The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 25, 1935 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1935
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

SIXTEEN CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality. Same Prices at Both Stores Trade Here ana Sa\e FRIDAY, SATUBDAY AND fllONDAY APRICOTS svs- $1.15 Red Cherries ^t 0 46c CANE SUGAR ;: una ,51c With S2.00 ordrre ,,{ Grmcrln at Boct Bottom Price* Mazola, quart 340 lOc Pineapple, 3 cans ....'. 25c English Walnuts, 2 Ibs..., . 35c Maraschino Cherries, Ige. 10c 25o Olive Oil, bottle 16c Daisy Fly Killers,' each .'. .18c Brooms, good ones S9c, 49c, 59c SIATinAlTn ""' I '"' u '«»»». COUPONS--^-:- BEANS... 6 Cans ZSo Gtaat Cam . .3/0* CABBAGE 3 Lnrge Heads lOc NONE BETTER Salad Dressing pints 19c Matches, 12 Penny Boxes .. 9c Vanilla, 8 oz. bottle . . 10 C Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls 25c Gelatine, all flavors, pkg. 5c Peaberry Coffee, Ib. . . . 19 0 NONE BETTE FLOUR 49 Ibs. 5 1.98 MR. FARMEK: Bring us yonr eggs. They buy more here. FLOUR 49 Ibs. S 1.49 TABLE SALT -f 15 lac. or Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. . 25c ranges. Juicy, doz. 18c, 2Sc, 33 Bran Flakes, 3 pkgs 25c 25c K. C. BaWng Powdnr .. 19c tea Sittings, Ib. pkg. . . . lOc Nectar, all flavors. 3 for 25o CRACKERS * 16c Soap, ^,10 bars 25c \\mmS perlb. 15c I Peanut Butter, jar lOc, 2Sc, SZe I Red Rose Salmon, 1 Ib. can L9c 15o Salmon, 2 cans 25c Sardines, 1 Ib. tall can . . . lOc Mackerel, 1 Ib. tall can . . lOc Z5o French Dressing, jar 14c r flff DO VjUllCC «u»Uty Brand Ib. 15c MUSTARD 16 OZ. ·Jars - . 9c DRIED FRUITS Dried Pears, 2 Ibs 19c Prunes, 8 or 4 Ibs 25c Prunes, extra large, 2 Ibs. 25c Pitted Dates, 2 Ibs 25o Raisins, package lOc Fancy Peaches, Ib ,19e Fancy Apricots, Ib 23o 15c Currants, 2 pkgs 25c Iced Tea FLOUR Crashed Wneat, 5-lb. sack 38c Pancake Flour,' 5-lb. sack 28c Pancake Flour, 3y,-lb. sack Zlc White Flour, 5 lb. sack .. 25c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs. 28c Graham, 5 lb. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 lb. sack.. 48c Com Meal, 5-lb. sack 18c Cream Cheese lb. 15c CERTO, Bottle.. 23e Miricle Whip qt. jars 35e Vegetables Celery, large bunches lOc Tomatoes, 2 cans 15c Tomatoes, qt. cans, 2 for .. 29c Cut Beets, qt. cans lOc Hominy or Kidney Beans .. 5c 15c Spinach, 2 cans 25c Baked Beans, 5 for 25c Ubby's Fancy Beets, can .. lOc Lima Beans, Ige. cans .... 100 Spaghetti, Ige. cans lOc Sauer Kraut, 3 cans 25c Hominy, qt. cans lOc Corn, Peas, can , 10o Kidney Beans, Ig. lOc, 2 for 19c 15c Corn, Peas, 2 cans . . 25c TCRE riDER VINEGAR., gal. 2Sc S1VANS DOWN BLENDING Cake Flour sp T hsrrce SO E. State St.