The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1913
Page 3
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Auditor*--v Report of Getty S- Over due interest bur£ School Accounts coupon^ ..oo.oo Summary of statement prepared by Total liabilities, .18,504.22 the auditors of-the Borough of Get'tys- burg, of the finances of the School Excess of liabilities District'of the- Borough of Gettys-_ over resources;. $17,531.18] burg-for the Fiscal year ending -July j We. the undersigned, duly elected ; 1st. 1913, and of all receipts, expend!- and qualified auditors of the borough j tures and credits whatsoever of all of Gettysburg, hereby certify xhat we j School offices and of the assets ar.d.have eudite-i the accounts of the j liabilities of said District. General School Account. Receipts By I. L. Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand, .. $ 177.47 Taxes, 10,034.78' State Approp'n, .. .3,799.60 Tuition, 1.J49.CQ Proceeds of loans, -1,500.00 Miscellaneous,- ..;... 15.75 An Opportunity Lost - By MARGARET BARR · Scl-ooi Board of the School Dis'ricc of ' counts. Total receipts for year . ,§1G,C77.2' t ; - Expenditures « Teachers salaries,?10,400.07 Janitor's Salaries, .1,114.00 j Offices, 310.00 ; Refunds, 15.93 Loans repaid, 800.00 j Repairs, 332.74 \ Miscellaneous, 49.86 ! Books Supplies, .1,720.31 , ) Furniture £Fixtures,328.:iO f Collection fees, 279.41 j Fuel, 855.19 | Freight express, ..32.17 i Light current, C4.2G : Postage, 12.C7 j Advertising, 1(5.75 I Printing, 31.51 = Insurance, 7.20 Sprinkling, 10.00 Water, 150.21 Quit Rents, S.OO Enumeration 25.00 Interest discount, .12.50 Auditors, 30.00 5 Sepi. 1, 1912. j 31. A. 3HLLER. GEO. A. TAYLO2, HARRY D- GSISELMAX, Borough Atiditors. Afedleai Advertising Long, thick, heavy hair. \VantihIskind? Ayer's Hair Vigor promotes grov/th- Does not color the fealr. Ask Voj:r Doctor. M. M. Eenner Go's i* To'! expenditures, 10,019.13 BaSar-ce on har.ti, 58.1:3 -S 12,077.2'J Building- Fund Receipts By I. L. Taylor., Treasurer. Balance on ha.itl,. 108.22 Taxes, '.. .1,208.73 Loan renaid from Genera! Fund, ...." 500.00 · tlie count and Baron Haf- ·-, v.-Lo, learning of bis as soon as j i ha, tLe Juser, died, to step in and take j { iX8*sess!0u of tbe castle and estate. ' t The count's son aial heir, Herman, | 1 v.-as at Uija ti^se of his father's :!!aes^ ! ' returiuEij fro^a the university where } : he liad been srtwlylas an-1 liid been re-, 5 caHed to his lionise, j ' TLe messenger v» ho suraraoneu iiini j ' a!iy informed 5jJ!2i that Baron ilaf- stroai "iVas '.vc'chiiijj for hirn TO waylay [ ;::id n:ake hi^i a i/r-socc-r. thai: at bis fa- 1 ! tier's Ceatli there would Ur no he-d to · ' tlitr Ilalleaste.u vasals to o-'er resist- 5 ' unt-e a::tl that h« ul«:jhl. no!d the hair | ; to uo v.-'tlj !i:n; as he chose. HeriEaa | : set out on horsc-bsck v.-;tJi the iues- 5 ^en^r, Lsitiwijj Hitter, to return to bis " 7\s.'4 f-thor. in oriic-r that he might; · o::t'.vlt ihost Syi::^ ::i wait for him. he! coucsudwi thtti Uittfcr shouM personate: ·itii^lii. ccc he, Herman, wouiil ai.E| j ::s 1.1 st-rvanu So they changol gar- | ; inputs :ti:d proceeded, in this fashion, j IlerEan rlu!::g behind Lud'.vlij. i Oae evening when they v.-er« sot far 1 ! «iist-:.t frooi IXaHenstein castle t h e y j ; stopne-I at the house in Lh« center of a j SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS m VARNISHES .