The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dafly Except Sunday _ Time, and 2vew« Fubli»tin« Company W. 1AVEKE HAFEK, PHILIP B. Secretary and Treasurer. SAYS PRISONS MAKE CONVICTS PHILIP S. BISLE, Editor paid om the'plnfc'ad3i«ss- THOMAS M. QSSORNE. Served Week In Prison to Study Effect on Convicts. i a , ^ a s secoad:-cl«« .4:iJ_li;CoBgress March 3. .1879. : - - -- SYSTEM- IS uKUtL THIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTISING 3Y THE UNITED-~ , .,, « . - = · « "6r"Centre"Square. Gettysburg. Pennsylvania. Declares Prisoners Lose Their Free-, | dom of Action and Become Irrespon- * sibie When Released. ifnios-rn. X. Y,' Oct. G. -- Thomas I f ? Moit, Osborne, chairman ot /he siate commission on prison reform, esnie our of Auburn prison after spending a day in the "dungeon"' ce'ls \-th Sve other inmates. Osborne,' under the ali^s oJ Tom GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO Wanfada. One cent per word eacc Insertion. Two cents word if guarsmtea Cr*t page positiom. Eesolution* of respect, poetry and memonami om« cent Dei- -word. TO OUH READERS ·acn maLters. ASvuiing toai aypc^j-a m ui~± g,^*^-*-..**--TM-"-" --»--i TT CT trat* or natlonal'DoHnsc, is furnished as by The American Press Association, a concern which gives the same sews to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, or Socialist-Baners and which is strictly non-partisan. __ Our advertising colosms are open to all candidates of all partae*. NO TRESPASSING All Bersons are trarned not to trespass en the premises or the under- j lating the laws of the commonwealth tvith regard to trespassing on lands of the undersigner will be dealt with under the provis ; ons of the Ace of April 14. i90o. r William. Allison. Sam"L Waiters farm. Hamilionban township. JohnJ. Siley, S. 12. Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland To-.-nsh5p. ,_. Mrs* J. E.' Hughes. Cumberland"Tov.-nshJp D. B. "Wineman, Cumberland Township. Frank Momper, S. 1. Gecsysburg. Pa. C- -J. Deafddrff, Orrtarna. Pa. Cha'rles TTagaman 'Dr. TT. H. O'Xeal Farm) Hamiitonban Towrsh'p F. I.. Kime. Butier Townsoip. Biglerville. Pa. CC B. Shank". Straban Townsaip. E. 7, Gettysburg. Pa. J. E. yunn (J. F. EShn FaraO E. 2. Getrvsburg. Pa. Mt. Jo\ Twp. Jacob Ffommeyer. Straban Township- George R. 'Harman. E. 6, Gettysburg. Pa. Sutler Township. Geofge^G- Shealer. Straban Townsbip. Mrs. MarV J. Veikerc. E. '2. Gectjsborg. Cumberland Township. J. H. SesijBbx 50, E. 2. Biglervflle. ilrs^ Mamda. L. Codori. Cumberland Township. Samuel Eobmson. E. 1, Gettysburg. Pa... Cumberland Township. J, L- Toot, Straban Township. D. J Beile; jL 12."Gettysburg. Pa.. Cumberland Townsnip. Leo FTommeyer, Mt. Pleasant; TovrnsMp Mania Winter..Cumberlard Townsh^i and Gettysburg W.'T. M'ehringi Springs Dam Farm. Cumberland Township. Eobert; "EL Major, Stxaban Township. Jacob S. JPeters. Tyrone Tow ship R. 3. Biglemlie. Pa. John W. Mcilhenny Farm.E. 7. Gettysburg, Strabar. Tovmsh'p Charles F. Eebe-z. Seven Star^^Pa. G. W.^doVSenaersrille.'Pa George D. Thomas, Cnambersborg Pike. Eoberc Harner. Gree^mourc, Pa- Harry E. Butler Township. E. 6, Gettysburg Josepii A. Albert. Bnder Towiish.p ; B. 6. Gei±ysburg. 'William Coshun. Srraban Township B. L. Jacobs B 1 B'giernlle. Pa. Bader Township. Additional names. 50 cents for entire season. -Brown, on Saturday was reprimanded | :n the basket, shop for going to the s nk w'thoui permission, and in the discussion he decided to quit ixork, and on his letusai to go back to his bench was taken before Principal Keeper Patterson, who, after warning »-m that the only alternative to obe- · ci-eace v.-as tLe "cooler," locked the ! amateur convict into what he termed, j on his release, to be" the innermost | circle of inierno." Oa Sunday, pale and ' ·.