The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES W. ULVERE HAEES. Secretarv and Treasurer. Published Dallv Except Sunday Tfcn« and New* nrfl m MiUP,E. BULB, PHILIP R. BISUS, Editor;- "BSCRIPTIG.N'Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 - «^." v , jailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 c WILSON SIGNS BILL i MARGARETHA RiSCHEN. Four-Ycar-Old Austrian GTr! Who *. v * * "^ Crossed Ocean Alone. RATES Single copies to Boa-subscribers. 2 cents. -ten days^fcer-youg^aoney^s received at The Times Off-Cfc Kcserea AagBtlSglLKjjg at ^Gettysburg:, Pa., as Eecoad-cl*»« matter, ttmder "^ * " T!«insrress March o, 18.9. . eOES ; iHTO EFfEeriT QNGE! BELL PHQXB - ~ ~ ' -.UNITED PEONS '6«« im Northwest corier of Centre I Sqztre, G?ttysbarg, PennsylT«Bl»- THIS PAPER RE?R£S=XTE9 FOR POF.ESG? s ADVERTISING BY THE _ . : . GENERAL. OFFICES - - NEW YORK AND CHICAGO IN AtXr-iF **riC-PXi ·"··'. - Wast adj. One cent per jrord each insertion. Two cents a word if. goara»ted page positio*. Keiolntiona of respect, poetrr nd memoriama om« cent ~ per word. . . . s ^..« .- - , .-,' , TO OUR READERS .Tie Gettvabarg Times' takes absolutely no part in politics, beiag-neatral on ' rl news columns concerni or partiea, · - 'i'itgmec-is of .Ch\ne ^ljip = Manaseaent, Circulation, etc., of :h; Gettyslm-g ..Times. pnbUshed csiiv ex^-pt Sunday at Gettysburg, I'a.. required by the Act u " a ^^-,-=- ···-», 1O1 * " · · " · : " " . S: 24th 1912. -Editor. Philip R- Bikle, Gettysburg, Pa. Managirip £ditor \v. Lavere Hafer ·; . · ~- JSusiiiess ^lananer '" " "' PcibliSiier. Tiaies Zsew= Psjhlishisjr Co.. owned and operand by W. ILavere Hafer GeKysbnrV: -?a. - * .. 53ec-:-rsDnrff. -ra. · Snown toundholder. siortsiagees and oilier security nolaers. boiojng 1 per cent o . toral acactia'ktxjf bonds and mortgages or oilier secundes. nons. ·A.ves»2e nci2ib£r..of Copies oi eaclxlssne of this pubiii-aiion sold to paid, subscribers during the six mcndis pr^cclias dare oi this statement ^.44J. AV. Lavere Hafer, Bus-ness Manaser. Sworn and subscribet. to before me tbis. 3rd aav of Octoifer IS13. .- - My Commission Expires May IS, 1917 Sajmonc F. Topper U. S. Commis sioner. TRESPASSING All persons are warned not to trespass on the premises of the under signed -with dogf gun.or trap for the purpose of taking- game in any manner nor for_fisbing,or^ii any.^way. Injuring- or destroying property. All persons vio la'cing the laws of, the cpinnionwealth ·with regard to trespassing on lands o the undersignerTviil be dealt "with under the provisions of the Act of April 1-; 1905. WiiiianuAIIison; Saml. Walters fasm, Hamiltonban tqtvr«sn.ip. John D-.~PJ3ev.-1L 121 "Gettysburg. Pa. Cumberland Tovmship. Mrs.* J;-E." Enghes^^amberland Toxmship. D. S."l\"iiieinan.' Cuniberland. To\vnship. FranX 3Inni3_er. Ji. s l, Gettysburg. Pa- C". J- Deardorff. Orrtanna. Pa. ·C3i3.rles--"Wsffa3iian~(i)r-J^v'.'H-.O'Neal Farm) Haniiltonban To-vmship. F-.-Z- Kinie.-ButIer_TpTvnshit, Biglervflle. Pa. CrB. Shank,, Straban Tovmship. K- 7. Gettysburg, Pa.- S.^EL. Kuhn (ji'F. E-ilir v Farm}.R- 2, Gettysburg. Pa. Mt Joy Twp. Jacob Froniineye.r, Straban To-sTiship. George E-'Harman. R..-6, Gettysbnrg-. Pa- Butler Tovmship. George C. Shealer, Strabaa Township. Mrs, Mary j. Weikert, E-^, Gettysburg. Cumberland To-wnsnip. J._B:. Eex. Box 50, IL 2, Biglerrille. 