The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1913 ツキ Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1913
Page 2
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G.W. Weaver and Son The Leaders テつキ - テつ・ s ^ : i/MCjf, i/j ^?^,- fZ'iSf if. M ^P$ja^:;5 -S^Mi : . :^: -V テつォ. rテつォ{^ET - * V " ^JT ^,; ^v*: 1 1- ;/. ^ Rf*-- */I Just Received The Popular Dress and Coat Corduroys Brocade Velvets and Costume Velvets In all the best colors now being shown. New Bulgarian Silks and Dress Trimmings and buttons in great variety. Munsing Underwear in Uuioa and Single pieces BRADLEY SWEATERS far men. \vooien and children. New Wool Sweaters and Silk Waists. New Room Size Rugs Many other things coming in dailv. Mecins Blowing ' ' ~ Schloss - Baltimore I CLOTHES i I' In the new Fall Styles for Men and Young Men, are i テつァ "now ready for your inspection at .our store. ,, BeautI- テつァ = ful style-creations m the new season's best-woolens, in ? = '_ . . perfect-fitting garments, ready-to_\veat.__ g The Clothes Beautiful the Devii" ic a ceremony which take* place In Mexico on l a n d gunpowder and then hung^^ V "^faaally lowered and raised try to get possession of テつキ.- The^figure 7 ^ ^ ^ rJC."TM It""^" r^Hng^b^'and .oney, テつォ,r a TM- L"e takes p.acr't is the belief of the natives thai the bio^ng up | "Devil" will keep his aatanSc malerty away for twelve --,,*. ! MUMMIES BY THE MILLION T :is-sss--Eavo ... ! abroad, and la the museum at Cairo i It has been, estimated that some-. a ny tourist may purchase as many oi | Designed and tailored by Schioss Bros. Co. of Ba'- I | tiraore and New York t are the finest and most attract- |j . テつァ ive garments that money can buy. テつァ, | Boys' Clothing | i' Largest assortment and best valises throughout the 1 1 length and breadth of Adams County 1 WOMEN'S SHOES | From $1.25 to $4 oo = SWEATERS _ | For Men and Boy; 50 cents to $7.00 H Underwear ^ = For everybody in cotton, wcol, fleece lined and all s テつキz weights. = テつキthins like 20.000.000 Egyptian i mies hare -been discovered. Thou! sands of those best preserved are now i in the-sho-iv cases of the various mu- of the world. the tonsos O. H. Lestz as he will. , , The inscriptions on the disks and the mnniniy cases, of course, could not at first be reaa. nor could the ! =eums oテつ」 tne wono. i* -- --r- } mythological pictures accompanying 1 with the mammies were countless oth- ; uiem be understood until tae inscrip- ' e- objects There were painting oa . a 0 as could be read However, us. i/-テつサ ' the walls, chairs and tables, jars coa- ^e famoos Rosetta Stone was aiscov- i tafning the parts or the body which e red, and Champollicn, a French were removed when the mummy was fleckering its hieroglyphic mscripuo- prenared mummy cases gaudily col- | wl th the ale of the accompanying ored witi funeral scenes and hiero- j Greek translation. The process was glyphlc inscriptions, and .in the cases EO slow that it was not tul ^ tnat * along with the mummies were papyrL j grammar of the Egyptian langu g Beneath each mummy's head, like a J appeared. Then the progress m the cushion, was a little disk^of clay or , study oi tie language was rao.Q, ^ eoT-ered ^ith mythological.''; strange hieroslycbics became as intel- = We j;I\e 3 H Greeu Trading Stamps ~ 1 Cor. Square and Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. テつァ Sll!I!!lU;i!l!Ii!!II|!H!llII!HIi:[im.II!ll[!I!!!!llllll![IIIIIHI!!i!HIIIlMIIII[;ilIIIII!i:!! HIIIIIIIIimilllHIHUfi WIRELESS TRAVELS FAR One-Egg Mテつォ*fins. One and one-halt tablespoons melt ed 'ard. cae tablespoon sugar, one and accoraras to tae uuテつォim.n.j c-i tne nour. ptc^res and with a stereotyped hymn, j ligTole as an cews^ 1 Sift baking powder and f.our together, i The diskSr found ir t great numbers, j --=-- -- - 'テつキ= t I add butter, sugar, egg and milk. ! ^g nearly aj^e. varying only siistbij Kes? til e Test ewe lad \ w7th ihp. neribd from which they come. crease tbe テつ」 C ck. テつキ A tireless message sent out by an one-balf to one and テつサWテつォ-erテつォps ^ operator to Pereta recently was heard of milk, one eg? three CUDS siaed ^ ^ ^ distiictiy on a sh:p near 3Ietbjurae: I Horn, three teaspoons powder., ^^ u tha. 5200 nnic= テつォ5テつォ a -.r J ~nテつォ.h of ;a!t- Use core oc iess .bs