\eary, he was taken to his jteil, and at a*"-, tae usual chape 1 hour Ttas allowed to j go in with the rest: of the prisoners Mr. Csborne, alias" Tom Brown; had j made arrangements to end his term on | Sunday, and when Chap'a ! n Copelanfi'- called him out from among tSe con- ·. :ets. seate-1 ii the a!g hall taere was an qvaron never beiore repeated in Auburn p-ison. Rising irom the gray clad men. CURRENCY BILL A MONTH OFF V Senate Committee May Hold It Until November. - Farmers Made Angry by Contemptuous Indifference of Reckless Speeders. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs off News TeKof tf the Happening · art atart Ttw» j RIGHTS OF OTHERS IGNORED- * - ^ '"' MHY OBSiAGlES CROP UP «Wtn:^r * .' J*«v" 7 5 -*-ri riMgf Repre»entative ^Opinion as to ticn of Agriculturists to Road provements--AH Are B!*-ned for Acts of the Compara- ~ {on business. lively Few. ) Prof- H. O. Himes, of Baltimore (street, is- spending the week with Strong Desire For Single^ Bank, Con- tro'Hed by Government, Instead of Regsonai Reserve System, Has Developed, j farmers had only themseUes to blame, j was a ^r^,,. over^Sunday . | f for these ..obstructions, for oa their · J. ^ ^^ Mrs.-' J. W*. The automobile tourists who tousd 1 friends in Baltimore and Philadelphia.-- "~ in, Oct. 6.--Political Washington, relieved of the long-drawn-out consideration of the tariff will focus its attention this week on the second DI the Democratic reiorrn measures-banking and currency leg's'ation. Thougn tne administration eurrency bill easily passed the house, fvs pathway in the senate is admitted" full or obstacles At present the senate banking committee has not yet begun consideration ot the bill, intending for at. Photos by Ame-.can P^ers Association. KER 6!' WORKERS $3,380,000 · His- Factory Hands. Eastort r -Pa, Oct. G.--The-will of Efe-man Simon. America's largest in- ·Ip.'dual silk manufacturer, was ad- ,-of Minneola, N. ; · at the home . ,. _ · yi. JLH. «u£u -*j.*^.^.w- ·=- -lucor, on eagerness so break records sccrcaing j ,, . ^ ^ ip ·- - - * _, across the country they were all tool springs ave _ heedless of property rights and e,en J- Ttogers _Musselman and Amos of human life, declares a Writer"in the Musselman, or Balumore street, went fowa Homestead.. Even In this day of jto Baltimore tbis morning where they farm-owned automobiles,_when suchj xv ai resume their studies at Johns states as Iowa, and Kansas report as j Hopkins University. They were ac- many ihotor cars owned Jby, farmers as- by city men, there remains farm opposition to the automobile, founded almost entirely on tfie driver's reck-j comoanied by John Sachs and John M. Blocher, who are enter'ng the uni- ersity this ye W. H. A. Sehinitt and Miss Louise leas^en days more to hear prominenc ^ sS?Snes ^nfSs^lf SiiSchinitt spenX the week-end at the Tom Brown' was called to the plat- "orm and then delivered a talk to the i men, m which he told of some of h's 1 sliced to probate. I e:ae'r:ences. ana commended men and j Although no estimate of the estate '..-eeoers for the excellent manner in j ^ a s given, :t is understood to amount wn:ca they had allowed h"m to v. ork i io sio,OGt',GeO or -more Xo public be- out h'"s plan v.irot:t obstacle or inter- jnaests were made, but man;, employes ·'erence of any sort. j --ere remembered. On leaving the prison. Mi. Osborne. j To hs widov%. ilrs Ehzabeta Simon, his resident ai holdings in aithouca anv'ous to go to sleep in IPS , f. e own comfortable bed at home, consent- jca Caston (consisting o: t^c magnificent eti to ma^.e a statement and sa:a- j bouses), togetner w.:a 'he aousehoid '·I am more tnan ever confirmed :n j sco a s m those nouses ana at his nouse my previous oom'on that the prison U t Tjn- O n H:l', X .J.;- Sl'XGOO in cast The estate. vided into 2000 