Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 20, 1952 · Page 23
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 23

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 23
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BOARD PROCEEDINGS BEGULAK J U N E SESSION' J u l y J4, 1351 ·ixtli Day. The Hoard of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pur- «uant to adjournment. There were present Absent: Super- John Cahill, Chairman In the Chair and Supervisor n. D. Robbins. visor John G. Drown. Tho Board approved the Domesllc Anl mal Claims In Ihe, amount set out op poslte each name: Mrs. Herman Nagel $32.10 Georse C. Garth $29.25 The Board approved · the resignation o. Mrs. Vivian Tomllnson, Ward Attendant at the County Home, elfecllvc July 1. 1952 The Board approved Ihe appointment of Mrs. Edna Horn as Ward Attcnilanl a the County Home at a salary of $135.00 per month effective July 1, 1D52, The Board approved the application am bond of Mllo A. Penninglon d/b/a Pen ninglon Grocery for a Class "C" Ileer permit and authorized the County Auditor to issue Class "C" Beer Pet-mil No. 272 to Ihe applicant. The Board approved the 2nd Quarter 1352 report of J. O. Hanson, Justice o the Peace. Resolution WHEREAS, George H. Snell Is indebtei lo Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, for unpaii personal taxes assessed In Mason City Corporation for the years 1925 to 1936 In elusive; 1938 to 1945 inclusive, 1949 am 1950 in the total amount of 571.68, Including penalties and interest, nnd W H E R E A S , said lax is not » Hen on real estate, and WHEREAS, an offer of $49.7!) has been made for the full and complete com promise sctllement of the a b u v c taxes penalties and Interest. NOW. THEREFOUK. Be H Resolved llj the Board of Supervisors of Corra Gonli County, Iowa that the oiler ol 549,79 b accepted as Ihe full and complete com promise settlement of the above taxes penalties and Interest. Motion was made by Supervisor R. I) Robbins, seconded hy Supervisor Joh Cahill lhat Ihe foregoing resolution h adopted as read. Motion carried wilhou issenting vote. Resolution declared adout- d this 14th day of July. 1932. There being no further business to come lefore the Board, motion was made by iupervlsor R. D. Hobbln*, seconded by Supervisor John Cahill that the Board ad- ourn to meet on July II, 1952. JOHN CAHILL. Chairman Attest: Board of Supervisors KEITH H A W , County Auditor R E G U L A R J U N K SESSION July 21, 105? 'evemh Day The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County met In regular session pursuant to adjournment. There were present Johi Cahill, Chairman In the Chair and Supervisors John G. Drown and n. D. Robblns. Absent: None. Resolution WHEHEAS, Sam Kennedy of Clear Lake Iowa, has appeared before the Board of Supervisors In and for Cerro Gordo Coun ly, Iowa, in connection with the drain nee matter along the oast side of High runs north and soul): limits of Clear Lake, County. 2. That the Board of Suptrvlsori In and way No. 107 which Iowa llie corporate ant] WHER1SAS, Sam Kennedy has reported to the Board of Supervisors in and for Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, that he Is seeking the permission of the Iowa State Highway Commission to deepen the ditch which runs along the east side of Highway No. 107 from the outlet which runs along the south boundary line of Clear Lake Iowa to the north boundary line of lands owned by Sam Kennedy located pn the east side of Highway No. 107 and WHEREAS. Sam Kennedy has made in qulry of the Board of Supervisors in and for -Corro Gordo County. Iowa, as t whether It has any objections to hi deepening the ditch alonjj Highway No 107 at the point aforesaid which will ac celernte the (low of where it will empty water to the norll Inlo an open ditch running along the south corporate line o Clear Lake, Iowa. THEREFORE, be It and it Is licreb resolved ly the Board of Supervisors In irnd for Cerro Gordo County, Iowa n follows: 1. That the Hoard of Supervisors 0 Cerro Gordo County, Jowa has no objec lion to Sam Kennedy deepening the elite runnliiK alone the vast side of Hlxliwa No. 107 from the point where It leaves th southerly boundary line of the City o Clear Lake, Iowa and- runs south to tin Northerly boundary line of lands ownei by Sam Kennedy located on the easterly [do ot said Highway No. 107 in laid Odd Lot Shoe Company, clothing Payne Wallpaper Paint Start-, supplies or Cerro Gordo County, Iowa believe that letter drainage facilities to all lands lo- rued east of Highway No. 107 In said county will result by the deepening of .aid ditch at the place designated and his Board recommends that the deepen- ns of said ditch at the place aforesaid be made by Supervisor H. 1). permitted. Motion was r f a f f Baking Co.. provisions Peterson, Dr. 11. W,, medicine ... Rnlze* Department Store, clothing-provisions Road Maintenance, impairs Sears, HoebucK * Co., clothing .. .Sinclair Hctlnlns Company, oil i. gre«s« Stale Brand Creamery, provisions 49.31 ilobbins, seconded by Supervisor John G, Drown thai the foregoing resolution be adopted as read. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Resolution declared adopted this 21st day of July, 1952. Ktfiolullon Concurring In R e c o m m e n d e d Aw»rd of Cunlricla. WHEREAS, Ihe Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa 1ms conildercd .he bids received by tho Iowa State Highway Commission on July li. 1952 for construction work on Federal Aid Secondary Project No. S-676 (1) and S-2281 (1) Cerro 3ordo County, NOW, T H E R E FORK, Be It Revived ,Hat the salil Board of Supervisors ol Cerro Gordo County, lown concurs In the Commission's recommendation that contracts for suld work be awarded to the low bidders as follows: S-67GU) Stabilized Surfaclng-Clermonl Brick and Snnd Company, Clennont, lown 59,867.00 S-2281 U Stabilized Surfaclng-Clermonl Brick and Sand Company, Clermont, Iowa .. $3,961.94 Motion was made by Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded by Supervisor R. D. Robbing lhal the foregoing resolution be adopted as read. Mollon carried without dissenting vote. Resolution declared adopted this 21st day of July, 1952. The Uourd allowed the following Homes tic A n i m a l Claims In the amount set oul opposite each n a m e : Charles Bielefeld $51.75 Elmer Brown $50.00 The Board approved the appllcalion and bond of Ihe Mason City Country Club, Inc., for a retail clearclte pernill and authorized the County Auditor to Issue Cigarette Permit No. 5H to the applicant. The Uoard levied additional assessment agninst the lands and highways In Drainage District No. 51 In the amount ol S779.54, which amount represents 5;t of the original assessment. Swaledalo Oil Company, gas and oil ................ .............. 64.89 Thorson. A. M., provisions ...... 27.00 Textile I n d u s t r y , supplies ....... 16.37 Western Grocery Co.. provisions . 201.03 Peoples Gas and Electric, light .. 34.17 Dm. Morgan M o r g a n , Invest. .. 10.00 Holder. R. E., reporter .......... · 28.10 Paul. Gordon C,.. Invest ........ 4.00 Brady. l. W-. repair* 11. D. No. S 3.83 Armco Dr. 1 Metal Prod. Co,, repairs D.n. No. 31 Lut I ....... 1.026.06 Lindon, J. G., repairs n.l). No, repairs O.D. No, repairs D.IX No. 31 L*t 11, Lindon. J. G., 31 Lat I Lindon. J. G., 31 Lat 1 I'olerscn. Anton, repair* D.l. No. 31 Lat I Peterson, Anton, repairs n,I). No, 40 33.23 24.( 72.17 101.07 Grocery, pro. Good .Shepherd, Day, Dr. T. T., medicine unit 16 22 Clilcgo Meal visions Convent of Ih 209.41 care «l Insl, 10.00 50.11 127.20 J4.74 95.79 drugs [)ovahll, Mrs. Antonio, local ram ICrlcksun, Mrs. Ivur, local caiv Bvunoff. Mrs. Mike, rent Flemlrm. Dr. K. F.. Ur. not contract In 33.6(i 40.00 HI.JO ·10.00 510,00 45.05 111.!C til.20 10.20 Petcrscn, Anton, repairs D.I). No. 4B 14,30 Farmers Co-op Society, repairs . 12S.I9 Gordon Construction Co., contract 3,527.10 Farmers Cimp Society, repairs .. 'J48.10 Brown. J u m c s n., percent of fines 260,00 Addrussograph-Mulllsraph Corp,. olflce supplies ; - . 51,41 Arrow Prlnllng Co., o f f i c e sup- piles 24B.84 A u t o m a t i c Volinu Machine Corp., votlnjj jnnchlne exp. Bchl. J. W.. weed labor--mileage Hoard of Cemetery Tiusu-es. caro Soldiers Graves Hoomhowors. supplies- repairs Boyil Typewriter Co.. supplUm .81 192.86 B U D G E T ESTIMATE A N D R E C O R D O F F I L I N G C O U N T Y E S T I M A T E J U N O E x p e n d i t u r e s f o r Year ·s^ H " nv "^ U cl W C 03 General Court Expense Poor Stale Institution (Jounty Insane County School Soldier's Belief Bovine Tuberculosis lliiral Library Bans's Disease Eradication Weed Eradication City Assessment Exp. Fair Grounds Employes Retirement Secondary Hoad Funds A. Const. Vb mill (309.6) B. Const. % mill 1309.7) C. Malnt. 2 mills (309.11) D. Malnl. B mills (309.11) Construction or Maintenance E. Optional »i mill (309.14) F. Road Clearing % mill (317.19) 169.753 29.43-1 127,564 97,482 81.938 41.647 11.590 2,0fil 15.92K 13 29.172 fi.112 15,072 223,924 245,119 14.105 IBS.BGlt 33,258 136,17:1 110,494 88,098 S2.7{il 18,387 1,578 10.328 116 20,124 6,150 21.122 210,343 364,899 11.205 226,185 41,500 in 146,7.17 Bfi,B25 40,375 30,866 7,000 15,000 5.00O 3,356 21,1711 10.000 30,000 295,000 345,GS5 17,600 40.1595 6,892 16,677 7.326 2,000 9.R66 5,000 5.000 3,35fi ' 309 60.000 6,000 12.000 50.000 18,000 14,113 IS,000 253,000 4,000 f,27 .00 29.76 J.M 1.25 118.09 274.02 -1,00 Hrown. n. J.. I C B . V.S. llrown, Jatnet n., rcnl-telophono lurrougha Aildlnu Mncldnc Co., office emilp Carlson, Carl, trustee Clear Lake lleiiorli'i, hoard proc., naticei Clear Lake Mirror, bonnl proe., nollces 3 12 -9 Commercial Arl Studio, equip ment 20.3(1 Conn. W. D., trustee 4 0 " Cramer, F. G,. del. tax collcclor 33D.43 Curries, repairs ·J-S" Currios. repairs * ,.\ Kdslnaton, Itoy. Inc.. oil, equip. 275.1,0 h'inlcy. Murray 11., ronl 35.00 Oilman, C. K.. mileage J9-33 Orippen I'aper Company, janitor supplies - Jorttenson, H a r r y G., radio malnl. Kurd Company. repairs Llnahon, llarrlcl Mullock, ret. V.S Meyer, Marlln, weed labor--mile- ago . :o.52 5.M 3.50 30.00 30.00 7.00 114.00 Oood N h m u i l l u n Ktimo, local cure 1C2 50 Citupp Marki-t, provlsUins Hall. -Mrs. Orvllle, locnl care.. Krederlka llayncs Nurslnjj Homo, local u c«re Hill, Or, U. \V,, lit. inn In contract I.O.O.K. Home, cnro «t Ink! l.O,O.l'\ Horn.', cart- at Inil. Jimmy's l ; '«od Lockor, provisions Klein Grocery, pro\'lsinns , K r o p m n n Grocery, provisions . . . . l.aVlllu Carolina Grocery, iiro- vlslons Lutheran Children's Hume, cnru nt Inst -uthernn VV u I (a r o Society of owa. care nt Insl Lutheran W e 11 u r u Society of Iowa, care at Inal M.ll.A. r h a n u i i r y , medldnc .... Major Funeral Home. I m r l n l .... Marl£oll Oairy, provisions Murcy lluspiliil. hnsplltil Moore ;rocoi'y, provision. 1 , Dr. H. W. Morgan, Ur. not In con- irncl NorrlJ N O'lle»rn, a«o y . OBCO Drug I'o., iwdlcln« Park Hnspllal, hospttal . ,1. C. IVnney C n m p a n y , clolhlnt! . Dr, II. \V. I^clerson. lr. nol In contracl PIKKly Wliicly No. 2, provisions . 1'iSKly WU'Kl.v No. G. provlKtnn?) .. Prescrlpllon Shop, mctllclno . . . . Unites Depl, Store, provision*- ronl · Itofil H a v v n N u i s I n K Home, linial 7715 Incl : Not. 7717 lo 7781 Incl.i Nos. Mtiou City r.lotn-Citittle, Mtion City, I». A u a V) 777! I n c l . i NOB. 777B to 703Z Incl.i * No*. 7831 to 7DS5 liu-l.i Nos. 7057 lo H047 Intl.; Nos. BOW to 8091 Incl.; Nos. BO-13 to BIOS I n r l . ; Nos. .81 OR to 8110 Incl.; Nos. nm lo 8192 Incl.; 8101 to 81% Incl.: N»s. fllOa to 8201 I n c l . ; Noii. 8206 to U226 AK to Lota 3UU and P H I M i d l a n d Heights; Nos. B2J7 lo 6311 as to N. Hi Lot 27 alt Ixits 28 2(1 Block 7 Homo Turk Add.; . N n « . H312 lo 8323 Incl.; Nos 63i5 (0 8331 Incl.; Nan. 833G to 8357 Incl,: Nos. 8359 to 837:1 Incl.: Not. H375 lo B3H« Ilicl.; Nos. H3HH lo 1)11)4 I n c l . i S'os, 1139(1 tn 8422 I n c l . I Nos. 8124 lo 11127 as lo Lot 201 Midland llghls.i Nos. 1H2H to B474 I n c l . : N O B . 847(1 lo 84DI Incl.i Nos. H I M to 8546 I IK I.; No*. HMO to 11305 (nc!.; Nut, 85(i7 to 8582 Incl.; Nos. 8384 lo 83117 IIH-).; Nos. 8!W.I to 8017 Incl Nos Midwest Livestock Trend liood tlulcher«-- 150-1W 160-170 170-1M 100-190 ( \ V K D N K S U A V S PRICES) Austin. Minn. Albert Lea, Minn .slnij Home, locnl cut'u ·'raak -.. t i a n s p - m l l c - Rockwell Nursing Home lOI'fll 20.00 3.35 1.50 225.20 lira. llCKtcmi'jcr i Taylor, medicine South 1'oim (iioccry. provisinnn.. Slate llept. of Sncltil Welfare, blind aahlstnncu Slnto Dcpl. of Social W e l f a r e , akl lo ilej. children Stcvctuons. rcnl I'lniini!,. W. (., Incal care ...... United l'"rull Store, provisions .... Wasfi, Mn. J. W., local care ., Western U n i o n , telegrams ,. Yellow Cab Company, (rantf^ Vcllnnd nnd H a n c t , supplies .... Nichols and (irecn. clollilnt! ... (Slbhs.Conk Trnclor Company, rouil Sears, ; 125,400 ,1'i.COS 158.323 134.737 29.299 20,375 21,000 2,000 15,000 7.OS 7 10,000 14,091 20.375 21.625 01,500 209,155 51,000 17,BOO TOTALS SI,111,672 $1,273.906 $1,503,269 $ 97,321 ·132.113 S 973,835 ENTRY KEC01U) OP THE F I L I N G AND C O N S I D E R A T I O N OF THE ESTIMATE BE IT R E M E M B E R E D that on this, the 21st dny of July, 1952, the Uoard of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa met in session for the purpose of fllinR and considering the estimate for the local budget of said County. There was present a quorum as required by law. Thereafter and on said day there was filed the foregoing estimate. THEREAFTER said estimate was duly considered by the Board. The Board being fully advised finds that a date of hearing on said estimate should be fixed nncl it docs fix the l l t h day of August A.D., 1952 at the hour ol 10:00 a.m. of said riny »s the date of hearing, said h e a r i n g to be had nl the Court House. Mnson City, Iowa In C'cxro Gordo County, Iowa. The County Audilor was directed to publish the estimate and notice of hearing as required by law In the official newspaper of the County. Publication to be for one insertion ant] to be nt least ten days prior to the date of hearing. Modern Woodman, storage Murphy, Minnie E., reg. V.S. - , . Million. R. E.. car cxp Park Hospllal, moil. care-ml«cl. . J. C. Penney Company, clothing . Phillips Petroleum Co., gas nnd oil · Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.