-Phones 112-113 508 First St. S. W. Phone 114 Cut Rate Grocery WIN EXTRA Prizes Ut OMAR WONDER FLOUR hclpyoii win additional awards *t the Fain. Again tht Omaha Flour Mills Company is offering extra prizestobakingwinnerswhouseOMAR WONDER FLOUR Last year more prizes were won by OMAR FLOUR than all other flours combined! Priics Offered at th« COUNTY FAIRS 1st Prize--49-pound sack ol OMAR WONDER FLOUR 2nd Prue--'^Vi-pound uck ol OMAB WONDER FLOUR * pnitt wffl bt «».nJto tu ih«* vinAinj ribbon* on the fallowing ittnw. proviM Om*r (tour U uwiJ ' the tnkbc. WW«« BrwA Who!. Whm Br»d. An C cI Pood C**t Dcvil't Food Th« (xtm will b* UraJ(*d to only MM to · ftnoa. ' Prizes Offered at th« STATE FAIR 1« Pnit · $10,00 2nd Priif . $3.00 3rd Priie--IB-pound uck ot OMAR WONDER FLOUR 4th Prut--SlJS.pouitd i«k of OMAR WONDER FLOUR The., pnin will t« jw«d«l to tho*« vtimin* ribben* on Oi* following ittmi. provide Onur Flour ii uml !n the biking White 8r»ad. Wbott Wh«i Wh,t, Roll,, *,,(,) Food C.fc«. Drtft Food C*k«. Whil. L*yn CiW (while frwlnj). Sponj. C«k*. " rm Sujt*r Ctkt, Spk« C»k». S*« your premium liti ·ddilioft.10rnirt.ttd*. The prim will b* lim!l*d only one to a ptnon. HOW TO QUALIFY H '·?* """"oI^S ***^ *· "·"""· --··«""·· II C«np*«r, Jm*h Ntbntk*. · dip dpi*! Vr · F»li eftiut, «(. I* (Ix fl«1 Ibil Uh*r mi ik. rrii*« rhhrl ·") Uwy m */ w^4 OMAX WDNOEII FLOUR In Dub prln^wtiuilBc Mii Omar wonder Flour OMAHA FLOUR MILLS C0,0maha, Nebraska CARL GRUPP QUALITY PHONE 420 FOOD SHOP IS39 NOETH FBUEEAl. Grupp's Corned Beef is delicious and unexcelled as a Summer Cold Meat Dish. 18c Solid Large Head r* CABBAGE, each .. DC Ground Ham LOAF, Ib 25c 27c Boneless Roll CORNED BEEF, Ib. Ground BEEF, Ib 12 PICNIC PLATES, 15 CUPS AND 100 EMBOSSED NAPKINS, all for FRESH DRESSED SPRING CHICKENS Let Us Redeem Your Rinso and Lifebuoy Coupons SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR LARGE PKG. 33c MIXING SPOON FREE CRISCO 3 LB. CAN 59c FREE SILVERWARE Packed with MASH'S Toasted COFFEE A Knife with j|- 4 t-lb. jars, per lb. ^ 1C A Spoon attached tcgo_ each 2-lb. jar, " c A Fork attached to each 3-lb. jar, ATLAS MEAT AND GROCERY Phone 465 FREE DELIVERY 629 6th S. W. Fresh Dressed Spg. f Q CHICKENS, lb. ... IOC Veal STEW, lb. lie All Cuts STEAK, lb. 25c Baby Beef LIVER, lb. 15c Sliced End BACON, lb. I8c Choice Beef ROAST, lb. 15c Peaberry COFFEE, lb. 18c 4 Large Cans MILK 25c FLOUR, 49 lb. Sack $1.55 FREE SILVERWARE Packed with MASH'S Toasted COFFii A Knife with 4 Mb. jars, per Ib, A Spoon attached te each 2-lb. jar, A Fork attached te each 3-lb. jar, MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JULY 25 1935 DUEL IS FOUGHT BUT BOTH MISS Argentine Finance Minister and Senator Leave Field Unreconciled. BUENOS AIRES, July 25. CD- Argentina's minister of finance and a senator fought a pistol duel today, but each missed with his single shot and they left the field unreconciled. Federico Pinedo, the cabinet member, and Senator Lisan'dro Delatorre, the principals, met as a result of an angry debate two days ago in the senate chamber. The frail younger Pinedo sent his seconds to Delatorre after his heated exchanges with the senator during the latter's interpellation of the government's meat industry program. The finance minister had injected sharp comment into Delatorre's interpellation Tuesday and had himself become the target of return PARDON ME, MADAM, BUT CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE FOLKS ARE GETTING ALL THE NEW TABLE SILVERWARE I SEE ABOUT THESE PARTS ? k WHy. MY GOOD MAN, HAVEN'T YOU