parts the material well being or convicts is i m addition to ihe' aecaests named carefully looked Baiter. For instance. I | aoo re, Mrs. Simorr gets 55S of the 2000 found the food unexpectedly good, the ; ?a rts, hfs stendaugnier Grace Bixler, eel's while exceedingly anrn,uated are jgn? of the 2f-OU parts- h s sister, ilrs. . well lighted by night and are ' Q^.JJ Ebert, of FraaLfo-t-on the-ilain, bankers and financial experts. Predictions at the capitol are general that for a month hereafter the senate com- nvttee \iill be at work on the measure, considering numerous amendments. - Though there v.-as a unanimity of opinion- on the principle of :anff re- j vision, widely divergent views are 1 held by Democratic senators on hank- ing reform A strong desire tor a sin-_ gle,bank with branches under govern* ment control, instead of a regional reserve sjstem of banks, has made its appearance :n the informal discussion.- Other changes of a far-reaching character are being suggested and generally -t is regarded as coubtiul if a bill satisfacto-y to the senate banking committee can reach tne floor of the senate beiore tne middle of Xpvember. The president wants thorough con- s.deration o: the currency bill, and any- improvement the senate can make-on the measu-e as passed by tae bouse Ui be welcomed. His disposition, officials of one ofthe transcontinental (home of Mr--and Mrs. Harry Lackner, higliw ay routes setting forth to ; dis- j OI , Chambersburg street. Mr- Schmitt coveir the reason* of farm opposition, j-·,,} fi j s sister are making- a tour of the urely in the,care-j Xew E .,g !an(i States and Canada. He found it to lie entirely regard 'I his report in detail -- --,, . section of the route: j Sunday visitors ~ "t have been getting down jio the j Harry Lac'-mer. grass roots to find out why some farm- system is s-ngularly .unmtelligent. m- , ai; ^ one-third of Th effective and cmeL In man:- respects · ^^ e estate isaivi M satis:actorilv- T,entilated. However, i'germanv. 352 of the 2"0u parts, and am told that in cold weatner they are I ^_ e re:n "a:nmg 663 of tae 2000 parts oiten exceeding!-- dama. |s re given to h's employes. 'My adoption of an al'as proved to ; nr_ s g'nions portico orthe estate is have been most valuable in^setting;^g s : - ;:nale( j ,,, val-re at about $4:,000,OQO, DH common grounc. v.ith the men. Had ! .,,,;; ^. e nart given ~o tne employes, .t I used my o~?~3- name there would un- |, 3 esI1I2 ated, :s wo-rh about S3 3S'.',JOO. ccestionably have been emoarrass- [--a-rtv-cne emp'io. es wiH divide tnis 12. ment and there woald nave been rar | ra;r j, n g proportions less freedom of natural intercourse, j (fharles Mui'e-, of "vTeehawVen "ncidentailj I may say that the man ! rjdgths, X J^ .s named as execute" who can dece've *n any way a group of | state rrisoners will have to be an es- { "Ore or t-s-o tnings ^t may be well tc say while the matter is quite freshi 'First is teat the pr-soa system 12 .oso.atelv a form of slavery, and that all ti:e s~sat truths enunciated by Lan- ·-o.a ana others against negro slavery -re just as applicable to prison s^sv- y~r It ta^es trom tae co~vict fcis £s.- HvjfJua 1 and f-eedcm of ae- on aai ae becomes an irrespons-Dle -a.-:tO3Ston. -'when he- -ecuros to howeve- is- to oppose strongly an. undue dela, for he oelieves p-ompt revision oC tne oanfcns" and currency systen is necessary to meet the commercial expansion whica he exoects will follow the operation of the new -tariff- ers are-opposed 'to" improveraent^ o" cross-state aufbaaoSiie road's, sucfi. as tbe Santa J?e trail. I £kd,imaslnea Jc was a matter ""cl" taxes, and that the farmers" were opposed to money being ir. and Sirs. Mr. and Mrs. Lndwig Kottenauer and" daughter, Dorothy, ot 3IiLaaukee,- iiinn., -nho have been visiting friends in the eastern part of ~fhe Unitea" States and Canada, spent several days :ers were opposes tu liiutic.. ^^*.i S , -vr.... TT,-__,. t for read 1 improvement. But that recently witn ^r. and Mrs. Harr spen is not the cause. Dead chickens cause more opposition than tases. In Franklin county, where there has been more difficult} than- anywhere eTse In the state, in getting county Toad Imprave- aieac, I found that nearly every kicker had beea losing chickens. 