Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 11, 1933 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1933
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE DECEMBER 11 ·§ 1933 1.1-OTij, Cornelias, G. $23,500 DAMAGE IS ESTIMATED IN BELMOND BLAZE Hill Manufacturing S t o c k Destroyed; Origin of Flames Unknown. BELiMOND, Deo. ll. : --Fire Mon- Bay forenoon gutted the building occupied by the Hill Manufacturing and Awning company, causing loss .to the stock estimated at ?22,000 and damage to the building of ?!,BOO. The origin of the blaze, which t^Vnse was the second fire In this building nwan, c. in four years, is unknown. · · The flames were first noticed when they were coming through the roof. The company which occupied the new brick structure, next to the pbstoffice, had been inactive for the past two months. There was no. fire In any stove or furnace in the build- Ing. : Stock destroyed included 15,000 pairs of awnings, the loss of which Was partly covered by insurance. W. C. Tyrell, Jr., owned the stock. The building la owned by A. W. Hill, Inventor of the awnings, who estimated his loss at $1,500. He carried no insurance. Damage from the fire four years ego was 575,000. SAWWDMES RIGHT ATTITUDE Osage Superintendent Says Youth Is Impressed by Businessmen. . The importance of the right attitude of youth toward life and religion was stressed Monday noon by Supt. George H. Sawyer in an address to the Rotary club In Hotel Hauford. Superintendent Sawyer cited examples to show that youth 5s thinking about religion and morals. It was pointed out by Superintendent Sawyer that youth is greatly impressed by the attitude of busi- Bessmen on moral and religious issues. In this connection, he stressed the part service clubs can play through indirectly helping youth. As an example, he cited the instance of a boy he knew who returned to school because several ·businessmen evinced an interest in him and urged him to return. Boys juid girls believe a businessman 13 practical and will often heed words oE advice from them where they might disregard advice from a teacher or pastor. ; Suprlntendent Sawyer, speaking Tfronf'many years' experience · in Osage schools, urged thrift among boys and girls. He also emphasized that proper use should be made of leisure time and that youth should be trained to do the things which are worth while in spare time. A spirit of stability is also an essential among youth, the speaker continued. He urged youth to think for himself. Superintendent Sawyer said that a lack of respect for the church among some boys and girls liad the effect of undermining them. Guests of the club were Principal James Rae, Dean S. L. Rugland, Howard B. Bruce and Charles Neveln. BowlingAverages (Continued limn sports pare) 1* ' LYONS CLEANERS W. R. LTon«, Capt. W. R « -' K- · · · · « ?! HoKn, B. ... Burmelster* G, Kerf, O Lyons, C. M. B"~Matter. Capt. Lee, H 3° Mutter, H ?S rusch, H. O « Sonderzaard, A ··· 3 « Jluncan, William Dnncan, F 875 081 615 573 114 178 119 171 114 112 3 *- 240 221 S31 ZZ3 658 --. H Gamble, \VllUam Dunton, E Hicks, William Christiansen, William . 3 3. 630 891 654 246 619 23", 46T GOLDEN GLOW E. Danton,, Capt. HOG PRICES FORCED INTO LOWER GROUND w * ' · · ' ~~~ ~~ ZI3 233 22* 223 256 S10 221 A.'M. SCHANRE AND COMPANC R. M. Radellffe, Capt. Disho,,, o « «" 08S *SSV D ::::::::: S Si 4 ^ Molter, D! '.'. 2' « l Taylor. C » z16 Badclliie. S. M « 3" Snook, C. (1931) STTJDEBAKER SIX AV. Bender, Capt. ,,,,··,, p 36 145 Hill, E , 35 J*} West, R » a "* Hired.!, S « !»« Thorn, G 9» "» Binder, W 12 J3t FABST BtTJE BIBBON J. Bill, Capt. Wolske, H. « j?J Heiwe, A 36 2l * Ha"'"' A ···.:::::·.:·.:: S U! jjjl], } ' " 39 259 Christiansen, n 3 17* 106 188 114 IBS 1S1 1M 185 JSO 113 179 180 173 169 WHEAT FAILS TO MAINTAIN GAINS Corn Closes Unchanged to Small Fraction Lower; Oats Up. Produce CHICAGO, Dec- climbed today to 11. 13*1--Wheat cents above MASON CITY, Dec. 11.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs icurrent receipts) ....... 13c Heavy hena, Ibs. and over... 7c 1531 933 09J 613 622 840 600 619 1Z 235 TEAM STANDINGS TIP TO DATE 188 183 176 17* 118 19S 180 160 107 ns 188 165 153 , last week's low, but as a result of profit taking sales today's new gains were not well maintained. The latest bullish factor was a sudden cold wave which amounted to 40 degrees fall of the mercury at some Kansas points. Corn was reported out of line for overseas shipment, owing to erratic fluctuation 3 of sterling exchange. Wheat closed unsettled at the same as Saturday's finish to % higher, Dec. 85%, May 87%-%; corn unchanged to % lower, Dec. 47%, May 54c-%; oats J ,i-% "P, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 5 cents. CHICAGO CASH GKA1X. CHICAGO. Dec. 11- LT)-- WUeat, Kara 8Sc; No. 2 mixed 8Q«c; corn. mixed 49«P«Hc; No. 2 yellow 5 new corn, No. 2 mixed Clc; No 3 mixed 49(950\4c NO. 4 mixed 49®50Vlc; No 6 mlied «®4SSc: No. z yellow "®««" No. 3 yellow 50 S Die; No. 4 yellow «®SOCJ Ught hens . · »c Springs (heavy breeds) To Springs, (Leghorn breeds) ...... 