- repairs Prescription Shop, medicine J. C. Puth Company, repairs .... [toad Malntcnnncc, repairs R y a n , T. C., leg. V.S : . . . Schlctolbeln, Karl, weed labor-mileage · · · Shell Oil Company, gas and oil .. Sinclair Refining Company, gns and oil Joe Sumncr Shoe Repair, clothing Thomas Machine Company, repairs W a g n e r , Eslclle, extra help Western Grocer Co., supplies .... Amosson, Glen, trustee B it W Furniture Shop, repairs .. City of Mnson City, walcr Industrial Towel i U n i f o r m Serv.. J n u n t l r y : Osco Drug Company- supplies ... Sleg-Mnson City Company, supplies There being no f u r t h e r business to come before the Board, motion was mode by Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded by Supervisor R. D. Robbins that lire Board adjourn lo meet on July 26, 1952. JOHN CAHILL Chairman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: KEITH RAW County Auditor R E G U L A R J U N E SESSION JULY 'ift, J0K EIGHTH DAY The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa met in regular session pur- «uant to adjournment. There were present John C a h i l l . Chairman of the Chair and Supervisor John G. Brown. Absent: Supervisor R, D. Hobblns. The Domestic Animal C l a i m of Roy A. Martin was approved in the amount of sco.oo. Resolution WHEREAS. W. Cliff Phillips is indebted to Cerro Gordo C o u n t y , Iowa for unpaid personal taxes assessed In Mason City Corporation for the years 1919-1920-1924- l925-192fi-1920-1929.1932-1933-1934.1il3G in the total a m o u n t of $75.21, and interest, and W H E R E A S , said lax real estate, and W H E R E A S , an offer of $52.52 has been made for the full and complete compromise settlement of the above taxes, penalties and interest. NOW. T H E R E F O R E . BE It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gortlo County, Iowa, tha* Ihe offer of S52.52 be accepted as the full and com including penalties is not a lien on plete compromise settlement ot the above taxes, penalties nnd interest. Motion was made by Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded hy Supervisor John Cahill that the foregoing resolution ho adopted as read. Motion carried wlthou dissenting vote. Resolution d e c l a r e d adopted this 26tli day of July, 1952. Resolution W H E R E A S , Harold C. Rockwell is dcbtcd to Cerro Gordo County. Iowa for unpaid personal taxes assessed in Mason City Corporation for the years 1934-1933 193(5-1937-1938- 1911-1942-194 4-I915- 1946-1917 1949 In the total a m o u n t of S50.71 incluil Jng penalties and interest, and WHEREAS, said tax Is not a lien real estate, and WHEREAS, an offer of $10.00 has been mode for the full and complete com promise settlement, of the above taxes penalties and interest. NOW. T H E R E F O R E . Be It Resolvec by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gorrti County. Iowa t h a t the o f f e r of $40.00 b accepted ns full and complete cornpro mise settlement of the above taxes, p c o n l tics and Interest. Motion was mndc by Supervisor .lohn G. Brown, seconded by Supervisor Jnhr C a h i l l that the foregoing resolution bt adopted as read. Motion carried wilhou dissenting vote. Resolution d e c l a r e d adopted this 26th day ol July. 11152. R e s o l u t i o n W H E R E A S . Central Koo-J M a r k e t is indebted to Cerro Gordo County lows lor unpaid personal t a x e s assessed In Mason City Corporation for the year 1950 in the total a m o u n t of $52.69 including penalties and interest, and W H K R E A S , said tax if ,not a l i e n r real estate, and WHEREAS, an offer of $44.00 has been made lor the f u l l and complete compromise .settlement of the above taxes, pcnal- upervlsor John Cahill that the Board djourn to meet on August 4lh, 1952. JOHN CAI11LL Chairman, Board of Supervisors VTTEST: KEITH RAW County Auditor R E G U L A R J U N E SESSION AUGUST -ITU, l!HW SINTH OAY The Board of Supervisors of Cerro iordo County, lown met in r e g u l a r session iursuant to adjournment. There were resent the Supervisor. John Cahill. Chairman Chair and Supervisors John G. Irown and H. D. Hobbtns. Absent: None. R c i n l u t l n n WHEHEAS, W. B. Marlin is indebted o Cerro Gordo County, Iowa for u n p a i d personal taxes assessed In Mason City Corporation for the years 1331 to 1934 nclusive in the total amount of $39.56 n c l u d i n g pcnallles and intcrcsl, and WHEREAS, said lax is nol n lien on enl estate, and WHEREAS, an offer of $27.07 has been marie for the f u l l and complete compromise settlement of the above taxes, 'inallles- and interest. NOW. THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the noard of Supervisors of Cerro Jordo County, Iowa t h n l the o f f e r ol J27.R7 he accepted as the f u l l and c o m - plete compromise settlement of the above .axes, penalties and interest. Motion was made hy Supervisor John . Brown, seconded by Supervisor R. D. Brown, seconded by Supervisor 11. 1). Robins, that the payment of Claims of the ersons llsicd below bo ratified, approved nd confirmed. Motion carried, the vote tiereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Super- isors John G. Brown. John Cahill and R. ). nol)blns. Nays: None. A brants, Spence, Bangs disease erad $ 75.00 Hlrrisall. R. G., d e l . dog license fund : 2.00 Hake, Ceo. A., court reporter.... 23.1C lloomqiiist, K. i,., weed labor- mileage 239.83 liown, John G., mileage 24.85 J a h l l l , John, rontl const., mileage 70.30 Clermont I)rick t Sand Co., rond const 14,643.09 Cole. H. 15.. fox bounty 2,00 Cordle Cartage Co., road main!... 2.58 Xinkbar, Patrleht A n n , clerk Davey Moen, roar! c o n s t . . . . . . . . 2,865.08 3111s. G. E.. road const S.24G.13 Dwan. Cal, trans. Invest-Bd. prls. 916.27 rupp Bros., road const. .' 