'Those 3oy rrders come along the" pike Hckety- Bplit aad kill the chickens, rcc down the cogs, and tnin^ of even apologizing.' one Franklin county farmer tcld me. 'That s- why I don't ·aant to see any improved road near inj farm. I'd "rather drive in the- ruts and save ray chickens ' * Lackner. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lindsay and daughter, of Evanston. E!, have re- rarned home after visiting friends in 'town for some time. Mrs. A. Banner Baehler and Misses Winnie and An*ne Seylar attended the funeral of Mrs. Boy Seylar at Marian on Sunday 101 YEARS OLD 3Irs- Samuel Sipe, Friend of Mollfe "VTbere the gcod road promosessand- Pitcher, Celebrates Birthday. j, e T e g a - ee s are to incorporate and e tre m-iis at Easton and FREE MINtRjFROM TOMB \\ :f-ojt III Effects After Eig'-'t Days of Darkness. will be felt by the rank and file of the country JS not dependent alone upon tariff revision, bui iipon prompt-reforra of the nation's moneixry system, as well as careful amendment of the and- irustlaws. . ^ - The president's view of the eSect of the tariE is in accordance With ex- oressions from. Representatn e TJnder- -vood and other Democratic Naders cha; though T8dacnoas in some cases ce immed.ate, the general benents not oe appa-ent at once. Even Mrs. Samuel Sipe. friend of Pitcher and resident of Carlisle- for result of some such heedless disregard j niperv . four ye ^rs ; ce reb'rated net' one of others' r: S ats as reported here , Tne - ; firs _ ^rtHaay tFertr Sun 5 Sipeis nT complete oferecent adoption nas-greater reason tables at-her meals tiian" her- son,'Dr. for being or-more"3ustificat:cn than the'TO^JJ gip e - ^ - ----automobile, bat Its ab jses are as | ^^ g,- ?e fg^|j^ -jfoiiy* Pitcher",- the numerous ana as^flagrant asj«s uses., herMne o £ ^njhouth. and" refutes tne n r-r'^ f j T^yv -r^»o-?* gj^e is bunecr in There are altogether too many men who thins: ttat possession of a motor car exempts them from tae cr- restraint or trace m.ght, in eations the presidents opinion, fruits of tari5 reform deieat the GOCB WITH ANY CARBURETER other place fhan in 1 Carlisle, where memorials, r'ave-been'placed over tife heroine's grave. 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T5ara1"e"ea -n the coai repons^ sfi-viauai nutaan oeing He is only j Tbere was a s'r^ig hearty gr-pping oz ie very unmipo--ant unit in-a-com-i hands Detw?°n rescaers ana rescued marSt -vh'ca s undergoing penaance j-.lja: carried a wea th of feeling tnat or certa-'n criir.e.= and the pennance \~al-es mere wc-cs seem p^ny and «Sers o^!~ in tae matter or dtnratios. j nvle he nest cora?an.on oa jar tier of cells i Tbe c"rt a-a ari^e of the rr_a-i be a forger. Varglar, a m-orderer, i-weat of ir-e cars rf to.i just en.