HEARD ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL SILVERWARE WHICH IS CIVEN FREE WITH NASH'S TOASTED COFFEE ? STEP INTO ANY GROCERY STORE AND LOOK AT THE LOVELY SILVERWARE (FULLY GUARANTEED, BY JOVE) WHICH IS GIVEN FREE WITH NASK'S TOASTED COFFEE. YOUR GROCER HAS NASH'S [TOASTED COFFEE AND FREE SILVERWARE AWAITING YOU. Solely to induce more women to try Nash's Toasted Coffee---a coffee which contains, according to scientific analysis (Van Cleve Laboratories) 35.7% mure flavor thao coffees roasted by old-fashioned methods--this special offer ol free silverware is being made. With each 2-pound, vacuum-packed, glass jar of Nash's Toasted Coffee you will find a teaspoon attached directly to the jai. On the 3-pound, vacuum-packed, glass jar you will find a fork of the same pattern. On the 1-pound jar you will find a coupon, four of which will entitle you to a knife, which your grocer will give you. NASH'S TOASTED COFFEE United Fruit Co. 33 East State Street PHONE 749 FREE DELIVERY ! PEACHES, Freestone Elbertas, U. S. No. 1 Quality, Bushel Basket $2.25 PLUMS, Santa Rosa, Basket . RED RASPBERRIES, 2 Pints · 25c BANANAS, 5 Pounds BLUEBERRIES, Quart WATERMELON ON ICE Fresh Creamery BUTTER, Ib. .. 25c Libby's Red Salmon, Tall ib. Can ....... Hershey's CHOC. SYRUP, 16 Oz. Can 1 A 1UC PINEAPPLE, Br. Sliced, 2'/ 2 Size Can 19c DILL PICKLES, 47 Oz. Jar , 25c Northfield MILK, 4 Tall Cans 25c Icing TEA, foK Iced Tea, Ib lOc Silk Tissue T. Paper (1,000 Sheets) 6 Rls. 25c MONARCH FINER FOODS Monarch BABY FOOD, 3 Cans [. 25c Monarch BLACK TEA, ·A lb. 19c, '/2-lb «|- OJC Monarch Grapefruit No. 2 Size Can '."·.'! 15c Monarch Red SALMON, Tall lb. Can. 25c Yacht Club TUNA . . . . 15c Monarch GELATINE, 6 Pkgs. .... Monarch COFFEE, Lb. 25c, 3 Ibs Monarch GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. No. 2 Size Can .... Monarch JUMBO SHRIMP, Tall Can. 16c Yacht Club SARDINES. 3 for 25c MRS. BARCLAY'S BREAD, Crusty and Well Baked Butter-Hut ®£i@e Never Fails to Please VACUUM PACKED, POUND CAN National Fruit Co. 101 South Federal Ave. PHONE 824 FREE DELIVERY fire during which Delatorre called Pinedo a liar. It was during their exchanges that shots rang out from the gallery, hilling Senator Enzo Bordabehere and wounding Minister of Agriculture Luis Duhau and Provincial Deputy Rafael Mantini. Program Is Presented at Plymouth Club Meeting PLYMOUTH. July 25.--Mi. and Mrs. Boyd Hodson 'entertained the Farmers' Wives and Daughters' club at their home in West Ply. mouth Wednesday afternoon. The program included a dialog by Jean and Clyde Chehock, recitations by Donna and Delia Bahnsen, vocal music by Mildred Smith, recitations by Dixie Bahnsen, vocal solo by Bethel Hodson and domestic science hints by Lurintha Chehock. FARM LEADERS PRAISE WALLACE Secretary of Agriculture Receives Approval of Midwest Group. CHICAGO, July 25. UW~ Secretary of Agriculture Wallace today had the approval of midwest farm leaders for his efforts in behalf of "agriculture equality." Resolutions praising Wallace and congressional leaders were among several adopted at a Farm Bureau conference before adjournment late 