The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 20, 1952 · Page 21
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 21

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Aug. M, 1952 Mason CHf Globe-CUielU, M»«oii City. la and friends here. The Berkley fam- ly formerly lived ntar Kanawha. 1 GOODELL--Mr. and Mrs. Ger- nlcl Huter of Klemme have moved o the Hoy Bachmaii-tcnant house near Highway 09. RAKE -- Mr. ami Mrs. James Doty of Cedar Rapids are the parents of a son born Aug. 12. Mrs. ft-'UTTn-, . , ,, Doty is the former Ethel Haugen FERTILE-A farewell party was TfTONKA-Mrs. Leo Westrup of o£ Rako - r\T«41 n.,.,1 /A ? -, - i . . T^CMT Here and There- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota held at the Mys. Phil Sheimo home recently for Miss Anna Knutson and Clara Ann Haugen who will be leaving for Canton, S.D., the latter part of this month. Miss Knutson will be employed at the Augustana Academy and Clara Ann will enter high school as a junior. GOODELL--Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson'are the parents of a daughter bjrn Aug. 14. RAKE -- M r . and Mrs. Irvin Thompson left for Clarksville, Tenn., to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Fvt. and Mrs. Roger Ritter. OSAGE-Mrs.- John J. Malzell, Lakeville, Minn., is spending n week or more with the Robert Jor gensen family in Osage. KANAWHA-Byron R a m m taken over the position at North Iowa Grain Elevator merly held by. Jim Larson. Portland, Ore., visited several days at the home of her brother-in-law ·md sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Stott. MANLY--Miss ArviUa Kober- liutz, who has been a teacher in High School at Forest City for the past two years, has accepted a place on the Glidden High School faculty for the coming year. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kobcrnutz. has the for- POPEJOY-Leon Griffen has arrived from Travis Air Force Base, Calif., for a visit with his brother] Mr. and Mrs. Fred Griffen and family also with Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Carolus at Goodell. Leon is en- route to Rapid City, S. D., a new base. ALTA VISTA--Two local .businessmen, Ralph Reinhart of the Reinhart Auto Service and George Pross, manager of the Farmers Creamery, and their wives left on a fishing trip into Canada. GARNER--Hancock County Recorder Edith Sonquist left foi Akron, Mich., to spend two weeks visiting at the home of her son-m- law ant! daughter," Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parllo. Accompanying Mrs. Sonquist were her son, Victor, and Mother, Mrs. V. P. Casperson' TITONKA--Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mechler have gone to Canada for a month's vacation and a visit with relatives. BRITT -- John Appelhons has been confined to his home for more than a week, suffering from a mild case of polio. BRIGHTEN YOU* OUTLOOK *·?--Miss Alice Heubergerf of Newark, N. J., is here for a month's visit in the parental L. F. Heuberger home. gTILSON--Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Schwab and daughters spent a few days at Lake Okoboji with the William Schwab family of Britt, who were there for two weeks attending a church meeting. ROCKWELL -- A f t e r s e v e n months in the Korean combat zone, the destroyer USS Henderson is returning to the United States. Serving aboard her is Benjamin K. Hilzhusen, sonarman second class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hitzhusen of Rockwell. BIUTT--Randall, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wright, was taken to Blank Memorial Hospital in Des Moines for treatment of polio. He is showing some improvement. TITONKA--Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Becnkcn arc the parents of a son born Aug. 9, at the Buffalo Center Hospital. BIUTT -- Marvin Thompson is now employed as bookkeeper and larls man at the Britt Chevrolet Motors, taking (ho -position formerly held by William Spangler. Thompson was employed formerly at the Larson Hardware. ST. ANSGAR--Edward G. Rush, boilerman third class, USN, husband of Mrs. Edward Rush o£ St. Ansgar, lias returned to the United States aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saipan from the British Isles and Cuba. STILSON--Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Smith of Charilon and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hull of Russell were recent visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith of this neighborhood, and in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith of near Britt. TITONKA--Mr. and Mrs/Clifford Lamkin and son Stephen of Dallas, Tex., visited at the home of Mrs. Lamkin's brother, Harold Gartner, and family. KANAWHA--Bruce Berkley and daughter, Mrs. Doris Kellogg of Amarillo, Tex., visited relatives FERTILE -- Air. and Mrs. Leo Stokke left recently for Pickslown, S. D., to visit their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McArthur. POPE JOY--Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gorder and son, Marlyn, have returned from a trip to Springfield, 111.,' where they visited Mr. and Mrs. John Schaffer and family. BASSETT--Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kreklaw and family of Waterloo were recent visitors at the home BIUTT--Mr. and Mrs. Uoyd C. Lloyd of Detroit, Mich., arrived for a visit at the parental J. L. Lloyd home and wit lives in this vicinity. GARNER--Mr. and Mrs. Paul Quintus and f a m i l y of Arlington, Va., Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Hancock and daughter, Tcres, and Miss Gayle Quintus of Denver, Colo., and Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Marut/ of St. Joseph, Mich., are visiting with relatives and friends ir the G a r n e r vicinity. / OSAGE -- Mr. and Mrs. Elgit Enabnit m o t o r e d to Millville Minn., to he guests at the home of former Mitchell County rcsi dents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Peterson tenants on the Enabnit f a r m . FOREST CITY -- W a i d e n G Twceten, USN, son oC Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnie Twceten of Fores City, has been advanced in rate to seaman aboard the heavy cruiser USS Los Angeles. o\v days' visit with relatives in linneapolis. T h e y .accompanied trs. Haugen's brother, Olaf Lee, f Minneapolis who visited his sis- er here. KANAWHA -- Sloven and Stuart undberg of Austin, Minn., have eturned to their home, following slay of several 'weeks in the .ome of their grandmother, Mrs. nga Kalvig. GOODELL--Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Sheriff Sr., Beverly and Bob are spending a week at a collage al Vniker, Minn. The Max Bnkcrs lave this summer resort at Walkr, RAKE--Mrs. Carrie Rako ac ·ompanied Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rake, Shirley and Larry o£ Minneapolis, Minn., on a trip through he Black Hills. FERTILE--Mr. and Mrs. Howard O'Leary Jr., and daughter ynn Marie, arrived al Ihe homo of Mrs. O'Leary's parents, Mr. md Mrs. Enos Seglem, for a visit. They came by plane from Dallas, Tex. R A K E -- Mr. and Mrs. John Osncss left for a vacation in northern Minnesota. G O O D E L L Georgc Conklin ire spending a -- Mr. and Mrs of Independence few clays in tht ionic of the former's uncle, C. H Conklin. TITONKA--Mrs. Harry lUcklefi s a patient at the Lutheran Hospi .al at Fort Dodge, following in a jo: surgery. R A K E -- Mrs. Hannah Huugci and Mrs. Cleon Larson left for BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG AfoAH NUMSKULL. -- po ALL STATES HAVE AN OPEM SEASON ON THE MALE DEAR IM 1952 ? OHIO DEAR MOAW - WOULD YOU CALL A TREE A BRANCH ^* A/v. LERcU AJoR-rHAfv\pTok) , PA. YOUR Y TO vl AWAlt" uin »«.«,!, "·"" · ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN Ifl/oy wWrigfcy', Spearmint Gum! Gives you a nice little lift. Helps time pass pleasantly. keep a package handy in °«e or pocket SPEARMINT EWING GUM D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Highways 6. Fields 11. Outcome 12. Rest 13. Seized 1-1. Sphere of action 15, Bitter vetch 10. Gold (Her.) IS. ]l)th of March 15. Wicker basket for fish 21. Wild pig- 2-1. Column 28. Follow 30. Muddy 31. Pollen- bearing part of a flower So. Music term (Anc. Or. M u s i c ) 3-!. Copper, zinc alloy 30. Puppet ::0. DopnrL 40. Mature «. Shun 4f. Thread-like 47. Kind of lily 48. Retinue oC servants 40. Funeral sonp 50. Tall tales DOWN 1. Ceremony 2. Eskars 5. Spanish , 21. Roman title *" weight G. Wallaba tree 22. Ontario (Braz.) 7. Sets of fixed bells 8. Regretted 9. Anglo- Saxon serf 10. Bodies of water 17. Twilled fabric 19. Falling into small pieces 20. Goddess of healing(Norse) (abbr.) 23. 