-ied, in a defan.t.ns -aah:e': ne may be a col- !T2ieh a ..fe ieen snatched Troai ees graduate or a Bowery toagh, an jtae very cl'-tcn oi desHi, fail^J. to^con- gent Yankee o- an ignorant 'or- |-e=: t-e :^e r_- tsat radiated iro-- -, ve? al 1 are clotned alike, fed re;: in the presidents view, 15 :-ee- of credit- "Wita the concentration of credit, in v-hat tae president m his Cmcago sueecc last -lanuarj deserined as "an circle," even tne benefits of trust regulation and tariff reao.ct-on can be withheld irom tne consumer bj -he stiSing of enterprise In pusnmg ^ forward the currency ongram they have po'nted out that an elasuc financial system is necessary now more than ever to meet a national enlargement of busines operations following tae influx of foreign products at IOTT duties Eggs Good Fresh" 1 32c dozen Lard " Sweet I2c Ib Ciiickens Old and Young 15c Ib CASH or TRADE Buy Meat Meal $3.00 per 100 IDS Chicken Chowder 2.75 '· TOO " Oyster Shells 75c " 100 " Grit 75c" TOO " Hess' Panacea 25c 60c $1 25 pkg. Write for samples price RW.TROSTELSon ^ ^ Arendtsville Pa. and arc housed aliKe. ana eaca rsan ceases o be an .nciv.dval and becomes a rr.ovirg automaton :n a gray suit." BURN BOY AT_STAKE IN PLAY Spectator Puts Out Firs ana Saves i-s.cs J-ire. *lie T r fa^es zs *"er stood -s-itri c^asoea -ands "2 tn^ - /» passageway that 'ed r.j.t -o ^e --i- d irora which To- Er"3scher5 i e sz.". ^v «xi 1 e(3 for more nan a v ee At tre "r^-^as^^^ ^" e hor^e h*s wite -rood In rtt; 1^ a- crying and b«s- ^ n% her s.::ipc."y- -old oaoy to :,re2 Life, hoes.xv,'e. ?a.. Oct. G.--? 7 aylns ' r'zers dc. := .n came r.^ar ia*.as 2. fatal end; _ears -j.-\. ser Ci.-T--f3 a 3-_,t ner we~e fojr Le oldest Tourteen s^ to i-rs D a ten o: Frars.c p ncernv-. tee e gut-year' ate Koerner Th^ ~es' f -_ai reached saoy ·"--- -'- s=e- tne part ot a cowboy "ren Tn- r ~- " jc~-e nd the rra'ans }· Fe'Io. ' I.e -z. ·: IIe:Io. Jcac," she -5-.jna r.n! hant. and :oot to a c ta-:e }r^pl,ea. ar, , "·-- ;r3^e into a toTeat for tne = e otcer taii- at nis t-en z5rcce"ded ~o O':! 1 ^ a fire i o t po. s"1 ~»ra.-jnz the sa n ^ a..t .»'s Tr.e ..ale flianX do "v ·£ 5"a: and ^e jousg "Injuns"* i of t.r~ · ~ar cance aroursd : aaa in ;*erv "ay '""ve^-'sis her joy It all was QHIC'-V--3^7017521 io f ~ z ~ · in tlie e~pr £s ss.on ^c^t."-f,~--^f ^ face. i-e!" 'ir^.i^ v.c' "i. "· I.PH a n2-S3-ori -aw 'i.-r. ?.-z^ '^.'"l.t-Z away the ?re [ ora^GS Ke v. "t tie ro^" 3 "-·" tne not ")c*"o~e Frank »ias burred a'jcT tne rar.ds and :ire ad a-J e^' -^.'"a*,,_, bound se iiaracs. j.»t.eiT» ~^-j ·-' i painful!;- ' £rge?n:-tx- r -face. .serate. -. ez 'o '-d Pet-.^ed Base Bail. ., x- Or v . 6 --A bsse ball :D a c^r. Sf^i th:rt\ elghr :o ^' H " BaHantjne, later 'the T"c.*el States 400 ARE VACCINATED Sv/arthmore Faculty and Students Take Precautions Against Vareloic. Swarthmore Pa,'-Oct. 6.--^ilore than 400 students of Swartnmore college, cTutjinz the members of ice famous rootcall iearn, submitted to vaccination as a precatitionary-measure. following he discovery by the borouga authori- .,es tnat Toei Thomas ana ais wife, wao live in the village of Swartozaore. nad contracted vareloid, a xaild form of smallpox. Mr. Tnonsas, although a middle-aged ·nac. siatnc.i'.atec at Swartnruore this -ear, aaa sad been attending classes reg-^arlv s'nce the opeamg of school on Sept. 25 _ He attended classes last luesday mo-nmg. but was compelled to retnm 'o h.s horae in Princeton a%enae, following a sl-ght fainting spell. A"o'.--er QjEke Shades Psnarrs. JT.sO Lai! -Parana Of* 5 -- \-iotrE earth-! fz"^ r- -rrr.". 7 t wr^ r.!-ro~t cq.-a! in inter." ty I rer-I1 r to t"T* =r\*-.''-x o" V," r dn^'l.i' t rusn*, it* j ;an-»r- f'.rn.'a'in ~o .35 :ro-p -en to :lf:c^n srr-| or.u« TJH.iG i s« wf-rc ^evrrely sha'rci. i v '"but apparcriiy "o damage '.as dor.--. i Wa^' i^ Repor! a from the canal zone officials ^ Ward «- v indicate that neither tne locks nor any' r"· f?-" f T part of the canal suffered in. any de- 30s, gree whatever, --^ . . the a^ 'ia 1 b. ·jt tne 1*» A fr. What roof covers the most noisy tenant? The roof of the inouth, _ ·an Author Dead. f f ;.--*\Jr- Fannie B. · j a - v r l c r v ho ucgan .. r , T horc-=s m the late r «r iome .n t'i.