The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1913
Page 6
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A Tragedy of Naples - Bv F. A. MITCHEL i was iic souie t m e in. ples. Nearly a!l the cariosities in that eltv esx-oi't tiwse ·- nature aro eon seau!. anil \\hea on? and the bur-efl ^·1 ill ihe iiU "done" i^e in i f ciri«s he'nrJit contiue hioiteJf to looking out npuii me beautiful bay. On 0 mcrsiisijr-i ^i:ijeu the hi;;h ground 1 bac-k of the «.uy to get a more 'coia- i:ew. including: Vesvnius the i$::i:.«JU of Capri aad lsc-5i*a. Ccmiiis; to a j-uitable spot. 1 threw iny seif ou th« --'r-a-s 10 resale myself. I:i STRANGE LITIGATION Among the curiosities of litigation^ may be cited tlie following case. On: ! title boundary-lice of tv. o farms in an. f Austrian village, there grew a large;, 1 gco-^berry bush, from v.hiea two, far^»».- for years gathered the prod-' ucc^ ^. !iat grows on my side is mine,, and ^tu may have the resC' was *^ 6 agreement. Some time ago the neighbors had- a. misunderstanding, and this came to a cliscax v.hen the gooseberries became ripe- A lawsuit follov.-ed, and to use i i xvorM nio^t aurucuve view I'resentlv 1 heard, a voice behind me. 1 i^»k Tor i hat of a ivoaian's Summer Comfort is wonderfully enhanced when rest and lunch hour unite in a dish of Post Toasties There's a miohty satisfying- flavour about these thin wafery bits of toasted corn. or So easy to serve, too, on a hot day, for they'ar ready to eat right from the pack- acre--fresh, crisp, clean. Not a hand touches Post ToasDes in the making --*^ j. packing. Served with cream and sugar, or crushed fruit, they are delicious. "i'arley i,oa-« PKiacafs. monsieur r 1 turned. --'-'-^ tht-re stood a. young: ! taau a"tJare::!: s y about twenty year* ' c-'dL He v.-a-i vi idenUy nor Italian, for ] Ws hair b^i.oke o^c of the north. 1 peak French su'lsSToreurSy and ayprls- d him ol the face. He asked uie to 1 what couiijry 1 belonged, and I toiO. him America. * "You ar? the very man I wish to see." he said "I am rhiukias of going i to America, autl you can teH me how \ to yot thtre." | "The shorie«t way is to sail from j this pore fir Xew York or Uo^ton." '·Do sMiituers y:o from here tiireel i Y.'ithout stopi'Ja::: at any European port'r" "I think ::or. Some of them go tc appeals were made to higher judicial bodies. TJbe final decision was lately recorded in ihe Austrian courts. i Each party is to have the right to pick the berries which sr° v '" o:l "-^ ' side of the line, jast as it was orig- \ sliy, but neither may destroy the hash- The costs are charged half to each litigant. Each farmer hac to · pay 255 krone. The yearly yield of , the bash is worth about cse-italf krone, and the judge told zhe fighting "\Vith good Jack," it will take yon only $90 years to make the bush pay. Take good care of it." r *?.?s?fr\ «a W k Si Me By Police FEARLESS RAVENS I have just received a Standard Automatic Milk Separator which can be seen at Biglerviile now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as I have sufficient number installed I will buy the Cream at regular price for creamery butter. J. W. Pettis TWO CLOCKS START IN RAG! Puzzle Is to Find Cut Whether Timepiece of Grandfather Started Ahead of the Alarm. Testerday morning" two clocks~ started ?- ra.ce. The alarip clcclc vi ent so fast that it gained one minute an hour, while grandfather's clock ran so slow that it lost two minutes an hour. The picture sho^s the alarm j clock to be one hour ahead at the finish. But v.-ho can tell the hour -when the race started? Grandfather's clock: lost two minutes every hour and the alarm clock: gained one minute every hour, so it is evident that the alarm clock ia every hour's time gained three minutes upon the other. Therefore, in twenty hours It gained sixty minutes and from the picture Genoa before rursinjr westward, and I .taink near!;.