Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 9, 1931 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
Page 4
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POLICE COURT HANDLES CASES Fine* Levied Vary From $100 to $10 - T w o For- f eit Bonds. ,Eight cases ranging" from reckless driving to- Intoxication were handled by Judge John Shipley at the Monday morning session of police court. Fines' from 5100 to sio were levied. James Currant, 32% East State street, was fined $100 on a charge of reckless' driving-. He admitted he . had been drinking before the time . of his arrest on East State street. . Officers stopped him after they . noticed he was driving at. a fast rate over slippery pavements^ according . to police records. Tom Chilcote, 128 Fourth street : southwest, forfeited a 515 appear- ··· ance bond when he failed to appear to answer intoxication charges. · W. B.' McConnick, 115 Fourth street southwest; Mike Bovlch, Mason City; Vane White, ; Mason City T. M. Peterson, Mason City, and Mike Honzkas, Mason City, were each fined §10 and costs on intoxication charges. Joe Thomas, Mason City, for; feited a §15 appearance bond When . he failed to appear to answer a charge of disorderly conduct. MRSlROWNTO BE BURIED HERE I Rites for Former Resident Who Died in Fort Dodge to Be Tuesday. - Mrs. Spencer Brown, 77 years of age, former resident of Mason Citv and Clear Lake, who died Sunday morning at Fort Dodge, will be buried in Mason City Tufsday after? noon. Christian. Science services will b e h e l d at 2 o'clock at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. O Cum- toings, 216 Thirteenth street BorS- Burial will be in jEhWood cem- brof t~ ----y ^ M "- B - r0wn was MASON CITf GLOBE-GAZETTK EVANGELIST-BANDIT DICKINSONS DINNER GUESTS OF HOOVERS From boyjsvangellst to bandit is the extraordinary shift. In professions made by Perry Williams of Quincy,; 111., 18, just sentenced to serve 15 years In the stae penitentiary at Chester. At the age of 14 he was nc- .clnlmed as-a boy wonder evangelist, then his parents insisted he find a more, lucrative position. Desiring fine clothes and having no money he turned robber. Police were astonished to discover that the "Baby Bandit," whom they had sought for months, was former evangelist. Writes of Interesting Evening. EDITOR'S NOTR--Dinner'at tlie white house occupies most of Mrs. t,. J. Dickinson's letter to Jane this week. The in vita- ' tioh to the white house, what the guests wore, how they were received, .the table appointments and the meal aro detailed by Mrs. Dickinson. Tho dinner / which the Dickinsons attended was informal-anil coffee was . served in the- Hoover's living room on the second floor rather than. In one of the first floor : rooms. Mrs. Dickinson's next letter will concern some interesting changes made by the .Hoovers since their advent in the white house. My Dear Jane: Another invitation to dinner at the white house--My! how thrilled I was and excited, too, when answering the telephone the other morning I found I was talking to Miss Hall at the white house. Miss Hall is one of Mrs. Hoover's secretaries. She told me that the number of guests would be small and that the president would 'wear his tuxedo and black' tie. That meant the dinner would be very informal. I accepted, of course--who wouldn't? and could hardly wait till husband got home to tell him of our invitation. The next morning a note came from Miss Hall saying that the President and Mrs. Hoover were delighted that . we were to take dinner with them, etc.; and again -I was told the presi- . dent would wear his I black tie. . . I suppose it seems funny to you for us to be told what our host is going to wear, but we are so very I glad when they dp tell us.- In Wash I ington more than any place else on I must be correctly dressed. We ar terribly, embarrassed if we make faux pas--but it does happen some ' times. Dsed Campaign Car. , We wished we had had a new | car and a chauffeur--we would have liked to have ridden up to the fron i,;~~ -- .--~ i "" c is survived bv one ton the services ciarles, Fort Dodge, tiree sisters,' . She had been and . On Sept. 15, 1853, Mrs. Spencer was born in Canada. She lived there for some time and then came to Iowa, living at first at Marble Rock. She was married and lived for several years at-. Mason City. Her husband preceded her in death on July 9, 1927. For some time she H Mdt in boiltne water and mifo i alto muff up ^ote. ANNA PORTER IS INJURED HERE [ Former Resident Taken to Mercy Hospital VISSS OVER W MIUIQH JARS USEP vrAoiy NO MORE PILES · HEM-ROID,. the prescription o Dr. J.'S. Leonhardt, is guarantee to banish any form of Pile misery It gives quick action even in old stubborn cases. HEM-ROID tablets succeed because they heal an restore the affected parts and re move blood congestion in the lowe bowel--the cause of piles. Only'a v internal medicine can do this, that why salves and cutting usually fai Michael Drug Co., and druggisl -everywhere sell HEM-ROID with guarantee that it costs you nothin if it doesn't end all Pile agony. s resided in Clear Lake at her home door of the white house in rea '- I nn