$·# Marnot Prepare for the Winter Xow is the time to paint. These warm, dry days and the absence of living insects offe r the best time of the year for proper drying of successive coats of palm, thus insuring a weii- knit, closely adhering film. But to secure proper protection, good paint must be used and good paint can only be mad:: from pure materials finely ground and thoroughly mixed. Such a painr is S \V P, which is the painter's name for Sherwin-Wiiiiams Paint, Prepared. For forty-seven years 5 XV P has proved its sterling worth, and today itjis better than ever. A scientific formula proved by experience, pure raw materials carefully selected and thorough combining by modern machinery are the reasons why S \V P can give the best results It is economical because of its durability and covering capacity. There arc forty-nine shades besides white and black. Come into our store and we will help you select attractive color combinations for your buildings. - ·· ~ ' ' , Eai-ge vineyard, tvhwse ov.-ner. August We Recommend the Kidney \ toacr ;. e^najued. u^ , T^TT-mTTT'C'-C T1«^f . nccor^jisj; to uu e.»..j_. Barn Paint Bri'-htens barn?. the coun- Total r. Pills for the KIDNEYS, iiiu- , ,_ v Cr-jt-.-hc-n. Bauer's caugaier, was! dcr. Liver, Bowels, Dropsy, ; a coiac-Sy £ir;. c-i^htte-n yc-ars old, an j ai receipts, $2Gx Backache, Rheumatism, Ca ~! f^^^V'^^S--^^^' -ds redce.^«f en Si t OOOOO tarrhal Conditions etc. j ^^^ bui notJc-e^tiTe'cTffercnec-^l ; Ask Dealer for a Free Sample) ^^.^ t ^_.1;f a ^°f.rf;./; :c l 0 t7 aEi i t !;;i i i" O Ix C5 r\ i^, t. ; -j-as novel to him. and the conrtly saan-! Flat-Tone A durable, sanit^ry oil-paint for walls and fences, bridges, roofs mill sheds, etc. Protects them from the wear and tear of se- ceSings,, soft, rich, fiat eiiects: easily applied, easily vere ,. V eather. Mar-not Varnish A durable, tough, elastic floor varnish- that dries dust-free in eight hours and Eco- holds its lustre for Kopal Varnish A perfect varnish for general vise. Can be used inside or outside. I t w i l l withstand the sun and the Bonds Interest coupons. ...700.00 Tax, .'....' 4.00 To'! expenditures. §1.704.00 Balance on hand, --532.95 ** r o**." *--" i ^..^-jf.^-J General School Taxes. V, r . H. Frock. Collector. DR. ' To taxes outstanding last audit, S * C20 S3 C'R. By amoan'ts paid Treasurer, 4S2.I7 By commissions, 25.50 Bv exonerations. 448.13 By Percentage In- eluded in exoneration 22.42 9SS.22 Outstandicg General School Tax. Peter Gulp, deceased. Collee cleaned withsbap and nomical because of the ] once st possible elements outside and water. 1 wenty-four good covering capa- .; me _ * - the cleaning inside, beautiful shades. good covering capa- citv and durability. DV siers of bis servant- The People's Drug Sto r e j JJ^^J ^^SThS! 1 Has Benefited Thousands of Catarrh Sufferers--Will Do the Same for You or Money Back. huskr voice and colds in the I ia anv v/ay--iridewj. to treat him rath-j i c-r !:ii-sh!y. the better to carry out the · Curoa IlafstroUi's men had been to the j vinevard that u-y icokinij for Herman i HuHensteia. and Htrman. fearhj;j that! he sniirlit be taken for the master in-1 .^ tc::t! of the man. instructed Liidu-i^i ? to redouble his harsh treatment. Herman to be Cis- ·ated him L!lrfii""h!s pretended Ire so r.ead is \ s-oacdiy. ·· easv ana claesanr to sse. Jus-; pour a ! -K .