3Irs..Maiiiaa L Codori. Cumberland Totmship. Samuel Robinson, E. 1, Gettysburg-, Pa., Cumberland Townsaip. J. I_ TooX Straban Tovmship. D. J ReHe. S. 12, Gettysburg, Pa.. Cumberland Totmship. X«o Frommeyer, Mt. Pleasant To~iv3isnip. Mania Winter, Cumberland To^vnsHp and Getcysburg- "R". T. Mefering. Springs Dam Farm. Cumberland ToisTisnip- Eobert K-^ llajor, Sixaban Tovrnsbip. Tacob S.~Petefi7Tyrone ToTsushlp, E. 3. Biglerville, Pa. John W. Hellhenny Farm R. 1, Gettysburg. Straban Township. Charles F. Eeberr, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eicon, Bendersviile^ Pa. George'D,-Thomas. C-fcanibersburg Pike. -tEopert-Hamer. GreenE3Ocr.t s Pa. ·Harry E. Sfciiver, Butler Tovmship, R^ G. Gettysburg. Joseph A-Albert,- Butler To^T.ship. K. 6. Gettysbnrg. \T2jia7n Ccsiran; Straban Tovrnshrp. DI--I* Jacobs, IL 1, Bigler-dile, Pa. Butier Totc^ship. Additional names, 50 cents for entire season. NOTICE Eggs Good ob Fresh 32c dozen Lard " ". Sweet 12c Ib Chickens Old and Young I5c Fb CASH or TRADE "Buy Meat Meal $3.00 per 100 !bs Chicken ChoVder 2.75 '' 100 " Oyster Shells 75c " 100- " -Gpt . 75c" 100 " Hssv Panacea 25c SOc 51.25 pkg. WHte for samples price. H. W. TROSTEL Son Arendtsville Pa. · * esident Used Two Pans to Write His Nama ;ountry.-ficw Operates Under pemp-^ eratic*Trade L-au-s Fcr rhe First" Time In Twenty Years. TVashingion, Oct. 4.--President Wilon signed, the tari£ bill at nine o'clock j ,, ast night/and the measure is ao-.v in* Embraced in its legislation, aas been pending ia congress since; ipril S, is a complete revision and a general redaction oi nearly ail the ini- ^b-t duty levied by this government on foreign "merchandise; a nev.- income that will stride every person hav- .,,,, JECome above $3000, and an array oi important changes ia castonis iaws and internal revenue reg-alations which wiil keep treasury department j oScials busy for many months in ad-j justing administrative affairs and. which will have an important bearing. SCHMIDT RAGES IN COURT ROOM Huris Rosary at Spectators HERE'S AN OPEN-AIR BAKERY Breton Kcus^vives Have Apparently a Keen Ec fcr l_sbor Saving ''Methods. London.--In. these days of machine , : and sicsn heated ovens, it is RIEF ITEMS :h : . Paragraphs c! Hews Telling of the FEQpls'Visstlng Here and Those lid } U r l n nCLU ^! AYIIIQ OLAl!nO ! acd. bail Phoio by it Took Jury Twenty-five-Minutes to t Reach Verdict Holding Priest For Murder of Girl. | Ke-s- York, Oct. 4. -- Just because' *\ some of the spectators at the iEauest, ^ i into the death ot Anna AuaiuUer be-: %£l · fore Coroner Fefaberg laughed and: s ! seesaed to be having a good tii^e, Ha^s t i^ I Schmidt, the seli-cosfessed murderer, |^j. | dew into a rage and tore 2. rosary,: »^ j v.-ith a. sliver cress attached, fro-a his, if""* ' tsocket and threw it at a group of aiea". ^ dlrecth- In I'ront of him, and strtrckj «~ one, leaving a mark on his forehead., With the same movement ae scattered · a handful of money, including several; coins. * Deteciives forced him to a seat, and at once the man who has calmly told cf killing bis sv/eetheart and dropping I ,.^ porticos cf her bedy into the Hudson" K^i corresoorso."