5c Old cocks (heavy) 4c Ducks 4c Geese 4c Turkeys, No. 1 lOc Merchants Quota Honm Eggs, cash 18o Kggs, in trade ..Jic Butter, Plymouth 27c Butter, Clear Lake Butter, Brookfield . Butter, State Brand No. . No. ,25c 25c 27c Butter^ Dairy Maid 26c Home Grown Potatoes, peck...25c "EDITOR'S NOTE!--These repre- aentative quotations were ottalntd by calling several downtown giocery stores. : CHICAGO PRODUCE Hog Markets 1. HenHel's Itcady M i x . . . 42 31 3. Jo« Daniels Cioodje»r». 4S 37 3. Studcbsker Six · 42 36 4. Pabst Blue Ribbon 44 2C 0. Norlhem Oilers 4Z 24 6. Betsy EO!« Jin-ad «z 14 7. Blnmcr's Golden Glow . 4J 23 R. Gnllngtier'i Pontlncs . . 4 2 23 5. Budwelser 42 S3 10. limn Dow «"* Bon.. 42 2. 11. A M. Schnnke Co... 42 20 12. Miller's Hljrh IJfe *= 2° 13. SehmlcH's City C'luft ..- 42 JO 14. Globe-Gnielle 42 IB IB. U'nerier Coal Co 42 IK IB. Lyons Cleaners 4J 17 17. Sloddard Stone Products 42 16 18. Green Mill Cafe 42 IS 10. Blnim-Otinn Co 4S 13 20. Tyler-Byan Fnmltur* .. 4S 13 SCBATCH BOWLERS Soolcske. S, i. Woll, F. T. Thclsen, B. A. .. llendnr, W. ..... Bey. K L«p. II Collins, C. Jt. ... I'nsch, H. G. ... Hnhbs, r. . ..^... Johnson, B. N. . hgcnl, M. Bell, 3 FlnlAyson, R. E. Christiansen, W. Swafford, J Strom, J Hninlllon, D. ... 36 42 42 . 42 . 42 . 30 . 42 n , 35 , n , 41 39 34 31 43 42 30 IIS 234 233 240 236 231 245 246 244 2flO 268 2S6 231! 2.13 213 G88 700 648 619 680 698 642 630 613 624 63 L fUtl 642 6S4 600 620 601 (Tiro-thirds of all gamei Kaufman, C. · l»r. Meode E. Shannon A. Moc J. GHbertson · M'. Duncan bowled.) 3 27 138 643 A I D 610 B71 B71 G48 048 S4R 521 476 416 47B 402 429 4 on 381 397 310 RELEASED BOWLERS and tnelr averages. G. Ciegsfcr 9 «J|' Branthl.ll, W. ........ .-;_ r l "» Brown, L 6 Armstrong, S : « l-edelty, J 6 Humphrey, If J Bngley, W. , * Scnn, f: s McSweency, E. 8 Schoebcn, V. .. - lli, H Tnwnsend, I/. . Melteilt, K. .·· Koerber. E. ... Stjimatls, "R. .. Grlppen, C. .. Jorgensen, P. 14 , 3 . 12 . 11 ... 13 5153 2ZO 199 167 221 151 103 148 149 191 1B5 183 149 199 463 424 404 500 G33 406 M7 403 444 420 428 517 fUO 490 490 430 CM CinCAUO, Dec. 11. L Yt-- Butter, 12,071. weak; creamery specials (93 score). 20% to 21%; extras (92). 20%; extra, flrsls (90-81). 19 to 10»; HrsU (88-89). 16 to 1814; nec- onds (80-87), 15%: standards (90 centra). Izeii carlots), 19M. Esss-- S.401. steady; extra Urals. 23V1: fresh graded llrsli, 21^; curenl recelpls, 17 to 19., CHICAGO POUtTBV CHICAGO, Dec. 11. ifi -- Pou\trj-, live. 2 cars, 22 Irucks, Ilrm; hens, 4W Ibs. up, under 4% Ibs. CHIC AGO RUN TOO HEAVY FOR TRADE Values 10 to 15 Cents Under Friday With Top Held at $3.40. CHICAGO, Dec. 11, UP)--Expansion of marketings was the lever which forced hog prices into lower ground today. Receipts of 37.000 were as estimated Saturday, but were too heavy for trade needs with demand for dressed pork at a low ebb. Receipts at principal markets were far heavier than either a week or a year ago. Prices dropped 10 to 15 cents below Friday's levels, although the top at 53.40 was the same peak as was paid Saturday. Most good hogs sold around $3 to 53.55 with the top paid sparingly. Large Purchases Blade. The sharp drop in temperature I coupled with increased employment, c'omptttild* with Saturday, indications loaa- was considered as foreshadowing log normal for Tuesday. an increase to pork consumption, "" Hog prices at Iowa markets Monday: WATERLOO--Prime hojjn 180 to 260 !1)S. i2.65ir2.B5; 260 to 290 Ibs. 52.5502.85; 280 10 325 Ibi. J2.45@2.7S; 325 to 350 Ibl. $2.30®2.60; good packers $2.10®2.40. BES MOINES--7.800; 120 lo 160 Ibs. H.75 82.10; 160 to 300 11)3. $2.40@2.85; 300 to 400 llis. |2.20tS2.55; good packers $1.80® 2.25. OTTUJIWA--Down IOC to 15c; HO lo 100 Ibs. $1.55; 160 to 180 Ibs. 42.55; 180 to 200 Ibs. S2.00; 200 to 240 Ibs. 52.85; 210 to 2EO Iba. ?2.90; 260 to 280 Iba. J2.75; 280 to 310 Ibs. J2.65; 310 to 350 IbB. S2.SO; over 350 Ibs. $2.15®2.15; packers under 350 Ibs. Jl.95tf2.25; packers 350 lo 450 Ibs. 51.65® 1.95; packers over 500 Ibs. Jl.lB'S'l.TS; thin packers $1.05 and, down. CEOAR RAPIDS--Prime hogs 180 to 200 Ibs. J2.63; 200 to 260 Ibs. $2.75; 2flO to 280 Ibs. S2.65; 280 to 300 Ibs. $2.55; 300 to 320 Ibs. 52.45; 320 to 810 Ibs. 52.35; E ood packers unchanged. CORK--Unchanged. COMBINED HOG BCEtPTS. DE3 MOINES, Dec. 11. IA"--U. S. department ol agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 7 packing plants localed in In- lerlor lowst and southern Minnesota lor the 48 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today were 65.200 compared with 31,900 a week ago and 60.600 a year ago. Trade uneven, 50 to 15c. mostly loc tu 15c lower, nut some early bids showing slrenglh No 2 while 37«ffl38c; No. 3 while 37\l® '4c; No 4 -while 36c: BlTnP'5 grade 33%c; no n-e- barley 134P70c; tlmolhy seed 55.30® 0 ewl.; clover seed JllfflS.SO civt. Lard 55.05; loose lard J4.80; bellies 15.50. MasonCityGrajn MASON CITY, Dec. 11.