The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, October 6, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XL Xo. 290. Gettysburg, Pa.. 3ionday, October 6th 1913. Price IVo IN ADDITION 1 o The Prizes Already Offer itered For FARMER'S DAY \Ve \\Ttl Give $25.00 In Other Pr Particulars Later In This Space. ECKERT'S STORE "ON THE SQUARE" MADE ALL FLANS iNO STUDENTS' |FAST DRIVING COUNTY PEOPLE STITUTE! cwiinsu! INJURES TWO TO CONVENTION i Teachers' institute this Year Will he | Four Military Camps to he Held in | Two Cashtown Women Run Down ] Convention of State Sunday School Held In Walter's Theatre. Special'. Events will Mark the Sessions' of the week. - the United States Next Year btitj when One Driver Attempts to' Workers at Wiiliamsport Takes Gettysburg not be Chosen. Hpt Enough Diversion hg«-g. Pass Another on Streets of the Town. Another Accident. Many Persons from Adams County. Local Officers Go. i The- executive committee of the Encouraged by the suc-.-c-ss of Xhe | Mrs. Louisa Carbaugh received sari-1 Many Adams County Sabbath · Adams County Teachers' Institute met tv/o student military held la?t;o»s Injuries and Mrs. E. J. Bucher Is j School workers will attend the C iat2 j with County Superintendent II. Mil- summer at Geltysburg, ari Monterey, J suffering from nervous shock as the j convention which Is to oe held this ton SoVii on Saturday and completed Cal.. the War Department has decided 1 result cf being run down by the team j week in Wililamspore- They will leave lj ' the arrangements for this vear's week to have four such camps rest summer. I o f John Riggeal, on Saturday evening, i on Tuesday evening and take In ail of | tie Saturday afternoon on Xixon Field, ±1 ! of instruction. The time v.-sl; be the Sites for the camps have not bien |-ear iheir homes :n Cashtown ! the sessions while many of them wl'l i the game ending 7 to 7. ALBRIGHT TIED COLLEGE ELEVEN Poorly Played Game of Foot Bait en Saturday Contributed to Further Discouragement of Local Enthusiasts. Might Have Won. Disappointing whatever hopes may have been entertained for an exhibition of real foot ball, Gettysburg's eleven allowed Albright to play to a. week of November IT, the- r.rst session selected Lut they wil! Irs. Carbaugh received a scalp wousd' participate in the special features cf ·t"TT i T r-i t| tyt y o r T" 1 T I" 1 "" 5 A r T* ir iT~ I week 01 JNovemlfSr I., me r.rst session se-ectec but tney win :*.- iot-^.-- HI j jirs. caroaugn reeeivea a scasp wousu j "«·- "«y««. «- « 1/\f /V. I . I 1"* ll\. J I 8 8 ? * f\. I t x 2 being in the afternoon ar.d the meet- centers accc-ssiWe to college and uni- {which required several stitches to closej ^-e convention. » ¥ A£i*=^ X r / T V 1^ i Jt 8 If J f. A, A. A.^. f / i .*".. ... - _ -i . . _ - ,j - _ . . .,,_ ·-- _-...:,,,,»_,,,,,; r^-.--.-i .,-,, ,,-:;i _ _ .. _ t _ - _ t -- 1 ; -~.,,.i-^~,l ,-!,.-.,,1^ ! Trjfiunpf' in Tr irauia of love, hawi rm.I rc-..,-:;-_'C- bv Gank-hi · be held in Waiter's Theatre. ii:gs continuing until '.he following versity students and Gettysburg w*:i · Fridav noon. This year's Institute will not be one of them. tv -_v.U;.