= city at When Is coffee likft the eartkt When 5t Is ground. ADMITS TEN MURDERS Tango Exaert Arrested In Chicago JVystery *»aes Startling Confession. Cascago. Oct. G--Henr Spencer, a professional tango dancer, arrested -estercay, confessed to the murder of Miss Mxlarea Allison Rexroat, a danc Tg teacher, whose body _was fomd near Wheaton, F.1, a week ago, accord ns to the police Spencer, the police jay. confessed to ten murders. Duck Hunter Killed By Friend. Florence. X. J. Oct. 6 -- XH'liam Holmes was accidentally killed by^his friend, John English, while gunning According to English's story, duck= were i5ving'over vhen both aimed Just as "English fired the boat gave a lurch, and Holmes lell in front of his friend's gun. The back of Holmes head was shot otf English was exoner ated bj the coroner. When is a baby like a breakfast v:up? When It is a tea thing (teething). bv Temperature of the Jacket Water. This attachment is designed lor use v^rc a nj type of carbureter, its fane- r c=r- ternpera- tion bs.ns to a cnreter adfastrnent oy the tare or the jacket water. The operation of the device is controlled by a mercury-containing oulb. which is fixed against the motor side of the radiator. The temperature of the air in the immediate vicinity of the bulb innuences the mercary, -which m turn proportions the miitare. The first instance, the carbureter is adjusted as nearly correctly as tjosslole to normal weather conditions, and the regulator arranged so as tojiave no e3ect at this temperature--Motor. Resolutions of Respect "Whereas, It has pleased Almignty God to remo v e from our midst Brother Past Grand and" Chaplain. John W. -Benner. we. the members-of-JIason -- Dbcon Lodge. Xo 69. I. 0. O. F., of Hamey, ild.. do deplore the loss of our Brother. Howeier we bow to Him De Lisser on Tir«s. "Racing Is a test of tires on_ account of two points, heat ana speed Fast folks realize tnat ordinary road drlr^ lag in the suminef weather may be just as much a heat test for tires as- waen they are on a racing car? ^-ben tne stin shines hot and a tour- iiS car is bowling along a smooth road at a high rate of sped the tires are being tried as ranch as if they were Drolling fast around a tract or SDeedway. "Therefore, the tl*e -manufacturer ·who doesn't build tires for racing pcr- £cses has to meet nearly the same, if not exactly the same, call on. 2jis product when summer -weather corses There is figured into the construction o* the best tires a jcargta. of strength to take care of all conditions, ordinary who doeth all things Eesoh ed. That we extend our sympathy to the bereaved widow and family at the sudden and tragic demise of a kind husband and loving father, one whose heart was filled for tre uplift of humanity- Resol-v ed. That 3. copy of thesa resolutions of respect be sent to the lamily cf tne departed brother, and that it be entered on the minutes of the Lodge, and published in The Gettysburg Times, of Gettysburg, Pa. J V- Eckenrode, J. "W. Fream, E _G. Sterner, Committee. Advertisement. Ladies earn dozen making plain neckwear. Home business. Experience nnrecessary. Mail dime icr pattern, instructions. Xeedlecratt SS'v Altoora. Pa.--advertisement =and ,- that- may- be "to, -paricais teEapeiatarae azici speeds." Bid you change yotir Hock tfcf» ^ spring* and obtafar soine -thorCnsJil* w stock or are you still trying to »^** scrub poultry wbTea the c*li«r kind- pays so much better? - are other sweepers that nave permanent brush attachment "but_/there Js $o sweeper we knovv of beside the Model- "S" ' that has a REAL Carpet Sweeper running In combination with the vacuum cleaner. This is a feature that every housewife has been looking for. She has insisted that she have something to pick up every particle of lint, hairs, threads, matches, etc.-and the ordinary vacuum cleaner has not accomplished this. Gettysburg JDepartment Store

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