-Barley 28-40c No. 2 yellow shelled corn 35c No. 3 yellow shelled corn ..... .34c No. 3 yellow new shelled corn..34c No. 3 new yellow ear corn ....Sic White oats, No. 3, 30 Ibs. or better 27 ° WHEAT-Dec May July CORN-Dec. ...... Mas- July --.... OATS-Bee May Julj- RYE-Dec May July BARLEY-Dec May July 1AKD-- Dec. ...... Jan May BELI.IE8-- Dec. : Jan. ...... MONDAY GRAIN* CLOSE. CHICAGO, Dec. 11. I .TV- High Low Close .88% .85-'. .3651 -SOU .OlVi 109 140 ins nr 133 110 143 164 11B ISO 103 131 161 -38H .37 % 4.4J 5.10 5.4S , . , 11; Leghorn hens, 7; RocK. . springs, 105^ lo 11H, colored, flV4 lo 10%; Leghorn chickens, 7; roostcra, G: hen turkeys, 14; young toins. 13, old toms. 11; No. 2, 9; ducks, G to 8; geese, 9. Dressed turXeys, firm; youag henj, 17; young toma, 17%; old hena and loms, 14; NO. 2, 11. KANSAS CITY PBODUCE KANSAS CITY, Dec. 11. (/PI -- Eggs. 17. B u t t e r , creamery, 23; liulterlal, 11 to 16; pacWng butler, 11. Poultry-- Hens, 7; roosters, 4; broilers, 10. NEW YORK PHODUCK. NEW YORK, Dec. 11. UPI -- Butler, 8.174. TTeaker. Creamery, b t p l i e r lhan estra 21 a ,i@ 2 2 V i c - exlra (92 score) 21VJC; first (87-91 scores) 17%5p2Ic; seconds 16^ifi? j 17%c; cen- Iralized (90 score) 20321Hc; packing stocK, current make. No. I, 13c; No. 2. 12c. BBSS, 5.430, firm. Mixed colors, areas! packs or selections from fresh recelpls 25@ 31Wc: standards and commercial slandards 27c: flrsla 23c; mediums, 3ft Ibs., 16HC* d£rtles No. i, 42 Ibs., 17c; average checks 15c; rcfrlgeralors: special packs standards lesmic; firsts onds desp: 15,000. Prices at outside markets were sec'lsc: mediums 14314KC; dlrlles cliechi 13}i8(Hc. generally around 10 cents lower, although East St. Louis prices were called 15 to 25 cents off. Cattle Kun Excessive. Cattle supplies were excessive. Choice light steers and yearlings were in demand and the meager supply sold about steady. The remainder of the market was slow getting under way with traders talking 25 to 40 cents lower. Best light steers topped at S6.75, but the next highest price was $6.50 with the bulk under ?6.- Sheep were moderately active and fully steady, with some grades strong to 25 cents higher. Revised estimates on the run showed it was not as heavy as at first feared and most fat native lambs sold around $7.20 early with the best held well ahove $7.50. Sheep were scarce and higher with fat ewes quotable up to 53.50. t J0«-s 275 to 350 Jbs.. good, S5.252.50; 350 lo 425 Ibs. S2.10S2.40; 42j to 550 Ibs. $1.90 S2.20. 6.22 d.10 MONDAY ORAIN OPEN GAMES MONDAY -;4B p. M 8 p. 51. Forfeit Time. Stndaurd Stune Vroducls TB. Blmm- Olson Company, Alleys 1 and 2. SclirrJat't city Clnb VI. Hunli BavtT *nd Snn, Alleys 3 ana 4. Clarion Mat Prospect Good for New Season CLARION, Dec. 11.--Proapects Jor the wrestling team are fairly good this year with five returning last year's lettermen, according to "" again train .Orville Orr, who will the Clarion matmen. Wrestlers who won letters las year are: Frank Strever, Georg Strever, Wayne Sharp, Jack Me Cielland and Joseph Tallman. Othe men who are making: strong bid for various weights are Bernar Shake, Lyle Huntley, Afton Coff man, Georgi McClelland, Dean Rob son, Bernard Collins, Clifford Bu ler, Morris ilorfard, Billy Henry Franklin Brown, Harold Benson Richard Smith, Gareth Moahe Dean Campbell and Ronald Kenn Ay. The following schedule of mee lias been arranged: Dec. 12.--Home meet. Dec. IS--Mason City, here. Dec. 22--Cagle Gro-v-e, he«. Jan, S--East Waterloo, her*. Jan, 12--Cherokee, here. Jan. 19 Open. Jan. 26--Fort Ooilt, there. Feb. 2^-Cresco, there. Peb. 6--Enjrle Orove, theie. Feb. 9--Carmll, here. Feb. 16--District meet. Feb. 23--State meet. Grid Scoring WHEAT- DEC May July CORN-Dec , May July OATS-Dec May ...... July BYE-Dec. May July BARLEY- FJec. May July LARD-Dec Jan May BELLIES Dec Jan Open Today . .X .85% Close Saturday S .85i .87 V, .85% Close Tr. Ago S -45»t .15% OMAHA GRAIN. OITAHA, Dec. 11. /!"--Wheat, hard No ' ~ ; durum, No. 3 45 1 ,ic[ yellow Ko. 2, J No. 1, 41c; By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Irvine (Cotton) Wartmiton ot Southern California counted two ouchdOH-na against Washington on Saturday to boost himself into 12, 62«c; No. fourth place in the final Associated j n £; or[1 v , llltc .,_. ^ . Press compilation of leading con-1 uiftiiii,c; No. 3, 44c; irence scorers for the 1933 season. No. 2, «%c. -Warburton finished with 72 points Oata . "° tmd " Lg -_. against 78 for Eeattle Feathers of Tennessee, 90 for Cecil Kent o£ | Murray, Ky., Teachers, the Southern Intercollegiate A. A. leader, and 108 for Pete Young of Bluefleld college, the nation's pace ssttsr. The leader in each group or COIl- .4* .40 « .IDVi 4.42 r,.io s.-io 4.37 5.10 3.95 3.BO 4.05 yoa. En»t--Yeaag, Bluefleld Col. ..HB S.I.A.A.--Kent, Murray Tench...HB S. E.--Feathers, Tenneisee BB Southern--Cov, I'aclfie--Warbuxlon, S. Cal IB S. «'.--Casper, Tex. Christian..MB Biff Ten---Ever- hardns, Mich. - .HB BlK Six-- flrohara, Kami. Stale . .FB Rocky Ml.--Blcll- Ini, Utah I!B Mo. Val.