Kn,,t\, ·?,,,,--j ,,*--*. style. President Hoover might not care but the policemen at the en[ trance and the colored man who runs out and assists us out of our car might have been impressed. But the old "campaign" car had do and husband was his own chauffeur. As it was I suppose the I policemen wondered how the owner of a little car like ours could boast an 84 number. We entered the big marble lobby each side of which is almost covered with a carved gilt framed mirror. Here we removed our wraps and were greeted by an aid who, after giving husband an envelope in which was a card telling him the i name of his dinner partrier,'; escorted us'to the door-of the blue room and Introduced us to the guests who had already arrived. My dinner partner immediately came up and told mo that he was to be my escort. Met In Blue Room. After all the guests had arrived the aid came to the door ot the blue room and told us to stand in a semi-circle--the President and Mrs. Hoover were then announced and were introduced all around--we immediately farmed in line, with the President and Mrs. Watson {wife of Senator Watson of Indiana) leading, and went into the dining room where colored waiters seated us at the table. I was second on Mrs. Hoover's ri.^ht and husband, second on the president's right. Mrs. Hoov- 'H* had on a dark winei colored velvet gown. The table looked lovely with the old knobbed glass ware, fine cream colored doilies and tall glass candlesticks. The flowers were pink roses--four bowls of them. There is engraved the words--"The Presidents." . · · · . ' . No \Butter Served. · .On the butter plate was*a small roll but no butters-butter is seldom served at dinners in Washington. Soup .was served first in soup plates --they are being revived again--I think it was - mushroom soup^-no wafers were passed with this course as is usually done but salted nuts were passed twice--I had never seen this done before--then came the fish--white fish, with a sauce over it and with it was passed very thinly sliced cucumbers and,'radishes which had stood in French dressing. This was an especially good combination. Broiled chicken follower, with asparagus and a ball of something--I thot it · was potato but my ~ partner insisted it was ground rice fixed up some new way --whatever it was, it was delicious. Rolls were passed with this course. The next course- was a cream cheese salad with French dressing- ice cream and chocolate cake came next--the nuts were not passed with course, finger any course but the soup Large round wine colored FEBRUARY 9 '1931 Philosophy Have you ever noticed that before 70 we hide oar age and after that we brag about it? / We-do not have to brag about our coal for we are convinced we handle the best Try a ton and we feel sure you will tell your friends about it. WAGNER COAL CO. 1130 So. Car. Ave. Phone 086 Crash. Anna Porter, Des Moines, was taken to Mercy hospital for treatment of injuries received when the car in which she. was riding' and a car driven by Allan Patton, 328 Qar- alina avenue southeast, collided'and both, overturned on highway 65 about two miles south, of the city about 10:30 o'clock Sunday night. Hiss Porter, formerly of Mason City, is an employe of the Northwestern Bell Telephone company. Luther Hodgen, Des Moines; fqrmerly of Mason. City, and several others from Des Moines were in Hogden's car. Patton's brother, Herbert was in the other. Both automobiles were seriously damaged but were able to drive away under their own power. The accident; according to Mr. Patton, occurred when he attempted to turn off the highway. No Arrests Follow Raids on Night Clubs on Lake South Shore Billy's Casino and the Chick-E- .Dee, two Clear Lake night clubs, were raided by federal prohibition agents Saturday night. Six or seven bottles of alleged alcohol were 'taken from tables at Billy's Casino and four bottles taken from the Chick- E-Dee, according- to federal agents, but no' arrests were made, agents said. Both clubs are on the south shore.. Assistant Cashier 111. - NASHUA--C. R. Dexter, assistant cashier of the Nashua state bank, is quite ill at his home in this city. Goes to Webster City. WODEN--E. Klttleson went to Webster City Saturday to spend a few days visiting friends. -- . e r e were six courses and the plates of each course were of -"a different design. On each knife, fork and spoon bowls ivere brot in on plates covered with small doilies--we put aside the doily and bowl and helped ourselves to giant bunches of large, and glossy California grapes which were passed. Food Is. Passed. ·All of the food is passed at dinners here except soup and we help ourselves. If we "put on" a few pounds our excuse cannot be that It is because "we are .attending so many dinners" for we m'ay help our. . selves to as little or as much as we Id the presi- desire. tuxedo and W heu the President and Mrs. Hoover rose from the table and asked if we preferred going up to the living rooms in the elevator or if we would walk up I got another thrill--At last I was to see the living rooms of the president of the United, States and the first lady-coffee was to be served there instead of in the blue room as it was