-v. A ;,ov,x-ru:l H. WILLS M U S I C A L COMEDY C O M P A N Pivstuts Tii^ir Or:»i:i:il « TWO OLD CRONIES and she also had her back and should- j Included In those from Adar.s Couners badly bruised. Mrs. Bucher suffer- j V "-vho will attend the gathering are One camp will be in Xoirhe.-n Xev ed a severe shock. Both women are ua-|Hev. J. B. Baker, Gettysburg; Rev. E. re j Stockslager, Mt. Joy; Mr. and Mrs. )eardorfr, of Mummas- 1 burg; Mr. and Mrs. J. 31. Strevig, Lit- ! For several vears Bast, day and ev- York, probably on Lake Champiain; | der the care of Dr. vToomer and are j Stockslager, Mt '. ening sessions have been conducted In another in one of the northern central I reported today as getting along favor-j" sIliaKi B. De ', 3rua Chapel and the receipts from the states; the third -n the Virginia moun-j a b!v. ' ! . burg; Mr. and 2 ^ [evening attractions have fallen off to tains, or. perhaps., farther sou:!;, and j The two ladies had just started out jtlestown; 3Irs. E. £~ Dietterich^ New 'such an extent that the week was run -h~ fourth on the Central Pacific Coast j O n a short walk and were crossing the |Chester; Franklin Rudisill, Gettvs- ies'ourg; William Sharetts, Gettysburg; LU'-ilX THK M :.,ry of I'ATHE Julian-, asi'S on In order to meet this The executive committee con- ' The Gettysburg and Monterey: jrr O ths two women who did not have I Bushey, Arendcsville: George camps -azt summer were attciaec about 250 students, representing s. et out of his way. Illartwan. Arendrsville: Rex-. W. K Lub I these officers on Saturday, president. 0 colleges and universities thrr-ughour n e L o g e i . - j u u o i « 13 »*,. . . . Mrs- Bucher had time to jump aside Fleck. Fairneid; E. P. Miller. Gettys- ana'did no- suner other than from the burg; Miss Lily Dougherty, Gettys- ·t'cytliurg: -~e country. Capt. E._ O. Vanho.-n. of j shock but Mrs. Carbaugh was knocked \ ! Lily E. P. Miller, resident of the Adams Followers of the great college sport who did not see the contest with Penn a week previous had little trouble understanding why the Philadelphia aggregation happened to roil up a score of fifty three points on the Gettysburg players and to many It was a surprise that the score was not much larger. Albright held Gettysburg twice when scores seemed easy and frequently marched right through "the entire Gettysburg eleven for substantial and consistent gains. During the entire game Gettysburg put up about 'ten minutes of reasonably good play and the remainder of the time presented a* sorry article of sport- In the first period Gettysburg carried the ball down to the eight yard line where they failed to gain and the ball went over to the visitors. Early In the second quarter they were with- ·respondlng secre- f in three yards of scoring and again resent Wednesday even- Albright ,held. Benfer went in for the : recording secretary. ZvIIss .t!!zabetr_ tne Army JivJ{» i.'jrfaihur and they an; si:.,-cv=jinl. THE AiTOlAX'S i:r:iDE ?ho-.vins ho-.v a yonnjj jdrl ?.-·-- rc-.~,-t:eJ form u bur::::-.r li^ht-bousc- by an ·Iroppiajr s. roi--- frosi aii sere-plan^. T SPECLVf. TOMOERO.V. VITAG^AJ-H TWO KEEL COM^IA^'THE ;FELT-j-* uni - ei ' ^ r . T .. ^ ,, SITJ"?\VITH JOH.X iil'Xy Y. FLuItA FiXCIS a:rl LILLIAN WALKER. Two , secretary. Miss Lyaia E. ±iar ;.c-:2ijb.')r:nr f:i:»:!IIei start ngnt:nK rn.