16,245.00 emming, Ray C.. co. conference 3.50 l o g n n . J. M., b a i l i f f 70.00 lotdur. R. E.. reporter 4-10.00 owu lilec. Lite t Power, road main I. R o h b l n s adopted t h a t the road foregoing resolution be Motion carried without lhal the o f f e r of the full and com the foregoing resolution be read. Motion carried without ties r.nd Interest. NOW, THEnEFOnK. Be It Resolved by Ihe Board of Super\isors of C'«rro Gnrdo County, Iowa S44.00 he accepted as pletc compromise settlcmcnl of the above taxes, penalties and interest. Motion was made hy Supervisor John G. Brown, seconded hy Supervisor John Cahill that adopted as dissenting vole. Resolution d e c l a r e d · ilopleil this 26th day of J u l y , 1952. The Board approved the County Encin- «er's certification of completion of the following contracts: M a u d l i n Construction C o m p a n y contract dated May 19, I3S2 for crushing and h a u l Inn m a i n t e n a n c e gravel Division L, completed July 2«h, 1952. Clermont Brick and Sand Company contract dated July 23, 1951 for s u r f a c i n g project* B-51-1; J-51-1 and N-51-l completed July 23rd, 1952. Grupp Rrothcrj contracl dated May IS.. 1952 for Dlvlilon I producing W crushed ·«on« completed July 25. 1952. Ther« being no further business to come the Board, motion wan made by Isor John G. nrown, seconded by dissenting vote. Resolution d e c l a r e d adopted this -lib day of August, 1952. E t e K o l t i t l n n W H E H E A S , .Sam I'olacck is indebted Curro Gordo County, Iowa for u n p a i t i personal taxes assessed in M.'ison Cits Corporation for the yenrs 1926 to 1930 Inclusive and 1932 to 1934 inclusive In the total a m o u n t of $33.95 including penalties nncl interest, and W H E R E A S , said tax is not a l i e n on real estate, and W H E R E A S , an o f f e r of 525.30 has been adp for t h e f u l l nnd complete com promise s e t t l e m e n t of the above taxes pen.tllies nnd interest. NOW. T H E R E F O R E . Be It Resolvci: hy Ihe Hoard of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo C o u n t y . Iowa t h a t the o f f e r ol $25,30 he accepted as the f u l l nnd com ptete compromise settlement of the above taxes, penalties and Interest. Motion wns m n d e hy Supervisor John G. B r o w n , seconded by Supervisor R. D Hnbbins thiit the foregoing resolution be niloptctJ as read. Mollon carried wlthou dissenting vote. Resolution d e c l a r e d adopted this 4th t i n y of August, 1952. The Board approved the following D o m e s t i c A n i m a l C l a i m s In the amoun set out opposite each n a m e : Gordon Torcsdahl . S16.0C ,-imos K r a i . . . 40.OC Tlie Board approved the Report of L. G Cain. County Home Steward for th U u a r i v r ending June 30th, 19S2. The Board approved Ihe resignation o Ann V a n l l n r n . Clerk in Ihe Office o( the County Treasurer effective August I. 1952 The Board approved the a p p o i n t m e n t o V e r l a A n m o d t , Clerk In the O f f i c e of th C o u n t y Treasurer nt a salary of $150.OC per m o n t h , e f f e c t i v e A u g u s t 4th. 1952. KeKolutlmt B1-: IT RESOLVED by the Bonn! of Supervisor* of Cerro Gordo County, town that p u r s u a n t to the provisions of Chapter Cllnc, Edward, .Ian. help . . . . . Howard M. mlRc., post. . . . u n n , George C., eracl M a c P e a k , VaLcrn city assessor. Bangs disease G., extra help.. 45.00 37.50 40.00 Tail, Uernlcc, Recorder, record- Ing Insl yelland nnd llanos, supplies . . . . S m i l e y , II. I!,, coroner Darling, Dr. John P., autopsy .. Joyce. Dr. George, .iiitopfiy . . . . II. W. Morijan. M. IX, miscl. .. Luck S. W. Company, mlscl X-Ray Department, miscl. Bognrdus, Bay II,, Boyer Hardware new plats. .. ·alnt, repairs Boonihower Hardware, rond - maint. . . . . ..................... Andrews Concrete Prod. Supply, road m n l n l . . ............. Armco Dr. t Metal Prod. Co.. road malnl .......... i ..... · · · Aslmry, Jiffie M. Exec., road m a l n t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brown, Herman M. Company, road main! ..................... Butts, Burton, road mainl ...... . Central Bearings Co., road m a l n t . Central Telephone, ronil m n l n l . Meier Chnzcn Motors, rand niliint. Clear Lake Sand Grave! C'O, roar] Clem- Lnkc Water D e p a r t m e n t . road m a l n t ..................... Curries, rood malnl .............. County T r e a s u r e r , r n n d m n l n l . .. Farmers L u m b e r Company, rond m a l n l .......................... · Frcderlckfon. L. F.. road malnl. . vLiiiillln Const. Co., road mninl. . fl,553.0l Motor Vehicle Reg. Dlv., road m a l n t ; 19B.64 N'orthwcslcrn Hell Telephone, telephones 2ns.07 ^eoplos G.T3 and Klec,, llteff, Kan 300.92 'o.itmasler, postage 153.53 "lansom, Charles, weed comm., mileage 287.G3 Robblns. R. r)., milcase 4H 02 lasa, Maxinp, extra help 13.00 lyan. Frank J.. b a i l i f f Wl.oo Seny, Hetty, transp 27.15 heparcl. II. 1!.. r e f u n d 42.71 Shorter, C l a u d e , crow b o u n t y . . . . . .20 Snell, L. n.. counly conference .. 1.10 S m i t h , F:. E., fox bounty 2.00 Wnndcl. Don, crow .nn On motion of Supervisor R. D. Jlobbins. seconded by Supervisor .John G. Brown, t h e f o l l o w i n g bills against the County were np- rnved anil allowed, and the County Auditor nsti-uclcd to draw w a r r a n t s in p a y m e n t thereof. Motion carried, all members of the Board voting A y e : City of Mason City, rent .......... S liO.OO dough. Ray K., assessment appeal 1.509.41 dough, Ray E., assessment e x - pense ........... , . .............. 300.00 Currie Hardware, miscl .......... 1.79 Preston. Dr. Wm. R.. B a n g s erad. 9b.0fl Andrews Concrete Prod, t Supply const ..... ............ : : ....... 4R5.W) Campbell. K. J . , road const ....... 216.30 Floyrl County, road const. . , . .125.10 Frudrlcn Bridge S u p p l y road const. 252. Code ol Iowa that Frank O'llc.-nn. Overseer nf Ihe Poor in s a i d j County, be and he Is hereby authorized and directed lo serve notice or to cause notice lo be served p u r s u a n t lo the proof Jon?enrud. Wlllard H.. road const, M l f l t g a n r d . Melvin, r n n d const. , . Meyer, Alvin, road const ....... Nielsen, S, P.. rond .const. ..... Shipley Printing Company, rond const ..... . ...... , ....... G. A. Eddy L u m b e r Company, road rorut. ..... .............. Ideal Sand Si G r a v e l Cn , road consl ................. ..... Tail. Rernice, recorder, road const. ............... . . Caflhvvay Lumber Store. const. . ................ lloycr Hardware d Paint Co.. road confct. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H a r r i s . A r t h u r , m t l e n g r . . . Monroe Calculating Machine O.. mlfi: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Boomhower H a r d w a r e , repair.! .. Borclen Company, provisions ..... C'nshway Lumber Store, repair*, Lumber Co., road .inn 20 in.3r 593.00 .120.72 440.52 107.50 5. 