--WUIand, Drake nn O. Td. Pal. Fid. T. KANSAS CITV GRAIN. KANSAS C1T\', Dec. 11. (OT--Wlwat, 111 cara- V-c lower to l%c higher; Nn. 2 dark hard Sic; No. 3, S1B360 nominal; Ko. 2. hara BlVS'SaKc; No- 3. 82VtITSSltc; Ko. 2 red S4e; No. 3. SS'.lc. Corn, 100 cars; Uc higher to ^ic lotver; No 2 whltee 47®1751c; No. 3, J5',4® iTVic nominal; No. 2 yellow 4TV4®7}lc; No. 3. 47c; No. 2 nli«d AT'.ic; bllllnE *"*i(B IBc; No. 3, 45TM7c nominal. Oala, G cnrs; unchanged to Ic higher; Ko, 2 white 39©3Jc nominal; No. 3, 37«c. 12 11 Fertile Wins by 24-23 Over Hanlontown Cagers FERTILE, Dec. 11.--Fertile high echool defeated Hanlontown here in a close basketball contest, by 24 to 23. JflNNKAPOLIS CHAIN. MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. It. tin--Wll*it today 01 cars. 117 a year afio; He Wgner. Cash: No. 1 n o t h e m 83%©85?lc; No. 1 dark northern 15 per ceril protein 83vST 86TflC; 34 per ceent protein 83lfi ft 86lie; 13 per cent proleln S3i«©SO!ic; 1! per cenl proleln S S v l i f l S G ^ c ; No. 1 rlarlc Hard Montana 14 per cent protein 85"iS881ic; to arrive 85«.«8GT!,c; No. 1 umber durum 90c CJJ1.03; No. 2 amber durum OSC^$1.02; No. 1 red durum 70ST80C. December 76JJC; Way 82;c; July 83V1C. Com No. 3 yellow Oatfl No. 3 white HUMBOLDT WINS LITTLE SIX GUP Rankings of Speakers From Hampton in Declamatory Contest Given. HAMPTON, Dee. 11.--The Little Six declamatory contest was held at Webster City Saturday with. Humboldt winning the traveling cup. Six towns were represented, Algona, Clarion, Eagle Grove, Hampton, Humboldt and Webster City, each school sending nine contestants. Speakers were judged in groups of superior, excellent, good and fair. ?he winners of the preliminary con:cats spoke in the finals at night. The ratings of 1,he Hampton con- eatants in the preliminaries were: Dramatic, Virginia Edy, excellent; Martha Van Horn, good; Marcia Bobbie, good. Extemporaneous, Janet Clock, excellent; Lee Blum, fair. Lenora Leo was rated superior out was disqualified for the finals. In the humorous division: John Coonley, superior; Lillian Bickel, fair, and Barbara Hamilton, fair. John Coonley represented Hampton in the finals and received a rating of excellent. Miss Eleanor Dunn and Miss Elizabeth Milne are the Hampton declamatory coaches. Max Schmeling Denies Divorce From Acfcres BERLIN, Dec. 11. (.T)--A repor from Budapest that his wife wa seeding a divorce there today me with a smiling denial from Mo. Schmeling, former world heavy weight boxing champion. "I love my wife more every day," Max told the Associated Press. "I don't see what interest anyone could have in spreading such a story-they must be crazy. The story has been going the rounds for some time and there is absolutely no truth in it." Mrs. Schmeling is the former Army Ondra, German film actress. Local Hogs to packers S3.03; heavier -weights down to S2.75 ana lietow; better 130 to 160 Ibs. $2.50 S3; killer pigs S2.25^2.BO or helter; pack- Ing sows J2.35S2.55; average cost Saturday S3.U5; weight 201. SHEEV 10,000; 2,15C through; salable supply six loada Uontarjas, balance natives and Dakota, about 25 per cent feeeders; practically nothing done early; packers talk- Ing 25-50C lower on slaughter lambs or largely 53.25 down: sellers asking steady or around 50.15 on better grades. IMPROVEMENT IN STOCKS SPOTTY Soft Spots Persist Despite Firmer Appearance in Buying Flurries. NEW YORK, Dec. 11. IffJ--Per- iodic buying flurries gave the stock market a firmer appearance today. Improvement, however, was spotty and a few soft spots persisted. Rails and alcohols were in active demand while utilities also did well Metals were soggy along with i few scattered industrials, including JohnsT-Manville. Delaware and Hud son rose nearly 4 points while Pub lie Service of New Jersey, Western Union, American Telephone, Srnf Fe, American Commercial Alcoho and tf. S. Industrial Alcohol gaine 1 to 2 points or so. Transfers ap proximated 2,450,000 shares. Although the inflationary force received no stimulus from the do mestic goW price, which was again unchanged, traders were encourag cd by indications of improving business and industry at a time wlien there should be a seasonal letdown. The British pound lost about 7 cents to the dollar in the afternoon and other foreign exchanges were rather heavy. Silver sagged and bonds were a trifle irregular. Equities moved vigorously in the early hour? and the dropped behind for Stock List JiEW YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK, Dec. 11. LTH- Final Quotations. Mr Retluct 102 Allegheny 4 I Che Dye 148 Am Can 99 "A An For Pow 10 Am Pow Lt *iVa Am Steel Fdrs 19*4 Am Sugar 51 A T T 320SI Tob B 75Vj Am W a t e r Wks 1314 13Vi 61 20 ?1 1* Vi 86 Anaconda Atchlson All net Auburn Aviation Corp ~ · o BarnstlaH E'endlx Belli Sll Bordens Hors IVarn Burr Add Canada Dry Can Pac Cat? Ches 4 0 G N W 8 = Chic Gt W 3' Chic lit W pfil S C M S P P 0 C M S P i P j H 9 15 57 H 30% 07 7 ft 17 30?; -ok IBS 231 MASON CITY, Dec. 11.