The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1913
Page 5
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.. SIR OLIVES LODGE.- Famous British Scientist Says World Riddles Y.'iH Be Solved. fl! 7FI? RflTFR! Y UfctrVil L?t-l f, «*»» I BASE B /^- SCORES i CUTS SNTERYJEW SHORT CHOBCH NOTICES Following Is the Recult of Gcrrea \ Played Yesterday. ! j AMERICAN LEAGUE. Yerlr, V!_(!st ;;j-ii~). £2 if-nts--P ai PLAIN CITIZEN CRA\YS Ki3 - I : ··jjjC^f ·***" With Wife, c-«! Habit r.tecc Hsm Sun From the Presence of Wccc- ro-.v Wiicoi \Yiir-cu: Saying · " / '- GccsJbyr .s^srae/. Uaiseiie::--Bo?-!:2-r TELL EVEBYTHHB'^^^^^^^ 51 ^ 0 *! iifcnVsft ea a^I 5 to.e«!« ? !:feeF ~" ST. JAMES LUTHERAN Sunday School, Promotion Day, 9:15; morning' church service wiih sermon by Dr. -J. A. Ciutz. 10:30; Chris- uan Endeavor, 0:00- At the evening jchsrch service a"- seven o'clock Rev. J. ! B. Uakcr v.ili give a ten zninute story I sermon to children preceding the regu- I lar senders. The subject of the latter 1 -.-111 be. ".The Land of s. Thousand King-- EPISCOPAL \ I . .Standing of t:-.e C:ybs. ; any-one cf us drav.s his v.atch :.nd { 'Sunday-school. 9:43; jr-brnin-? ser- I Ath!eYic 3 «'fe 6 jV-Ciicaso. 77 b ?i7 ! '{ ·'' 'V":.% £ ,"°C\:;f £ I v :^ "^r^veaing Servi 4 7:0 °- ,ec't c7 A-a-^3 "oie,~° But' SS^ !l 7u ;!o S'JL^s £ Si IL * 1 JlT'"" S?£aS jS j Sunday at lJ3RPESfe Lord's Supper , Governor | Hcr.ect j _ There Are Scrr.e TJ^ncs e Regrets. ] i . i NATIONAL LEAGUE. At xenr York -- Xc- 1 "i crk. 13; ?^!a e5ph.:i. 3 '1st §as:c-). i5:'::?-r:,? -- Te- "Vli:!2dc-lplj!a. Xe-.v Ycr!-,. 4 621 ?!? ?« 1 *- ; cans--- hu sought ;o s'op u« wscKsalej uci»; Kueker. Browa, ··".;c-c-. -: campaign of ihe:t s.iat he iound in] ^^f}^' _1" y?*c-*'i**v' ;!!·"-?-- ?? r j fni: l!ast. j bach. PieCer, iiagoii." : ICo such rcnisj-ab.c- statement nasj Standing cf the C'tibs. ! ever come :"roni ;Ie Hps o. an Ameri-j W. f., PC.' \V J. can in hish oSitt. S^ber. solf^ia ar.d! X.York- SG 51 55' neht~n.. o:« 5. ,-:! P"-«Pa!a. SS ( J1 59'TJrojks'i. ·:" ! ;~i iWOOli EAB HIS s terizcs his utterances. lie-lore 'him sa; K-v. George Ciali ners Slciunene, LI. D.. rector of presence of Woour»v.- "Gee," sa-e Driver, sn telling the Etory to friends. "I Ciua't knov.- Pat lty had gotten up :n the world because his -vife ! v - e acrsinisterec: and members will has ^iade him put j be received - into " the charch. Xote C2 gn.;. slik soelis ' change of eYeiintj ho'-^r to · 7 o'clock. " Thai's * hat Jolin ' COLLEGE LUUTHETRAX Dr:ver o: Dalti- j A. E. Wagner D. D. pastor. 9:43 a. n:ore did the oth- j m., Bible School. 10:45. morning wor- or «iay. lie knew ship and celebration of the Lord's his wife VV-ES '.vait- j Supper. C p. m~ Christian; Endeavor with The r in Primary DeoarunenL Mission Band at 2 D. HI. GETTYSBURG U.-B. lite thati Pat and ! used to v,ork j Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Junior 7908 7922 FOR NOVELTY A QUAINT COATEE AND DOUBLE TUN1G ! la-X-ewark. X. Jr.- together 13 years | "The people v.anr a o-a," t-egaa :Ue c'.