-t-j;'.iit: o:.c- v.aiiti to raise vf-ctr-jibk-s and die ! Llttlestown. ers -:!if-K.jr.s. - ! The comnlete list of dav Instructors ' £ s many young men s.s :t to be given by H. J. r officers a'c the I LEttiestovm: recording seeretarv. Miss - ean:ns. as have Secretary Garrison and j by Dr. J. G. Stover, of Bendersviiie. j Heinz to the county Pathe ! Helen L. Cope. Gettysburg: assistant Major General Wood, chief of stair of j ran Into the team of R. A. Legore j Wiliiamsport Golf Club. The men from ,_,,,,,., i .. _ ,, -- . . . - . I v.-hlch was hitched in front of the Wil-! Adams County will all participate In -As a mllltarv asset the value of! Ham Hummer cigar ste visitors and. instead of kicking out of danger, elected to carry the ball. With his team-mates he made one first down after another and se-reral long' gains ended tore on Carlisle j the big Organized Adult Bible Class were registered, but the half tman. ' these camps Is inestimable", said Cap} - street. The hcrse was knocked down, parade on Thursday night which is to! without scoring. :ta:n Vanhorn. "Thev--increase bviTisir^ai.d o.;g-of-t:he-buggy--.vheels was brok-jbe followed bj\a mons'ter mass meet-i After receiving a t hurt and his \ Ing conducted by "Billy" Sunday. ' frcsi Coach Mautl ' j rnav attend, i en. Dr. Stover was not f=^S^ tis^s,- AUTUMN HUNTING e 0 ^- ^, f-s i-i-Li ?; s H-A^3 For nt-.v =tyles ha.- 1.,-C-iUn ijfv in su:t? s mi over-eoate · ana evening entertainrni · nour.ced. I. L. Tayloi ; v.-ill direct the musl- but fi \ '4 f\l rift I,-MrJ-e n, ana uni-;i jt can onlv ^ur outnt :n a i» !··"? v.iien you have li :uade br * i dav instructors wi!! be as follows: Will M. Selligman,' . Ca?:. Taf?or. deserved lecture Mauthe between the the the gilt in the State and the advance reports j "down the field for a touchdown, Poff| promise a meeting of unusual features j inberger taking it over. SchefFer kick- land-record-breaking attendance. Jed the goal. Within two minutes after ; ! this Benf er broke through- center and RESCUED WITH FODDER jran seventy yards for a .touchdown, ,, _ . ., , . '{the goal following. .--^a- o-e .--'-anvoth-^e----ar".ea^rev,=nde-j - redenck Iv. He'ges. a well -own | Brought {o Surface When Kiln was j From that on Gettysbiirg was doom" ~ l _ . _ ^ TS .. ^.-TM s o ,, w h r ,- S J , o r S n aav jresideatof Biglervilie. died at nalx I Filled with Corn Fodder. ed not to win. Hoar was put in 0 I i past seven ox-lock this morning, tne re-i f ! sions. For years a director from a dis- : from this class .of educated young s ..;: lance less been secured bet Mr. Tay- ! men. in a time of national emergency FREDERICK K. HEIGES Q::l:tri-ho tkno.vs la I e : e;-: no; ce\ = lor s uniform success at xnanv large ; a large Broucrtior. of - the voluntiorj _ . . · -»y .-Jru rc f. Onr !iw.^.iae ana eleg-^t - moerHrs t t - ne COU7 ^- a _^ - r ; ;s w .,. i officers probabrr -,vi-l be drawn, and j BiglerviUe Resident Dies from Injuries | ·fJ^r^^o-^Srfand^e ^11 recogned ability commended Mm to! upon their judgment , and train:*-, j Received in June. j ,. . . . . . rtK-aner i the executive committee ar.d thev cor.- ! «-hen such a 'eime comes, the lives of; ' ! me ipen: Chauncev P. Co!e~rove. of the ! or.e of military ag-grandlzemer.