! _ methods, and realized that It ,, , save both time- anc, trouble, if t h e : bread for the entire Tiliage *ere all j . _ , . « . * t ,,-,;,, . baked in one oven. Accordingly, a $ . 3llss Jessie Tnmmer, of r^st Middle j naizsber o? villagers clubbed together so -eet, is visiting:"foa- several weeks " silt sn ovea in tie opfe" Jfields, 'with friends in Yorkr " . '- ^TJ C -i. ., ' -i ·''''-' ] ' Mrs. Frank Blocher and daughter, .TM ,. jjj,^ ^ y; e 21 ocher, of Carlisle street, went to York th!s morning to spend ;the day. Prof. Waiter J. Reynolds is in Hanover at his home to-day. Mrs. Yi'illiam Hennlg and Miss 'Carrie iliiier, of York street, are I ssending the day v.-ith friends In York. ¥,\ Dur.ear. XhzraiHer, of Philadel- :ia is at the Jiosse of his sister, Atrs. Emory Dougherty, of Baltimcre r street, for 2. fe~x -Jays. wr ·= Harvey Drals, v.ho has been visit- Hi' 'i \ ir -S s parents, Mr. and Mrs F. M. ^^ _ Yj i Drais. cf Springs avenue, has gone to ;5£4"S§" ^ I Berkeley Springs. W. Va. ~*^*53gJ ! . j Mr-. V.'inebrenner, of Thur- ,»ge^*{ jp-.ont, has returned home after soead- in;j some time v,"!th friends in tov.-n. 3Irs. ATL. Hinehart is visiting relatives in \Vaynesborc for several days. Mrs. Leih Sehnitzer, of Centre Sc:uare. has gone to V.'ealminster to v:s:-_ her sou, Robert W. Schnitzer. Sir. and Mrs. Samuel Eobinson are ·. -sirlr.!; friends in "\Vaynesboro and ihisr-unsbvrif over Sunday. Mr. ar.d Mrs. S- V. Do!!, of Frederick, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. L. ;n Br;i:any, Where the -iave a Common Oven in . eaeSnet and newspaper eats. Marshall, the first Democratic tar-Ej measure since 1S94, reached the "VThuel House in. the afternoon, but the presi-' dent adhered to his plan not to sign the measure until nine o'clock. At that hour he raised his pen and signed his first-name. "Woodrow. Then he toofc another pen and completed his signature J-he first pen was given to Sep-j resentative TJndervrooa. The other | went-to Senator Simmons, who led the | tariff Sght ia the higher house. 'Wilson refused repeat IT O f Tr!E NEW TAB1FF Goods "Beihg Released From anded'Wsreiioases. reouests from moving picture and photographers to he present the tariS bill vras signed. Ke tot position that the signing of s. legisla-jpa uve act of so great importance \~-a-~fi. rjjgniSed occasion. ,, Sis^Ss sr^i ;»i"«. «i *--·=---- :»« to assess the dnSes of ihe oW | «--*· ^ SSSS'S S SS^f ^!*~--^ej; «S S ?S^ Sf^S^^s32 delay in massing importations oirouga ^ ^ _l : . h - ' ,. -^ the customs house and the" governraent n^-^^,,- - » » o£ ^ %~in be guarantesc the proper auuies- «-*-- . . = . . ! souvenirs cy the spectators. · 2 rci the families take turns in prcvid- So great v:as the cro\7d to sea; 5,,^ t - ae D aker. Judging ny the picture Schmidt and a jury headed by Theo-' , he - vcrk : s r s !e!;azed to tbe men ot cre Shonts. Eade up of reputed mil-: .:, e aousehcld, who make leaves O- licnaires, that a large court room i a j or o\vn ic-ad for all the families v»lio the criminal courts building bareiy | s,. 1Te a S 3j are in the oven. ! . ; _-In addition, to Mr. Shonts the mem- gjTQQ^pg WITH FORTUNES be-s of the jury were Vincent Astor.': ~" ~ G.'G. McDaE. Marcus Loew, Mortimer j , H -r-I*s V/ho Lived Only to Rosenberg. Benjamin J- Greenau:,, · "·' George V.". FairehHd. Charles picker-! son, Edward Marston. Howard "tt"ei r , Larham Heed and Patrick O'Laughlin... Most of tSs members of the jury are; Hoard Gold--Report Famous Lcnucc.