-'-rgy The governor r-p 1 :-!!: essage ir tcnis vrith v.-ater, overturning re!s and the :::e. "Then \ve aiored away. rnsn oar- i^: frocks of cni--on and lace jare youthful and appeaHn^ In their simple lines. Flounce upon Bounce vt chiSoc or lace I'orm the skirts o- so;n.-: .ethers bho-.\- tne peplum. corded, frJi:e-C or plaSrefi. ^ Accorfiion p!alt!=£T-Js especially becoming to slender Sgnres. An esquislve^y caincy moCel seen ai . one-.o£ r Jthe recent openings had a. nar- rojsi, slender foundation sk;rc of motis- seline de sole and thrse plaited Sounces of the softest pink. cn:2on. Piaited chiSon rormed tae bodice In 7522 trie itunc and skirc might be of th= plaited chSSon -with a broac band of lace to break tiie monotony. This drss raay be copied in size 13 v.-itii G^i joras of 35 ; inch r^aterLu and Iv4 yards of -7 incli Tie possibilities of plaited eliiSCon, sis'-: dnvctyn and plnin cba^metise are pho-a-n in Xo. 7SG5. These neu- all sillc' Clu VS»^"IZS 2L£"G ££u.CC«V* SUIZ^G tO Dllfe -ouaint peasant coatees ivhich sre a. i part of sc- many of the more oressy ' guv.-ns. As yeliov.- is such a favorite. an effective s^^^es~on for this design is to have tbe coatee or yellow s:llc iu- vet-n v.-ith tunic of the palest-lemon cni^on over cr^am colored charmeuse. Size 3S v.-il! require 5^4 yarCs of 40 .Inch chiffon, v.-th 2"4 yards of 30 inch ' material for the coatee and 4 yards of S5 inch rra.tenal for tfce foundation -dress. iEach pattern is 15 cents. it, nnd I decl-Iei then and there to : free myself from ire uaboly, sinister a. Pa., Oct. 4. -- Aag-.i? i - r .a evil assoela^uns v.hich bad 'cr a".: Phrlaaelnhia. Oct. 4.--Horror of be- P ers Ins -juried" alive, -.viilcn amounted a!- "^5" biit the headlines o: ·ire reads al! the papers. ihc~pson asked Tuubs -.rhv ,t T .\Oti!d '.veexs ago. In driving ficrca it in a great bis a- en:. 21, tv-o To obtain either pattern illustrated 511 ,, ·ut this coupon amd inclose II cents iri ~ stasips orjcoid. 3e sure to state -xi-^ber Xan;e ol patxers a=d size. =£iisun=s: ever tne AdCres ftsllest parr o* the b--sr for dimenslcns. A«Mr«ss Pattern Ueparczient. _ Size . TO i! i as:: o: you :s that you vfsic rce a fev%- hours before mj- end conzss." he said. "I -- HI arrange to have a"i the ooursers here, and then you can co aaeasi anil preach my funera! ser- diSeren^s eoes a re'.r I am no better than a ·iecji man no's.-, aid I -would IIIcs to ·.vatch ths !!uz.srs.I ssrvlcss " IVheti S^r. Thompson rsfuss-d to grant the rectuest Tubos said he -vousd 7:3.113 say Tubbs can cays !onrer_ I Ik I ·"· ocrs Charles V , oas cf the tnost cele- bratsd or rhe emperors of Gersaacy, a fevv- ^ays-lsafore he d:ei! asd vchlle ce ~2s :n EOrraal health, to see wear Ms ruiiera.1 T.-odld be l:.:e. tad himself ar- raysd. as 5J for our'a:, rspo'ed 'n a coSin snil ."s-eusc to a ssrvlcs lor several hours. Then he "ras taken :!1-- not been taZJ. : ccrapromise tnst. yo-s tasy man your foes?" s::gceste'! the clersr; "Xerer." ssid the governor. A t ~( lived for the nast twenty-five y g ars. ; ""Pat turned around, and v.