to - tB- beneath the head. Silted ashes aro a good substitute j I-ise the mummies, the objects ioun.d_ r^ ^. a ~ for tILe hes's bath. - with the period from which they come. crease tbe テつ」 C ck. . ! テつキ Hypocephali" they are called, because Hens suffer from a damp aen House, -^ ^^ 7,5 2C ed" beneath the head. 1 to keep the ficor covered テつキ r -Utter. ii^'xV-i'if ?5\ 5y*^v( (byi 4 M *y*^n\\*)l*r VM^Jli MO Daily MORE Fall and Winter Clothes are arriving at ' The Home of Fine Clothes . All through he s-ore in every department you will find new styles and patterns to select W P - baoly vou have not been in and examined these new styles, if not, stop m, we'll be l0 = vou what's what for 191 3 and 1914. [jetty stiurg Bosiness Qirectopii to buy (|e UIQJS po teed. lOc. Below are a few of the new STYLES wejare so anxious to show you. Men's Department Ladles' Department entws arc slio*m S the lar-rat Mr. Toons man thi= means that n_ra,r we ihor-cht of vonr nee-is for winter- For tho older and mn-o conscr\?4"ivc aicn wi alテつォctテつォl s" line v s'lhs an'! overeats that we can w-li apf-ili to yon, in style quality and worananslnp. m ^- on,plテつォ- Conis. Goat S,wテつォ. Drosses. j Sweaters Sweaters --,-n :,h!j! -s ihat have ever beer. =bovn 'n tlv.s comaini-1 jhcv arc in the rawest and bes: a^orrTaent th" u .. r or=crxatAC テつォtvli#. and you can fii^i ihc.n lierc ;テつォ j Jteia^XoSc styte- Trices range fro.n 5 - i .,.. ^ J cc . ^ 00 -.. j Kuppenheimer and Alco System Clothes ,1 ^ t . t . j s j _ .^gn are harder to please ;a clot hesth an oH- t -.^ r'^'.i" or your money rテつォr.w , - Th3 .. g orse reasoll so many vonr.g men ;nsL=t on hay- The Ladies' Shoe Department J^JJJi^. "^ (JliCi 1 T*テつォ3X7" ^T-' テつキ テつキ テつキ % -- テつキ - j j ^- - , !in-onrclcthcs. It is nesr^ we know j.y^ in-n s ! d^iresan-i nioride for them, taat v c テつォ.m ? -.asi2; onr j suits at $-35; we want to see yor. ?et wha: .= bcs-. cor yo'-.. ! 510 Si-', S15 and others at SI 5 * ann C 2 and テつォp f ' ^3. V.i'coyi- F:nd our mark in theca. Hart, SchafTasr ! . Marx! ;テつキ bhoes 'テつ」?. , Mr ^lar or v^ans man yos:r sty i- here. In tar ^^ c .-.tan- a^-re new no\cities, we bo glad to WOA , b: , c ^ or " SPAn aR can ic Dor.?las=, Cro=*iT. Barry or t .. =, iテつォ y^i as well a- the ba o: the stOv- テつキ Star Brand ir.a^e. FUNKHOUSER "The Home of Fine Clothes NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Eoomテつサ with bath ea cult* S*m ft McConomy, Prop'*. Specials for this week. ; 5 Double sheets tangle foot Hy paper for oc. 3-5c packages safety matches for j -IF!you want a weekly PテつサPテつォ J'THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS \ ilore local reading matter than I amy other paper pnbluhed. ; Price $1-00 per year. Trimmer's 5 and 10- CHAS. B. MUMPEB --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Fnmitur* and Household Goodi stored any length of time. BICE PRODUCE COMPACT Highest Cash Price* Paid for テつサli --FARM PRODUCE-Under Time* ^Office. Gテつォ?tryshurir W. H. TIPTON Gettysburg SraTテつォlHi Fertilizer = Lim = Coal par-ming Implements s^; i Aspers Milling and Produce Co. 3 Apers, Pa. g m HATS CAPS FALL AXD WINTER Shoes Rubbers C. B. KITZMILLER, Store open until S p. m. ' iJl HORSES .FIND A CHAMPION Woman Protests Against Discordant Bells on Necks or Wagon as Racking Their Nerves. Horses -with ears attuned to nraslc, that have been tortured by the discordant jangle of bells hung around their pecks or attached to the shafts of the vehicle they draw, have found a champion in a fashionably dressed woman who the other day filedjormal protest against this form of cruelty with Secretary John P. Heap of the mir.e society, ilr. Heap promised fie' would investigate? '~ ' ~ "It's perfectly dreadful/' said^. Oie woman, whose name Mr. Heap declined to give. Horses afflicted wita a lot of bells clanldns and jangling out of tune are doomed to become nervous wrecks. It is a form of. cruelty that will break down the uervcf s svstem of any horse." " Mr Heap assured his that he appreciated the torture a musically inclined horse may suffer. He may call in a nerve specialist to aid in the investigation, then devise some means of determining what horses are musically inclined. SPAPFIlt

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