- : , s Eo strike li:m. To duplicate plus per- centa'ge, Sll.997.53 CR.. -, By amounts paid Treasurer, 7,954.55 For Sale by Gettysburg Department Store. Baltimore -Street. ' ^" V^S: , surelv stoo crusts in the nose, rasng: i iin and offert-. i be vnsea to l ;cf mucps-rha-- kir.g; and" That choked- i hi^ ;n:is:erV service, to ask ber father ' UP feeling'. It ^vill csickly al!ay lie in- J jx s^ r c bim employment in the grape; f.ainination and banish the disease or j e-^rtire- it occcrrecl to Herman that nDiuc CHD ps R| sj J { 1 1 0 | L rH l t a i- I ' S s E i._ i i monev refunded bv P ; \v-il to accwt tae offer ;-nf! se::d i-udv.-is ahead to cad a GETTYSBURG MARKETS 1 Prices at the Gettvsbnru: -warehouse cor- ' rected daily by C~. Milton \Vo!i, Jr., Sao- ces-sor to J. Geo. AVoIf s Sons Co. Second Annual Stock Sale s aien. i the- vritb i Outstanding: and no\~ charged to H. E.' Srore. Bambaajrh. .. .S3.S43.03 H. E. Bumfaangh- Collector. _ . ,, j T -a , r* -- 3 l ' -^-s-T~2.rd="'-»«=ded ?- b--r 50 *·*-*' · the reoue^t. v.-hich vras grunted, and j To taxes uncovered by Peter; -^-^-- **»- ·-- °^ e: ^l_ j . ^ ^ as to Iri:nia i n= ^^ j C6S6G. - - . , 5o,o-±*j-Uo { ^"' " " ~ _ 7 * TP » .*T 7 7 v»-h:!e Lu-'l'vvi-. after abusine: ais Bv amounts paid IYea~- j i Wlii be m m y r ° OI ^ T ° n . f ff for !cavi,u: fcU service. Treat on. urer, ~ 1,581.96 - \ Sauare over ^taiisrmths! Grett-hen. \vhowasiiifsttiateU · Ct~ re }' ^_ clroTlr j f] oor ^ ner:u::n. want oat to tvbere be was at Amount outstanding, 82/261.07 * Sx.COna * 4 «Oi, Farmers Everywhere Are Recog* p.izing the Possibilities of the Motor Car. Dry "\Yheat ...... Esir Cont ....... -. -----' Oats RETAIL PRICES Second -Annual Sale of Registered and Grade Horses, High- Grade Bn I Shorthorn Cows. Registered Duroc--Jersey Hogs. - -^ 5 | The undersigned in order to make room for young stock which ·· fJ\he is raising will offer at public sale -it his farm on the 'Carlisle ""'".45 j Road 3 miles from Gettysburg and 2 miles from Table Rock, for- merlv the John H. Gilliland farm, on WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 5th, at 12 o'clock Total outstanding General Tax S 2..SD3.TS Soecial Tax for Building Purposes. W. H. Frock, Collector. DR. To taxes outstanding- last acdit, S255-27 CR. By amounts paid Treasurer. . 71.25 By commis- _ sioas, 3-«'-5 By e?:onera- tionSj 27.GS By percentage added to exonera-* tions, -'Store" on S-eCOad f^OOr every i norsasa. want oat to tvUere ne was at -- ; Wednesday afternoon fromj ^^tliau-ss^ith w^'Tfats"angered Q ! 12.30 to 8 o'clock, j her father, -srlio was a wealthy aan -v.ho^I v,-ni=l^. Srnr.-. or I v.-:il call on} aud hau no Idea of peraiitasg- MS I TOU In your !;-,:ne. at yor.r .-onvc-nience., d-T^-hier to become ir.vo!ve(i vcith a · -n ari""Th"r= :av. iip^n r.^-"irc of post; servant- He repritnandeu her. but i t j '··ard. Please call and see the Si.:rc!IaI v .-as too hue. Youns- hearts need bctj Business Advantages cf Quick i rsns- "r... . ~r r -, partition Overshadowed by the Opportunities f or Recreation After the Hard Work of the Day. - r*-rse~s ana cornet acot C. 3IY£KS. sp:ir5. to start an anqsieachablej Osfr.Tx:. Pa.: and f n~ This is the tine 01 the year ererv one thints of vacations sports" borne"are for this, some -or j that fcr~. of recreation, but more peo- ' pie each year are takins up motoring dre Jims 15, 1913. i HiJUiiJIL as a method of relas:as frcm zhair business cares. "Motoring is the greatest American spor:. regardless of c people may say about basehali," 510-3.43 Less over pay- Peter Cula. deceased. Collector. DR. To duplicate D!US percentage, ...1,439.51 CR. .By ainonn'ts naid Treasurer. 