- al! stop ar Gibraltar Then there are the Azores and. ila deira. out In the Atlantic." Ke seemeu disappointed at this--a: least he lookevl so. though he did not express isis dita:!o::m»enc in words- v "When does the nest steamer sail" fce asked. "I don't fciow. One sails a weel from rouay. I go in her myself."' ·'A week from today." he said, evi cently thinking of sumethinc else be sides the bturelus-. "-it what hour?'' I to'.d him ihat I had noc yet le-irne*- j the sailing: hour: he could nnd out bj | -applying at rhe offices of the -inc. Hf i asked what stops the steamer made crd i told £1:1:1 only one on the European niiia:;'id--Gibralt; inquired If he would be a passengei frith ice he said he couldn't tell: hi didn't know if he would be ready After sorce information I gave Iu:r about America, to which he did n«i .seoni to be :tsi£nins:_he made an abnrp- i.dteu. wita thanks. :md % we-rr on hi The houses ci:nb the sceep hills bacl- of ".:pl? ; From time immemorial ravens have I 5sen the subject o£ song, story, and . swperstitioa. Their fearlessness, trick- sry, contradictory manners, artiulness, ; harsh note, agly form, and beautiful black plumage have formed the therae , for many a bird-lore story. j Perhaps one of the most carious | facts about the raven is that while ; there is ao more shy bird, or one more ( difSculc jo get near to, v/fcen it is ~.viid, ' none tames more easily, and v.'hen 5 tamed it is -totally fearless. VThen j wild, the raven wiU never dare to attack any bird, but sgSS£®§£ beak, and will_e£ten go so xar, -u tee | A ^^^ t . nt ., t;a , _ r d mcst j ntcrss t;ne incident took, place en the occa- QOS Is asleep, as to pull the animals j _.^ _ f th= recent _ fats cp enir.g of the irittsh pariismer.t by King George- ears and tweak its tail, Syins away - r Pp 5., es uchncvsky, the ne-.v German smbsssador to Great 3.-ita:n, v/as drlv- with a great "scurry when the dog ! , ng , o the he! . se of : crds , n - ^3^ v . hen his horses became frightened, growls at him, but returning agam^n |' p {,. n g ed and fc ro ' Ke the pole of the coach. Foilce ran tc ^he horses' heads, z. few minutes to_renew the attack, j yn harnessec; the a^iTia's sii 'esd them away, then constabfes, holding tha j trsces. dre'.v the coEch to the house of lords. it him, but returning again in £' p{a nced anc ainutes to,renew- the attack. | y n f,ai-nessec! B EAUTIFU"L-"CH 1MH EYPIECE - i S-jnictimes the front doo= tii the street is i:r the second or tl»ir. storj- It made n;e dlizy to look dow; into the -ij-iek yard of my pension Beneath ne A\J» a hotel with a yarf In th rei-r-off The fonrtli SEory. genni.-ic.tri: -- evidently of hi£h r jad-jhstr from his attendants--used t v,-aik every afternoon about 0 o'clod in. Ui;5 j-^ He appeared to btr an in Clock Race Puzzle. \re saw that the race must have been on for t^ventj hours. Daring the twenty hours the alarm \ clock gained rwenry minutes upon j correct tune. Twenty hours previous to twenty minutes of S is eleven hours and forty minutes, or twenty minutes of 12 in the morning of the day before--the time -srhea the race started. The \vell knovm Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased by John D. Kane, -who as proprietor will in the future, to the best of his ability, endeavor to see that all patrons of this established hostelry are served -»vith the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also vnth the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that Mr. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he wHl take good care of such of his friends and patrons as visit him, FIXK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar, both on draught and in bottles. HIGHEST AND LOWEST POINTS Mount Whitney Is 1^,501 Feet Above j Level of Sea--Point in Death Val- j ley Is 276 Below. One eT the Most Interesting and Puzzling of Deceptions Which Can Be Done With Cards. ' The "old spelling school" trick Is one at the most Interesting and baSling of the many -which can be done with cards. All the cards in any suit are repaired for the tnck, -which consists in "Btaclong" the thirteen cards in a manner that -when held jn the , face dc/cra, and changing a card from top to bottom, Vrith each letter The maximum diSerence in eleva tion of land in the United states is 14, 777 feet, according to the United States geological survey. 