--Steady to 10 cents lower; best sorted lights, 200 to 240 Its., ?2.80; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., $2.80; best heavy butchers, 360 to 300 Ibs., 52.60; beat prime heavy butchers, 300 to 350 Ibs., 52.40; best packing sows, smooth, 300 to 350 Ibs., ?2.25; beat heavy sows, smooth, 350 to 400 Ibs., ?2.10; light lights, fair to good, 140, 160, 180 Ibs., 52.20, ?2.40, 52.60. OMAHA MVBSTOCK. OMAHA, Dec. 11. ;r-- U. S. department Of agriculture -- HOGS 9,000; Including 310 through, JOc lower- ISO to 260 Ibs. mostly J2.90^3, top 53- 260 to 350 Ibs. $2.751^2.90; 1*0 to 180 Iba. 43.ri01T3.90; BOWS $2.3J?2.60; pigs scarce; stags $1.7S2.50; average cost Saturday 52. 8S, weight 224. For the week $2.88: weight 235. CATTLE 11.000; calvca 1,000; fed steers and yearlings very slow, undertone weak to unevenly lower; scattered sales B50 Ibs. and. down about steady to shippers; hellers slow, -weak; cowa dull; early bW« mostly 20-25C lower; bulls nad cftlveJ slow, weak; stockera and feeders opening slow, cteady to v.-eak- two loads light yearlings $4.2fi'4i .1.25; few beef cows $1.8S@2.15; cutter grades $1.50 ft? 1,60; bidding down to 51 °" shelly low cutters; medium hulls t2g2.25; few choice selected vealers $5fi'5,50; rae- riium to choice atockera and feeders $3.25 £4,25; choice 391 Ib. stock calves 55- ticker tape while. C R 1 Chrysier Col G t E Conwlth Sou ons Gas ons Oil ontt Can ontt Ins ontl Mot orn JProd urtlss Wr cere pfd Font astman I Pow Lt ox Film A Tex Curb Market NEW TORK. Dec. 11. CPi--Further support for the industrial shales Rax-« the curb m a r k e t another lift today nnd trading was fairly brisk at times as prices advanced. Utilities were qufet ' u t firm. TvhiJe t«nd«d to drllt. Alcohols and sonic o£ the mining issufes Imptovect, though the most noticeable strength was in stock of the EO- caJIed heavy industrials. In specialties, Great Atlantic and Pacific and Novndel A gene strengthened a point or thereabouts. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CETY. Dec. 11. IrTl -- U. B. department ot agriculture -HOGS 0,000; 1,450 direct; He to mofilly lOc lower than Friday's average; top $3.25 on choice 200 to 220 Ibs.; B ot and choice, 140 to 150 Ibs. $2,65i3; 160 to 180 Ibs. 52.90ffp3.2Q; 180 to 200 Iba. S3.10®3,25; 200 to 220 IbS $3.155^3-25; 220 to 250 Ibs. $3.10 (#3.20; 250 to 2flO IbB. $3.1Q©3.20; 290 to 350 Ibs $3@3.15; packing sows 275 lo 550 I Bond Market Ibs. 52.10(52.60; choice, 70 to 130 stock ?2S 1 2.50. good and E^theryille Wins From 'Milford in Basketball ESTHERVILLE, Dec. 11.--Estherville defeated Milford by a score of 25 to 20 in a contest played on the local basketball court. Miscellaneous MINNEAPOLIS 1TINKEAPOI4S, Hec. 11. f/T5-- Flour 10c Rher. Carload lots, family patents J7.i5ft 7.25 a barrel in 98 pound cotton sacks. pmcnlfl 10,116; pure fcran standard mldrJDnj A* M, Schanke Company 208 I. O. F. BUILDING Mason City, Iowa INVESTMENT SECURITIES , % Specializing: in Securities of Jacob E. Decker Sons and other local bonds, mortgages and. stocks TELEPHONE 1300 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. CHICACO, Dec. 11. I/PI--U. E. department of agriculture--HOGS 37.000 Including 15,000 d i r e c t ; 10- ISc lower than Friday; bulk 170 to 310 1133. S3.25S3.40; top 53.10: light lights J3.25 'n; pl£S S2.25S.2.75; packing sows $2,40 2.75; light light, good and choice, 110 to 0 Ibs., 52.85@3.30; light weight. 160 to 0 Ibs. J3.30IC3.40; medium weight, 200 to 0 ibs., S3.30§3.10; heavy weight, 250 to 0 Ibs., $3^3.40; packing sows, medium nd good, 275 to 550 Ibs., S2.30S2.S5; pigs, ood and choice, 100 to 130 Ibs., 52.25® 65. CATTI.TR 24,000; calves 2,000: very llu- ral supply llRht cattle In crop, mostly light teers anil yearlings; meager supply strictly ood and choice light steers and heifers bout steady, but generally talking 25-40c ower on sharply Increased aupply light cat- Includlng long yearlings; steers ant heifers scaling 610 Ibs. up to 56.75; . price $6.50, but not much Jn run o value to sell above JG.25; all coves w«ak to 25C lower; largely steer run; slaughter cat tie and vealers: Steers, good and choice, 55 lo 000 Ibs., $5.50S'6.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs, i 1100 to 1300 Ibs. J4.25UC.25; 130 to 1500 Ibs. 53.75SJ3.J50; common and me dlum, 55D lo 1300 Ibs., S2.755f5; 1: " good and choice, 550 to 750 Ibs.. 55_ common and medium 52.75^5: COWB, Boot $2.755j3.75; common and medium, Jl.75^ 2.75; lovi cutter and cutter 51.25^1.75 buJls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) 52.^ ffi;3.25; cutter, common and medium, 52 3; vealers, good and choice, 54^5.50; me- 52.50SJ3; Kood and choice. 500 to 1050 Ibs., 53.15^5.25; common and medium !2.75-Ti'4.25. SHEEP 20.000: undertone strong to 2fiC Higher on daughter classes; feeding lambs scarce and firm; early sales and bids tip- ward lo 57.25 on better crade fat lambs; liest held well above 57.50; lambs, 90 Ibs. down, (rood nnd choice, 57CJ7.50; common and medium 55.255?7; ewes. 90 to 150 Ins., good and choice. S--253-50; all weights, common and medium, 51.50^2.50; feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, 55.50 ·3-6.10. , . CATTLE 15,000; calves 1,300; fed BleerS and long- yearlings Blow, tending lower; otb- -r killing classes opening steady to 15c fow- ; atockers and feeders steady; choice light ockcra $4.50; steers, good and choice, 550 BOO Ibs., $56^.25; 900 to 1100 Ib.i. 54. SO 6: 1100 to 1300 IDS. S3. 