912-97 | iO:35 -- -»i- Daitv J.QX Hage^a)*^ r _ s ;. :e j j, cr to Set hira have her c i Waynesboro.. ChaniDersD-arg^aii; j : v ^ to ^^ h - s ^^^ | cock, Cnmseriand, Eiiaas asc | _^ c-0-.s^^-a "Ed brou-h i Points west- ? =-·'--- 1 - «-*-»-^- --~ = i Hertcaa openiy she met him in sec-re I Oa the second day after I-udw:: I {:iiarn:re he returned. He had foondj · an unrrsnrae-l avenae to the castle.! The count and died while he was there, bcr he hafi instructed the couut- ess to keep his death a secret till Her- j sa _ s I^g" T j CS . B " r esiaest and general roan had arrived. Ludtrig ao^ pro-1 -^nager of one of the most promi- tiermaa should obtain aent automobile man-iaetariag companies. "Ai! over the country you see huno: enthusiastic .o other outings Just stop ana j ,, . ,, i nosed that tierma; 8:05 A- 3L DaSy Except suncay icr . ^j^^ froaj Gretchen and proceed as Balzimore, ilano-er, York and la- i a ,,: rL So Herman told Gretchea giri. So ·^'-:ed her to Set ; r c.otnesj ^ Qlor = ts ^o -^^ *' ie except in their cars. ht ' i jk. uitit-r* v r o»» : , _ » - . - ,' 12:55 P- ii. for York and IstenrieGiate | - br.t he r.eeaeo. Arrayias hmiseu in Points pa:nt:ns his cheeks ! 5:50 P- il. Da3y for Baltimore, Kan- j sind povruerir.g his face, he started. taink of the great camber of pecpls ~ho take little pleasure drives almost every evening. Xo other pastime can give such continual, such restful pieas- Outstanding and no-fir charged to ii. E. Bam_Ji, .8-526-54 2. Bunibaugh. Cojlector. 'DR sll points \Vest- Sandsy Only. J the tieceptior: tb:t HenDan asked hex I than as a recreation. to 2:0 on -svith him til! h:s safety had "Oat en the farm is -svhere the 1 pleasure cf driving a nsotcr car is es- To tax -ancollected "t»y Peter Cula, j 7:13 New Oxford, Hanover, York.; Ler.vinc t5?e ninin road, they entered i peeially appreciated, i h'avs been dec'd., ..S526.54 | ^ "" -j.-i- -- . - a.- 2-.--, ·....*- *.«- .^-^-^ ._,,_^^.^^ .^^ r,-^ -n-^-mn^T- CR. ! Bv amoant naisi j Treasurer. 184.51 | Baltimore and intermediate sts- j r. dcnle i:: ihe hsjrb hills thai bordered j surprised at the great number of 1 on the Rhine, which T.-ndvrij: had found i farmers tvho have p-jrcbased cars for over, and Intermediate Points. !«l. A haafl bad since ocen-1 so other reason, they said, than be- tions. pied A band O.IG since oeen- the travelers climbed a cause a car is nice for their families Due on building tax, 344.03 ! ,,_ t Total special tax Outstanding, .S500.03 Summa'ry of Resources and Liabilities - * General School Fund. j Resources. -Cash on. 1 hand, §58.13 i Outstanding . j taxes, . .2,839.78 j 1 hi;i nr.d passed on above tbenj. In tcis ' to rice in. They do not seem to think JiDger «J. i.c-5 nne one. §f 50 Mr wn. Red Miauling i-50'; Cows. 17 high grade shorthorn cows, a number with calves by Timothy H*y~. - - -W; their sides. Others forward springers and the balance have been Uye Choa i-» \ffQsh a short time and are giving a good flow of milk. PS^lt-'l .*r^\r _ .... .oU : __ , , .. Jr *^ Y YT Hogs. /o head of Duroc--Jersey Hogs .-iu per w.u | Consisting of sov\-s and pigs, breed sows, old and young boars Per_rhl ; an[ j s h oa r s a n registered or can be. prar-- 5 p'oo' Goats, 2 nanny goats ebieni ' per V.r. I Terms: On sums of S10 or cash over thatramoimirlO -months vrheat. .., ? 