-hr n he ^-~ j xhe crepe draped door-mob, the ire- sees me he runs the automobile u: · cuent visits ot an undertaker's -vaajon, to the ct=rb and grabs me and hugs me Til's case nu-.=t never be ccrasrcrsissa- -~:i ^ .^g adn:iss: = c:13 cf =en ibers of Mr. 'What you dcia' ever herc-r he says the very bosiGSing Mr Mnrpn- :rip.: Tur _ er s f-,,,:!.- themselves, inicriued I teils hinj; and T.-e talks a fev.- tain- to compromise with me nis io!:o-ver?. ae!ghbo _ 3 tta - fce bas beea dsad fcr mes, and then he says he's set tc catne to see n 2 ~,^ cannot ^ PCK-.r.- j .^ _ eel _ s , a S3 -... e Qf Ihe o -,,= ss!cr , o£ gc . -v-hat yot i coin'?' I asks. 'I got tnise::. -o ma-u^can. serve- Go^ ^..-5 ^ usnal fo .. ir . a j no -; Ce . Tnte-to Ksr a job "up to'the VSlilie House." he says maramcn at tie same rjne." ! -,,..^,.,^-^. ,7,..:^^. ,...:=·- -,,.;, !,-,?- ^jn -Code and see me." Then he has · to go. "Kave you n:Hy dctfdeu to co o^| aot^bu-iea 1 until Monday. ilr. Turner's strange rr:sh his vVhen I gets tbrough rny v.-crS, I "jiCEt cecidecly- Xcthlrg can s an.VkCuS revs% ! tie hac sujjectsj hitnself--and cis! i Sspt. 21. 2-.s i ~h!ca ! i° ^e ?sop:e cf tZi:s stata--:o the I This crciher d:ed sndde~ly froac feilovr grins and shoe's mejiif. teart failure, and -was b-ried at the "Sziy, Pai Tsmtilty's In a"great bis so^are pa-:ng tae ta..e?--tha cno- | g^pcJ,-;-^ or - -vj. 8Si da: .^_ shortly after, rcoia.'and lie"£ got a deslr .with, a top rairy ot the r/unfierir:^ en. under the ; ^^ f- jnera T ^^ r Turner revealed tc h : s to it as Dri%-er looked about AUIGMOBILEJS STORK Jouncsr.g Hic3-Sei GIr! Bern Sceed:nr Motor Car. In a Then Suirer paia rssp'-ccs to th istfco.'ls "of 3"s enemies. ~"I Jad BO sconer becone goverp.c a drsnrp. -svhxca had come to in desperation--'"It's "as big as tins L ^n-hlca ne savr h:s brother com- room I And shiny! 'JVcat's this job r ! !sg tc life in his casKet i^. tbe grave, you've ;ot. Pat?" I asks." ""I'm secre- da. Ind . Oct. 4.--Pauline T,IatII- giri r-aby vita blue eyes and ?h!ng c ; sht pounds, was born in | "t.isn tne^ oegan to snauD- snd going t'iroush horrible and nciie- tary to tha president," he sajs. and I less sti-agjrles to escape. Th.s nigat-] alrcost drops dead. " v oiare reuimeu to 7.1 r. Turner teric3i-- "Ana iusc then a rsan-sralks into the cal:y. and the realization of the agony _ room yelling, "Tlie president of the the Rev. P. C. Hoffman, subject ''The Ss:ne Mirsd \vh!ch was in Christ"'. J. Chss. Gardner, pastor. METHODIST ; ' Sunday school 9:30 a. "m~.; preaching- 10:30. subject of * sermon. "Degrees In Heaven"""; EpworthjLeague at 3:15 p. ES. A cordial invitation to all services. JL. Dov.'-Ott/pasror. REFORMED Sunday School 9:lo £. m.; Holy Communion 10:30 a. m. Preparatory services Saturday at 2 p. m. Church service T p. m. t CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Friends" Grove " cniirchi preaching Saturday evening- atr 7:30 by Prof. Schlosser, of ElizaSethtdtrn College; dedicatory sermon 'Sunday morning at 10:30 by t^-r. iJrl "Schlqsser. Stratton Street chttrcb.: preaching: Sunday evening - a;; 7:00 ' o'clocjc by Prof. Schlosser: no morning- services. SALEM U.B?' "Sunday School. 