7535. 75; 1300 to 500 Ibs. 53.50415; common and medium. 50 Ib.i. up 52.75^4.50; heifers, good and holce, 550 to 9°0 Iba. $4.50® 6; common r,d medium, fi50 to 900 Ibs. $2,50'£3; ows, good, S2.405i-3; common and medium 1. 7:3^2.40; low cutter and cutter 51®l-75; ealers (milk fed) medium to choice S3ST .50: cull and common 52-JT3; stocker and efi'Icr steers, good and choice (all weights') NEW YORK. Dec. 11. (iTI--Bonds SIS Played quiet strength in moderate tradlni today. U. S. governments were a. Mt Jr regular, with gains of 2-32's and -1-32's I treasury 3H's, 4'a and 4M'c, and criuatly narrow declines li» the other treasury ani Liberties. The market showed no apparen response to the 534.01 gold price. Kallroad loans were In good demand our Ing the early trading and several pushed u to the best levels for the current upswing Other corporate groups showed willing to follow rails Into higher territory. Bette prices were paid for Columbia Gas Electric 5's, American and. Foreign Powe 5's, Kansas Gas and Klectric 4^'s, Liew' G's, Philadelphia Reading Coal and Iro Q's, Postal Telegraph B'R. and Texas com poratlon 5's. Foreign Issues enjoying the largest fo towinss were mostly higher, although, th list as a whole was slightly irregular. 3.35rii4.85: common velghls) $2'0 1 3.75. and meillum (all UVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, Dec. 11. l.TP-- Oftlclal mateA recelpla tomorrow: Caltle 8.000: 31,000; sheep 15,000. eitl- hogs BOND QI/OTATIOJTS NEW YORK, Dec. 11. .T1-- TJnlled Slati government bonds closed: Llhcrty 34'«, 100.4. Llberlr First Hi's. 101.2. Liberty Fourth 4li's. 101.13. Treaeury 4Vi's. 47-52. · Treasury, 4's. 44-54. 102.S6. Treasury 3}6 'a, -10-33, June 09. Treasury 3V4's. 46-49, 95.^3. Treasury 3's, 51-55, 04.12. IS 33 H 111 76',i 2^i 12 81ft 82 ?i 554 14 47 lenl Am Trans 32' len El [en Foods [en Motors Gillette Gobel Gold Dust oodlch ootlyea Gah PaiRc Gl Nor pfd "it West Sug :rlg Grun 11 Cent nt Harv nl Nick Can 21 18% ll=H 37 y, 311 22 Vt I T * T Johns Many Kennecolt Kresge Lig My B Loews Loose WHes Lorlllard McXess Bob J!ld Cont Pet 1! K T Mu Fac Mont Ward Nash Natl Bisc Nat Cash He A Nat Dairy Nat Distill Nat Pow A: Lt N Y Cent N Y N H 4 II No Amer J5, No Pac 25 ?i Oliver Farm ?i Oliver Farm pf 35Vj Packard Fen\*.K t Ford Penney Penn Phillips Pet Proc Gam Pullman R C A K K O Rem Hand Rep Stl Hey Tob B J*oy Dutch Hears Roe Shell U Skeliy Socony Vac So Pac St Brands St G t: E at oil cal St Oil N J Stew Warner Stone Web Studebalcer Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Rol B tin Carb Un Pac Unit Air United Corp U S Ind Alco 11 S Rubber 17'., U S Steel 17= Warner PIct 6V West El t LIfg 411 Woolworth 42 f Wrlg'ey 57 Yel Tr 4» 5-fc 13 217 · 37}« 59 siy. 17** 40 -18 H 1611 44 ii 9 42 54 414 25Ti 43% 30TJ, 46^i 115 34 % 5'i 63 CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO, Dec, 11. t Pub Serv A V, Cities Service 171 :ter Co 454 Great Lakes Air 1 Ssby Grunow «i KellocK Swllcli 3'.4 Llbijy McNeil 31? Mid West utll u M W U C p(d National stand 21 Northweal Bane 4^i Quaker Oats 121 S w i f t t Co IB Swift Inll 20!i Utility * Ind ij Zenith 4 MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS MINNEAPOLrs. Dec. 11. (,T)_S locks closed: First Bank slock, 6S; Northwest Bancorporatlort, 41;. fly The Associated Press) Bid nnd Asked on Dec. II. Cent. St. El. 7 pr. ($25 par) . · Cent. St. p. and L, 7 pf D. K. Gas S pf. ($30 par) E. M. Gas 7 pf. (550 par) Interstate Pow. 7 pf Iowa Electric 7 pf Iowa Electric 6?- pf. la. Elect. Lt. t Pow. 7 pf la. Elect. Lt. i POW. s pf. la. Power Lt. 7 pf. ..... la. Power Lt. G pf. la. Pub. Serv. 6 pf. !!]]][ la. South. Util 7 pf N. W. Bell Tel. 6H pf losi; United Lt. Rys. 7 pf 31" United li. P.ys. R pf .., as 2 . 4G . 40 . 9 '. 6 . 23 . 21 . 51 . 4.1 . 38' . 34 50 44 12 s' 24 ii 32 Vi . no "~42 3S S 10 ! 34 32 Representative Sales CHICAGO. Dec. 11. l.Tl--U. S. department of agriculture--Representative sales: dium 53^1; cull and common Mocker and feeder cattle: Blears, Heavy-48 310 62 287 73 270 59 234 Mediumr-- 74 243 32 235 06 116 83 20 S steei=--- 47 700 20 1050 23 312 38 IS 26 21 18 Hor.s. Lights-74 190 SB ISf. 76 112 9Z 162 Light Llghla-- 4S 1ST 37 H3 (By The Associated 1'res.s) Btd and Askpd on Dec. I I . Corporale Tr. Sh 2.27 No Corporate Tr. Sh. AA Mod. 2.37 2 . 4 4 Corp. Tr. Sh. Accum. ser... 2.17 No Corporale Tr. Ac. Ser. Mod. 2.37 2.41 Dividend Sh 1.10 7.21 Nallonwldc Hcc 3.J1 3.21 Nationwide Sec, vtc 1.33 1.13 Nor. Amer. Tr. Sh 1.80 No Nor Amcr. Tr. Sh. 1955 . .. 2.40 No Quarlerly Inc. Sh 1.3R 1.48 Selected Am. Hn 2.05 No Selected Cum. Sh 6.84 No Selected Income Sh. ....... 