- our beneni; and went into Darling's drug store, "thinking- to ger some othcr_ remedy. T)ut Jlr. Darling"wantsd me td~ try Saxo Salv 1 did so and ic certiin- ly cured my trouble in a "very snort time, and also ray sister had scalp trouble, which it cured. I would willingly recommend it to every one and am very grateful for "die relief. In all kinds of eczema ; salt rheam. tetter, barbers Itch, etc.. Saso Salve germs of disease. We give back your money if Saxo Salve does no's satisfy you perfect';.-. People's Drag Store. Gettysburg. Pa. Pl S. For poor. thin, impoverished blood tfv Tinol. "We guarantee it- SPEC'L Lv. A.L ... 7.00]Mt. Holly Biglerville 7.14 j Carlisle Guernsey 7:18 j Carlisle Junction *Gentre Mills 7j22 Boiling Springs 7.26 rBrandtsville ^ .- 7.34 J D. M. -Jcncnon 7.37]''Rosegarden r .,., 7.43 j *Grantham 7.49 , Bowmansdale 7.56 : White Hill iy Springs S.051 the resnW One of th t. «'-4/| plained of kidney troi T,,-,«»:^« o no : benefit; tiij"cir she tised *Idaville Starners - *Goodyear Hunters Run .. 8.09 s_.,, . .(.,,_ PJHS. TMmch she savr recommenced! ir. .' the paper. This remedy the kidneys and caused" the pairs and aches to" disappear."' For sale" by all dealers. Price 5C cents. Foster-MUburn Co., Buffalo. Xew York, sole agent for the United States. Remember the name--Doan's-- 8.27 8-30 8.S4 8.38 8.40 .-..-·r. h .V,.-..- 8-02 Reading Terminal (arrive) 11.50 ! and take" no other. Special train wilrlenve Reading Terminal (only) II.00 P. il. above stations. icr i NOTICE { Letters of a"dniinis!rat:o:i on tlu 1 - M.i:V iof Harry J. Carbansrli. lytc- «f Kro.iJoti j Townshfp, Adams County I'a . : e;o:i-e!' ; having been granted to ihc t:nde!.tim?d ! residing in'Frcctlopi To\vn-ii ; [. ail persons indebted to .-aid Rotate an- requested to niak inTmpdi.ito payment, and tl»o«e having clai-ns will pr.-Punt them lir from p'tntions marked \vitli *tar cm purchase tif-ket* from conductor ^ettlement,- to ·)· Luther ?cntt, AdrninHr.itor Tickets good osly on date of excnrsion on above Special Train in each direction. Children between 5 and 12 year? of ?gc half fare. on special train. train Xo 40. or, D. P. McPhcrson, Attorney WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations ·weather b«rea-j yesterday follow Aloany Atlantic City Boston Buffalo _. Chicago New Orleans... NSW York Philadelphia St. Louis Washington of United States s taken at S p. DQ. . TTeataer. 52 Clear. 64 Clear. Clear. P. Cloudy. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. 50 6S OS 76 69 70 76 (54 The Weather. Fair today; cloudy tomorrow; Ught variable v.-ini*s. CLARK CANCELS LECTURES Chautauqua En Artist Lost irs Long Auto t rip. Colorado Springs, Cclo.. Oct. *.--5*. \VI13"ar.:scn. sa:d 10 * e a wealthy adscapf ari:st. of Dallas. Te^-. has sea 3ost 5:15^*- S^pt. S. whe73 he start- i from here to "is home in an auto- Speaker Gives Up gaceants Worth Thousands. ! vra?bisgton, Ocu fi.--Speaker C'.arlc j canceled Vve';ve C'aar.ta^Qna engage-' meats he had made for this fall be-1 mobile. Lccal police have been askei causs of tbe prc'ongea session of con- j lo ^j^ ; n the searcrs -.vhach the Da'Ias gress. ' oScers are concl::c;ir;g- It has been estimated that the en-; -- agements wo;:Td have netted b:m be-1 Leis^man Out Aft=r Sixteen Years, .ween S50M and S5000. The speaker; Beriia. Oct. 6,--The retiring" Use 3Ii-o-na--The First Dose Bri::-s Sure. Safe and EffccSive Rclicf. If yon are sot able to digest ysr food/if you lack an appetite, if : ·" r stomach is sour, gassy, tipset. ~~ tongue coated, if ycsr head aches ·:. 1 you are dizzy. If you have heart! -1 and pains In"your colon or bowels, i. :/ suffer reedlessly ? Buy , now^-to-day from Peops: 3 Drag Store a Sf ty cent box of ili-o- :a Stomach Tablets^ There is no mere effective reniedv for stomach ills. . i- "When. does a leopard ciange · m« spots? When he moves from one spot to another. , soothes the irritated membrane ar.c I i- creases the So\r of the digesti-- e ju:ce :- lYour whole system is benef.tcd an! j you become well and strcng. may deliver some addresses in nearby i ca:l ambassador. John G. A. cities r*;jring the three-day recess the J en ,j e g sixteen years* rlipio house is t2rcir:§ Man Leaps From Train: May Die. Lancaster. Pa., Oct. 6.--As an east- i bound Pennsylvania railroad train was speeding past Bird-in-IIand a passenger, Unidas Estrade, leaped piornatic ser- j vice and transferred the embassy to ' the secretary. Joseph C. Grew. He left 1 for Paris. Man Kicks Another: !s Killed. Lancaster. Pa.. Oct. 6. -through 'Thomas shot anil killr-a "n a *··»' Harvey "CVilliams was captured Quickly Extracts Com Gives Ir.slant Relief a window. He was picked up uncon- re =cious and brought to a hospital here. ' shortly afterwards. He sa:d ae^Kuieii e likely will die. He gave ais address _ Thomas because the latter hi'*. '. : *.ci him. Both are colored. He likely as yalparaiso, Indiana. - ^ _ When is a sermon like a round snot? When it comes from a cannoc'g mouth. * * · Is a cigar loving man Why tallow casdle? Because he will going out. like when he Is = Com Extractor is to toes fwl'. -ctUT at T.ce. r.r.otl'.er aj;.ic,i:;on or ·»·«·: anij ihu coni goes s\\s.j. Xothin^ ever krsovn .lets so slick as Vr.tsiamV Ex;ract«r-- "« so sure, so }ain- s?, a o leaii ceriiiin t- rr,ut or.: any kin'I of a roni tli:.t d grO« Oil 10Ot"irmnji, Putnam'- Extractor never :ai"s, 2-5-. per bottle. ^o!ii ami rvcoruruende-i bj % - r JEWS PA PER I ^WSPAPER!

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