89 Fullerton malnt - Glbhs-Cook E q u i p m e n t Co., toad malnt. : G r e a t Stuff Prod. Co., road m a i n t H i S Motor C o m p a n y , road m n l n t . , · · · Hathorn Motor Parts C o m p a n y , road m a l n t . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . - · · · I n t e r n a t i o n a l Harvester Co., toad n i a l n t . - · The Iowa Company, road m n l n l . lown Public Service, rond m n l n t . M n j o n s G n r n g e . road m n l n t . M. C. Brick Si Tile C o m p a n y , road i n a l n t . M. C. I m p l e m e n t Co., road m n i n l . M. C. Lumber C o m p n n y . road m a l n t . ' M I d - C o n l l n c n t Pclr. Corp.. rood rnalnl. Northern Lumber C o m p a n y , rond m a i n t · Oshkosh m a i n t . P n u l s c n , Retcn A l l o y C o m p a n y , roail m a l n t . R o c k w e l l Co-op. Telephone Ass'n , rond m a l n l Rockwell F.lectric, road n i a l n t . S id R Chevrolet. C o m p a n y , road malnl. II. D . S h n a f M n l l , road m a l n t . . . . Shroyer, Floyd, roail m n l n t S i n c l a i r H f l l n i n K C o m p a n y , road m n l n t . . - · Skelly Oil Company, road m a i n t . . m a l n l . Motor Truck Co.. road Jens S., road m a i n l . .Standard A u t o P a r t s , ' r o a d rr S t a n d a r d H e a r i n g s f'o. of Molnen, rond miiint Slanilard Oil Company, road m a t n t - · Swalwlale Oil C o m p a n y . road m a l n t . Walnnn Tiros. T r a n s l c r Co., road m a l n t . . . . . . . . . . . . . : . - . . · Wilkinson, L, W.. ro.vl mnlnt . . . . Wlrl/. J u n k Yard, r o a d m a i n t . . -, S ti II Wolf, road m a i n l 'll t, W F u r n i t u r e Shop, m a i n t City of Mnson C i t y , road m a i n t . C. A. Kdrly Lumber C o m p a n y , road m a i n l . : "loyd Leonard A u l o F-'Ice,, road m a i n t d e a l Sand It G r a v e l Co , road 13.77 M 57 99. Rl 2P.OO 21.77 c.ra visions of said Chapter 2.52, 1950 Code Iowa upon Ihe following n a m e d persons that t h e i r cnnllnucil residence in the County wilt not result In their acquiring legal settlement nr in m a k i n g t h e m eligible lo receive poor relief f r o m the funds of the County: Merlff Moorchead and Shirley Moorehead and Family. Jack M, Kelp and Helen Kelp and Hcdrlck and Ima Hcdrick and Family. Floyd Family. Guy Beal and Beryl Bcal and Family. Lester H. Smith Mrs. Betty Keller and Family Lillian Hlncr Ervlne Hastings Tcllef Haugebck Elnlna Bradley W l l h c l m l n a Schmidt August S u n k e n and Irma Sunken A r t h u r Resaler and Betty Rcsnlcr Inez Paulson Motion was made by Supervisor John G f a r m rro Gortlf) i n n r y D. H. I A , \ c t c r - Copley B r e e d i n g Farm If H a t c h . , liveslock, feed Cryslal Lake Ice t Fuel, f u e l . urrles, f u e l , r e p a i r s . . Damon's, Inc., supplies Dcrker, Jacob K, ti Sons, provisions De.s Moines Register, supscription* Onfflcld D u n n i n g , repairs Earl's Market, provisions . . . . . . . . Engler Drug Company, dniifs . . . . Furmcrs Elcv.itor Co.. feed Glrlon Farm Store, feed E. II, Iliglcy Company, provisions Hoxle Fruit Company, provisions Jacktnn. Walter K., g r a i n Kniscr, Dr. J. C., velorinary . , , . . K u h l e m n l e r , Earl, f a r m m a - chinery . KurU Company, repairs McEvoy. Mrs. Nellie, extra help Mcthndlit Church Farm Account, feed Montgomery Ward i- Co., cloth- Ing-fa Tin-equip No/tJi Iowa t%»rm Store, f a r m repairs 2B.RO 75.39 72.82 BS.SI! J.25 J2,» .1.20 12.39 41 .M 24.40 ·HS.2S 124.42 23. fi5 512.25 79.00 126.00 M.lft 30.00 812.58 HO.58 I n d u s t r i a l Towel clnnrnnt'C Roebuck Co., road c l e a r a n c e 5.00 1.25 :i.oo 17.75 27.5(1 11.55 5.03 1.02 13.50 212.49 42.09 31.49 6.85 21.40 33.00 1.00 · fi.OG ·lO.B'l ,3.07 G.'13 1.50 ]IH.I9 49.21 10.00 50.00 12.75 10.00 254.70 2G.U1 3.32 ·11)1.10 773.38 19.73 325.00 15.82 J5.01 5.05 Ml! .45 5.25 23. I I 15.26 71.15 10.71 32.52 340.26 27.72 13.27 ·11.21 2 3.2f 27.40 161.51 10.76 27.56 14.12 1.21! Auto Elec. 122.63 20.00 180.00 1222 330.88 1(1.81 2,179.43 20.40 37.50 211.00 107.04 0.0(1 (W5.SI7 20.84 34,0(1 Sl.lKi 93,«l 52.00 254.72 77.00 21(1.25 10.20 221,11 1,973.50 7.00 30.1)0 40,no 150,110 2.4H .45 111.57 1G.II3 10,74 7.05 24. !l B'lil'J lo 80M I n c l . ; Nos. 8701 to 8704 I n c l . i Nos. B7IM to H73B I n e l . i Nos. 81-10 to 8757 Incl.; Nos. 8759 lo 87U2 Incl.: Nos, R78I to 8778 Inct.; No». 11781 to 8HI8 I n c l . i Noil. 8820 lo 8957 Incl. Motion w«» mnde by Supervisor John li. Rrown. seconded by Supervisor R. 1). !lutihlns t h a t Hie f o l l o w i n g numhvrvd up- pllcntiuns (or Homestead Tax Credit be i«- K'Ctcd: Clcnr Lake Township: Nos. 85, 163, 226, 213, 2ii5 nnd 270. Dotifilwrty Townshii! N». 371. Fulls Township: Nux. 437 nnd 478. (Jcnescn Township: Nos. flll and 51(1. G r a n t Township: No, S02. Lahu Tmvnship: No. 770. I.I me Creek Township; Nos. 79B ami 810. Lincoln Township: Nos. 902, M n t u n Township; Nos. 9(i9, 1037, 10.12, 107U as lo Lot li HlocK 18 Central lleljihls, 101 nri ID Lot 14 Illuck 5 C e n t r a l Heights, 1227 and 1230. ML Vcrnon Township: Nos. 1288 and 1332. Clotir Lake Corporation: Nos. IGI5. 1741. 1761, 1IO5A. IIW7, 18711, 1975, 1078, 19117. 1999, 2(0ti, 2057, 2105, 2109, 'Jllo, 2147. 21(111, 2205 as to l.oln 11 ft 12 Block 7 l"n»l Lake Plitro, 241)1, 24:13, 2453. 2101, 25UU, 21160, 2lill2, 2701, 2U07. Muservey Corporation: No. 2928 ns to Lot 1 Block 1 J. NUsons Mt Add, P l y m o u t h Corporation: No. 2EK1II. Rockwell Cbrponitumi Nos. 3141 ami 3220. Rock Fall* Corporation: :H03 ax lo Loll 200-210 210-220 22 0-3 3(1 2.10-240 210-250 25U-2GO ·200-271) Ibs. His. Ibs. lb«. I b u . llu. Ihk. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. Steady $17.25 $18.00 {20.25 $21.00 $7.1.25 S11.30 $21 » $2I,:0 $21.50 $21.25 $21.00 $20.75 270.2110 Ilia $20.50 280-2911 Ibs $20.2S 290-3IIU 300-3IO 310-320 320-3311 330.310 310-350 ,150-3 VI) Hit. Ih »» »l Ibs Ibs Ibi »20.00 · $1S.75 $1D.SO $19.25 Steady tn 25c lower $20.00 $21.00 52 1.2.1 $21.50 $31.75 $21.75 $21.75 $21.75 $21. -10 121.23 $21.00 $20.75 $.20.50 $20,25 $20,00 $19.75 Waterloo Steady $19.00 $20.00 $21.00 $21. JO $21.50 $21.50 $21,50 $21.50 $21.25 $21.00 $20.75 $20.50 $20.2} 120.00 $19.75 Cedar XapM« Steady $19.25 $30.9 $21.5* Good Packing Sows-370-1100 lli« ........ . , . .KHXIM lln ........... 330-381) HIK ........... MO-IUD ll* ........... ·IDO-UO Ibs ........... 4SO-500 Ilis ........... 500-550 Ilia ........... $18.75 $18.35 $19,25 $111,75 $18,2.1 S17.7.1 $17.25 Slfi.VS Jit). 00 $19.25 $19.0(1 $18.73 $10.50 $19.00 S1H.MI $18.00 S17.SO $17.00 $18.25 $19,25 $19.00 $18.75 $19.50 $19,21 $18.75 $18.25 $17. SO $16.75 »!«, 00 $1G.25 $ii;SO $II;H $51. 5O $11.25 $21.00 $».7S $30.30 $20.35 319.75 $19.2.1 $19.25 $19.15 $18,75 $11.75 $18.73 $10.25 $18.75 $18.13 I17.M $18.73 $16,00 I, 2. 3. 4 Block 3 Rock FnllRi Lot 4. 