3.53 4.12 Super Corp Am. Tr. A. 3.04 No U. S. El. L. Pow. A 10U 10-i Do. B l.TB 1-8S Co. B. vtc 07 .77 3.30 3.35 3.40 3.40 1375 ;i.35 3.10 3.35 3.40 CATTI.I;. Heifer-- O.R3 22 6.25 17 1 6.00 J.". 5.70 Cows-5,40 2 4^50 1C 11,15 1075 9J3 927 3.-10 3.35 3.30 3.20 6.50 6.00 5.00 3.75 2.25 1.75 1.40 S. POTATO MAHKF/T. CHICAGO, riec. 11. f.-ri -- U. JS. department of agriculture -- · Potatoes, ISO, on track 21G, total U. S. shipments Saturday 706, Sunday 20; supplies moderate; no tnullnf- account of weather, operators not opening cars, market nominally unchanged. AugUSt Barz, 83, Honored at Reunion of Children GARNER, Dec. 11.--Mayor and Mrs. W. J. Barz attended a family reunion ot the Barz families Sunday in honor of the eighty-third birthday of their father, August Barz at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lena Schroeder at Klemme with whom Mr. Barz makes his home. All of the children and their families including several friends were present at a birthday dinner served to about 50 at noon. The Barz children are Mrs. H. C. Lau and Mrs. Otto Baack who with their families motored from Tracy, Minn., Fred, Henry and Amll living In or near Klemme, W. J. Barz of Garner and Mrs. Lena Schroeder of Klemme. OT.W YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK, Dec. 11. up)--Raw «usar unchanged loday -with spols fiuoled at 3-lSc. Fulures 1 point advanced. Refined "" changed. un- KF.D.S. TOLEDO, Dec. 11. t/P--Grain In storehouses, red clover December $a; March S8.25; nUlke cash »S.CO": December SS-70- Large Classes Confirmed. STACYVILLE, Dec. 11.--A class of 207 was confirmed at Visitation church and In the afternoon 104 were confirmed at Sacred Heart church in Meyer. Archbishop Beckman of Dubuque was here for the occasion. CARS COLLIDE A car driven by Grace Daniels 102 Linden drive, collided with a car driven by Prank Mountrlchas, '. Jefferson avenue northwest, abou 6 o'clock Saturday night at the in tersection of State street and Washington avenue. TWO ABE FINED Harry Morehouse, Hampton, an: Albert Bradley of Dows were eae fined ?10 and coats by John C. Ship ley, police judge, Monday mornln on charges of intoxication. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. SIOUX CITY. Dec. U. U 1 )--U. ^tmenl of agriculture-- CATTLK fi.OOO: slaughter steers and year- Ra slow, few heller grane IlKht yearlings oolit stea'ly; buj-ers talking lower on nlh- ·3; rat she stock Blow. Bteaily to v.eak: ockers and feert«rB uneven; desirable light mts Bteatly; others slow; small jmcknge holce yearlings up to $5.50; load lotjs held Kner; large share salable around $3.25 own; car good 811 Ib. heifers S5; few 5.25- early bulk cows J2®2.23: low cut- ers and cuttern largely 11.25®!.65; few edluni slockers around J3.50; good IfilM elghls held around J4. HOGS 8,500; very HttI-3 done; early Bales mlled to welBhls 160 Ibs. down on packing ows, sleady \o lOc lower; most bulcher Ida 10-15c under Salurday; belter grades 70 to 2SO Ib. weights hid *2.7r5S2.00; 1-10 160 Ib. light lights sold at I2.MJT2.7S; ows mostly J2-351P2.50; light sows up 'o 2.60; extreme heavies and roughs ?2ff2.25; eeder pigs $1.75f?2.35. SHEEP 6.500; no early sales, action fat ambs undertone weak; Indications other laase« little changed: choice fed woolcd ambs held arvind J7; packers talking around 50.50; /ceding lambs salable largely 5.50®fl; run Includes three loads breeding wea; lambs aupply around 15 to 25 per cent Native Lambs -31 " 50 101 85 86 \VeaUms-- 71 SOUTir ST. TAOT, LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, Dec. H. (.11--U. lepartment of agriculture-CATTLE 3,000; fed steers and yearlings zcarce; few sales steady; _ undertone weak on weighty Bleers; others opening steady early sales cows steady; some bids, easier iu»3 scarce, steady lo strong; moderale quota slockfirs nnd feeders; several loads calves; llllle done early: asking prices strong; most slaughter steers and yearling: plainer quality or heavier weights arouni S3.25'i?4.50; common down to S2; small Is cbolce fed y e a r l i n g s 55.50; medium to goo rielferfi S3.2ri-5J4.50; cullers lo common 51. 'TIS: low cutter and cutter covrs Sl^U hutcher COWB up to $2.23 or more; few plocker bulls J2W2.50: good heavy weight S2.75: best slock calves held above S4 calves 2,200; Bleady bulk 53.50S?4. IIOfi.S 7,000: weak, mo.itly lOc lower lha last week's close; belter IfiO to 260 Ibs. I3il 3 10; top 13.10 paid by shippes; moitly fr 160 to 180 Ibs.; bulk betler 170 lo 210 Ib: 10 So SO S5 7. DO 7.25 7.50 7.50 7.".0 7.3,1 7.25 130 1H Ewes-11 32 It 80 80 UO 123 160 Lamson Brothers Market Letter Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplier! by LAMSON BKOTHEnS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beclt Building Telephone No. 7 JTE\V YORK CUIln QUOTATIONS as Hud S O Ind 3 O Ky United Ons Un L 4 P A. Utll P L HIDES, WOOL, FURS Quotations Furnished by Wolt Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Soutlnvcst. HIDES Horsehides $2.25. Cured beef bides 6c Sreen beef hides WOOL Vo. 1 clean bright Semibright Rejects , runs Mink kunk Civet Red fox 5c 24c Ib. ...23o Ib. 19c Ib. 52-55 15c-$l 15c-30c ..?2.50-?5 GRAIN I.r.TTF.11. CHICAGO, Dec. 11.