--The announcement in one B^tt, at their home on Carlisle street. Mis* Hannah Minnie!: '.vent to York this by automobile to spend ^sveral days. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Young, of Saston. are guests at the home of Brand Mrs. G. D. Stanley, on 'Springs aveziue. -Juijjrc- Sv.-ope went to Fulton County j to-day to-conduct, Court- Miss Anna Fissei has returned to Hawisburg after a visit at the hon»e of Mr. and Mrs. Louis "Weygandt on is spending EVERYDAY ' end in this port has c-rai manner, ·a-lil reQuire monrhs before, all the crlcate problems concerced_ «i its i'orceraent are se:tiea. o-s" eves, but gave no shov.- of feel:n= Fc!lo^rin= Vae £iing cf the verdie-.; Coroner Feinberg he'.c Schmid: for the = action of the grand jury. ^ : - As Schmidt tvas led back to his cei:, companies. i.he paying iiici ten men zaTd ^ramenin the crowded ^T^^ot-'-^ -v^r: room ^rere Sghting for beads :o carry; ^ - ^_ ist eresl The second case is reported ircm ', Paris, wnere, alsc on. S-aclay, a maiden lady- of seven ty-thrse years of age, home as sonvenlrs. The sight aroused ; Schmifit- "Pools, fools." ne "I tlicugbt taey v,-ere la-.gfcm As he ivas being locked up in ·altered-! : S at me- 3!cre I'apils .Perfect-';-in-tjAttendance during First Menth. celi at th ont asain. Tombs the prisoner broke: '"?.'"-.- all this nonsense. 1 v.-as ciscoTreci dead ia a s: Table- Sock School, Burier -To^ship, ie Omer. , teacher: Josephine ;l.^-;ly ranted house, at I-ensuevnie. close |- cjt ^ Susan Kime, Hazel, Snyder. I to Dieppe. ~-here she lived'by herself- j . ! f-*. . ^_ T-- **. ·fc. -.»» ~-- r-'~e-fi. -- 1i£i T.-"""^ ".C'St i^'C-- I :-QL ROOSEVELT SAILS rzrsvjsl] Dinner on =^vs of Departure! ; For South America. Ke^: Tork. Oct. 4. -- At the Xe^ Tork Root. Garden a fars-eli eiimer to Grace Wagner. Helen Lov.-er, Slay 5""* II 0 't w'i^Ai Ci j-t*J^s-- ·* A -- ^ ~- » ^1.1 Lc*. _*JLiV r_l^ ^ iitU, ^SiCt^v^ ii.^^j.i'-.j. ,. ^,, 20~hare! at ? " r!r - a "" 1 v '" a s al? -" a?s k:loy:l for j^rftct in spelling during the month mbs at! his mi=eriy vays." f _J _ T the four alienists ?rh CuO to S40.o-'",l"'0"T.-orth of goods be taken out cf the bozded --arehotises the ~a~ schedules oefore the . Toaav the colonel sailed on the j steamship Van Dyke for a. visit to j Brazil. ArgenUna and Chile. _ __ j Many prominent persons attended "here is every conceivable : in the bonded -warehouses In Tork. The chief things in store in e sreatesi quantities are cottons, 3iaiiv yron.2i=t:iiu ^^i^\j~^ ^^t.^^^.^^ , ^^^ 1^1 ticittr^- ^.i^j^n-it--^-^ ^.-^ --~ . r-ie' banquet- Speeches ^ere delivered j Hner.s. iurs. ~ooler;s, silks, nuts, dried "iy J£T. Pinchot, Colonel Koosevelt ana -j-^;^. leather gooes, piekiei fish *·"* and Raymond Robblns. ot" Minois. The colonel's first speech Tviii be delivered in. Hio Janeiro. Oct. 27. The Van iyke will arrive at the Brazilian ·ea£ tobacco. KILLED'BY RiCH MAN'S AUTO JKUSIG iS KADE-FROS-WOOD- KAISEffS EA " . I An-.cna A.-r.ussnc Toys Any SmsU Boy j Bay Jumped From Behind \Vagon snd. Can Ks . k2 !E Sarn , 0 _; COr .