-;. SLate Teachers" College. Cedar | out a means 01 meeting a \at On Septerrrber ISta, -we will inangtirat A STRICTLY CASH 3USSCES5- | Falls, Iowa, whose subjects will co'cer | conironung a peaceiui. Pedacocrv and . though war-like nation, desirous } suit of Injuries received on -Tune 16 7 i last when he fell from a cherry tree A peculiar accident occurred at the. in the fourth quarter and tried to put Bittinger nme-klln=. on Friday, when i ._ new life into the team but it -was too genera work I here Are , _ , . r ' , ' · iar ?one- He made one long gain on a. of ; £ P.G was parrJaUy para,yzea. tver |a big Day norse. attachea to a cai'c, 3 eil | fQrward Dass bu _ wa _ brought faack School Van^-vnt. i 3 re S erdr. ?0 eaceandt;.ros B erI^V,thci s ^ a ^ ac f des ^^ distance of because 0 % his team . mates ho ldi n ^ . ~v.»u^ e-O e-.i,--L- .. _ -- . - - . ! m »"« b°(I a* wa= a°-ea 60 vears. i. s aoout 2o xeet. ana was successiuliv i Prof. Robert A. Armstronc. of the · =es'c .-mofrr. precaution, a more taor- j 7 - ; ~ , - - - i^--.,-^ " , . . . - !ir'''--ti a"Q iO aavs. ire^cuec!. ! Ur.Ivers:-.- of West Virginia. Morgan- «o'-grh preparation anc equipment to i-e- lr ---- - - i : - ^ ° j . - , , i ?--p is^-^^c nis: True. -Vir^- oacie j nOi^c -;iu. t^s.ti. *ctc u^cut - i i t r , i itown. Prof. Armstrong is widely | sist any enort to oreaK such peace ' i _ . ' ~ , ^ , - , , ^ ! , , . _ _ , ., _ ,, _, ,. fscnool. Tne game -was rough, poorly played and anything but a credit to the local' · Bushev Helves, and five - children. E. r hauling stone to the platform, from i! innny conv'-cSnir ar-^n;:!ents tl:at n.ijrlu "e present' -I Lippy Made :-!it v.c- kr.ov.- of non^ s^ c'-nci:i=ht- a.-; ti'.P rt-flzK--: ai-r^-arancj of t:;-.- C!--H];C~ tiH-:r.^-!\c3- Thurc Is ;^;.;:tv 5:1 every line a::-: i;naihv ;n ever'. tUtch and l:^re. " ' J. D. L,Ippy Tailor \Ve have a special fine line of use Amlcrsou r^h: cy.its !! ii if |B:oomsburg Xormal School. Prof. A!- j^-- 1 - I bert was here last year and his subject . !"KiII again b-Geography". ! Addresses will be given during the ; v/eek by Dr. Esra Lehman, principal of the Cumberland Valley Xorrnal 1 School at Shippensbnrg: and Prof. ?. THERE EVERY DAY Bertha Kelges, at ho»e. A sister. Mrs. I The employees, peering into the pit, Xext Saturday's game wil! be with State College at State College. ROUTE OF BALLOONS j 11. U. Walter, of Biclerviile: and a j observed that the animal was seeni- Ibrother, F- L. Helges. of Carlisle, alsop'ngly none the worse for- the exp«-j-- Found Columbia Club Balloons Seval Miles South of To-sra. I31cre Pupils Perfect in during First Month. The fo!io-.vir.g pupils of BiglervHie !v.-arehouss business at BiglerviUe but the animal was moved as the 131. Harbold. principal of the Millers- Grammar School have attended every!for some months prior to his death were filled up. After several hours 'vilie Normal School. i day during the -which ended · had been engaged in farming and j work the horse emerged from the top :emoon as Mr. and Panic and family were _ along the road that connects sides i t - ne Taneytown road with the Two Taverns road thev found one of the G anclies' 'ihe evening entertainments will be, ] October 3d. Margaret bpangler. Esta ; other \vork- iy, Dr. Ar.drew P. -Johnson, lee- ! Slaybaugh. Hazel Deatrick. Blanche j Funeral at tv.