-- ^VIlEAT--The strength evident In B r n l n s Ratunlay carrle itover Inlo todaj- and prices were higher u n t i l the last hour when profit taltln Rinduced largely by a dip In fitocks resulted In elirnlnallon of most Krain-t and IirlceE declined to a major fraction under the previous close. Routine news attracted Utlle attention allhou^h apprehension was expressed In gome quarters voer the low temperatures In parls of Hie southwest and northwest. In the former Ihere is practically no enow cover and In the latter It is reported acant over the main producing areas. B'orelRn demand for Cansdlan wheat WB.T not Jarse despite the drop ot nearly 5,000,000 buahels in supplies on ocean passage '.vnicil reduce (Hhe IfiUcr to ahout two weefca lremenls of Importing countries. Liver- was higher on the bullish weekly sta- stlcs. CORN" was firm early hut like wheat, ran to p r o f i t t a k i n g and rencled. Tha cun- ry sold 72.000 buahels to arrive r.s a result f the early upturn In futures and at potnls ear ChlcaKO It was possible t" oolaln more Ian ^0 censt a bushel at loading stations. Vlth the government o f f e r i n g to loan at ,15 ents a buxhel on cribbed corn and the mur- ct at nearhy points close to that figure, the ncroase In offerings was not a surprise, h prices were higher than Saturday. Oats were inclined to act tight at times Ami howed relatively more fltrenglh lhan corn or a while. Senllment remains f r i e n d l y to he conHtrucllve side of grains but we pre- 'er to make purchases only on good reac- ions. Amer Gas ft El 20 Am Sup Pow 2'A Ark Nat aaa A !'.(, El Bd i Sh 14 WL Ford Un of EnB 554 Hud B St S 9U CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Avl' Cp I f i r a Butler Bros Bbrg-Warn Cp 20 Cord Company XEW VOBK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 211^ liquid Carb Cp 30 Am Car Fdy 24 - _ . _ . Am Roll's Mills 20 Am Ha 3 Co 15 Vi Am R «: lie Co -13 Am Tob 7ft' 1 . 1 Atlantic Re Co 30% Ar Co B (III) 2 = 1 Baldwin Lo 12',4 Bamsdall Oil A 0,s B-B-COI!en Co 0 B'ycrs A M Co 29 Cornl Solvents 32 s i Cont Oil IS^i Gudniiy Pilch's 41 Curtlss Wr pfd 5:4 Houst Oil (newl 4% Kelvlnator Corp 11 VH Kroner Croc 247; Lamhert Cn 2SVi Ts Jfack Truck Math Alka'i S0=^ Hex Scah'd Oil 35 McKess . Itobh 5"ii Otis Sleel 4\i J C Penny Co S f ' i Pure Oil Co 12' 3 Pub Ser of N J 35U Simmons Co 1~T S So Calif Edison 16 Tide Wa Oil Co 10 i U S 7n.! Ale 63 Un Gas imp ivc.-tern AVarren Bros Co Wtislern Union Worth'n Pump North Amer Av 10 Opoasum 25c-50c WOOL MARKTCT. BOSTON'. Dec. II. (.T)--U. S. department of agrlcullure-- The Boston -wool market Is firm although tradlni; generally Is rather quiet. Recent Inquiries have stimulated h o p e f u l n e s s of fiir- th«r buying In this market by m a n u f a c t u r - ers before the end nt thn year. Stnclo of domestic woo! appear In a strong position which encourages a c o n f i d e n t waiting attitude. Estimated receipts of domealie wool Boston, reported to the Boston grain and flour exchange d u r i n g week ending Dec. 0 amounled to 38S.-IOO pounds as compnrei with 7,827.000 ilurtax the previous week. A cradle possessed by Mrs. Flor ence Graves of Ontario, Cal., has rocked 59 bahics of the Graves fam ily since 1888. riect to block the doorway and one of them appointed himself as the man to bring home the bacon, but the best he was able to do was to snatch a handful of feathers, before Mr. Pheasant scuttled between the legs of the other two men and escaped, probably somewhat wiser for his experience. The authors of this tale stuck by their story but 'didn't produce the feathers, so draw your own conclusions. Their names will be supplied on request. DAUGHTER IS BORN A daughter was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Mettler, Mason City, at the De3 Moines generai hospital, according to Information received here. One Pheasant Spent Week-ends in Town During Open Season With hunters migrating to the countryside in great numbers during the open days for pheasant hunting at least one of the more wily birds has been spending his weekends in town, according to reports received here Monday afternoon. When first apprehended Mr. Pheasant was flying in a southwesterly direction across the school grounds toward the soutli side of State street. Evidently he realized tho boldness of his course and flew Into the sheltering recess of a doorway on the south side of State street just west of the alley between Delaware and Pennsylvania avenues. Three of our worhy citizens hur- CAR ON FERE. A car belonging to E. W. Russell, 411 East State'street, caught 'fire about 12:30 Monday noon when the engine backfired as it was started. Firemen used a small hand pump to extinguish the blaze. D E A D Animals of All Hinds Removed Mason City Render ing Co. We pay phone calls. Phone 109(5 YOUR BEST MARKET HIDES and FURS Wolf Bros. 310 FIFTH ST. S. W. 1

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