the only other time we -attended a dinner there. At last: I was to get beyond the iron gates--you can imagine my delight. A woman's curiosity your husband will say. The President and Mrs. Hoover and two or-three of'the guests went up in the elevator--the rest of us walked up the grand stairs. Rooms Are Open. The first floor of the white house s well known to capital folk--most myone can see the red room, the Iue room, the green room (tho none f them are really those colors any more), the east room with its gold ianp, gold chairs and sometimes le state dining room but it is only le few who have the privilege of limbing the grand stairs or of rid- ng up in the tiny electric elevator, A wide hall on the second floor runs the length of the white house- here on both .sides are .low book cases filled with, books ana oh · top of the book cases are treasures ot every-description presumably given to the Hoovers while on their many visits to other countries. In this hall are comfortable chairs, small tables --^and here it is that movie pictures are shown. At one end of the hall is the office used by Mrs. Hoover's social secretaries and back of this room is the president's own study- here, too, are interesting souvenirii and the desk is made from the timbers of the ship Resolute. There hangs on the wall a picture which, ever since the war, has hung where he works, the picture of a Belgian woman painted against the background of her ruined village, in her face all of war's tragedy. At the other end of the hall in palms, flowers and vines grow here Overlook Potomac. The private living rooms overlook the Potomac--here are books and more books, and flowers everywhere Associated Presa Pfioto * Hertha^ van Haentjenss; 19- year-old Viennese with a. Dutch name, was selected from 880 contestants as Miss Austria 1931. . Friends Never Knew Her tiair Was Gray :·--'· · ---Pretty Lois Page Tells How She Keeps Her Hair Dark, Beautiful Stay young, my friends. Above all, why let your hair get gray, when-there's a simple way to lose Tray-hair overnight and in a few lays have beautiful dark hair. It's a brew of common sage tea properly blended with sulphur. An old ·eclpe women used to steep on the back of the stove. Now improved and sold by all druggists for 75c a bottle. Wyeth's Sage Sulphur. Jse it following directions and very oon it will restore your hair to ts original coloring, .so evenly so aturalJy nbbody'Jl ever know. Globe-Gazette Offers New Booklet on INTERIOR DECORATING .Do you realize, in creating a color scheme for your decorating that every objecl in a room has a color role to play? The background should be rather neutral. The rug should be of darker value and definitely keyed to the color of the walls. The furniture may be keyed to the woodwork or the walls. The room will look larger if it is keyed to the walls. The smaller the piece of furniture the /more intense its color may be. For example, a bright orange lamp is attractive, whereas an orange davenport would be too garish. Draperies should be in lighter values than the furniture, for they are nearer to the top of the room, but they should not be of so intense a hue that the other furnishings are overlooked. Such is the helpful, practical manner in which decorating problems are discussed in the new booklet, INTERIOR DECORATING. Send for a copy today, using this coupon. The Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Bnskin, Director, Washington, D. C. I inclose herewith 1 10 cents In coin or stamps for a copy of the-booU!et on INTERIOR DECORATING. Name . Street City . State . _ . piano--and a Chines" screen and Chinese lamps which the Hoovers brot from their S stree home. The first lady has a semi living room of her own known, as tin oval room--here it is that she re ceives her own personal friends UNIFORM FLAVOR IN COFFEE DEPENDS UPON THE ROASTING Hills Bros. Insure Uniformity by Their Patented, Continuous Process Coffee experts agree that blend alone, regardless of quality^ will not produce a perfect cup of coffee, " tp_roB3tine of the blend lies the secret of perfect flavor. The common method of roasting coffee in bulk falls short in developing flavor, because it is riot possible to roast every berry evenly. Realizing thirf, Hills Bros., after years of experimenting, discovered and patented a continuous process of roasting coffee a little at a time. Control is the watchword of this process. The quantity of coffee passing into the roaster does not vary: The speed of operation and temperature remain the same with the result that Hills Bros. Coffee is absolutely uniform. This process, .fittingly called "Controlled Roasting, gives a flavor in the cup that no other, coffee has. Hills Bros. Coffee never "goes stalo because it is packed in vacuum cans. Ordinary cans, even if air-tight, do not. keep coffee fresh because air, which destroys the flavor of coffee, is inside. By the vacuum process, air is taken out of the can and kept out. Hills Bros. Coffee is sold everywhere by grocers. Aak for it by name and look for the Arab--tho trade-mark--on the cnn. Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. The president and the first lady each have their own bedroom. · Many guest rooms open off the wide hall, too. The three little grandchildren have their nursery and. sleeping rooms on the third floor. About eleven o'clock the-President and Mrs. Hoover got up and bid us all good Eight and went to their rooms. We were left to wander around as we willed but of course we remained only a few moments longer, i .' Mrs. Hoover is not like Martha Washington who promptly on the stroke of nine, addressed her guests in a"voice which carried to the farthest corner of the "presidents' palace"--"The General," she, would say. "always retires at ten o'clock, and I always precede him." The President and Mrs. Hoover have changed many things about since the beginning- of the adminis- tration--and; I.' will tell you about them in my next letter. . Affectionately, , ; · MYRTLE C. DICKINSON. Claims ^Allowed by Judge Joseph J. Clark in Harold Wilson Case All claims but two were allowed by Judge Joseph J. Clark In the adjudication of the case of the First National bank vs. the City of Clear Lake and others, hearing on which was held Monday morning in the district court. The bank appeared in the case as the assignee of Harold P. Wilson. The claims of the James W. Bell company and G. G. Herrick were withdrawn and dismissed. Leaves lot Chicago. , AREDALE-^Mrs. Everest Ebling and daughter left for their home at Ctcago Saturday night. They have been here the past two weeks with Mrs..EbIing's parents and other relatives. BOARD'S INCOME TAX BILL URGED Another Bill Being Drafted by State Administration Leaders. DES MOINES, Feb. 9. WJ-^T house tax revision committee today voted to recommend passage of the Income tax bill prepared by* the state board of assessment and review and the special legislative committee. ; . The measure places a rate of 1 per cent on the first $2,000 of net income with 1 per cent increase for each additional $1,000 until 5 per cent is reached. . A $10 deduction on the tax would be allowed to a single man and $20 to a married man with ?2 additional for each' dependent. Administration leaders are draft- Ing another Income tax bill with Are .Visiting In Wesley. GARNER--John Metheis and son, Urben; Darling, S. Dak., are visiting- the Lou Schleusner family and relatives at Wesley. HONEY OVER iOO MILLION BOTTLES USED FALSE TEETH Can Not Embarrass Most wearers^ o'f false teeth have suffered real embarrassment because their teeth dropped or slipped at just the wrong time. Do not live in fear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a · little Fasteeth on your plates. Makes false teeth-stay in place and feel comfortable. Sweetens -breath. Get Fasteeth at Michael Drug Co., Brady Drug Co., or.any other good drug store. DON'T WITH COLDS Sluggish intestinal systems'lower re- sistanco to colds. Cleanse them with Fcen-n-mlnt, the modern chewing gum laxative. Gentle, fiafe./non-habit- forming. More effective because you cheioit. Feenamint . The Cfieieing Gum LAXATIVE nd Cttildrt FOR CONSTIPATION higher^ exemptions but it is not yet ready for introduction.' It is not .expected that the house will take any action on the committee bill until the members have opportunity to study the administration proposal. Make Your Dollar ,Go Farther Only 18 Days Left to Buy a $35.00 PLATE (Artificial Teeth) FOB $10.95 Thru a fortunate purchase of materials, we are enabled to make this wonderful offer until March first only. Vulcanite Plates Are StilLthe Best Altbo many new materials bave been experimented with--Vulcanite Plates are still the best. This unusual offer includes any Vulcanite Plate. Maroon Brown Light Re8 Gold Dust Visit the nearest "Craven" Plate Shoppe as soon as possible. It will pay you to go many miles to take advantage "of this offer. GHAYEH'S Exclusive Plate Shoppes · 18 First St. S. E., Mason City 30Q Eighth St. · 408 Locust Des Moines Peoples Gas Electric Co. SPECIAL VALUES- We pride ourselves, on the ONLY GOOD APPLIANCES HBEE -- only standard brands are sold at reasonable prices. And, too, -- we are constantly on the alert to pass on to our customers the savings that result from fortunate purchases 'and from, special arrangements made from time to time with our manufacturers and suppliers. READ THIS AD CAREFULLY! 'For Better Appliances" Hotpoint Iron SPECIAL Six pound chromium-plated Genuine Hot-Point Super Iron-less button slot. Was $6.00-Now ?4.50. Floor Lamps NOW! Is Your , Chance to Get a New GENERAL ELECTRIC Pull-Range RADIO Your Old Radio Accepted As Part Payment TERjVIS TO SUIT YOU! Reduction! - Come Early for Choice Selection I SMALL DOWN PAYMENTS-BALANCE MONTHLY INTRODUCTORY SALE--NEW "DORIC" MODEL MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGE ENDS SATURDAY SAVE $12.35 BY BUYING NOW $8 Toaster, Only $3.95 This regular' $8 Hotpoint Turnover Toaster, bought at manufacturer's clearance, now offered at a ridiculously low price. Act quickly--Supply is Limited! ,·1 J i HEATING PAD in Combination With CEDAR CHEST for Same. Heat Pad . . . . $ 8.00 Cedar Chest .. 2.00 Total Value . .$10.00 You Get Both for Only $8 Monthly "First Aid For Colds, Flu, Etc." W ,i Jj ·*

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