-o o'clock Wednesday ana went to work again. large paper balloons which were sent . un bv the Columbia Club, in front of The workmen stated "chat the ani- t -* e £ agle HoEel on Saturday night. = ! ture. ""Eli and Denniss"; Tuesday. \ Slaybaugh. Marie Bo-.vers. Belva r ohl. j afternoon in the Biglervule Lutheran j mal gave them no trouble whatever. | j- n _ e j a: -g e paper bag was In perfect Parlette. humorisE. subject.! Isabella Schlosser, Irene Eeary, Ora i church conducted by liev. C. Jt - Floto. j but kept eating the fodder all the -,v-«iy j con( jition and did not show any signs ··Richer than Rockefeller":Wec!nesday.! Stonesifer. Margrare: StaM. Helen ; Interment In the BIglerviHe cemetery, j a P- | of making the long flight. Later on, The popular brands in \viiich you have the assur- ^ = [ ^fie * rons isters Concert; Thurs- 1 Big-ham. Margaret Viola V%"alter. Carl Slay-1 Friends and relatives Trill s ancc Oi q -aliiy. 1 Whitmans Liggets - . Ahvavs Fresh efle Mead Sweets - Huylers ' day. iha Venetian Serenaders. On Tuesday of the week the 1 Agricultural Lessee will have 1 baugh. Russell Cook. Walter Dugan.! notice of the funeral. 3IUST DISPLAY TAGS Boys' Its ex- iowarc Bowers. Blake Fohl. Murial i ca there have! BACK FROM THE WEST Hunters «T E hibitof com. potatoes and other vege-~"^ n °^ lR - es c "" s Ui .arcir.e^. j E ! tables -rown during the vear: and the Th ^e are twenty d~h. pupils enrolled, j _Res,dcnts _ Return from , ivculd fcvade Law Liable to Arrest. the family saw another of the balloons in the yard of J. Kerr Lott, whose home is also In that part of the country, and, ic was also in good condition, even bearing the card to the effect UNCLAIMED LETTERS People's and iitibers 5 Drug Stores i Girls' Domestic Science League -v.i!l | · have their exhibit of baking, cooking! ' and sewing. The rIace of these dis- 1 . '.plays has not vet been announced out· tnciaimcd A ^I1 Awaiting Call at ( vriH b_e in a building other than Wai- j Gettysburg Post Ofnce. ter's Theatre. Prizes vril! be av.-arded. i Several Years' Stay In Colorado. j Dr. ar.d Mrs. -John W. Mehring and . · son. have returned tc ijlttlestown from Instractlons have been sent oat to ! that It had been liberated by the Coi- the game wardens of the state to ar- ! u:nbia Ciub of Philadelphia, rest any hunter who does not wear his j hunter's license on the outside where it 1 COMING EVENTS REXALL and A. D. S. Stores. THATS ALL RIGHT, I want yon to know that I am still determined to get your Business, I have b'ota telephones, antl will split the air to Lear the clock in my automobile to save your SICK STOCK. Day or Night call. DR. HUDSON ' p-ease say they T .vere advertistd- - -|Denver. Colorado.^ TMB^ __bave j ^^^J 5 ^ ^ ^, Happenings Sch^ulel in Gettysburg ^-iS'MS^whr^W^ for" the j * have their license In their pocket; for Coming Weeks. ]3enent of his health, has been cured j^d then after they are arrested pro-; Q ^ 5 _ Opeaing engagement, Will* ical Comedy Co. Walter"* Theatre. II--Annual Topton .Orphan^ excursion. -16--Lutheran "West Pa. Syu i od meeting. St. James chtirch- iOct. 17--Concert. Mozart Compaaj 1 Brja Chanel. ?-IaiI for the fo;?ov.