3rd king ofJudah 25. Recline 26. High (mits.) 27. Cereal grass 29. Ever (poet.j 32. Scold persistently 35. A tender- person f C O l l O f | . ) 36. Fresh-water fish 37. Elliptical Yeslcrdny'e A n s w e r 38. Solitary ·10. Like a w i n g ·H. P r o f i t '!2. Sea eagles ·M. 21 hours ·IG. Man's n a m e ROBIM is RIGHT'--AS ACTING PILOT OF THIS BARGE YOU . SHOULD PAY CHATMOR.E TO COOK. DINNER./···VWHY SHOULD WE BOARDERS C H I P 1 N ? - - -TH' RENT V/E PAY ON OUR. STALLS INCLUDES TH' OATS AM' HAY/' · · IF YOU OWNED A SIGHTSEEING BUS YOU'D EXPECT TH' RIDERS TO PUSH IT / VWELL, I'LL PAY · - · · BUT IT' WILL 1MCUJDE HIS V;ASHING THE DISHES / PER. · V/EEK, JUDGE '·=-' SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. j. SCOn 3. Questions 4. Payable 2 ife Z Z 20 15 50 3.5 '.O B-ZO DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE--Here's how to worls \\: A X y D L B A A X K Is L O N G F i; T, J, O W One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is u.secl for the three L'.s, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apoK- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are d i f f e r e n t . A Cryptogram Quotation S K G U K O K P Z K I I K P C N A K 1 J I N M M S S, C S N K I, M H Z U I, D A P C S H M K Z I K W V K K P U K I C, N S S -- M D G G I. Yesterday's Cryptof|Uote: LET HTM NAMK IT WHO CAN, fKE BEAUTY WOULD BE THE SAME--TENNYSON. DljlrlbuUJ by KlnfT features Syndicate CONFESSION, PUBLIC o K O ioK nF FAiftf. CONFESSION, Aof oF OHt'S 8A.RK oHt CrftltR, CLAY. A. An-fiiopr ,!S SYUCK lit ONCE A BASKETBALL PLAYER ALWAYS A BASKETBALL PLAYEF? DROP THIS IN THE GAPBAGE: CAN ON YOUR? / WAY OUT, DEAR BRICK BRADFORD IF THE SPACE NJEHICLE. CAPTURES WHAT VME SAW PELKA .,. WELL,,, I DON'T KNOW WMETVlE MARY WORT ON THE SCREEN THE MISSILE BEAPS DOWN OK THE ClT Y · - By C L A R E N C E GRA} · IT5 COMP6MSATING INSTRUMENTS CBOIMTO ACTION. IT HOVERS ABOVE OBJECT5 BENEATH IT THEW IT DROPS SUDDENLY- ·u WHEM PE.TWORTHY DROPPED OUT OF 5I6HT 50MH UNUSUAL JEWELRY ' OF MOT! IER'5 DISAPPEARED ALSO! L OF.NT A DMCR.IPTION OF THE. PIKt-O TOMEMMRSOF A NATIONAL PAWNBROKERS' ASSOCIATION' TODAY.UtUTENANT.lHADA ) CALL FROM A SHOP NEAR 1.05 ' -ANGELES- · · ONE.OF THE. BROOCHE.S HAD BEEN PAWNED THERE. 1 i\ i" LAST WEDNESDAY! By KEN ALLEN MUGGS AND SKEETER FORGIVE ME. FOR BEING IMPETUOUS MARY! HAD TO KNOW YOUR. ANSWER WiRF I WAR F n " UiP^ '» By WALLY BISHOP BIG SISTER WE DOCTOR SAID HE'D/ A MORSE.' r DCM'T "TOY HARD TO FIND A NE£D A NUPSE".' NURSES COST _ MONEVJ r^=2 NURSE FOG YOU ^ fcf'- '' Jl7 - K"V Fritlin S^-l^itr. 1* . Vo.M in^"£_^ REX MORGAN7"M".~b7 BUT SOMEBODY TO TAKE CARE r S YOU'REHERE,MAIS/t YE? YOU'RE DOIN' , ALL RIGHT, I'VE NO "i-- COMPLAINT To MAKE. By FORGRAVE OH,BUT WE CAN'T STAY LONG-WE 4 MUST8EQNOUP j _ \A/AS/ f=- WAY, WHAT? YOU'D LEAVE MB HELPLESS AND . ALONE?INOEED VOU'LLl WILL SHE B£ ALL EIGHT, rep 7 WE JUST LEFT WSS HOSPITAL, MK5. PUMP.' YES, THANKS TO OK. "^T WHAT OO YOU MORGAN.' SHE EEGA1NEP \ KNOW ABOUT CONSCIOUSNESS A LITTLE ,| ALL OF. THIS WHILE AGO AND SOME THIN63 TO TELL HOW COULD I HAVE ANYTHIN3 TO DO WITH IT, MY SWEET T r WAS WITH you ALL PAY.' By DAL CURTIS OAKY DOAKS B-ZO GIMME ROOM, S0'5 I KIM 5WIMG MY CLUB/ L-LISTEH/YOU f IT'S TH ' BEST ) ' DOW'T TO HIT ME f OW THE HEAD.O A WAY TO WOO A WOMAN/ By N. B. FULLER ft ETTA KETT - -Sy BENNETT CERF- A TOWN in South Dakota v/as in the process of electing a ·i*- new mayor and board Mrs. Hubbard seven-yoar-old mayor and board of advisors, t h o u g h t it would be educational to lake daughter with her to the polling booth. On the way home the d a u g h t e r askeci, "Mom, do you always vote for the men you love most?" "Whatever put an idea like that in your mind?" wondered Mrs. Hubbard. "Well," said the daughter, , "I saw you put kisses next to their names." Caught in a snow slide, an Alpine climber saw a ,St. Bernard toiling tov,-ard h i m , a kc£ of rum tied under I t s ' chin. "Hurrah," cried the climber. "Here comes man's 5est friend--and look at the big dog that's bringing it!" » * . · »· Josh Logan haa concocted a new drink which he cnlls hia miniature highball: one snifter and in a miniature under the table. ^Copyright, 1952, by Bennett Ccrf. Distributed by King Features Synaicatc, WOWEE."-MV tJAME ) IM THE DIDMT K.UOVJ you A COLUMNJ.'/ LONG MAS -- r FOIZ. UTTERLY JEEK3.' I'M A CAPEER GlCL. By PAUL ROBINSON SCORCHY SMITH ME TOO."-MEN.'.'.'- THEY'RE MV CAP.ECC .' OKAV/~ \MMAT AI2E" WE FOR.? -- GETONJ BALL.{'-- TOO.'.' --Bur-V " JOINr JUMP INS.* LOOWW.' LET'S SHOW 1 'EAA A SMO -OTrl By RODLOW W J L L A R D

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