3-Ioun Yvliitney. the highest point. 14,501 fee i above sea level, and a point In Death s ' Bailey is 276 feet below sea level. j! These two points, -which are both in i J California, are less than SO miles ' | apart. This difference is small, how- i ever, as compared -willi the figures for ! Asia. Mount Everett rises 29,002 feet \ above sea level, whereas the shores ] or the Dead sea are 1,290 feet belo^r j sea level, a total difference in land ; heights of 00.292 feet- Mount Everett i has never been climbed. I The greatest ocean depth yet found ' !s 32.0SS feet, at a point about 40 miles north of the island of iliadanao. la the Philippine island. The ocean bottom st this point is therefore more than 11% miles below the summit of ilount tne one desired \riircome out iu '{Everest. order. One comes first, then '. The difference in the land heights two. and so on to jack, queen, king, in Europe is about 15.S6S feet. In placing the cards m position the , -fourth trom the top of the pack as held * iralicl ap,t chose that hum because la- got the --unshine. for the snade sn Itah Is ve-j. chilly. I nutsceu that he ~" cusre regular in fak:ng h:s outing- c^. '} wat'-Ii him aad the attenuo: ho received from h:s servants. The aite-rnooE of the cl-.y I salkel was s:trn;g at my Triadow enjoyin tJe v:ew of the bay -n hen I heard a re port as of a rrun or pistol. Leanin- forward s;ul glanciag down fnto th yar-1 of the hotel. I saw the invalid 13lag: f" the groa-id. Then half a dore person-, niu oat of the harel to wher he lay. I'resently two servants too' liini np nnd carried him into the note. His far. couiinir so soon after the re port, caused me to think that he ba been shot, as could easily ha-, e oee: cone fro::i any of the ba-_k window of hoti-c on the street above the on on v. bxh fLe hotel faced. I sa'lcsl the saiae evening- withou gettia:i .111 explanation of what I ha, seen I --as iiiclincil to chink that th jrent!e2-L:i br.£ raintcd- I cou'd rc.n Italian bi:f5aeatly wel: to e~trae-t tn- jci?t of :n item and took a newspape Cboar-1 t:.e shin with me- licfore £e! ting iat-: my berth I looked it oieJ One of the frt nrtif-Ies I read ftai^r that a I:.:--S:^TI isob'cman wiio had bee the covcriior of Fiiiiand li-nl be-cn 5io «..y while takln? c3X-res-=e in its yard of !n^ hotel The .i-=s,i.«ssn w-^ ·.; t» be a Ilnssi.:-' JL!;C ilt !: vl been rro^cribert by the rei Cons: Zen!!S the f-ositi :'-OLI v.:: A t::e s-3i-»t was cfs.. for the avxissia was He had r.- I/eer. r-ri-v;ed- I had ^-en a Itussisn po'.itiwil assa- sinatioii without cion ^ysrcs-ur.;: r KoniL-:: -T\ ilie usntter sot on my uerv-= uad.- orr last stop. I n-'tked ssirn^ : n ste:tr.=- · c'^air on !*x-k n cirJ v.-'«-,^ :r.e v..-, f.::rsIHir to rao. \VJserc- 5s^ I h.i'l set -.Ied ; cci Ad* e; using-. n r f\\ Ub ill 3Iv Cleansing:, n " Balm I"t;nltv |(IIssol"e3 by the heat of nostrils; Clears Xcse. Head and Ti-.roat-SS TO"'; ' oenerrates " cr.d heals the Inflamed, Nasty Catarrha! Discharges. Dull' swollen meinfarane which lines the Headache Gees. ! icse, head and throaTc: clears the air | rj-ssages: STODS nasrr ciscl-arges and s. Trr "EK-'s Creara Sain 1 "'- .feeling-of cleansing-, soothing- relief i-up re Viircat ivlli be gone. -esc.'ess. " such m-serv aowl Get J ~,~ s:rc7- P' r Tour fa:th--just once--in ' of "Ely's Cream 3-Irr." u^ -~~ , P-=2~"Bal!r."" and your cold or catarrh ug store. This sweet, frzi'rcrt oalm ".-rill ^rrely disappea.r. ««WoocwcH^c^o«ce^?»