5 A 7 In Snliil. o( mi N13V* Sec 21, 07, l U i Lot II oxti N. B rod.i of U 2.'aW 1 Ch Sub Wi N K V i Sec. 21. 07.' 10; Lol » fc Lot 12 oxc U 33 H. which Men adj. to R Line Lnl 2 Sub N « N E V i Sec 21, 97, 19 nnd Srt SR-Sl! ixn H IB.!' of W 261' of E IOB8.4I' Of Sou II. 97, 19. Mniion Clly First Wiirili No. 3507 as to Lol 20 Block IJ lllghlniulj!! 3552, 35119, :I721, 3731), 3713, 3792, 3031. 3952. 4033, 4035, 1074. 4154, 41114, -1271, 4314. 1415, -HG7, 4008, 41120, 4 G I O , Floyd Leonard road clearance .. Slug-Mason City Company, rond clearance '. 4,fi5 Puhllc Library, rural library ., 3,200.M State Comptroller. Council Illufls 1)7,30 Sunnynlopo Wnpellti Co. Tuberculosis Snn., post sun. care ., Dr. N, C. S l u m , p h y x i c l n n D. II. FlUpMrlck. attorney 5IIU, 1685, 1951. Mason City Third W a r d : 11150, I1III3. G201, G272, (1319. «37I. 8421. 1)501, MIW. 8502, 11IMO, «IMI). Glifi.l. M72, 110(12. 871(1. lilllll, G830, (III53, 11871, G875, 8058, 7025. 7090. 7183. 7184, 7254, 728(1, 7300. 7317. 7333. 737IJ, 7395, 7430, 7491, Mount. Smiley. Hlncs. p a l . Or. R. E., nllorncy ex. pity*. ScrvUon. C. R - . P«L n t l o r n c y Frcdorika l l n y s . witness M a r l n o s . Pete, wltncis T|ce, »r. C. 11., ex. phys. TCBH, Tom, p a t . attorney 157.50 22.50 22.50 10.110 7..10 10.00 2.10 2.1U 7,511 10.00 Mollon wnn made G. llrown, neconded by Supervisor John by Supervisor R. 43(14, 43119. 4301, 4053, 1832. 41147. Mntmn City .Second Ward: NOH. 4873, UIIIO. 481(5, -11103, 4934. 4011. 'lO'U, 4903, R087, 523H, 5G87, 5331, 5813, J.I 1.1, 5819, B381, 5IIG1. nm. 5870, .11)111, nOOli, Hog Prices Stay Steady C H I C A G O Ml--Hoy . buyers sue coedeil in clearing a reduced run of pork animals and 1111 unsold carryover Wednesday. Most prices were . sloady although lighter weights often were discounted ns much ns 2,1 cents to clear. Cnttle were mixed and sheep sales were steady. (U.SDA) lloiii: 7,r,n(1, Moderately no tlvu. f u l l y Hleady on hulcherx 210 Ih. and over, iinovunly stonily to 23 conls lower nn lighter w c l u h t H ; OWN sunorully ittundyi moHl clmlcu 210-2.10 II). $22.25-22.51)! Jnl- ler price paid for cholnu 220-240 lt. w n l u h l n t most Mn-280 II). $21.75-22.25; fuvv lnad» nnd loU 290-.130 II). $20-21.50: fuw hiiavlen up tn 375 III. downward In $1(1.25; mOkt 180-2(10 11). 20.75: most sown Grains Show No Progress . CHICAGO [/Tr-Grains never \ver"« nblo to make any progress on the upside Wednesday, After a brief finning movement in w h e a t ' a n d soybeans, everything turned downward and c o n t i n u e d sinking throughout the session. .Wheat closed vi to 1 cent lower, September $2.31, corn unchanged to IVi lower, September, ' ' 7S4S, 7SB2, 7(129. Mdfiofi Clly Fomtli 7710. 77IW, llolibltis thnl the following numbuicd ap plications for Tax Credit allowed: Bath Township! No. 1 to 71 Inclusive. Clonr Lake Township: 72 lo HI I n c l . i Ncis. ill! lo 1(52 I n c l . i Nun. lfi-1 lo 225 Incl.; Nos. 227 to 212 I n c l . : No.i. 2-M to 204 IncI,: Nos. 2I( to 275 I n c l . ; NOB. 277 lo :i:t7 I n r l . Dougherty Township: No». 338 lo .171) I n c l . ; NOK. 372 In 3H9 Incl.. Falls Towiwhlpi Nos. :)» In '138 Incl.; Nos. «H lo 477 Incl.; Nos. 479 lo WJA Incl. Gencneo Township: Nos. 491 lo 310 Incl.; Nos. 512 to 515 Incl.; 517 to 540 Inclusive. G r u n t Township: N O H . .VII. lo 3!H Incl.; Nos. S93 t" C35 Incl. Grimes Township: NOB. 030 to 01)3 Inclusive. Laku Township: Nos, 001 to 709 Incl.; Nos. 771 to 7H1 I n c l . Lime Creek Township: NOK. 782 lei 797 Incl.; Non. 7Q9 lo HO!) I n c l . ; Nos. B l l to 7777, 78M, 7958, 8010. 8(11)2. 8107. 8111, IH93, 8197, 8203, Bi!28 an lo Lot 302. Midland Hunts., 0.111 m to S. V* l.ol 27 all of Lot 2(1 Illock 7 Ilomu I ' n r k Addition, 0324. M3S, MS8, 8374, II3II7, 11395. 8423. 8427 nH 10 I,111 200 Midland H e l R l l l s , 8175. 8192, U547, 85110, l!5B:i, 8SHII, snin, 8700. won. «7:i9, laso, 0703, 11771), H780, liclntf ni fuillici' bi!»ln«» lo conn; buforo tha Hoard, motion wim inntlo by K n p u r v l « n r It. 1. Hohbltis, sciinulpil by Supervisor John O. llrown that the Hoard to meet on A n n u a l l l l h , 1M2. JOHN C A I I I U L , Clialrnian, llonnl of SupcrvlsorB. ATTEST: KK1T11 HAW. County Auditor tldlD. Thora 921-22! H10-I70 11). $18.50 u n i t n r 350 Ib. $1U.79-20,50; few choice iiiulor 300 Ib. S20.7S and $21; moHl .131MOO 111. SI7.50-in.75) 400-500 11). 510,75-17.75; Hood clearance. C u l l l u i 15.000. Cnlyns: IOU. Slcor iii.-ir- nolill outs W-Vi lower, September 82%- ry.o 1%-2'K lower, September $2.0W, soybeans .'/* to 2 cents lower, September $3.18Vi, and lard 10 cents lower to 2 cents a hundred pounds higher, September $10.75. col mllior .slow but liberal supply m a r k e t sleMly lo 50 uunt.i lowari helfuri' i l n w , Wtink lo 50 contN luwor; C.OWB tftendyi bullx n c t l v u , Mrontf In 25 cents higher: olhiM- elnntti fully H f e n d y i few loftds prlmo Mount wnlK)iln« up lo 1,400 II). J33.23- 33.75; hulk cliolco utid prime ntoura $31.7535: prlnio 1,530 cliolcn lo Ib, prlino 1,800 Included Ih. ' at 33.1.2n; MOOd lu low-cltolco Mocr« $28-31,25: firw coniiitonilnl fleers !2a-2?.!IOt prime liclfcrs held above »34.SO| liood lo low-iu'lrne lioUern »2ll-33,5()t lly and commcrcliil COWH $10-23,!!0i nurn nnd culUirs J I O - I D ; n t l l l l y nnd land luilk Hill- cim- . . . com- mcrclnl liiillx 522.30-2.1.S01 commoreln! lo prime venlorn $20-33, Shoup: 2,000. No nnllvu ulatiiihler lanilm Hold; bidding weak lo .10 eulila lower «r down; nflklnx $3!i nliorn lamli.i anil n t o n d y t Kood to lilnh-cliolce of- I c r l i i K N $24.50-25.711: mostly $7.50-10. owes ulaw, «lundy, 901 Inclusive. Lincoln Town.ihlp: Nos. 003 lo 059 Incl. Mason Township: Nos. 'JliO to flfifl Incl.: Nos. 970 to 1035 I n c l . i No.i. 1038 In 1051 Incl.: Nos. 105.1 In 11)711 an lo Lota 7 ft U Illock in Control Height*: No*. 1079 lo 1101 as lo Lots 9, 10. I I . 12, 13 mock 5 Ccntrn) l l c l f j h t n : Nm. 1102 lo 1220 Incl.: Nos. 12211 to 1235 I n c l . ; Nos. 1237 tn 1277 I n c l . Ml. Voinon Township: Nos. 127(1 In 1207 Iiicl.: NOB. 1289 tu 1.131 I n c l , ; Nns. 1333 t" 1355 I n c l . Owen Township: N u n . 1337 In 1435 Incl. ricnjinl Vnllcy Tow/whip:' Nns. MM lo 14110 Incl. 1'orllaml Township: Nos. 140(1 lo 1550 Incl. ' Union Township: Nn». IS5II In 11109 I n c l , Clear Lake Corp.: Nns. 1010 lo 1014 I n c l . i Nos Ifilfi tn 1740 I n c l . ; Nos. 1742 to I7(!0 103(5; Nns. Incl.! l!70; I n c l . ; Nos. 205« to 2103 I n c l . ; No*, to 2108 I n c l . : Nos. 21)0 to 211.1 Incl.; I n c l . ; Ncifi. 17G2 to 1S3S I n c l . : 11)3(1 In 1077 I n c l . : 1H79 to 1974 l!77: 1979 In 19SI5 Incl.; Nun. IBIMI 10 1990 I n c l . ; Nns. 2(10(1 to 2IW5 I n c l . ; Nns. 2007 lo MSB 2106 NOH. 2117 lo 2140 Int:].: Nos. 2 I 4 I I ti V1H7 I n c l . ; NOB. 21 B!) to 2203 .in to Lots 9 ti 1(1 Illock 7 Kiinl Lake rlacc Add.; Nos. '2V)I lo 2400 I n r l . ; N n s . 