'esterday. Opponents of the secre- tary's program were denounced in the" resolutions. The farm leaders urged senate approval for the commodity exchange bill, passed by the house, and asked re-establishment of the Pacific northwest wheat export corporation under the AAA to prevent wheat surpluses in that area from competing with midwest wheat and other grains. The meeting voiced opposition to the plans for transportation co-ordination, suggesting farmers would profit more by competition among carriers. Ten states, including Town., were represented at the three day conference. Will Meet Saturday. FLOYD--The R. N. of A. will meet in regular session Saturday evening. Mrs. Nellie Kenyon is chairman of the serving committee. DIAMOND BROS. LARD 100% PURE 2 Ibs. 33o SMOKED PICNICS, Shonkless, Ib 19c CERVELAT, THURINGER, Ib BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Ib. 23c . . . 2 5 c BOLOGNA, Ring, Home-Mode, Ib. . 15c BEEF ROAST, Tender, lean, Ib.. 17c BEEF ROAST, Boned, Rolled, Ib. VEAL ROAST, Milk Fed, Ib. . BEEF RIBS to Roost or Stew, Ib. BACON SQUARES, 2 to 3 Ib. overage, Ib. Mixed Vegetables or Carrots and Peas, 2 No. 2 Cans Dressing 19c Dill Pickles r rt 15c Pineapple cam, . 35c Pork Bed nS c N a°n 10 35c Tuna Fish 2 TM s) 29c Oii Sardines 25c Potted Meat L. 25c Mustard lOc Ruby Catsup ^ 1 0 59c Pen Jel I boxes 21c Cedar Lake, 4 N O . 2 cans . . . 25c Fruit Cocktail L* . 29c Grapefruit 29c ff. _ _ _. Bakers', V*OCOO 2-1/2 Ib. cans . . 19c Minute, Z packages . . 21c Marsh ma! lows p." p. 13c Preserves ^ j ( a? erry) 29c Corn Starch 19c D «««···» Seedless, KaismSi ib. pk 29c I ; Tomato (Canip- J U I C e bell's) 4 cans 29c Stock Salt 55c Bran Flakes 19c Corn Flakes 25c \A7 1.^.1. Shredded, Yvneaf 2 boxes 23c Macaroni ff bk s'. 25c P e a c h e s ' 21c Yeasties 25c Split Peas 25c Black PepperJ, ,," 19c Matches 19c Big 4 Soap JL 25c Magic Washer 21c Kraft's Fancy Assorted, In Swanky Swig Glasses, each* 16c /°_ £|;__ Reputation, 1 Ib. ixOtrtee P k£. i7 C; 3 ib. P k S . 49c Extract Koot Beer 2 bottles 19c Golden Barley, Large can 39c Protex Health, 6 bars 25c Peaberry, C; s ib pk lb. Hubin g e r Label) 10 lb. pail 53c C-. _. _ Blue Barrel, j Q O p 6 giant bars 23e S B · JUfo Softener, Bleacher, · Deodorizer, qt. bottle MASON JARS (Quarts) Per dozen 78c CALIFORNIA PRUNES Medium Size 10-lb. box MARSHMALLOW COOKIES "White Crowns Per Ib NO. 10 CANNED GOODS Oregon Prunes 31c Apricots 49 C Blackberries 45e Crushed Pineapple 62c SUGAR CANDY Jelly Filled, f f t Perlb IOC JAPAN TEA, Bulk, per Ib.. 19c DIAMOND'S BEST, Vz lb. pkg.. FLOUR - IN 49-POUND BAGS Reputation $1.55 Diamond's Best $1.75 Pillsbury's Best. $1.99 RED SALMON, 2 tall cans. For Canning. Fine Large Fruit. Full, Heavy Pack Basket » · · · · « Arkansas Peaches Are About Cleaned Up. BETTER BUY NOW! Sm °" Potatees, New, per peck HIGH QUALJTY FEEDS AT SPECIAL PRICES IN 100-LB. BAGS Chick Starter $2.65 I Scratch Grains $1.99 I No Com $230 Growing Mash $2.19 Coarse Chick Feed $2.10 Pure Bran ' Si's? E 99 Mash $2.19 I Fine Chick Feed $2.35 I Wheat Shorts 21c 17c lOc 22c

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