-o^:-r 1 «^:K-c.c-c^- o-XM-J-J^COoo o»too»*fr9« in Great Britain, has been bought by j a wealthy American and its magnlS-; * cent paneled rooms are to be dls- j % mantled and removed to this coimtry. ; § Rotiiervvras is mentioned in the Domes- , day Book, -where it is speiiec "Retro- f X T7as-" At that time it belonged to j | Gilberz, son. of Tyrold. Ir v^as rhe ' | chief seat 'of the Bocenhams, n. fam- ; ^ ily -«rho obtained it through the mar- \ | riage of Roger Bodenham and Isabel- · | la, daughter of Walter de la Barre. · * The illustration is of a carved chim- ( neypiece in the James I. room. ; % it The cattle I advertised last \veek for sale, were all sold except 19 Httle heifers, weighing- from 500 to 650 pounds, well bred, gcocl order, nhe as silk. It - pays to-huy this kind on hand now at Gettysburg, eight loads of cattle , I-have I received September 29th loads of ligat steers, vv-elgh 600 to 750 pounds. four Also A SUNLESS VILLAGE l| ~ i ? In the valley oz the X.yn, near L,J~Z- · % raouth. Xorth Devon, there is a quaint j £ little hamiez called Midaleuain, -^here { g for three months in the year the SGH | ^ is not seen. 1 | The eltister' of houses forming the · * hamiet is snrroucded on all sides by j § hills so sieep arc nigh that from Xo- ; ? vesiber until February the sun does i ' not rise nigh enough to be seen o". er j their tops. i Tae first appearance of the s-an Iz \ eagerly looked for, ana as It is Srst " seen on February 14, the :ahab:tants j call it their vaientine. If the day should be foggy o cloudy so that it cannot be seen, thsre ; is great disappointmeni, especially ! among the chilaren. | For the Srst fe~ days after the 1 I4th the s-an is only see- for a, very " short time, but as the sun rises higher ' in ihe heavens the tine it is in sight " increases daily until its he:gbt is four loads of Virginia cattle. Steers weigh from Soo to loco pounds. - I Extra good ca.cle--come to see me. and you can | £et vchat \vill piease \"ou. Eoth phones. Hotel Ge'tys- f barg and TvIcKnlghtstovrri. . | CALVIN T. LOWER i I ; «5oc«»co-4x«CHXKxxx*ee*o* c;v IserJ?:. v,-hen. after a sooJ sleep, t;;- brs:n i-- in ijorfci-t work::ijr or»ser. 5 sr:ddo::'y v nrc' to nic th.Jt the y rar.n the X«.t!:r;-r myself mi^ht l Whoa I whom I convcr in the hand, face down, must be the ace. o-n-e; the eighth, the two spot. Who can tell how to arrange the remaining eleven cards so that, placing a card at bottom for each letter, three, four, five, up to the king, come out? It \\ilS be noted fifty-two letters are required to spell the numbers and ·pelllng the number OP. name of the names of all the cards in a suit. What is that -which touches one but unites tuo? A weeding rmg. * * * What is the diternce between a photographer EJid the v.hooping cough? The one makes facsimilies, the other Sick families : r«-J - nc an-1 tl'f s.jnie person ;oiild I do in the mattc- I Is-id r,o rc-lN'i for ir.'tvlis in a for--;:n a rfair tl.: 1 i^ me no end of tro':b1 vsesl t!ic sir! a^.'hi I t'li' ro look nt ^-.c-r. ior did 1 n:onTi 5n the or C'.irrence to any one aboirl t's^ shij Bbo richer knew that I Coul'J have SCD her to Siberia. Tse labor-saving devices. Tfte nign price o? labor ar.J importance o 5s.vij3c5 a train wrec^c, t**o oo^s pr* formed a noble act jiear Goodlitts- "'j ville, Tenn., a. few days ago. The \ £j train was the "Dixie rlier" oa the'^' j Louisville and Nashville railroad. The J /;·. lads--Timer Morgan and Gyrlie Og- ! £' lesgy--were play»"g alorg the track, when they Gisco\ere-d a broken rail | A moment later they heard the "fly- j er's" whistle, but they raced far '' enough up the track to "fias" the train before it reached the broken rail. Do not object to their neighbors and friends hunting on their land or to any others v.-ho have due regard for their property, but all farmers do object to the hunter who tramples dc\vn grain, tears down fences and does damage. The surest way to protect yourself is to placard your property. Cardboard trespass signs 5 cents each, 6 for 250: muslin signs ioc each, 3 for 250 And in order to keep undesirable hunters from coming out to your land and possibly disregard such signs, the bsst thing you could do would be to place your name in our trespass list. Fifty cents t or the entire season. I .V. I ^»1 prompt planting, cultUating. spraving etc raalie it abfclutely necessary t Ube'eftectne tools and farm, 1 ery. Lambs ?houW bo docTced when are froiE S to 10 tlajs old, accord IP to the ailxiff of tho Minii' nt.i ··· pcrimeiit -tation. At that Hmf shr young am. i.xl receive.? pr: File Gettysburg i lines

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