2102 lo 2132 I n c l . : N l » . 2434 lo 'MT,2 I n c l . : NOH. 2451 tn 2'llil) I n l - l No». 24C2 lo 2, r .Bl) Incl.; Nns. 2600 in 2I5!!I I n c l . ; Nos. 20(11 lo 2r,(il im:l.i Nn«. 2M3 to 27M I n c l . ; Nos. 2702 lo 2ni)fi I n c i , ! No». 2P.OH tr 2IIM I n r l . U e n i x l i r r l y CorporaUon: NOK. 2 R I 5 lo 2liiiil I n c l , McM'rvcy C o r p n r j i l i f i n : Nns, 2Hfi! lo 2fl2ll as lo A d d . Lots 2 to 3 Illiick Nos. 2920 to 2961 I .1. Incl. J.SSOI1K 1st Plymouth Corporation; Nos. 2962 lo 2997 Illt'l.; Nos. 2999 to 31171 I Ml. llot'k F a l l N Corporation: Nos. 3072 lo 6. 7, H Illock 3 Itork 3103 a.K to Loin, Foils: 3101; 3103. Rockwell Corporation: Nut. .1100 to .1HO f n c l . : Noi. 3112 lo 3220 I n c l . ; Nos. 3221 to 32!tl I n i ' l . Swalcilnlc Corporation: Nos. 329r In 3311 Incl. Tliornton C o r p o r a t i o n : Not. 3312 lo 310S Incl. Mason 3H07 an to Lot 1!) lllot'k 6 1,1,10 243.011 I2H.72 2B.C7 298.17 B.02 32.31 1 2 0 1 N«w. .1590 to 3720 I n r l . ; I n c l . : Nos. 37-10 to 3742 I n c l . ; Nos, :i711 BM.Ifi to 3791 I n r l . ; Mori. 37M lo .1930 I n i i l . : Nos. 17 111 .1M2 lo M.VI I n c l . : Nos. MM to 41)32 I n r l City H l « t W a r d : Nos. 3WK to Lot 1!) lllot'k 6 I l i ^ l i l a n d K ; Not. .1,108 to 3M1 I n c l . ; Nos. 3553 lo 33IW I l i f l . : 3722 lo .'I73B 50.« 3 28.04 1U.W) 1,539.07 12 K i.',.:!0 8.67 18.27 No. 4S34; Nnl. 40:!!'. to 4073 I n c t . : Nos. 4(175 lo 113:1 I n c l . : N"H. 4155 to 4183 I n c l , ; Nils. 4I8r to 4270 I n c l . : Nos. 4272 to 43111 I n c l . i No.t. 4315 to -n(t:i f n c l , ; Nos. «S5 to -nr.R I n c l . ; N n n . 4371) to 4.'IU:i I n r - l . ; Nrjl. 4395 lo 4114 I n c l . ; Ne«. 4 1 i r to 14W! I n c l . ; Nos. 44r,[) t» 4W7 I n r l ; Nos. «WI to -nil!) NOH. 4621 to 4iil5 I n c l . ; Nos. 4147 to Inr.l.: Nos. 'JS58 In 'Mil Inr-l. I n c l 4«) 10:13 to .Miifinn 4ft72 Inr. 1 31.8'J U n i f o r m S';rv., roiirl m a l n l )»co ling C o m p n n j . roail m . i t n l . i i c K - M A ^ Q O C i t y C'irnp:iny, i f i ^ ' l m a I n t A n d r c w s r:onrrctc I' r o rt . K/ Supp.. ronrl m a i n t fsowcn's Superior K x p , Co.. rorul m a i n t Curries, roarl m a i n l M £ K Motor Supply, rond m a l n l . P o m p k l n B , T. W., roail m a l n t . floyer l l n r d w a r c t I'nlnt, road m.iint Clear Lake Independent Telephone, road m a l n l . Peoples Gas and K l c c l r l t , road J 20 ·J.31 ·· III':!,; N'tlu 4«1S to 10.V, I n r l C l l v Scrnnil W t i r r l : Nos 1057 ti .; Non. 4F.74 lo V.79 I n r l . ; No* 16111 tfi IS84 I r i c l : Nos. 1W:C, to 4t«2 I n r l , : Nos. 4004 to 493:) I n r l . : No*. 40:1.1 lo 4i'!0 I n r l . : No. 4!M2; Nm. 4914 lo 1W2 I n c l , : Nos 4M-1 lo 5M(1 I n r l . ; Una. .VjllR to r.l'ii I n c l . ; Nos. 5I»U t'. r.^r.7 I n H , : NIK 52.19 to . r ».M,1 Incl.; No*. M3 r j to MI4 Ini-l..; Son. 534II lo 51HD I n r l . ; N'r»s r,3,12 lo 5110 I n r l . ; 112 to Mil! I n r l : Nos, 5620 to T.M1 N r i . WM: Nos. V,V, to 5 B I 2 I n r l . ; Public School at Ventura to Start Sept. 1 VENTURA--The Venlorn consol itlatt'fl school will .start Monday, Scpl. 1, School will be dismissed nl 11:15 on M o n d a y . ' T h e age for primary entry this your hiis been sol nl five years on or before Scpl. 35. The teachers for the new school year arc us follows: Leo ,J. E.sbeclc, superintendent; David Cockrum, p r i n c i p a l of. the Junior and Senior High School; Mrs. Tom HnycH, English itnd dramatics; Mrs. Emily H a n c h c t t , English nnd reading; Donald liycrs, vocation agriculture; Robert. Jackson, commercial and driver t r a i n i n g ; Mrs. Kobcrt .luckson, h o m e economics; Cecil Uliods, physical training nnd social science. Richard Waack, physical Irain- ing and science; I I . Milo Hall, junior instrumental a n d v o c a l m u s i c ; Urban Kcffler, veterans' t r a i n i n g ; Lorraine Nyhus, slxlli; Henry Rickens, f i f t h ; Helen Al- ners, fourth; Mrs. M a r y Ellen I! u r g c s K, t h i r d ; M a v i s K l a v i s , third; Lois Ann Lau, second; I'/.ol ta Pine, second; M r s . D a j m a r B r i a r , f i r s t ; Mrs. J3onnie Starkey, first; Mrs. Eleanor VVcslcoU, prim a r y ; Mrs. Robert Anderson, primary. The school building has been put in first class condition with additional glass block in the eighth grade room and the west end of the study hall. The home economics room is in the process of being modcrni/ed. Five kitchens arc being installed with three gas and two electric ranges. Each unit will accommodate four girls. Football suits will be issued on S a t u r d a y , Aug. 23, from 12:30 p.m. until li p.m. The first practice will be held on Monday, Aug. 2.1 a I. 3 a . m . with Coaches llhods and Waack in charge. The hot lunch program will start on Sept. 2 with the following cooks in charge: Mrs. Ha/el H a n k r o f f , Mrs. Jurie Hoeft, Mrs. Doris Hiidc and Mrs. Don I'eck. The school will operate eight buses t h i s year. There v/ill be four buses south of V e n t u r a and four north. This w i l l shorten the bus routes and the children w i l l not to ride so KSTIMATI!I - I . I V I C S T O C K (WrrtnoiiUy'n M n r k e t ) C H I C A G O m -- ( U N I ) A ) --Unllmatuil snl alilo livestock r c n u l p t s lor ThnriKlfiyt I), 000 lions. 2,000 callta anil 1,5(10 (iliuop. ; AVISDNESDAY'S CHICAGO in-- WlfBAT-- Open $2,32 fJKAIN CLOSE M-, Sepl. MoV. '.','. Mny ... July ... COIIN- Hopl. ... Dec. ... Mar. ... Mny ... OATS- Sopt. ... Dec. ... Mnr. .., May ... IlYE-- Scpl. ... Dec, ... Mny 2,41 a.«V4 2.39 1.78-H J.llOK. MM, .VI Vi .DOW Local Livestock IIOO8 MASON cri'V--Far Mostly 25« lower. noil Ilithl light! C!ood llglil llghlff . . . , , . , , . , , , Oood l l u l i l light* od lltfhl llglils :.' Good medium wolKhu Clnncl m e d i u m weight* od medium wtdghtK SOY1IEANS-- Sept. ... Nov. ... Jan. ... M«r. ,., Mny ... L A U D -- Supl. ... Oct. ... Nov. ... Doc. ... ,Tnn. ... Mur. ,.. Mny ... 3.07 V4' 2.09 Vi 3.09H 3,10'A a.llVt 3.1 1 » fllgh. ta.32Hi 2.39 2.W4 2.4414 2.39W 1.74TI 1.78K l.BOV'i .87 H ,90H .00 2.08 l.Ofl^i 2.09 VL 3. 1BU 3.10Vt 3.1 H4 3. 1 Hi 3.10' Low J2.30Hi S.37H SJ.3L- 2.311 2.43H Z.38% 1.7HV4 .S6H ,8»y, .B9V* 2.041,4 3.04H J.07W 3.0* 10.85 I t . If) ',1,12 12.20 12. 1Z 12.35 11,10 11.29 M.37 10,75 11.00 31.12 U.8S 11. in 12.33 12.50 , J.79VW MV, 5.04*4 2.07 ·· 1.07H 3.10 3.19V4 10.7S 11. «· J1.II Good mcdfimi wcluhtt (imtil i T i u d l i i n i wcljfliiil Clood m e d i u m wolKhtu Good medium iveltilitn (!ood medium wclKlit.i Gnoil medluin xvolglits Ound m e d i u m w c l K h l n OOIH! mndlnm w c l K l i t n Ciood m e d i u m w o l K h t x Qood nu'illuin . 100-170 J1H.75 . 170-lHO J1D.75 . IRO-lOO J20.7B .100-200 $21.00 , 200-220 121.25 . 220-2.10 J 2 I . 