9:00 a-Ja-J the Sacrament" of The -JLord's Sup"par "Hill be administered at lie I0:00\a. m. service- -J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. ilcEXIGHTSTOWX CASKTOWN JRev. Mark Nevja WIete 7 of I3an- caster Se'rainary, Ivill preach in the Reformed : church on. Sunday morning "and in the church, on. Sunday afternoon. JBIGLZRVILLE. LUTHE Rally Day Sunday. Ssri-ice"- begins with the Sunday School at 9 a. m7to be foliovrsd by s. special program · atr'10, consisting of several recitatiorisi^sel- act music and addresses. The -Junior Endeavor vriil meet at 6 p. in.; the Senior at 6:45. The day be closed ith sermon by the pastor at 7:30- A ACCOUNT ,, n£ TJOu:ia was Dorn m =;^_ T .7^. ^ ^ ^ ^^i^l * s " c - a - experience led to his oft. United States.' Before I have time -T^ ,,-,-Q "p., V B _ -r T ^- etr _i "'S-- " al . ta '. t - ^' D "«-- 7 ""...'-~:"i repeated Tvish. ^vhlcli -s ae:^s Darned I0 tc-aen ray tie, in -svalks President ^^--f..-. _ -^--_=^_ -_--=. - - v Hrea-V-to-car-.-j: ate = COH.U ^e s .v:ag : ..j n _^ ~ j TTiisGn-acg TtnEulty"says"t6~Erni: ^1?: ; President, I ·vvaut to introduce ray j friend, iir. Dnverr ana he grins. Tha luxury. I cc'-'I have a political ftiturei Spurr Carnegie NliHson. elana. Tena.. Oct. 4. -- The Hoi- president grins, too. World's Base /^ Wednesday October 3th. 191 Special Train Via Philadelphia Reading Railway .FROM Gettysburg Biglerville Guernsey *Centre 31511s BendersviHe Gardners "Idaville Starners 'Goodyear Hunters Run "Upoer Tvlill SPEC'L Lv. A.?.L FROM Lv. A. M- 7.CO , Tut. Ho'.iy Springs 8.05 7:1S [ Cariisie -Jnncuon $.09 7.2:!! Boiling- - S-17 7.26 ' Brandisville 7.S4 ' D. r«L jGr.ctlor. T.37; ""-Sosegarder NO-DISST:!:C. Isa . to Xcntmorencie, and ,· -^--r-ig Cn 1-.- ~o j says, and makes a holt for the cicor. roy private fon-,:r.e. xcsitioii at San Franc:sco | 'Hey. -s-alt a minute/ says Pat. laugh- under ! statid. Mate it!" So I dncss v/ithout Munich. Oct. 4.--ins death ot K.i2g Otto of Ba-'ar:-*, ivho cas been insase since i£70. is er-:pected at any moment -^ : . . a _ e - ?t su'z^r^ d° ' ' GENERAL MARKETS even sayln" gootiby to the president, txe. r.r.'j n-.t r-.' re ,ia;t a cozen most cordial invitation is given ""our friends and citizens to a'ttend all these services. It Tviil be a pleasure to greet you. BENDER'S REFORMED/ Celebration of the Holy Communion on Sunday a.z 10 a. m. Sunday School at 9 a. m. Preparatory services at 2 p. m. Saturday- ARENDTSYILLE REFORilED Chzrch service at 2 p. m. Sunday. YORK SPRINGS 31. E. Rock Chapel: Sunday School. S:30; sermon and Communion service. it30. Hunterstov,-n: Sunday School. ~I:SO: sermon by Rev. L. il. Gardner" 2:30, followed by the Communion.- service- York Springs: Sunday school." 3:00; Einvor'ch League. 6:30. L'Jther W. 3Ic- Garvey. castor. ST. JOHN BAPTISE Preaching at II a. rn. and S p.