1 - 1J I with approved security payable at the Citizens Trust Co. 3 per shelled Com !K ' cenr. off f or cash. No goods to be removed until conditions are com- Ear ^- rH «lulled with. Sale Positive. -? 2Q3 6aa:::.":::::: ::::::::Iof - JQS. B. TWINING. I Albert Slaybaugh. Auctioneer. PRIVATE SALE Private Sale of a Valuable Farni The undersigned -will sell ai his resi- : ^ dence I mile South of Barlow, at Cen-, p tcnnial Hall school house -» ; GO acres,; more or less, improved vnth a six room j g; d-wellinsr house and pantry, summer j © house. Targe wash house, good bam. | ^ vragon shed, good buggy house, large - g hog pen. v.-obd house, hen house 2. wells ] ]g cf v.-azer. one at house one at barn- · g -with wir.d wheel. 10 barrel cistern, j p timber. 600 bushels of iime has been j j=j hauled one rear ago. This farm Is un- j - United Phone Xo. 26 K. J. \V. MAH1XG. ] ; Xo. '2. 11 acre lot, good 7 room house i j rscentlv oainted. good summer house. ; j MILLINERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY October 3rd and 4th. m M. Belle Seiss BiglerviHe, Pa. | % Extends to you a very cordial invitation to |j attend stable, good baggv sheq_ with jsswi-^s-^safc^c^ios^si-i^.^. Total Resources, .S2,9-5*,91 Liabilities Bills payable, .$1,500.00 1,500.00 Excess of Resources _ i over Liabilities, Sl,4o ..91 · Building Fund. Resources. Cash on hand, .3532.95 Outstanding taxes, 500.09 F O R S A L E BV L D. .... interview witli ^!s mother and the j ^ touch v.-:th baseball, and their work j fnaeral of his fstlier he r-lacea him-! prevents them ironi sr.cb pleasures as j self at the Send of bis retainers, sal-; fishing, picr.lcsir.s. etc., v.hjch they ! lied forth end scattered the bands; are supposed to en;oy. But witn a ; that baa been lookinc for him. I car-they can take snort drjves each Gettysburg. P?.. "Oil and Needles". Total Eesources, .$1,033.0-1 Liabilities. Overpaid taxes, 4.22 School Bonds, .18,500.00 i i . t I will be In G .·: t y s fa « r 2 every Tuesday j 2,1 PtMl TO S e flyers' Jev.eirj Store. \V. ILDIXKLE Si Car:.-',. i)ecarce Herir.nn's wife and brought h:m a fine fortune, with a nnrt of which he strengthened the defenses »f his castle and otherwise bettered j his condition. At HAMMER'S S:orc jr.s: receive er.u oa.- of York Cbai!i;.:c3 Sl.cos tor MOJJ. Afe "*^*^ Gccd butter can -.never 03 cr^am that Is no' £cod. coxl Kip, D-;ir and Cni: Skin S g,"»l \\5ntcr v.ear for the Farmer's wives We alb^ havo ift y«i* fancy drt^.- Gin: ham can go at -^ oonts ;.er yard, i" oen. can? 01 It^t Bakin? Powder at 12 ei-ms -2o cor.t package of Joekoy Aninw, J\w«ler#. at ]'2 ivnt-- j'-cr i-nrk, We au acain. :it the reqr.ot ot' !.r.;iy poople, it | footwear Business, ;».d Shoe* Marked) ·!.! ol~c\\here at Hamnn-n- Store yon ( 'tec at S1.75 -:i-h. '2 }·!.!-._ of New { , ('jitn c l,7;j.; IMT H'.-! lVif- s-oid Mtu o Jn'y , i ]-t, l.tvt lodd-T y.nn !» cuws »i r Ib. FRUIT FOR SALE i hree c^ood fruit farms situated in the c cr le of the Apple Belt of Attains County, from i j ^ ' t o s ; ^ miles from Biglcr\-illc, as follows : 125 acres with ever 2000 trees; 70 acres with from 2000 to 3000 trees; 50 acres with 1000 trees. Call on or telephone. C. G. Shank Brothers, or E. D. Heiges, Biglerville National Bank NEWSPAPER!

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