2 3 . .Z10-2W S2I.23 , iiUI-2.10 121.00 79c 200-270 $2(1.3(1 270-2W) J20.25 2nfl-2t)n $20.1)0 290-30(1 SID.7!5 soo-nio $io., p io 310-320 919.23 :i2()-33() $10.0(1 330-340 $18.75 $io.r,o MO-3RO »10.25 270-,nOf) JIU.fH) Mo-nw nno-ano sin.un .lOO'-lOU *17,50 100-150 »lll.7fl 150-500 $10.00 No boon rocclvcd nftcr 5 p. m.-^-Jncob 15. Decker ii Kan*. CATtl.K MASON CITY-- For Wcdncndny r-ooil m n d l u m weixhtu (lood AOWK , flood sow* ............ Oood flown . . . . , . . , , . . . C»nol flown ,.....,,,.., :jntjd anvvfl , Clood KOWH Onts, No. 2 Corn, cnsh ........... , ....... Corn, new del. Dec. 15 ...... Soybeans, now, by Nov. 15 .. CJIICAfll) OABII C.RAIK (WedB«inl*T'» Afirkct) C'HICAao W-C'mh whent: No. $2.30. Corn: No. 3 yellow $l.7»^t-l,«li l l . 7 f i W - l . V 7 M ; No. 3. $1.71; «ample Onl/i: No. L heavy white wecvlly H n r l u y nominnl: Mnltlng JI. 31-1,11; fe«d J l . 10-1 ,29. Buyltcnni: Non«, Prime slocri nnd liclirro Cholcu Atuoru unit heifers ...... Ciond xlaom nnd hcllcrx C'nnirnaretiil *leor» nnd liolfors Ullllly tilucra and hollorii Clood cows Commercial cow* Ullllly cow» dinner* nnd cultorx llullii (JAl.VP.B MASON CI'I'V--For Cholco Commercial U t l l i l l o H ... Culls ...... Clioico ..... , Uood $32.00- .11.0(1 92B.OO-30.00 t23.On-2H.00 523,00-21. CM) sia.oo-22.oo »t(i.(io-in.oo %1f.aa-n.oa tl9.00-2a.00 C n i l H ..... . Oood lo choico ewes (Jllllty cv/c» C u l l OWU8 N O H . I n r l . Nos. I n l ; M i l to :,tt\H I n c l . i Noi. r«2l I" 5»i;(i .'·,'ns. W.f.'i to r,P,t,l I n r l . : S«i«. SB7I to I n c l ; N'os Mil? I" .'fir1 I n c l . ; N'ni jr,!)3r lo OORO I n r l . l . M J Mnwm City T h l i r J W n i d : Nofi. WiBI t o Gl.« I n t l . : Nos. fiir.ll to r,iH2 ln:l.: :-'os. filBI lo (1200 l o r l . ; N o » . ' f i 2 W lo i,21l I n r l . ; Nos. fi273 lo «31S Inc!.; Nos. fi.120 to r37U 219.05 I n c l . : Nns. M72 lo H2K I n c l . i No«. M22 I2.4.' to 65(K I n c l . ; Noil. BWI2 to WdH I n c l . ; Nos. S5.07 1(5.80 SZ4.UO-2II.OO S24.00-28.00 Slll.00-20.00 . tio.oa-io.oo t23.M-2H.00 , S2LO()-23.50 . S18.W-21.00 . 511. 110-18. 00 . $ 5.SO- 7.00 , S 4.00- 5.00 , » 3.00- 4.00 12.10 12.37 'r Mason City Grain At 1:30 p.m. ,Wedn«d»y $l.fe .$2.80 t n4 No. ' 4. New York Stocks By Tbe Associated Press (Final Quotations Wednesday) AlliedSlrs na'/t Kcimccoll lOVa A m C a n 33% M a y t a g 1G A m I I o i n e P d 37'/g MontWard R4 7 /» Stock Market Moves Ahead' NEW YORK on--The stock market closed quietly ahead Wednesday after nn cnrly recovery movement ran out o£ steam. Ha 11 roads provided the leadership for the rise. The advance extended to as much as one to two points but tho hulk of the rise was fractional. A6 the same time there were plenty of minus signs scattered through the list. Volume again was restricted u an estimated million shares. Tuesday it c n m e lo only 980,000 shares. A m / l a d 15 AmSitielt 42% AmTolT l. r )4'/2 A m T o b H B W Arn Wool en 27 «/4 A r m o u r O't-fc Atchison 8f)'// UcatFds 38-VK i i c n d i x A v Hctli.Stl SO W70 lo fissi I n c l . ; No*. MM to r.S'j'i I n c l . ; I N c l l l p . l o r n l earn A . , Dr. not In r o n - n i n i n l Amendl, Mrs. Ba.srom, Dr. L. .tract Board of Cemetery T runlets, b u r i a l . Hoone. D a n , Hooth, Mrs. Florence, rent K u r n n u g h , Flllen M., local r.irr . Crdar Valley Hospital, hospital Cprro )i;rdr M»:dicjil K o r l e l y , doclorj contract f,f,'1l in MM Inr.l.: No». W-ll lo r. I n c l . : No». r,r,M 10 M7I I n c l . 3.4.1 Noil. M73 to Wni I n r l . ; Noi. WH^ 16715 f n c l . ; No«, fl717 to M I 7 Inrl.: N. n.SOJiiKI') lo f.aart I n r l . : Nos. f,«31 lo S'nn. 6H51 to WI70 Incl.: Nos. 11872 lo MM* 37.50 200.00 12.00 12,00 172,1(1 1.203.73 'Jos. I n c l . : No«. f,B7fi to r,9:i7 ' I n r L ; N'nit to 7024 I n c l . ; N n s . 702R to 7DB!) I n c l . ' 7MI to 7l(i2 Incl.: Noi. 7IH-I to 71f» I n c l . : N'on. 7IS.1 to 72M Incl.; Nn». TK', to 7280 Incl.; No». 72fiO to 7307 I n c l . i Nn*. 7300 lo 7:tlfi Incl.: Nos, 7.1IB lo 7.132 Incl.; Nos. 7331 lo 7375 fncl.; No*. 7177 lo 7M» frier!.! N'ou. 7.1M lo 7438 I n c l , ; Nn*. 711(1 (o 74M I n r l , : Nn* 7«2 lo 7511 I lo 7591 Incl.; Non. 7SBJ to 7fi2fl I n e l , ; Nos. Winneshiek Fair Baby Beeves Sold D K C O r t A / r -- T h e grand champion 1-H baby beef, owned and shown by Robert Jcvnc at the Winneshiek County Fair w«.i sold ,-il auction. The c a l f , a Shorthorn, was sold to Ihe Dccorah State B a n k for §49.50 per 100 pounds. F i f t y baby beeves were sold, at the auction and brought a total of $10,280.!)3. Average sale price was $34.47 per 100 pounds. C.isc.11 24% C h r y s l e r 79 r !i ConKdis 35'iK Cornl'rod fiS'/i CtirtissWr 8V« Deere ?,?. D u P o n t 88T» C l e n K l e c (2V'n ricnP'oods Cooclrich 65 '/i Goodyear 43 C, I. WestS UK 17-Vi ilomcslakc 37Vi 76,10 to 7M Incl. GENEVA--Mrs. Edna Reeve of Mason City and Mrs. Myra Me- NO«. 75'icjNitl and son James of Fredericksburg were recent guests of Mr. and Mawjn f.'ily Kourlli Ward: No». 76W lo Mrs. Left .Johnson. I n l F l a r v 33 : !i IntTcITei m't InlcrstPW W* I n - t l l O E 26% KanCPL. 29 Worrell J.V/i NiishKclv 20% Nn ID airy 55 NnlGypsuin 20Vi N Y C e n t r u l 13'A P a r a m P i c l 24 7 /« Tcnncy,!CG7 l A I ' a K r ID-Vt PnpsiCola 0% l'hillipsPct57 7 /H RadioCp 2C'/i .SafewsySt 31'/i .SearsRofib 57% ShcafforP 26% .SinclairOil 44% SoconyVac 37Vtt ·SouPac 83 Vi SUIBrands 26 SldOilfnd 79 StdOihVJ 78'/^ R t u d e b a k c r 37'A SwiftCo 32'/i SylvEIPd 34'/i TexasCo 54% UnPac 114Vi U n i t A i r L i n 27 r ;{ USGypsum USRubher USSteel 30 r )i WestUnTel 43',« WiJsonCo OV« Woolworlh 43-% Mason City Produce tOunUtloni br C. O. Mnr) At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Eggs, No. .1 51c Efigs, No. 2 45c ERgs, No. 3 Ifcns, 5 Ibs. and over Hens under 5 Ibs. Old cocks, heavy breeds ,,. I2c C H I C A G O I'OTATOKS CHICAGO t,n-- (USI)A)--1'oi.iloos: Arrl vnln 73, on tr.ick 2!0; U.S. xlilp mcnta -174: nupplicit I l K h t ; demand Blow; market wenkcr; c.irlot trnck snlea per 100 Hi.: California lone whiten b a k n n JB.75; Idahn.CircKon Riinicls SM.J.'i; Waihlnston lV'i.iton*in Ponllacs 35ft: 18c 18c Leghorn cocks lOc PLAN FESTIVAL G AUNER--The Zion Evangelical and Heformcd Church oC Garner will celebrate ils annual mission festival on Sunday, Aug. 24, according lo the Rev. Carl J. Mohr, pastor. Dr. Carl Klein o£ St. Louis, Mo., will be the guest speaker at both the morning and afternoon service. FERTILE--Mr. and Mrs. Howard O'Leary Sr. of Mason City ancl Ur. and Airs. IJ. O'Leary Jr. and daughter Lynn of Dallas, Tex.', wore guests at tho home o£ Mrs. O'Leary Jri's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enos Seglcm. SELL US YOUR HIDES WOOL Also Y o u r . .. Scrap Iron Metal CARL STEM Ph. 470 111 6th i. W.

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