-;ns: jeT -;;,^^ at the G e t i y - u r r ost oni-,'.-. 'ersor.s calling: for the above \vill · Ridge Summit, where they win res'.ce. | STEINOUR--FLE^IMLNG FELL FROM WAGON E1GLERVILLE lecture course cnart j } escav. October 7, at Thomas · Mr - Stdnour and 3Iiss FlemTning Mar- ] ried Saturday Evening. AFFY O L D F AS H I O X D ?J O LA .\InJC-:Vi Tia;Tvr-.-0 tfntj^".J v U'';:*-rrnt Tsff cents I 5 '-- IVanr.t B:.i;:Cv_ !! - cr.t.- i GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN T a y . .'«-· c--r.;s It., Pa.:..r.i lie- Cream TafHcs. 10 c cms l'\ -- Frfc-h ' BARGAIN" Day: or. Thursday. Oc-j°r-er.s ;Wagcn Passes over Man's Leg Inflict- jtober Oth. we wf.J laundry "our coun-1Brothers' siore for three days to tnose · Ing Painful Injury. jter^ar,^ for 10 ceni- each." Give us j holding season^ tickets. Open for; charles 5.^^,, 0 j v o u r c a l l b v o h o n c o r post card nc t I sir.g!e tickets, i-nday. October ^0. lor^.^^ ,« d M ; e , R .,. h ~" i :ater than Tuesdav evening. Gettvs-: concert by Boston Lyric* on r r:.?ay. j WILL TOTE ON LOAN , ' ' Wilnarr. stonesifer. residin: RUNK PECKiva AN'S REALTY REPORT FOR ?.\LE--IIo;?e a« 1 St--*.k -Yards in Gettysburg. ^ roo:ii brk-k Iron roof SeH's Staiior.. met w-th a painful [ddent one day recenth-. While driving '^ e «- 'a five-horse team for Ralph Feeser. 1 ' who was assisting Mr. Jacob" to move j SEE advertisement of ' his ho-asehcld goods from Sell's Sta- j f arn: , Jtion to Bittinger. he fell from the wag- j n -, eR t 'on when r.ear'McSherrvstown. and one th Washington street, \vere rled S.iturdav ever.incr. bv Rev. on OPEXIXG of Garden Auditorium, three f rait | Monday evening for benefit of Fire another page.--advertise-1 Company. Dar.cir.g. Admission 25 1 " i cents. Ladies free.--adve! i Bovle. aby coach, good West Middle _ hot air furnace, caa and de.-tr:c 1ients._nnc brick ?t.iMe craracre and lofi. adoinq.le location and a cood house for UUXK PECKMAX, Real Eslnlo. Masonic, Gettysbijrjj, ? S P A P L R f l R C H I V E ® -- . . hi? is j Harem in -McSherrystown where he j wa ,.'for. Dr. Georgf L. Rice is Pn. j the at tendinpr physician. DOXT forget the sale of horses and colts at P.isflerville on Thursday.--advertisement. I FOR SALE cheap. 20 sha zens Trust Company stock. Times of- j tice.--advertisement | tast Berlin -will Vote on Loan to Erect ^ 1 School Building. ^ j The Borough of East Berlin will r r - ' vo';e at the November election to ap- | prove or disapprove a loan of 310,000 j to build and eqaip a nevv school house OPEXIXG of Garden Auditorium at some suitable location. Monday evening- for benefit of Fire J · · · Company. Dancing. Admission 25 j PUBLIC SALE of horses and colts res Citi- 1 cents - *-anes free.--adv«rtisenier.t i j al Biglerville. Thursday October 10. tisement 1 i WOMEX and girls wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement 1 ' isee aa on ar.iK.ner page. OIL cans given away. We wil! give Forney.--advertisement away, while they last, one 15 cer.t v. Forbes and 1 can with every cash sale of $1.00 or over. Adams County Hardware Com- street, all conveniences. i-IGHT room house for rent on York j pany.--advertisement ' Times office.--advertisement ,'SPAPERflR Apply at - 1

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