-"m.: Sabbath School a'c one o'clock- Public cordially invited to attend. Elder N. D. Shadney, pastor. ST- PAUL'S A. M. E. ZION S. "Washington Street: Preaching;' at II a. m-; Sunday School at 2 p". rr-.; Christian Endeavor tnsetlr.g at 7 -. ·m. Sermon and Holy Communion -· 8 p. m. A cordial -welcome to all. V 'J. Cooner. tastor. .2 7.4G "Grantham ... S.27 ... 8.00 ... 8.34 7,56 ; Yfhite Hill 8.40 S 02 j Reading Terminal (arrive) 11.50 RETUR^IXG--Special train will leav* Uead'ng Ter:»ina; (only) ll.fO P. M. for Tickets wod only on date of "c t nrsion on a-ovft ?j eclal Train in each direction. - " Children ! 5 : nd !2 of ag,- ii ,If fr.rc. ·""Passengers from stations marked \\itli »! ar ca i p . r i u - t - tic': -t^ f r o .1 coiilnftor on special train. i «'rgi;l u t i u i n No. !'··. · Obssrvatiptis cf Unirsd States ·weather bureaus takes at S p. m. yesterday fcllo-w: Temp. Weather. jiilianr 5$ Cloudy. Atlantic City 62 Boston 62 Cloudy. P. Cloudy. Chicago New Orleans New York ' Philadelphia St-I-OTtis Washington 70 Clear. 76 Clear, fin Clear. 64 Clear. 64 C:o:i5y. Ths Weather. Tair today and tomorrow; north winds. COMING EVENTS zer's campilsn for goverrjor ani vrliichs ECKJS steady: selected --ere not^Jer. :n the letter's s~om' by, S3c.; vrestern. "Sc. statement fisea I»y 2t:m ;n accordiuce; I vrita the la-a-. 1 Produce Marxc. i CIIICAGO- A soft cushion turneta away -wrath. I tj is a long lass that has no punc- · ture. j Xever look a gift automobile in the cylinder- Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming- Weeks. 'Oct. Gy-Openin^ engagement, WilU Musical Comedv Co. Walter's , Oct. "ii^-Annnal--Topton Orphan/' Oct-lS^lgf-tSfherar.^'estPa. : Syr Self-starters are ofter: self--wflled | " oc raeeting. St. church. ji Chance boys were playing on a coal pile in a heifers," "$375@S!5S: "calves, ?7.75fi j bodv ^ v pocltet when the immense mass -aas 11.-30- ^ n . _ ^^_ _^, ^,.^ J drawn through the mouth ot t h e - SHEe. t steaciy .o ?t._oa«, ..-·-·,,! Oct. 17--Concert- Mozart Coinpanj Brua Chapel. Oc"t. IS--Gettysburg's second annual ^o~»-^n*aT-^' Oax* **-" no _ jCct. :il--Annual Hallow e'en ' mers" Parade. Mum- pocket. ; native lambs, ?5.S5@7.40. In some runabouts two is company, S4.20@- , three are dangerous. Ontano experiment station The pigs need constant attention i T?e horse pcpu'i^'ri of the wcr'o The three speeds of some cars are s'.ow, slower and stop. says that it costs pretty close to S4 to for worms. Some of these never fail-' 5s estimated as n-"ye than 111.000,0"jfi V-*;ih a lawn- mower raise a pig to six -weeks of age, coirnt- ing cost of s=re and darn and feed cost. !~S r reparations do fail someti^^ of v.hich 4VOO.COO are in E.I I automobile automograss. nd then we navs to get after them' rope, 2S.COO.OOO in Air.ork-a., Come chaugeurs divide the public j LOST: between Ber.dersviHe- 'an-i j Aspers, via Aspers Water Company attached -- an reservoir, purse containing checks- 2nd money. Liberal reward if returned to IT. S. Rex, Aspers. Pa. -- advertise- j in I 11,000,000 in Asia. Into tne quick. and the dead. ^ ment

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