--o.tiy | man Statisticians U. \V;ii Die irt i hink William V/i!I Then is Run Down. ^Viikes-Barre, Pa., Oct 5--itch, ased seven years, was -- John capita: Oct. 21. The colonel's subject}^ ^ e "American Intemation-| ----- d - r --- 30 HUB! !M TBOLLEY WRECK vay !K Scranton on there "-lit _ _ alism." At Sao Paulo, Brazil. Oct. 22, | ,, _ ?0 " Qc _ 4 _ Ttin- or Colonel Rocsev-elt is scheduled to de-: "^ ^^_ ^~_^ 5j ^ u l ed ,-.- t he over- an address on "Character and j ^e ^e,= ; ^-,--^^ ^^-g car From Sao ^ !o The f 3 "!,;"':^^ 1 ^^^ Hail-vav company o= f-e=if3eiit -will proceed to Buenos Av- « -"· -'- - ,, - - ·es. the metropolis of South America,} . ^s^e. -. ^^ _ emoTea ^rhere on Xov. .- he is to speaK on | -.^sW^ 'hos-Miai and fo;:r to the "Peraoeratic laeais. ! :GSSS Ta%-r hospital. The other? - '- ' ! --e ·!!» -·} ~Q to their homes. SI 50 MORE FOR COL. BRYAN 'j '"^caV h!?vi!v loaded, sw!Ied on ^- v i - h e a : i! bc-=u=e of slippery rai:s ana ^°.cretary to Be Paid Fcr Lecture F:rsi-| _^^ r1( ^__ .--.- c ; OS e as the brake chain i-roke i". i«e :ran.tic effort of tue mo- ^ . x e Pa:d Fcr Lecture Thouaht Gratis sneech or. Brotherhood Day at the; Western Carolina Fair on Oct. S. · Secretary Bryan promised several days ago that he ^rouid be present and nddr-jss a !ig assemblage of all tr.e ·'"ra'emai orders of -K-est^rii ^Xorth ^s.r- At first it -wr.s thought he ~as spa-t "i Tviiss Sesrs Pays Thcusar.ds Ls-'t Hcnie]_ess sr.d Starv- ir-c fcv V.'s-. FsH Victims to Sissass. r^-f^sr?^-. I-cnnr-nia, Ocr, 4.--C/.ol 3 Balkans. The rav- and Sai?ra. Mass.. Oct. 4.--Miss Elear.-j ora R. Sears, th-e society -vrooar; -s-ho has beer, so-.gnt t-y p-;! : fe since las: 1 Tuesday, appeared in coi:rt ants -K-SL5 -) recent Bazars ^ of families homeless large ?ect:an of AI:C doctors S"d med:es. In :sola-.ed districts, Samlets -niaccs rave '..ecu depopulated ^ The new^Sanitary FishiOyster Market wishes to inform the Public that they do not go around Ringing Bells Yelling to the sell their goods but we take orders and deliver. We do not Handle cheap Fish Oysters or drag them around streets. .We have the only Sanitary Fish and Oyster market in Town. We do not sell,Ice %vater floating around with the Oysters, we 'put ice around the packing cans to preserve flavors of Oysters. 22 Carlisle st. on the Front St. F. W. Kappes Co. ,.. .v,» ^p^fj -c.~i-=- r-'h-Te thev fe'.l. wlti Uned §23 for dr'.vias: an a^ton:obi:e! -^ - e3Cj "' ^ - - o-svned by Karo^i Vj.r.tlerb".".t -withoat a j r!0 ose^to Massac-hr.setts 1.cense. The 5ne %vas;'-ha i at _^ a=l 1 -.'.-"· thorn. It is estimate* .00 have die-1 of tlie paid. brought 'rcr 5;ri Drops'Frew Eal'.oon on Care, i Sedaiia. ':5o.. Oct. 1 --Accepting the i challenge of Aeronaut John Mack,! iiiss "av:e Bration, a stenographer,; ascen-led 2-v,i» feet in a balloon a n d ; ("roprcd froji it v, Ith «-i pprachute dur-' In- the stile fair here. j Asia hy the - url Berlin.--"The r.-ainber 2o plays ao part in my destiny; 40 is iny -nuiner- --pticaily mid he C armonicoa zsacs of glass Is a 30T.-11 and Siile-; at Hidvale. near here, j -agon and Shark's car --as coining in j ^* _ _ - -- ^i _^._ ! L***»* *-**-- i""'i J ilii UeXU. 5- i Ci-IC ·a -s-oodea hannouicon fras maae ; -5.^5,^ e -p^cts - ^r^,^---^ nfrr^ /»-* r»f P71 OT'nll^Hr^'' · ---,,, ,, --. SYNAG in Ccngrensticr: U"tiJ Found ss in 2. hail in East One H«n-ired i and Sixth street through the collapse j of a gallery. A number were injured. i~e was being used as a syaagogv.e- szractare sagged slo~ly at Srst, giv _ ,, those beiotv asr.p'e time to n:n froia* ancer. ', The slo-- fall also saved those it] brought dovm from more serious hints. 5 , ^ The hall tras crowded ar-d panic pre-j i *^ railed until it "eras determined tl-at no = |'. oduce the finer sounds, and i j^.; e g r ; c j xvirneisi I. died 17-10. Awhile :ror Fried- ·vTilliani ^ , .. and his sen. Emperor Frederich, | j both died in IS88--truly a -emarkable | taie of e-.-T.ts. And so the cycle conies i rcuaa again in IS40. "vTiiiiaia H- "W-ili Panic in Ccngrenaticn u^u: r s u n a , ^.^ to prO Q UCe the finer sounss, anG j Friedr ; cll xvirneisi I. died 17- Or.iy z Few ?e- S or.s Are Hi:':. | .^ Q s - ra : S nted ise grain the sore tr^e ', «._ 5 :--. ·£·--? - = O r o ; Err.perc Xe- TorK Oct. 4--A hundred ?«-; tfce . o _.^ ^ m be . T^ pa iettes, as I ^,,"--,,,,-.T~ ed ~5~ 1S 40. Vhiie sons fell firteea feet in a screa^ins ! _^__^ . f T \id his sen. Em.ieror F ·ine bad been Kilied. . . Big ieagise catchers thins pitchers j ! slioald be charged ^ith halt-the stoles 1 i bases. Traly spoken. More -^ork for I 1 the experts. _ _r - -- -- · Wooden Kartnonicon. r.-ier f^c PUBLIC SALE OX FRIDAY, OCTOBER ^Otii. He Painted 5_!"s Portrait. \ Indianapolis. Ind., Oct. 4. -- Charles! vr. pS^H -- r - - . ! OnT,- n-- rT5in T an" !r are UKS-- £.xj»s.«- i j-,:s reKtience ttv v,ii»«««^-- --^----3 _, '_ coin-aritho-at knowing-wno Teas pcsir.g j Oa^ o,»-a | G - p a K· his Honseholdnr- tor W«, diea here. Mr. Xictajm refused ^ ^« tft --=e T^ t-a^Ss jnHTMoonStn«?rf Bedroom Smtes, Par- to .ell'the pictur* ^ic, he ha, -1-j^^ %,,££ all ^ d ^ ^ ! ,,, S^ Er^lls-aad Ho:«e^ce -rrays sept. j on strav,'S British Artrv Fliers Killed. V.sbnrv, K:;s;.'. Oct. 4.--Major G- tag over Salisbv. the lioy; itly Idlled plain. Wisconsin to Insure Lives of Citizens, j shallow iiadison. TVis.. Oct. 4.--The fund l7\ means ^^ -- - ·n-hicli the state of \Viscoisin is pre- j The raasic is produced by striking the pared to insure the lives of its citizen j notes "writh small hammers in ^tlse no-sv has enough applications to issue j game tray as the ordinary glass liar- policies. They -will be sent out shortly. I monicon. These should be made of ·whalebone or split cane, at the ends Dahlen is carrying two players with Clarence Owens, fired by President livelt, the former Yankee, i.ames very much the same. Fisher Lynch » fev -weeks ago has engaged the Naps, has been christ- Is the shortstop, but Fischer is the to umpire in the International leag^.. ·eaed "Xoisy" by the Naplanders. \_,sut:*ve:, * »*-··-? Crockery ware. Hoes. nove Tub?. Buckets, Giass Jars, - _ - - ^facliiii' 1 ' ?nti Wriacer, 'Disging Iron. Mattock and Pick, and a great many otlKT ariiclt-? 7iOtiner.Uur.ed. of TV Inch small kr.obs of ^vood are | J '_' ^ mmmcf .*t 1 o'oocfc p.m. when fixed. On these ^ooaenjnstrumenis j · ^- u bg , lii( , e ^o^n i, v only quick tunes can be played, as . -' ' n r-i T V tliere is no sustaining power in the stop. I notes. P. S. a LEMAS. M. M. Cnldwell, A net. F. A. -Miller, Ck-rk. IEWSPAPERI ^ F W S F A P F R I

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